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Open Window
The Open Window Journal

No.01 Volume 01 June 1, 2010

Fun, Dancing, Moving A C E x c lus iv e

and Shaking At The American Club U.S Extends Concerns
after High Level
By Harry Awesome Delegation Trip to
tonight. All the people there Burma
were enjoying the dance and Page (3)
music very much.
“When we went to the
American Club, we started to
hear strange music and song A r tic le
and people shouting. We were
Burmese Women and
amazed by the performance
that is totally different from Hair Styles
local music. It is all about Page. (6)
praying to god but informally”
said Max, an American from a
private school in Yangon. He
C u l t u ral
also said “I hope it enlightens C o r n er
all the people. People in
21 MAY, 2010 The American Club Burma pray to god formally
Mon-Hinn-Ngar & Pizza
hosted the Harlem Gospel Choir but in this choir, they are praying the
Page. (7)
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Interview with Suzan-Lori-Parks O b s er v ation

The Life and Literature of a Pulitzer Prize Winner Lack of Electricity and
Some of the Problems
By Thiha Caused by It
SUZAN-LORI-PARKS is an Page. (8)
African-American playwright known
for the vivid imagery of her plays. She
has also won Pulitzer prize for the play P h o to E ss ay
“Top-dog/Underdog” We interviewed
her during her trip to Rangoon. We The People in Pegu
spent several hours talking about her Yoma
life, her ideals and her plays. Page (9)

Q: What has influenced you to have

a passion for literature and writing S h o r t S tor y
A: For literature, when I was 16 years No One is Prohabited
old, James Baldwin came to our school Page (12)
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Editor’s Note: This Publication was produced by students participating in the Open Window Journal at
the American Center. It is not intended for distribution
[ ] outside the American Center.
The Open Window Journal

Insp i ra t i o n Q uotation C orne r

The Relationship Between Hope and Happiness “To be yourself in a world
and Their Impact on People Lives that is constantly trying
By Kyaw Zin Latt to make you something else

t is often an incomparable pleasure when one in the greatest accomplishment.”
comes to know, while eating a delicious ice- Ralph Waldo Emerson
cream, that one has passed the exam with excellent
scores. It could probably be termed, “the climax of “I know where I am going and
happiness achieved from hopes fulfilled.” It is often I know the truth and I don’t have to be
said that life is exciting because people live through what you want me to be.
their lives by having hopes; in other words, people
I am free to be what I want”
have hopes and try to fulfill their hopes. Having a
Muhammed Ali
hope is similar to having a purpose in life, without
which life seems to float on the sea, going nowhere.
While it may be true that all people have
hopes, it is also undeniable to say that not all people
achieve their hopes. The reason may be various. C reative Writing
Some may say they have unrealistic hopes or some
might point to the unfavorable fate and unfortunate
life circumstances that prevent them from obtaining A Bus On The Way Home
their hopes. Indeed, life is tough and demanding,
and whether one wants it or not, one has to live in a By Htoo Htoo
challenging world until one exhales one’s last breath.

Therefore, the best way to live is to keep
on trying and getting one’s hopes fulfilled. What he lights of the city have gone out. The bus is
follows then is often indescribable happiness, which full of tired passengers. The conductor, the most
powerful person on the bus, is shouting at the
is invaluable motivation in disguise for life’s other
passengers to go inside to the back of the bus. He
forthcoming obstacles. After all, life is not a desert
asks for money as soon as passengers get on
without an oasis. However, for one to find the oasis
the bus and sometimes, he hesitates at returning
one must count on one’s own ability and determination.
change. He pushes the passengers impatiently if
they stand near the bus-door for too long. Two
women seated in the front row share gossip and
Open Window Journal
laugh. They know each other. Behind them, a
young couple sleeps in each other’s arms. Next
to them, a mother cradles her baby in her lap.
There are about twenty people standing on the
bus. Some of them seem to be thinking. Others
Board of Editors
seem worried about something because the
bus driver drives recklessly according to his
assistant’s commands. The assistant is non-stop
ChamTha Kyaw, Aye Khaing, Myat Minn Khant, calling out “Pass the right one!” and “Drive fast,”
Htet Thiha Zaw, U Thiha, Khin Nandar Soe, and “Follow that one” and “Move inside!” The
Nilar Aung, Khin San Tint. passengers cannot avoid this situation in the dark
hours of nighttime, and they feel annoyed. Ahead,
there are about three people at a stop waiting
for the bus to take them home. The city’s night
Circulation Limited life is alive under the darkness as there is no
electricity anywhere, especially in summer.
The Open Window Journal

