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Pump and PumpDrive.

The Ideal Combination.
2 Energy Efficiency

Saving energy means saving money.

Plant owners and operators today are facing ever growing chal-
Life cycle costs
lenges. Against the backdrop of steadily rising energy prices, they Example: Industrial pump
have no choice but to keep the overall cost of their systems to a
minimum. After all, any analysis of the total life cycle cost (or LCC) Initial investment ~30% Energy ~ 32%
of a system will show that approximately one third of the costs 9% Installation
7% Environment
incurred during a systems service life are spent on energy. Fortu-
14% Pump
nately, these expenses also offer the greatest possibilities for savings.

Seek the support of your KSB partner to tap the full potential and
start saving money. Your system will operate at its best and
youll notice the difference in your electricity bills.

9% Operation

9% Downtime

20% Maintenance

KSB optimises not just individual components Pump selection

but entire hydraulic systems. The most important step towards saving
energy costs: hydraulic optimisation of
the system and selection of the best pump
for the job.
System Efficiency Service
Savings potential is identified
and solutions are proposed on Trimmed impellers
the basis of the precisely The impeller is adapted to match the actual
calculated pump load profile. operating point without any added costs.
Energy saved: over 10% on average

Speed control
PumpDrive adjusts the speed EFF1 motor
of the motor to match demand. Standard at KSB.
Energy saved: up to 60% Efficiency gain: up to 3.5%

For more information about KSBs energy efficiency concept visit

Variable speed systems from KSB:

making the right economies.

Speed control with PumpDrive.

A key element of energy efficiency is speed control with speed, and thus the head and flow rate of the pump, to match
PumpDrive. Using PumpDrive makes sound economic sense current demand. The bottom line: energy savings of up to 60%.
whenever energy costs are high, flow rate requirements keep This means your investment will pay for itself in a very short
changing, intake pressures vary, and the number of operating time. Your KSB partner will be happy to calculate the potential
hours per year is high. Once the selected pumps operating energy savings achievable in your plant.
parameters are set, PumpDrive precisely adjusts the motor

Just one example: m System curve System curve

Etanorm PumpDrive 32-200/552. 60
A demand-based reduction of the Design point
Energy saved

flow rate by just 30 % translates

60% of unused power
into cost savings of 1,712 euros 40 input at fixed speed
2,900 1/min
every 8000 operating hours (at
twelve euro cents per kilowatt hour).
2,050 1/min

0 10 20 30 40
4 Product Benefits

Saving costs means increasing Increased operating

overall efficiency. reliability
n The pump will operate within the permis-
sible operating range at all times. This
If the speed of a pump is adjusted to match pump output to
effectively prevents damage due to cavita-
actual demand, this will lead to a considerable cut in energy
tion. Characteristic curve control based
costs and a marked increase in the systems overall efficiency.
on the stored characteristic will make
But that is not all KSBs PumpDrive is capable of: due to the
sure of this.
square V(f) characteristic, PumpDrive can be depended upon
n Dynamic overload protection by reduc-
to precisely match the torque requirement of the centrifugal
ing the pump speed prevents unnecessary
pump even at reduced speed. And, thanks to the dynamic
pump downtime.
pressure set point compensation function, it is capable of
n Up to six pumps can be operated in parallel
calculating the pipe friction losses, which vary with the flow
without the need for a higher-level PLC.
rate. This prevents the consumer being over-supplied at low
load and puts an end to electricity being wasted.

Apart from lowering energy costs, PumpDrive has more to offer Improved process control
plant owners and operators. Pump and PumpDrive are perfectly
n A n integrated PI controller ensures that
matched. As the units leave the factory ready for operation
exactly the required flow rate and pressure
and preset to the motor and pump they will be operated with,
are provided through speed control.
commissioning could not be easier or faster! A higher operating
n I ntegration into a process control system
reliability and an improved process control are further advantages
is, for example, by means of a Profibus
of using PumpDrive. On top of everything else, PumpDrive is
system. The condition of the pump can be
easy to install.
visualised at any time at a central display.

Straightforward installation
n  The motor-mounted model is available for
drive ratings up to 45 kW.
n  As it is independent of the motor used and
has an integrated cooling system, PumpDrive
is suitable for use with any motor brand and
will meet any works standard specifications.
n  Cost savings are possible with motor- or
wall-mounted units. There is no need for
high control cabinet mounting costs, long
cables or filtering measures.
n  If space is tight, the wall-mounted unit will
provide for easy access.
n  Cabinet mounting is available upon request.
6 Product Variants

One solution for all applications.

Etabloc PumpDrive

Multitec PumpDrive

Etanorm PumpDrive

PumpDrive is available in two variants:

PumpDrive Basic for open- and closed-loop control of single pumps
or for an auxiliary pump in a multiple pump system. A graphical
control panel or a blanking plate preventing unauthorised use are
available as optional features.
PumpDrive Advanced
PumpDrive Advanced offers optimum pump protection thanks to
integrated characteristic curve control and is suitable for controlling
multiple pumps systems without requiring additional hardware.
An easy-to-use graphical control panel is a standard feature.

PumpDrive Basic

Movitec PumpDrive

Etachrom PumpDrive CPKN PumpDrive

Standard control panel Blanking plate

Graphical control panel

n Ease of parameterisation
n Single pump control with pump protection
functions based on characteristic curve control
n Integrated multiple pump control mode for
up to 6 pumps

Option Standard Accessories

n Ease of parameterisation n Single pump control using a simple n Protection against unauthorised use
operating and display unit
n Single pump control
8 Reference Projects

A tailored solution for every application.

