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Chag HaSemikhah Celebrates Future Jewish Leaders

the world.
President-elect Rabbi Dr. Ari Ber-
man said, If you are to be rabbis, you
must impart chochmah [wisdom] and
exude anavah [humility]but you must
live with ahavah, with love. If you do so,
you will make Gods name more beloved
in this world.
The Chag HaSemikhah ceremony
took place in the Nathan Lamport Audito-
rium at Zysman Hall, with approximately
1,800 people on campus for the event and
close to 8,000 people viewing it online.
The musmachim currently living in Israel
will hold a ceremony at the Gruss Insti-
tute on June 8.
This class of rabbis represents an in-
ternationally diverse group, hailing from
five continents and more than 50 North
American cities. While most of the mus-
machim will remain engaged in either
full-time Torah study or in religious work
such as Jewish education, the pulpit, out-
reach or nonprofit management, many

ore than 130 new graduates of YUs Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Semi- will pursue careers in other professions, including medicine and law.
nary (RIETS) gathered to celebrate their ordination at the March 19 Chag Elie Schwartz 13YC, 17R, originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and now living
HaSemikhah. The graduates of the 20142017 classes joined more than 3,000 in Chicago, Illinois, spoke for many of the musmachim when he said that a primary
rabbinic alumni who have gone on to become distinguished Orthodox rabbis, scholars, impulse in pursuing rabbinic ordination was the desire to professionalize my passion
educators and leaders around the world. for Torah by becoming a rabbi.
In todays celebrants, Yeshiva embraces the continuity of our profound mission As they go on to build their careers, the new musmachim will benefit from the
of advancing Torah values, so as to guide, teach and lead our people and the world to a unique education they received at RIETS. In addition to intense religious study with
better place, said YU President Richard M. Joel. As musmachim [ordained rabbis] of renowned Torah scholars, the seminary offers an enhanced Rabbinic Professional Edu-
Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchak Elchanan, you have been trained in leadership, you have cation Program designed to meet the communal and spiritual needs of todays Jewish
been prepared to serve as our ambassadors of nobility, spreading the warmth of Torah by communities.
constantly fanning its flames. Your commitment to Torah inspires people and elevates Students receive extensive training in topics critical for public Continued on Page 4

New Associate Degree Program Opens Doors for Students

he Mordecai D. and Monique C. immerse themselves in a Jewish experi- athletic events, hackathons, theater pro-
Katz School of Graduate and Pro- ence with their peers on our campuses. ductions and service learning missions,
fessional Studies launched a new This innovative associate degree in among many others.
associate degree program, directed by management is in keeping with our fun- Each step of the academic journey
Dr. Maria Blekher, to allow more stu- damental commitment to providing our will be fully supported both in and out
dents to take advantage of the Univer- students with the skills and knowledge of the classroom by a dedicated adviser
sitys unique undergraduate educational needed to succeed in this information- and programming tailored to meet each
experience. rich, fast-paced world, added Provost students needs. Students who success-
At YU, we believe it is our responsi- Selma Botman. Its imaginative project- fully complete their associate coursework
bility to educate citizens and leaders for based curriculum will bring ideas to life, and graduate with a GPA of 3.0 or higher
the Jewish community and the world, use New York City as a classroom and pre- will have the opportunity to enroll in the
said Dr. Paul Russo, vice provost and pare students to transfer into a bachelors Bachelor of Science program in business
dean of the Katz School. While Stern degree program or launch new graduates and management at Sy Syms.
College for Women, Yeshiva College and into satisfying business careers. We at Yeshiva seek to advance and
the Sy Syms School of Business do ex- As students in the cohort-based inspire motivated young men and women
traordinary work transforming the lives program undertake the two-year associ- who will make meaningful contributions
of their graduates, they meet the needs ate degree program, they will enjoy full to our community and beyond, said YU
of only part of our community. To carry access to the Universitys wide range of President Richard M. Joel. We are com-
out our commitment to a broader popu- Torah faculty and scholarship as well mitted to providing a world-class educa-
lation, our admissions team is meeting as its expansive alumni network and vi- tion in the spirit of Torah Umadda and
with students who seek to start college in brant life on campus. This includes par- believe that this associate degree program Dr. Maria Blekher, director of the associate
a two-year format and, at the same time, ticipation in a range of activities such as will offer a satisfying experience. n degree program

k For more information, visit yu.edu/katz/ug/associate-management

Cardozo Law Clinic Secures YU|DIGITAL
Release of Five Detained in
Immigration Ban

Sharing Inspiration and Innovation

YU recently hosted its first TEDx talks at a sold-out event sponsored by
Neals Fund. The talks showcased the remarkable range and depth of
wisdom the YU community had to offer on topics as divergent as the
Luis Mancheno (right), of Cardozos Immigration Justice Clinic, celebrated at JFK airport with an Iranian immigrant similarities between magic and therapy to the impact a childs name
and his family can have on his or her development.
k Watch the talks at yu.edu/tedx

rofessors and students in the Kathryn O. five clients. Their work was also critical in alerting
Greenberg Immigration Justice Clinic at U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly to the urgency of
Yeshiva Universitys Benjamin N. Cardozo this matter and prompting her to issue a nation-
School of Law won the release of five immigrants wide injunction in a Brooklyn court the following
who had been detained and faced deportation at night. VIDEO
JFK International Airport following an execu- Cardozo students were on the front line, rep-
tive order in January that banned immigration resenting individuals whose futures hung in the
from certain countries. The order caused unprec- balance. In one case, the Cardozo legal team won
edented upheaval as protestors began assembling the release of a Syrian woman as she sat on an out-
at the countrys airports. Professor Peter Mar- bound flight preparing for takeoff.
kowitz, director of the clinic, mobilized a team of Cardozo is committed to the rule of law
students and teaching staff in the hours after the and the vigilant defense of the Constitution, said
ban was announced to begin working to repre- Cardozo Dean Melanie Leslie. We are incredibly
sent those who were being stopped as they tried to proud of Professor Markowitz and the students
enter the country. who used their legal training to ensure due process
Cardozo students worked feverishly in teams of law for all people and to defend those in desper-
to assist those who initially had been cleared to ate need of representation. Our faculty and stu-
enter the country but were then turned away. The dents responded with dedication, compassion and
students and faculty from the clinic played key professionalism, and I could not be more proud of Chag HaSemikhah 5777
roles in gathering the facts of each individual case, the leadership they exhibited. n Experience the Chag HaSemikhah Convocation, where more than
drafting petitions and winning the release of the 130 musmachim celebrated their ordination.
k Watch the RIETS Chag HaSemikhah highlights at yu.edu/chag5777


Wurzweilers Stein Receives Career SPRING 2017

Achievement Award

Chairman, YU Board of Trustees

r. Gary Stein, professor at the Wurzwei- RICHARD M. JOEL
ler School of Social Work, has been se-
lected for the 2017 Career Achievement Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs
Award from the Social Work Hospice and Pal- YUTODAY

liative Care Network. MATT YANIV

Director of Marketing and Communications,
Each year, the networks members honor Editor in Chief
their peers for outstanding achievements in YAFFI SPODEK
social work hospice and palliative care. Award-
ees are among the top leaders in hospice and Associate Editor Associate Editor Art Director
palliative social work who have made a signifi- Daniel Abraham, Aliza Berenholz, Dina Burcat, Michael DiVito, Elliot Gabor, Caitlin Geiger,
Sari Goodfriend, Jeopardy Productions Inc., David Khabinsky, Rachel Lebwohl,
cant professional contribution to the field for Tonya Perme, Suzy Schwartz, Adena Stevens, Lauren Welles
15 years or more through a body of work, in- Contributors

cluding theory development, professional pre- yutoday@yu.edu www.yu.edu/cpa

sentations, teaching, research, publishing and YUToday is published by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs and is distributed
free to faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors and friends. It keeps them informed of news
professional practice. from across Yeshiva Universitys undergraduate and graduate divisions and affiliates. The
newsletter covers academic and campus life, faculty and student research, community
Not only is this award personally gratify- outreach and philanthropic support. It showcases the Universitys mission of Torah Umadda,
Dr. Gary Stein ing, but it also recognizes the emerging growth the combination of Jewish study and values with secular learning, through stories about the
diverse achievements of the University community.
of hospice and palliative social work, an area Yeshiva University 2016 Office of Communications and Public Affairs
that will see significant expansion in the decade ahead, said Dr. Stein. Wurzweiler is addressing Furst Hall, Room 401 500 West 185th St. New York, NY 10033-3201 Tel.: 212.960.5285

these developments in its MSW curriculum through our gerontology and palliative care certificates. Stanley I. Raskas, Chair, Board of Overseers, Yeshiva College; Murray Laulicht, Chair, Board of
Overseers, Stern College for Women; Avram R. Blumenthal, Chair, Board of Overseers, Sy Syms
We are so fortunate to have Dr. Steins contribution to Wurzweiler School of Social Work, School of Business; David P. Samson, Chair, Board of Overseers, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of
Law; Froma Benerofe, Chair, Board of Overseers, Wurzweiler School of Social Work; Mordecai
said Dr. Danielle Wozniak, the Dorothy and David Schachne Dean of Wurzweiler. Not only is Dr. D. Katz, Chair, Board of Overseers, Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies; Dr. Carol
Steins work in the areas of palliative care and hospice social work recognized as significant, but he is Bravmann, Chair, Board of Overseers, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology; David Rauch,
Chair, Board of Overseers, Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration;
a fabulous teacher and curriculum developer who works tirelessly to prepare the next generation of Rachel Laufer and Edward Stelzer, Co-chairs, Board of Overseers, Yeshiva University Museum;
Roger W. Einiger, Chair, Board of Trustees, (affiliate) Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Joel M.
clinical social workers to be empathetic and effective professionals. Through his efforts, Wurzweiler Schreiber, Chair, Board of Trustees, (affiliate) Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary; and
is becoming a thought- and practice-leader for social work education in these areas. n Miriam P. Goldberg, Chair, Board of Trustees, (affiliate) YU High Schools.
Board listings as of March 20, 2017



