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Training Report Introduction of the training organization


I have been appointed to do the training in Tudawe Brothers Limited and I have been working at
the Silkot site Colombo5 and Panadura Road Project. Head office of the company is located at
505/2, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 05.


Tudawe brothers Ltd was the training organization for my 24 weeks of industrial training. The main
details of the organization are given below.

Name of company : Tudawe Brothers Ltd. (TBL)

Address : 505/2, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka.

Telephone : 584494,584846,583876,501546,503802,592339, 598451-4, 075331316

Fax : 501992

E-mail : tbl@slt.com

Type of company : Private limited Liability.

Nature of business : Buildings and civil engineering contracts.

ICTAD Grading : Building construction Ml

Highway construction Ml

Water supply and drainage- Ml

Bridge construction M4

Finishing Trades Fl

Electrical & Mechanical works under Tudawe Trading

CompanyEM 1

Tudawe Brothers (Pvt) Ltd 1

Training Report Introduction of the training organization

Awards : Construction Excellence in 1991,1994 & 2001 and Merit Award in 1996

ISO 9002: 1994 certification in 1998, 2000 certification in 2002

Subsidiary and Associate Companies: Tudawe Trading Company Ltd.

Tudawe Property Development Co.

Universal Interiors Limited.


Tudawe Brothers Ltd is a one of the leading and pioneer civil engineering firms in Sri Lanka. It
was founded in 1942 to undertake the building works and constructions mainly on houses, during its
initial years. The company incorporates as Tudawe brothers Ltd since 1947.As the company grew, it
undertook construction of multi-storied buildings as well, and subsequently focused on multi- storied
buildings with a few selected houses. During the last ten years, Tudawe brothers Ltd. Has brought roads
and other civil engineering construction works also in to its product range followed by ready mix concrete
in 1993.

While this expansion in product range proceeded, it also invested in plant and machinery to match
the needs of the industry and recruited component staff to fulfill the jobs undertaken. All these effects
culminated in Tudawe Brothers Ltd winning much coveted construction Excellence Award in 1991,
1994 and 2001.

Tudawe Brothers Ltd remains unchallenged in the field of housing construction where it has built
over 2000 personal units of which approximately 400 comprise modern-up market apartments. While
retaining its position of market leader in the construction of the housing units, Tudawe brothers Ltd has
also branched out in to other areas such as the construction of highways, highway structures including
bridges, water supply and water treatment works, sewage treatment works, office complexes, shopping
malls, industrial estates, schools and hospitals.

Tudawe Brothers (Pvt) Ltd 2

Training Report Introduction of the training organization

Its head office is at 505/2 Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 05. Chairman managing director of this
company is Mr. Rohan Tudawe. The company is under the five board of directors for the division of
procurement and suppliers construction operation, engineering services, finance, personal and
administration and information technology functions. The project team consists of project director,
construction manager, project co-coordinator, site manager, planning engineer, quantity surveyor, quality
assurance specialists. The size of the team depends on the project. The staff is well qualified and familiar
with the engineering and construction practices and procedures to assure safe and timely execution.

The organization is concerned with the upgrading of the valuable human resource and does its best
for the carrier development and welfare of the staff. The company not only contributes its best carrier
development of talents but also ensures their upkeep with modern technology / developments by
sponsoring them for refresher courses, workshops, seminars, conference etc. Securing and retaining the
right technical and management staff and promoting professional growth are of extreme significance to
all three companies.

Tudawe Brothers (Pvt) Ltd 3

Training Report Introduction of the training organization


Chief Executive Officer

P.D(R & B) P.D (1) P.D (2) FD



PC(R & B) P.C (1) P.C (2) S.Q.S
P.Q.S S.
S.Ms S.Ms S.Ms P.E
Est. A.S C.A

S.Es S.Es S.Es

Site Site Figure 1.3
Site Staffing Hierarchy

S.S.K Pu.O

Legend Staffing Hierarchy A.S
A.A - Administrative Assistant
A.Ex /A.SO -Accounts Executive/Asst. Systems Officer
A.S - Administrative Secretary
B.S.E - Building Services Engineer
C.A. - Company Accountant
Tudawe Brothers (Pvt) Ltd 4
Training Report Introduction of the training organization

