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K college of engineering and

Department of civil engineering



1.some raw materials are given below ,among them which is adopted for preparation of cement?

a)lime,silica,magnesium oxide b)lime,silica,sulphur dioxide

c)lime,silica,magnesium dioxide d)lime,silica,sulphur oxide

2.What is the % of silica present in the cement?

a)3-18% b)17-25% c)60-67% d)0.3-1%

3.The basic equations of stiffness matrix is obtained by ____

a)Equilibrium forces b)Compatibility of displacements

c)Force displacements relationships d)All the above

4.Three noded triangular element is known as____

a)Equivalent triangle b)Right angled triangle

c)Linear strain triangle d)constant strain triangle

5.What are the advantages of steel on a structural material ?

a)High strength b)Fatigue c)High ductility d)All the above

6.In a beam member, the twisting of flanges due to torsion in the lateral direction is known as_____

a)Bending b)rupture c)Buckling d)Failure

7.What is find by EDTA method in water?

a)Chloride content b)Non-carbonate hardness c)carbonate hardness d)nitrogen content

8.What is the abbreviation of UASB reactors?

a)Up-flow aerobic sludge blanket reactors

b)Up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactors

c)Upward aerobic sludge blanket reactors

d) Upward anaerobic sludge blanket reactors

9.The process of reducing the water content of the sludge is called ____

a)Dewatering of sludge b)Cleaning of sludge c)Sludge evaporation d)sludge thickening

10.Rankines & Terzaghis analysis are used to find ______ of the soil.

a)Pressure intensity b)colour c)Bearing capacity d)Type

11.In surveying, the effects of _____ makes the objects appear, lower than the actual position

a)Refraction b)curvature c)pull d)sag

12.The method used for measuring the horizontal angle in survey is_______

a)Axis method b)Repitition method c)static method d)Dynamic method

13.The vertical supports provided at the free end of the cantilever beam is known as ____

a)Fixed b)beam end c)prop d)supported beam

14.Charpy test conducted on mild steel is to find its

a)Tensile strength b)Hardness c)Impact strength d)Deflection

15.Flakiness index of aggregates is tested by____

a)Length gauge b)Width gauge c)Radius gauge d)Thickness gauge

16._____ has slenderness ratio ,greater than 2.

a) single slab b)one way slab c)double slab d)Two way slab

17.Slender columns are also known as ______

a)Short column b)Long column c)Spiral column d)Tied column

18.Slenderness ratio of a column of 400*400 mm c/s and length of 3m is

a)0.13 b)12 c)7.5 d)75

19.If damping is the resistance of motion of a vibrating body , then the unit of damping is

a)N/m b)N/m/s c)N/s d)Nm/s

20.The unit of dry density of the soil is _____

a)Kg/cm^3 b)% c)Kg/cm d)Kg