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Riding the Cyber Wave The 10 Best Ways to Prepare for the GMAT
Europreneurship My Cosmic Journey Through the MBA
Out with

the Old, in with

the New
Managers should lead from the front

W ith a multitude of crises

financial, social and political
gripping the world, now,
more than ever, leaders have to cope with
change. And it is my belief that leadership
if my team is happy, they can make my
customers happy. The year before, his
company had generated 14.3 billion USD
in gross merchandise volume in one day.
In 2016, Alibaba is claiming 15.69 billion
what leadership truly is: a path of constant
change management that is impossible
without teamwork, because leaders are
defined by those who follow them.

is about managing change. USD in revenue, and Ma said that he Spartacus would have been just another
wants Alibaba to become equal to the slave in the Roman quarries if it hadnt
Be it to stay on course or change direction, worlds fifth-richest country by 2020. been for the thousands of other slaves
its about steering the ship on the path who followed him into his rebellion. Jack
that you deem right. The MBA degree But if Jack Ma believes in leading his Ma would have been a ten-times Harvard
teaches leadership because it understands company to unprecedented financial rejectee and Elon Musk would have been
that management alone is simply not success, I would argue that leadership a marginal engineer. And yet, they are not,
enough. What good is a decent manager is also about ideas. Elon Musk wants because they have empowered others on
if they cant be a great leader? to terraform Mars and to establish a their path to coping with change.
permanent colony for mankind there.
Long gone are the days of the assembly He is worth 12.7 billion USD, and yet his The MBA can teach such knowledge, not
line supervisor who meets production salary at Tesla Motors is 1 dollar. Why? least because it is one of the very few
quotas with intimidation and the fear of Because he understands that your dreams pillars of wisdom that rise above the trivial
unemployment. We now live in an age of and your vision are worth more than to teach that leadership is more important
information and intellectual labour, and gold. than management.
we need leaders who can lead from the
front, rather than the throne. However, there is something intricately
similar between these two different Christophe Coutat
At the 2015 World Economic Forum, Jack leaders. They both understand that in Founder and CEO
Ma, the founder of Alibaba, said his job order to manage change successfully, Advent Group
was to make his team happy, Because they have to empower others. And thats

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ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 3

Ten Essential Things
You Should Know
About the MBA
Acquaint yourself with
the most important facts
about the MBA
hats the first thing that are located outside the US. Of those
comes to mind when campuses, 962 have achieved accreditation
hearing MBA? The and 160 are in candidacy for accreditation.
image of a smiling CEO from the
front cover of Forbes magazine? 2. General management
A world financial centre with All in all, an MBA is about general
skyscrapers and bustling white- management. The degree is a Masters
collar workers speaking on their degree in business management theory and
IPhones? Harvard? The saying practice. It is a broad study of all the main
that an MBA diploma is the most aspects of management. The curriculum
expensive piece of paper? Indeed, comprises courses in core studies such
all these are true. But is it only as accounting, finance, marketing,
this? What is an MBA all about? human resources, general management,
operations, strategy, leadership and
1. What is an MBA? negotiations and elective courses that build
An MBA or Master in Business on the fundamentals, allowing students to
Administration is an internationally deepen their knowledge and skills in areas
recognised degree designed to develop relevant to their personal career goals and
skills required for careers in business ambitions.
and management. The degree is widely
considered as a must for those targeting After doing four years of technology
top C-level management posts. An MBA consulting I started getting interested An MBA opens the
opens the doors to vast alumni networks, more and more in strategic business doors to vast alumni
top-tier internships and the very best jobs. questions that I could touch a little bit
Or, it could be the trigger needed by those but not really dive deep into. I found that networks, top-tier in-
striving for their own business venture. doing an MBA was the best way for me to
get that learning, to get those skills that I ternships and the very
The degree originated in the United States needed. The two-year programme worked best jobs. Or, it could be
in the early 20th century when the country better for me for several reasons. The first
industrialised and companies sought one is having an engineering background, the trigger needed by
scientific approaches to management. Half I needed to learn the core - the core of
a century later, the first MBA programme marketing, of finance, of strategy [] those striving for their
emerged on the Old Continent and over I also wanted to explore different careers,
own business venture.
the past decade MBA programmes have says Otman El Manser, who studied the
become very popular in the Middle East two-year full-time MBA of Kellogg School
and Asia. of Management.

Now the number of MBA programmes is 3. Specialised MBAs

growing constantly. In February 2016, the Specialised MBA programmes have
number of accredited business schools, been gaining popularity in recent years.
according to the oldest accreditation Unlike general MBAs or non-specialised
agency, the US-based Association to programmes, specialised MBAs offer
Advance Collegiate Schools of Business special knowledge in one particular
(AACSB) International, had reached 755 area, enabling attendees to deepen their
in 51 countries and territories worldwide. expertise in a particular business area or
In September 2015, 73 business schools a branch of the science. The specialised
around the world, of which 68.2% were MBA programme is an MBA with focus on a
from Europe, held the triple crown particular business area such as real estate,
accreditation from the most sought after marketing, supply chain management,
international accreditations: AACSB, AMBA healthcare, investment management, etc.
and EQUIS. These programmes prepare competent,
ready-for-the-job professionals with
Currently the number of member knowledge and skills tailored to the needs
campuses, according to the US-based of a particular industry.
accreditation agency Accreditation Council
for Business School & Programs (ACSBP,) is The specialised programme is great, as
1,220, two hundred thirty-three of which long as everyone is clear what the career

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 5

trajectory is, says consultant and coach
Jackie Wilbur, a former director of career
development at MITs Sloan School.

4. Hard skills vs. Soft skills

An MBA is the only course that provides the
perfect balance in teaching both hard and
soft skills. There are three key differences
between hard and soft skills, notes Lei Han,
a Wharton MBA with 15+ years of business
experience, in her article Hard skills vs.
soft skills difference and importance.
The first is about where you can learn
those skills hard skills can be learned in
school and from books, whilst there is no
simple path to learning soft skills as most
soft skills are not taught well in school and
have to be learned on the job by trial and
error. To be good at hard skills usually takes
smarts or IQ, also known as your left brain
or the logical centre. To be good at soft
skills usually takes emotional intelligence
or EI, also known as your right brain or the
emotional centre. The third difference is
that hard skills are skills where the rules stay
the same, regardless of which company,
circumstances or people you work with. In
contrast, soft skills are skills where the rules general management to doing business in committed to developing vast networks
change depending on the company culture sectors like food and beverage, defence, through different alumni events where
and the people you work with. healthcare, etc. There is no other place students can be introduced, through
where so many different personalities can professors, events, alumni speakers and
5. Format meet and build a multicultural environment the schools career services. Alumni
The original MBA format is a two-year together. B-schools, students and alumni networks are promoted as catalysts for
course, including summer internship are dedicated to building vast networks career opportunities. Alumni often act as
between years one and two. However, in where people from different places on Earth role models, mentoring and supporting
recent years, business schools have started can meet, share their ideas, opinions, goals would-be MBAs in their career adventure.
to adapt their programmes to the needs of and even raise funds for their ventures.
changing economic realities requiring faster Our mission is to promote an everlasting
learning. Schools have started delivering My experience was further enhanced by relationship among the members of the IE
MBAs in shorter, 12 to 18 month, courses. my daily interactions with international community, facilitating a common platform
Part-time programmes have become classmates from all over the world. [] of business, career development and lifelong
particularly preferred for those who dont All the best memories are from activities learning opportunities, with the objective
have the luxury to dedicate 100% of their done with my colourful classmates like of propelling personal and professional
time and attend a full-time course. More the tough group projects, the adventurous development of IE students and alumni, in
flexible formats like online, modular and trips around the region and the fun events accordance with the principles and values
blended MBAs have also emerged making organised in school. Although we had many of IE, IE Business School says.
the choice of which format to select easier, differences, the bonds and friendship we
allowing attendees to pick the format best had built in this MBA journey will last me 7. Careers corporate vs.
fitting to their personal needs, career stage, a lifetime, says Masana Takahashi, MBA entrepreneurial
needs and goals. from the National University of Singapore. An MBA is widely considered as a career
accelerator. It could help you, climb the
In the US, where the MBA originated, the Using social networks such as Facebook, corporate ladder within your current
two-year format is more common, while Twitter, LinkedIn or b-schools own organisation or open doors to a new
in Europe and Asia shorter MBAs are more platforms is the easiest way students corporation and develop your career. It
popular. and alumni can build their own network. could bring you higher pay, a higher post
Schools career services are particularly and certainly more responsibilities as a
6. Networking active in organising various type of professional. Or, it could be the trigger
A key asset of each MBA programme networking events such as corporate visits, you need to start a journey of your own,
is the network opportunities it opens one-day fairs on campus, conferences, starting up your own business. An MBA is
up to its students. MBA classes attract etc. mediating the link between first-year invaluable for those who embark on their
students from diverse nationalities with and second-year students, alumni and own adventures, mainly due to the skills it
a wide variety of interests ranging from potential employers. Alumni are also highly teaches to its students - strategic planning,

global thinking, leadership and the ability Ethan Mollick, entrepreneurship professor candidates in 2015. Globally, more than half
to manage people. at Wharton and co-author of the study, as of employers planned to increase starting
quoted by Business Insider. salaries for new MBA hires in 2015, either
Figures speak best. According to the latest at the rate of inflation or higher.
available statistics, which Financial Times 8. Post MBA-salaries
(FT) released as part of its research for its High pay is certainly one of the biggest 9. Job market prospects
2015 rankings, 22% of 7,800 MBA graduates benefits one gains getting an MBA. The Most MBAs have no trouble landing jobs.
from the worlds top 100 business schools statement that getting an MBA degree is a Three months after graduating, more than
had launched a start-up while studying for long-term investment which pays off each 80% of MBAs usually find a job. Surveys
the qualification or shortly after completing cent is true. show that in 2016, as with previous years,
their course. Three years after graduation, the job prospects for MBA graduates will
the average annual income among these Starting salaries for MBA degree holders continue the upward trend.
fledgling entrepreneurs was 134,000 USD, are so high, compared to those of other
compared with 132,000 USD for all those graduates, that sometimes there is no Coming off of a solid year of hiring in
interviewed for the research. sense in comparing them. And there is even 2015, employer demand for graduate
better news salaries for MBAs continue management talent is projected to
those that quit corporate careers to rising years after graduation. Figures from increase in 2016. According to the 2015
create a start-up quickly make up any FTs Global MBA Ranking 2016 show that year end poll of employers, by the General
shortfall and are in fact earning more on the lowest weighted salary of an MBA Management Admission Council (GMAC),
average than their salaried peers just three holder from the top 10 b-schools in the three in four employers expect to hire MBA
years after completing their business school ranking, three years after graduation, is graduates in 2016, up four percent from
studies, reads The Financial Times article 154,150 USD, which is a 100% increase 2015 actual hiring results. Of this group
Start-up costs for MBA graduates pay off. when compared to salaries before taking of employers, 85% plan to hire as many
an MBA. The single highest weighted salary or more of these candidates than they
A study of over 30,000 Wharton graduates is 185,939 USD, which is an 87% rise. did in 2015. Regional analysis reveals that
shows that the number of recent MBA grads employers located in the United States are
who choose their own business adventure The median starting salary expected in more likely to hire MBA graduates (82%
rather than going to traditional corporate 2015 for recent MBA graduates in the of companies) compared with employers
jobs in finance and management will United States was 100,000 USD, according located in Europe (63% of companies).
continue growing,. MBA students are good to the last 2015 Corporate Recruiters
at seeking where the opportunities are. [] Survey from the General Management When employers see a candidate with an
When banking is hot, more students go into Admission Council (GMAC). This represents MBA, they assume that person has been
banking; when consulting is hot, they go an increase of 5,000 USD over 2014 trained to think critically about business
into consulting; and when entrepreneurship salaries and is nearly double the expected in a financial context, as well as having
is hot, they go into entrepreneurship, says starting salary of 55,000 USD for Bachelor been trained to solve business problems,

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 7

and in business, thats an advantage, says tuition fees can reach as much as 100,000
Tracy Cote, senior vice president of human USD. Of course, there are many schools that
resources with US-based OmniChannel charge considerably less and in the US, it is
customer experience and Contact Centre possible to get a two-year MBA education
Solutions provider Genesys. for less than 20,000 USD.

Nearly all employers who responded to the At Harvard, the tuition fee for the 2017
poll (96%) say that hiring recent business MBA class is 61,225 USD. When health
school graduates creates value for their fees and insurance, programme support
companies, while 69% of employers agreed fees, including books, web-based course
that recruiting graduates of MBA and materials, other materials, room and
specialised business Masters programmes utilities and personal spending are added,
is a priority in their companys hiring plans the sum increases to anything up to 98,400
for 2016. USD.

Findings from another GMAC survey show Fees for MBA programmes in European
that, with regards to job market prospects business schools, where the established
by industry, job level and job function, format is the one-year type, are similar.
a graduate business degree unlocks Additional costs are lower because of the
employment opportunities in all industries, length of the programme. In the London
job functions, job levels, organisational Business School, which was Europes top
sizes, and work locations. According to b-school for 2014 according to FT Ranking,
data from the 2016 Alumni Perspectives tuition fees for the MBA starting in August
Survey, products and services, finance 2016 were 70,800 GBP.
and accounting, and technology are the
most common industries of employment In Asias most popular business school,
for business school alumni. The majority NUS Business School of the National
of alumni (63%) fill job functions in three University of Singapore, the tuition fee
areas: finance and accounting (24% of for its 17-month MBA programme is 62,000
respondents), marketing and sales (21%), SGD, which converted into US dollars is What is an MBA?
and general management (19%). Viewed 44,000 USD.
by graduation year, recent alumni are more An internationally recognised
likely to be employed in products and The price of an online MBA degree is very degree designed to develop skills
services and technology related industries, similar to that of a campus-based degree. required for careers in business and
whereas those who graduated earlier are Tuition costs range from 7,000 USD to more management
more likely to hold jobs in government and than 120,000 USD. Top business schools
in non-profit organisations. are typically on the higher end of the scale, A broad study of all the main
but non-ranked schools can also charge aspects of business management
10. How much does it cost? exorbitant fees.
The last question is - how much does an Offers the opportunity to deepen
MBA actually cost? Costs vary depending In the end, what is an MBA? Indeed, it knowledge and expertise in a
on several factors - the length of the is a costly investment. It costs money, particular business area or a branch
programme, additional spending for time, energy and commitment. But it is of science
accommodation, health insurance, food, an investment and it pays off. An MBA
travel, attending various networking is a once-in-a-lifetime transformational Provides perfect balance in
events, books and materials. In general, experience that opens up new perspectives, mastering hard skills and soft skills
in the US, the birthplace of the programme brings you to wider horizons and enables
where the two-year format is still the most you to reach unexpected professional and Flexible in format being available
popular, the average tuition exceeds 60,000 personal heights. In a few words an MBA in full-time, part-time, modular,
USD. At a top 10 business school in the US is worth it every part of it. I.D-S. online or blended formats

Gives access to vast alumni


A career accelerator it helps

you to, climb the corporate ladder
within your current organisation,
open doors to a new corporation,
or build your own business venture

High pay is one of its biggest


Enterprising Volatility
The MBA helps transform uncertainty into opportunity

e live in uncertain times
with crises caused by
doubtful government
policies, wars, bad financial
management and continuous
volatility in the commodity
and stock exchange markets.
Uncertainty is stressful. It
invokes fear and drags people
and corporations outside their
comfort zones. In many cases, it is
classified as a negative life event,
either personal or business. But as
with everything, there is another
side to the coin. Uncertainty
may be both a challenge and an
Better decisions in uncertain times. In School of Management, in her essay Yes,
Uncertainty and mystery are energies fact, companies cant predict the future, the world needs more MBAs.
of life. Dont let them scare you unduly, but they can build organisations that will
for they keep boredom at bay and spark survive and flourish in just about any According to Blount, the world needs
creativity, is one of the most famous possible circumstances. leaders who understand markets deeply,
quotes from R. I. Fitzhenry. their connection to the public sector,
This is why, in todays uncertain times, and the philosophical, cultural and social
Businesses which consider uncertainty businesses need those leaders and implications of global business growth.
as an opportunity, know how to predict, managers whose mind-sets are tuned to We need leaders who fully grasp that
cope with and seize it. When they finally see uncertainty as an opportunity rather markets, while highly efficient, are not fair,
emerge they do so as market leaders with than a risk. An MBA graduate is exactly kind, or wise. [] We need leaders who
their new products, strategies or policies. that person. are ready to confront the challenges of
Uncertainty may, of course, lead to major growing income inequality, unemployment,
breakthroughs, confidence boosts and Clearly you can have a rewarding life and environmental impact, and cultural
growth. career without an MBA. You can certainly homogenisation that current business
become rich and powerful without one, practices do not yet adequately address.
The economic shock of 2008 and the as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson,
Great Recession that followed, didnt and Amancio Ortega can testify. But when Why an MBA is so
just create profound uncertainty over the youre creating the next Google, Tencent, or important in uncertain
direction of the global economy, but also Apple, youre going to need people with the
shook the confidence of many business training, skills, and networks that business times?
leaders in their ability to see the future well education is uniquely good at providing. An MBA teaches you to think strategically
enough to take bold action, Lowell Bryan, Theres a reason all of those companies hire about your field or industry within the
a director of McKinsey New York office people with MBAs, writes Sally E. Blount, context of the larger business world.
says in his article Dynamic management: dean of Northwestern Universitys Kellogg Financial accounting, managerial

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 9

economics, strategy, marketing all of its aspects and everything around equip it with a leadership team, that can
management and financial marketing it, emphasises Daniel Kiryakov, an MBA navigate the ocean under all weather
coursework underpin your new capabilities. from Yale School of Managements. Daniel, conditions. Organisations that become
Studying for an MBA teaches you to speak who has worked as a venture capital more flexible and skilful at making critical
the language of business. It helps you face investment analyst, thinks that an MBA decisions when the timing is right have
problems that emerge in the real business graduate is armed with the toolkit for deep- enormous opportunities to capture markets
world without running away from them. dive research and analysis of prospective and profits from companies that persist
investments. The MBA programme in managing as if the future business
As the saying goes, A problem well provided me with the basic skills that I environment is reasonably predictable,
defined is half solved. This exemplifies needed in order to perform this analysis, Bryan writes.
the importance of the conceptualisation but also with the framework and mind-set
steps in any problem-solving methodology. to analyse such complex problems. At the According to Blount, intelligent, highly
Therefore, it is essential to provide MBA end of the day you want to know if this driven individuals will reinvent markets,
graduates with at least some of the basic company is a good investment, and thats fuel growth, and work across sectors to
fundamentals of how to conceptualise and a simple yes or no answer; but to get there, build strong, transformative organisations.
attack difficult problems. you need to go through multiple levels of But markets or governments wont do this
examination, Daniel adds. on their own; the incentives just arent
This is why, apart from hard and soft skills, there. Thats why the world needs more,
MBA courses are invaluable for the focus Bryan thinks that the knowledge, skill, not less, business education. It depends
they put on teaching various problem- and experience of these leaders make on it, Blount concludes.
solving techniques, providing attendees them better suited than anyone else to
with a rich toolkit with different approaches act decisively when the time is right. Such A business degree remains one of the most
that one can use when facing a problem. executives are also well placed to build predictable paths to success and financial
The problem-solving methodology taught the organisational capabilities needed to stability and can provide the proverbial
in the degree enables graduates to view a expose critical issues early, and then use leg-up from relative poverty to great
particular issue from different angles and the extra lead time to gather intelligence, accomplishment and wealth. In uncertain
consider it in its complexity. to conduct the needed analyses, and to times, such as we have had since 2008, it
debate their implications. tends to draw more students who make
The problems that we face in business this connection, says Sri Zaheer, dean of
nowadays are multifaceted. To really Companies cant control the weather, the Carlson School of Management at the
solve a problem, you need to understand but they can design and build a ship, and University of Minnesota. I.D-S.