A mer i c a n Ce n t e r E xclusive
U.S Extends Concerns After High Level
Delegation Trip to Burma
By Nge
register nor to
join the coming
election due to
“unfair election
laws and an
Mr. Campbell
said, “I would like
to take a moment
to applaud the
leader of the
National League
for Democracy -
a political party
that has struggled
for more than
two decades to
improve the lives
of Burma’s people
with whom I held a
lengthy meeting.”
Campbell said in a press statement released in Mr. Campbell added, ‘The
Rangoon, “The regime has chosen to move ahead United States will continue to stand
unilaterally - without consultation from key behind all of those working to
support Burma’s people, including
stakeholders - towards elections planned for this year.” the National League for Democracy,

he American Center became of community leaders of ethnic however it may constitute itself in
the center of attention for minority groups, the National League the future.”
fifteen minutes as a high for Democracy, key members of the The Obama Administration
level Obama Administration official diplomat corps, NGO’s, a variety of launched a new approach in February
gave a press release about his visit to political players, and Daw Aung San 2009, announced by Secretary
Burma (Myanmar). Suu Kyi. of State Hillary Clinton, that the
On 10 May, Kurt Campbell, Campbell said in a press US would undertake a review of
the Assistant U.S. Secratary of State statement released in Rangoon, “The Burma policy, stating clearly that,
for East Asia and Pacific Affairs, regime has chosen to move ahead “sanctions and engagement must
gave a short statement accompanied unilaterally - without consultation become effective.”
by an offical U.S. Dapartment of from key stakeholders - towards At that time, according to the
State Press Release in Count Basie elections planned for this year.” Obama Administration, the Burmese
Hall before dozens of journalists. Recently, Burma’s main leaders continued to independently
During his last visit, opposition party lead by Aung San define what makes elections fair and
Campbell had met with a number Suu Kyi had decided neither to inclusive of all political interests.
[ 3]
The Open Window Journal

continued from
Fun, Dancing, Moving and Shaking... Internship Program whose members
teach English skills to children who
god very informally.” show. are really poor; who suffer from
Nearly all the people in Winston, who was also one HIV/AIDS, and are orphans.
front of the stage danced with the of the American Club presenters at “It was amazing for me” said
choir as they encouraged all the the choir, took all the love from the Ahseng, a Kachin girl from Kachin
people to dance. Some people got members of the choir because he was Baptist Church located in Sanchaung.
on stage and boogied with members dancing all the time and it was very The Harlem Gospel Choir performed
of the choir. Below the stage, groups wild for this gentleman. In the middle at the Kachin Baptist Church and we
of people were dancing with full of the performance, a choir member were invited to be here for the choir.
motion dancing styles. In addition, gave gifts to Richard Mei and the We are so glad to be here. If we have
girls from the Kachin Baptist Church beloved Winston. It was a cultural a chance, we still want to come here
were also hanging together and exchange between US and Burma. and performed,” she said with a face
hopping until the choir was finished. To understand the real culture, this wearing a big smile. Dominique,
Seeing different dance motion from celebration was really helpful when one of the members from choir
ethic groups, Christian groups, and tieing together the relationship said when he was taking pictures
the Harlem singers, was exciting. between the two countries. In choir, with so many of the audience after
Despite the fact that girls, boys, we not only can see the performance the performance “If you have
ladies, gentlemen, all the people but also experience the love as dreams, just do it.” In spite of the
were dancing all of the time, nobody many people made water donations rainy evening, the celebration was
seemed tired or lazy. “It is all time fun organized by Light Conversation successfully finished and everybody
and it is all about singing, laughing, Club and American Center Students got the love potential and happiness
dancing, and moving. Now I am in to the people who suffer from water when they were on the road home.
the mood of dancing and singing. shortages. Additionally, donations
It is awesome”said Si Thu after the were given to the Voluntary

