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Ice stars

Make a handful of decorations in a twinkling

by Mindi Hawman
figure 1

ve always been fascinated by stars. Theres nothing more uplifting than
seeing the sky full of them on a clear winters night. The sparkle of
beads, of course, suggests the twinkle of stars. So why not bead a star?
These stars are so quick and fun to make, youll want a constellation of them!
They can be stitched together into necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, but I
like to use them to decorate a window or a tree. One year I made an office figure 2
tree for my chums, filling a miniature potted tree with tiny white lights and
hundreds of stars. Last March, I filled a tree with white and gold stars for
the guests at the rehearsal dinner for my sons wedding. A friend of mine
uses them to embellish quilts. I never grow tired of making them. The possi-
ble combinations like the universe are infinite.

Thread a needle with 2 ft. (.6m) and go through the middle bead on the
of Nymo. Pick up 5 110 seed beads next group of 3 beads. Add 4 more
and go back through all 5 again, tight- points to complete the star. figure 3
ening the beads into a ring and leaving Sew back through the beads to the
a 3 in. (7.5cm) tail. Sew through 2 more tail. Without removing the needle, tie
beads, holding the tail to keep the the working thread and tail into a sur-
tension snug. geons knot (figure 6). Dab the knot
Pick up a bead and sew through the with glue or clear nail polish and sew
next bead in the ring. Go around the through a few beads with the working
ring, adding a bead between each bead. thread. Tug the knot into a bead and
Sew through the first bead added in this trim the threads close to the beads.
step (figure 1). To stiffen the star, use a trick I
Pick up 3 beads and sew through the learned from NanC Meinhardt. Dip the
next bead on the second round. Add 3 star into Future floor wax. Blot it with a figure 4
beads between each of the beads on the paper towel and let it dry. To hang a
second round. Sew out through the star, string some nylon filament through
middle bead of the first 3 beads added one of its points.
in this step (figure 2).
There are 2 variations for adding Contact Mindi at 905 Ballaine Rd., Fair-
the stars points: banks, AK 99709 or (907) 479-2806.
a. Pick up 6 seed beads and sew back
through the third bead picked up (fig-
ure 3). Snug up the tension. Pick up 2
more beads and sew through the middle materials
bead on the next group of 3 beads (fig- 110 Seed beads, 2-4mm bugle beads, figure 5
ure 4). Add 4 more points to complete square-cut or other small seed beads
the star. Nymo D
b. Pick up a seed bead, a bugle bead, Nylon filament
and 4 seed beads. Go back through the #12 beading needles
first seed bead after the bugle (figure 5). G-S Hypo Cement or clear nail polish
Pick up a bugle bead and a seed bead Future floor wax (optional) figure 6
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