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SAP FICO interview questions :

1. How are controlling areas and company codes related?
2. How many charts of accounts can a company code have?
3. How many normal and special peroids can be there in a Fiscal Year? How do you
open and
close periods? What is the use of special periods?
4. What do yo mean by document type control? What entries do you make in company
global settings?
5. What do you mean by chart of accounts? What is it used for? What are its impo
rtant elements?
How many chart accounts can be assinged to a company?
6. Explain an account group. What does it control?
7. Differentiate between:
a.) Residual payment and part payment.
b.) Chart of Account and Operation Chart of Account
c.) Profit center and Business area
8. What is GL Master Record? What are its various segments? How is the field sta
tus of GL
Master Record maintained?
9. Explain the following and list various segments in them.
a.) Customer Master Record
b.) Vendor Master Record
10. What do you mean by the following?
a.) Acquisition and Production Costs.
c.) Accumulated Depreciation
d.) Tolerance Group
e.) Reversal posting
f.) Field Status Group
11.What do you mean by Automatic a/c determination? What data do you need for it
12. Explain:
a.) Automatic payment programmer
b.) Dummy cost center
c.)Statistical key figure
d.) Asset Class
13. What is Business Area? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
14. Situation You want to run a payment run. Which dates would you take into con
15. How do you calculate the due date of a document?
1.What is a special GL transaction?
2. What is open line item management?
3. Where do you open and close periods?
4. What are the segments of GL master record?
5. What does document header control?
6. What is asset master?
7. What is the difference between the R/3 4.6version to R/3 4.7 version?
8. What is enterprise structure?
9. What data is required for automatic a/c determination
10. What is Evaluate option in APP?
11. What is the difference between profit center and business area?
12. What are financial versions?
13. What are all the settings you need to do before
14. What is residual payment and part payment?
15. What is account group?
16. Explain FI Organizational structure.
17. Why do we use group chart of account?
18. What is tolerance group
19. What is GR/IR account?
20. Which dates are taken into consideration while running a payment run?
21. What are the documents require for Born in sale in relation to sales tax?
22. What is born in sale?
23. How is sub ledger linked to GL?
24. How do you reverse cleared documents?
25. What is Country and operational chart of account?
26. How due date of a document is calculated?
27. What are the components of enterprise structure?
28. What is sub ledger?
29. What does definition of a chart of account contains?
30. What is reversal posting?
31. What is integration between FI and other modules?
32. What is activity type
33. What is field status group?
1. Hi, Can any one tell me what we will do after the marking and releasing of st
andard price in
product costing.
2. Hi, I have run the standard cost estimate for one product. Can any one tell m
e the planning
steps for 100 products.
3. what is the difference between delivery and post goods issue?
4. what is Composite key in table creation? what is the use?
5. what is the requirement column contains in pricing table.Please explain with
6. with two sales organization, two distribution channel and two division howman
y sales areawe
can prepare.
7. what is document flow? and in which table document flow data wil be store? it
s a recently
asked question from wipro technologies. so pls guide me in detail
8. You exit the payroll process after the successful payroll run. Later you real
ize that you have done
wrong calculation. How you will rectify that?
9. What is Employee Attributes
10. What are the features of APP programming
11. i can give default values in select-options also then what is use of INTIALI
ZATION event?
12. we have created a organisational structure in a non-sap system and how we wi
ll transfer this
organisational structure to another non-sap systems.
13. What is the T-code of transferring gl balances from one fiscal year to anoth
er fiscal year?
14. Why should we create number ranges in FICO?
15. Can we create a search help for a particular user ? if yes..How ?
16. What are the authorization objects which are always present in user master r
17. what is tickets? tel me any real time tickets?
18. In production server how many clients are there?
19. what is the use of search help exit?
20. How to write long-text in SAP scripts? EX: I want to write text like below:
* Terms and
Conditions: 1> . 2> . 3> .
21. what is the use of system field SY-LOOC ? when will we use it?