Computer Science Takes Off at Stern

hen Riva Tropp first enrolled at ersits about understanding the data
Yeshiva Universitys Stern Col- surrounding real-world concepts to learn
lege for Women, she registered interesting things, said Dr. Broder. An
for an introductory computer science employer or graduate school will be very
class, taught by Alan Broder, to fulfill a re- interested in a student who can take
quirement and because she was curious. apart big data sets and discover surpris-
I loved it so much that I signed up ing phenomena.
for another classand another one after At Stern, students also have options
that, she said. Computer science is a beyond traditional classes to hone their
wonderful major and a great field. People skills and create intriguing projects. The
think its all about computers, but its re- program has been awarded two grants by
ally about learning languages, learning Google. The first, IgniteCS, supports stu-
logic and using those to do whatever you dents efforts to mentor local high school
want. students in the field of robotics, while an
At Stern, the computer science additional grant provides access to the
major is stronger than ever, according Google Cloud Platform to support cloud-
to Broder, who chairs the department. Expanded course offerings and new faculty have led to record enrollment in computer science computing education at Stern.
With expanded course offerings, record courses at Stern Recent Stern graduate Miriam Her-
enrollment, and budding extracurricular man 14S has also joined the computer
programs, its a booming area of interest computer games by the time he was 10 In addition to new faculty expertise, science team as an instructor with a focus
for students. They are also hearing great years old. the program is attracting exceptional stu- on extracurricular computing, coach-
stories from their friends who have got- Since graduating from Yeshiva Col- dents, thanks to the introduction of the ing current students to compete in hack-
ten robust attention and job offers even lege with a degree in computer science Thomas Otway Memorial Scholarship, athons and computing events around the
just with a minor, because the market for (as well as obtaining semicha [rabbinic awarded to top-tier students seeking to country. In addition, the Stern Computer
computer science is so strong and women ordination] from YUs Rabbi Isaac El- pursue careers in computer science. Science Club has been recognized as an
have typically been underrepresented, chanan Theological Seminary and a Senior Hannah Dubin decided to official chapter of the Association for
said Broder. doctorate in computer science from the major in computer science after taking an Computing MachineryWomen (AMC-
Thats certainly been true for Tropp, Graduate Center of the City University of intro class and discovering that the field W), which advocates internationally for
who graduated this winter with a dual New York), Rabbi Waxman has garnered played to her strengths. She found the the full engagement of women in all as-
degree in computer science and creative a wide range of experience in the pro- final project in her Linux class especially pects of the computing field.
writing. Shes currently taking classes at gramming world. He has worked on ev- fulfilling. Ive always been a big sports Were hoping to have computing
Columbia University towards her mas- erything from creating device drivers for fan, so with the help of Professor Broder, be more than just in the classroom
ters degree and will begin Googles En- airplane network simulators in Israel to I decided to look at taxi data in New York we want it to be competitive, said Dr.
gineering Residency Program in July. developing bespoke systems for private City to see if passengers tips are affected Broder. Employers want to see candi-
The teachers at Stern know you and businesses. Most recently, he was part by how well their team is doing, she said. dates who are fully committed to learn-
are genuinely invested in your success, of a rapid solutions team at UBS, quickly It was interesting to see that there was ing outside the classroom.
which is hard to find anywhere, said writing software to meet the needs of a correlation, as expected, but it didnt For students like Tropp, thats a
Tropp. risk managers and traders. seem that the margin of victory or loss af- given.
The major has also been bolstered Im a big believer in Torah fected the tip rate as much. The thing that I love is the ability
by the addition of full-time faculty mem- Umadda, said Rabbi Waxman. I think Being involved in a project like Du- to give form to the ideas inside my head,
ber Rabbi Dr. Joshua Waxman 98YUHS, we can leverage Computational Linguis- bins isnt just a great way to learnits Tropp said. When youre able to learn
00YC, 06R. The son of a computer sci- tics to analyze and gain deeper insights crucial hands-on experience for poten- picturing the possibilities for what you
ence professor, Rabbi Waxman fell in into Torah texts, an application of Torah tial employers down the road. Computer can do, its like a candy store. n
love with programming early on, coding Umadda I would like to explore at Stern. science is about more than just comput-

Future Teachers Learn from Museum Education Course

or the past decade or so, Ilana Ben- cation department to offer students a
son, director of museum education window into museum-style education
at the Yeshiva University Museum and experiential learning, he said. The
(YU Museum), and Miriam Hirsch, asso- class will provide a model for teaching
ciate professor of education and co-chair and learning that can inspire them in all
of the Department of Education at Stern their future professional paths, and per-
College for Women, have worked to- haps it might even inspire a few toward
gether to plan museum sessions for edu- the vital and rewarding path of museum
cation majors that link education course education.
content with YU Museum resources and The course takes place at the YU
exhibitions. Museum, so the fascinating artifacts and
Building on these visits and learning exhibitions can be incorporated into ses-
experiences, Benson and Hirsch devel- sions. At a recent meeting, studentswho
oped Introduction to Museum Educa- are mostly majoring in preschool and
tion, an undergraduate course whose elementary educationhad the oppor-
approach and content are more typical tunity to discuss the concept of connois-
of graduate-level study. The course is a seurship with Wisse and inspect items
way for teacher candidates to learn about selected by Michaels from the YU Muse-
other kinds of educators, and especially ums collection. Connoisseurship, Wisse Hedva Tirschwell examines a wedding goblet in the Introduction to Museum Education class
how museums can advance critical think- pointed out, is the act of evaluating works
ing skills, deepen understanding of social of art through both technical inquiry and the proper way to handle the pieces and ally get their hands on objects to explore
and historical context and promote learn- informed intuition to assess their value. then passed them around as Michaels museum curriculum options in-depth,
ing outside a traditional classroom, said For the second half of the class, Mi- asked them, based on the evidence in she explained. Both Hirsch and Benson
Hirsch. chaels wheeled in a cart of objects from their hands, to estimate the historical pe- agree that, as Hirsch stated, it has been
Dr. Jacob Wisse, director of the YU the YU Museums extensive collection so riod and the source country. very exciting to launch this course be-
Museum, is a strong supporter of the that the students could perform a close Benson sees the course as a natural cause it provides a clear example of how
course, and he credits both Benson and inspection of Torah pointers, a wedding way for the two organizations to share collaboration, creativity and commit-
Bonni-Dara Michaels, the YU Museums headdress, a marriage goblet and other their richness and expertise. In this class, ment to the arts can improve teaching and
collections curator, for its solid success. Judaic artifacts. They slipped on gloves, advanced education students have their learning for all. n
We are thrilled to partner with the edu- got a quick lesson from Michaels about own museum lab, where they can liter-


Chag HaSemikhah Continued from Page 1

leadership positions, such as pastoral psy-

chology, public speaking and community
building. Theyre also exposed to con-
temporary halachic issues in bioethics,
technology and business to prepare them
for real-world dilemmas they may face.
A new mental health emphasis also pro-
vides the musmachim with critical self-
care tools as they manage the stresses and
challenges of a life of public service.
During the ceremony, RIETS
honored Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Hershel
Schachter, Nathan and Vivian Fink Dis-
tinguished Professor of Talmud, with the
HaRav Yosef Dov HaLevi Soloveitchik
ztl Aluf Torah Award. RIETS also com-
missioned the writing of a Sefer Torah
in Rabbi Schachters honor, with events
in Los Angeles, New York City, Passaic,

Rabbi Hershel Schachter with the Torah scroll written in his honor

Teaneck and the Five Towns to enable Shlomo Amar also shared divrei bracha
Rabbi Schachters students to participate [words of blessing].
in the process. Following the ordination ceremony,
RIETS Chairman Emeritus Rabbi RIETS held a Gala Evening of Celebration
Julius Berman was honored with the honoring Rabbi Schachter and Rabbi Ber-
Eitz Chaim Award. In addition, spe- man at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. In addi-
cial acknowledgement was given to 14 tion, philanthropist David Arbesfeld was
grandfathers and RIETS alumni who presented with the RIETS Service Award.
watched their grandsons receive semi- The dinner raised more than $1 million
cha at this years ceremony, as well as the for RIETS. n
musmachim celebrating their 50th an-
President Richard M. Joel, President Emeritus Norman Lamm and President-elect Ari Berman niversary. Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Rav k To support RIETS, visit yu.edu/riets

From Kabbalah to Conversos, Students Present Captivating Research

from the Zohar, which discusses priests to learn how the Amsterdam community
with physical impairments that disqualify helped them adjust, Benoff said.
them from service in Temple ritual, said Benoff, who is majoring in math-
Ellenbogen, who also presented at the ematical economics and double minoring
conference last year. For my term paper in history and American studies, initially
in a class on Kabbalah I took with Profes- conducted the research as part of a course
sor Jonathan Dauber, I delved further on conversions to and from Judaism,
into this passage as well as the writings taught by Dr. Chaviva Levin, visiting as-
of Rabbi Moshe Cordovero regarding sistant professor of Jewish history. He
people with disabilities. plans to explore a similar topic for his se-
Ellenbogen discovered that for Kab- nior thesis, focusing on the Young Israel
balists, Kabbalah was a method of un- of Parkchester and how the rabbi and lay
derstanding and processing the world leadership worked to inspire the con-
around them, including their encounters gregation during the postWorld War II
with disabled people. But their approach era. I see this project as part of a larger
stood out in many ways from those of question in understanding how religious
their medieval Christian and Ashkenazic revival movements develop in the Jew-
counterparts. I think that this type of re- ish community: What factors and dy-
search can further the dialogue surround- namics inspire, catalyze and effectuate
ing disabilities in the Jewish community, a large-scale recommitment to Jewish
Tzvi Aryeh Benoff, Yakov Ellenbogen and Yehuda Fogel presented fascinating research at a exposing biases and uncovering the lives observance and tradition, and have those
Judaic studies conference of their premodern Jewish predecessors, factors changed throughout history?
he said. Yehuda Fogela junior from Wood-

hree Yeshiva College students re- country who are doing high-quality Jew- Senior Tzvi Aryeh Benoff from Ber- mere, New York, studying psychology and
cently presented their research at ish studies work, and its also wonderful genfield, New Jersey, discussed how Jewish philosophypresented a paper
an Undergraduate Judaic Studies that the broader academic community various social, political and religious titled, Ayzehu Gever: Haredi Draft Aver-
Conference at Princeton University. had the chance to see some of the work institutions in the Spanish Portuguese sion and the War for Jewish Masculinity.
Our students have excellent skills, being produced in YU. Jewish community in early 17th-century His studies focus on gender descriptions
and high interest, in Jewish thought and Yakov Ellenbogena senior from Amsterdam facilitated the education and in Jewish philosophy, an idea he first dis-
texts, said Dr. Aaron Koller, associate Sharon, Massachusetts, majoring in integration of Jews who had recently im- covered in Professor Daniel Kimmels In-
professor of Near Eastern and Jewish history and minoring in Jewish stud- migrated from Spanish-controlled lands terrogating Masculinities class.
studies and chair of the Robert M. Beren iesshared a paper about medieval Kab- and had been living outwardly as Chris- The conference was a nice expo-
Department of Jewish Studies at Yeshiva balistic views of people with physical tians while secretly remaining Jews. sure to the interests of others studying
College. The conference was an excel- disabilities. Having lived this way their entire life, Judaism with a variety of bright, driven
lent opportunity for them to meet other I became interested in this when they lacked a basic familiarity with Jew- students from colleges across the world,
students from top universities around the I was introduced to a very rich excerpt ish law and Jewish thought, and I wanted Fogel said. n