A look at our list of reference projects reveals:
Many well-known companies are convinced of the benefits of a pump and PumpDrive combination.

DANONE, Ferrires-en-Bray, France

Danone, the French food and beverages manufacturer, employs
some 90,000 employees at 120 locations around the world. It
produces a total of about 110,000 tonnes of dairy products per
year at its production plant in Ferrires-en-Bray, France, alone.
At its Ferrires-en-Bray site, the company relies on a combination
of pump and PumpDrive to optimise its water supply. PumpDrive
ensures demand-based water supply to the production facilities
and makes a significant contribution towards process optimisa-
tion whilst improving the reliability of production.

Etanorm PumpDrive 80-200
Technical data
Flow rate: 210 m3/h, head: 43 m,
Drive rating: 45 kW

VION Food Group, Crailsheim GmbH, Leutkirch site, Germany

Europes leading producer of meat for butcher shops, meat whole-
salers and food retailers slaughters around 1,000 heads of beef
a week and processes several hundred pig and beef carcasses into
high-quality meat products and sausages. To warrant optimum
cooling of their vacuum-packed meats, VION Crailsheim relies
on a combination consisting of a KSB pump fitted with PumpDrive
variable speed system. PumpDrive controls the supply of refrig
erant which varies according to the meat processing operations
taking place in each room. The supply of water with added anti-
freeze agent to the various cold storage areas is matched precisely
to the actual demand of each room. This saves energy and costs.

2 Etabloc PumpDrive GN 40-160/402 G11, motor-mounted,
of which 1 PumpDrive Basic, 1 PumpDrive Advanced
Technical data
Flow rate: 35 m3/h per pump, head: 25 m per pump,
Drive rating: 4 kW per pump

ArcelorMittal Steelworks, Eisenhttenstadt, Germany

The Arcelor Group is one of the leading steel manufacturers in
the world. By integrating PumpDrive in their existing production
system, Arcelor uses the benefits provided by material-dependent
process pressure control.
This KSB automation product allows fast, precise and continuously
variable speed control to match pump performance to actual
demand. PumpDrive helps to control the process pressures of the
cooling system, which vary according to the type of material the
cooling agent has to be sprayed on. This treatment stage improves
the surface quality of a wide range of materials.

2 Movitec PumpDrive VSF 18/12
(1 standby pump)
Technical data
Flow rate: 12 m3/h, head: 150 m,
Drive rating: 15 kW

These and many more companies rely on a pump and PumpDrive combination.
n Robert Bosch GmbH, Bamberg
n Heidelberger Druckmaschinen GmbH,
n Knoll Maschinenbau GmbH, Bad Saulgau
n Novartis Nutrition GmbH, Osthofen
n Saarstahl AG, Vlklingen
n Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics,
n JT International Germany GmbH, Cologne
n AG der Dillinger Htte, Dillingen/Saar
n ZF Sachs AG, Schweinfurt
n Huhtamaki Forchheim, Forchheim
n Ideal-Standard GmbH & Co. OHG, Wittlich
n Invista Deutschland GmbH, stringen
n Gebr. Gampert GmbH & Co. KG,
n Dosch Messapparate GmbH, Berlin
10 Service

Our services for your success.

Saving energy and providing full power at the same time requires special expertise. Our specialists will provide
support before and during the planning phase, and will thus help you achieve the largest possible energy and cost savings.
As well as individual consultancy support, we can offer you a range of other services and software products:

Services & Software

KSB Service LCC-Software

Total life cycle costs largely depend on a number of services As the only supplier of LCC software to date, KSB has developed
rendered at the start or in the course of a systems useful life. LCC-Comp for calculating the costs of a system during its entire
Some of the more traditional services are initial installation, life cycle. Using the examples of several pumping systems, it
commissioning, repair, inspection and maintenance inspec- makes potential savings transparent as early as in the planning
tion. Whenever you need us, please feel free to contact one of phase. You can ask your KSB partner for details, or test our
the more than 120 service centres or one of our service part- Interactive Calculator online.
ners all over the world. For more information, please visit PumpDrive Demonstrator
Using the example of a cooling system for an injection
Automation Hotline moulding plant, the PumpDrive Demonstrator shows how
If you have technical questions relating to automation issues, PumpDrive can be used to optimise a production process.
please call +49 6233 86-2042 for detailed information. The user interface works exactly like the real product. You
will find the Demonstrator in the Download Centre of our
LearningCentre web site at by clicking on the
Our seminars will allow you to expand your knowledge in Software section.
the field of automation technology. This will provide you
with the competitive edge you need to meet the ever growing PACTware
challenges of the market faster and more effectively. Please PACTware is a vendor- and fieldbus-independent software
contact: for operating field devices which KSB uses as a standardised
service tool for automation products. You will find the profes-

KSB EasySelect selection software sional parameterisation standard in the Download Centre of
Finding the right pump the easy way. The customer version our web site at:
of our straightforward selection software is now available
in several languages. Select pumps yourself on the basis of
your application parameters, then download the relevant
documentation. Any time and any number of times you like:
Subject to technical modification without prior notice
Your local KSB representative:

More space for solutions.

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