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Groupwork Check in For D band

1. My balance between listening and talking is:

W skewed towards more listening
W about right
W skewed towards more talking

2. The eye contact between members in this group when were talking is:
W solid and I know because of this eye contact that people are really engaging with me
W weak and when were talking sometimes I dont know if people are engaging when were talking
because they arent looking at me

3. When it comes to smiles and having a relaxed and fun (but focused) atmosphere, our group
W needs to put a lot more effort into our atmosphere so our group is more enjoyable
W needs to pay a little more attention to our atmosphere we can be more relaxed and fun
W is the perfect amount of relaxed and fun

4. When it comes to speaking up/asking questions/admitting I dont understand a topic

W I am totally not afraid at all
W I am a little afraid
W I am pretty afraid
W I am terrified, this is pretty tough for me

5. In our group, each of us has:

W pretty darn equal say
W unequal say, but only slightly
W highly unequal say

6. We have an open environment where no one is afraid to speak up/ask questions/admit they dont
fully understand a topic
W this is happening, no question
W I think this is happening, but Im not sure
W this isnt happening, really

7. When it comes to answering questions, I

W make it a priority to respond, giving my full and undivided attention
W sometimes respond, but admittedly not with as much attention as I should be giving
W dont often respond, letting others reply either because I dont feel I can contribute or Im busy

8. When it comes to my group answering my questions, I find

W they are hyper vigilant and give me their total attention, and we talk until I feel comfortable
W they are pretty vigilant, but sometimes I feel were rushing and I dont always get things answered
W they kinda rush, because they are more concerned with moving forward than my understanding

9. The frequency of encouragement we provide each other in this group is
W not so much, we dont really do this often
W pretty good, though we could do more
W great, were always cheering each other on

10. I have been congratulated when I overcome a difficulty

W yes
W no

11. I have congratulated others when they overcame a difficulty

W yes
W no

12. All of our group members are working on the same problem
W all of the time or almost all of the time
W most of the time
W some of the time but I know we could be more together
W not regularly this is something we have to put some focus on

13. In total, if I would rate the eagerness of my group to learn, it would be:
W super eager beavers
W pretty eager beavers
W kinda eager beavers
W not so eager beavers

14. Everyone comes to our group prepared with the packets, nightly work done, pens, and pencils!
W yes this happens Every. Single. Day.
W mostly yes but sometimes I or someone from my group doesnt come fully prepared
W kinda yes, but kinda no
W not really, to be honest

15. Bell chimes They are:

W a frequent occurrence
W a moderate occurrence
W a rare occurrence
W silent

16. We go off on non-math related tangents

W pretty often we might want to curb this
W sometimes, but not every class
W rarely or never

17. When we work together, we are

W totally focused
W pretty focused but could be more focused
W somewhat unfocused
W unfocused

18. We bicker/snipe/yell
W pretty often
W sometimes
W rarely
W never

19. As a group, when we have a yellow or red cup displayed

W we see these as opportunities for making important connections and are totally cool with this
W we are slightly annoyed
W we get totally frustrated

20. We are straight-up with each other

W yes
W kinda, but we dont always say what were truly thinking/feeling
W nope

21. We sit close to each other, lean in, point at things, and sometimes have a furrowed brow when
were communicating
W yes, were always together and talking with each other in this way
W sometimes
W no, were not always all together enough to do this

22. I feel comfortable taking risks and sharing my thoughts even if I am not totally certain about them
W yes, always
W sometimes
W rarely
W never

23. Most of the time, our group works at a

W uncomfortable pace
W comfortable pace

24. There are times when I wanted to say something about moving too fast/slow, but I didnt:
W yes
W no

25. We communicate outside of class about math

W yes
W no

26. We as a group work collaboratively to come to consensus and make sure everyone is comfortable
with the material
W often
W sometimes
W rarely
W never

27. I have been talked over/interrupted when I am trying to explain my thinking
W yes
W no

28. I have talked over someone else when they are trying to explain their thinking
W yes
W no

29. I explain my thinking

W regularly
W sometimes, but less than I probably should
W rarely

30. I am an active listener

W all the time
W most of the time
W some of the time
W not really, and I know I should probably work on this

31. There have been moments that I have felt judged negatively by others in the group even if it may
not have been intentional
W yes
W no

When you are done

List the question numbers which you think revealed something about you personally something you
might want to work on as an individual to help improve your group:


List the question numbers which you think might be useful to discuss with your group: (a) to talk about
things you think are going well (so you can see if others agree), and (b) to talk about things you think
arent going as well as you want them (so you can see if the group can find ways to improve).

Question numbers for (a): _____________________________________________________

Question numbers for (b): _____________________________________________________