Hyman and Ann Arbesfeld:

Funding a Commitment to Jewish Education
At Yeshiva College, Arbesfeld mastered advanced
mathematics, and upon graduation, received offers of
fellowships to prestigious schools. However, when he
broached the subject with his father, Abraham encouraged
him to pursue semicha instead. My father said to me: You
dont have to be a rabbi, but you have to study for semicha,
Arbesfeld said. This is my father, the housepainter, who
always had a sefer, a book, in his hands. I couldnt go against
his will.
Arbesfeld received semicha in 1956, which at that time,
meant that you were expected to learn a full day and to pass
the final oral examination given by the Rav, Rabbi Joseph B.
Soloveitchik, he said. I was one of the last students to do it
this way, and it was the experience of a lifetime.
Arbesfeld later became involved in the real estate and
hospitality industries, where he still works today. But his
father never let him forget what his true focus should be
every day of his life. I would visit my father in his retire-
ment, and he would always say to me, Its the obligation of
every Jewand in particular someone who has semicha
to set aside some time every day to study Jewish law. So,
what did you learn today? That was important to him, and
it became important to me too, he said.
In honor of his father, Arbesfeld still maintains a close
relationship with RIETS and many of its rabbis and admin-
istrators. In 1993, he was elected to the RIETS Board of
Trustees, where he currently serves as vice chairman.
Recently, he has taken the time to evaluate several
aspects of his life, especially his relationship with his father
and the fact that the enormous gift of his education was
paid for through scholarships. It opened my eyes to a need
Hyman and Ann Arbesfeld, YU Guardians and Benefactors at YUHSB, he said. When the announcement came of the
100th anniversary of YUHSB, I knew I had to do something

yman Arbesfeld 49YUHS, 53YC, 56R and his wife, Ann, have a long because obviously something has kept me alive to perform some mitzvahs.
history of giving to Yeshiva University (YU). As YU Guardians and Hyman and Anns love of YU has been passed down faithfully to their
Benefactors, they established the Benjamin and Rose Berger Kollel four children, all of whom have attended the YU high schools and colleges,
Fellowship at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS)in as well as to their seven grandchildren, who are all YU alumni. Their son,
honor of Anns parentsand the Rabbi and Mrs. Hyman Arbesfeld Fellow- David Arbesfeld 77YUHS, 81YC, 86E, was honored with a service award
ship, created when Ann was national president of the Yeshiva University at the RIETS Gala Evening of Tribute dinner in March as part of this years
Womens Organization. They also fund two study programs: the Abraham Chag HaSemikhah.
Arbesfeld Kollel Yom Rishon program for men and the Millie Arbesfeld
Midreshet Yom Rishon program for women. In addition, they are generous
supporters of YUs Torah To-Go series, to which they made a generous con-

tribution in 2013 in memory of Anns parents.
Last December, the Arbesfelds giving reached new heights when they
There is no person that is as totally
made a $1 million gift to the Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy / Yeshiva
University High School for Boys (YUHSB) to establish the Abraham Arbes-
consumed with the welfare of RIETS
feld Scholarship Fund, named in honor of Hymans late father, to celebrate and, for that matter, all aspects of

the schools centennial.
The motivation for this generous contribution began in 1926 when Abra- Yeshiva, as Hy Arbesfeld.
ham came to the United States and began a career as a house painter, which
he continued throughout his life. Arbesfeld attended a Jewish elementary RABBI JULIUS BERMAN 56YC, 59R
school, but when it was time to choose a high school, he and his father dis- RIETS Chairman Emeritus and Board Member
agreed; he wanted to go to the Bronx High School of Science, while his father
wanted him to attend Yeshiva University High School, or the Talmudical
Academy (TA) as it was called back then. My father said to me, I go to work
because I know youll go learn Torah. If you dont go learn Torah, how can I Ultimately, the Arbesfelds want their gifts to inspire others who have
go to work? So I went to TA, and that is why I wanted the scholarship fund benefited from scholarships and from the dynamic Kollel and learning
to be named after him, recalled Arbesfeld. programs to step up and do their part. When you pay back, you are going to
Arbesfeld received a full scholarship to TA and graduated summa cum feel good, said Arbesfeld.
laude in 1949. He noted that for his 11 years at YUhigh school, Yeshiva Col- Their generous donations and tireless efforts to personally encour-
lege and semicha [rabbinical ordination] at RIETShe paid no tuition at all, age others to give back are certainly making a difference. As Rabbi Julius
and this instilled in him the importance of never taking his education for Berman 56YC, 59R, RIETS chairman emeritus and board member, put it:
granted. I never missed a day in four years at TA, he said. I would go to There is no person that is as totally consumed with the welfare of RIETS
school sick, but I couldnt miss a day because of my sense of obligation: They and, for that matter, all aspects of Yeshiva, as Hy Arbesfeld. n
had given me a scholarship.


Gloria 56YUHS, 60TI and Rabbi Bertram Marlene 69S and Sandy Schwartz Dr. Marian (Stoltz) and Dr. John Loike
YOUR NEWS IS OUR NEWS! Leff 59R announce the engagement of announce the birth of their grandson, Dvir, 71YC, 76E, 76SG were honored at
Class Notes is where Yeshiva their grandson, Shmuel Baruch Levine, to to Tova and Yishai Meyer. NCSYs Ben Zakkai Honor Society National
University celebrates the milestones Miriam Geiger. Scholarship Dinner.
and accomplishments of its alumni. Dr. Chaim Waxman 63YC, 66R has
In this section, you can catch up on Eta and Rabbi Dr. Joel Yosef Rosenshein been named chair of the new department Shulamith 70YUHS, 78TI and Rabbi
everything your classmates have been 52YUHS, 56YC, 58R announce the bar of behavioral sciences at Jerusalems Meyer H. May 78R announce the birth of
up to over the years, from marriages mitzvah of their grandson, Shneir Zalman Hadassah College. a granddaughter, Sima Chaya, born to Rabbi
and births to professional and personal Wolk, and the marriage of their grand- Yehuda and Nechama May. They also
achievements. daughter, Esther Rosenshein, to Shlomo announce the birth of a grandson, Yehuda

Submit your class note by emailing

alumni@yu.edu with the subject
Pollack. They also announce the birth of
twin great-granddaughters born to their
grandchildren, Hananya and Zahava
1970s Aryeh (Ari), born to Rachaeli and Shuey

line Class Notes or by visiting Mannis, and the birth of a great-grandson Dr. Moshe Avital 70F, 77BR published his Rifka (Richman) Monderer 72YUHS,
www.yu.edu/alumni/notes to complete born to their grandchildren, Tova and Duvie new book, Hope, Faith and Resilience: What 75TI announces the birth of her grandson,
the online form. We hope that you enjoy Rosenshein, in Jerusalem. the Germans Couldnt Take From Us (Mazo David, born to Avi and Netanel Monderer.
reading about your fellow alumni and Publishers).
friends, and we look forward to hearing Freida and Rabbi Dr. Elihu Schatz Nava Rephun
about your achievements. 50YUHS, 54YC, 57R announce the birth Ann 72S and Rabbi Eliot Feldman 72YC, 76W spoke at
of their 21st great-grandchild, a girl, to their 75R announce the bat mitzvah of their Congregation
grandchildren, Fraydel and Ariel Gilor. granddaughter, Talia, daughter of Leah Shomrei Torah in
(Lubetski) 00S and Ari Feldman 00SB. Fair Lawn, New
STAY C NNECTED Rabbi Simeon Schreiber 58YC, 61R has Jersey, on the
published his second book, From Mourning Sharon and Daniel Gottlieb 79YC, 84F topic We Are All
to Morning: A Comprehensive Guide to announce the engagement of their son, Maccabees. Nava
Do you receive the weekly Mourning, Grieving, and Bereavement (Urim Amichai, to Naama Grauer. They also is a psychotherapist
events email and monthly Publications). announce the birth of their grandson, Nadav and certified Imago therapist who works
Zeev, born to Noam and Tali Gottlieb. with couples and individuals in her private
eNewsletter from the Office Leon Wildes 54YC published his new practice, and conducts workshops in the
of Alumni Affairs? book, John Lennon vs. The U.S.A.: The Dr. Rosa Perla Resnick Helfgot 76W, United States and Israel.
Inside Story of the Most Bitterly Contested Chair of the Subcommittee on
Dont miss out on exciting and Influential Deportation Case in United Intergenerational Relationships, NGO Irene and Stephen Reinhard 73YC
States History (American Bar Association). Committee on Ageing at the United announce the birth of a granddaughter, Ayla
programs as well as news and Nations, has recently published an article, Michal, to their children Andrea 01YUHS,
updates for YU alumni. Libby 55YUHS and Rabbi Aharon Ziegler Myths and Realities of Ageing Across 05S and Michael Frohmann 05SB.
67F announce the birth of a great-grand- Generations, as a reflection of her research
Update your profile and your daughter born to their grandchildren, Sarah and practice in that specialized area. Phil Rosen 74YUHS, 78YC has been
and Shmuel Teller. named Vice Chairman of the Board of the
email preferences to get our YUHS Board Member Birthright Israel Foundation.
news and information. Sheon Karol 79YC has
Visit www.yu.edu/
alumnidirectory today!
1960s joined the DAK Group, a
boutique investment bank
for the Middle Market, as
Gail and Barry Rosenbloom 71YUHS,
75YC announce the birth of a grandson,
born to their children Sara 05YUHS and
Pam (Forman) 68S and Yaakov Aronson Managing Director. Yisroeli Cohn.
announce the birth of a great-grandson,
born to Elhanan and Estie Weinman. Roslyn 72S and Rabbi David Savitsky
Carrie and Morrie Klians 76YC announce 65YUHS, 69YC, 71F, 71R announce the

1940s Ita 69YUHS and Larry Golzman announce

the bar mitzvah of their grandson, Pinchas,
son of Risa 97YUHS and Steve Berkowitz.
the bat mitzvah of their granddaughter, Noa
Ayelet, daughter of Nachman and Sharona
Rosenberg. They also announce the birth of
birth of a granddaughter, Victoria Faye, born
to their children, Danielle and Josh Strauss.

