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CTAA 55 NF UK Thermostat box Upper tray

CTAA 55 NF K UK Glass shelf


Vegetable box Lower tray

F drawer

Adjustable wheel

Plug replacement(UK&lreland only) UNPACKING YOUR REFRIGERATOR- the hinge side to allow for the door to swing
Should you need to replace the plug,the FREEZER open.
wires in the power cable are colour in the WARNING: Use two or more people to move Never install your refrigerator-freezer near
following way: refrigerator-freezer.Failure to do so can result heat source and direct sun shins.
Blue - Neutral N in back or other injury. ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENT
Brown - Live L Remove tape and any labels from your WARNING: DO NOT REMOVE GROUND
Green&Yellow - Earth E refrigerator-freezer before using(except the PRONG.
As the colours of the wires in the power cable rating label). DO NOT USE AN ADAPTOR.
may not correspond with the coloured To remove any remaining tape or glue, rub the DO NOT USE EXTENSION CORD.
markings identifying the terminals in your area briskly with your thumb. Failure to follow these instructions can result in
plug,and proceed as follows: Tape or glue residue can also be easily death, fire or electrical shock.
The green&yellow wire must be connected to removed by rubbing a small amount of liquid Before you move your refrigerator-freezer into
the terminal in the plug that is marked with dish soap over the adhesive with your fingers. its final location, it is important to make sure
the letter E or by the earth symbol. Wipe with warm water and dry. you have the proper electrical connection.
Do not use sharp instruments, rubbing alcohol, RECOMMENDED EARTHING METHOD
The blue wire must be connected to the
flammable fluids, or abrasive cleaners to AC220-240Volt /50Hz ,AC only 10 ampere
terminal that is marked with the letter N.
remove tape or glue. These products can fused and properly earthed electrical supply is
The brown wire must be connected to the damage the surface of your refrigerator- required. It is recommended that a separate
terminal that is marked with the letter L. freezer. circuit serving only this appliance be provided.
If power supply cord is damaged,it must When moving the refrigerator-freezer, do not Use a receptacle which cannot be turned off
replaced by the manufacturer or its service tilt the refrigerator-freezer beyond 45from with a switch or pull chain. Do not use an
agent or a similar qualified person in order to upright position extension cord.
avoid a hazard. CLEANING BEFORE USE NOTE: Before performing any type of
After you remove all of the packaging installation, disconnect the refrigerator-freezer
materials, especially the foam between from the electrical source. When you are
outside condenser and cabinet should be finished, connect the refrigerator-freezer to the
removedclean the inside of your refrigerator- electrical source and reset the control to the
freezer before using it. desired setting.


WARNING: Keep flammable materials and If the refrigerator-freezer is not leveled during
vapors, such as gasoline, away form installation. The doors may not close or seal
refrigerator-freezer.Failure to do so can result properly, causing cooling, frost, or moisture
in death, explosion, fine or burns. problems. It is very important of the
To ensure proper ventilation for your refrigerator-freezer to be level in order to
refrigerator-freezer, allow for 200mm space on function properly.
each side between walls, 200mm space To level your refrigerator-freezer you may
between back of your refrigerator-freezer and either turn the adjustable foot clockwise to
the wall, and 300mm space between counter raise that side to the refrigerator-freezer or turn
top and the roof or ceiling. counter clockwise to lower that side.
If you are installing your refrigerator-freezer NOTE: Having someone push against the top
next to a fixed wall, leave sufficient space on of the refrigerator-freezer, take some weight
off. This makes it easier to adjust the
adjustable foot.