2. What is the different between withholding tax type and withholding tax code?
3. Suppose I have one asset. I want to post depreciation for first 6 months 2 sh
ifts and
second 6 months 3 shifts. How do u configure this in asset accounting? explain m
4. what is app program how it works in real time
5. What is the t-code to see the error message list in sap?
6. Is Profit Center is created before Cost Center in CO ? if yes, then why?
7. My company has 2 mode of payment method. 1- is resudial method and 2. is part
method. Now the scenario was I have to clear the customer, which haven t made
payment within the specified time, in that case I have to charge interest on tha
customer. Now, the question is that which mode of payment should I follow to cle
that customer.What will be the appropriate payment method inrespect of company
rules? and plz. give the reason.
8. What is the use of creating number ranges in co?
9. What is activity rate?
10. while running depreciation(TC:- AFAB) for first time (posting period 001) un
der test
run system don t show any error and no document is pickup by the system.
11. what is the o and 9' level dunning? can any one please specify the names of eac
h 9
dunning level?
12. In ECC 6 during APP run for say vendor (1000) system is printing single chec
k for few
open items and for few open items individual checks are printed. My client ways
print single check for on vendor.
13. What is VERSION Management in SAP?
14. What is leading and non-leading ledger in the new Gl configuration?
15. residual value key?
16. If we have received a check from customer on 02 feb.10, deposited in bank on
and check cleared on 5th feb. what are the journal entries should be passed for
three days?
17. What is Parallel Ledger?
18. What is born in sale?
19. how to connect client server in sap &how solve ni tickets in sap fico
20. How to do advance payment through APP?
21. What is the integration T.Code for PP and FI? What steps and entries involve
d in
integration between those two modules?
22. what is unit testing?what are the structures in unit testing?
23. how to block the vendor in APP area?
24. There is two company code with a common tax code. can it possible to define
diffrent g/l accounts with singal tax code and the chart of A/c is same for both
company codes
25. What are the steps to follow for customising Bank Charges??
26. Is it possible to do Down Payments to vendors through AUTOMATIC PAYMENT
PROGRAM run, What are the steps required?
27. There is two company code with a common tax code. can it possible to define
diffrent g/l accounts with singal tax code
28. How can I copy the G/L accounts from one company code plz? 1) Within the sam
client 2) Without the same client Plz tell me step by step, if possible?
29. How to Configure Parking document system in SAP.
1. What is IBAN Number in SAP? What does it works?
2. how can we block, a particular payment term for a particular vendor.
3. i run my app and i printed my check and after that i find that i made a mista
ke of
wrong payment to irrelated vendor . now wat can i do . can i stop app and can i
stop payment and can i delete proposal and payment in app???? and can i run new
app towards new vendor ..
4. I have two companies one is parent company & another sister company. Both
companies have same vendors & customers. Can I assign dunning procedure for
both comapnies?
5. What is internal number range? What advantages & risk?
6. We have a company with 4 branches and one factory. How do you start configuri
7. Instead of using GR/IR clearing account why cant we use provision for sundry
creditors, if yes then why SAP using GR/IR Clearing Account
8. can u explaine what is the purchase life cycle and with entries?
9. 1.Payment advise form name in Asset Accounting 2.Extending GL accounts in
Company Code(FS00) 3.Need of Posting date in APP 4.Declining Method in Asset
Accounting 5.Importing GL accounts with same GL account numbers. 6.In app we
have two different Company Code with different Currencies. How will you run 2 AP
7. Hard Currency
11. what is the alternative g/l accounts?
12. what is the entry date ,document date, posting date, value date, and next ru
n date
13. Can we make Asset as a Cost Element? What is rollout. for this what are the
requirements.. how to do the process ?
14. Dependent fiscal year & independent fiscal year
15. Difference between controlling area currency & company code currency?
16. How a ticket (run time problem) comes to a junior sap consultant (at support
In which server he solves the ticket (run time problem)?
17. how to find particular G/L account releate to Cost center.
18. How many currencies can be assigned to one company code.what is the need of
many currencies to one company code.how does it work.pls give me one example
19. When we run the APP We will get the document,,that document in which tabel i
getting save.
20. Brief about g/r I/r clearing. Can t v avoid this a/c? Process?
21. what is the data associated while uploding data using lsmw?
22. Disadvantages of Distribution in Controlling
23. What is field status group, what does it control?