Max Frankels zl a grandson, Ezra Simcha, to Daniella 07S Rabbi Evan Shore 79YC, 84R, Rav of
49YC high holiday Amy and David Grauer 69YUHS, 73YC and Jeffrey Remin 07YC. Shaarei Torah Orthodox Congregation of
sermons have been announce the birth of a grandson, Simcha, Syracuse, received the Esther and Joseph
edited by his son, born to their children, Rachel and Ezra Rabbi Mark Kunis Roth Award for community leadership by
David, into a new Obstfeld. 74R published his the Jewish Federation.
book: Ha-Meir new book, Dancing
La-Aretz Ve-la-Darim Rabbi Moshe 68YUHS, 72YC, 75R and with God: How to Rabbi Pesach 71YC and Debbie
(IngramSpark). Vivian Neiss 91F and announce the bat Connect with God Wachsman 99TI announce the birth of
mitzvah of their granddaughter, Bella Neiss. Every Time You their grandson, Simcha Binyamin, born to
Mindy and Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm Pray (Menorah Zack and Chanie Klein.
49YC, 51R, 66BR announce the birth of Sara Gail 60YUHS and Nechemiah Books), which
a great-grandson, Yonatan Yosef, to their Reiss 58YUHS announce the engagement shows how Jews Perel 70YUHS and Rabbi Rapahel
grandchildren Tamar 05S, 08C and Yigal of their daughter, Fruma 95YUHS, to Dan today can develop Wachsman announce the birth of their
Gross 06YC, 08BR. They also announce Remin, son of Robert Remin and the late a relationship with God through prayer. granddaughter, Daniella, born to Yossie
the birth of twin great-grandchildren, Mayim Julie Remin AH. and Mindy Wachsman.
Sara and Ayal Moshe, born to their
grandchildren Ahuva (Warburg) 09S,
13C and Dr. Stu Halpern 10BR, 13A.

1950s Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Hershel

Schachter 58YUHS, 62YC, 67BR,
Judith (Grossman) 58YUHS, 62S
67R, Nathan and Vivian Fink Distin-
and Rabbi Yitzchak Rosenbaum 60YC, guished Professor of Talmud, was
62R, 63BR and Sonia (Intrator) Galinsky honored with the HaRav Yosef Dov
59S announce the birth of their great- HaLevi Soloveitchik ztl Aluf Torah
granddaughter, Shalhevet Alma Rivka, Award at the Chag HaSemikhah on
born to Leah and Adam Mali. Mazel tov to
grandparents Devorah (Galinsky) 95A
March 19. To mark Rav Schachters
and Rabbi David Rosenbaum 88SB, 94R. 50 years of teaching at Rabbi Isaac
Elchanan Theological Seminary
Professor Eliezer Jaffe 55YC received (RIETS), a new Sefer Torah was
the Distinguished Alumni award from the commissioned and written in his
School of Social Work of Case Western
Reserve University, as part of its 100th year
honor. Former students, rabbis
anniversary celebration. and RIETS alumni from all around
the country came together to
Judah Klein 52YUHS, 56YC, 56TI, 72F contribute and write a letter in the
reviewed Fate and Destiny: From Holocaust Torah, which will be housed in the
to the State of Israel by Rabbi Joseph B.
Soloveitchik at Congregation Torah Ohr
Jacob and Dreizel Glueck Center Rabbi Adir Posy 04YC, 06R and three of his sons, with Ronnie Sieger
of Boca Raton, Florida. for Jewish Study. (YU parent and sofer) and Rabbi Hershel Schachter in Los Angeles


Joan and Dr. Alan Weinstock 71YC, 74E Rabbi Yamin Levy Cheryl and Adam Fishman 90YC, 93C
were honored at NCSYs Ben Zakkai Honor 84YC, 88R published announce the marriage of their daughter,
Society National Scholarship Dinner. his debut novel, Sababa Daphna, to Eran Refaeli.
(Berwick Court
Marilyn and Rabbi Robert Zeiger 77YC, Publishing). Marina and Boris Gelfand 99YC, 05C
81R announce the birth of a granddaughter, announce the birth of a baby girl, Talia Rivka.
Tamar Zisel, born to Eliezer Menachem and
Nadine Zeiger. Drs. Batya 81F and Mark Ludman Yocheved 98W and Rabbi Efrem
announce the birth of their granddaughter, Goldberg 97YC, 01R announce the bat
Mia Esther Sally, born to Einat and Aaron mitzvah of their daughter, Tamar.

1980s Ludman.
Nick Gould 92C was named president of
Cooper, a pioneering design and business
Aviva (Pollak) and Ron Allswang 87YC strategy consultancy with offices in New Chana Stiefel 90S launched her debut
announce the birth of a grandson, to their York and San Francisco. picture book, Daddy Depot (Macmillan).
children Michaela and Fima Maltzev.
Sarah and Arik Hirschfeld 96YC Jeremy B. Strauss
Dr. Marc Berger 80YUHS, 83YC, 83IBC, announce the birth of their daughter, 95YC, CEO of The Grand
87E and Dr. Alan Berger 82YUHS, 85YC, Ora (Alice Adele). Healthcare System,
85IBC received the Shomer Eretz Yisrael received the Healthcare
Award from the American Friends of Bet El Melissa (Gabel) 94S and Dr. Jay Keehn Heroes Award.
Yeshiva Center at its 34th Annual Dinner. Jacqueline (Klausner) 86S and Rabbi Dr. 90YUHS announce the bar mitzvah of their
Marc Mandel 79YUHS, 83YC, 88R, 88W son, Benjamin.
Dr. Adena Berkowitzs announce the birth of their grandson, Abie, Penny Finkelstein 94S, 96F and Rabbi
85C essays Tikkun to Kayla and Rabbi Yaakov Lasson 13YC, Tzippy 90S and Dr. Yaron Lebovitz 88YC, Baruch (Brian) Thau 86YC, 90R, 98A
Olam as Text and 15A, 15R. 93E announce the engagement of their and Devorah Altman announce the
Context: Interpreting the son, Akiva, to Yehudit Goldstein. marriage of their son, Avraham Zvi (AZ)
Jewish Mandate to Fix Tova 85S and Aharon Naiman 83YC Thau, to Hadassah Weiss, daughter of
the World Through Law, announce the engagement of their son, Chanie and Rabbi Daniel Loew 95YC, Dr. Herman and Mia Weiss.
Liturgy and Narrative Chanan, to Keshet Eklove. They also 01A, 01R announce the bar mitzvah of their
and An Enigma Wrapped in a Mystery announce the birth of their grandson, Amit son, Avi. Dr. Naama 98S and Rabbi Elie
were published in the multi-volume series, Eliyahu. Mazel tov to parents Tal and Uriel Weinstock 01YC, 02R, 09BR announce
Tikkun Olam and Kaddish (New Paradigm Naiman and to great-grandparents Vivien Racheli and Hillel Rapp 98YUHS, 05YC the bar mitzvah of their son, Yona.
Matrix Publishing). 53YUHS and Rabbi Bernhard Auerbach announce the birth of their daughter, Keira
45YC, 50R and Tzivi and Dr. Robert Segal Malka. Dr. Orit 95E and Jan Wimpfheimer
Joey Bodner 82YC was honored at 56YUHS. 86YUHS, 89YC announce the engagement
NCSYs Ben Zakkai Honor Society National of their son, Ariel, to Shachar Kaplan.
Scholarship Dinner. Debby 80YUHS, 11A and AZ Rapps Dr. Rebecca (Steiner)
82YC announce the engagement of their Solomon 93S Ruthie 93S and Rabbi Gotch Yudin
Rabbi Daniel Cohen 86YC, 89R son, Ariel, to Ashley Ziskinder. announces her marriage 83YUHS, 90YC, 92A, 92R announce
published his new book, What Will They Say to Todd Pinchevsky. the engagement of their son, Alex, to Julia
About You When You Are Gone? Creating a Susan 89C and Dr. Joel Rosh 86E Dachs.
Life of Legacy (Health Communications). announce the engagement of their son,
Jeremy, to Ilana Shiff.
Shifra 84S and Perry Garber 79YUHS
announce the birth of a grandson, born to Elaine and Rabbi Michael Strasberg 82W
their children, Leora 07YUHS, 11S and announce the birth of a granddaughter,
Ari Perl 07YC. Esther Leah, born to their children Renana
and Itay Avtalyon.
Ilana (Shapiro) 86S and Rabbi Dr. David
Hertzberg 85YC,89R announce the Barbara Ungar-
marriage of their children: Devorah to Frish 83S, 84F is
Tzvi Meltzer and Yehuda to Sarala Seitler. Chair of the New
Mazel tov to grandparents Claire and Jersey State Bar
Rabbi Joshua Hertzberg 51YC,55R Associations
and Madeline and Rabbi Abraham Criminal Law
Shapiro 58YC. Section. She was

recognized for her
Benjamin Kaufman work as Amicus in State v. Denelsbeck in
81YUHS, 85YC, 88C the New Jersey Supreme Court.
was the Chair of this
years Jewish Lawyers Dr. Robin

Guild Dinner, held at the Warshawsky 83E
Hilton Hotel in New York and Dr. Howard
City in March. Benjamin Guzik 81E
is a partner at Wolf announce the
Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP, engagement of their
specializing in shareholder class action son, Ben Guzik, to
and derivative litigation as well as general Lara Berns.
commercial litigation.
Ora (Goldberg) and Mark Watson 88SB Celebrating the 25, 40, 50, 60 Year Reunions
Dena 87S and Rabbi Shimon Kerner announce the engagement of their son, For Stern College, Sy Syms School of Business and Yeshiva College
81YC, 84R announce the marriage of their Aharon, to Meirav Silverstein.
daughter, Meira, to Yehoshua Dear.

Shari and Yaakov Kessler 82YC and Dr.

Claire 82S, 86E and Stuie Hershkowitz
announce the birth of their grandson. Mazel
1990s Classes of 1977, 1967 and 1957
Sunday, May 7, 2017
tov to great-grandfather Marvin Marni (Balter) 92S and Dr. Mitch Benuck
Hershkowitz 52YC. 92YC, 96SG, 00E announce the bat
mitzvah of their daughter, Shani. Class of 1992
Laurie and Robert Koppel 76YUHS,
80YC announce the birth of a grand- Michelle and Rabbi Dovid Bistricer Thursday, May 18, 2017
daughter, Avigayil Gnendel (Hannah Grace). 92YUHS, 98SB, 01R announce the bar
Mazel tov to parents Rebecca and Joshua mitzvah of their son, Yossi.
Rubin. For more information, please visit
Rivka (Krantman) 92S and Judah David www.yu.edu/reunion or email reunion@yu.edu
Jan 85C and Shelly Kiderman and Randie announce the bat mitzvah of their daughter,
and Dr. Sam Goldberger 86E announce Naama Faige. Mazel tov to grandparents
the engagement of their children, Erica Rochel (Ciment) 70S and Dr. Herb
Kiderman and Eitan Goldberger. Krantman 70YC.

