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Assignment: Electrical Design

Your task is to design the electrical installation to service the Centre for Sustainable
Technology laboratory facility room. A layout drawing for the building in shell form is
attached. Make general approximations for dimensions.

Instrumentation room
Computer room

Testing room


The following is a list of the equipment that must be serviced. You decide upon the
most suitable location of equipment

Power supply to pumping station 1, 230V 4.5 kW
Power supply to control panel 1, 230V 1.5 kW
Air conditioning based on two 10 kW spilt cassette units
Solar simulator at 25 kW
Hot box calorimeter at 5 kW
Background Lighting at 4.2 kW
General power for independent ring circuit

Power supply to calibration unit 1, 230V 3 kW
Power supply fume cupboard, 1, 230V 2 kW
Background Lighting at 1.2 kW
General power for ring circuit

15 computers, each use 80Watts at 230V AC and 2 printers that use
(30W+30W) 60W at 230V AC.
Air conditioning based on one 10 kW spilt cassette unit
Background Lighting at 2.2 kW
General power for independent ring circuit


Power supply to small Lathe 1, 230V 3 kW
Power supply to small drill 1, 230V 1.3 kW
Background Lighting at 1.2 kW
General power for ring circuit

Background Lighting at 1.2kW
General power for ring circuit with switch room

Supply fan (1 off) 1, 230V 2 kW
Extract fan (1 off) 1, 230V 2 kW
Background Lighting at 1.2 kW
General power for ring circuit with storage room
Produce an electrical design report for the CST Laboratory, detailing all cables and
protective devices based on IEE regulation. You may need to consider different
correction factors for the cable sizing, diversity. Size the cables, protective devices
and protective conductors, check for the voltage drop, check for the fault protection
capacity of the protective devices, justify the location of the distribution board/s etc.
Show a detailed calculations and steps for few circuits and for the rest you can
present your results in a spreadsheet or tables. You may use design software for the
sizing however you have to explain the theoretical analysis and assumptions behind
the design.

Your design should consist of a main incomer, 3 busbar distribution to distribution

boards at various zoned locations. How you choose to design your layout is up to
you, although the design must be logical. Ensure that you have balancing across the
phases. Provide a sketched drawing of your design and a simple schematic layout of
the design, specifying all installation equipment and methods of distribution. State all
other assumptions.

Weighting: 100% of coursework (50% of the total module credit points)

Submission date: The deadline for the submission is 28th April 2017. The
coursework needs to be submitted on BlackBoard drop box area.
Hard copy submission is not required. Late submissions will not
be accepted without reasonable justification.

Contact: Dr J D Mondol (68037) or jd.mondol@ulster.ac.uk

Electrical design assignment

Element Assessment Comment

Comprehension of the task 1 2 3 4 5

Task approach and methodology 1 2 3 4 5
Design quality 1 2 3 4 5
Accuracy and awareness 1 2 3 4 5
Communication of design 1 2 3 4 5
Overall impact of report (style and layout) 1 2 3 4 5
Mark: . / 100
Assessment Criteria
5. Displayed comprehensive understanding of concept, employed considerable
degree on innovation and showed excellence in all aspects of the assignment
4. Strong contribution, with above average awareness, evidence of ability to
grasp wider and relevant concepts and to demonstrate the potential to develop
engineering solutions
3. Average performance in all aspects of assignment, displayed balanced but
sometimes limited judgements with inability to integrate all relevant factors and
2. Minimalist approach resulting in a below average contribution, failed to
understand the significance of a number of issues to be considered, reaching
a nave and predictable solution
1. Unacceptable submission, no evidence of integration of concepts with
engineering problems and role of keys influences

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