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JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Career Fair Networking Event at the

University of Michigan

Discover your potential

Were not just for finance majors: Different perspectives bring strength and creativity to our work and
lead to the best solutions for our clients. This is the reason we hire students from a range of degree
disciplines and backgrounds.
You can help solve complex problems: By joining our company, you'll be part of the important role
we play in the global economy helping develop solutions that impact the financial lives of
consumers and business plans for companies, nations and industries.
We offer a breadth of career options: We offer a range of opportunities for our Analysts and
Associates to make an impact across our businesses - banking, markets, investments, technology,
marketing, finance, accounting, analytics, risk management, research, strategy, human resources,
operations and more. We encourage you to learn about all of our opportunities before you apply.
We provide a supportive environment: We provide our employees with the resources that they need
to succeed from formal development programs like our internships and employee networking groups
to self-guided virtual training and supportive managers and mentors. Well make sure you have training
and support you need to grow and provide you with the opportunities to invent and reinvent your career.
Youll be empowered: Youll experience our open culture and collaboration from day one. Because we
believe empowerment means giving you choices, we want you to explore new projects and test new
ideas as you build your career.

Business Contacts
Jennifer Barker, Managing Director, Commercial Bank, Lauren Perrotta, Vice President, Asset Management,
jennifer.j.barker@jpmorgan.com lauren.e.perrotta@jpmorgan.com
Peter Eliades, Managing Director, Corporate & Investment Derek Romanaux, Executive Director, Asset Management
Bank, Peter.Eliades@jpmorgan.com (OADP), derek.x.romanaux@jpmorgan.com
Thomas Gamm, Managing Director, Commercial Bank, Danielle Rubin, Analyst, Wealth Management,
thomas.gamm@jpmorgan.com danielle.rubin@jpmorgan.com
Michael Giammalvo, Associate, Corporate & Investment Kamuzu Saunders, Executive Director, Asset
Bank (Technology), michael.giammalvo@jpmorgan.com Management, kamuzu.r.saunders@jpmorgan.com
Danius Giedraitis, Vice President, Asset Management, Brianna Schechter, Analyst, Asset Management,
danius.b.giedraitis@jpmorgan.com brianna.e.schechter@jpmchase.com
Michelle Kletz, Vice President, Asset Management, Brendan Schultz, Analyst, Operations Analyst
michelle.b.kletz@jpmorgan.com Development Program, brendan.schultz@jpmchase.com
Delvina Kolic, Associate, Corporate & Investment Bank Michael Scott, Analyst, Corporate & Investment Bank,
(CADP), delvina.kolic@jpmorgan.com michael.scott@jpmorgan.com
Sree Kolli, Analyst, Corporate & Investment Bank, Jocelyn Shields, Vice President, Corporate Sector (CADP),
sree.kolli@jpmorgan.com jocelyn.t.shields@jpmorgan.com
Hugo Le Du, Analyst, Operations Analyst Development Melissa Spencer, Vice President, Wealth Management,
Program, hugo.ledu@jpmchase.com melissa.w.spencer@jpmorgan.com
Bill Maxbauer, Executive Director, Commercial Bank, Jason Tinsley, Executive Director, Asset Management,
william.maxbauer@chase.com jason.e.tinsley@jpmorgan.com
Brian Mittelstaedt, Vice President, Wealth Management, Taylor R. Williams, Analyst, Wealth Management,
brian.mittelstaedt@jpmorgan.com taylor.williams@jpmorgan.com
Tiffany Oricchio, Analyst, Wealth Management, Taylor J. Williams, Analyst, Technology Analyst Program,
tiffany.s.oricchio@jpmorgan.com taylor.j.williams@jpmchase.com
Nihir Parikh, Analyst, Technology Analyst Program, Larry Wilson, Managing Director, Corporate & Investment
nihir.parikh@jpmorgan.com Bank, larry.a.wilson@jpmorgan.com
Michael Pelton, Analyst, Corporate Analyst Development Steve Worthy, Associate, Corporate & Investment Bank,
Program, michael.d.pelton@jpmorgan.com steve.worthy@jpmorgan.com

Recruiting Contacts
Marisa Akson, Campus Recruiter, Corporate Sector Callie Scott, Campus Recruiter, Commercial Bank,
(Operations), marisa.akson@jpmorgan.com callie.l.scott@jpmorgan.com
Chris Drummond, Campus Recruiter, Corporate Sector, Claudia Suarez, Campus Recruiter, Corporate &
(CADP), chris.drummond@jpmchase.com Investment Bank, claudia.suarez@jpmorgan.com
Devin Graham, Campus Recruiter, Wealth Management, Bianca Vaghji, Campus Recruiter, Asset Management,
devin.a.graham@jpmorgan.com bianca.vaghji@jpmorgan.com
Theresa Hui, Campus Recruiter, Corporate Sector Petey Gerke, Campus Recruiter, Consumer & Community
(Technology), theresa.hui@jpmorgan.com Banking, petey.gerke@chase.com

Upcoming LiveTalk Virtual Webinars

Join our virtual events from anywhere 5-6pm EST. Register via our careers site.

Sophomore Development Fellowship: March 29 You Ask. Interns Answer: July 6

Your Future. Today: April 5 You Ask. We Answer: August 24
Your Career. Which Way? April 27
Extra Credit Series: May through September
Personal Branding: May 17 Application Process & Resume Tips: August 1
Networking: June 7 Interview Tips & Best Practices: September 6 (TBC)

Program Deadlines
Learn more about our opportunities on our careers site.

Early Insight application deadlines:
Freshman Experience: March 26 Sophomore Development Fellowship: April 9
Launching Leaders: August 15 Winning Women: August 15
Proud to Be: September 4 Military & Veterans: September 4

2018 Summer Internship application deadlines:
Asset & Wealth Management: October 1
Wealth Management, Asset/Investment Management, Asset & Wealth Management Risk Management
Consumer & Community Banking: October 15
Chase Leaders, Chase Risk Management
Commercial Banking: TBD, check careers website for updates
Commercial Banking, Middle Market Banking & Specialized Industries
Corporate & Investment Banking:
Banking, Markets, Global Treasury Management, Investor Services: September 15
CIB Risk Management: TBD, check careers website for updates
Corporate: December 1
Audit, Corporate Analyst Development Program, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Technology

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