Jonah Kriger 85YUHS announces his Keren 99S and Josh Englard 96SB
engagement to Miechal Lefkowitz. announce the birth of a baby boy.


Celebrating Those
Who Celebrate YU
he enthusiasm and devotion of volunteers are often the ele-
ments that make the difference between a good institution
and a great institution. This year, the offices of Alumni Affairs,
Annual Giving, the Career Center and the President organized an
inaugural Volunteer Appreciation Reception to celebrate some of
the alumni volunteers who have made Yeshiva University an excep-
tional institution.
Four people were recognized for their outstanding service:
Dina Sterman 84YUHS, Community Leadership Award; Ben
Blumenthal 12SB, Relationship Builder of the Year; Adam Lauer
07SB, Alumni Partner Award; and Benjamin Kohane 15YC, Recent
Alumni Volunteer Award.
The awards were presented by Marc Goldman, executive direc- m President Richard M. Joel, Avram Blumenthal, Sharon Blumenthal 80S, Ben Blumenthal 12SB, Tamar Blumenthal,
tor of the Career Center; Susan Bauer, director of employee and Chani Laifer Barenholtz and Michael Barenholtz
alumni relations in the Career Center; and Alan Secter, executive
director for annual giving and major gifts.
The honorees articulated several common themes about why
they do their work: the dynamism of YU graduates, the importance
of YU to Modern Orthodoxy and the Jewish world and the positive
effects of a devoted lay leadership committed to giving back.
Lauer, a director at Credit Suisse, praised the alumni networks
natural cohesiveness. Sterman said she saw YU as central to the
Jewish world: Much of our world is made up of YU gradsevery
school has teachers from YU, many principals are from YU and peo-
ple want rabbis from YUand this makes it a privilege to do work on
behalf of the University.
Kohane, who works at BNY Mellon, drew upon the Torah to
explain his motivations for giving back. Like Joseph rising up
through the ranks and pulling others along, Im going to reach out to
those who need help and make sure they have the preparation they
need as a way of thanking everyone who helped me, said Kohane.
Blumenthal, managing director at Norman Bobrow & Com-
pany Inc., referenced the teaching that every resource a person has m Jennifer Prince, 99SB and Suzanne Grunstein 99SB m President Joel, Marc Goldman and Adam Lauer 07SB
been granted should be used to repay the help he or she has received.
President Richard M. Joel lauded the volunteers for the work
they do to promote the University to the wider world. Its always
hard to do lay leadership in a university, he noted. But tonight we
honor alumni who, in addition to being wonderful alumni, step for-
ward and say, I can matter in this institution.
Suzy Schwartz, assistant vice president for alumni affairs and
strategic development, echoed President Joels admiration. The
impetus for the event came from the fact that we have so many
wonderful people doing such wonderful work, she said. We all
dont know one another, and we felt it important to acknowledge
you because you are giving back so much and represent the very
best of YU. n

m Lolly Bak 71S, Hertzie Bak 71YC and Dina Sterman 84YUHS

m Susan Bauer, Benjamin Kohane 15YC and President Joel m Marc Goldman, Adam Lauer 07SB and Suzy Schwartz


Wall Street Group
Event Examines
Success of Israeli
he Yeshiva University Wall Street Group presented a panel
discussion entitled Israeli Companies: Going from Start-Up
to Scale-Up on Monday, March 6, featuring Ariel Beery, CEO
of MobileODT; Michael Reitblat, CEO of Forter; and Eran Shir, CEO
of Nexar. Michael Eisenberg 89YUHS, 93YC, general partner of
the venture capital fund Aleph, moderated the panel. In his intro-
ductory remarks, Lawrence Askowitz 87YC, co-chair of the Wall
m Meir Lewittes and Meir Lewis 94YUHS, 98YC m Susan Schlussel Meyers and Judy Berman 84S Street Group Committee, highlighted the success of YU Wall Street
members in helping students achieve promising careers in finance
through internships and full-time jobs. The networking event
which drew approximately 150 YU alumni and staff memberswas
organized by the Office of Alumni Affairs and hosted by McDer-
mott Will & Emery LLP. n

o Speakers Michael Reitblat, Ariel Beery, Eran Shir, Michael Eisenberg

89YUHS, 93YC and Lawrence Askowitz 87YC

m Alan Wildes 80YUHS, 84YC; Joel Strauss 82YUHS, 86YC, 92C; and Michael Eisenberg m Associate Dean Michael Strauss (center) with student volunteers Eram Zaghi (left) and
89YUHS, 93YC Dov Herzberg (right)

YU ALUMinate Reconnect


and take advantage of your
influential alumni network Expand
Exclusively available to YU undergraduate alumni

www.yualuminate.com Advance


m Renowned attorney Nathan Lewin

53YUHS, 57YC, who has argued cases
before the United States Supreme Court,
received the Centennial Leadership Award.
m Alan Goldberg 72YUHS and his sons, David 06YUHS, 11YC and Alex 10YUHS, 14YC, received the first-ever Legacy Award at the
Annual Dinner of Tribute for the Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy/Yeshiva University High School for Boys (YUHSB) and the Samuel w Silvia 87S and Abraham Borenstein
H. Wang Yeshiva University High School for Girls (YUHSG). The Goldberg family has been a pillar at the YU high schools for generations. 85YC received the Parents of the Year
Alan is a member of the YU Board of Trustees, the RIETS Board of Trustees and the YUHS Board of Trustees. His wife, Miriam, is chair award for YUHSG. They are proud
of the YUHS Board of Trustees. The dinner, which also celebrated the high schools centennial anniversary, was held on February 28, 2017, parents to Miriam 05YUHS, 09S,
at Marina del Rey in the Bronx, New York. who has been teaching Judaic studies
at YUHSG for seven years; Yaakov
w Jacqueline and Dov Borgen 88YUHS were honored as Parents of the Year for YUHSB. w Rabbi Shimon Schenker 02SB, 03R, and Talia 13S; Sari 10YUHS, 14S
They are the proud parents of two current students, Aaron 20YUHS and Zachary 17YUHS, 06A, associate principal at YUHSB and Sam Dratch 12YUHS and current
and two graduates, Avi 13YUHS and Jeremy 15YUHS. and teacher since 2001, received the Yeshiva College student; Deena 13YUHS;
faculty award. and Sharoni 17YUHS.

m Alec Miller 93F received the second an-

nual Distinguished Alumni Award from
Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology
at a ceremony on March 30. To honor
his work, Dr. Miller will have a scholar-
ship created in his name and also deliver m On January 25, Jordan, Justin and Tyler Hod were the first trio of siblings ever to play in the same NCAA Division III college basketball game
a public lecture titled Self-Harm: The when they played simultaneously during the Maccabees victorious 7343 game against Sarah Lawrence College on YUs home court in
Coping Strategy for Youth in the 21st Manhattan. It was only the fourth such occurrence in NCAA history. They continue a tradition established by their father, Lior Hod 88YC,
CenturyGuidelines for Families, Schools, and uncle Ayal Hod 88SB, who broke YU scoring records in the 1980sLior first, with 1,541 career points, and then Ayal, with 1,807 points.
and Mental Health Professionals. Work- Ayals record stood until 2002. Later, their younger brother, Asaf Hod 05SB, also joined the Macs basketball squad.
ing with suicidal adolescents, Dr. Miller
has successfully adapted a therapeutic
approach, known as Dialectical Behavioral w Three alumni of Yeshiva Universitys Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and AdministrationRabbi Yoni Fein 13YC, 14A,
Therapy (DBT), to provide teenagers and Shira Greenspan 14A and Rabbi Tzvi Sinensky 04YC, 07R, 15Awere awarded the 2017 Kohelet Prize celebrating progression in
their families with tools to help them lead Jewish education. Three alumni also received Honorable Mention: Rabbi Yehuda Chanales 07A, Adina Blaustein 08S, 12A and
productive lives. Rabbi Natan Kapustin 04A.


o Rabbi Julius Berman 56YC, 59R,

RIETS chairman emeritus, received
the Eitz Chaim Award at the RIETS
Gala Evening of Tribute celebration after
the Chag HaSemikhah. Rabbi Berman
is a long-standing member of the RIETS
Board of Trustees and serves as the
president of the Conference on Jewish
Material Claims against Germany.

w David Arbesfeld 77YUHS, 81YC, 86E

received the RIETS Service Award.
A loyal supporter of RIETS, like his
parents Ann and Hyman Arbesfeld m Former Yeshiva College Hebrew Professor Yair Shahak 11YC, 11BR, 15BZ and Yaelle
49YUHS, 53YC, 56R (see page 1), he Frohlich 10S, 12BR were the first married couple to compete in the Chidon HaTanach,
most recently funded the installation of the International Adult Bible Contest held in Jerusalem in December. Shahak won the
new lights, outlets and carpeting in the competition, tying for first place with an Israeli contestant and becoming the first
Glueck Beit Midrash. New Yorker to ever win the prestigious contest.


