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In this video i will show you how to build a AM radio

from scratch !

It will be built around a AM Radio IC,the

TA-7642 Radio Ic ,a copy of the MK484 IC.

This radio is very easy to build and get working.

All parts use to build radio are:

170 pin mini Breadboard

White Postal Box 105 x 80 x 33 mm
TA-7642 Radio Ic
BC550C transistor
2n3904 transistor

180R resistor
4.7 resistor
10K resistor
27K resistor
1M resistor
10k potentiometer
1nf Ceramic capacitor
100nf Ceramic capacitor
47uf electrolytic capacitor

50mm Ultra Slim Mylar Cone Speakers

Miniature Tuning Capacitor - Am\ 3 to 141.6pF
50mm long ferrite rod with 55 turns of 0.315mm diameter enamelled copper wire

2 x Knobs
Volume\ Sifam 12mm Soft Touch 18-Spline Knob
Tuning Knob\ fixing nut.It has a height of 22mm and diameter of 35mm
Miniature Reed Switch
PP9 Battery Plug
2xAA Battery Holder with PP3 end connector
Strips of velcro
20cm of Single Core Wire 1/0.6mm

Music written by Tom Cusack

- Composer -- Tom Cusack
- Music from www.freemusicforvideos.com