continued from started writing short stories when I unique works that no playwright has
was just 6. ever done before. Did you have any
Interview with Suzan... Q: Topdog / Underdog is one of your difficulties writing that play?
greatest plays that even made you to A: Of course, I had. Sometimes, I
and gave us a lecture on writing win the Pulitzer Prize. So how has didn’t have any mood to write a play
short stories. I your life changed after winning the and then I just write what was in
was elated at that Pulitzer Prize? my mind. When I thought, “ This is
time! In the class, A: Good question and … I would like shit.” It was easy when I wrote what
I was always the to answer with one of the stories I’ve was in my mind.
first one to read heard of about an Instructor. He said, Q: As you become popular you will
my own stories, “Once there was a Buddhist Monk probably have to face with critics
also acting while who was pursuing enlightenment. and get positive or negative reviews.
reading, as if I Before enlightenment, he fetched So, how did you cope with negative
were acting in a water and searched for firewood. reviews?
play. Then, one day, James Baldwin After enlightenment, he fetched A: Whatever the review is positive
said to me, “ Ms. Parks, why don’t water and searched for firewood.” or negative. I just don’t read them.
you just write plays?” I was terrified; Like this story, before winning the Even Topdog / Underdog was met
I thought he didn’t want me to write Pulitzer Prize I tried my best to write with negative reviews. Some said
short stories. Then, when I reached great plays. And after the Pulitzer “It is bad , “ What is Mrs. Parks
home, I started writing my very Prize, I tried my best to write great writing?” Some of my friends told
first play. That is how my interest plays. So, my life hasn’t changed at me about the reviews and I said
in writing plays started, under the all. But anyway, more people know okay and let them out of my mind.
influence of James Baldwin. But for me after I got the Pulitzer Prize. What I do is saying “Good job “to
literature, that is my inborn talent. I Q: 365 days/365 plays is one of your everyone.
The Open Window Journal

The American Center Student Elections

“Ok, how many of you are excited . . .”
By Raphael
I AM NOW quite sure that boom in the number of clubs. About be the representatives of us students.
many of you believe this question 3 years ago, there were only 3 or 4 You may be a single drop in an
wouldn’t be responded to with as permanent clubs at the AC. Now, the ocean of voters, but even the fiercest
many excited yelps as an empty numbers have ballooned to a huge of waves would be less without that
silence and bored cricket chirps. 19 clubs. Since the teachers and single drop. That brings me back to
You see, I was walking around the stakeholders simply couldn’t keep the beginning of this article - my
SAC and the Library just asking track of all of these clubs, the idea initial promise to say why I was so
random people what they would like to set up a student council was born- excited about the Student Council.
to know about the Student Council out of pure necessity. You see, during my two-year
Elections, and they either gave me And like most of the 19 Secondary Education in Singapore, I
an uninterested passing comment, or so clubs that we have had so was deeply disappointed at the lack
seemed like they never even gave it far, the officers will be elected by of control students were given over
much thought, or acted like I was a the public after their respective their own academic lives. Most of the
total weirdo (I don’t blame them).

Morals of the story?

Number 1: Always introduce
yourself before asking questions to
And more importantly,
Number 2: The general student-
public at the American Center
doesn’t know, or care much for the
American Center Student Counsel,
or for the upcoming elections.
To be honest, this really
surprised me, because the Student
Council, I believe, is one of the most
exciting things that have happened
at the American Center. campaigns. They’re looking for 9 students were more or less “driven”
So, let’s start at the roots officers this time around, and each by their parents, teachers and the
before we climb up to the canopy: will have a position with its own general public, towards goals all this
What led to the creation of the set of responsibilities, duties, and in a country that is considered by
Student Council? expectations. For those of you who many to be the most “westernized”
The American Center wish to know about the 6 separate Asian country. I can only imagine
has always valued student positions in detail, you can refer the troubles, trials, tribulations and
empowerment. We always get to to the American Center Student social pressures most of our very
make free choices that will shape Council Constitution. own Burmese students have to face
our (and to some degree, our Sadly, the gates have been up to live their own dreams, and not
community’s) future, if only in the closed on this term’s elections, and be shoved into medical university,
homely confines of our “campus”. those of you who wish to apply for a or an engineering course.
The Student Council is somewhat post will have to wait for 6 months That is why I believe we
a testament to this fact; a council until the next election. There is a way should be cherishing, and enjoying
of students to help students. But, for you to still make a difference in every shred of power we are given
believe it or not, this is not the main this election, though: to vote. The as students. Even if it’s something
reason the Student Council was elections will be held on June 12th as small as a Student Council. To
founded. from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.. Come, and
It all started with the recent decide who you believe deserves to Continued on page 10
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The Open Window Journal

A rt i c l e
Burmese Women and Hair Styles
By Nge
In the past, women kept long hair as
treasure of beauty and grace.
popular decorations on the forehead.
This hair knot, shown below, is one
of the 55 types of hairdos of the
Bagan era.
At times, a decorative band
was worn on the forehead, and a
tight bracelet was worn around the
arm. An embroidered shawl was
also worn over the shoulders.
During the post Yadanabon
Period in the year 1855, Burmese
women wore a hair knot decorated
with a string of pearls or jasmine
flowers wrapped around it.
As time passed, modern
women up to today came to think
that long hair is difficult to keep and
it is not as relevant to a modern life
style as in the past.