Leading news and
analysis that gives you
the competitive edge
Financial News is the intelligence tool
of choice for decision makers across the
nance and professional services industries.

Quote MBA16 to request a free trial:

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Of Wealth and Men
The MBAs return on investment is
decidedly positive, but human capital
is the MBAs most precious asset
n investment in education preference and lifestyle. The latter refers
is an investment in ones to the amount of money a full-time MBA
future. Anyone can tell you student will lose over the course of their
that. But arent all investments studies by virtue of not working and its
supposed to net a gain in the rather easy to calculate.
future? Put away a certain amount
of money now and grab a larger For the sake of the argument, lets
sum later. Its a no-brainer. assume that a year at INSEADs campus in
However, to truly understand Fontainebleau, southeast of Paris, will cost
how an MBA can impact ones an average of 1,500 EUR per month. This
financial wellbeing, it is crucial to is calculated by taking numbers from the
look beyond the numbers, and into crowdsourcing website, so
the immaterial realm of soft skills, its a pretty good indicator of a moderate
networking, and most importantly to average lifestyle outside of the capital.
human capital. Living expenses for one year total 18,000
Money talks
Moving on to opportunity costs, lets take The median MBA ROI
Before moving onto the more abstract the current average salary of an INSEAD within the first three years
nuances of the MBAs value, it is worth alumnus (166,168 EUR) once more and
taking a look at some numbers. A simple divide it by the salary increase (96%, after graduation is 37%.
question must be answered. What is the according to the FT) to find out what the
MBAs return on investment (ROI)? The average INSEAD graduates salary was prior It climbs to 132% in five
formula is simple enough. ROI equals the to joining the programme. Its 84,779 EUR. years, and a staggering
gains minus the costs divided by the costs
again, and multiplied by 100 (in order to Now lets add these numbers to the 445% within a decade.
get the percentage). programme fee in order to get a more
grounded picture of what the cost in the
According to a report by the Graduate ROI equation will be. The total cost of the
Management Admissions Council (GMAC) investment comes out at 190,242 EUR.
from 2016, the median MBA ROI within
the first three years after graduation is So with a 166,168 EUR annual salary today,
37%. It climbs to 132% in five years, and a which is an 81,389 EUR increase over the
staggering 445% within a decade. But how pre-MBA salary, an MBA graduate would
do they come up with these numbers? be able to refund the entire cost in two
years and four months. This means that
Lets take INSEAD, the number one school the ROI is 35% in the two years and four
in the Financial Times (FT) Global MBA months of repaying the investment, and
rankings for 2016. Its full-time MBA 96% (pre-post salary differential) every
programme costs 87,436 EUR. The average year after that.
salary of INSEAD alumni three years after
graduation is 166,168 EUR. Crunching the Of course, this is only one school, and only
numbers gives us an ROI of 90%. one set of numbers, and it is imperative
that every individual makes this kind of
However, this does not include a couple calculation on their own, depending on
of crucial parameters living expenses their personal choice of school and the
and opportunity costs. The former can be statistics, widely available on the Internet.
rather varied a man can live with very But, just to be sure that the numbers will
little, or like a king. It depends mainly always be on the side of the MBA graduate,
on fiscal prowess, but also on personal it is also imperative to keep in mind that the

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 13

Deliberate average salary increase following an MBA The importance of networking is well-
degree from one of the top 100 b-schools understood by prospective MBA students.
communication, business in the world is 97%. This means that once According to GMACs 2016 Prospective
the debt is repaid, as any George R. R. Students Survey, the enhanced networking
leadership, processes Martins Lannister family member would possibilities are one of the prime
awareness, strategic say, the net gain of an MBA degree would motivations for MBA candidates to enrol in
always be twofold. graduate school, along with career change
vision, a results-focused and entrepreneurship.
Speak softly and carry
paradigm and empathetic Crucially, none of this is possible without
a calculated smile
attitude: all of these soft skills another critical advantage
of the MBA. In fact, soft skills are the
skills are invaluable to While the MBAs ROI is a simple centrepiece of graduate business
mathematical computation, the true education, since they incorporate the
managers, and together power of the MBA lies in its many intangible managerial expertise that has come to be
they shape the MBAs rewards. expected of the MBA degree. Deliberate
communication, business leadership,
intangible ROI. One of these benefits is networking. The processes awareness, strategic vision, a
UKs Independent is categorical in its results-focused paradigm and empathetic
assessment of networking, claiming that attitude: all of these skills are invaluable to
what business schools do so well is to put managers, and together they shape the
students in front of powerful contacts: MBAs intangible ROI.

Schools encourage students to invite Its not just experience and technical
alumni for coffee chats, attend industry expertise employers seek. They also
specific events and capitalise on contacts look for professionals with outstanding
through projects and internships. non-technical or soft skills, says
Bill Driscoll, a regional president at
Its about positioning yourself to be at Robert Half International, as quoted by
your most interesting and finding people BusinessBecause.
who will be interesting to you, says Cana
Witt, MBA careers advisor at Lancaster Companies need staff who are leaders,
University Management School. excellent communicators, and [are] able

to align their business units goals with the
firms big-picture objectives, according to

Human capital

There is another term for this collection

of abilities human capital and along
with the new term, come new dimensions
of ROI. Few would expect to be able to
put something that sounds as abstract as
human capital to quantitative scrutiny, but
it is possible.

First, let us agree on a definition of human

capital. Gary Becker, an economist and
founder of the concept, describes it as
the sum of knowledge, habits, social and
personality attributes, which allows an
individual to produce economic value
through their labour. Simply put, human
capital is the collection of soft and hard
skills and attributes, which makes an
individual an economic asset, both in and
of themselves, and collectively as part of
the economic unit that they belong to,
whether that is a company, or a nation.
income, or lifetime earning power, says education, they increase their human
Essentially, human capital is a resource Fisher, Over the course of your career, capital immensely, which allows them to
that every individual possesses, and as you effectively convert human capital net an exponentially larger profit over a
such, it can be evaluated. Gregg Fisher, an into financial capital [] Thus, the young lifetime. Financial investments at this point
investment adviser and Forbes contributor, accumulator is rich in human capital but of life might seem overwhelming, but in
refers to a model, which suggests that probably less so in financial capital. truth, they are rather inconsequential, as
people exhaust human capital in order to the lack of overall fiscal capacity means
earn financial capital. Professionals of 29-31 years of age that the basis is too low to be of significant
contemplating doing an MBA are at risk. However, a refusal to invest in human
We can define human capital as the the genesis of their lifetimes earning capital will mean that the financial capital
present value of your future labour potential. By investing in graduate business accumulated over a lifetime will be
markedly smaller, because the lack of
human capital will not allow for greater

An MBA degree is unique among its peers

in its ability to deliver human capital
by incorporating every bit of Beckers
definition. Knowledge, habits, social and
personality attributes come together
to generate a resource, which can be
absorbed, transformed and constantly
reinvested to earn more. And while the
financial ROI is undoubtedly favourable,
it is this lifetime supply of exponentially
higher earning potential that makes an
MBA a truly intelligent investment.
Credit: Forbes
ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 15
May I Have

the Bill Please?

Funding your MBA is a mission possible;
you just have to know your options

acing the question of how Savings providing scholarships to a limited
to finance your desired MBA Naturally, at the start of your research, number of students who meet certain
might make you feel as though the first question would be: how much do criteria. Schools criteria range is very
youve reached a deadlock. It might you have in your personal bank accounts? wide merit, experience, nationality,
seem like mission impossible, as Can you rely on your parents to support entrepreneurship, gender, financial need,
most people dont have the option you or would their savings go on a new etc. In general, scholarships are awarded
of going to the bank to order a house or a series of cruise trips for the to exceptionally able, talented and high-
bank transaction for thousands next 10-20 years? potential candidates.
of dollars to pay for the course.
As a matter of fact, its the exception rather Some schools extend scholarships to a
Indeed, finding money to pay for all than the rule to pay for the whole MBA bill limited number of students three to ten,
the expenses that go with an MBA from your own and your parents financial while at others their number is bigger.
tuition fees, health insurance, living and resources. However, if not paying for all At some schools, the number of MBA
travel expenses, and costs of books and MBA costs, many students use savings to students receiving scholarships can reach
educational materials is one of the contribute to part of them. up to 80% of all students. There are fixed-
biggest challenges facing many MBA amount scholarships, full scholarships
students. However, as with everything, The luxury of having the cash in a bank or partial scholarships that cover between
there is also good news. Funding your account is a privilege for only a few. The 10% and 90% of the tuition fees. Apart
MBA is possible! It is important to be well rest rely on the other funding options from the fees, some schools provide even
informed about the numerous options available on the market. for the costs of living.
available and finding the best one depends
on the personal efforts of every would-be Scholarship According to findings of the Financial Times
MBA. Thats why a thorough research of Most of the business schools have in its 2016 Global MBA Ranking, about 45%
all available funding resources is a must. institutionalised scholarship programmes of students have received scholarships, at

around 32,000 USD. More than half of
students (56%) in North America receive
a scholarship worth around 37,000 USD
compared with a third of students in Europe
who receive only around 20,000 USD,
reads FT in its MBA by numbers: inside
the $200,000 cost article.

Grants and fellowships

Governments, private foundations and
other types of NGOs are also a significant
source of funding. Like schools and their
scholarship programmes, they have
developed various educational grant
schemes, awarding grants to a limited
range of students - to students of a certain
religion, ethnicity, nationality, or academic
interest. The common thing about all
grants and scholarships is that they are
awarded to students demonstrating an
exceptional academic and professional
record and showing potential for future

The list of grant and scholarship awarding

organisations is long as each country with
a developed business education sector
usually has such bodies. But to name a few,
the list includes the US-based Fulbright
Commission, the British Council, British
Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the
German Academic Exchange Service
(DAAD), the Netherlands Fellowship
Programme (NFP) and MENA Scholarship
Programme (MSP), also in the Netherlands,
the European Unions Erasmus+
programme, the Ford Foundation
International, the Aga Khan Foundation,
the American Association of University
Women and many others.

Those who work can explore another
resource corporate sponsorship.
According to Todd Rhoad, co-author of
books for MBA aspirants The industries
that would offer greater opportunity would
be the industries that strive to hire top-tier
MBAs, such as consulting, private equity,
technology (Google and Amazon) and
investment firms.

Those companies have institutionalised

tuition assistance programmes under
which they provide financing for
employees MBA study while, in return,
the employee commits to the organisation.
Each company determines the level of
commitment and the return that it wants
through a formal retention mechanism.

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 17

The list of companies that offer tuition that responded to the FT survey [for 2016 one of the best-known programmes. It is a
reimbursement programmes as part of Global MBA Ranking] received sponsorship, platform for alumni and other community
their customary benefit structure, including at an average level of 70,000 USD. stakeholders to offer funding to students
high-profile nationals and internationals, while earning a commercial rate of return.
include also ADP, Deloitte, UPS, Raytheon, Loans
Lockheed Martin, AT&T, Intel and Disney. The final option is borrowing money for Some loan programmes are subsidised by
your MBA. Many banks have special loan the government if one can demonstrate
Apart from this, some corporate programmes for students providing special financial need or eligibility for government
sponsorships are extended under special soft-term student loans. Banks know your assistance. The Stafford Loans in the US and
deals between business schools and their credit history and they can best assess your the Career Development Loans in the UK
corporate sponsors which provide a limited creditworthiness. Loans with competitive are good examples. Similar loan schemes
number of scholarships to students. interest rates, grace periods and long can be accessed in other countries around
repayment periods are also available due to the world but finding the best loan depends
As a matter of fact, getting a sponsorship collaboration between schools and banks. on personal research.
is not the easiest way to finance your MBA Chase, Citibank and Sallie Mae are known
and a Financial Times survey proves it: for their student loans. You will be surprised how many options
Though sponsorship can cover the whole there are on the market at the end of
cost of the MBA, only a minority of students Apart from banks, non-banking financial your research. Finding the best way to
receive this, reads the Financial Times in institutions and private organisations finance the MBA requires a sound plan,
its MBA by numbers: inside the $200,000 offer funding options for prospective MBA demanding a thorough investigation of all
cost article. About 10% of those students students. London-based Prodigy Finance is available options. I.D-S.

Q&A with a Prodigy Finance

student borrower
Emma Buckland graduated from the Craneld School of Management MBA programme in 2013,
where she was the years Class President. Following graduation, Emma secured a job as the
EMEA Operations Director at FICO a position she still holds today.

Now that youre back in the work force, what was the most Given the skills you gained through your MBA, what do you
important thing you learned from your MBA? want to achieve in your career in the next several years?

There are genuinely so many aspects, which I draw As much as I can! I would like to continue to contribute and
on regularly - just today at work I have used learnings from progress professionally, and ultimately I would like to train as
macroeconomics, nance, accounting and strategy! However, an executive coach.
if I had to pick one thing, I think it would be an enhanced
self-awareness and understanding how to shape my What would you like to say to the alumni investors who
interactions to get the best from others. funded your studies?

How did you come to choose Prodigy for your loan and were A massive thank you to everybody who's helped me fund my
there other options? If so, why Prodigy? studies. It's genuinely not an exaggeration to say that if it
weren't for the Prodigy scheme I wouldn't have been able to do
I chose Prodigy because of the close connection with the school, the Craneld MBA programme. It has been transforming for me.
and I also loved the idea of prior MBA students being able to Schemes like this give people like me opportunities to really
invest and get a return whilst giving students like me the chance to full our ambitions and hopefully go out to do great things in
do something which, speaking personally, I would not have been the world. So a big thank you.
able to fund any other way. Post-MBA, I would now describe that
as a virtuous circle!

Prodigy Finance Ltd is incorporated in the United Kingdom (Company Number 05912562) and registered with the Oce of the
Information Commissioner (Reg. No. Z9851854). Prodigy Finance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct
Authority, and entered on the Financial Services Register under rm registration number 612713. Prodigy's registered address is
Palladium House 1-4 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7LD

It's not just a student loan.
It's a community.
With Prodigy Finance, the people funding our postgraduate loans
are the same as the people using them (give or take a few years).
And with our alumni funding model, you know exactly where the money
is coming from. And youre not just taking a loan; youre joining a
community of graduate students and alumni from around the world.

150 Nationalities are eligible* to date over

Loan amounts are based on your future aordability $140M

No co-signer or guarantor required
funding over
Competitive interest rates
Conditional approval, with interest rate, in 5 business days 4000

Prodigy Finance loans are made under UK law
*Exclusions are 1) Domestic borrowers (except UK)
2) Select countries (See Prodigy Finance website)

Apply today at

Prodigy Finance Ltd is incorporated in the United Kingdom (Company Number 05912562) and
registered with the Oce of the Information Commissioner (Reg. No. Z9851854). Prodigy Finance
Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and entered on the Financial
Services Register under rm registration number 612713. Prodigy's registered address is
Palladium House 1-4 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7LD
A Marriage

Made in Heaven
Corporate sponsorship of your MBA must be a mutually
beneficial deal between you and your employer

ouve come to a point when is the managing director of Atlantas In general, getting financial support for
the question is not whether BT Consulting and co-author of several your MBA from your employer depends
to go for an MBA but how to guidebooks for aspiring MBAs and recent on the match between your career plans
do it. Getting the degree is a costly graduates. and those of your organisation.
endeavour - even the cheapest
degree would cost you thousands The common case is that the employer [Making] a proposal [to your employer
of dollars or euros. Naturally, the provides part of the financing while to finance your MBA] should address the
financial question will come up the employee should commit in return. benefit to the company, Rhoad says,
and then the question of how to Each company determines the level of [including] areas where the company
find the money will echo through commitment and the return that it wants could improve and how you will help them,
your mind. through a formal retention mechanism. a review of the courses to be taken and
how they will provide knowledge that can
You search through your personal Some corporate sponsorships are available help improve the companys performance.
savings, parents bank accounts, loan under special deals between business
and scholarship options to find the best schools and their corporate sponsors which We take a very long-term view when
way possible to finance your MBA. While provide a limited number of scholarships were making a decision to sponsor
doing this, and if you are already part of the to students. These scholarships are partial somebody, says Mel Wolfgang, who is
active workforce, dont forget the option and normally cover 25% to 50% of the part of Boston Consulting Groups North
to seek sponsorship from your employer. tuition fee. American management team, where he
Searching through the corporate policies is responsible for all consultant human
of your organisation is then the first thing Three factors are critical when seeking resources and development.
to do. corporate sponsorship. First, become
thoroughly familiar with the benefits Getting the sponsorship
Many companies, particularly those in policies as written, particularly with regard comes with a contract
the financial, consultancy, private equity, to what is explicitly excluded. Second,
technology and investment sectors, get a good under standing of the degree
No employer, unless its your parent, will pay
have institutionalised tuition assistance of flexibility written into the policy to
for your MBA just like that. Every employer
programmes in their corporate policies. accommodate a variety of programmes
would need to be sure that money given
Companies such as Deloitte, Intel, Google, and circumstances. Third, the most critical
will pay off. Corporate sponsorship is a
Amazon, Disney and Lockheed Martin are factor, stay sensitive to the personalities long-term business arrangement requiring
known for their commitment to finance the of those managers from whom you need significant commitments from both you
MBA classes of worthy employees. support and approval. and your employer as well as yielding
significant returns for both parties.
Organisations typically support MBA And even if your company doesnt have
pursuits for two reasons - employee such a programme, this shouldnt stop you Thats why it usually goes hand-in-hand
development and succession planning. from trying to get the financing. with a sponsorship contract. Your employer
In the first case, companies support the will bind you with a contract according to
cost of MBA programmes as part of their Then comes the big question - how to make which you would be obliged to stay with the
commitment to employee training and your employer see the mutual benefit in company for a certain period of time after
development, says Todd Rhoad, who your continued education with an MBA? you get the MBA or pay back the money.

