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WOMEN Theyre here,

IN theyre here!
Our sponsorship family
BLACK is home in Ottawa
After a busy few days of travel and
moving, we are thrilled to announce
the Al Sbeih family (Ahmad, Rihab,
Malak, Layali and Aline) have arrived
in Ottawa and are settling into their
new home. A huge thank you to ev-
eryone who donated items, time and
muscles to make this move happen!
CREA staff can be expected to adhere to the following black-on-grey-on- Also, thanks to those of you who
black dress code commencing April 1, 2017. Why a dress code and why donated money and/or participated in
start it, without warning, on April 1? Because APRIL FOOLS! Pictured fundraising initiatives.
above are Deb Cowan, Linda Kristal and Mary Van Buren. Without knowing Stay tuned for details about an up-
it, these three women dressed nearly identical on the same day. coming (epic) raffle open to CREA
staff. Up for grabs? Thirteen (count

em) 13 gift cards valuing $650 to
various establishments around the city
(like the LCBO and Chapters) and a
few extra incentives for those buying
tickets. Funds raised will be used to
Each spring you can expect longer ad campaign committee, chaired by
help the family purchase items need-
days, warmer temperatures and, of Barb Sukkau, decided on shock and
ed to complete their home.
course, the CREA national ad cam- emotion. Oh, and maybe even a little
As always, if you have any questions
paign. fire. OK, more like A LOT of fire. Lets
or are interested in getting involved,
For those of you living under a rock, just say, one of the actors was play-
please contact Kylee Sauve to learn
or maybe busy preparing for AGM, ing head games with an open flame,
youll be happy to something his mother

Watch it here!
learn our team is should have taught him
sticking with what not to when he was a
we know works, the child. Did I mention we
oooooh line! torched three guitars in
Our goal with the what we like to refer to
national ad cam- as Metalfest. Yes, CREA
paign has always is rocking as much
been to advocate street cred as Gene
for the importance Simmons when he was
of using a REAL- the frontman of KISS.
TOR when buying So, what have we
or selling a home. Why? Well, thats learned? One, if you plan on buying
our business of course. We hope you or selling a home, use a REALTOR
know that. (lets hope as CREA employees you
The advertisement was successfully already knew that one, as well). And
shot over two 14-hour days in sunny two, playing with fire can be fun, as
South Africa, with a crew of more than long as nobody gets hurt!
25 people. To no ones surprise, our Great job to all those involved!

WOW, what a great reward!

Did one of your colleagues just do- ployee who personifies the qualities
nate blood for the 25th time during which define excellence in support
one of the semi-annual CREA blood of the mission, vision and values of
drives? Well, this person is way over- CREA. Also, WOW recipients get $50.
due for a WOW nomination. Nominate someone here. https://crea.
The WOW nomination is for an em-


Its never easy to see one of our own forced to take a leave because of cancer. From family to friends, to now
co-workers, weve all been affected by this nasty disease. Its nice to know we have some of the most carrying in-
dividuals on our team. A big thank you to Nathalie Millette, Johanne Morin, Janet Lemoine, Silvia Prudencio,
Wendy Lavery, Kelly Berger and Dina McNeil (not pictured) who knitted this beautiful quilt that can keep Sylvie
warm as she kicks cancers ass. Sylvie was extremely thankful for the blanket. Her response: I have even had time to
enjoy a nap wrapped in it. Very comfortable. Im really touched that you would think about me.

Three questions with Johanne Morin

shark. I also enjoy the privacy the swer Jeanne Sauv,
tatami rooms provide. my children told
me to say Robb
WHAT DID YOU DO BEFORE Wells (Ricky from
PLACE TO EAT IN OTTAWA AND I managed my own communica- before he got his
WHY? WHAT DO YOU GET? tions company. grade 10); I
Although I havent been there in a guess they
long time, its Festival Japan (Kent WHOS THE MOST FAMOUS PER- think this
and Queen). All kinds of interest- SON YOUVE WORKED WITH? is a high
ing choices, my favourite being My career led me to meet many point
sashimi. I was born to live on the famous people from all walks of in my
sea I love any seafood, except life. Although I was tempted to an- career!

AGM is
now over
There was no better way to celebrate
months of work leading up to the
AGM than by kicking off the work
shoes and putting on the party pants
for the Main Street to Broadway
themed Presidents Dinner. Everyone
deserves a Tony Award for pulling
off another successful AGM and T3
Make sure to welcome Andrew Peck
as our new President whenever you
get the chance. Also, take time to
congratulate Jason Stephen and Barb
Sukkau; Jason was named the boards
incoming Vice-President and Barb as


What do you get when you combine a little too much coffee, an assortment of markers, a whiteboard and some
time to kill? The answer, a CREA-tive masterpiece? Well, at least some of our 4th floor colleagues can be considered
artists. However, whoever brought the gun to the party (see bottom left), the Catherine Street Chronicle wants you to
know, were sorry, but no matter how you spin it, guns dont make friends.


Remember when you were a kid and
from the Police Association, directly
across the street from CREA. happening
at Great-
you could buy a slice and a pop with
some change? Yeah, me too. Well, n OLGAS DELI
youre in luck, you still can! At Otta- Since 1983, Olgas has been serving

West Life
wa Pizza (320 Bank St.), you can get up freshly prepared sandwiches just
TWO slices and a pop for just $5.50. like mom used to make. Well, not
exactly, unless your mom is a wicked
n MAKITA BAR chef. With an assortment of sandwich-
The all-in-one nutritional food pill
Lost track of time and its already 4 es for under $6, its a perfect stop at
is a science fiction staple. That day
p.m.? No worries, stop in for happy 588 Bank St.
may never come as experts agree the
hour at Makita Bar (589 Bank St.). best way to stock up on vitamins and
With half price draft and sharing n CREA CAF minerals is by eating right; popping a
plates, youll be hard pressed to Whats this packed lunch you speak pill is no substitute. This was a topic
spend more than $10 for some excel- of? If youre looking to save a few covered in the most recent Great-
lent Japanese cuisine. extra dollars, bringing in a lunch West Life health newsletter. Our ben-
from home, everything from soup to efits provider also provides excellent
n THE POLICE ASSOCIATION sandwiches, CREA offers staff with all health-related resources online and in
We may not be members, but that the appliances and utensils needed to a regular newsletter. Head to https://
doesnt stop us from enjoying the make a great meal at work, for half the
cheap prices and great beer on tap price. fault to sign up.

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1995 thriller, Seven, when he asked,
whats in the box? In our case,
thats up to you!
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