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THE UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME AUSTRALIA School of Health Sciences HPE 280: Physical Education Teaching Methods . Jump Shot: Is a quick shot with the ball being released just before the top of a2 footed jump control Balanced position '*2 hands on the ball ‘= Shooting hand ~ back of the ball Jump upwards Ball up the nose ‘Shooting (ener Profiles Each player may shoot from any part of he paying cou, “ahougi ie nearer ine basket he gleter ine chances of success Before considera specie shots t's essential to consider some {general prncples of shooting ~The player must be on balance and under contol ~The bal must be undr contol ‘The player must concentrate om the tarot = The ayer must contol the fight of the bal ~The plver must make he correct decision as o when to shoot ~The aver must adopt postive attitude to shooting. Concentrate control control ‘Concentrate on the target from under the ball Release prior to the peakof the jump ‘Snap of the wrist