Organisations typically
support MBA pursuits for
two reasons - employee
development and succession
planning. In the first case,
companies support the cost of
MBA programmes as part of
their commitment to employee
training and development.

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 21

Outline your goals, It is also possible that your employer will to your boss. Building a relationship
add other types of stipulations to protect of trust starts with your entry in the
career path and future himself in case you dont perform well company through your daily duties at
at exams, dont complete the degree or work, collaboration with other staff
plans in the company violate the agreement later on. members, building a network including
and most importantly, your colleagues, supervisor and ultimately
Other points to consider prior to signing those decision makers who will take the
define your commitment the sponsorship contract are whether the decision whether or not to award corporate
sponsor will limit where you can work in funding. Needless to say, the support of
to the company after the summer between years one and two your colleagues and direct supervisor will
of the programme; whether you will return be invaluable in this situation.
graduation as part to the sponsor at your pre-MBA level and
of their return on salary or at a higher level and salary; how A clever move when negotiating your
many years of work post-MBA are required sponsorship is to offer to your boss to
investment. for your sponsor to annul the cost of the pay some of the additional costs of the
sponsorship or sponsored loan. programme such as travel expenses and
accommodation. This could also be used as
Thats why before saying yes to the means to convince your employer that you
sponsorship contract, be sure that are serious about the degree and this kind
you understand everything about the of gesture may further help you build trust.
repayment terms required by your
sponsor, especially what the options are Make a sponsorship
for repayment if you choose not to return
to the sponsor after graduation, Harvard
advises. Student loans are not available to
The next step is to make a sponsorship
refinance or buyout sponsorships.
proposal. In a few words, the proposal
must be specific, concrete and profes-
Relationship of trust sional, made in the right moment to the
right people.
You might be brilliant as a professional but
this might not to be enough when securing In general, the proposal should present in
a corporate sponsorship. There might be details your motivation to do the MBA and
other brilliant employees who are also how this will help the companys future
striving for a sponsorship. Its up to you development and interests. It is of key
to convince your boss that you are the importance to show how you doing an
one who deserves the corporate support. MBA will develop the companys business.
Clearly show the benefits of the MBA and
Getting corporate sponsorship depends how it will add value to the company in the
very much on the relationship of trust longer run. Spell out how each aspect of
youve built at your company. You should the courses and skills you acquire would
have proven your loyalty to the company bring positive development to each aspect
before making the financing proposal of the companys business. Show how the

degree will further strengthen your soft How quickly can what you learn can be Good timing is critical for your proposals
skills, build up on your strategic thinking, applied at work? success. If your company has enjoyed
ability to manage people and leadership Which class projects will tie into your positive financial results over the past
potential. professional work? quarters and has growth prospects, that
What is the curriculums specific relevance might be the opening you need.
To summarise, when speaking to your to your work?
employer about the sponsorship you What are your career plans after you Sell your MBA to the company as an
should be ready to answer the following graduate? investment. They will pay for the degree,
questions: What are your thoughts about a post- so show them how it will pay off. Promote
MBA long-term employment contract? yourself in the best way possible. Spell out
How much of the tuition and related Can you expect a rise or promotion after your vision of the companys development
costs are you asking the company to pay? completing the programme? in the next couple of years, how you
Are you prepared to personally contribute see yourself from this development
to financing your MBA and if so, how much? Outline your goals, career path and future perspective, and how you will contribute to
How much time will you need off work plans in the company, Rhoad says, and these goals and add value. So considering
for classes and educational travel? most importantly, define your commitment the sponsorship proposal as a business plan
How will furthering your education bring to the company after graduation as part of is a good idea to start with.
value to the organisation? their return on investment. I.D-S.

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 23


The M to A of MBA
Full-time, part-time, one-year or two-year: A comprehensive
study into the merits of the various MBA formats

he development of technology
and the demand for more
flexible business degrees
have brought about changes in
the MBA landscape. The classic
two-year full-time degree and
the European one-year full-time
degree have indeed met strong
competition from online and
part-time business programmes.
However, it would be a serious
mistake to assume the classical
MBA forms are anywhere near to
being eclipsed or dethroned.

Part-time, online and flexible MBAs may

seem more suitable for candidates above depending on the whereabouts of the job if your diploma hails from a local
a certain age and working experience. school. Business education should provide institution.
And, of course, there is no great divide a global perspective but the experience
between the different MBA degrees the itself is coloured by its location. What do the numbers say
content of part-time and full-time degrees
may overlap. There are, however, some The European MBA is considered to be The preferences of students attest to who
specifics that equip the full-time option the most culturally diverse, quick (most holds the crown in the MBA family the
with the best tools for the acquirement often lasting for one year,) and effective. full-time or the part-time degrees. In 2015,
of management skills and competences. Schools on the Old Continent are the most the majority of two-year full-time MBA
internationalised and often surpass their programmes (57%) worldwide reported
The advantages of the immersion in the US and Asian peers in this regard. The receiving more applications than in the
study process of a good school during American MBA is traditionally a two-year previous year. The long-term picture, as
a full-time programme can hardly be programme characterised by academic shown in the surveys of the Graduate
beaten by the advantages of the flexible depth and hands-on immersion in the Management Admission Council, confirms
degrees. Education forms a certain way of discipline of management. It also gives a steady upward trend of interest in full-
thinking and discipline. This effect can be good opportunities for students to find time programmes - 60% of the two-year
lessened by combining it with something internships that will help them kick-start degrees received higher application
else that requires serious attention, such their post-MBA careers. However, it is volumes in 2015 than in 2005.
as working, be it part-time or not. worth mentioning that some American
employers may still prefer US MBA The one-year full-time programmes repeat
The full-time format provides the most degrees to comparable European ones. this pattern. In 2015, 51% of these obtained
ample learning experience (for candidates Finally, Asia is as fascinating as are its more applications than in the previous
whose circumstances allow it), compared booming economic opportunities. In some year. And 53% also saw an increase in the
to the part-time and online alternatives. Asian countries with more conservative number of applications compared with 10
The MBA will also have distinct flairs management styles, it is easier to find a years ago. More candidates in both the

United States and Europe wish to study A very interesting generational GMAC the UK, Canada, France, India, Hong Kong,
an MBA, according to the available data. survey shows that, paradoxical as it may Germany, Singapore, the Netherlands and
The most impressive percentage growth in seem at first glance, younger people, Australia.
was experienced by European schools for who are supposedly more technologically
their one-year full-time programme - 67% advanced, prefer the traditional full-time Internships are a great way of landing a job
of them reported a boost. MBA variant. The one and two-year full-time and employers worldwide look for suitable
courses are considered most frequently MBA students or graduates. A different
The long-term perspectives for part- by millennials (41% for each of them) GMAC survey of 179 employers from 31
time MBAs remain strong, even if things and generation X (27% for the one-year regions/countries shows that more than
may not look that rosy at the moment. full-time MBA and 30% for the two-year four fifths (82%) of the companies polled
In comparison to 2005, 54% of part-time full-time degree). This is understandable offer internship opportunities. Among
lockstep MBA programmes received fewer due to the level of their experience, age them, 73% offer work placements to MBAs.
applications, as well as 39% of part-time and family obligations. So, it is hardly a And they do value the degree - 66% intend
self-paced MBA programmes. Still, 2015 surprise that the largest share of the older to maintain the quantity of internships,
presented positive news, with 55% of part- generation- the baby boomers- favour part- while 26% plan to increase them in 2016.
time lockstep MBA programmes and 37% time MBAs (42%) and online MBAs (40%).
of part-time self-paced MBA programmes In comparison, just 15% and 20% of them The survey reveals that the favourite
witnessing an increase in application respectively consider the one and the two- industries for part-time/flexible MBA
volumes on a yearly basis. year full-time options. students are products/services (26%),
consulting (17%), finance/accounting
Statistics tell us what is already intuitively Geographically speaking (14%) and technology (14%). Surprisingly,
known - it is generally easier for candidates healthcare (13%) is also a preferred field
to enrol on a part-time programme than A detailed geographical study into for them, unlike for the full-time MBAs. The
on a full-time course. The two-year degree candidates preferences discloses that the top three industries for full-time students
remains the most competitive worldwide, two-year full-time option is most popular in cover the same areas in a different order.
with a median of 4.5 applications sent per Central and South Asia, Latin America, the For students of the one-year course, these
place. For the one-year full-time MBA, this Middle East and the United States (in that are finance/accounting (26%), products/
number is 2.7, while the part-time lockstep order). The regions that favour the one- services (23%) and consulting (19%). And
MBA programme received 1.1 applications year full-time option the most are Central the interest of the two-year full-time
per place and the part-time self-paced MBA and South Asia, Latin America, Canada and students focuses on finance/accounting
1.3. the Middle East (also in that order). The (24%), consulting (22%) and products/
places with the highest preferences for services (19%).
The part-time MBA programmes usually part -time MBAs differ. This is the biggest
last two to three years in Europe and priority for candidates from the US, Canada, Both part-time and full-time MBA
three to four years in the US. Their biggest Africa and the Middle East. programmes increase employment
advantage - the possibility to combine perspectives. According to the GMAC 2015
study and work - in some cases could turn The American traditions in business Global Management Education Graduate
out to be a drawback. It is important not education and the appeal of the US are Survey, however, they were higher for the
to overestimate the ability to juggle and also important factors for applicants. Of part-time/flexible jobseekers from the
have it all - work, study and a personal all the prospective students polled in 2014, Class of 2015. An impressive 68% of them
life. Ambitious candidates have to keep in 66% said that the United States was their received an offer from an employer before
mind that, at certain times, balancing may preferred destination. This represented a graduation. The figure for the two-year
be tough, and they may have to choose decrease of 7% in comparison to 2010, but full-time students was comparable - 63%,
between priorities. the countrys leadership is still undisputed. while the one-year full-time programme
The other most favoured destinations are lagged behind at 36%. D.G.
Popularity and quality

A recent GMAC poll confirmed that most

prospective business school students
prefer the full-time MBA to its alternatives.
Nearly 60% of them go for it. The two-year
full-time MBA is the most preferred MBA
programme by the majority of candidates
worldwide (32%). Not surprisingly, the
second most popular choice is the one-
year full-time MBA (27%). These two
options are followed by the part-time MBA
(15%), flexible MBA (7%), online MBA (6%),
executive MBA (6%), and the joint degree
programme with MBA (3%).

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 25


Stripes of Fame
Rankings are a measurement of business schools
performance, but accreditations are the real factor of quality

rom a purely academic tool to
a mass media opinion-making
machine, MBA rankings have
changed dramatically since 1977
when they were first invented. In
the beginning it was the Carter
Report, whose criteria were
limited to the publications of
faculties in academic journals.
The Ladd & Lipset Survey,
which started in the same year,
examined how faculties ranked
schools, and deans voted for the
best programmes in the MBA
Magazine, now defunct. But it
wasnt until 1988 when Business
Week published its first ranking
that the whole game of assessing,
criticising, and wooing between
business schools and big media
really began. most interesting aspects for prospec- of Business and the National University
tive students - the change of salary after of Singapore Business School respectively.
Just like ROI, rankings are a helpful tool graduation. For this purpose, we shall The way the first places are determined
if used properly, as they contain a lot rely on the Financial Times data. It is depends on the schools providing good
of valuable information for applicants. no surprise that the schools from the education at reasonable prices and on
But being critical is useful in this case. developing world are leaders when it graduates receiving attractive salaries.
The drawback of rankings is inherent comes to biggest percentage increase. Asia, mainly due to the lower income
in their huge influence, as they tend to For the last two years the Chinese level of countries such as China, also
overshadow more important factors. Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Antai is reflects a higher ratio of prior to post MBA
Such as, for example, whether a school the champion. In 2015 its graduates saw salaries. This rule is valid, as a whole, for
is really suitable for a candidate, whether a 160% boost to their income, compared the booming developing countries and
it fits his/her career goals, and whether to their pre-MBA days to 93,690 USD explains the high pay percentage boost
is recognised by the applicants preferred and in 2014 the rise was 166% to 84,890 we observe. But this is also proof that
industry. Rankings also contribute to the USD. Chinese schools dominate, and in the industry acknowledges the quality of
culture of shallow evaluation of business 2013 all the positions in the top five were the good business schools and pays their
schools. They cannot give all the answers, from China. China preserved its first four alumni well. Undoubtedly, the influx of
no matter how exhaustive and detailed places in 2014, and the fifth was taken investments into Asia over the last two
they seem to be. by the National University of Singapore decades has made it a vibrant place for
Business School. In 2015 the first, Shanghai studying MBA. However, there are some
Salary after graduation Jiao Tong University: Antai, is followed by geographical specifics one should be aware
the Chinese Fudan University School of of. For example, the top Chinese business
To demonstrate some of the benefits Management and CEIBS. The fourth and schools may be relatively internationalised
of rankings, we will review one of the fifth positions are for the Indian School but the same cannot be said about the

situation in the job market in mainland simply pay more for MBAs. Better handling
China. In contrast, in Singapore there are of the financial and economic problems of
more career opportunities for expatriates, the US does not weigh here so much. And
especially in line with the scope of the job should the trend in the currency markets
market. of weak euro and strong dollar prove
sustainable, this distinction could deepen
If we look down this ranking, the last two even further. However, applicants must
places are taken by the University of St take into account that generally the ROI in
Gallen in Switzerland and University of Europe should be higher than in America,
Baath School of Management in the UK. mainly because the degree is shorter. The
The firsts mean salary is 104,891 USD Old Continents other big advantages are
and reports 58% increase in pay, and the that the MBA is more internationalised
second has a salary of 96,846 USD which and that there are greater chances for
represents a 55% increase. These are realisation in the job market.
still more than decent numbers and they
indicate that one shouldnt be mesmerised Rankings methodology
by the huge percentage boost in Asia.
The rankings of the Financial Times,
And if we really want to find out who Forbes magazine, The Economist, Business
gets the highest pay, we have to go west. Week, The Wall Street Journal, and US
According to the 2015 figures for weighted News & World Report have gained global
salary, the best paid alumni three years recognition over the years. However
after graduation were those of the usual reputable they are, it would be wise to
suspects. Disciples of Harvard received look not only at the publications, but Yet, when choosing
almost 180,000 USD, followed closely also at the methodology they are based
by the graduates of Stanford, Wharton, upon to understand whether they fit with a business school,
and Columbia. Logically, this list is more your own preferences. Forbes magazines
sustainable than the one for the salary biennial ranking takes into account only accreditations reflect the
percentage increase. The top five in 2014 the return of investment in the five years quality of education more
reflects the same participants except that after graduation. The Financial Times
Stanford is the leader, Harvard is second, formula includes the weighted salary of adequately, as rankings
and Kellogg third. Stanford also took first MBA graduates (20%); salary increase
position in 2013 with an average pay of (another 20%) in the last three years; may be compiled from
close to 195,000 USD, Harvard was second number of articles by faculty members incomplete facts and
again, and the rest of the positions were in academic journals (10%); international
the same as in 2015. mobility (6%); doctoral rank (5%) and figures.
faculty with doctorates (5%). Business
At the bottom of the ranking for weighted Weeks methodology relies mainly on the
salary are Fudan University School of opinion poll of students and corporate
Management in China with about 91,000 recruiters - 45% each. The remaining 10%
USD and McGill University: Desautels in apply a scholarly criterion- publications in
Canada with close to 90,000 USD. It is academic journals.
paradoxical that Fudan was second for
salary increase with 148%: in this ranking Yet, when choosing a business school,
it is also second - but from the bottom. accreditations reflect the quality of
A great illustration of the combination of education more adequately, as rankings
impressive development and imbalances may be compiled from incomplete facts
so typical for China. and figures. The main accreditation
bodies - EQUIS, managed by the European
Good old Europe lags behind America Foundation for Management Development
significantly in terms of weighted salary (EFMD), the Association to Advance
three years after graduation. The highest Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB),
salary (approximately 155,000 USD) went and the Association of MBAs (AMBA) -
to graduates of INSEAD which ranked 10th, certify institutions after a careful review
followed by London Business School (about of their academic standards. When a
154,000 USD) at 12th place, IE Business school receives an accreditation it has the
School at 14th place, IMD at 16th, and obligation to preserve the criteria it was
Cambridge Judge Business School at 18th accredited for. This is a more relevant proof
place with 147,000 USD. One of the reasons of merit than a place in a Top 20 that may
for this balance of power is that Americans simply not exist the following year. D.G.

