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Melanie Papas

1000 W. Loyola Chicago, IL 60660 mpapas@luc.edu 216-215-6537

Illinois Professional Educator License, Expected May 2017
Endorsements: Secondary Education, 6-12; English

International Baccalaureate Educator Certificate, Expected May 2017

ESL endorsement, Expected May 2017

Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, IL
B.A., Secondary Education, May 2017 and B.A., English, May 2017
Cumulative GPA: 3.5

Teaching Experience:
Nicholas Senn High School; Chicago, IL
Student Teacher: August April 2017
Taught 12th grade World Literature and 9th grade Survey of Literature using collaborative lessons and activities
Established classroom community expectations based on students input to create a positive classroom environment
Utilized multiple strategies to encourage students to engage in Othellos themes and language
Created student centered activities for students to analyze Othello and create their own assertions
Developed engaging activities and strategies for students to analyze speeches and the effects of rhetoric
Facilitated poetry analysis and creation with 9th grade students
Constructed lesson plans with Persepolis that balanced rigor and relevance by incorporating analysis and student identity
Modified curriculum for English Language Learners and students with IEPs
Created lessons that provided multiple modes of participation to encourage all students to respond
Tutored students during and after school with Gear Up
Implemented grammar and vocabulary instruction to prepare students for the PSATs and improve student writing

KinderCare Learning Center; Macedonia, OH

Assistant Teacher: (2016 - )
Taught interactive lesson plans focused on literacy and student creativity for students ages 3 months-12 years
Created a strong and positive classroom community
Communicated with parents daily

Interactive Field Experiences:

Ogden International School (Spring 2016)
o Created a UBD interdisciplinary curriculum unit using a global framework aligned with UDL guidelines
o Co-taught mini lessons with 7th grade students surrounding Lord of the Flies
Daniel Boone Elementary (Fall 2015)
o Conducted CBMs for diverse learners
o Analyzed classroom data in a collaborative environment to advance student achievement
o Taught mini lessons to a 7th grade pull-out group focused on literary devices
Nicholas Senn High School (Spring 2015)
o Created individualized instruction and assessment for diverse students
Goudy Elementary (Fall 2014): Various Middle School Classrooms

Relevant Professional Experience

Cristo Rey Student Organization; Chicago, IL
Vice President (2016-2017)
Collaborated with executive board to plan events for students on campus
Communicated daily with students in the organization to plan events and increase student involvement
Nanny; Northfield, OH (2014-2015)
Nanny for a 17 year old boy with autism.
Practiced and learned together about the computer and cooking or preparing food
Skills and Interests
Proficient in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Eager to participate in the school community through activities such as service learning, book club, or volleyball