Ariel Mintz 11YC: Healing the Body and Spirit
hough tremendous progress has recently been made in diagnosing and treat- had never before met or even heard of a Jew with serious mental illness, he said.
ing mental illness, the condition still carries a great stigma, leading many These people had nobody to speak to and their suffering was worse because of
people to hide their afflictions and not seek the help they need. Ariel Mintz the stigma that we in the Jewish community created. I decided then that I had to
11YC wants to change that attitude. Last August, he and work not only to decrease the stigma, but also to create
a group of Yeshiva University (YU) alumni founded a place where people could seek support anonymously
Refuat Hanefesh, an organization whose mission is to without fear of being judged.
reduce the stigmas associated with mental illness in The original staff consisted of Mintz and Avital.
the Jewish community. The group provides a safe place There is nothing more fulfilling than being part of an
for those affected to seek support and advice through organization that is helping people in a way that has
conversation and education. never been done before, she said.
Mintz, who grew up in Minneapolis, Minne- Shanee Markovitz, who has personal experience
sota, believes that members of the Orthodox Jewish with mental illness, soon joined the team. The time
community face unique challenges in this area: It is has come for the stigma to come to an end, for lives to
particularly difficult to confront the stigma and find stop being lost due to lack of support and acceptance
confidants or professionals who understand their and for the educational gap to be filled permanently,
unique values and way of life, he said. said Markovitz, who will attend Stern College in the
In many ways, the origin of Refuat Hanefesh is fall. For me, working on Refuat Hanefesh has been
rooted in his childhood. I grew up as a middle child part of my healing journey and a tremendous honor.
and never had much of an opportunity to speak, he Aryeh Goldberg 12YC, who knew Mintz from
explained. I quickly learned to embrace the role of their pre-med days at Yeshiva College, joined after
being a listener and not having to input my own com- sharing in the distress of a Jewish family where the
ments into every conversation. These skills and the son, suffering from acute psychosis, was being treated
satisfaction of helping people work through problems by a physician unable to understand the cultural and
motivated me to pursue a career where I could practice Ariel Mintz 11YC founded Refuat Hanefesh to religious nuances of the patients upbringing. As I
this daily. reduce the sitgma associated with mental illness advanced through my training, I knew that I would be
He chose to attend YU, as his father Marshall in the Jewish community looking for meaningful ways to address the stigma of
Mintz 71YC had done. I realized that if I wanted mental illness within the Orthodox community, so I
the opportunity to excel in both my Judaic and secular studies, there really was was very excited to reconnect with Ariel after learning about his incredible work,
nowhere but here. YU gave me access to some of the greatest Torah and general Goldberg said.
studies scholars. He added: My time at YU was truly the greatest years of my life. Rabbi Dani Bauer 13R, 13A, a marriage advisor for Refuat Hanefesh, hopes to
Mintz certainly used that time well. He was the first person to be a teaching eliminate the fear of going to therapy. If we can do that, then we have the oppor-
assistant for both a shiur at the Mazer School of Talmudic Studies and in the biol- tunity to stem the tide of divorce and unhappy marriages with better use of couples
ogy department, bringing Torah and madda [science] together. He was also chair of and family counseling, he said.
the Student Life Committee and held board positions in several clubs. While there, Other YU alumni connected with the organization are Stephen Glicksman
he met his wife, Avital (Abir) 12S, who was also pursuing a BA in psychology, at 91YC (Intellectual Disabilities Advisor), Zahava Rothschild 15S, 15A (Content
Stern College for Women; they now have two children, Yaakov and Nava. Editor), Rabbi Dovid Zirkind 09YC, 12R (Head of Jewish Content) and Chaim
Mintz later earned his medical degree from Oakland University William Ancier 12W (Child Mental Health Advisor).
Beaumont School of Medicine in Rochester, Michigan and is now working to com- As with any new enterprise, it takes times to build up the organization, but
plete his training in general psychiatry at Hennepin County Medical Center in Refuat Hanefesh is already having an impact. Every small change a person makes
Minneapolis, with plans to subspecialize in child and adolescent psychiatry. increases the chances of saving someones life who may be contemplating suicide
The motivation to create Refuat Hanefesh began in 2013, during his third while also increasing life satisfaction for that person, Mintz said. We want people
year of medical school, when he observed many Jews in the psychiatric ward. I to educate themselves and develop a greater understanding for mental illness. n

Join the
Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought of Yeshiva University
and its Director,

Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik,

on an unforgettable intellectual adventure

Rembrandt and the Rabbis

JUNE 28 JULY 5, 2017
For information and registration, please visit yu.edu/amsterdam

Ephie Reinhard 98YUHS, 02SB
announces his engagement to Erica

Melissa and Adam Caplan 07SB

announce the birth of a baby girl.
Tannenbaum. Mazel tov to parents Irene
and Stephen Reinhard 73YC. SAVE THE DATE
Dr. Naomi 07S, 12E and Adam Cohen
02YC announce the birth of a baby boy.
The inaugural inductees of the
Rabbi Zev Eleffs 09YC, 11R book, Yeshiva University Athletics Hall of Fame
Who Rules the Synagogue? Religious

Authority and the Formation of American
Judaism (Oxford University Press), was

named a National Jewish Book Award

Azadeh and Rabbi Ezra Frazer 01YC,

04A, 06R, 06BR announce the birth of
Jackie (Fast) 08S, 10R and Rabbi
Ariel Rosensweig 07YC, 10R, 10A
announce the birth of a baby boy, Yonah
6 P.M.
their daughter, Michal Elisheva. Betzalel. Mazel tov to grandparents
Professor Smadar Rosensweig and Yeshiva University
Julia Frankston- Rabbi Michael Rosensweig 80YC, Wilf Campus, Weissberg Commons
Morris 07S, 10C 80R, 86W, 96BR and to great- 2495 Amsterdam Avenue
and Shmarya grandfather Rabbi Dr. Bernard New York, NY 10033
Gasner Rosensweig 47YC, 50R, 70BR.
01YUHS, 06SB,
10A announce Yael 02S and Elliot Schwarzenberger
the birth of Saul 98YUHS, 02YC announce the birth of a
Irving (Yisroel baby girl, Avigail Masuda (Sadie Avigail).
Rachel and Josh Teitcher 11YC
Dr. Talya and Dr. Effie Gluck 04YC announce the birth of a baby girl, Miriam
announce the bar mitzvah of their son, Claire.
Lauren (Stein) www.yuhalloffame.com
Leora 03S and Rabbi 98YUHS, 02S and
Eric Goldman 02YC, Rabbi Dr. Shmuly
07W, 08R announce Yanklowitz 09BR
the birth of their son, announce the birth of
Aron Kalman. their daughter, Maya

Daniel Gottesman 04YC was named

Neshama. Mazel tov
to grandparents Helene and Rabbi
Kenneth Stein 67YUHS, 71YC,
Sarah 10S and Dani
Kolat 10YC announce
the birth of a baby girl.
In Memoriam
partner at Ulmer & Berne LLP. 75R, 76BR.
Yeshiva University mourns the loss of long-
time faculty members and renowned schol-
Rabbi Jonathan Jeremy Kugelman 16YC announces his

ars Arthur Hyman and Louis Feldman.
Gross 01YC, engagement to Zahava Last.
04R published Hyman, an expert in the field of medieval
his fourth book, Jewish philosophy, taught at YU for four de-
cades and served as dean of the Bernard
Ai Vey: Jewish
Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies.
Thoughts on Leah 16SB and
He is survived by his wife, Batya Hyman
Thinking Yiriel Liss 15SB Kahane, and his sons, Jeremy, Michael and
Machines (ACSV announce the Joseph and their families.
Publications). birth of a baby
boy. Feldman taught at the University for more
than 60 years and served as the Abraham
Wouk Professor of Classics and Literature.
A scholar of Hellenistic civilization, his re-
Joe Hirsch Aviva and Yitzchak Matanky 10SB search and writings on the works of Jose-
04YC, 06R, Daniella Baratz 10YUHS and Elie Hirt announce the birth of their son, Lior phus were especially influential. Feldman is
06A published 14YC announce their marriage. David. survived by his wife, Miriam, and their chil-
dren, Moshe Feldman, Sara Reichman and
The Feedback
Leah Schachter.
Fix (Rowman & Sarit and Moshe Blackstein 12YC Estie 11S and Jonah Mermelstein
Littlefield). announce the birth of a baby girl. 13YC announce the birth of a baby boy.
Rabbi Mayer Abramowitz 40YC
Tamar 10S and Rabbi Etan Ehrenfeld Lillian Amcis 73S
08YC, 11A, 11R announce the birth of Sarah 08YUHS Joan Apple, Department of Institutional
Mike Legatt 05F has a baby girl, Meira Hallel. and Marc Merrill Advancement
completed a second 05YUHS, 11YC Steven Billauer 72YC
PhD in Energy Systems Aliza and Zach Goldstein 12YC announce the Rabbi Shmuel Borenstein 60YUHS,
Engineering, and announce the birth of their daughter, birth of a baby 64YC, 70R, 70BR
founded a company, Cara Rose. girl, Naomi Philip Caplan 44YUHS, 48YC
ResilientGrid, building Rachel. Rabbi Nasan (Norman) Friedman
software and services 46IBC, 68F
to improve the human Rabbi Michell D. Geller 46YC, 50R
side of critical infrastructure Sivya 11SB and Ari Rockoff 11SB Giselle Goldschmidt 64YUHS
management. announce the birth of a baby girl, Yael Rabbi David Halpern 49YC, 52R
Temima. Eli Klein 61YC
Shoshana 04SB and Rabbi Chanan Batya Ladell 99TI
Liss 04YC, 07R announce the birth of Elana 12S and Judah Rosenbaum Linda Landau 62S
a daughter, Kayla Talia. 11SB announce the birth of a baby girl. Robert Schwell 62YC, 99BR
Jerri Turkel 67S
Estie 13S, 15W and Evan Rabbi Joseph Urivetsky 54YC, 58R
Abigail 10S and Sarah 14S and Netanel Goldstein Rottenstreich 09YUHS, 14SB Stanley Weinberg 76YUHS, 83C
Shuki Merlis 08SB 13YC announce the birth of a baby boy. announce the birth of a baby girl. Joseph Yoshor 45YUHS, 49YC
announce the birth of a Mazel tov to grandparents Naomi 87S,
son, Emanuel Mitchell. 90C and David Kaszovitz 80YUHS
Legend for school abbreviations:
and Chana 86S and Shmuel Goldstein
86YC, 90E. Liz Rubin 16S A: Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education
and Jonathan and Administration BR: Bernard Revel Graduate
Zemira 00S, 05A and Rabbi Eli Gardner 16YC School BS: Belfer Graduate School of Science
BZ: Philip and Sarah Belz School of Jewish
Ozarowski 01YC, 05R, 05A announce Naomi (Levin) 12S announce their Music C: Cardozo School of Law E: Albert
the birth of a daughter, Shalva Renana, and Vigi Katlowitz engagement. Einstein College of Medicine F: Ferkauf
and announce the bar mitzvah of their announce the birth of Graduate School of Psychology R: Rabbi Isaac
son, Menachem Shlomo. their daughter, Ella. Elchanan Theological Seminary S: Stern College
for Women SB: Sy Syms School of Business TI:
Teachers Institute W: Wurzweiler School of
Shana 02S and Betzalel Posy Social Work YC: Yeshiva College YUHS:
announce the bar mitzvah of their son, Cara Kirschner 10YUHS, 14S Zev Stomel 15E announces his Yeshiva University High Schools
Moshe. announces her marriage to Jared Weisel. engagement to Arielle Salkin.