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 27

Apples and

Oranges (OP-ED)
Choose by school or by programme: A personal
take on the age-old dilemma

ow to reach the right decisions institution like that has to offer: classes
when choosing an MBA? How do taught by the brightest minds in their
schools compare to programmes? field, state-of-the-art technology and
What are the merits of focusing on the equipment, a unique atmosphere of
school as opposed to the programme esteem, achievement and competition,
and vice versa? Finally, can there be a and a sea of knowledge to dive into.
balanced decision?
Develop international experience
When my brother and I were on the If you want to go international and take
verge of going to college, we held just your business or expertise to new markets,
that discussion. What kind of school do then you should aim at a school that boasts
you prefer: more modern and high-tech a truly international class, and often faculty.
or old and classic? I asked. Of course Ill Even if you wish to be an entrepreneur,
go for the modern, are you crazy? was instead of working in the corporate world,
his response, and thats where he went. businesses these days may skyrocket into
I was for the old and classic, and thats new markets with the speed of light. In
where I went. order to be prepared for that, you may
Elitsa has a Bachelors and a Masters wish to use your two-year residency to
That was at the end of the 90s. Guess degree in English from Sofia University. get to know new markets and cultures
what? A lot has changed. New vs. old, She has specialised at the University from the people around you, and from
modern vs. classic, local vs. international, of Surrey Roehampton, London, as a the international internship or project
large vs. small, expensive vs. affordable. Shakespeare scholar. Elitsa has worked development opportunities provided by
There is so much, too much, to consider in as Admissions Councillor (EMBA) at the your school.
terms of MBA selection these days. American University in Bulgaria.
It has probably already dawned on you For whatever purpose you wish to use your
that your future MBA will be one of the School strengths degree, the schools location could turn
greatest investments of your life in terms of out to be the best friend of your business
money, effort and time. Therefore, finding Building a network of contacts or career. If you are in IT, then a school
the right school is not just about looking Having the opportunity to develop and in an IT prolific area such as California
at rankings, or choosing one considered strengthen an excellent network of contacts or the UK would provide you with the
as prestigious. The key to making the of like-thinking peers from all over the contacts, clients, partners and high-quality
right choice is figuring out why you want world is the one thing that all MBA alumni employees to facilitate your future growth.
to take an MBA, and what you expect it to consider to be a schools best asset. If you
do for you. are able to appreciate that, then you need It is, therefore, no wonder that the schools
to aim for a high-ranking school with an in Chicago, Boston and London have a
The truth is, you can stop reading this article international profile. greater focus on finance.
right at the end of this sentence as it will
sum up the best and most straightforward There is more to higher education, be You might also consider which languages
advice: Go to the best school you can get into. it under or post-graduate, than your would be of use to you in the future. Almost
immediate programme. Harvard Business all top programmes are taught in English,
That said, lets see what the inherent School is part of greater Harvard, so you but simply living in France, Germany or
strengths of the two arguments are. will get access to everything an incredible Hong Kong for a year could equip you

with a level of fluency that could be highly institution such as Wharton or LSE, you will health care, etc. The schools not only work
valuable in the future. immediately become the next Elon Musk. hand-in-hand with the related industry, but
Even the crme de la crme of business also have faculties which have developed
School strengths schools would not be able to turn you an area of expertise. They might have an
into an entrepreneur if you dont have it incubator to attract venture capital for
Climb the career ladder in you. However, you are more likely to entrepreneurial business plans, or offer
If your end goal is to climb the corporate become one by meticulously absorbing work-study programmes that give students
ladder, choose by programme. It is the the programmes substance. hands-on experience of working with
programmes specific curriculum that NGOs. You can find information on the
provides the necessary mix of soft HEC Paris MBA entrepreneurship various schools particular strengths on
skills, knowledge, class interaction and specialisation track is especially well known their websites, in alumni forums and in
discussions with the professors, to make for that. Of course it teaches a balanced various rankings.
you challenge your own beliefs. Gone are view of entrepreneurship, but most
the times when adding three letters after importantly it is able to assess whether A specialised degree does not mean a
your name was a sure ticket to a spacious entrepreneurship is indeed right for you. smaller school. Top schools are winners
office and a six-figure starting salary, but Specific issues are covered for high-tech here too, as most of them seem to be
equipped with the skills acquired during startups, execution, business modelling, known for something: Kellogg for
your studies, you can achieve this on your governance, how to network, and how to Marketing, Stanford for IT, Stern for
own. enter markets. If, when youve completed Banking, Wharton for Finance, etc. And yet
this course, you still have doubts, then there is so much more that those schools
By the way, that is also true if you are set nothing is going to alleviate them. do. The truth is each one of the top schools
on a total overhaul of your career. It is what will prepare you for whatever you wish to
you learn in life (or school, in our case) Specialisation do with your MBA degree post-graduation.
that makes you confident and capable MBA students around the world are seeking
enough to undertake a complete change to use their newly acquired business Considering the magnitude of a decision
of direction. degrees to advance in niche businesses such as enrolling in an MBA programme,
of their own or in newer industries. That everyone wants to get the most out of
Set up your own business has broadened the horizon for new, non- their investment. So, as stated earlier in
With the start-up boom and the almost branded schools to enter the stage and this article, the perfect option is to aim
desperate demand for innovation, expand the best programmes ranks to the for the best school you can get into. If for
entrepreneurship is the new mode. Almost top 100 rather than the top 20, mainly due some reason thats not possible, think of
all reputable schools have it, more so in to their specialisation. which elements of the experience matter
some parts of the world than in others. to you the most. Almost certainly, your
But it is the programmes concrete Beyond the generalist nature of the MBA first questions will be Where?, What
curriculum rather than the schools abstract degree, schools have become known programme? and How long? Your
reputation that will actually teach you for certain areas of expertise such as balanced decision will be found at the
entrepreneurship. It would not be fair marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, crossing point of the answers to these
to say that if you go to an established non-profit, real estate, IT management, questions. E.V.

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 29

For Inquisitive

Managers Only
The Specialised MBAs added value is the provision
of in-depth industry knowledge

Specialised MBA degree must A quick overview skills. Taking the broader financial services
be specific to a certain sector industry as an example (Brunel, 2006, p.
within the wider economic In a general sense, specialised MBAs 339), it could be argued that specialised
context. The course curriculums are mostly designed for those managers MBA managers have proven to be more
main focus is acquisition of who wish to gather more knowledge in a efficient in the context of sector-specific
specialist knowledge in a particular field of business, while retaining activities, such as wealth management
particular field, which could range the classic benefit of an MBA, that of and risk control.
from aerospace to hospitality. general management. Thus, managers
The market value of this kind who have undertaken an MBA, can be When questioning just how specialised
of postgraduate education is divided into two broad categories: general a specialised MBA programme is, one
not to be underestimated. The managers, with previous technical and should consider the different choices
type of sector-specific, in-depth professional experience in a given subject available. According to the educational
knowledge that a specialised MBA area, who make up the majority of those consultancy Aringo Consultants (2016),
confers on students, is necessary drawn to the MBA, and managers, who a specialised MBA may provide in-
for career growth in certain niche aim to acquire a Specialised MBA degree in depth knowledge in any one topic such
sectors, such as luxury, or even order to gain the technical or professional as marketing, information systems (IT),
information technology. expertise, along with the management accounting, human resources, supply chain

management, etc. Imagine that a male IT This is particularly true in multinational The value of a generalist
engineer wants to become a manager. He firms. Even though most MBA students MBA
takes a classic MBA programme because he pick up a specialisation area once their
already has hard programming skills, but he required classes are over, specialised The opposite example would be a technical
lacks managerial skills. On the other hand, MBA programmes provide students with or process manager who fails to get
suppose that a female graduate student an opportunity to concentrate on their promotion due to a lack of managerial
from a commercial field wishes to pursue selected field from the very beginning of the expertise to motivate their subordinates
a career in payroll management and staff academic term. For example, the Bordeaux and boost revenue, as required by
training. If she has already managed to get Management School (France) offers an their employer. The importance of a
a job, then she may opt for a specialised MBA degree specialised in marketing wine. conventional MBA degree is undeniable.
MBA degree in human resource (HR) An MBA in the specific field of gas and Modern business leaders must become
management. This specialist qualification petroleum management is available at accustomed to a wide range of legal,
will enable the female graduate to apply the Robert Gordon University (UK). managerial, operational, financial and
for better opportunities, supported by a HR issues. Specialist knowledge alone
background of initial work experience, in These examples define specialised MBAs often proves insufficient when dealing
HR management roles. and illustrate how different institutions with business management functions as
are attempting to prepare their students a whole.
The specialised MBAs true for diverse kinds of managerial and socio-
nature technical roles. Multinational companies Therefore, even a specialised MBA degree
aim to fill a niche for managers with deep programme must have an exhaustive
In reality, the specialised MBA has understanding of their industry. Unlike course curriculum that is able to confer
found a niche in the market for sector- a general manager, such a manager is both specialist and generalist knowledge.
specific knowledge, rather than in the supposed to have more departmental The specialised MBA is thus suitable for
more general business topics, such as expertise and in-depth knowledge of the candidates who are already managers, but
marketing, HR and finance. Globalisation economic, political and social powers that who lack specific knowledge about their
and outsourcing of business processes drive their business. Industry-specific industry, or for newcomers, who want to
have increased the demand for managers knowledge remains the cornerstone of make a complete switch of careers, with
with narrow professional backgrounds. specialised MBAs. no prior experience or expertise.

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 31


Riding the Cyber Wave

The Online MBA has risen in popularity due to its
increasing flexibility, recognition and quality

he proliferation of Online This information was circulated by the
MBAs is a modern-day Graduate Management Admission Council
phenomenon, linked to in its 2015 Application Trends Survey.
both the development of the Though the online MBA data is primarily
Internet and the need for more US-centric, the study is global with the
flexible business education to suit participation of 641 graduate business
practising professionals. This is programmes in 306 universities from 35
why it may sound surprising to countries, 42 US states and the District
some that their history pre-dates of Columbia.
that of the Internet itself. It is
believed that the first online MBA Employment and Online
was offered by Aspen University in MBAs
1987 - hardly a period in which the
World Wide Web was widespread. But how does the online MBA fare in the
Europe followed the US route but eyes of employers? GMAC sheds some
it was not until 13 years later - in valuable light on this question: in 2015,
2000 - that the online MBA arrived only 16% of part-time MBA and 11% of
in the Old Continent, with IE executive MBA programmes expected the
Business School being the first to majority of applicants to have the financial
launch one. backing of their employer. On the other
hand, 35% of online MBA programmes
Online MBAs offer experienced anticipated candidates to be financially
professionals a convenient opportunity supported by their companies.
to combine work and study. Short and
long-term statistics reflect the changes in And theres a good reason for this.
preferences of business school candidates, Online MBAs are the most likely group
from other professional and flexible MBA amongst business education alumni to
degrees to online MBAs. While in 2015 keep their current employer, according to
half of all flexible MBA programmes the 2015 Global Management Education
reported a boost in application volume Graduate Survey Report. Of all online
in comparison to 2005, the share of MBA respondents, 88% report plans to
online MBA programmes reporting an maintain their current job. The majority of
increase was even higher 67%. For the other professional MBAs - part time/
comparison, the trend in applications for flexible and executive students - are of the
executive MBA degrees and part-time same disposition. The difference is that
MBA programmes has dwindled by 52% their rate is a bit lower than that of the
and 49% respectively. In the US, the rise online MBAs 77% and 75% respectively.
of interest in online MBA programmes
is palpable - in 2015, half of the schools Its no surprise that the contrast with other
received more applications than in 2014, business programme graduates is stark.
and in 2014, 43% of programmes reported Just 15% of one-year and two-year MBA
a boost in applications vis-a-vis 2013. graduates plan to stay with their company.

This is further confirmation that, statistically, face sessions - e.g. 70% online time, 30% all, followed by lecture/discussions, case
the majority of online MBA students are face-to-face time. studies and pure lectures. Theory gives way
already well into their professional road to practice as the most suitable method
when enrolling on the programme. For Robert Bruner, dean of the University of for experienced people to accumulate
this demographic, the online MBA is a Virginias Darden School of Business, puts hard and soft skills, know-how and other
more suitable way of studying business the emphasis on the importance of the valuable competences.
than the full-time option, in view of a hybrid form of learning. Id say that the
stable career and the reluctance to give comparison of online education today to Other than this, there are some different
up work and remuneration. Another cause the old distance-learning, closed-circuit TV specifics. Richard McNeal, a recent MBA
for favouring online over full-time study is systems is not just a comparison of apples graduate in Management from Marylhurst
that many quality schools offer relatively with oranges, its almost a comparison University shared his perspective in an
the same quality in both programmes, with of rocks versus diamonds, he says in an interview for The
the same, or at least no less accomplished, interview for Poets and Quants. Bruner, online experience is distinctly different from
academic staff and lecturers. whose school has online courses in its the classroom setting in many ways. For
executive programme, is a believer that example, the online classroom tends to
The online degree should not be a online education will continue to improve. favour those students who possess above
compromise or of lower quality. Indeed, average writing skills because, essentially,
the candidates themselves need to make For experienced individuals all communications, not to mention
sure that it isnt. Good research into their assignments, are written. Also, online
selected programmes is crucial. In addition, In 2015, online MBA students were some programmes require more developed time
alongside the learning process, the online of the most satisfied with their education management and organisation skills you
experience should provide as equal as experience. Almost 90% (89% to be exact) have to be disciplined to be successful.
possible opportunities for networking would recommend their programme,
too. Of course, proactiveness is the key with the value rating standing at 94%, The rise in interest in online MBAs in the
here. It is mandatory for a school offering second only to executive MBAs (95%). US in 2015 came from both domestic
the online MBA to also boast high-level The methods of instruction used in the and international candidates. Forty-three
technological facilities. An interesting classroom demonstrate once again that the percent of the programmes reported
trend in online MBAs that has been gaining programme is tailor-made for professionals. that they received more applications
momentum in recent years is the blended Compared to other postgraduate business from domestic students and 24% noted
option. This means that online classes and students, those taking the online MBA a decrease in these candidates. The
lectures are followed by offline face-to- used the team projects method above attractiveness of the online degree was also

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 33

acknowledged by international applicants, online interaction, salary increase and
Although it may depend albeit maintaining a relatively limited share value for money. The schools responses
on the programme - just 8% of the overall pool. Thirty-five make up the remaining 35% of the weight
percent of the programmes reported that and form 10 criteria, such as doctoral
itself, online MBAs are they had more international candidates rank and others.
then in the previous year and 25% said
generally easier to get they had fewer. Whereas the FT ranking is global, the US
in to, compared to the News & World Report ranks only American-
Although it may depend on the programme based programmes. Student engagement
full-time option. itself, online MBAs are generally easier carries the highest weight (28%). Admission
to get in to, compared to the full-time selectivity and survey of academic officials
option. The acceptance rate for Carnegie at MBA programmes both carry 25% and
Mellons MBA, for example, is 60% for faculty credentials and training, along with
online applicants and 31% for the two-year student services and technology account
full-time MBA. The median GMAT score for for 11% each.
the former is 45 points lower than that of
the full-time option. Finally, it should be noted that, while
online MBA rankings came to be because
Online degree rankings and of market demand, scoring high in classic,
accreditation well-established rankings such as the FT
Global MBA rankings and Bloombergs
With online degrees gaining steam, some Businessweek rankings is a good indication
media have started making their own of the schools overall quality.
online MBA rankings. Unlike the undisputed
traditional clout of the full-time rankings, If the school is ranked high by the Financial
online rankings are yet to assert their Times, its probably a good bet is a proven
power to influence public opinion. They axiom that applies as much to the choice
are interesting, as their criteria differ from of an online MBA as to full-time MBA
the criteria for full-time and executive programmes.
And yet, rankings should always be
One of the most prestigious of these taken with a pinch of salt. They provide
is published by the Financial Times. useful information, often interesting
In order to feature, a school should be statistics and, above all, valuable data
internationally accredited, the programme concentrated in one place. However,
must have existed for at least the last four their overall credibility is not to be taken
years and a minimum of 70% of the course for granted. Instead, candidates should
must be conducted online. The FT also pay equal, if not even more, attention
stipulates that students should go through to accreditation. Just as in all other
a selection process before admission and an programmes, online MBA degrees have
examination before they finish the course. good apples and some not-so-good ones.
Two online surveys are conducted - one Differentiating between them depends on
examining the schools and one examining applicants themselves, but research is of
the alumni. The responses of the graduates the essence. Accreditations are the most
account for 65% of the rankings weight and reliable hallmarks not just for the quality
form six ranking criteria: salary today, of online MBAs but for business education
aims achieved, programme delivery, degrees in general. D.G.


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Two Sides of

the Same Grit

Career perseverance and an insatiable hunger for
knowledge meet in the Part-time MBA

Why did you decide to pursue The financial benefits of not putting a hold
an MBA degree at McGill? on your earnings are also worth noting.
My choice to pursue an MBA degree was the Beyond the MBA expenses, there is a major
result of a fateful discussion with a mentor opportunity cost related to pushing the
who recommended I continue building my pause button on your career. The part-
CV. Once I committed to that decision, I time option greatly diminishes the financial
approached it as any major investment. pressure of returning to school, which
I looked beyond the financial terms, and makes it one of the more accessible routes
into the time and energy required to gain for aspiring MBAs.
the most from it. That perspective put a
premium on attending a top-tier school, In hindsight, there are many other
making the McGill Desautels MBA a clear advantages related to pursuing a
frontrunner. part-time MBA, including honing my
time management skills and building
Getting an MBA was also the best way to relationships with like-minded, driven
address knowledge gaps I had exposed as people from a wide range of industries.
my career got underway. Although I held a
Patrick Brayley
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree at Do you feel satisfied with
McGill Desautels
the time, I quickly ran into areas of business your choice of a part-time
Part-time MBA Graduate,
that I needed to strengthen in order to add programme?
Class of 2016
value in more senior roles. Absolutely. The beauty of McGills PMBA
programme is that it offers the breadth
Patrick Brayley hails from Canada.
McGills Part-time MBA programme was and depth of a full-time programme.
Having worked in the entertainment
perfectly suited to my needs, allowing me This includes pursuing a concentration,
industry for nearly a decade, Patrick
to benefit from a rich curriculum without which was critical to me as I entered the
has accumulated a wealth of experience
skipping a beat in the workplace. I was programme with a business background
in major event development, mergers
ultimately able to fill in many of the gaps and little interest in covering areas which
and acquisitions, as well as request-
I had identified and picked up a great I had already explored.
for-proposal bidding. His noteworthy
number of unexpected returns.
milestones include a winning bid for
The greatest source of satisfaction came
the 20-year management rights to a
What were the factors that from being able to learn something in a
200M USD, 10,000-seat arena. He has
made you choose a part- classroom on a Tuesday evening and then
also participated in the development
time MBA instead of another applying it in a meeting with my team the
or acquisition of several world-
format? morning after. I cannot overstate how
renowned festivals, including Osheaga
The most critical factor was not taking critical a role this played in crystalsing
and the Montreal International Jazz
a break from work. I did not want to my learnings. The workplace became the
Festival. Patrick holds a B.Com from
run the risk of losing the momentum I perfect complement to the classroom, with
Concordia University. He graduated
had established in my career to date. the two worlds playing off of each other to
from McGills Desautels Professional
Fortunately, I was even able to accelerate create more and more value. I cannot see
MBA programme in April 2016 to join
my professional development over the how I would have retained as much of the
a top-tier management consulting firm
three-year programme, which turned out to material had I not been applying it daily
shortly thereafter.
be a big win-win situation for me. over the past three years.

Another highlight which I cannot overlook Being able to see the practical merits of What has the Part-time MBA
was our ten-day study trip in Singapore material and gleaning industry-specific degree given you, career-wise?
last spring. Both streams, part-time and insights from expert peers was invaluable. The PT MBA yielded major benefits both
full-time, were invited to participate in this during and after the program. As I moved
unforgettable experience, giving us the How hard was it for you to through the curriculum I gained confidence
opportunity to see first-hand how business combine work and study in my abilities and, more importantly, a
is conducted elsewhere. That trip was during that time? newfound awareness of the subtleties of
incredibly inspiring and made me realise My honest answer is that the first few business. I came to appreciate and refine
that I wanted to have a career which would months were very challenging. It took me the soft skills needed to be more effective
take me around the world. some time to get back into the rhythm of in the workplace.
school while working a demanding job.
How would you describe the More tangibly, I entered the programme
learning environment and The good news is that I saw for myself how as an analyst and, by applying what
subjects in the PT MBA course? being put in situations where you need to I was learning, rose to a director-level
The programme offers a very dynamic stretch is exactly how you grow. My peers role within 18 months. Entering my final
learning environment, with a balanced and I quickly adapted and became a living year, I found myself being presented with
combination of case-work and theory. proof of Parkinsons Law work expands to opportunities I had not even considered
The fact that it allows students to select fill the available time. It is amazing what you before starting my MBA. As a result, today
courses based on their interests was a can do in a short period of time when you I am gearing up to start an exciting new
major advantage, and provided a degree put yourself in a must-perform situation! career working for a top-tier management
of flexibility which is not found in every consulting firm.
part-time MBA. You also learn to establish a strong support
network, starting with your fellow part-time The whole experience has been nothing
The classroom was always particularly students. The shared challenges become short of a transformation of my entire
exciting when the material was related a bonding agent, laying a foundation for life. I will always look back at my decision
to the work experience of one or several incredible relationships. The resultant to pursue a Part-time MBA at McGill
classmates, which was actually a frequent camaraderie that we share is something as a major turning point one I am
occurrence given their diverse backgrounds. I will value for the rest of my life. tremendously thankful for. A.Z.