n almost all of the pictures of Some of the dress-styles and Today, many young women have
Lady, we can see her wearing the hairstyles of the earlier periods stopped keeping long hair.
flowers in her hair. With all are still in fashion, but some have The Burmese ladies long
Burmese women, as with Lady, become museum pieces with the hair, like the knots of the Bagan era,
wearing flowers in the hair brings the changes of time. could soon be left to history.
Burmese women beauty,
grace and happiness. Bagan era
In many cultu-
res, people use flowers
in worshiping the Gods
and for decorating
houses or the body.
Differently, Burmese
women wear flowers Yadanabon era
in their hair. Burmese
women value their hair
very much. In the past,
women kept very long hair as a Some 2000 years ago, and
treasure of beauty and grace. still today in Myanmar, damsels
According to the ancient dressed with flowers in their hair -
records, Burmese women have had that gives them an appealing style.
their own style of dress since AD In earlier times in the Bagan
100. era (AD 800 -1300), hair knots were
The Open Window Journal

C u l t u re C o rn e r
Mon-Hinn-Nger & Pizza In Burma, seventy-five percent of
By May adults still live with their parents
even after they
get married.
H o w e v e r,
people have
different values
but they have a
same desire in
common. There
is good reason
to believe that
people want to
eat tasty and

healthy food
will compare Burma and the in Burma. Moreover, fewer adults which is good for their health.
United States with two issues between the ages of 18-34 live with Also, people want to lead the happy
of different cultures. These their parents in the United States. family life.
issues are types of food and the
role of family.
The way we eat is the first Cre ative Writing
thing different between Burma
and the United States. In Burma,
people always eat rice. Most of
How to Swim
the Burmese like sour, salty and By Jasmine

spicy tastes, especially in noodle
have been gasping for a minute this point, I have to kick my legs up
salad, lemon salad and pickled tea
as I look at the children, the and down through the water. This
salad. Burmese famous traditional
women and the men, throwing is for establishing balance and my
breakfast food is Monhinghar
water at each other. In fact, I have temperature. Afterwards, putting
which is made up of fish. In the
been feeling chilly and gasping these my hands straight in front of my
United States, the main breakfast
past two weeks. As I want to learn hands, I have to make my body turn
is bacon and eggs with toast. Also, how to swim, I have suffered these towards the other side of the pool.
Americans like to eat rich food like, things. After all, I find swimming Subsequently, I have to press and
cakes, chocolate, and ice-cream. enjoyable. Every time the teacher pull on one of my hands straight
For meals, they like hamburgers teaches me how to take a step, I towards my womb, while kicking
with French fries and pizza very pay strict attention to her and then I my legs straight up and down. I
much. try my best to do it. Here are some have to synchronize my movements.
The second difference is instructions that the teacher has told Simultaneously, I have to breathe,
the role of family. In the United me about swimming. turning my head to one side when
States, sixty-three percent of First, I change my clothes one hand reaches back.
families almost always eat dinner and I wear a swimming suit. Then, I enjoy swimming very
together. On the other hand, I do some exercises to warm up. much. So I learn it step by step. Every
ninety-five percent of families Later, I go to the swimming pool and step that I take is enjoyable and I try
spend more time together at dinner jump into the pool. After that, while my best to do each and every step
in Burma. American high school holding the gutter along the edge of right. As a consequence, I am good
students have jobs. But there is no the pool, I have to make my body at swimming now. I believe I can
high school student who has a job float on the surface of the water. At even teach others how to swim.
[ 7]
The Open Window Journal

O b se rv a t i o n
Lack of Electricity and
Some of the Problems
Caused by It

n Burma, people are facing Water and electricity planet much easier day-by-day with
water and electricity problems. problems are becoming more the use of highly advanced facilities.
One of the main problems is important in Rangoon. Moreover, Most, if not all, equipment and
that some people do not get even there are many difficulties that facilities nowadays require a lot of
a drop of water because of the lack students have to face because of the energy. Electrically generated things
of electricity and a lesser supply lack of electricity. The electricity are widely used which are now
of water from the leaders of water is not okay at nighttime so most considered a necessity in the homes,

In addition,
some people
have to go to
their relatives
who can get
access to water
so that they can
take a bath.

