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1. Calculate the tail stock set over to turn a taper of 1 in 4and length of rod is
56 cm?
a) 5cm b) 6 cm c) 7 cm d) 14 cm
2. Youngs Modulus of elasticity is
a) Tensile stress / Tensile strain c) Shear stress / Shear strain
b) Tensile stress / Shear strain d) Shear stress / tensile strain
3. Unit of specific heat is .
a) Calorie b) Joule c) degree Celsius d) No unit
4. A is a triangle that has three unequal sides.
a) Equilateral triangle b) Isosceles triangle c) Scalene triangle d)Right angled triangle
5. The angle of elevation of a ladder leaning against a wall is 60 and the foot of the ladder is 4.6 m
away from the wall. The length of the ladder is:
a) 2.3 m b) 4.6 m c) 7.8 m d) 9.2 m
6. A lawn 60m long and 25m wide is surrounded by a path 5m wide. Find the
area of path?
a) 950 m b) 1500 m c) 750 m d) 1200 m
7. In a 32cm X 28 cm rectangular plate, there are 88 holes of 1.5cm.Find out
the area of remaining plate?
a) 450 cm b) 890 cm c) 900 cm d) 740 cm

8. In right triangle PQR, PR=26,PQ=10,QR=24 and angle Q =90 .Find the angle P?
a) 22 b) 68 c) 23 d) 67
9. Find out the volume of hollow cylinder of height 10 cm and its external
diameter and thickness are 12 cm and 1 cm respectively?
a) 525 cm b) 280 cm c) 345 cm d) 300 cm
10. A square rod of side 10mm is subjected to a tensile load of 2500
Kg.Calculate the tensile stress?
a) 25 Kg/mm b) 15 Kg/mm c) 2.5 Kg/mm d) 5
11. How much heat is required for raising temperature 100 gram water
from 10 to 80 ?
a) 10 Kilo calorie b) 7 kilo calorie c) 15 kilo calorie d) 3 kilo calorie
12. A bus starting from rest picks up a velocity of 40 Km per hour in 20 seconds.
What is the acceleration of the bus?
a) 1 m/ s b) 0.2 m/ s c) 1.3 m/ s d) 0.6 m/
13. Which of the following statement is correct?
a) Velocity is a scalar quantity c) Unit of velocity is m/s
b) Unit of velocity is m/ s d) None of the above
14. Unit weight of RCC is .
a) 2300 Kg/m b) 1440 Kg/m c) 2400 Kg/m d)
2800 Kg/m
15. Apiece of iron weighing20Kg is heated from the room temperature 27 to

70 .Find out the heat gained by the iron piece? Specific heat of iron is 0.2.
a) 200 Kilo calorie b) 172 Kilo calorie c) 250 Kilo calorie d) 150 Kilo calorie
16. A 500g of metal at 110 was put in 2 Kg water at 35 raising its

temperature to 75 . Find the specific heat of metal?

a) 4.57 b) 6.89 c) 3.21 d) 8.43
17. Which of the following mode of transmission of heat does not need any
a) Conduction b) Convection c) Radiation d)
18. Calculate the angular speed of the minute hand of a clock if the length of
minute hand is 5 cm?
a) 0.0017 rad/sec b) 0.0068 rad/sec c) 0.005rad/sec d) None of these
19. A particle is moving around a circular path of radius r with uniform angular
speed w.The acceleration of the particle is
a) rw b) w c) rw d) rw

20. Hookes law is applicable within

a) Elastic limit b) Plastic limit c) Fracture point d) Ultimate
21. The increase in the length of a bar of length L area A, modulus of
elasticity E due to a tensile load P is given by
a) A E b) AE c) E d)
22. If ultimate stress is 3.5 Kg/mm and factor of safety is 5.Find out the safe stress?
a) 0.7 Kg/mm b) 1.2 Kg/mm c) 2.4 Kg/mm d) 1.4
23. Volume of frustum of cone is ..
h h h h
a) 3 (R-r-Rr) b) 3 (R+r+Rr) c) 3 (R-r) d) 3
24. From a point P on a level ground, the angle of elevation of the top tower is 30. If the tower is
100 m high, the distance of point P from the foot of the tower is:
a) 149 m b) 156 m c) 173 m d) 200m
25. Volumetric Strain is
a) Increase in length / original length c) Decrease in length / original length
b) Change in volume / original volume d) all of the above