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A. Which underlined part is pronounced differently from the others?
1. A. engage B. surface C. package D. image
2. A. research B. wholesale C. business D. basic
3. A. exchange B. brochure C. purchase D. overcharge
4. A. dividend B. Internet C. outlet D. leaflet
5. A. irregular B. seminar C. toolbar D. registrar
6. A. taxable B. fixed C. expenditure D. luxurious
7. A. launch B. hierarchical C. stretch D. merchandise

B. Which word is stressed differently from the others?

8. A. lifecycle B. inventory C. regular D. endorsement
9. A. timeless B. program C. demand D. outsource
10. A. manufacturing B. productivity C. misbehavior D. sophisticated
11. A. individual B. phenomenon C. engineering D. inexpensive
12. A. margin B. segment C. schedule D. consume
13. A. redundant B. retailer C. headquarters D. revenue
14. A. democratic B. eliminate C. individual D. acquisition
15. A. recession B. admission C. possess D. pressure


Choose the word (A, B, C, or D) that best completes each sentence.
16. When choosing how to plan the office, you are faced with the decision of an open plan or _______ offices.
A. dependent B. separate C. attached D. conservative
17. While most consumers learn of new products through television________, a majority of those surveyed
thought that free samples made them more aware of new products than other promotional tools.
A. advertising B. branding C. articulating D. launching
18. In light of recent problems, we need to tell the accounting staff that an excessive amount of data entry errors
could be grounds for ______.
A. termination B. classification C. reduction D. promotion
19. The most successful change in my company was the decision to _______the company hierarchy; now there
is more opportunity for promotion.
A. produce B. gain C. restructure D. degrade
20. I am writing to _________ you on the service you have provided last year.
A. congratulate B. assemble C. deregulate D. stretch
21. Of 8 million unemployed adults, 5 million lack the basic skills to be _______ for hi-tech jobs.
A. relocated B. retrained C. upgraded D. downsized
22. The European Union is trying to deregulate the European airline market, but a lot of uncompetitive
A. appear B. develop C. remain D. disagree
23. His company plans to deduce its _______ in plant and equipment over the coming two years as part of its
effort to return to profitability.
A. revenues B. recession C. forecast D. investment
24. Ten years ago Smithsons products were in great demand and over the next three years, its _______ rose to
$35 million.
A. profit B. employees C. products D. warehouses
25. It is normal procedure and fully expected that you provide _______ for any office supplies you
charge to the company credit card.
A. forecasts B. receipts C. replies D. recourses
26. A product gives you a lot of features and is good in relation to its price offers ________.
A. top of the range B. word of mouth C. value for money D. durability.
27. This car is the best model in a range and even in relation to ________ product ranges.
A. competitors B. buyers C. inspectors D. consumers
28. Local newspapers are ------- read and relatively cheap to advertise in.
A. wide B. widen C. widely D. width
29. In the current ------- climate it is fairly predictable that unemployment will continue to rise.
A. economical B. economic C. economics D. economically
30. My boss ------- to Australia next month to open a new business.
A. travels B. has traveled C. is traveling D. has been traveling
31. The building, for ________ a purchasing fund had been set aside, was severely damaged in the hurricane.
A. which B. that C. where D. what
32. The picture quality, even on a large screen, is _______ good.
A. surprise B. surprising C. surprisingly D. surprise
33. All departments _______ their deadlines will be given a substantial bonus.
A. meeting B. met C. will meet D. to meet
34. Ann is still looking for ______ job. She didnt get ______ job she applied for last month.
A. the / the B. a / the C. a / a D. the / a
35. Before you leave today, please try to contact the executive secretary, _______ ask her for the CEO's contact
information and availability.
A. but B. and C. although D. despite
36. House prices have fallen ________ 45% over the last 9 months.
A. at B. in C. on D. by
37. The bank has turned ________ my application for my loan due to lack of necessary collaterals.
A. up B. down C. to D. forward
38. Some online magazines were offshoots of major print publications, including Sports Illustrated and Forbes,
but _______ were Internet-only ventures, such as Slate and Salon.
A. another B. the other C. others D. each other
39. I received ________ yesterday and I am delighted to announce that our company has had another fantastic
A. the years results B. the year results C. the year of results D. the result years
40. Knowledge of _________ advertising code of practice is vital to those wishing to work in ______ advertising
A. an / an B. the / an C. an / the D. the / the
41. _______ the managers enhanced the training program for new employees, absenteeism has been declining.
A. Since B. When C. Before D. During
42. I wonder ______.
A. whether will he apply for the job B. whether will he applies for the job
C. whether he will apply for the job D. whether he will be apply for the job
43. USA Todays Julie Schmit believes that gas prices _______ rocket like last summer.
A. wont probably B. will probably not C. probably wont D. All are correct.
44. We _______ a contract as long as you _______ prices for the next eighteen months.
A. sign / will guarantee B. will sign / guarantee
C. will sign / will guarantee D. A and B are correct.
45. ______ brand awareness, our company has been using endorsement strategies in our brand-building
A. Create B. Created C. To creating D. To create


Read this article from the Financial Times and answer the questions.

