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Latent Heat The amount of heat which is absorbed or evolved in changing the state
of a substance without changing its temperature
Lawn Sprinkler System A system of device, usually installed below ground level, to scatter or
spray water droplets over a lawn, golf course, or the like
90 cm Minimum width of a septic tank
1.50 m Minimum length of a septic tank
60 cm Minimum liquid depth for a septic tank
1.80 m Maximum liquid depth for a septic tank
1 cu. m Minimum capacity, in cubic meters, of the secondary compartment of a
septic tank with a capacity of more than 6 cubic meters
False Wooden septic tank are allowed, true or false
508 mm Minimum dimension of a manhole access to a septic tank
15-20 m Minimum distance of a water supply well from a septic tank
45-70 Minimum distance of a water supply well from a seepage pit or cesspool
30-50 m Minimum distance of a water supply well from a disposal field
26 Minimum gauge of galvanized sheet used for downspout
51 mm Minimum height of a water seal for each fixture trap
102 mm Maximum height of a water seal for each fixture trap
60 cm Maximum length of the tailpiece from any fixture
15 cm Minimum extension of the VSTR above the roof
.90 m Minimum extension of the VSTR above an open able window, door
opening, air intake, or vent shaft
36 mm (1 ) Minimum trap diameter for a bathtub
51 mm ( 2) Minimum trap diameter for a shower stall
1 Required number of urinals for an auditorium serving 40-50
4 Required water closets for females for a theater serving 51-100
Rigid and flexible Classification of copper pipes
House drain Collection line of a plumbing system is sometimes referred to as
Teflon, a white, soft, waxy and non-adhesive polymer is used as a leak prevention material for
pipes particularly galvanized iron pipes. It is placed between the threaded pipe end and fitting.
What is the chemical name of Teflon?

a. trifluoroethane
b. polyethylene
c. tetrafluoroethylene
d. pentafluorocarbon

An engineered material created through a patented procedure that bonds glossy porcelain-
enameled metal to a structural composite through an injection moulding process, used
particularly in manufacturing bathtubs. What is this patented material used in the market

a. Xpelor
b. Dacron
c. Lucite
d. Americast

In a typical grease trap, what should be the correct arrangement of its inlet and outlet in its

a. the inlet should be higher than the outlet

b. the outlet should be higher than the inlet
c. both inlet and outlet should be at the same elevation specifically at the upper section of the
d. any elevation will do

A standard piping material used by the local water utility company to connect the water
service pipe of any establishment to the water main. What is this plastic piping material?

a. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

b. Unplasticized Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
c. Acylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
d. Polyethylene (PE)

When designing a septic tank, which of the following practices is NOT acceptable in so far as
standard trade practice and code requirement is concerned?

a. vents not necessary

b. inlet pipe connected at the leaching chamber
c. no airspace between underside of slab and scum line
d. all of these

What kind of joint which utilizes heat as a means of bonding monolithically plastic pipes and
fittings of homogeneous composition?

a. Heat bonding joint

b. Heat fusion joint
c. Fusion welding joint
d. Plastic welding joint

In waste disposal system, one of the concerns of sanitary engineers and public health officials
is the spread of disease caused by bacteria found in sewage. What type bacteria are present in
feces excreted by man and animals?

a. escherichia coli (e. coli)

b. salmonella
c. entamoeba histolytica
d. necator americanus

Which type of pump is commonly used to convey or remove storm or underground water from
a pit? The unit is submerged under water with the discharge connected above it and into the
drain located at the street level.
a. ejector pump
b. turbine pump
c. submersible pump
d. jet pump

What kind of plastic fitting can be used to connect galvanized iron pipe to a plastic pipe
directly without the use of a coupling?

a. union
b. female adaptor
c. male adaptor
d. bushing

Using the rule of thumb in the design of a septic tank with a digestive chamber capacity of 4
cubic meters, what should be the liquid capacity of the leaching chamber?

a. 1 cu mtr
b. 2 cu mtrs
c. 3 cu mtrs
d. 4 cu mtrs

When designing sanitary drainage system, what material specification should be specified
when using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe?

a. series 400
b. series 600
c. series 800
d. series 1000

In the abbreviation PEx, what does x stand for?

a. cross linked
b. extra
c. alkoxy component
d. exterior application

Pipes used in the plumbing industry are provided by manufacturers. The manufacturing of
pipes is based on standards set by authorities and trade consultants. Which of the following
sizes is not commercially available, hence, pipes of this size are commonly substituted with a
larger one?

a. in.
b. in.
c. 1 ins.
d. 1 ins.

