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Weebly Fitness Story Creation

Name: _____________________________________________________

Grade range 4 3 2 1
Well- Good activities. Activities were Activities were
Activities / constructed, Purpose and OK. Purpose weak. Purpose
Exercises organized set practically was was vague and and
of activities. evident. not all were practically
/10 Has good grasp practical. were
of practicality questionable.
and purpose of
Story Story follows a Story follows a Story has a Very weak
clear progression weak story
progression that somewhat progression progression
/5 that obviously builds on that rarely and no
builds on each previous builds on evidence of
aspect. aspects previous building on
aspects previous
Explanation Strong, logical, Reasonably Some good, Occasionally
and coherent logical and basic logically coherent or
/5 explanation of coherent coherent logically
the activities. explanation of explanation. explanations.
activities. Generally
Fitness Goals Strong Good OK Weak
performance performance performance performance
/10 and fitness and fitness and fitness and fitness
goals. Detailed goals. Critical goals. Critical goals. Critical
critical skill skill analysis skill analysis skill analysis
analysis linked linked to goals. partially linked barely linked
to goals. to goals. to goals.
Exercises and Exercises and Exercises and Exercises and
Relation to activities have activities have activities have activities have
Fitness Goals a very strong a strong a weak relation a no relation
relation to relation to to goals and to goals and
/10 goals and will goals and may may not help will not help
help achieve help achieve achieve them achieve them
them them