Questions 46- 49 refer to the following memo.

To: All staff

From: Sharon Lee, Office Manager
Re: Office supplies

In order to better manage the office supplies, I have developed a new system. From now on, the
supply closet will remain locked at all times. The only people authorized to have keys to the closet
are myself and my assistant, Mr. Whitehead. If you wish to request supplies, please get a supply
request form from Mr. Whitehead. Please submit your form 24 hours in advance of when you need
your supplies. We promise to get your supplies to you within 24 hours as long as we have them on
hand. It may take up to a week to get supplies that need to be ordered.

I am sure you will understand the necessity of this new system. In the past, we have run out of
essential supplies too often. This system will help me keep track of our supplies, and I will know
when to order more. By following this system, you will always have what you need when you need
it. Thank you for your cooperation.
46. What is the purpose of this memo?
A. To order new supplies B. To explain a new system
C. To introduce Mr. Whitehead D. To describe where supplies are kept
47. Who has keys to the supply closet?
A. Only Ms. Lee B. Only Mr. Whitehead
C. All office staff D. Both Ms. Lee and her assistant
48. The word "essential" in paragraph 2, line 2, is closest in meaning to
A. dispensable B. expensive C. forgotten D. necessary
49. How can a staff member get office supplies?
A. By filling out a form B. By asking for the key to the supply closet
C. By calling Ms. Lee D. By ordering them from the supply company

Questions 50-52 refer to the following instructions

Tickets for all shows at the White River Theater may be ordered by calling the box office
between 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. Tuesday through Saturday. Please have the following
information ready when you call: the number of tickets you wish to purchase, the time
and date of the performance you want to see, and your credit card number. Tickets
ordered at least a week in advance of the performance can be mailed to your home.
Otherwise, you can pick up your tickets in person at the box office one hour before the
performance begins. A 15% discount is available on blocks of tickets for groups of ten or
more when orders are made at least two weeks in advance of the performance date.
Call the box office for details.

50. What are these tickets for?

A. A theater B. An airplane trip C. A museum D. A boat ride
51. How can tickets be ordered?
A. By going to the box office B. By sending the order by mail
C. By calling the box office D. By calling the credit card company
52. What information is required for ordering tickets?
A. A telephone number B. A credit card number C. A house number D. A fax number
53. The word "in person" in line 6 is closest in meaning to
A. anyone B. selfishly C. one by one D. personally

Questions 54-55 refer to the following notice.


All building visitors and tenants are hereby notified that smoking is
prohibited in most areas of this office building by order of the City Chief of
Police. Smoking is allowed only in the employee lounge on the second
floor or on the sidewalk outside the building. Outside smokers must stand
at least 10 feet away from all building entrances. Please report any
violations to the Security Office in room 105. There is a $50 fine for
violation of this order. Repeated violations may incur higher fines.

54. What is the punishment for people who smoke in the building?
A. Pay $ 50 in fines B. Go to the police station
C. Lose their employment D. Stay outside
55. Where is smoking allowed?
A. On the entire second floor B. In most areas of the building
C. In the office D. On the sidewalk


Read the following passages and then choose the word (A, B, C or D) that best
completes each blank.


The Vietnamese government has been calling on people to (56) ________ Vietnamese goods and on
manufacturers (57) ________ product quality and customer service.
(58) ________ recent report from auditing and consultancy firm Grant Thornton International reveals that
customers are now the leading source of innovation for businesses globally. No longer simply passive (59)
_______ of goods and services, customers are shaping the future of their own (60) ________. When (61)
_______ to name the origin of the best innovation ideas, business owners globally named customers (41%)
followed by heads of business units.
Innovation in general is regarded (62) _______ a top corporate priority by more (63) _______ in Western
Europe (41%) than in North America (33%) or the Asia-Pacific (31%). In addition, North American firms appear
more inward looking when describing their policy towards investing in innovation over the next two years, with
just 49 percent of respondents citing innovation as a means to explore new (64)______. This compares to 63
percent in both Western Europe and Asia -Pacific.
"Businesses will need to (65) ________ more attention to what their customers are saying and listen to
their ideas for innovations," noted Kenneth Atkinson, managing partner of Grant Thornton Vietnam.

56. A. deliver B. prioritize C. boycott D. outsource

57. A. to improve B. improving C. improve D. improve
58. A. The B. An C. A D. Both A and B are correct.
59. A. recipients B. producers C. merger D. empires
60. A. slogan B. marketing C. consumption D. production
61. A. to ask B. asked C. asking D. ask
62. A. like B. by C. as D. Both A and C are correct.
63. A. objectives B. executives C. posters D. commercials
64. A. marketable B. marketers C. marketing D. markets
65. A. pay B. fluctuate C. decentralize D. plummet

End of Test