Which among the following classes of galvanized pipes has the thickest wall section?

a. schedule 80
b. schedule 60
c. schedule 40
d. schedule 10

Which of the following fixture combination can be technically considered a battery of fixtures?

a. 4 urinals
b. 2 water closets, 1 lavatory, 1 shower head
c. 1 shower
d. 1 water closet, 1 shower and 1 urinal

What type of joint is used to connect sections of bell and spigot type of cast iron pipe?

a. Screwed joint
b. Flared joint
c. Cement mortar joint
d. Caulked joint
A globe valve is a kind of valve in which the flow of water is cut off by means of a circular disk
that fits against the valve seat. What is the appropriate position or direction of liquid flow
inside the valve based on the given figure below?

a. upside down to the right

b. to the left
c. to the right
d. any direction

A standard contraption provided by manufacturers in a faucet is the installation of a sieve-like

material at the orifice or outlet of a faucet. This device provides smoother flow of water. What
is this faucet contraption?

a. nozzle screen
b. filter screen
c. aerator
d. diverter

Which of the following features is NOT a specified feature of a water closet used or installed in
public toilets?

a. elongated type bowl

b. tank type water closet only
c. with open-front seat
d. constructed of non-absorbent material

Plumbing fixtures are rated according to the amount of waste water it can discharge per unit
time. What term is it referred to?

a. plumbing unit
b. flow rate
c. fixture unit
d. flow pressure

What is the recommended minimum size of water service pipe of a domestic (house)

a. 13 mm
b. 19 mm
c. 25 mm
d. 32 mm

A yoke is a type of ventilation used as an inter-connection between what sections or portions

of plumbing system?

a. riser and downfeed pipe

b. house drain and soil stack
c. vent stack and soil stack
d. house drain and house sewer

In water supply system, what is the average daily consumption per capita of water in
residential or family dwelling unit? This value is used as a basis for estimating water demand
to btain the capacity of tank and its dimensions.
a. 10- 15 gals per capita per day
b. 20- 35 gals per capita per day
c. 40- 45 gals per capita per day
d. 50- 75 per capita per day

Arrange size of sanitary drainage pipes from smallest to largest. This system of pipe
arrangement is observed as a method of establishing which pipe should be the smallest and
the largest relative to flow of sewage.

a. fixture drain, stack, house drain and horizontal branch

b. horizontal branch, house drain, stack, and fixture drain
c. house drain, fixture drain, stack and horizontal branch
d. fixture drain, horizontal branch, stack and house drain

Recent development in water closet design resulted in the design of water saver type toilets,
what is the acceptable average consumption (flushing) of a water saver toilet?

a. 4 liters per flush (lpf)

b. 6 liters per flush (lpf)
c. 8 liters per flush (lpf)
d. 10 liters per flush (lpf)

One of the newest design features of a water closet of a popular water closet company is the
introduction of an anti-bacterial design particularly in their toilet seat. It is a kind of material
that prevents the growth of bacteria such as e. coli, salmonella, listeria and other odor or
stain-causing microorganisms. What is this patented material that is integrated into the
molecular structure of the toilet component?

a. anti-mic
b. anti-coli
c. microban
d. ultraban

A relatively new kind of piping material used in hot or cold water supply system installation; it
is colored milky white and can be joined by heat fusion process. What is this kind of pipe?

a. PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) pipe

b. PPRC (Polypropylene random co-polymer) pipe
c. PB (Polybutylene) pipe
d. ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) pipe

A type of water closet flushing design system characterized by its whirlpool-like flushing action
of water typically from a low-slung tank; tank has an all-water surface inside the bowl and has
a virtually silent flushing action; Model is expensive.

a. washdown
b. siphon jet
c. siphon vortex
d. reverse trap

Which type of water distribution system relies on air pressure as a means of bringing water
vertically upward through risers and horizontally through branches; a pressure tank is
provided and a water pump is installed directly on top of the pressure tank?

a. downfeed system
b. hydropneumatic system
c. upfeed system
d. direct pressure system

In sanitary system engineering, what general term is used to refer to the liquid or semi-solid
sewage that contain organic and biological materials or substance in a septic tank?

a. influent
b. septage
c. excreta
d. effluent
1 1/3
2 1/2


1. any horizontal waste or soil pipe exceeding 15m
2. at upper end of every branch 22.5 & over