distribution. People who live at the students cannot study. Some people in stores, in offices, in schools, and
top of the buildings have to carry in big cities can buy a small generator, in the factories.
water themselves from the ground which uses only small amounts of Lately, because of the lack
floor. In addition, some people have fuel so that they can use one or two of rain, not enough electricity can be
to go to their relatives who can get electric bulbs. But the people in produced for the whole population.
access to water so that they can take remote areas face more difficulties. As a result there is not enough water
a bath. Moreover, some people who Also, factories will produce fewer supplies for an increasing number of
work all time have to buy drinking products without electricity and it people in Burma. People do not get
water from stores because they can’t causes damages both to the factory enough electricity and people are
boil drinking water at home due owners and the customers. Then, for spending a lot of natural resources in
to lack of electricity. Some people a busy housewife, food spoils in the order to find a way to get electricity.
try to solve this problem with high refrigerator. And we have to do all So, the electricity distributors should
voltage generators. They run their washing by hand. not sell all the electricity recourses
generators to pump water from the The industrial and to China. They should also invest in
pipes into water storage tanks in their technological revolution is unstopp- solar cells. As Burma gets mostly
homes. As the electricity is supplied able. Industrial and technological sunlight, we could use it usefully.
for only 3 to 4 hours per day, and advancements are proudly embraced The lack of electricity affects all of
mostly at night, people have to wait by the world’s modernized popula- the people.
past midnight to pump water into tions. Technology has made the
their homes. So, people lose sleep. lives of the people inhabiting our
The Open Window Journal

Ph o t o E ssa y By Hay Htoo

Grand Mother carrying
water with bamboo.

Water is a basic need for

human beings. So they
carry water in their own
traditional way.

We are trying to get

water into the handmade

I am Grandpa and I
can’t have clean water.
So I feel diarrhoea.

[ 9]
The Open Window Journal
continued from
American Center Talented show from AC students
Student Election (Page 5) for AC Idol
me, even though it was merely out
of necessity, it is a testament to the By Okka Phyo Maung
growing power and influence we can
21 MAY, 2010 The American Center who came to AC idol contest
have in our little community, and
Center Music Organization held said “According to some situations,
who knows, it might actually turn
the American Center Idol (AC Idol) we might need three judges. But
out to be a “rehearsal” for future
second round pre-contest in globe. the last contest, we had three
elections in the American Center.
Not only the students from judges. There were some problems
The President, as the
the AC, but also girls and handsome with students being unable to use
head of the Student Council, is
guys from all AC clubs and classes instruments as promised. Philip, one
responsible for its management, and
came to the ongoing contest to see of contestants from AC idol said,
will oversee all the other executive
the performances. Their attempts “They guaranteed me to take guitar.
members, insuring that their
to be successful in the contest was But when I needed to sing, there was
duties are fulfilled. He/she is also
exciting. Soon, there will be an no guitar. So I have to do myself in
responsible for running meetings
AC Idol grand prize performance this situation.” There were some
effectively, and will represent the
in Count Basie Hall. Jason, who is unfamiliar situations to the students
Student Council in organizational
from the American Center Music too when they were participating in
functions. The General Secretary,
Organization said, “I think this is the pre-contest, such as feeling angry
in addition to regular attendance at
really good for the students and we from the critically personal words
meetings, will also keep minutes
are trying to help the students to be from judges. However, the judges
of the Student Council executive
more familiar with stage. Moreover, have agreed to be nicer, it was an
committee meetings, maintain
we will give memorable gifts to act, and the AC Idol will be found.
meeting records, and provide copies
the winners of the AC Idol and first However, AC American
to all the officers of the committee.
runner up.” Idol is an ongoing process. Besides,
He/she will also aid the President
When we think of AC Idol, students who are moody by singing
in the accomplishment of his/her
we cannot stop from enjoying the in the contest can still try to be the
duties, and replace him/her in case
contest. A teacher from American Idol of the American Center.
of absence. Everyone applying
for the Finance Committee should
expect to keep financial records up-
to-date and in-order, and report to
the executive committee whenever
P roverbs
other student clubs request financial
support. Student Affairs Committee
members should deal with the Better late then never
concerns of the student body, and To arrive or do something later than expected
gather vital scholarship and library
information for students. Finally, the
isn’t good , but it is better than not at all.
Public Relations Committee will be
responsible for assisting the Student No man is an island
Council and their events in any Human beings do not thrive when isolated
administrative, business, or officer- from others.
related duties, and the Activity Board
will concentrate on arranging the
activities of the Student Council. Time and Tide wait for no man
No one is so powerful that they can stop the
march of time.

