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To Whom it May Concern,

I am a student at University of California, Davis, and a recent graduate of Merced College and El Capitan High

School. In my 19 years on this plant, I have rarely ever met anyone like Daniel Larios; while it is true that I have only been acquainted with Daniel for a few years at El Captain High School, there is no doubt that he is in a league of his own. Daniel is a unique individual with an uncanny ability to deal with life in absolutes. His linear thought process and analytical mind make his a rational thinker, but his compassion (albeit it is often suppressed as he deals with academics, since fundamentally there is reason behind everything) is present in passion but not in the processing.

I was instantly impressed with the vocabulary he chose to use as he communicated, not to mention the automatic, yet

logical processing that each statement and conversation underwent; I have never been more impressed that a teenager was capable of such untrained, yet refined eloquence. Albeit our encounter was colloquial, however, his impression was one that left a mark. Additional encounters and ultimately a partnership forged as he became my closest ally; Daniel has a unique gift of putting people at ease, his natural laid back character coupled with his quick wit and verbal mastery make conversation fluid. That being said, he is no stranger to public address with his leadership roles and rallies. His ability to adapt to social settings that require an understanding of current issues, refined behavior and pose are his forte; while simultaneously he is capable of simply being “a mystery.” This ability to relate and connect allows his to forge relationships, make alliances and collaborate for an intended goal. Although reserved, there is nothing timid about his leadership. Additionally, there is no one that seems to be more aware of the dynamics presented in a collaborative effort capable of discerning the strengths and weaknesses he inserts herself into the middle as a bugger, to pull out quieter personalities, as he understands those and to temper others that might stifle all parties; his neutral stance and desire for completion makes any mutual effort an enjoyable experience.

Daniel has been versatile enough to segue between the ‘professional’ and the ‘personal,’ making sure that the two never collide in a manner that would cause harm to any party involved; his wisdom is truly beyond his years. He knows how to use words to his advantage, not in the sense of manipulation; rather in the sense of adaptation of setting and people. His work ethic has yet to be paralleled; although he demands perfection for herself, it is his leadership ability that pushes others to want to obtain the same level of excellence. He has always brought the level of expectation up a notch higher than the last time, making perfection a potential reality. This “above and beyond” mentality makes his a “workaholic,” which only benefits any entity that he is a part of; as flexibility in work schedules is an option. His academic ability is above average, as he is one who grasps concepts quickly, digests information well, and communicates findings with ease; moreover, he is one who will ask for help and seek additional support should that be necessary.

Finally, Jordan is an individual that settles for nothing less than excellence; there is never a moment when he is not learning; he is driven yet available to help, intentional yet flexible, adventurous and always willing to try something new because that leads to learning and that at his core is the pin that holds his together; every moment lived is an opportunity to learn. I cannot imagine that there would be a better candidate for any school or business. Connection and completion are the cornerstone to his being, and the integrity that he presents at all times that removes the barriers between people; for with Jordan you know that you will always have an honest, real, and sincere encounter. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at 209-631-8299or email at jacrowley@ucdavis.edu.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this incredible young man.

Sincerely, Jordan A. Crowley