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Sci-Fi Screenplay
© 2008 Ron S. Nolan and Michael H.D. Dormer

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Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D.
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Writers Guild of America Treatment Registered


WGAw # 1166833

Writers Guild of America Screenplay Registered


WGAw # 1279868

Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D.

‘White Hot’ Synopsis


Year 2020: The terminal impacts of global warming are having disastrous effects on ecosystems
and societies. Global tensions have escalated as countries compete to extract the last barrel of
oil. “Astra” is a strong-minded Brazilian geneticist whose mission is to assemble cryogenic
repositories (“Arks”) of frozen plant and animal embryos to preserve them for the future,
however she is opposed by a fanatical religious group—the SDL. Astra’s brother, “Sabien,” is a
scientific genius working with his partner, “Torch,” to halt green house gas emissions in the
Arctic. Their plan to use nano technology to seal off the tundra surface is turned down by the lab
director because it would halt drilling for oil. They go ahead and do the experiment anyway.
The director orders them to be arrested. They flee to Astra’s makeshift lab in Oakland, just
minutes before the SDL busts in and tries to confiscate the Arks They barely escape and head to
a spaceport owned by Torch’s father who is the CEO of Dark Skies Mining, a lunar mining
operation. Sabien takes the Ark that is filled with embryos from the Northern Hemisphere and
boards the shuttle to the moon base. Astra refuses to go because she needs the embryos that have
been collected in Central and South America. Torch accompanies her pursued by the SDL to
Brazil where they barely escape with the second Ark in an old Rutan Rocket.


Since gene work was outlawed on Earth, research companies have leased lab space at the moon
base. One of the subjects is a beautiful, sentient “plantimal” who becomes emotionally attached
to Sabien. He calls her “Jasmine.” Sabien comes up with a new high-tech method to seal off the
Arctic tundra and he and Torch send two pods with the gear into Earth orbit. He gives Torch a
remote control unit which will release the contents of the pods into the atmosphere, but tells him
to warn all world governments before hand, otherwise they might think it was an attack.
Reverend Granger LeRoque is the fanatical leader of the SDL. He and his troops are determined
to destroy the Arks and launch an attack on the moon base. Sabien and Jasmine stash the Arks
on a shuttle and head for a comet that orbits the sun once every 19 years. Sabien figures that the
icy comet will keep the embryos frozen. It is a one way trip due to the lack of fuel and oxygen to
return to the moon base. LeRoque and the SDL troops take over the moon base and Torch is
knocked out cold. LeRoque finds the remote and presses the button. On earth, just as Sabien
feared, the major powers consider the in coming projectiles a hostile act and launch nuclear
missiles at their enemies in retaliation; resulting in massive loss of life. LeRoque is devastated
and wanders outside asking for devine forgiveness where he is struck dead by a meteorite.


Year 2039. The comet has returned 19 years later, Torch and Astra’s son, also named Sabien in
honor of Astra’s heroic brother, flies a shuttle to the comet to retrieve the Arks. He is astonished
to find Jasmine still alive; she was able to survive and produce many offspring. He transports
the Arks to Earth which has suffered tremendous loss of plant and animal species and human
life. The surviving scientists greet the arrival of the Arks with joy and there is hope that the
Earth ecosystems may some day be fully restored thanks to Astra’s vision and determination.