[ 10 ]
The Open Window Journal

Friends Myat Minn Khant

Feeling Mind Khin San Tint

Am I man? The weather

Without anyone Warm and beautiful
Can man live? The sea
Even if I were a wall in Berlin, Blue and friendly
Breezes and voices could be my friends. And the tree
But now…. Red and Yellow in the sunlight
Friends are isolated Walked across the field
And scattered between the spaces Played on the beach
Nothing is usual. Someone held behind, me.
I fancy friends understand what is suitable.


Open Window Journal

P oem s

I’m ... A Linn

First Kiss Raphael

I don’t want to live in my nest Fingers: entwined.

Because, it is dark and stuffy A grip together
I’m… Like root to soil.
I know nothing about the way of flying
But… Eyes: linked.
I want to know everything about the sky Clinched in
I want to fly the whole of the sky Illusory as one.
I’m crazy about flying Heart: throbbing.
But… Two souls
I’m not fully-fledged to fly to the sky Existing as one.
I hope one day… Lips: welded.
I believe on day… A moment that lasts
A lifetime.

[ 11 ]
The Open Window Journal

S ho r t S t o ry
No One is Prohibited
By Sweety

I never forgot on that I accepted this phrase “If you not.

morning over four years ago. When tried your best you will get the best.” She took the instructions
I got up that morning, I felt very I knew that our unforseeable future, of her doctor in order to give birth
fresh and cold. The voice from the fate, and the change of life stays to a healthy baby. She then went
living room came into my bedroom. with us. One of my teacher’s said, on to give public lectures and gave
I saw my cousin and I smiled at her. “Our lives looked like mountains.” speeches. She encouraged women
But I noticed my cousin and my I thought and thought and finally, I who shared her situation in life.
family members weren’t smiling. understood it. My parents and her family tried to
Their faces were very strange. So,
I went and asked my sister why.
She whispered it to me. I had never
expected her words. It made me
crazy. I often heard similar words
in my school and environment. But
I didn’t feel anything. I knew my
cousin was admired, emulated and a
respected girl. I got shocked because
I was told she was HIV positive.
I thought all of my blood
was extremely distressed. I felt she
was so pitiful. I didn’t know what
I should do for her. Her life wasn’t
perfect when she was young. But
she built her life to be the best with
her endeavors and perseverance.
She was the eldest daughter
of four siblings. She had taken on
the responsibility of her family since After a few days, her husband prohibit her work. But she didn’t
she was a high school student. She died of mental illness. He couldn’t accept that. She had a strong desire
got her degree. But she didn’t attend stand the sound of the letters HIV. to help others and wanted to do such
post graduate school even though My cousin had advanced pregnancy. for people, as much as she could. A
she was qualified. She worked Her face looked like a statue. My few months later, she gave birth a
in a private bank. She was very parents and I encouraged her. She healthy baby. I saw her smile the
dutiful for her family. She married said she faced difficult things her last time, before the operation.
a man whom she believed she could whole life. That she could overcome She whispered to me not to cry
depend on for her whole life. She this and she didn’t feel tired. But and that she could accept her life. I
was a thorough and serious girl, she felt so worried for her innocent understood that smile as it was very
but her marriage was wrong. She baby and the one thing she expected meaningful. The doctor told us they
faced terrible things because of her was that her baby would be born a saved her baby’s life. It was the
husband. She tried her best but the perfect and healthy one. I couldn’t patient’s wish. After a month, the
result wasn’t fair for her. I thought, control my tears. She told me that monestry accepted her for adoption.
such worldly affairs weren’t the everybody would die one day. Some The Sayadaw spoke to the audience
affairs for the pitiful girl. were long to live. But some were about life and other dhama.There

[ 12 ]
The Open Window Journal

was one thing that I never forget

from Sayadaw’s preaching. C reative Writing
The voice was:

After a sunset, it is drawing near to The Value of Reading

go to the cemetery.
Don’t forget and don’t think you By Htet Htet Aung
won’t die.