Meet the Musmachim

Learn more about a few of our newly ordained rabbis from YUs Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS). Whether theyre serving as
Jewish educators, pulpit rabbis, doctors or lawyers, these young rabbis are making a difference and inspiring others to do so as well.
MOSHEH AZIZ: ILLUMINATING periences and plays a crucial role in in- the Long Island Hebrew Academy in
SEPHARDIC TRADITION forming his own journey as a Sephardic Great Neck; the couple have two daugh-
For as long as he can remember, learn- rabbi. It has been the greatest privilege ters, Rivqa and Avigayil. Aziz also earned
ing and teaching Torah has been a pas- to learn and do shimush [rabbinical ap- a masters degree through Wurzweiler
sion for Mosheh Aziz. As a Mashadi Jew prenticeship] under my mentor, said School of Social Works clergy program
growing up in Great Neck, New York, he Aziz. Having received his tradition from and completed a certificate in Jewish
volunteered in his shuls youth minyan great Sephardic luminaries of the previ- communal service there as well. In addi-
and was already developing Torah pro- ous generation, his sheer mastery of Tal- tion, he has been certified by the PUAH
gramming for other children while still in mud and halacha [Jewish law] continues Institute and is training to become a
high school himself. So when Rabbi Eli- to be awe-inspiring. shochet [ritual slaughterer].
yahu Ben Haim, Sephardic Rosh Yeshiva Aziz also appreciated the compre- I believe its important to learn
and Maxwell R. Maybaum Professor of hensive training that has prepared him practical halacha, he said.
Talmud and Sephardic Halakhic Codes, for the role he now serves as rabbinic As a communal rabbi, Aziz is most
encouraged Aziz to pursue semicha [rab- assistant at the United Mashadi Jewish passionate about conveying Sephardic
binic ordination] at RIETS in addition to Community of America (UMJCA) under tradition to future generations. The Sep-
his studies in the Sephardic Community Rabbi Ben Haim. hardic community has a rich heritage
Program at Yeshiva College, the decision At UMJCA, Aziz manages a Shabbat diverse communities always remained
felt like the natural next step. effectively and skillfully, said Aziz. minyan of nearly 250 people in addition together, he said. I hope to continue
I understood that having the solid The personal connection he went to teaching chatan [groom] and kallah educating Sephardic communities and
background and training of semicha on to develop with Rabbi Ben Haim has [bride] classes with his wife, Gabby, for help maintain unity and respect between
would enable me to transmit Torah more become one of Azizs most cherished ex- engaged couples and Judaic studies at all Jews. n

SAM AND ALVIN REINSTEIN: Though Alvin went on to earn an as an assistant rabbi at Congregation Kol
FATHER AND SON RECEIVE MBA from Baruch College and work for Israel in Brooklyns Crown Heights and
SEMICHA TOGETHER the New York City Housing Authority for also works as an actuary at Prudential. It
Its not uncommon for sons to follow in 32 years, Torah study continued to play a has been an interesting inversion of me-
their fathers footsteps, but relatively central role in his identity. I believe that sorah [tradition], but one where we have
few fathers have walked in those of their it is a primary duty for each one of us to been able to work together to achieve
sons. Yet for Alvin Reinstein of Teaneck, achieve spiritual growth by spending higher proficiency in our Jewish texts.
New Jersey, and his son, Sam, thats ex- our time learning Torah and performing Both father and son consider the in-
actly what happened. The two received mitzvot, said Alvin. He studied on his struction theyve received at RIETSin
semicha together at RIETS after Alvin own and with partners and attended lec- textual learning and in developing a tool
was moved by his sons experience to un- tures, but he was frustrated by the many kit to combat the challenges of the rab-
dertake his own rabbinical studies. interruptions of daily life. binic lifeunparalleled. For Alvin, re-
Those studies had been a lifelong When Alvin retired in 2010, his son, ceiving semicha with his son is especially
dream of Alvins. The son of Holocaust Sam, had recently begun studying for the meaningful.
survivors who emigrated to the United life of a pulpit rabbi at RIETS after earn- Watching Sam perform his rab-
States with nothing but their determina- ing a mathematics degree at Yeshiva Col- binical duties at his shul in Brooklyn
tion to create a Jewish home, religious lege as his father had done three decades makes me proud, said Alvin. When we
education was an important value for before. Since Sam had a bit of a head start, discuss halachic issues, this inspires me
Alvin, who attended Yeshiva Salanter, Then his wife, Esther Lauber, had he found himself in an unusual position: to deepen my own Torah learning. I be-
the Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy/ an idea. She suggested I register for the guiding his father through the challenges lieve that our semichot are a tribute to
Yeshiva University High School for Boys RIETS semicha program, which would of intense rabbinic studies. Ive been Sams ancestors, who died al Kiddush
and Yeshiva College, from which he give me an opportunity for concentrated able to mentor my father throughout the Hashem [sanctifying Gods name] in the
graduated in 1972. Torah learning, said Alvin. process, said Sam, who currently serves Holocaust. n

GERSHON ALBERT: INVESTED IN tivities that gave him an opportunity to back, I have encountered two-thirds of
BUILDING COMMUNITY do just that, helping run a student-led those issues already, and his tremendous
Gershon Alberts journey to the pulpit initiative, Yismechu, which brought YU knowledge of Torah and real-life sensi-
of Beth Jacob Congregation of Oakland, students to smaller Jewish communities tivity serve as a guiding light for me, said
California, began in a somewhat unusual to enrich Shabbat celebrations. The ex- Albert. Rabbi Menachem Penner had
setting: the French public high school he posure to teaching in shul settings and a homiletics class that really helped me
and his twin brother, Laizer, attended in engaging others with the idea of Torah with my ability to give drashot [sermons].
Montreal, Quebec. Umadda that YU represents was foun- One of the lessons that really motivated
I had incredibly positive experi- dational for me, he said. I realized be- me was when he explained why prepara-
ences with the community rabbi, who coming a rabbi would be a way to further tion was so important: If you give a bor-
served as a role model for me, Albert that conversation. ing speech, your congregation isnt going
said. My brother and I decided to switch Today, Albert feels that the close to think, This is a boring rabbi. Theyll
to a Jewish school, where we started mentorship and holistic approach to rab- think, God forbid, This is a boring Torah.
to grow spirituallywe began keeping binic training he received at RIETS were We have a huge opportunityand re-
Shabbos and learning Torah together. critical to his formation as a communal sponsibilityto represent Him every
To further their connection to Juda- leader. As a pulpit rabbi, however, he is time we speak.
ism, the pair opted to study for two years especially grateful for the ways RIETS With his congregation in Oakland,
in Israel at Netiv Aryeh and continue equipped him to serve at the helm of a Albert is enjoying the opportunity to
their education at YU, with the help of consider semicha. I realized I needed to congregationnot only in terms of hala- completely immerse himself in build-
generous scholarships. But the rabbinate be in a career that would put me in direct chic expertise and Torah learning but ing the Jewish community. My goal is
was still a long way from Alberts mind. conversation with people and enable me also as a confidant, policy-maker and the to be an access point for the incredible
He considered a career in architecture to really help themand I started to find many other roles and responsibilities the mesorah that we have as Orthodox Jews,
but decided instead to study accounting that experience by engaging others using modern rabbinate comprises. show people how deeply relevant and
at the Sy Syms School of Business. It was my own love of Torah. Rabbi Yona Reiss gave a class on meaningful a Jewish life can be and help
actually a personality test he took at the As an undergraduate, Albert im- contemporary rabbinic issues that, at the them take the next step in their Jewish
YU Career Center that prompted him to mersed himself in extracurricular ac- time, seemed so abstract, but now looking journey, he said. n


Sy Syms Offers New Masters Degree Azrieli Unveils
in Taxation Rolling
tise to place graduates on the degree from Sy Syms will significantly

cutting edge of todays evolv- enhance each of our students knowledge n an effort to make its programs more
ing tax world and help them to base and prove to be a most valuable cre- accessible to educators worldwide,
succeed in any work or market dential. Yeshiva Universitys Azrieli Graduate
environment. The Master of Science in taxation is School of Jewish Education and Admin-
In a competitive job mar- taught by CPAs, tax attorneys and former istration announced that students will
ket, the technical skills and ex- IRS agentswho each possess in-depth be able to enroll in its programs during
pertise in taxation, along with knowledge and real-world experience. any semester.
enhanced communication pro- Students will hone the skills needed to We are aiming to meet the needs of
ficiency, become increasingly apply tax principles and planning tech- all Jewish educators, from seasoned pro-
valuable, said Dr. Selma Bot- niques in the operations of various types fessionals to novice teacherswherever
man, provost and vice president and styles of business enterprises. Es- they work, for whatever model of learning
for academic affairs at YU. pecially crucial in the modern business they need and whether they are seeking a
The introduction of the environment, the masters program will degree or simply looking to advance their
graduate tax degree reflects the imbue students with the skills they need practice, said Azrieli Dean Rona Novick.
resourceful thinking that the Sy to adapt to a continuously evolving regu- We offer fully online degrees, evening
Syms school personifies, as well latory landscape while managing their courses for working educators and joint
as its consistency in responding professional responsibilities concerning programs with the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan
to the demands in the market- public interest, objectivity, integrity, inde- Theological Seminary, the Bernard Revel
place and the interests of our pendence and due care. Graduate School of Jewish Studies and
students, said Professor Leon- Courses will be offered in the spring, the YU undergraduate programs.
ard Fuld, the programs director fall and summer semesters to allow stu- Azrieli also opens courses to non-
and a widely respected expert dents to complete all requirements. matriculated students each semester, pro-
in tax law with nearly 40 years Located on YUs Beren Campus in mid- viding educators in the field with
Professor Leonard Fuld of practical experience as a se- town Manhattan, the affordable program opportunities to advance their learning
nior tax professional at several enables students to attend classes, while and access talented Azrieli faculty with-

eshiva Universitys Sy Syms firms, including PricewaterhouseCoo- pursuing current or new employment out committing to a degree program. n
School of Business announced pers, Schlumberger Limited, Citigroup opportunities. n
that it will offer a new masters de- and Griffon Corporation. I am certain
k For more information about Azrielis masters pro-
gree in taxation. The one-year, 30-credit that we are in for interesting times in the k For more information or to apply, visit yu.edu/ grams and admissions requirements, visit yu.edu/
program will draw on the schools exper- world of taxation, and an advanced tax syms/grad/taxation azrieli/prospective-students/masters-programs