3 4

USE OF THE APPLIANCE POWER INTERRUPTIONS Freezing Fresh Food Do not use cleaning waxes, concentrated
To obtain the best possible results form your If the electricity in your house goes off for a Ensure that your freezing operations are detergents, bleaches or cleaners containing
refrigerator-freezer, it is important that you shorter period, keep both doors closed to carried out under the most hygienic petroleum on plastics and rubber parts.
use it properly. help foods stay cold and frozen. conditions as freezing alone does not Never use paper towels, window sprays,
TEMPERATURE CONTROL If the power will be out for a longer period, sterilize the food. It is advisable to freeze the scouring cleansers or flammable fluids on
The temperature in the refrigerator-freezer is remove foods from the freezer and stored it in food by packing it into separate meal portions plastic parts as these can scratch or damage
controlled by the thermostat control knob. a frozen food locker. and not in bulk form. Never put hot or even material.
The temperature inside the refrigerator-freezer Fresh Food Storage warm foodstuffs into the freezer
automatically adjusts itself according to the Wrap or store food in the refrigerator in compartment. Prior to storing the frozen PROLONGED OFF PERIODS
position of the thermostat knob. airtight and moisture proof material. food, pack it in plastic bags, aluminum sheets If the refrigerator-freezer is not in use for a
Min=warmest Max=coldest This prevents food odor and taste transfer or freezing containers and place into the long period of time, proceed as follows:
We raccomend, however, the medium position. throughout refrigerator. freezer compartment. The maximum quantuty Disconnect the refrigerator-freezer from the
Fruit wash, let dry and store in of food that may be frozen daily is indicated on main supply by removing the plug from the
"OFF" position means stop work.
refrigerator in plastic bags or crisper. the plate containing the technical properties wall socket.
Leafy vegetables- Remove wrapping and located on the back of the refrigerator-freezer. Clean and dry the inside as instructed under
trim or tear off bruised and discolored areas, the heading of cleaning the refrigerator-
LED LIGHT REPLACEMENT wash in cold water and drain. Place in plastic Note: Never put bottled food or drinks in the freezer.
bag or plastic container and store in crisper. freezer compartment.For best performance, Leave the door open to prevent any
If the led light need to be replaced, Fish Use fresh fish the same day as leave enough space in the Freezer unpleasant smells from building up while the
please contact the Technical Assistance Service. purchased. compartment for air to circulate around the refrigerator-freezer is not in use.
Meat Store most meat in original packages.
wrapping as long as it is airtight and moisture Maintaining Your Refrigerator-freezer
proof. The refrigerator-freezer should be clean at least
Re wrap if necessary. once a month to avoid mould and unpleasant
Leftovers Cover leftovers with plastic odours.
wrap or aluminum foil.Plastic containers with During cleaning and maintenance it is necessary
tight lied can also be used. to disconnect the appliance from the electricity
Frozen Food Storage
When using the refrigerator-freezer for the
first time, set the thermostat control knob on "Max" Set the thermostat control knob on "OFF"
f or at least two hours before introducing Pull the plug out of the socket
the food to be stored. Remove all movable parts from inside,
All frozen food products you purchase should such as shelves and crisper. Etc . Internal
be placed in the freezer compartment as parts may be soaked in warm water and neutral
soon as possible to avoid the frozen food soap.
from defrosting. clean using a soft sponge that has been soaked
Storage recommendation printed on the in lukewarm water and bicarbonate of soda or
packaging of frozen food by the neutral soap. Do not use solvents, abrasive
manufacturers should be always be followed. products, bleach or ammonia.
Hand wash, rinse and dry all surfaces

5 6

Refrigerator-freezer door install guidelines 4. The disassembly and installation of bottom 5. Install the lower door 9. Install the top bar cover and a top cover
about swapping left&right parts 6.Tighten the screws of the middle hinge on buckle. Screw down the four screws and
A. Disassemble lower hinge and screws. the reversible side. cover them with caps. Finally insert the top
1. Remove the top bar cover fixed by four Then install them on the other side and 7.Remove the existing top door block.Install a endcap coverslip
screws with caps, then take off two top endcap consolidate the lower hinge. new top door block (not the same one) on the
coverslips and a top cover buckle Notethe refrigerator-freezer incline angle reversible side.Screw it down,Install the top door.
less 45. screw capfour

screw capfour
The screws
fixed the Catchtwo

1. Components that could be transferred
2. Remove three screws of the top hinge, take 8. Reuse the disassembled top hinge, three from one side to the other directly after
the door hinge as axis, turn over the top hinge screws and hinge shaft sleeve. disassembling are listed below:
in clockwise direction, then the top hinge A. Disassemble the axis of the hinge, swap top door top endcap coverslip (2pcs)
could be removed. Take off the top door, and BSwap over the position of the adjustable over its position to the other side, then top cover buckle (1pc)
put it aside. foot to the other side of the cabinet. consolidates the axis and screws it down hinge shaft sleeve (1 or 2pcs)
screws of top hinge (3 pcs)
middle hinge assembly (1 pc)
screws of middle hinge (2 pcs)
insert nail (2 pcs)
screw cap (2 pcs)
Screwthree door stopper (1 pc)
bottom hinge assembly (1 pc)
screws of lower hinge (3pcs)
3. Remove middle hinge, screws, screw caps 2. The component that could be swapped
and plastic inserting nails. Install them on the B. Install the assembled top hinge. Screw it over from one side to the other only after
other side. Take off the lower door and put it down and fix it on target side reconstruction is listed below
away. C. Swap over the position of the lower door top hinge assembly
block to the other side, 3. Components that could be swapped over
And install the screws and consolidate them. from one side to the other in pairs are listed
adjustable foot with internal thread (used
with the lower hinge)
adjustable foot with bolt (fixed at the bottom)

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Indesit V
Company TYPE CM03PFM

Mod. CTAA 55 NF UK 00843360000 S/N 202080001

220-240V~ 50Hz 0.45A defrost heater 169W wattage of LED lamp 2W
Total Gross 278 L Freez. Capac
vol. Net 259 L Class
Refr 178 L 4kg/24h Classe N-ST
Freez 81 L

Refr. 0.050 kg.

Freez kg.

Made In China