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 37

The Canadian Dream
Canada is a welcoming country and a solid
MBA destination
overing vast expanses of land with the fact that everyone completing an
in the northernmost part MBA programme in the country is likely to
of North America, Canada receive a work visa for up to three years
is one of the most successful after graduation, this means that work is
Western countries in terms of anything but deficient in Her Majestys
raw GDP (ranking in the top 15, subarctic realm.
according to various sources),
ease of doing business (top 15, And with powerful sectors, such as
according to the World Bank) and Finance, Pharmaceuticals and Oil and Gas
general education performance at the forefront of the economy, there is
(top 10, according to the UN). It little difference between the life an MBA
comes as no surprise, then, that graduate can expect in Canada compared
Canada is also a prime location to cities like Chicago or Los Angeles (minus
for doing an MBA. the subtropical climate).

A smart place for an MBA Speaking of cities, Canadas golden top

10 includes pearls such as Vancouver, More than 250,000
According to Admit Master, a Canadian Calgary, Ottawa and Edmonton, which
MBA Admissions Consultancy, many represent a diverse mix of businesses, with workers immigrate to
international candidates choose to apply a geography and environment that are
to Canadian MBA programmes because overshadowed only by the likes of Toronto
Canada every year, which
of Canadas friendly visa and immigration and Montreal. The former hosts the famed means that businesses are
policies. The Canadian economy is Bay Street, which is considered to be the
welcoming to newcomers as long as equivalent of New Yorks Wall Street, and used to employing people
they are qualified. More than 250,000 the latter is the worlds second largest
workers immigrate to Canada every year, French-speaking city, which provides
who have worked in other
which means that businesses are used indirect access to French business across parts of the world.
to employing people who have worked the Atlantic.
in other parts of the world. Naturally,
finding employment in Canada is much Montreal is a cosmopolitan city, a melting
easier for candidates who hold a Canadian pot where it is not uncommon to meet
degree. This is why international students people from three different continents at
graduating from Canadian business schools the same party, says Mathieu Renou, an
usually face little or no trouble finding HEC Montreal alumnus.
employment in Canadian companies.
Proof of this can be found in the marginal Part of my decision [when I was deciding
levels of disparity between post-MBA where to get my MBA] was job availability
levels of employment for Canadian versus in the city and how many students get
international students. jobs [in Toronto ed.], adds Adedoyin
Adesemowo, an MBA graduate from
A 2015 report by the Halifax Partnership Ryerson University, Toronto.
claims that immigrant workers made up
22% of the Canadian labour force [in 2011, Respectable schools
-ed.] and had accounted for 41% of growth
in the Canadian labour force since 2006. But how good are Canadian universities?
They usually do well in global MBA
Relating to the MBA sector, one could rankings, such as The Economists MBA
argue that these numbers can be explained Rankings and Bloombergs Businessweek
by the inclination of Canadian business MBA rankings. University of Toronto and
schools to admit candidates who they McGill have been placed in at least one
see as employable in Canada. Combined rankings top 25 every year for the past

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 39

decade, with many more claiming a spot CAD for most programmes. Rotman offers supports even stronger export growth, the
in the top 100. Ivey has been Bloomberg one of the more premium-priced MBAs with national economy is expected to expand
Businessweeks number one international a fee of 105,000 USD, while some schools by 2% in 2016-2018, according to The
school (outside of the US) for two years in Quebec charge considerably less (HEC Economists Intelligence Unit.
running. Montreal and Concordia). As with almost
all higher education degrees around the Being cheaper both in terms of tuition
However, when it comes to the Financial world, tuition fees become much steeper fees and living expenses, and with an
Times Global MBA rankings, it is more depending on nationality, with preference easily obtainable work permit, Canada
difficult for Canadian schools to score given to home students. Sometimes that has a lot of promise. The MBA opens the
as high as in other rankings, since its difference can add up to 25,000 USD more door to a three-year work permit, and
methodology is based on post-MBA salaries for international students. Still, especially after gaining some work experience in
and salary growth, claims Advent Groups with the exchange rate of the Canadian the country, a graduate could easily apply
North America Director Jonathan Khayat. dollar, an MBA in Canada is a much, for permanent residence and ultimately
much cheaper deal than one in the US. get Canadian citizenship within 4-6
Canada has a good economy but income For example, an MBA at McGill, a highly years of graduation. This should not be
disparities lead to schools in Canada being respected school in its own right, will cost underestimated.
outscored by institutions based in cities around 60,000 USD over two years, which
such as New York, London and Singapore, is approximately 40,000 USD less than a And yet, after all is said and done, a
Khayat explains. school of the same calibre in the US. decision to study abroad should not be
based solely on cold-blooded calculations.
University of Toronto: Rotman is ranked Despite a disappointing 2013 and Crucially, Canada should not be viewed
60 in the FT 2016 Global MBA Rankings, 2014, which saw oil prices plummet to as a cheaper alternative to the US, but
with McGill and Ivey placing in the 80s, unprecedented lows, Canada maintains as a meaningful destination with its own
and Queens University: Smith and UBC: a powerful economy, levitating around unique culture, business opportunities
Sauder claiming spots in the 90s. the worlds number 10 spot in terms of and bold career paths.
nominal GDP and GDP per capita. Canadas
Accreditation-wise, Canadian schools are immediate proximity to its dominant A mari usque ad mare, Canada is a
well-adapted to international standards, neighbour to the south makes it the USAs welcoming nation that will test your
with all schools claiming at least one largest trading partner. Thats no small feat ambition and reward you for your
certificate and many sporting two. The two in itself. But as the weak Canadian dollar perseverance. A.Z.
so-called triple-accredited schools (holding
AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS certificates) in
Canada are HEC Montreal and Telfer School
of Management.

US and Canada
Unsurprisingly, Canadian MBA programmes
carry many similarities to their neighbours
to the south.

Canadian MBA curricula are identical to

US programmes in terms of duration (two
years), electives and emphasis on doing
an internship. There are some exceptions,
such as Queens and Ivey, which offer a one-
year programme, and UBC: Sauder, which
has created an American-European hybrid
that lasts for 16 months. Internships are
a key component, and an option to study
abroad is often introduced at a later stage
during the programme. The first semester is
usually introductory and general in nature,
while the second semester allows students
to pick electives. As expected, most of
the programmes kick off in August and
September, with the noticeable exceptions
being Queens and Schulich (January) and
Ivey (March).

Cost-wise, tuition fees vary from province to

province, with an average of roughly 80,000


The British Legacy

The UKs traditions in business and finance
make it a prime location for MBA

hats the first thing you the most sought-after international
imagine when hearing accreditations: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.
the word UK? London? According to the Financial Times Global
Big Ben? Five oclock tea with MBA Ranking for 2016, two UK-based
the Queen or with Benedict schools are among the first 10 b-schools
Cumberbatch? Hamlet? Indeed, worldwide with London Business School
the UK has many faces. And one (LBS) taking the third place and University
of its most recognisable worldwide of Cambridges Judge School of Business
is the silhouette of the Gherkin as occupying the 10th place in the ranking.
the symbol of the City of London,
which has been the worlds As a matter of fact, UK business schools
primary business centre since the prove the saying that an MBA at a top
19th century. business school is synonymous with a
costly MBA. LBS MBA, which takes 15-21
This fame, plus the fact that English is the months costs 70,800 GBP in 2016. And if
most widely spoken language worldwide you want to go for a shorter, 12-month
and that the UKs strategic location and programme this year, from Oxford or
politics make it a gateway between Cambridge, be ready to splash out 50,200
Europe and America, has led to a tight GBP or 49,000 GBP, respectively.
concentration of businesses from all kinds
of industries. All these, in turn, have helped The high cost is a major concern for many
the positioning of the UK in general, and MBA aspirants. And those coming from
London in particular, to become a primary countries outside the EU face additional
educational destination at the top of the difficulties such as visa requirements and
list for leaders in business education for regulations stipulating that they need to
many decades. leave the country within three months of
graduation if they dont find a job.
Many UK schools offer top quality, world-
renowned MBA programmes. And proof The good news is that most MBA graduates
of that is the fact that UK-based business dont have problems landing a job and it
schools are usually among the top 100 in usually happens within three months of
rankings of respectable business magazines getting their diploma, especially in the
such as the Financial Times, the Economist City of London. Thats why the high cost
and Bloomberg Businessweek. of the programme shouldnt be a concern
as, in fact, MBA salaries easily pay for the
According to the latest data from UK-based expensive degree.
accreditation agency, the Association of
MBAs (AMBA), 43 UK schools have been And the figures, especially for the most
accredited by the agency. And, as of expensive degrees, clearly prove this fact.
September 2015, 20 UK-based schools According to the latest Financial Times
have received a triple accreditation from MBA Ranking survey for 2016, 93% of

Many UK schools offer top
quality, world-renowned
MBA programmes. And
proof of that is the fact
that UK-based business
schools are usually among
the top 100 in rankings
of respectable business

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 43

London Business School MBAs graduates which offer low-cost MBA programmes well: London is a cultural and financial
found a job three months after graduation to international students and many of hub, with 99% of the Earths business
and their average weighted salary three these colleges have university affiliated activity. Every leading financial institution
years after graduation was 154,150 USD. MBA degree programmes. Tuition fees at on the planet is there, as are a third of the
Eighty-two percent of graduates from these schools are 10,000- 15,000 GBP on worlds largest companies, and a quarter of
the University of Oxfords Said Business average. The programmes are cheaper, businesses based there are foreign-owned.
School found a post within three months shorter in length at 12 - 18 months; students The city is a shining beacon for the creative,
of graduating and their average weighted can work up to 20 hours per week during technology, media and telecoms industries
salary three years later was 136,959 USD. their studies to support themselves; and where new, flexible organisations can make
Figures also show that 89% from University the MBA is obtained in globally respected an immediate impact. London motivates,
of Cambridge Judge Business School found universities. The list of b-schools offering entertains and surprises. It has culture old
a job three months after completing the relatively inexpensive MBAs include and new, sport, nightlife, exciting cuisine,
degree and their average weighted salary Anglia Ruskin University, University of East festivals and parks. On every level, London
three years after was 156,323 USD. London, Coventry University, Leeds Beckett delivers.
University and many others.
Is a top school the only Brexit
choice? An MBA course from one of the above
schools is affordable and a good choice, However, it would be unfair not to mention
However, the question remains as to particularly because of their proximity the implications of the vote of the British
whether getting an MBA diploma in the to London. Why is being in London public to leave the EU in what is now
UK has to be expensive. The good news is so important? Because of the citys known as Brexit. Especially since London
that its not only LBS, Oxford or Cambridge uniqueness. London is a cosmopolitan, has voted to remain. The consequences
where you can get an MBA. multicultural city bringing people and of the referendum will be felt for months
businesses together across different and perhaps years to come, and many
There is a wide variety of small and private nationalities, regions, religions and cultures would feel wary of committing to the UK,
colleges, especially around London, from all over the globe. LBS expresses it especially if they hold an EU passport.

London is a cultural and For the rest, things will not change much, the top 500 global companies are based
since all the old rules would apply equally. there; 100% of leading financial institutions
financial hub, with 99% In the short term, education in the UK will and 264 foreign banks have offices there;
become more accessible in the wake of the 1,000+ tech start-ups are formed every
of the Earths business Sterlings devaluation. As long as Britains month and it represents 37% of the global
activity. Every leading currency is down, tuition fees for non- foreign exchange market and 80% of
British students will be smaller. However, worlds metal trading.
financial institution on the nothing can be certain in the long run, or
even in the medium. When and how will Naturally, recruiters demand for
planet is there, as are a the Sterling rebound? Will there be an professionals with top-quality education
third of the worlds largest adjustment to the tuition fees to make has always been high. The list of recruiters
up for the weak currency? And what will in the hunt for MBAs in the City of London
companies, and a quarter happen once the Pound stabilises, and the is very long and it includes companies
UK leaves the EU? Wouldnt that mean that from various business sectors, ranging
of businesses based there students from the EU who had previously from banking, accounting and financial
are foreign-owned. been considered home applicants, would services to hedge funds and private
now have to pay higher tuition fees, the equity, investment services and all
way that students from outside the EU do? type of consultancies. To name a few
At least the last question has a sensible HSBC, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Co,
answer. Unlike universities which offer British American Tobacco, KPMG, Ernst
classic Masters degrees, business schools & Young, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu,
do not differentiate between home and PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deutsche Bank,
away students. This means that tuition etc.
fees are the same for a British, EU and
non-EU students. That should serve as a An MBA from a UK school isnt only the
consolation at least for now. key to a career in the City, of course. An
MBA from a UK school opens doors to a
The value of the British career around the world, especially within
MBA businesses with a global outreach and
international exposure, whether Silicon
But back to London. Of course, the capital Valley start-ups or other businesses striving
is important, but even more so is the City for fast growth. Ranked highly for its quality,
of London. The City, which many future due to the strong traditions in the British
business professionals dream of, has business education sector, a UK-based MBA
been a world primary business centre for is a game changer. The success rate of
centuries, attracting businesses from all British MBA graduates over the decades is
over the globe. Seventy-five percent of a testament to that. I.D-S.

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Source: 2014 Global Business Elite, Ipsos MediaCT

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The Asian Giant

China has established itself as the MBA
hub of East Asia

hoosing a Chinese MBA leadership skills, MBA programmes also
means following an give you the ability to meet like-minded
accredited curriculum, business professionals from various
taught by experienced professors backgrounds and form and nourish
from all around the world; there valuable connections, forming better
are even six Chinese universities insight into cultural specifics which is
that are triple-accredited from the what makes MBA degrees offered by
three largest and most influential Chinese business schools so special. They
accreditation associations make the MBA relevant to the region,
AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. and place knowledge and future career
development in the context of Greater
The rapid growth in global trade and China, while still following world-class
investment, and the interchange of accredited business curricula.
products, ideas and cultures have changed
the world for good and have opened a Despite being relatively new on the
whole new range of possibilities for market, the quality of the education
development and growth. The Far East, offered by schools in China has become
previously known as a mysterious and widely recognised. In the Financial Times
exotic place, has transitioned and with 2016 business schools ranking, China has
a bang! to what is now collectively seven schools in the top 100, with three
known as East Asia, a hustling and bustling of them - Hong Kong University of Science
whirlwind of manufacturing, commerce and Technology Business School (HKUST),
and trade; the place you need to be if you Ceibs and The Chinese University of Hong
want to be global and reach new markets. Kong Business School (CUHK) - in the top
30. HKUST ranks as high as number 15.
Long gone are the days where Made
in China signalled cheap goods of poor Chinese universities have well-established
quality. As the second largest economy connections around the world and also
in the world, China attracts an increasing offer dual or triple degrees Ceibs,
number of professional visitors every year for example, collaborates with Cardiff
and worldwide businesses are increasingly University, and HKUST has exchange
recognising people with capabilities partners in Canada, the US, Australia, Latin
and experience on the Asian market. America, Africa and Europe, allowing you
Understanding Asian culture provides an to spend one semester of their 16-month
undeniable and much-needed edge in a programme abroad.
highly competitive job environment.
Crunching the numbers
The Chinese MBA USP
Students can also choose an accelerated
It comes as no surprise that Chinese MBA MBA degree, obtained in 12 months,
programmes are also on the rise. Usually which will still allow you to benefit from
pursued for their quality of education interacting with the foreign exchange
and development of critical business and students, but will minimise opportunity

As the second largest
economy in the world, China
attracts an increasing number
of professional visitors
every year and worldwide
businesses are increasingly
recognising people with
capabilities and experience
on the Asian market.

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 47

costs and time away from work, a critical in China itself and they ensure that Specifically designed modules on Chinese
aspect in the hectic Asian lifestyle. But graduates are well equipped to handle the history and culture allow students to
rest assured, there will be international most challenging aspects of the Chinese analyse and discuss the past and current
collaboration 50% to 90% of the students marketplace. Only about 30% of classroom status of Chinas trade and international
in MBA programmes come from outside time is dedicated to lecturing, while most relations. Field trips and organised sessions
of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and of the learning occurs from working with local business representatives further
on average they represent around 30 on business case analyses, seminars, improve students understanding of the
nationalities. discussions and presentations. Cases used culture and provide a valuable opportunity
in lectures come from top universities, such for networking and building connections.
To be admitted, a student needs at least as Harvard, but are also developed based
two years of professional experience and a on specific local challenges, which gives MBA graduates develop a distinctive edge in
Bachelors degree, as well as a satisfactory students a greater insight into how business the unique Chinese business environment
GMAT score and English proficiency. Tuition is being done in the region. a good understanding of both Western
fees range between 50,000 USD and 70,000 management principles, as well as
USD on average and, depending on the Curriculum and careers local Chinese culture and social issues.
schools location, your expected budget Employers are willing to pay a premium
should include up to 30,000 USD more While all material is taught in English, for such talent. In the 2015 FT MBA ranking,
to cover accommodation, expenses and some schools, such as Ceibs, require a Chinese schools outperformed all others in
field trips. basic knowledge of Chinese, offering a terms of pay increase, with their graduates
mandatory module before the MBA studies reaching an average of between 140%
Chinese business schools teach the most begin. Others, such as HKUST, offer basic and 160%.
advanced and renowned international Mandarin training free of charge for the first
business theories, but do place great portion of studies, as well as total language It is not just the acquisition of specific
importance on their practical application immersion programmes throughout. knowledge but, more importantly,

There is rapid growth
in many sectors, such
as finance, healthcare
and consumer goods, as
well as many emerging
industries in great need
of managerial talent.

getting a true taste of life in China that While the job market is highly competitive,
helps graduates thrive after completing MBA studies equip you with great flexibility
their studies. Understanding the Chinese to target different jobs, as well as with the
business environment and interacting with ability to apply for various internships and
locals, and experiencing the complexities traineeships, not to mention building the
of Chinese culture, the peoples thought personal connections and relationships
processes, outlook- and problem-solving that can help you get your foot in the door.
methods allow MBA graduates to be There is rapid growth in many sectors, such
successful in their careers, both in China as finance, healthcare and consumer goods,
and back home. Around 80% of graduates as well as many emerging industries in
remain in the region after completing their great need of managerial talent. For many
degree, and the majority of graduates who of these fields, Mandarin is not required,
return home remain deeply connected with but a level of command as well as strong
Asia as overseas representatives of Chinese cultural sensitivity and understanding are
companies and conglomerates. definitely a plus.