Einstein Student Awarded New NCI Grant for Cancer Research

amer Hanna, a PhD candidate in Hanna was one of only 30 students
the Department of Anatomy and nationwide to be awarded the prestigious
Structural Biology at the Albert fellowship, and each institution was per-
Einstein College of Medicine, has been mitted just one applicant. Samer is a
awarded the National Cancer Institute talented scientist who is inquisitive and
(NCI) Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fel- hardworking, and his research proposal
low Transition Fellowship. Its a new was quite novel, said mentor Dianne Cox,
kind of grant that is being offered to en- professor of anatomy and structural biol-
courage and retain outstanding graduate ogy and of developmental and molecular
students who have demonstrated poten- biology, who encouraged him to apply.
tial and interest in careers as indepen- A native of Lebanon, Hanna is a fifth-
dent cancer researchers. The aim of the year PhD student in Dr. Coxs laboratory.
fellowship is to ease recipients transition His postgraduate work centers on breast
to successful cancer research postdoc- cancer, furthering studies of the mecha-
toral appointments. The $220,000 grant nisms through which cancer cells become
will provide funding for the remainder invasive and metastatic, spreading to
of Hannas PhD thesis research and four other organs. n
years of his postdoctoral work. Professor Dianne Cox and Samer Hanna

YU Receives $1M Gift for Program on Israel and the Rule of Law

Yeshiva University received a bequest of $1 million from the Dr. Joseph and Faye Glatt Throughout their lives, the Glatts ardently supported the survival of Jewish commu-
Estate to create the Joseph and Faye Glatt Program on Israel and the Rule of Law, a nities around the world. Joseph wrote his doctorate at Columbia University on the His-
new initiative housed in the Center for Israel Studies (CIS). tadrut, the Israel federation of labor organizations founded in 1920, and Faye, who
The new program will present and explore Israel in all of its complexity, said CIS trained as a speech therapist, worked with Torah Umesorah in the establishment of
Director Steven Fine, the Dean Pinkhos Churgin Professor of Jewish History. It will Jewish day schools. They took great pride in what they saw as the convergence of
influence both the next generation and people far beyond YU through a broad and Israel and the rule of law, committing their professional lives to promoting this principle.
deep range of scholarship, programs and events. Joseph and Faye Glatt committed their lives to the State of Israel as a Jewish State,
Tentative programming this year will include lectures from both YU faculty and visit- grounded in ethics and the rule of law, said President Richard M. Joel. This new pro-
ing speakers, courses, book discussions, conferences (such as a recent gathering to gram will focus on the relationship between Medinat Yisrael [the State of Israel] and
honor the work of Nobel Laureate S.Y. Agnon), museum exhibitions and artistic presen- Jewish values. With this bequest, Yeshiva University looks forward to sharing those
tations, such as Fines digital restoration of the Arch of Titus. values with the world through the Center for Israel Studies.

k Learn more about YUs Center for Israel Studies at yu.edu/cis



YU Student Competes on Jeopardy!

p Whether they were dancing at chagigot or delivering mishloach manot in costume at

q local nursing homes and hospitals, Yeshiva University students marked the Purim
holiday with a mix of fun, vibrant campus celebrations and acts of kindness that embod-
ied the spirit of the day. n

What is school pride? Yeshiva College senior Netanel Paley of Teaneck, New Jersey,
participated in the Jeopardy! College Championship tournament, which aired on
national television in February. Paley, a trivia buff and geography whiz, had always
dreamed of competing on the famous answer-and-question quiz show, hosted by
Alex Trebek (pictured, left). A biology major and a music minor, Paley proudly repre-
sented YU in the annual tournament, where he joined 14 college students from
across the country and advanced to the semifinals stage of the competition. n

p YUs Rabbi Arthur Schneier Program for International Affairs hosted a symposium
in March to discuss the future of United States-Israel relations. Panelists included
former U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman, Joseph Lieberman Professor of Public Service
and Public Policy; former Israeli Ambassador Danny Ayalon, the Rennert Visiting Profes-
sor of Foreign Policy Studies; former U.S. Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer 71YC; and former p During the Sharsheret Cake Wars competition in February, hundreds of students
Israeli Ambassador Dan Arbell. Dr. Bernard Firestone 70YC, a Hofstra University dean put their cake-decorating skills to the test to raise awareness and funds for patients
and specialist in international affairs, moderated the discussion. n battling breast cancer. n

p More than 100 students participated in a pro-Israel lobbying mission to Washington, D.C., in February, led by the Yeshiva University Political Awareness Club. Students lobbied
members of Congress on issues relating to Israel and enjoyed meeting with Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and New York Senator Chuck Schumer. n



Jewish Philosophy Scholars Profiled in Series

After receiving semicha [rabbinical ordination] from the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan
Theological Seminary and a masters degree from YUs Bernard Revel Graduate School
of Jewish Studies, Shatz pursued graduate work in general philosophy, earning a mas-
ters from New York University and his doctorate with distinction from Columbia Uni-
versity. The interview with Shatz encompasses not only biography but also discussions
about the nature of philosophy, reason and religious commitment, science and religion,
transhumanism, Modern Orthodoxy and more.
The book presents four of Shatzs previously published essays, covering the topics
of free will, virtue and altruism, religious epistemology and Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveit-
chiks views of science. Both Sztudens essay and the interview highlight the diversity
in Shatzs works, as well as Shatzs efforts to facilitate a rich dialogue between Jewish
and Western traditions and perspectives. Some of his books and articles deal with gen-
eral philosophy, others with Jewish philosophy, and still others with the interaction be-
tween the two.
I feel myself part of a historic mission, and truly embrace YUs ideals, Shatz says
Rabbi Dr. David Shatz Rabbi Dr. J. David Bleich in the books interview. I love what I do.
J. David Bleich: Where Halakhah and Philosphy Meet features an introduction by

wo distinguished Yeshiva University faculty membersRabbi Dr. David Shatz, Dr. Steven Resnicoff, director of the Center for Jewish Law and Judaic Studies at DePaul
the Ronald P. Stanton University Professor of Philosophy, Ethics and Religious University College of Law. The book includes Rabbi Bleichs essays on a number of criti-
Thought, and Rabbi Dr. J. David Bleich, the Herbert and Florence Tenzer Profes- cal topics, such as the halachic process, the intrinsic value of life and the relationship
sor of Jewish Law and Ethicshave been featured in Brill Presss Library of Contem- between Judaism and natural law, as well as his reflections on issues facing the Jewish
porary Jewish Philosophers series which, as described by the publisher, showcases community. At YU, in addition to serving as rosh yeshiva at RIETS since 1969, he is direc-
outstanding Jewish thinkers who have made lasting contributions to constructive Jew- tor of the Postgraduate Institute for the Study of Talmudic Jurisprudence and Family
ish philosophy in the second half of the 20th century. Law and professor of law at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. He also serves as
The series, which features 20 scholars from 16 different institutions, devotes each the spiritual leader of Congregation Bnai Jehuda in Manhattan, a position he has held
volume to developing a thorough understanding of the individual philosophers intel- for more than 50 years.
lectual journey and seeks to situate each perspective and work in the larger frame of the The book tackles Rabbi Bleichs perspective as a renowned authority on Jewish
Jewish philosophical past and contemporary Jewish existence. Every volume features a law and ethics, especially his contributions to the fields of medical ethics, Jewish law
personal and intellectual biography of the thinker, a collection of his or her critical pub- and contemporary social issues, and the interface of Jewish law and the American legal
lications, a select bibliography and an extensive interview or series of reflections. The system. It also discusses his roots in the rabbinical schools of Yeshivas Torah Vadoth
series is edited by Hava Tirosh-Samuelson, Irving and Miriam Lowe Professor of Mod- and Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim of Radun as well as his intellectual journey as he earned
ern Judaism and director of the Center for Jewish Studies at Arizona State University, his bachelors degree from Brooklyn College, his masters in philosophy from Columbia
and Aaron W. Hughes, Philip S. Bernstein Chair of Jewish Studies in the Department of University and his doctorate from New York University.
Religion and Classics at the University of Rochester. Since beginning his academic career as an educator at Hunter College in 1962 and
Drs. Shatz and Bleich, giants in their fields, have influenced generations of stu- later at Stern College in 1965, Rabbi Bleich has helped to shape the genre of Jewish law
dents and scholars, said Dr. Selma Botman, provost and vice president of academic af- literature written in English. He continues to author his column Survey of Recent Hal-
fairs at YU. Brill Press recognizes that their scholarship has not only had a profound akhic Periodical Literature in the rabbinic journal Tradition. Rabbi Bleichs greatest
impact on knowledge but has also affirmatively enriched our world. impact has been in the field of bioethics; in his writings and international presentations,
David Shatz: Torah, Philosophy, and Culture opens with an intellectual portrait by he shares Jewish law perspectives with a worldwide audience.
Alex Sztuden, a Templeton Fellow at the Herzl Institute and Yeshiva College graduate. The need of the hour is availability of a broad spectrum of information addressed
While devoted primarily to Shatzs philosophical oeuvre and outlook, Sztudens essay to any and all, the highly educated and the less educated, Jew and non-Jew, presented in
and the interview also explore Shatzs career and his journey from early education to language and form comprehensible to the individual reader, Rabbi Bleich notes in the
Yeshiva College valedictorian to his teaching at YU, where he has been chair of the phi- books reflections. Most important, the information and values must be unadulterated
losophy department at Stern College for Women for almost 35 years. and uncompromised. We are duty-bound to do no less. n

New Book Examines Stories of Crypto-Jewish Explorers in the Age of Columbus

In an age of rampant religious persecution, expand- Dr. Perelis incorporates these stories into the
ing global trade and tantalizing new horizons, how classes he teaches at YU. I think they are espe-
did crypto-Jews navigate the complex mazes of cially relevant for Modern Orthodox university stu-
faith, opportunity and discovery? This question is at dents as theyre trying to navigate their own Jewish
the heart of a new book by Ronnie Perelis, the identities, he said. These were Jews in medieval
Chief Rabbi Dr. Isaac Abraham and Jelena (Rachel) Spain who were both fully integrated and fully Jew-
Alcalay Professor of Sephardic Studies at Yeshiva ish, speaking the language of their countries and
University. Titled Narratives from the Sephardic involved in the sciences but, at the same time, cre-
Atlantic: Blood and Faith (Indiana University Press, ating this super-rich culture of Torah for them-
2016), the book weaves together three autobio- selves. A clear inspiration for Torah Umadda. Thats
graphical texts written by crypto-Jews in 16th- and why this isnt just a history for the Sephardimthis
17th-century Spanish- and Portuguese-controlled is a history for all Jews and all people who are
lands, following each narrator on a remarkable involved in that struggle of trying to cultivate and
journey of religious evolution at the raw edge of the maintain their own identities while belonging to a
known world. larger community.
Dr. Ronnie Perelis


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