The end of days are again and t cannot be denied that reading is a good hobby. Through
again. reading, many benefits can be had. One of the greatest
We will go one time to the cemetery. benefits of reading is that it helps people get knowledge and
It isn’t prohibited for anyone. wisdom. People can educate themselves by reading. Thinking
after reading a book cannot be the same as before. Reading
The Sayadaw preached and increases the power of one’s thinking and reasoning. People
spoke. Our life was very simple. But can discriminate between the bad and good. Thus, others cannot
we made our life very complicated easily deceive or mislead them. Moreover, it can make them be
because we live the confusing life. I more sympathetic towards others. It can also help people lead
got consideration from my cousin’s good moral lives. In addition, reading develops imagination.
fate and the Sayadaw’s speeches. Imagination is the greatest things that people have. The more
The affairs of life always they read the more creative their imagination becomes. A well-
give us a different life, different developed imagination is a blessing in life. Therefore, reading
situations and different types of can help them be more creative. Another benefit of reading is
people. However, we have the same that it can give people pleasure and amusement. When being
thing, we want a happy and long life. weary in mind, reading a good novel is a healthy recreation.
Generally, no one can create their However, if only novels are read, it can narrow their world of
life according to their desire. So we knowledge. Thus, the books that give not only pleasure but
should prepare for our unforseeable also education should be read. If the right kinds of book can
lives and futures to live and to die. be chosen, then the highest kind of pleasure and wisdom will
Because one day we all will meet be the gift of reading. Hence, reading is the most essential and
the same end. No on is prohited. valuable habit in life.

Jok e s
To solve the Change Problem
By Javelin
Once, Maung Ba went to market to buy a bunch of mustard. A bunch of mustard was for 150Ks. So he paid
200Ks to hawker. But the hawker did not have 50Ks for change. She had only 100Ks for change. Then Maung
Ba said, “If you have 100Ks, make it halves. And give me one of them. It will be 50Ks.

By Javelin
Once, Kyaw Kyaw took a bus. He paid 200Ks to the bus attendant. When the bus attendant refunded 100Ks,
he cried, “It is a fake.” The bus attendant asked him how he knew that. He explained, “It is not worn out and

The Driver
By Javelin
Once, a man went on a trip to Singapore. A weak later, he came back to Burma. And then a friend of his asked
him if he enjoyed the trip and how was Singapore different from Burma. He said he enjoyed the trip. And he
said, “The driver have to stop cars for pedestrians to cross the road at traffic in Singapore, but pedestrians have
to wait for cars to speed up at traffic in Burma.”

[ 13 ]
The Open Window Journal
continued from Drop Water to Rural Area

for 200 families. Donation of the

water from the students were not
insufficient. At that village, their
lakes were dried up a month ago
and they had to go to get drinking
water 60 minutes away. By seeing
these lakes I remembered what Ko
ChamTha said “The inhabitants are
needing drinking water, even if rains
in Thon-Kwa downtown, there is no
water well in that area to save even
a drop of water. So they have no
water to drink and no water to take a
In short, the difficulties of the
inhabitants of Thon-Kwa Township
riding a rollercoaster. that we were the first donors for came to be the duty of the students.
After six hours driving, we their village and when they needed Students can only serve a little but
arrived at our destination. We had drinking water, they had to go to the it was worth the time. We came
our lunch, treated by the inhabitants. nearest village, a 30 minute walk. back from that village at 7 p.m. We
After that, we donated pure water at One of the inhabitants said “we arrived at Thon-Kwa downtown at
20 liters per family. At Maha Mate are waiting for drinking water for a 9:30 p.m. We got Rangoon at 1:00
village, 180 families already had a long time.” Again, we had to drive a.m on 21 May. We had so much fun
well with a pump, but the water was 15 minutes where over 200 families in this trip. Our sound of singing
not clean enough to drink. They said were hosting. We only delivered will travel up to the Heaven.

Cartoon C reative Writing

The Incredible Woman
By Phyu Hnin Zaw

ver 50 years ago, there was a woman called Daw
Thuzar. She was not a very talented but she
tried very hard to make her dream came true.
That was to become a lawyer. She had a sister who was
three years younger than her. When she was taking her
tenth standard exam, she failed the exam. Although she
tried many times, she did not succeed. She felt very
upset but she never gave up. She still failed the exam
when her sister was in the same standard. She didn’t
want to disappoint her sister and herself again so she
studied persistently. Finally, her dream came true and
she passed the exam with distinctions as did her sister.
At that time, only a few people could enter into law. She
was pleased that her effort had a good result. I knew
about this story from my teacher who is a younger sister
Future Inn-Lay Lake of Daw Thuzar. She became one of my idols because
I knew from her that we can be anything if we have
strong desire.
[ 14 ]
The Open Window Journal

R eco m m e n d a t i o n s P uzzle
It is just a game. In this game we can find new vocabu-
Movie lary in the box. This game can help you to prove your
English level, see if it is higher than you think and also
you will be pleased with yourself when you find the
All about Steve words in the box.

