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Effects of Discrimination on the Basis of Gender

Identity among Gays and Lesbians

Dear respondents,

Gays and lesbians are generally tolerated in our country but still experiencing widespread
discrimination. This motivates me as a student of graduate studies of Laguna State Polytechnic
University to have a study about Effects of Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity among
Gays and Lesbians. With this, kindly answer the questionnaire checklist and rest assured that all
responses will be treated with utmost confidentiality. God Bless you and your family.

Resfectfully yours,

Danica Lyra S. Ortiz

Name: ______________________________

Age: Educational Attainment Employment Status

___18 years old ___Elementary graduate ___Employed full-time
___19-25 years old ___High school graduate ___Employed part-time
___26-32 years old ___Undergraduate ___Employed-contractual
___33-39 years old ___College graduate/ Bachelor's ___Unemployed, looking
___40-46 years old degree ___Unemployed, not looking
___47-53 years old ___Graduate or professional degree
___54-60 years old Marital Status Monthly Income
___60 years old or older ___Single ___1,000-10,000
Sex ___Married ___10,001-20,000
___ Male ___Legally separated/Annulled ___20,001-30,001
___ Female ___Widowed ___30,001-above
___Others, Please specify: ____
5- ALWAYS (if all times, the item /aspect stated is experienced)
4-OFTEN (if the item/aspect is regularly/ frequently experienced)
3- SOMETIMES (if the item/aspect is once in a while/ occasionally experienced)
2- SELDOM- (if the item/aspect is rarely/not often experienced)
1- NEVER (if under no circumstances the item/aspect is certainly not experienced)

A. Violence 5 4 3 2 1

1. Verbal abuse like name calling, insulting, telling you you're useless or wrong.
2. Threats of physical violence such as hitting, slapping, pushing, kicking or `
threatening to harm you in any way.
3. Emotional abuse like making threats, insulting and forcing you to say your true
4. Publicly harassed like humiliating and criticizing your sexuality
5. Sexual attack; this involves pressuring or forcing you to do sexual things that you
don't want to do
6. Threatening with weapons
7. Threats to beat you, kill you, or destroy you mentally
8. family neglects you
9. discriminated because of your physical appearance
10. financial abuse like forcing you to give money

Researcher: Danica Lyra S. Ortiz

Instructor: Mercy Grace I. Saliendra
Subject: Current Issues and National Development
B. Employment 5 4 3 2 1
1. Turned down for a job because of your sexual orientation
2. Harassed by your co-worker or employer `
3. Discriminated because of being gay when looking for a job
4. Fired because of being gay
5. Forced to leave job
6. Denied/ not qualified in a position because of your sexual orientation
7. Co-workers thought you were abnormal and different
8. Hide your real self on work
9. Sexually assaulted at work.
10. being maltreated by physical violence at work

C. School/Education 5 4 3 2 1
1. Bullied/harassed by other students
2. Bullied/harassed by school administrators or teachers `
3. Denied/deprived participation in extracurricular activities
4. Unable to access school facilities because of your orientation
5. Cant express yourself to avoid discrimination
6. Turned down in scholarship programs
7. Denied/deprived position in school clubs/organizations
8. Forced to leave schooling because of harassment/ discrimination

I 5 4 3 2 1
1. have awful relationship with others
2. feel distracted and exhausted at work `
3. consider avoiding and not to be open to everyone
4. feel depressed about negative outputs on work
5. feel uncomfortable at working place
6. feel unsatisfied with my working experiences
7. need to change myself for my family and others `
8. am disgusted and hurt when others labeled me as different
9. need to exclude myself from others
10. feel wrong and ashamed about myself
11. become anxious and fearful of future discrimination
12. became conscious about what people may think about me
13. feel insulted whenever people act as if they are afraid and ashamed of me
14. feel useless and incapable of protecting myself from violence and discrimination
15. tried to commit suicide to end my life
16. feel the need not to cross dress to avoid harassment `
17. feel neglected by my own family
18. overlooked myself especially my health
19. do vices to cope with peoples rejection an discrimination
20. developed hatred to people who hate me


Researcher: Danica Lyra S. Ortiz

Instructor: Mercy Grace I. Saliendra
Subject: Current Issues and National Development