ZEOLITE- treatment of hard water

MAIN VENT- principal artery of venting system to which vent branch pipe maybe
COMMON VENT- single vent that ventilates multiple traps of back to back fixture
AIR OUTLET- air generated device to open or close a damper or valve

SEPTIC TANK: location and features

a. 15 meters away from potable water
b. if theres a public sewer pipe, septic tank is not allowed
c. no septic tank under house
d. inlets & outlets are submerge
e. bottom tank should have slope of 1:10 mm towards center
f. top cover 0.15 m above soil
g. 0.30 m air space
h. 0.50 lower- inlet
i. 0.025 lower- outlet


a. min width- 0.90
b. min length- 1.50
c. min depth- 1.20
d. for residential- 0.14 to 0.17 per person
e. 12 persons- not more than 2.0 cum
f. schools, industrial- 0.057 cum per person minimum
0.86 cum maximum


1. galvanized iron- (G.I) steel pipes
- 15-20 years life span
- deteriorates fast when used for hot water
- corroded w/ alkaline and acid water
- made out of mild steel
2. plastic or synthetic pipe
a. rigid
1. polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
2. chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (cPVC)
3. unplastesized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC)
4. polypropylene (PP)
5. acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
6. styrene rubber plastic (SR)
b. flexible
1. polyethylene (PE)- coil form at 30 mts
2. polybutylene (PB)- up to 150 mts long in coil form

3. cast iron pipe- durable

- use for less than 25 storey because water leak due to vibration
2 types:
1. SV- for building installations
2. XV- for underground installation

4. acid resistant cast iron pipe- made of alloy, cast iron & silicon
- installed in chemical labs for acid waste disposal
5. asbestos pipe- made of asbestos fibers & Portland cement
- suitable for embedment on concrete structures
6. bituminous fiber sewer pipe- cheapest and lightest
- for house sewer
7. vitrified clay pipe- made of clay & w/ length of 0.75 m threaded w/ glazed
compound. High resistant to acid & suited in underground
installation. Brittle, cracks easily when laid on unsuitable
8. lead pipe- one of the oldest plumbing material . not recommended to convey
water for human consumption
9. galvanized wrought iron pipes- better than steel pipes for plumbing because it
is more resistant to acid waste
10. brass pipe- most expensive. Made of alloy of zinc & copper mixed 15% :85%
highly suitable for waste & water because of its smooth surface
aside from its high resistance to acids
11. copper pipes- durable material w/c is extremely corrosive resistance. Easiest
to install
Type K- heaviest for underground installation
L- lighter than K, comes in flexible & rigid type
M- thinner & available only in rigid form

1. A pipe or opening used for ensuring

the circulation of air in a plumbing system and for reducing to pressure exerted on trap seal.
a. Stack
b. Vent
c. Riser
d. Vent Reducer
e. Unit Vent

2. An extension of a soil or waste stack

above the highest horizontal drain connected to the stack.
a. Stack Vent
b. Vent Stack
c. Riser
d. Vent Reducer
e. Unit Vent

3. A vertical soil pipe conveying fecal

matter and liquid waste
a. Stack
b. Soil pipe
c. Soil stack pipe
d. Waste pipe
e. Waste stack pipe

4. A general term used for any vertical

line of soil, waste or vent piping.
a. Stack
b. Soil pipe
c. Soil stack pipe
d. Waste pipe
e. Waste stack pipe

5. Any pipe which conveys the discharge

of a water closets, urinals or fixtures having similar functions
a. Stack
b. Soil pipe
c. Soil stack pipe
d. Waste pipe
e. Waste stack pipe

6. An arrangement of venting so installed

that one vent pipe will serve two traps
a. relief vent
b. loop vent
c. venting battery
d. unit vent
e. common vent

7. Any part of a piping system other than

the main, riser or stack
a. vent
b. stack
c. riser
d. branch
e. fixture

8. the liquid wastes conducted away from building/structure,

also of storm water
a. sewer
b. sewerage
c. waste
d. siphon
e. backflow

9. Made from clay and with a length of

.75m treated with glazed compound. This is highly resistant to most
acids and is well suited in underground installations
working either as public or house sewer, storm or in drain.
Being made of clay.
a. Bituminous Fiber Sewer Pipe
b. Asbestos Pipe
c. Concrete Pipe
d. Vitrified Clay Pipe
e. Bituminous Clay Pipe

10. The fixture unit of a urinal

a. 1
b. 1-1/2
c. 3
d. 5
e. 7