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Prihandiyono Murdantobowo

PT. Mercusuar Indonesia Investasi Direktur Operasional Khusus

Responsible. Honest, Trust and Clean for Client is my may way.
As an professional in operation maintenance and construction of more than 30 years of work experience,
including management of personnel and general administration.

Competent and certified as an associate expert electrical LPJK, Competent and certidied in the field of hydro
power plant construction IATKI level III, Competent and cerrified in internal audit of ISO 9000-2001.

Change of direction and switching activities as an freelance professional as mediator for investment projects,
or infrastructure and other projects.

Can be justified to work seriously are responsible, honest, and beneficial to both parties mediated, pure
investment and loans. ready to help the investors and founders to get a project and a profitable business.

Principal Owner at Wora Wiri Ltd & Co
September 2016 - Present (7 months)
Managing personal business with honest and earnest, work can be mutually beneficial for all parties involved
in the business

Director of Operation Technical at PT. RESTU ENJENERING KONTRUKSI

July 2014 - August 2016 (2 years 2 months)
Member of the Board of Directors to develop company vision, mission, and strategy to achieve them.
Translating and implementing the company strategy in the area of Operation and Technically into daily
activities to run the project as efficient as possible consider with safety.
Responsible for the company Human Resource Development and General Affairs
Member of the Company Commercial Committee to develop strategy for Raw Material purchase and Final
contract project pricing and review include marketing.

Agency Owner at Own Personnal Bussines

January 2014 - June 2014 (6 months)
Man power supply to PT. Tekniko Indonesia (Civil, Mechanical and Electrical skill and labour)
for project AEON Mall building in BSD Tangerang

General Manager at PT. Tekniko Indonesia

April 2013 - December 2013 (9 months)
Tasks & Responsibilities:
1. Leading an PT. Tekniko Indonesia to fulfillment Center by managing in-house HRD &
Administration as well as the internal interfaces to Managements and Employess and carriers
2. Manage and drive staffing plans, schedules, quality initiatives, process change initiatives, and
other Project Management initiatives to enable Operations and ultimately the Engineering
Procurement and Construction Business Plan
3. Manage a team of more than 1,000 employees within a very fast-paced/time-critical and
demanding environment
4. Regularly review manager performance levels with the senior management team and Director to
continuously improve strategies
5. Carry out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organizations policies and
6. Maintain a complete management overview and thorough understanding of inventory in a multi-
product Engineering Prcerement Construction environment
7. Implement change and/or develop new processes as required to provide ability to better direct
ship multiple products to multiple locations and geographies
8. Continuously measure and evaluate the departmental goals and all work processes
Set/clarify requirements and expectations for Operations Managers, Area Managers and Team
9. Leverage off Operations, Area Managers, and Team Leaders resource and nurture ideas and roll
them into the creation of improvement plans for the Recruitment Hire and Administration.
10.Take proactive steps to ensure that best practices are shared across all departments and shifts
Work closely with support staff (HR, Financial Manager, Safety & Loss Prevention Manager, IT
Manager, Engineering) to build and secure support and resources for projects.
11. Holders of competence certificate Level 3, Competence Certified as Electrical Personnel
Expert of competence, from Experts Association Indonesian Electrical Engineering (IATKI)

Site Manager at PT. DJ Engineering & Construction, Indonesia

August 2012 - March 2013 (8 months)

Manage all aspects of a large scale, complex, or significant engineering project, from start to finish, so that
it is completed on time and within budget.
Design, communicate, and implement an operational plan for completing the project; monitor progress and
performance against the project plan; take action to resolve operational problems and minimize delays
Identify, develop, and gather the resources necessary to complete the project. This may include preparing
complex engineering standards, designs and work specifications; developing project schedules, budgets and
forecasts; and selecting materials, equipment, project staff, and external contractors

Estimate the costs, resources, and time required to complete an engineering project and monitor activities,
allocate resources, and assign tasks to ensure these targets are met.
Liaise with other operational areas in the organization (for example engineering, drafting, and technical) to
secure specialized resources and contributions for the project.
Select, and manage the activities of, outside contractors to ensure they are integrated into the project and
that the organization receives satisfactory standards of service.
Conduct project meetings and prepare regular reports to communicate the status of the project within and
beyond the project team.
Set priorities, allocate tasks, and coordinate project staff to meet project targets and milestones.
Coach and mentor project staff and assist them to solve problems.