Sandra Bullock turns

in an excruciatingly kooky
performance in this ill-conceived
stalker romance. She plays nerdy
cross-word puzzle compiler Mary
Horowitz, whose parents arrange
for her to go on a blind date with
handsome TV cameraman Steve
(Bradley Cooper.) Convinced
he’s “the one,” the gauche
chatterbox publishes a crossword
puzzle called, “All about Steve” that got her fired from
the local paper. But unemployment only leaves her
free to follow her beloved across America in an insane
effort to prove her intensions; resulting in Steve and Find these words
reporter Hartman Hughes (Thomas Haden Church) 1. Ajar
bungling their new assignment as they try to outrun 2. Ample
Mary’s besotted pursuit. Few scenes escape Bullock’s 3. Biodegradable
jarring and overbaked wackiness in this low-brow 4. Charming
road movie. Ken Jeong (The Hangover) makes some 5. Clockwise
impression as a luckless traveling TV producer, but 6. Downcast
otherwise this movie too often settles for cheap laughs.7. Exorbitant
8. Gracious
Source: Internet 9. Heartened
10. Nonplussed
Book 1. Ajar (adj) If a door is ajar, it will be
slightly open.
2. Ample (adj) of something more than enough
The Burn Jounals by BRENT RUNYON. 3. Biodegradable (adj)substances decay naturally
without damaging the environment.
It is a true story.
4. Charming (adj) pleasant; attractive manners.
Runyon, the author, felt horrible
5. Clockwise (adj,adv)in the same direction as the
things when he was young. As
hands of the clocks.
he suffered painful burn care and
6. Downcast (adj) 1. Sad (or) disappointed.
skin grafting procedures and then
2. If someone eyes are down
went to rehabilitation hospital for
cast, they will be looking down.
intensive physical, occupation
7. Exorbitant (adj) a price that is too high or a cost
and psychological therapy, he
that is exagerated
tried to kill himself. His story
8. Gracious (adj) a pleasant, polite, calm way.
reveals the very secret of not only
9. Heartened (adj) feeling happier because of
his own personal life but also the
feelings of other people who’ve struggled in their lives. something. We all felt heartned
by the news.
Harry Awesome 10. Nonplussed (adj) extremely surprised.
[ 15 ]
The Open Window Journal
Drop Water to Rural Area take a bath. If you want to discover
how valuable water is, you should
By Myat Minn Khant go to these places. I went there as an
AC student and a journalist from the
Open Window Journal. Ko Soe Myat
Thu and I got at Than Hlin at 5 a.m.
The students from Ta Wa, Maritime
University and G.T.C. were ready to
start our trip. We left Than Hlin at
about 6 a.m. We started our trip with
20 barrels (1 barrel per 220 liters).
It was 8 a.m. when we arrived at
Thon-Kwa downtown. We had our
breakfast. When we were having
breakfast, a table next to me ordered
17 fried rice. So the shopkeeper said
“ No, there are only two fried rice.”
It was really funny. I noticed that I
asked for coffee plain, the water in
the cup was not clear.
We started our water
MY MIND FILLED with In Burma, we have never
donation trip to rural areas at about 8
the pride while along with the faced a water crisis. In general,
a.m. We started singing songs before
water donation group. We awoke at Global Warming causes global
we went. On that trip, our coach
4 a.m. on May 20. We went to Than water problems. Because of high
was a tractor. It was so dangerous
Hlin where the students from Ta Wa temperatures, the lakes in these
because there was only one tractor
University, G.T.C. and Myanmar regions seemed evaporated into the
for 20 barrels and 33 people. There
Maritime University were waiting. air. The lakes were dried and there
were no decent roads to the villages.
The difficulties of the inhabitants of was no water to drink and there was
We had to pass messy fields. On the
Thon-Kwa Township came to be the no water to take a bath. There was a
way to those villages, it was like
duty of the students. little rain, but it wasn’t sufficient to
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The World Cup Movie Schedule

No. Title Date Time Category
1. Victory (1981) June 1, 3, 4 1:00 p.m. Action/Adventure
June 5 9:00 a.m.
2 Bend It like Beckham (2003) June 8, 9, 10 1:00 p.m. Comedy/Sports
June 12 9:00 a.m.
3 The Miracle Match (2005) June 15, 16, 17, 18 1:00 p.m. Sports
June 19 9:00 a.m.
4 Dare To Dream (2005) June 22, 23, 24, 25 1:00 p.m. Documentary
June 26 9:00 a.m.
5 Kicking It (2007) June 29, 30 1:00 p.m. Sports
July 1, 2 1:00 p.m.
July 3 9:00 a.m.

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