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Charlene Montney
226 N Swift #2
Litchfield, MN 55355
(320) 699-0369

Work Experience
January 2009 - cashier
June 2009 Burger King
Litchfield, Mn.
Responsible for orders/making change/ handing out quality food/stock/clean
up/resolving issues/kind and curtious to all.

June 2008 - Waitress

October 2008 Waffle House
Phoenix, Arizona
waited on customers/took orders/made change/made sure all needs were
met/clean up/stock

April 2006 - Assisted living to help seniors remain in there home

October 2006 Personal Home Care
Clear Lake Michigan, Michigan
Took care of all house work, shopping, some cooking, and provided

February 2006 - cashier/food preparation

November 2007 Burger King
Grayling/n/Prudenville, Michigan
prepared food/ran deepfryer/stocked cooler/made salads/ran electric
slicer/worked front counter and drive through/made change/resolved
issues/total team member!!

March 2005 - waitress

October 2005 Lost Arrow Resort
Mio, Michigan
waitress/ took orders/made sales suggestions/ kept own bank to make chang/
served and cleared tables/ prepared salads/ served alcohol and all othr drinks/
waited on both small and large groups.

June 2004 - cook/line cook/grill cook/ broiler/and deep fry

September 2004 Maple Valley Restaurant and Lounge
Prudenville, Michigan
Prepared muscle, shrimp scampy, escargo, and, frog legs,, and basic menu we
also had Friday fish frys and had reviw with a top magizine that summer as the
place to eat.

May 2003 - waitress

November 2003 Decarlo"s Country Club
St. Helen, Michigan
waitress/ served drinks, and fine food, was responsible for service with banquits
and weddings and country club guest. Seen to the comfort and satisfaction of

May 2002 - Waitress

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September 2002 West Branch Country Club

West Branch, Michigan
seasional help serving food and drinks, responsable for all needs of guest.

May 1994 - home care

November 1994 Private Home Care
Newberry MI, Michigan
seen to all housework, assisted in cooking, shopping and laundry, and provided

February 1994 - Coach for mentally challenged adults

December 1994 Luce County Mental Health
Newberry, Mi
Taught skills in a car wash and lawn care. We had contracts w/ State Police and
health department as well as daily public. We washed, waxed vacuumed, did
windows, and white wall, as well as armorall. We had contracts with the public to
maintain lake front homes as far as mowing, weeding, and cleaning yards.

November 1992 - Home care/ Live in position

June 1993 Private Home Care
Education Clear Lake, Michigan
Full time baby setter, cooked all meals and seen to medications. Handled hygeine
and housework. Did all shopping, and companionship.

June 1999 - Ogemaw Heights High School

September 2000 Some High School Coursework in basic studys, advanced foods and art
Am in to all art, have been active in contest since grade school, also in to all
outdoor activitys,such as camping-fishing-cooking out-and baseball. Took
advanced foods course in gth grade as food is one of my greatest interest.

June 1998 - Ogemaw Heights High School

September 2000 High School or equivalent in
took adult education as i was pregnant/achieved G.E.D

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