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Medical Technical Guidelines

TG Number Title
100 Office Of Health Services
101 Medical Decision-Making In The context Of Peace Corps
102 Regional Health Units
110 Volunteer Health Program
112 Peace Corps Medical Officer Performance Evaluation
113 Clinical Documentation Standards
114 Peace Corps Medical Officer Scope Of Practice
116 Credentialing Policy For Peace Corps Medical Officers
118 License Renewal Policy For Peace Corps Medical Officers
120 Medical Benefits For Trainees, Volunteers, And Returned Volunteers
122 Medical Benefits Dependents of Trainees, Volunteers, And Returned Volunteers
127 Peace Corps Response Volunteers
130 Medical Care To Non-Volunteers
150 Medical Confidentiality
152 Business Associate Statement Of Confidentiality
155 Non-Compliance With Medical Policies Or Instructions
160 Medial Separation
165 Volunteer/Trainee Death
167 Patient Safety Events
170 Pregnacny
180 Dental Policy
185 Credentialing, Training, And Responsibility Of Back-Up Healthcare Providers
187 Mentoring of New Peace Corps Medical Officers
190 Medical Non-Disclosure
195 Medical Conditions that Require Special In-Country Placement
200 Overseas Health Units
202 Regional House Medicine Cabinets
204 Peace Corps Volunteer Site Visits/Health Facility Assement
205 Identification Cards
210 PCMedics Access and Support
212 Clinical Escalation
214 Transitioning From Paper To Electronic Medical Records
215 PCMedics Training For New Staff At HQ Or In Overseas Health Units
216 Telephone Triage And Use Of Cham Protocols
240 Medical Supplies and Equipment
245 Eyeglasses
250 Health Kits
260 Infection Control
300 Immunization
301 Initial Clinical Intake Interview Process
302 Volunteer Concerns
304 Health Care Consultant On-Line Satisfaction Survey
305 PCMO Oversight Of The Hospitalized Volunteer
310 In-Country Health/Medical And Safety Training
320 Interim Health Evaluations
330 Post-Service Health Benefits And Close Of Service Or Extension Of Service Health E
340 Authprization For Payment Of Medical/Dental Services
355 Breast Imaging And The Evaluation Of Breast Masses
360 Use Of U.S. Laboratories
370 Field Consultation and Communication
380 Medical Evacuation
385 Medical Action Plan
390 Emergency Country Suspension
395 Planned Country/Post Closure Of Health Unit
410 Epidemiologic Surveillance System
440 Tobacco Prevention And Cessation
510 Mental Health Assessment And Support
520 Alcohol Misuse And Abuse
530 Psychiatric Emergencies
540 A Resource Guide For The Clinical Management Of Sexual Violence
542 Sexual Assault Forensic Exam And Evidence Collection By The PCMO
545 Sexual Assault: Mental Health Assessment And Care
605 Treatment Protocols And Standing Orders For Registering Nurse PCMOs
615 Anaphylaxis
620 Fever-General Considerations And Investigation
635 Common Skin Infections
645 Tuberculosis
654 Infectious Desease Outbreaks
703 Contraception
705 Cervical Cancer Screening
710 Unprotected Intercourse And STI Prevention
712 HIV Preventive Therapy
720 Genital Ulcers
810 Acute Diarrhea
815 Stool Examination For Parasites
840 Prevention Of Malaria
845 Diagnosis And Treatment Of Malaria
850 Schistosomiasis
Returned Volunteers

althcare Providers
nsion Of Service Health Evaluations

Nurse PCMOs