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2 Aamra Technologies Limited

In two steps, Aamra Technologies Limited recruits their employee. In first step, they generate a
need for vacancy. This step is started from the department when they faced the need of employee
for them. After that, department inform it to GM where GM send this request to the COO/MD to
approve it. After approving the request, COO/MD sends it to the human resource department
(HRD) to make format and then HRD advertise it on the bdjobs.com.

7.2 Aamra Technologies Limited

In the selection course, Aamra Technologies Limited create a team which is consist of Human
Resource Department (HRD) and Department head that are shorting the CV and called for
interview in the second step. In this case, all CV are sending to the HRD which are collecting
from the first step of recruitment where HRD and Department head initially screening them and
making a short list. After short list, they prepared the excel sheet for listing and call for interview
where at the same time HRD arranged time attendance sheet of interview. For the interview,
Aamra Technologies Limited are most of the time taken three level interview where 1st and 2nd
level has took by department head and HRD. On the other side, final interview has taken by GM
level. They dont have any written test for their recruitment but all interviews have been taken

8.2 Aamra Technologies Limited

In Aamra Technologies Limited, department head ask the employee for the training. In this case,
they arrange the training program for both individual and group.