Senior HRD & Administration Manager at PT. Kirin-Miwon Foods

June 2010 - August 2012 (2 years 3 months)

Construction Manager at PT. Powertech Indonesia

July 2006 - May 2010 (3 years 11 months)

Project Manager at PT. Matra Upaya Tangguh

August 2004 - June 2006 (1 year 11 months)

HRD & GA Community Section Head at PT. Amoco Mitsui PTA Indonesia
February 2000 - June 2004 (4 years 5 months)

Instrument & Electrical Maintanance Supervisor at AMOCO MITSUI PTA INDONESIA

1996 - 2000 (4 years)

Kennedy Western University
Master bussiness of administration, Bussiness administration, 1992 - 1994

Prihandiyono Murdantobowo
PT. Mercusuar Indonesia Investasi Direktur Operasional Khusus

11 people have recommended Prihandiyono

"Prihandiono adalah pekerja yg teliti selalu mengutamakan mutu kwlitas"

Agusman zhony, worked indirectly for Prihandiyono at PT. RESTU ENJENERING KONTRUKSI

"Pak Pri is one of a good leader. He is also good listener and advisor. In other side, he got lots of knowledge
and experience in wide range of business. I really enjoyed work with Pak Pri. He was not only boss, but he
was a leader."

Rachmat Santoso Suradin, reported to Prihandiyono at PT. Kirin-Miwon Foods

"Sdr. Prihaniyono dengan latar belakang pendidikan dan kerjanya yang selelu dalam trak, menjadikan Sdr. Pri
bertambah matang dalam kepemimpinan dan pengendalian pekerjaan team"

Saifuddin Bachrun, was a consultant or contractor to Prihandiyono at PT. Kirin-Miwon Foods

"Mr. Prihandiyono is the best Site Manager who I knew. We were working together in Khurais Gas Contract
Project of Saudi Aramco. He always lead the Team with the best ever approach, to make everybody happy in
the Project, both in Employee Side and Management Side as well."

Rosidin Jamhudi, managed Prihandiyono at PT. Powertech Indonesia

"Mr.Prihandiyono is manager with full energetic and concern about the job and also appreciate to employee
also respect to the job problem, until problem solve. Mr.Prihandiyono always supporting to employee for
good opportunity on the future and always give inspiration for good manner."

Jujun Ari Juniawan, was with another company when working with Prihandiyono at PT. Powertech

"He is very good person and very experienced in Mechanical I've worked with him in the company for one

Dudung Sudrajat, worked with Prihandiyono at PT. Powertech Indonesia

"His was a good guy"

Rudi Purwanto, worked directly with Prihandiyono at PT. Powertech Indonesia

"Mr.Prihandiyono is an excellent construction manager to work for - always giving of his time and expertise
and very straight forward. He is a great example in how to lead the construction work. He is very familiar
in managing subordinates, subcontractors, vendors, while at the same time he has to meet the project
expectation regarding quality and schedule. I have always found him to be an honest and thoughtful
person who genuinely cares about his staff & one more he's the most religious person I have ever met. I
wholeheartedly recommend him."

Alfred Topan Sutanto, worked with Prihandiyono at PT. Powertech Indonesia

"Met Pagi Boss... Gimana kabarnya sehat ??..."

Iwan Setiawan, managed Prihandiyono at PT. Matra Upaya Tangguh

"I worked with Mr. Prihandiyono during the setup of AMOCO's PTA Plant at Cilegon , Indonesia. He
was the expert of Instrumentation & Electrical Maintenance, that made our commissioning of Plant run

Subhan Novianda, worked with Prihandiyono at AMOCO MITSUI PTA INDONESIA

"I've just endorsed you for skills & expertise!"

Aep S. Bachri, worked directly with Prihandiyono at AMOCO MITSUI PTA INDONESIA

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