A challenge worth taking If you are genuinely interested in Chinese

culture, trade and business, and moving to
There are several bustling cities where you East Asia to pursue a career sounds exciting
can start your MBA search, to make sure and promising, a Chinese-offered MBA is
you are in the centre of everything that just what you need but be prepared to be
is happening. Shanghai, the financial and equal parts amazed and frustrated. There
commercial centre of mainland China, is are many challenges the language barrier
one of the fastest developing cities in the and cultural specifics, to name just two. If
world. Apart from also being a financial you are set on overcoming these, however,
centre, Hong Kong is the international it could be the experience of a lifetime,
business hub for Asian companies, not only which will open a whole new world of
from China, but also from Korea and Japan. possibilities for you. E.V

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Bogota to L.A.
One brave womans story of triumph against the odds

How did you decide to study at Career Teams (ACT) and Interview Prep
UCLA Anderson? Teams (IPT), I was able to receive help from
It was a joint decision with my husband my peers and together, we successfully
as we both completed the MBA program completed the recruiting process.
together. Because it was such a big
investment for us, we were looking to How do you believe that the
experience the best two years of our lives MBA has helped/will help you
at a top university. UCLA Anderson offered achieve your career goals?
everything we were looking for. The MBA has been extremely helpful in
reaching my career aspirations. Not only
First, I was looking for a school with excellent did it help me pivot from a marketing to
career services and close relationships consulting role, but it accelerated my career
with top companies. I wanted access to and opened doors that I could have never
resources that would help place me at had access to otherwise. Academically,
my dream company. The Parker Career the MBA provided a well-rounded general
Management Center at UCLA Anderson is management foundation that allowed
one of the top five career centers in the US, me to learn different areas of business
and I was very excited to take advantage while developing my managerial skills.
of their services during my two years For example, I took strong data analytics
Daniela Castillo
of study. In addition, I was looking for a courses that helped me better analyze and
collaborative, yet competitive culture. Contreras present to senior managers and executives.
Before even stepping foot on campus, I UCLA Anderson, Full-time In todays workplace, these very skills are
felt a sense of community and fit; this did MBA Graduate, Class of 2016 sought after by companies regardless of
not happen with other universities that I industry. Because of the MBA and the
had initially expressed interest in. I wanted Daniela Castillo Contreras is from schools corporate relations, I was able to
to be happy and surrounded by a strong Bogot, Colombia. She completed her secure my dream job at my dream company.
network and goodhearted people. At undergraduate studies at Columbus I would have never been able to transition
UCLA Anderson, I found a second family. State University where she received a industries and functional areas without the
Finally, I wanted to experience life in Los full scholarship to compete on their MBA or the network that it provided me. I
Angeles. LA not only has perfect weather Division II tennis team. Prior to her am thankful to have successfully reached
and serves as the entertainment capital of MBA, Daniela served as a marketing my goals, and I am convinced that the MBA
the world, but its position to Silicon Valley analyst at a top retail bank in her marks the beginning of a new and exciting
and emerging tech scene in Santa Monica home country. After graduating from career journey.
enabled me to expand my network with UCLA Anderson, she joined Visa as a
various companies. Client Consulting Manager in their San Did you have a chance to apply
Francisco, CA office. some of the things you learned
As an international student, the language in the classroom during your
barrier and cultural difference can often be to compete with others in the recruiting internship at Visa?
a challenge. I thought I spoke English very process as I struggled to convey my message Absolutely! Coming from a marketing
well until I started the program and began in a different language. However, with UCLA background, I had no prior experience
to prepare for interviews. It was difficult Andersons collaborative culture, Anderson in the world of consulting, and it felt

Coming from a marketing
background, I had no
prior experience in the
world of consulting, and
it felt intimidating at first.
However, many of the core
classes and elective options
prepared me well for this
new venture at Visa.

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intimidating at first. However, many of the opportunities were best for me. I served thus far. I gained business knowledge from a
core classes and elective options prepared in several leadership roles such as the top-tier institution, secured a great job and
me well for this new venture at Visa. The Director of International Students for the made everlasting friendships. To pursue
strategy course was particularly helpful. I High Tech Business Association (HTBA), the MBA at UCLA Anderson was the best
learned how to apply different frameworks the VP of Career Development for the decision I could have made and I would
to challenging cases and problems that Womens Business Connection (WBC), and not change this experience for anything!
many companies face. While analyzing President for the Anderson Tennis Club. I
cases with my classmates, I absorbed the loved getting to know different students, What would your advice to
concept of whiteboard and assumptions. working in teams and organizing events future students be? In your
This was exactly part of my responsibilities on campus. For example, in my role with opinion, how important is it
while at Visa, and I was confident to express the WBC, I worked with a team of six first- to graduate from a prestigious
my ideas without fear. Another course year students to spearhead specific events school?
that was extremely helpful, especially as geared towards women at UCLA Anderson. You are going to love the MBA experience.
an international student, was business With our busy schedules, it was difficult to Prepare, work hard, and select a university
communications. This course pushed me manage, but we were able to lead several and program that fits your personality and
outside my comfort zone and required successful events throughout the year. My career interests. My advice to you is not to
me to present on various business ideas favorite event was a Career Mixer where worry about the high cost of an MBA because
to classmates and faculty. It was a bit Anderson women were able to network it is an investment. There are opportunities
scary at first, but the class helped me gain with top companies on campus. Seeing for potential merit fellowships, research/
confidence with public speaking in English. my fellow classmates obtain jobs through teaching assistantships and loan options.
Another takeaway was building skills of this event was a rewarding experience. If students loans are needed, dont worry,
persuasion, which were applied throughout The schools culture of shared success you will be able to pay them off with your
my internship experience at Visa. resonated strongly with my own beliefs post-MBA job!
and as an alumna, I plan to remain engaged
You were involved in several and help the UCLA Anderson community The MBA experience will certainly vary
extracurricular activities. How thrive in the workplace. depending on the institution you choose
did that help enhance your to attend, and in my opinion, a prestigious
MBA experience? Do you feel satisfied with your university can enrich your overall
The MBA experience would have not been investment in the MBA degree? experience. You will have access to top
as meaningful and memorable without Yes! The Daniela who came from Colombia faculty, a quality education, strong career
my involvement in student organizations. two years ago is so different from who I am services and exposure to worlds best
My time as an MBA student consisted of today. I grew as a woman, personally and companies. However, dont only consider
balancing academics, recruiting, clubs professionally during my time in the MBA rankings. Before accepting an offer, visit the
and extracurricular activities. Managing program. This experience was by far the school, get to know their culture, interact
it all was difficult at first, but I quickly best two years of my life and my return on with current students and alumni because
learned how to prioritize and decide which investment has been extremely positive fit is just as important. A.Z.

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 53

Hippocratic Business
Can business education give birth to a new
generation of ethical managers?
hen times get rough, the of Wall Street and the City of London as an
topic of ethics resurfaces. ultimate pass to the league of the masters
Not too many people of the world. But, in fact, it was. The MBA
questioned the moral behaviour suffered a reputational blow despite the
of financiers until the economy fact that crises of comparable magnitudes
collapsed in 2008. In the wake of had happened in the past - even when the
the crisis, however, the questions world of finance was full of people with
kept pouring out. Can markets be literature and history degrees.
rational and efficient? Is it wise for
business to be a moral-free zone? A hunger for change
How do we combine short-term
individual or company interest A survey by AMBA and Durham Business
with long-term social well-being? School from December 2009 asked 500
Do managers need to take into graduates about ethical aspects and the
account not just shareholders MBA. It found out that, according to 80%
interests, but also stakeholders? of the interviewees, ethics and corporate
And how is this reflected in social responsibility needed to play a more
business education itself? significant role in business education. As a business leader,
And an overwhelming majority of the
It needed the economy to hit an iceberg for 100 business schools polled said that the I recognise my role in
these questions to be voiced loudly. And actions of organisations had to be based
since they are philosophical ones, and the on corporate social responsibility. society. My purpose is to
MBA belongs to the economic sciences, lead people and manage
it didnt exactly have the proper tools to One of the most notable expressions of
deal with them when they emerged. In the expected change in business education resources to create value
fact, this all started many decades ago, was the so-called MBA oath. Started as
when academic subjects became more an initiative of Harvard Business Schools that no single individual
specialised and the economic sciences students from the Class of 2009, the can create alone.
slowly started to become divorced from managers equivalent of the Hippocratic
the humanities. Oath quickly gained support among
reputable business schools. It was an
It wasnt until the dire consequences of the acknowledgement that the actions of
crisis were felt that some of the downfalls managers affect society way beyond the
of the breakup became painfully apparent. companies they are running. It was also
Speaking of ethics in business, when the an attempt to introduce ethical standards
economy and markets seemed to work just in the profession. The MBA oath makes
fine, looked a bit nave, if not heretical. an interesting read as a testimony of the
After all, the markets could take care of it times. What it shows is an idealism highly
all, right? Wrong! atypical of periods in which business is
going on as usual:
In 2008, when the financial system was
rescued largely by public funding, it As a business leader, I recognise my role
became clear that there was something in society. My purpose is to lead people
fundamentally incorrect in this and manage resources to create value
understanding of how the world worked. that no single individual can create
So, for the MBA, it was an appropriate time alone. My decisions affect the well-
to emphasise the importance of ethics and being of individuals inside and outside
to reintroduce history of the economy, my enterprise, today and tomorrow.
psychology and behavioural economics Therefore, I promise that: I will manage
into the business schools curricula. It my enterprise with loyalty and care, and
could have been different if the MBA will not advance my personal interests at
hadnt been viewed by the gatekeepers the expense of my enterprise or society.

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 55

had constructed over the years. In an
article for the Guardian, they describe it
as a Kafkaesque world in which proposed
reforms are rejected because they are
redundant, as economics already has
tools to analyse everything. At the
same time, if reforms involve issues that
the existing theories cannot explain well,
they are rejected because they would
take the curriculum outside the domain
of economics. Challenged, for example, to
introduce to the economics syllabus the
study of the actual behaviour of traders in
financial markets, academics defending the
status quo reply that, first, their models can
already capture the behaviour of rational
traders, and second, the descriptive study of
the actual behaviour of traders is a subject
for sociologists, historians or psychologists.

To illustrate the discrepancy between the

academic and the real world, Ha-Joon
Chang and Jonathan Aldred gave as an
example the answer of professors to their
students in Norway, who asked them to
study real economies: Our task is to give
you an analytical framework; you have the
rest of your lives to learn about current

More open to other

It is exactly the need for the MBA to
become more holistic, to ask more
questions and to include more psychology,
history, even philosophy, that presents the
big challenge in preparing the business
I will understand and uphold, in letter and my peers and to society for my actions and leaders of tomorrow. The financial crisis
spirit, the laws and contracts governing my for upholding these standards. This oath I was just one of the aspects of the need for
conduct and that of my enterprise. I will make freely, and upon my honour. transformation. Climate change was also a
refrain from corruption, unfair competition, huge deal-breaker. The world is changing
or business practices harmful to society. I Does the rising tide lift all and so should we change our knowledge
will protect the human rights and dignity of boats? and the approach to managing resources -
all people affected by my enterprise, and I be they natural, financial, human, or other.
will oppose discrimination and exploitation. Other initiatives in this spirit, such as the
I will protect the right of future generations think tank Institute for New Economic And even if there is little debate that ethical
to advance their standard of living and Thinking and International Student content should be reinforced in the MBA
enjoy a healthy planet. I will report the Initiative for Pluralist Economics, have curriculum, opinions still differ on how
performance and risks of my enterprise also created ripples on the once calm exactly this should be done: Business
accurately and honestly. I will invest in business education surface. However, schools are starting to recognise that
developing myself and others, helping especially after the success of the Thomas ethics cant be cordoned off from the rest
the management profession continue Picketty book Capital in the 21st century, of a business students education, wrote
to advance and create sustainable and many observers feel that the change in Ray Fisman from Boston University and
inclusive prosperity. the economic sciences has not gone deep Adam Galinsky from the Kellog School of
enough. Management in a 2012 article for Slate.
In exercising my professional duties The most promising approach, in our
according to these principles, I recognise The two renowned Cambridge academics view, doesnt even try to give students a
that my behaviour must set an example of Ha-Joon Chang and Jonathan Aldred deeper personal sense of mission or social
integrity, eliciting trust and esteem from explain the resistance to change with the purpose its likely that no amount of
those I serve. I will remain accountable to specific reality mainstream economists indoctrination could have kept Jeff Skilling

from blowing up Enron. Instead, it helps could perhaps play a much better role in world is a question with an open ending. It
students to appreciate the unconscious minimising it, the Emory University ethicist is exactly in combining the contradictions
ethical lapses that we commit every day Edward Queen explained for Poets and between creating value and creating a
without even realising it and to think about Quants at the end of 2015. Joint research sustainable economy that the secret of good
how to minimise them. by two professors from Copenhagen leadership lies. Finding the right balance is
Business School and the University of needed to streamline and facilitate the
Strengthening the ethical aspects of Hamburg showed that, between 2005 and change from the shareholders perspective
business education is clearly needed, as 2009, accredited B-schools doubled the to the stakeholders perspective. A much
the MBA gets criticised too often when a number of ethics-related courses. However, needed change that has already been
scandal in the business world breaks out. the website informs us that 75% of these embraced by many CEOs and companies.
The last example was the Volkswagen were electives. It is a reform in the substance, not just a
emissions. I dont want to blame business PR move. What good business schools did
schools for the reality; I just think that they How being ethical can coexist with the is to foresee this coming trend, rather than
play a role in exacerbating it when they sometimes harsh realities of the business just to follow suit from the industry. D.G.

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Transatlantic Origins:
History of the European MBA
Europe has quickly picked up on an American trend
and has developed an MBA trademark of its own

t is common knowledge that which must be mastered before delving
MBAs came into existence in one into specialisations. However, at the dawn
of Americas most prestigious of the MBA era, programmes were lacking
universities. The MBA programme in vigour as they failed to train students
was established at the Harvard in the essential knack of successfully
University Graduate School of managing a business and communicating
Administration in 1908. At that properly and to the benefit of the company.
time, the now grand institution, Indeed, two damning reports appeared
had only 15 faculty members and in 1959, condemning American graduate
a regular class of 33 students. management education as little more than
The Graduate School of Business vocational colleges filled with second-
Administration required rate students taught by second-rate
students to complete four professors who did not understand their
years of undergraduate studies fields, did little research and were out of
before applying to the business touch with business. Thus at the end of
programme. Other universities the 1950s US colleges and universities
soon began to adopt that policy. restructured their business programmes
Harvard was the trendsetter to be more comprehensive, and to provide
and a champion of business programmes somewhat similar to those
administration an example of todays B-schools. This resulted in the
worth emulating, and one that creation of the classic American MBA
became the foundation of the model: a first year of required core courses
European MBA. to provide the basics of management
and a second year of electives to allow
History of the MBA specialisation or deeper study.

The concept of placing business Europe enters the MBA

management on the same level as game
medicine or law wasnt well received in
the early 20th century. But as corporations It was at this time that interest in
grew, there became a need for skilled management education appeared in
management professionals, and colleges Europe. The first genuinely European MBA
and universities started their own programme that took the American idea
business schools. Educators realised of setting up a B-school, but was not an
that business schools had to provide exact replica, was founded in France, at
formal education to prepare students INSEAD. In 1957, the Fontainebleau-based
for leadership positions. Core courses institution launched an MBA programme
included accounting, business strategy, which offered comprehensive training in
economics, finance, manufacturing and all of the necessary hard skills, but was
production and were designed to provide also geared towards business conditions
students with basic concepts of business in Europe and the need for apt company

management. One curious fact is that the which side of the Atlantic to go to, has never One major asset that
founder of the INSEAD MBA Programme been so multi-layered.
was a Harvard professor Georges Frederic the European degree
Doriot. But his case was not exactly one of One major asset that the European degree
leaking information to the enemy. Doriot has flaunted from its very inception is that has flaunted from its
was an expatriate, originally born and raised it offers fast-track training squeezed into very inception is that it
in Paris, France. He had immigrated to the 10-12 months compared to the same volume
US to gain his MBA degree from the only American institutions would teach in two offers fast-track training
institution that offered it at the time. He years. Time has always been a factor with
decided to stay on, becoming a professor business people, hence a shorter programme squeezed in to 10-12
at the Harvard Business School in 1926 and can appeal to those who want to go back to months compared to the
gaining US citizenship in 1940. Seventeen their real-life career as quickly as possible.
years after his US residence was made same volume American
official, Doriot, who had also gained the title Ten months is an adequate amount of
of father of venture capitalism, returned to time to get hard skills and leadership skills institutions would teach
his home country and founded the INSEAD without having to necessarily completely in two years.
MBA programme. From its very launch the rethink your career trajectory, says 28-year-
programme boasted academic excellence old Belinda Navi, an MBA graduate from
and a curriculum that provided effective INSEAD. Ms. Navi plans to return to the
education that secured a competitive edge videogame industry after the business
for its graduates. The first class graduated in schools 10-month programme, and hopes
1960 and consisted of a total of 60 students to vault from a business-development role
from 14 different countries. into management.

INSEAD was not in a league of its own in Another important difference is that
Europe. IMD in Switzerland, the Henley European schools have a significantly higher
Business School at the University of Reading percentage of non-national students and
and Ashridge Business School were all faculty members than their American
started by groups of companies to provide counterparts. At the top business schools
training and were dedicated to the idea of in the United States - Wharton, Columbia and
creating managers with more diverse skills. Harvard - roughly 33% to 45% of students
Whilst European business schools cant come from abroad. That figure is close to
boast the lengthy history of their American 90% at some of Europes top-ranked business
counterparts, their popularity and prestige schools, such as LBS and INSEAD. A survey of
is certainly rising, and some are undoubtedly the proportion of overseas faculty members
amongst the best in the world, such as the at those schools reveals a similar trend.
London Business School (LBS), IMD, INSEAD,
IESE and IE. Moreover, European B-schools are becoming
increasingly globalised, with most of the
Dissecting the differences top European MBA programmes offering
studies at one of their campuses abroad
It is not a question of which MBA, American for example, HEC Paris boasts a Qatar
or European, is better or worse. Its a matter programme while INSEAD has gained an
of making an educated choice. But with even greater popularity with its two-campus
nearly 500 MBA programmes in Europe and structure one in Europe (Paris) and another
over 700 in the United States, the choice of in Asia (Singapore).

