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Volunteer Work: The first summer I volunteered with

Peoples Community Clinic, I completed 106 hours. The
following winter break, I performed 16 hours. This last
summer, I completed 76 hours. This adds up to a total 198
hours Ive committed to the organization. This work entailed
data entry involving multiple Microsoft programs.

Dishwashing: For six months, I worked as a dishwasher at a

local sushi restaurant, aptly named, Sushi Zushi. My duties
there included washing a variety of utensils, plates, pots and
pans, in addition to taking out trash, and cleaning up my
station for the night. I worked two days of the week. For
three of the months while I was there, I worked with the
same friend who convinced me to become a dishwasher,
whos name shall remain disclosed. The work could be
grueling, tiresome, and even repetitive. However, I still
improved my general work ethic, and learned a good deal
about and the ins and outs of the restaurant industry.

Creative Writing: Ive completed, and am still working on a

number of written works.

When The Rain Comes: Vietnam War drama story, with

both graphic scenes of violence, and elements of absurdist
humor. I collaborated with a friend on this project.

A Shepherds Last Stand: An improvised, ongoing

narrative, written in a similar vein of absurdist humor to
When the Rain Comes. Tells the story of a hapless, Arizona
man discovering an unfortunate truth about his wife, whilst
also trying to find the elusive moth man. This is also a
collaborative project, being worked on with assistance from
the same friend.
Drudgleskrun: The first major undertaking that I
commenced by myself for writing not intended for school.
This story is established on the principle of an austere
writing style known as Anglish. The core idea behind this
practice is to exclude all English words of Latin, Greek, or
other language origins in favor of Germanic derived cognacs.
This creates a more archaic, or old English manner of
speech, complimentary to the plot of my story: An old
dragons ambition to rekindle a revival with a similarly aged

Empress of Hhua: Chasm of Darkness: Another

collaborative, absurdist piece, set in a bizarre, fantastical
word, occupied by frog fairies, unicorn-human hybrids, giant
mosquito men, and other unfathomable beasts. Still a work
in progress, but intended to have a rich, or at least complex
In and Under the Sky: Another solo, work-in-progress
piece, intended to lack the frivolity or playfulness of my
other works in favor of an attempt to build a well-crafted and
serious story. Set in an era implied to take place after the
collapse of the United States, the story follows a young man,
his grandfather, and a robot servant in a derelict Montana.

The Marigold Exact: My third solo work, which I consider to

be disparate from In and Under the Sky, if only for its lack of
restraint, and arbitrary writing style. Inspired both by the
psychedelic rage of the late 60s, with its wild and eccentric
characters, and by the deadpan wittiness of The Hitchhikers
Guide to the Galaxy, I started this narrative with the intent to
capture the spirit of both.

Film Work

Catch and Release: The only film that Ive made since
entering high school that wasnt created for academic
purposes, this short was virtually made on a whim. During a
stay in Upstate New York with two friends of mine, one of
whom had brought his camera, I proposed that we make an
experimental short film, and in under a day. I came up with
the premise, my friend, Jack Butler, did the filming and
editing, and another our friend, Harper Jambor, helped with
props, ideas, and also acted.

Culture of Barton Springs: A short documentary that my

then-group members and I produced for an assignment
during freshman year. The goal was to discuss the
significance of the pool as scene from locals. The video
includes interviews with people at Barton Springs, who
seemingly came from all walks of life. I also improved my
video editing know-how through this project. I also wrote the
script, and helped with conducting the interviews, but didnt
act or film.

Just Kids: Created and directed by my friend, Quinn

Holmes, this film non-verbally montages the happenings of
teenage life. Although I came in late on the production, I was
still allotted jobs in recording sound, and minor acting roles.

Mamihlapinatapai: Having by this point gotten close with

Quinn, he let take a primary acting role in this brief
production. As with Just Kids, this film was also non-verbal,
and thus, I was pressed to put my physical acting skills to
the test. Although it took just an hour to make, it turned out
well. I like to think that what I contributed to it was distinct.

Three Way Mirror: An interesting, collaborative short, and

this time, not made by Quinn Holmes, but rather, another
aspiring filmmaker, Jack Powers. We had gone in with the
intention of filming in my living room, but without really
knowing what it was we planned to film. We settled on an
improvised, slightly nonsensical picture. As the sole actor, I
suggested that I sport a different shirt in each shot, as to
suggest that there are multiple characters. I acted, helped
with the story, and suggested the title, and my Jack filmed
and edited the piece.

Bass guitar: As my instrument of choice, Ive been playing

bass since sophomore year. I took lessons then, and learned
how to play it, and about its niche in the composition of
music. Although I had started to get a good grasp on the
rhythm, when Junior year struck, I had stopped taking
lessons, and had limited my practice time to whenever I felt
like it, which was seldom. In retrospect, I regret having not
played it more then. However, since Ive started playing
daily in the last few months, my technique, and my
versatility have improved. I can play it normally, with a pick,
do slap, or even imitate the aggressive plucking style of John
Entwistle. Improvising is easier, and Im more comfortable
with formulating more complex riffs. But since I dont have a
band, or even a drummer, to work with, that I wont truly
blossom as a bass player until I do.