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Simple I play They don't Does she Habitual activities - States (SE
Present tennis on (do not) know him? USA PARA DESCRIBIR
New York.
Simple She went They didn't Where did Actions happening at a defined
Past to Paris (did not) she get that moment in the past. (USADO
last week. drive to hat? PARA DESCRIBIR ACCIONES QUE
Simple I'll (will) He won't Will they Decisions made at the moment
Future meet you (will not) visit us about the future, future
at the be able to soon? predictions, future promises. (Se
airport come. usa para describir decisiones
tomorrow. hechas en el presente sobre el
Present He's (is) They aren't What are Actions happening at the present
Continuous working (are not) you doing? moment. Near future intention
at the coming this and scheduling. (Se usa para
moment. evening. describir acciones que estn
ocurriendo en un momento
Past I was He wasn't What were Interrupted past action, action
Continuous watching (was not) you doing happening at a specific moment in
TV when working when I time in the past. (Una accin del
you called. when she called? pasado interrumpida en un
arrived. momento especfico)
Future I'll (will) They won't What will Future action at a specific
Continuous be (will not) you be moment in the future. (Describe
cooking be living in doing next acciones futuras en un momento
dinner Paris this week at this especfico del futuro).
when you time next time?
arrive. year.
Future with He's (is) They're Where are Future intent or planned action.
Going to going to (are) not you going (Describe planes o acciones
fly to going to to stay? futuras).
Boston invite the
next week. Browns.
Present I've She hasn't How long 1)To express an action that was
Perfect (have) (has not) have you begun in the past and continues
seen Mick been to worked at into the present. 2) To express an
three New York. Smith's? action that happened in the
times this UNspecified past. 3) To express a
week. recent action that has a present
(1. Expresa acciones que iniciaron
en el pasado y continan en el
2. Expresa una accin que ocurri
en un momento no especfico del
pasado. 3. Expresa acciones
recientes que tienen un efecto en
el presente).
Past I'd (had) She hadn't Had you To express an action that happens
Perfect already (had not) ever seen before another action in the past.
eaten been to such a (Expresa una accin que ocurre
before Rome crazy lady antes de otra en el pasado).
they came. before that before that?
Future We'll She won't How long To express what will have
Perfect (will) (will not) will you happened or how long something
have have have lived will have happened up to a certain
lived here finished her in France point in the future. (Sirve para
for twenty homework by the end expresar lo que habr ocurrido o