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 59

Though the MBA is one of the degrees with University of Delaware graduate, decide taking up the challenge of studying abroad
a proven ROI, money can be an issue as on the 15-month MBA programme at the can be not only financially rewarding, but
the investment is substantial. Tuition and Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. personally rewarding too.
fees for elite American MBA programmes Thats less than half of anything I would
can top 200,000 USD; selective European pay for a respectable programme in the Of course, the idea of Europe, with its
programmes typically cost half as much. US, he says. rich cultural and historic background, its
And there have been considerable price intricately interconnected economies and
reductions in recent years, too. At London Besides, studying abroad and choosing governments, and its diverging liberal
Business School, for example, the tuition from one of a multitude of European models on social and economic issues,
cost for a student starting a two-year MBA MBA programmes, will offer immersion in can offer much more than just business
programme this August totals 67,750 GBP, a completely different culture and pave the education. Europe embodies diversity in
or 103,895 USD. A year ago, it would have way for the development of additional soft all of its forms. Especially now that the
cost about 10,000USD more, or 113,892 skills, such as adaptability and flexibility, continent faces so many challenges. And
USD, and 10 years ago, the same tuition that could be a considerable advantage in that is perhaps the European MBAs most
would have been 123,603 USD. the business world. Furthermore, doing an intriguing premise. Europeans are aware
MBA abroad is arguably the best-possible of this. But for someone outside the Old
Reasonable tuition costs about 30,000 introduction to the business landscape in Continent, the European Ideal must be
USD helped Patrick Lowry, a 26-year-old that country. And most would agree that experienced to be understood. E.I.

Terra Scandinavia
Exploring the uniqueness of Scandinavian
business education

ustainability, a high standard is worth examining. Of course, the business
of life and high-tech society atmosphere can hardly be separated from
influence the way MBA the social and other stimuli provided by the
programmes are taught in state, the overall business-friendly climate
Scandinavian countries. and the excellent social infrastructure.

With income inequality and economic In a 2013 article, The Economist painted a
inequity becoming increasingly acute thorough picture: Governments are forced
problems throughout the developed to operate in the harsh light of day: Sweden
world, the success of the Scandinavian gives everyone access to official records.
economies is extremely topical. The Nobel Politicians are vilified if they get off their
Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz believes that bicycles and into official limousines. The
American policy makers must use their home of Skype and Spotify is also a leader
model to achieve more balanced growth. in e-government: you can pay your taxes
The US presidential candidate Bernie with an SMS message.
Sanders talks in even more straightforward
terms: We should look to countries like And the economic magazine continued:
Denmark, like Sweden and Norway, and This may sound like enhanced Thatcherism,
learn from what they have accomplished but the Nordics also offer something for
for their working people. the progressive left by proving that it is
possible to combine competitive capitalism
with a large state: they employ 30% of
The economy in a mirror their workforce in the public sector,
compared with an OECD average of 15%.
So, what is the secret of these countries They are stout free-traders who resist the
triumph? Not everybody sees the role temptation to intervene even to protect
of the state as the main reason for their iconic companies: Sweden let Saab go
success. Nima Sanandaji, a research bankrupt and Volvo is now owned by Chinas
fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies, for Geely. But they also focus on the long term
example, suggests for Fortune magazine - most obviously through Norways $600
that it is their culture, rather than wealth billion USD sovereign-wealth fund - and
redistribution, that has contributed the they look for ways to temper capitalisms
most. Sanandaji comments that from 1870 harsher effects. Denmark, for instance, has
through 1936, Sweden was the fastest a system of flexicurity that makes it easier
growing economy worldwide. Then, she for employers to sack people but provides
adds, after 1975 - when the state began support and training for the unemployed,
expanding - it fell from the 4th richest and Finland organises venture-capital
country in the world to the 14th by the networks.
middle of the 90s.
All these thriving, sometimes contradictory
However controversial this opinion may dynamics have created some of the most
sound, the way Scandinavians do business competitive and innovative economies

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 61

in the world. The citizens enjoy a high skillset and encourage me to think about You need to reopen your mind, which gets
standard of living, pay notoriously high the big picture instead of just focusing on closed up as you get stuck doing things in
taxes, but also get a lot in return from my day-to-day work responsibilities. a certain way and addressing challenges
the state, and the social, educational and in the same fashion as you have always
healthcare systems. The corporate taxes For Gerard de Bourbon Ponce de Leon, done. We develop a certain format in how
are kept at reasonable levels to keep capital Global Accounts Manager at Verizon we process things and solve problems. An
from flowing abroad. Being a business Enterprise Solutions and a graduate of the MBA at SSE opens your mind, he says.
pioneer in the globalised world and yet Stockholm School of Economics, it is the
providing the necessary protective social more cooperative form of learning in his Another student who has an interesting
nets for the population is a combination Swedish MBA that made the difference: story to share is Katti Hoflin, director of the
few countries have mastered more skilfully The SSE MBA was very different from, for Dunkers Cultural Centre at Helsingborg.
than the Scandinavians. And the results example, my studies at Harvard, which was She also had a versatile career when she
stand out. Especially in the last years of very competitive and where people only started her MBA at the Stockholm School of
anaemic growth throughout most of the cared about themselves. The SSE MBA was Economics. At the time, prior to going back
developed world. an altogether different experience with a to school, she was a television host and
more collaborative group dynamic. There manager at the Stockholm Cultural Centre.
The three Scandinavian states - Sweden, is no doubt that an MBA is a degree about What were her motives for doing her MBA?
Norway and Denmark - are respectively global business, but this is the special Having studied literature, theatre and
the 9th, 11th and 12th most competitive hallmark of Scandinavian culture on the philosophy, I felt that my lack of a formal
countries in the world, according to the degree. Cooperation and solidarity are so academic degree posed an obstacle on
2015-2016 Global Competitiveness Report. much more than theoretical ideals. They my way to new positions and challenges.
The data is compiled by the World Economic can also be ways of doing business.
Forum at Davos. The survey claims that, in Her experience indicates that an MBA
Sweden and Norway, the most problematic Gerard de Bourbon Ponce de Leon decided could be more than just a nexus between
factor for doing business is the restrictive to study an MBA despite also being at a different professional fields - it could also
labour regulations, whereas in Denmark it is stage where he had already achieved a lot. link different skills: I enjoy the cultural
the tax rates. Conversely, these features, if For him, life-long learning is more than an sector but after the SSE MBA I have become
functioning correctly, most probably make abstract concept: I have a degree in physics more open to working within a completely
the labour unions reasonably content and mathematics, and a successful career different sphere in the future. The business
and the social policies efficient, albeit in the financial and IT/telecoms industries. world, for example, has a lot to learn from
expensive. Still, I believe you should revisit learning the arts sector when it comes to creativity
every five years or so throughout your life. and innovation. Cultural and creative
Business education

It is logical that such strong economies

would host reputable business schools.
But what makes the Scandinavian MBA a
distinctive and special case?

The triple accredited Copenhagen Business

School launched its Executive MBA in 1994,
and its standard full-time MBA made its
dbut in 2004. We were latecomers to the
MBA market, as we already had a successful
product in our HD programmes, which were
in high demand nationally, declared the
former president of CBS, Finn Junge, and
former director of CBS Executive MBA, Claus
Valentiner, in a joint speech. With an MBA,
we wanted to establish ourselves on the
international scene by offering a globally
recognised degree.

What many alumni value, apart from the

education itself, are the networking events
the school organises in an effort to keep
former students in touch. What I really
appreciate about being part of the CBS MBA
network is the back-to-classroom events,
comments the American Ada Stein, who
received his MBA degree in 2007. They
allow me to constantly refresh my MBA

enterprises make up a growing chunk of business administration, marketing,
the economy in a post-modern world. nance and general management. The
What makes Sweden,
school is considered to have made a huge Denmark and Norway
Katti has learned to benefit from mixing contribution to Norways economy. It has
the specifics of the different professional educated over 200,000 graduates since so popular today is
fields from her background. This is one 1983.
of the most interesting but sometimes
their special blend of a
challenging things, as it rarely appears While we can admire Scandinavian strong welfare state and
in the textbooks: If there is one sector businesses, way of life and innovativeness,
that needs more rational and analytical it would be wrong to think that these a model of capitalism
thinking, it is the non-profit cultural sector, were constructed overnight. In fact some
where decisions are too often based on say that Sweden, Norway and Denmark
that is both flexible and
subjective opinion rather than objective discovered the key ingredient - the social sustainable.
analysis. Public sector operations in the field state - relatively late. As Nathan Heller
of culture face a sometimes bewildering wrote in an article for the New Yorker:
array of qualitative objectives, as well as Mary Wollstonecraft, visiting in the late
the economic restraint that comes from eighteenth century, lamented how far the
the desire to reduce public expenses. I have Swedes are from having a just conception
found that a strict operations framework of rational equality, and this continued
often frees up more creativity. to be a valid complaint for several years
thereafter. Denmark only began offering a
Not just about the degree state benefits programme for elderly people
in 1891. Norway launched insurance for
The MBA experience cannot be divorced industrial accidents a few years later.
from the country and the region within
which it is based. All three Scandinavian Similar schemes proliferated in the early
capitals make the top 30 in the Mercers twentieth century, and by the postwar
2016 Quality of Living Rankings. years the modern Nordic welfare state had
Copenhagen is in 9th place, Stockholm its distinctive form. The model, crucially,
20th and Oslo 30th. The cultural allure, interprets welfare to mean not just
quality of life and innovative business financial capacity but well-being. It might
landscape make Scandinavia a suitable take into account that a woman forced
place for attending business school. It may to defer dreams of motherhood because
not be as popular an MBA destination as of work, or vice versa, is hostage to her
the Anglo-Saxon countries, but it is more circumstances even if shes able to pay her
than competitive, to say the least. bills. And, rather than simply catch people
on their way down, it aspires to minimise
So it is hardly a surprise that the interest the causes of inequality - more climbing
in Scandinavian schools is high. Take BI web than safety net.
Norwegian Business School in Oslo,
Norway, for instance. It is one of the What makes Sweden, Denmark and
largest European business schools, with Norway so popular today is their special
almost 20,000 students and 340 permanent blend of a strong welfare state and a
faculty. Established in 1943, it has three model of capitalism that is both flexible
additional campuses outside of Oslo - and sustainable. What this entails is more
Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger. On top of pragmatism and less ideology. It is precisely
this, its research faculty has 8 departments, here that modern-day education steps in.
with 26 research centres dedicated to D.G.

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What the MBA Taught me

About Leadership (OP-ED)
True leaders are distinguished by the intricate
combination of key factors

t is quite common these days to In 2010, Chatman and Kennedy concluded
stumble upon a statement saying that in their paper Psychological Perspectives
we live in a world that is increasingly on Leadership in a similar way that one
becoming globalised. Its of no surprise to can see leadership as the process of
anyone that alongside this globalisation motivating people to complete tasks by
we have some quite dramatic changes collaborating in order to accomplish great
happening in the leadership perspectives results. Whatever anyone ever had to say
as well. MBA programmes being the about leadership, the one thing we are
primary driver of fresh minds which are sure of as of today is what Grint suggested
infused into the corporate world align no questions regarding the definitions of
themselves with this dynamic in order leadership can be answered in full outside
to achieve their primary aim, namely to of a particular context.
provide the necessary skills and abilities
to become a successful leader. Oddly Looking at the theory of leadership, and
enough we are still in a situation where assessing the lessons learned by many
we have yet to specifically answer one leaders along the way in their careers, allows
question What is leadership? Stefan Kirilov is a young profe- us to juggle a little with the necessary traits
ssional with 6 years of working which a leader should possess in order to
The academic answer experience. Currently, he is working be successful. Still, a boiled-down version
The scope of leadership can vary as change manager at a multi- would sit comfortably between three main
dramatically from social through political national enterprise after taking aspects: Personal Traits, Interpersonal
to business leadership and it is that diversity a break from working life for a Relationships and Strategic Behaviour.
that has made the phenomenon so popular little over a year when he went to
and the reason it gets so much attention. study an MBA degree in Sweden. Personal traits
Coming back to business schools, it is fully While studying at Jnkping Inter- Individual characteristics are the roots of
within expectation that they spend so much national Business School, Stefan any given leadership style and they have
effort building their programmes and was awarded a creativity award. a great impact on the decision-making
curricula around leadership and leadership He is enthusiastic about profe- capabilities of the person. They also play
subtopics. ssional development and is usually a significant role in outlining Who is the
involved in a variety of extra acti- true leader? Coming back to what Grint
Academic literature is kind enough vities besides his main job. Stefan is said regarding the particular context where
to provide us with glimpses of many interested in environmental protection leadership is taking place, we discover
perspectives on leadership. The variety and human rights. that other authors have also made similar
is abundant in those perspectives, but observations. For instance, when writing
we should start with a rather simple one for any practice of leadership and is by no about soft and hard skills, Nye points out
by Grint, who puts a fundament on what means limited to leading a business venture that contextual intelligence is an important
leadership could be perceived to be. He specifically. In other words leadership could leaders trait to utilise both soft and hard
says that leadership could be seen as any be understood as the art of inspiring and power in leadership by smartly choosing the
given situation which provides grounds for involving people the art of creating the course of action depending on the context
having followers. This is acceptably true wish for dedication in others. of the situation. Two good examples of

using hard and soft power in practice are maintaining the success of a leader. As a meaningful distribution of the aspects
General Electricss Jack Welch and his noted earlier, the leaders goal is influencing involved in strategic decision making.
huge transformation of the corporation others and having followers, so then the Leaders are defined by their ability to
during very hard times, and the reinvention only way leaders can connect to people foresee and understand upcoming events,
achieved once by Jan Carlzon, the CEO of is through the relationship they build to challenge their own assumptions and
Scandinavian Airlines, both examples based with them, through communication and those of others, to capture the essence
on changing the core values of the people gaining trust. In order to create grounds for of problems and to recognise patterns, to
who embodied those companies. trust, leaders must be aware of their own make decisions based on the short- and
emotions and must be able to overcome long-term goals, to find common ground
Looking at these traits in isolation, however, their own emotional bias, as this is the with others and to develop themselves
is not the solution to the leadership way to get in touch with the emotions of on the basis of experience and mistakes.
dilemma. Other authors add to what others. In other words, a leader is expected
has been started by their predecessors to be emotionally intelligent. Going back In conclusion, leaders are expected to
for example, an open mind and being to the example of the CEO of Scandinavian inspire commitment in the organisations
forthright in interactions seem to be traits Airlines, we see the marks of emotional community in order to encourage
praised by quite a few authors, including intelligence in the way Carlzon was employees to develop and make use of
Schoemaker, Krupp and Howland, and encouraging employees to be self-driven their new knowledge. This is done through
Ireland and Hitt. The general idea they and comfortable in their surroundings, in the application of both hard and soft
support is that those traits are important order to stimulate their dedication to the power. The individuals ability to anticipate,
for leaders to be successful in leading the company. envision, remain flexible, think strategically
way, while staying open to the adoption and work with others to initiate changes
of new practices and the consideration of Strategic behaviour capable of creating a viable future for the
uncommon factors in their decision making. The personal traits and the interpersonal organisation is the essence of strategic
Leaders are expected to have a very well relationships set out above are primary to leadership. By skilfully balancing the three
developed self-awareness and capacity support the structure of what could be aspects (personal traits, interpersonal
of knowledge and experience, in order to seen as successful leadership behaviour. relationships and strategic behaviour) the
improvise in times of uncertainty and be chances of becoming a successful leader
resilient. However in order for this fundament to be grow significantly and thus they could be
considered complete, the leader needs to considered key elements in defining what
Interpersonal relationships have a more specific strategy on how to leadership is.
Undoubtedly, when we speak of capacity execute their plans. In 2013, Schoemaker,
we need to involve the person-to-person Krupp and Howland explained strategic Of course, this is just the academic view
factor, as it is crucial for the leadership leadership as the skill of the leader to on leadership, but I sincerely believe it is
means. Leaders need to interact with create advantage through their own the foundation of any good leader. This is
their surroundings, which means that abilities to anticipate, challenge, interpret, what the MBA taught me, and I promised
interpersonal relationships are crucial to decide, align and learn. This represents myself to always follow it. S.K.

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Exploring the ways entrepreneurship is taught
in European MBA programmes

he United States, a land of Even if you are not one of Europes rising pursuit of global opportunities. Many
opportunity that favours numbers of independent professionals, universities offer joint programmes, for
the brave, has long been companies are now placing even more example the French Emlyon Business
perceived as the place to be if emphasis on employees entrepreneurial School offers its Global Entrepreneurship
you want to start something skills and appreciate talent for seeking Programme in partnership with the US
on your own. It comes as no and developing fresh sources of revenue Purdue University and Zejiang University
surprise then that it also takes in tough economic times. That is why in China. It is therefore useful that most
the lead in entrepreneurship European entrepreneurship MBAs focus entrepreneurship programmes in Europe
education. But Europe, despite a great deal, not only on starting a business encourage you to learn another foreign
being considered slower in risk- and obtaining capital and financing, but also language to support your efforts, and will
taking, is surprisingly not lagging on general management skills, business allow you the opportunity to fully immerse
behind when it comes to studying planning, strategy and innovation, and in another countrys environment for a
entrepreneurship. entrepreneurship within large companies, project or specialisation.
skills that alumni can apply not only as
The European premise entrepreneurs, but also as intrapreneurs, It is not just the schools in Europe that
managers in large corporations that still are focused on nourishing and developing
With three schools in the Financial Times focus on turning ideas into profitable entrepreneurial talent. Building and
(FT) Top 10, entrepreneurial education in finished products. developing entrepreneurial spirit is even
Europe is steadily on the rise, and teaching part of the European Commissions 2020
entrepreneurship is now part of many Due to its unique composition of numerous strategy and is on the agenda of local
business schools curricula. Many schools independent markets that are both relatively governments in an effort to transform
and universities, such as ESADE or IESE, small yet powerful and interconnected, Europe into an innovation hub and
have developed programmes to support entrepreneurship education in Europe encourage business creation. One of the
students and alumni who are starting their is not only focused on local markets, main goals of European entrepreneurial
own businesses. but also enables global thinking and the education is not simply to provide

entrepreneurial know-how, but also to offer management practice courses and Oxford Sad, as well as many other
reasons why. A number of programmes leadership seminars. And thats where business schools, organises regular forums
across Europe begin entrepreneurship being in Europe makes a difference. to support budding entrepreneurs who
studies with entrepreneurship backbone. wish to become immersed in all things
HEC Paris is especially well known for Europe offers the unique economic entrepreneurial, from pursuing startup
that. It comprises a balanced view of environment of a prosperous yet diverse ideas to starting and scaling a business,
entrepreneurship, and the topics assess market base with a global reach and and showcasing ideas to business angels
whether entrepreneurship is indeed a wealth of experience to build upon. and venture capitalists.
for you. Specific issues are covered for Schools on the Old Continent have begun
high-tech startups, execution, business offering a host of solutions to allow future Cambridge Judge School of Business (CJSB)
modelling, governance, how to network, business makers to test their skills, ideas offers the Cambridge Venture Project (CVP)
intellectual property strategy, and entry and approaches in a safe environment which offers projects, providing consultancy
strategy for new firms. where failing is not so painful. for real clients, based locally in Cambridge
or the rest of the UK.
The skillset Here are just a few examples of how
different European business schools have And then there is Spain, a whole country,
How do you, as a business owner, remove been teaching entrepreneurship: which has been working hard to reinvent
yourself from the day-to-day minutiae itself as the European hi-tech powerhouse,
of your company to focus on growth At HEC Paris, teams of four to five with the help of the countrys numerous
strategies? How do you grow from one participants come together to create high- business schools. The weGrow initiative
man in a room to a global player? How quality ventures in the context of the HEC from the IESE Entrepreneurship and
do you attract capital and maintain stable eLab, an exclusive entrepreneurship lab Innovation Center, Passion>IE; the
relationships with creditors over time? equipped with state-of-the-art interactive collaboration between IE Business
What is the psychology of managing technologies that stimulate creativity School and Accenture; Spain Startup Co-
people and businesses? And that of venture and communication. The venture moves investment Fund and local administrative
capitalists? Wherever you are in the world, forward from inception to business plan support such as the Business Plan Contest,
you will need both soft and hard skills completion through hands-on exercises Global Entrepreneurship Competition and
to achieve long-lasting entrepreneurial and challenges integrated into course work, the Growth Potential Business award,
success. as well as through tasks and deliverables, organised by Barcelona City Hall - the
scheduled outside of regular courses. Spanish startup scene is more professional
An MBA focused on entrepreneurship will and ambitious than ever.
help you explore growth stage startups and ESADE in Barcelona offers both an E-garage,
experience the difficulties they are facing a dedicated space for entrepreneurial With its diverse markets and strong support
scaling up. It will teach you networking, students, providing them with resources coming from governments and universities,
team working, leadership skills, creativity and environment to start new ideas, and a Europe can be a great place to pursue an
and flexibility in decision making. business angels network, ESADEBAN, which entrepreneurial MBA, with business schools
is run by alumni. seamlessly blending the traditionally strong
Given that youll have to take care of academic education with practical, hands-
all aspects of business, you will have to Rotterdam School of Business has an on experience in nourishing ideas and
understand strategy, finance, marketing, annual MBA Startup boot camp, so that transforming them into profitable ventures,
analytics and much more. You will be teams can develop their initial ideas into capitalising on strong alumni support to
looking at things like managing growth, credible business proposals. minimise risks. E.V.
how to secure finance, social impact,
market research and monetising
innovation. Courses will be taught from
the entrepreneurs perspective and will
be targeted to help students understand
how value can be maximised for the
entrepreneur. You will also come to
understand, by necessity, the perspective
of those who invest in new ventures: angel
investors, venture capital and private