C.M - Construction Manager

E. (Ms) - Engineers (Miscellaneous)
Est. - Estimator
FD - Financial Director
M.E(BP) - Materials Engineer(Batching Plant)
M.P & D(Q.A) Manager/ Planning & Development / QA
M-CN & QS - Manager/Contracts & Quantity Surveying
O.E - Office Engineer
P.C - Projects Coordinator
P.D - Projects Director
P.E - Planning Engineer
P.M - Personal Manager
P.O - Personal Officer
P.QS - Project Quantity Surveyor
PL.M -Plant Manager
PL.E - Plant Equipment Engineer
Pu.O -Purchasing Officer
QA.E - Quality Assurance Engineer
R&B - Roads & bridges
S.A -Senior Accountant
S.E - Site Engineer
S.Est. - Senior Estimator S.S.K Senior Store Keeper
S. Ms - Site Manager Site QSs Site Quantity
S.O - Security Officer Su - Surveyor

1.4 Detail of on Going Projects

Tudawe Brothers (Pvt) Ltd 5

Training Report Introduction of the training organization

Project Client
completion date

Chief Ministers Secretariat 05/11/2004

Chief ministers, north western
Complex Province

St Michael apartment Pioneer Home & Resort (Pvt) Ltd 23/11/2005

complex at Colombo 03

Multi story apartment Silkot Homes (Pvt) Ltd

complex at Colombo 05

Road sector development Provincial Road Development

Authority, Colombo08 08/04/2006
project Maharagama

Road sector development Provincial Road Development 31/07/2006

project Panadura Authority, Colombo08.

Premier Pacific Topaz (Pvt) Ltd 31/05/2007

Project of Premier Pacific

Table 1.4Detail of on Going Projects

1.5 Observation on Performance of the Organization

Tudawe Brothers Ltd is a leading construction firm in Sri Lanka and construct all types of
construction including water supply schemes, drainage and sewerage work and property
development .. Etc. These days they are doing lot of project successfully. According to my
experience the success of the company gain from output of group of entire staff. They have well
experienced management and technical staff in construction field.

During few last projects they earn lot of profit. But Engineer, Assistant Engineer gets relatively
lesser salary than Senior Engineer, some times less than skill labor. Engineers, Assistant Engineers
wont remain in the company after having experience. So it is disadvantage to the company.

Tudawe Brothers (Pvt) Ltd 6

Training Report Introduction of the training organization

Another week point is they always give the work to another sub contractor. Due to that reason
they loss profit and supervisor cant directly handle the work. Some time engineers feel very
uncomfortable when they are in field.

In Silkot site, re-bar & form work sub contractors dont want to do job correctly. Only thing they
want to go fast. More times they argue with site managers also. Therefore some times inspection
failed. It influence to company glory.

1.6 Suggestions to Improve the Efficiency of the Organization

Considering above observation, I can suggest getting deferent work

Staff should be paid well, because the success of the business depends on staff. The staff has
involved various types of work. But they pay monthly basis. Even they work hard. They get some
allowances at the end of the month. So, I think the incentive scheme should be rearranged with
considering their performance.

Our company salary scheme is not good for hard working staffs. That means they are giving over
time as maximum hours 60 in one month. If they worked more than 60 hours they cant earn
anything. But in our site most of the staffs are working more than 60 hours. In other leading
companies are paying for unlimited over time. If they develop a good scheme that is better for
staff and the company.

Organization should try to do the work not giving every thing subcontractor, they should manage
work along otherwise they can not get done the work required quality

Management should be well organized when they are working at site. As an example most of the
time they loaded reinforcement at site for work month ahead. So it is difficult to sort rebar for
each job. And also rebar will be corroded. It causes the delay of work.

There should be at least two subcontractors for each job rebar and formwork. Otherwise site
manager cant get any action against them.

Tudawe Brothers (Pvt) Ltd 7