Practice and leadership

Programmes will provide different tools

to put learning into practice immediately.
Business incubators, practical consulting
projects, internship opportunities, real-
life case solving contests, networking
opportunities, venture projects,

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 67


No Time for Full-Time

Flexible learning MBA formats give you freedom

or many contemporary
managers the hectic nature of
todays corporate life means
they often do not know where
they are going to be from week
to week. Geographical boundaries
rarely exist as within just 24 hours
managers often need to be on
different continents managing
their international businesses.
Those who want to constantly
upgrade their knowledge need an
MBA programme allowing them to
follow their own studies without
facing the dilemma to work or
to study. The response to this
challenge is an MBA delivered in learning courses and adapting their developed by schools particularly for the
a flexible learning format. teaching methods to cater to the busy programmes, etc.
schedules of contemporary managers.
Understanding the term MBA programmes have become more Online MBA
and more flexible. The list of business
In few words, flexible learning focuses on schools that answered to the changing Online MBAs are a form of a flexible
offering students choices about when, reality and started offering flexible learning learning for MBAs where classes are
where and how they learn. Flexible MBAs, include IE Business School, Warwick exclusively held online. Online MBAs
learning is accessing education in a way Business School, Manchester Business allow attendees to keep their full-time
that is responsive in pace, place and/or School, and more. jobs and flexibility to balance their study,
mode of delivery. Flexible learning meets job and family responsibilities. The format
the needs of a diverse range of students, Delivering MBAs in a flexible format requires exceptional dedication and self-
enables part-time study that could be made b-schools very innovative regarding motivation, because of the lack of physical
attractive for sponsors, allows students developing new teaching methods. commitment. This can be problematic
to combine work, study and family and Unlike traditional programmes where considering the many other responsibilities
enables students to develop skills and face-to-face classes and interaction is a and activities that can distract you. At
attributes to successfully adapt to change. key teaching method, virtual teaching is the same time, online MBAs are arguably
Flexible learning formats include remote available through such a big variety of the most flexible MBA format out there,
or online study, work-based learning, part- online resources video conferencing, since they can be done at any time, at
time, or blended learning. online classes, live HD quality video any location.
lectures, webinars, live chat sessions
In recent years, flexible learning with tutors, mentors and classmates, Online learning provides immediate
formats have gained popularity. Many online presentations, videos and reading benefits for your personal development;
business schools have started to adapt materials, online libraries and e-journals, you are able to apply your learning to
their programmes to the needs of forums for networking and sharing your workplace straight away. [] Your
busy professionals, developing virtual ideas and experiences, special platforms employer will also be able to see immediate

business improvement as they benefit but without the hassle of having to travel into the Blended MBA, offering a mix of
from the application of the skills you are weekly to school, or change jobs or city, on-campus classes and online learning.
developing, says UKs Newcastle University says IE Global MBA graduate Leila Pinto. The regular format consists of one or two
Business School. evening sessions per week in addition to
We know that circumstances sometimes roughly 15 hours a week of independent
Blended MBA change: weddings, babies, or promotion study, preparation and group work.
can knock you off track. Sometimes taking
MBA programmes offered in blended longer to complete your studies might be Executive MBA
formats are an ideal choice for those the best way to get what you want in
who cant quit their jobs and dedicate the long term and were here to help you The Executive MBA (EMBA) is in a league
a year or two to their studies. Blended achieve your aims, WBS adds. of its own. It caters to would-be executives
learning MBAs are the best for combining with 10+ years of managerial experience.
the advantages of online and on-campus The Flexible Learning MBA from Strathclyde It must be inherently flexible, because it
learning. They are delivered in an innovative Business School is a similar case. Students, makes the assumption that no manager
format combining online classes, face- on joining the course, are provided with can afford to dedicate a year of their life
to-face sessions at school campuses and a recommended study timetable, which outside work at this stage of their career.
virtual collaboration allowing students schedules the programme completion over Executive MBA programmes are modular
to make the most of their time, learning, three years. Being flexible, this timetable is in nature, closely resembling the blended
networks and investment. This, combined not set in stone, the school says. Therefore, format by combining online study with
with the fact that most of the key exams should the student wish to fast-track and physical lectures. They can last anywhere
and presentations are delivered face-to- complete the MBA course in less than from 12 months to over two years.
face, including in-person assessments to three years, the school can suggest an
measure how much students have learned. alternative study schedule. Alternatively, The most appealing format is the Global
should the student wish to take a bit longer EMBA, where participants travel to various
Studying for a full-time MBA was out of to complete the MBA, the school allows international locations in order to get a
the question due to the cost implication of for studies up to a maximum of six years. taste of how business is carried out around
not having a job, says Romina Oxborough, the world. Naturally, this requires a bigger
a Warwick Business School (WBS) distance Part-time MBA commitment, but executives often find
learning MBA. But I did not want to miss it more rewarding in terms of learning.
out on the face-to-face interaction with a Part-time MBA programmes are ideal for
faculty, and the chance to build a network. students who are physically close to the This is also where group-learning comes
WBS offered the possibility of doing both. university campus, and yet do not have the into effect. EMBA programmes generally
time or resources to dedicate a full year have a strong focus on team-based
Spains IE Business School is one of the of their lives to studying. MBA candidates learning and participants learning from
worlds leaders in distance blended learning residing in big cities and capitals have each other. Case studies are employed in
MBAs. It offers multiple MBAs in a blended the luxury of choosing part-time MBA such a way that they become a platform
format combining online classes with programmes from among the established for discussion.
short, face-to-face periods. The schools institutions in their immediate area.
15-month Global MBA combines interactive Proximity is considered a prerequisite for So should you choose a flexible learning
online teaching via video conferences and part-time studies, as the focus of part-time MBA and why? If you dont have the
debate forums with several options of MBAs is on fitting in with the schedules of time for full-time education, the answer
short, face-to-face periods at the schools busy managers without sacrificing time is a resounding yes. You will be able to
campus in Madrid. spent in face-to-face contact. Usually, experience the MBA at your own pace, at
part-time programmes are offered in two a location of your choosing, and still get
The blended format has been able to offer formats - a regular part-time MBA, and a degree that can catapult you to new
the same quality of a classroom programme a modular MBA. The latter has evolved career heights. I.D-S.

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 69


A guide to choosing between GRE and GMAT
according to your strengths and weaknesses

ver 800 business schools applicants who took these two different
in 70 countries across the tests the GRE or the GMAT. But lets
globe now accept the GRE leave the debate to b-school admissions
test as an alternative to the GMAT professionals. Most business schools which
for MBA admissions. How to decide accept both tests give them equal weight,
which test to take for your MBA so applicants are the decision makers.
Lets look at how an MBA applicant can find
The GMAT Graduate Management solid ground to make a choice about which
Admission Test - has traditionally been the of the tests to take. Both tests require
exam required by international business quite an investment of time and budget
schools for admission to MBA programmes. in order to prepare adequately and achieve
It was created with the purpose of a competitive score.
evaluating the skills of prospective
applicants to post-graduate programmes How to choose between
in business and management. GMAT is
owned by the Graduate Management GRE and GMAT?
Admission Council.
Schools preferences
However, recently the GRE Graduate If you plan to apply to schools which
Record Examination revised General Test accept both exams GRE and GMAT
(GRE also has several subject tests) - has find out whether they have a preference
been gaining ground as an alternative for for either of them. If the school clearly
MBA admission. Reputable schools such states that both are accepted and there
as LBS, Oxford and Cambridge (UK), ESADE is no indication that one will give more
(Spain), INSEAD (France), Harvard, MIT, weight to your application than the other,
Columbia (USA), CUHK (Hong Kong) are then the choice is yours.
paving the way. The GRE is also already
taken into consideration in MBA ranking If you are not really sure how the school
methodologies, such as the US News and treats the two tests for admission or
World Reports 2016 Best Business Schools for scholarship application, contact the
Rankings. admissions office for details.

The number of business studies applicants An excellent illustration about considering

selecting the GRE test nearly doubled in GMAT and GRE on equal terms is the
the last three years. GRE test takers from EDHEC Business School Global MBA. GRE
India increased by 12%, which is above is accepted not only for admission, but
the average 10% growth of hopeful also for merit-based scholarships, such
business school applicants using GRE as the EDHEC Excellence Scholarships
scores, according to ETS GRE owner covering 50% of the tuition fees for
report Aspiring Business School Applicants candidates with a GMAT or GRE equivalent
Increasingly Using GRE Scores. There has of 720 or over.
been a heated debate about how well the
GRE predicts success in business school, If you use the more pragmatic strategy
as well as how to compare the abilities of tests first and then school selection based

particular strengths of your skillset. The
GRE isnt easier, but its different. If youre
struggling with the way the GMAT asks
questions, you might find the GRE to be
a more straightforward way of assessing
your abilities. This can be an advantage
to some applicants based on their unique
thought process and learning style, but it
shouldnt be seen as a panacea for all test-
takers. advises Travis Morgan, Director of
Admissions Consulting for Veritas Prep.

Magoosh test prep experts analyse the

difference between the two tests. Some
of their highlights are that the GRE Verbal
section is focused on vocabulary, while the
GMAT is based on grammar. They also
claim that maths in the GRE is easier than
that in the GMAT. Moreover, test-takers
can use a calculator on the GRE maths, but
not on the GMAT quantitative section. The
overall duration (with breaks) of the GRE
is a bit longer 3 hrs 45 min, than that of
the GMAT 3 hrs 30 min.

Looking deeper into the content, the GMAT

has two subsections - Data Sufficiency
in the Quantitative section, and Critical
on your test scores - then it is best to opt Applying to MBA and Reasoning in the Verbal, which are
for the GMAT, as it is still more popular for a Masters usually quite challenging. They test not
MBA admission. Here are three reasons Another good reason to choose the GRE just knowledge of maths, vocabulary and
why: is if you consider applying to MBA and grammar, but higher order thinking, as
Masters programmes. If you havent Veritas Prep instructors phrase it.
First, experts share the view that the decided yet between pursuing an MBA
GMAT is still the exam that business and another graduate degree youll have Take advantage of your
schools are more familiar with, making a greater chance of killing two birds with strengths
it easier for them to evaluate candidates one stone if you take the GRE note experts Are you better at Quant or Verbal? If
abilities. Additionally, Its also difficult of The Economist GMAT Tutor in the article youre naturally inclined to do better
to fairly compare a GMAT score with a Which test should you take? GMAT in one test over another why not stick
GRE score, between applicants, says vs. GRE. GRE is generally accepted for with your strengths? suggest test
for US News JoAnne Goldberg, a former admission to Masters degree programmes. preparation experts of The Economist
assistant director of admissions at the Then you can still select b-schools for your GMAT Tutor. They explain that the GMAT
Stanford University business school and MBA amongst those 800+ institutions that is considered tougher in the maths part
an MBA graduate of the school. accept GRE for MBA admission. primarily due to its data sufficiency
Second, business schools still perceive questions, while the GRE Verbal sections
the GMAT as a commitment to MBA Already taken the GRE emphasis on vocabulary can make it
studies. It is possible that you have already scored tougher for non-native speakers and
Finally, a long-term incentive in support well on the GRE in order to attend a those who dont regularly read complex
of the GMAT is that plenty of employers Masters degree programme directly after literature.
in the business sector consider GMAT you got your Bachelors degree. The score
scores in job applications. of the GRE is valid for five years, so it is The bottom line is that the two tests are
very likely that you can still use it. In this just different. GMAT is still considered to
Different formats case, you do not need to take the GMAT for be the test focused on assessing skills for
The GRE is provided in two formats a your MBA application if you select business b-school studies, while the GRE is better
pen-and-paper and a computer-based schools which accept both the GRE and suited for Masters degree admission.
test - while the GMAT is only delivered the GMAT. However, a winning strategy is to opt
on a computer. If you have a preference for the test in which you will perform
for either of these two options, you can Struggling with the GMAT better if your selected schools accept
choose the one in which you expect There are arguments about which test both GRE and GMAT. There are a number
to perform better depending on the is easier. Of course this is very individual of good reasons to prefer the GRE over
availability in your location. depending on many factors including the the GMAT. I.B.

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 71


The 10 Best
Ways to Prepare
for the GMAT
By Veritas Prep

I. Learn from your mistakes III. Focus on what you should

do, not just on what you
The GMAT is a challenging test: its mission is
should know
to differentiate between college graduates
who are pursuing even-higher education, A common refrain among those who fail
so it has to be challenging to get large to achieve their target score is I knew
portions of that group to struggle with everything cold, but then everything
each question. Even if you were a standout looked different on test day. Their
scholar with great grades and test scores, mistake? The GMAT is a test of how well
prepare to make mistakes and to learn you APPLY knowledge to unique situations,
from them. Every mistake you make in not about how well you REMEMBER that
practice offers a lesson to help you avoid knowledge. So study with verbs in mind:
a similar mistake in the exam. what do you DO when you see a certain
type of problem so that you can put that
II. Ask why you made those knowledge to work? For example, with
mistakes exponent problems, you should look to 1)
FIND common bases; 2) FACTOR addition/
Most examinees will try to learn at least subtraction into multiplication; and 3) TEST
something from each mistake, but an small numbers to find a pattern. When
alarming number of those test-takers problems dont seem to have an easy plug-
will do so inefficiently (if not just plain and-chug method, remember those verbs
incorrectly)! Lets say, for example, that you learned so that you know what to do
you fail a Data Sufficiency problem because to make the problems solvable.
you forgot to consider the possibility of
negative numbers. Many students will IV. Think before you read
label that problem based on its content the solution
area, such as exponents. But you didnt
get a DS problem wrong because you Arguably the most common frustration
dont understand exponents; you failed that GMAT students have is that the written
because you made a mistake that could solutions to problems regardless of the
damage you on lots of other problems. source are convoluted, confusing, and
So make sure that you put thought into hard to follow. So dont rely on them
the way that you categorise, label, and unless you have to! Even a well-written
return to your mistakes so that your study solution is less effective than is your own
sessions directly address your areas for trial and error as you try to connect the
improvement. dots between problem and solution,

largely because you need the solution to options are much more permanent. Allow
make sense to you, not to the graduate yourself a Learning phase in which you
student intern who wrote the problem. take as long as you need to solve problems
So use written solutions as a last resort; before your Practice phase when youll
before you go to them, check the correct need to add that timed element to make
answer and see if you can connect the sure that you can perform on test day.
dots yourself.
VIII. Prepare for mental
V. Never mistake activity stamina
for achievement
The GMAT is a 3 hour and 30 minute test
GMAT students often measure their and thats before you add in breaks and
progress in terms of the number of hours the check-in process. Studying during
theyve studied or the number of problems lunchtime and practising on your phone
theyve completed. But while those is helpful, but youll need to plan to have
numbers may be correlated with success, some longer study sessions (and full-length
theyre not as causal as you might think. practice tests) so that youre ready for
Make sure that the time you spend and the staying focused and thinking clearly when
problems you do are time and effort well your brain is spinning from several hours
spent. Before each session, have a plan of tough problems.
for what you want to address and why,
and afterwards take short notes (mental IX. Address your
or written is fine) on what you learned weaknesses
that you can apply to future problems or
tests. It has been said that 90% of success Studying for the GMAT isnt often fun,
is just showing up; the GMAT requires that so people will often sweeten the pot by
extra 10%. working on the problems that they enjoy
the most. But a small gain on your strong
VI. Study reputable suit can only help your score so much
material, particularly for and schools are interested in a balanced
Verbal applicant, so going from a 48 quant score
to a 49 wont help your admissions chances
Official GMAT problems cost thousands much if your verbal score is still below
of dollars EACH to produce and average. Make sure to take your medicine
validate. So when a new company or app and eat your vegetables, so to speak; if
launches with thousands of realistic GMAT youre going to study, put that time toward
problems! theyre either too optimistic, or the parts of the test that will increase your
theyre just lying. Even some of the official score the mostand thats going to be
testmakers oldest material is out of line your weakness.
with the current test (which changed item
writers from ETS to ACT back in 2006), so X...But dont ignore your
studying old, official material or new, not- strengths
all-that-reputable material can lead you
astray as far as what to study and how to At the same time, you should spend at least
improve. 20% of your time keeping your stronger
skills fresh. Its not at all uncommon
VII. Save the stopwatch for for engineers to score higher on verbal
than quant and for poets to score higher
later on quant than verbal, often to their
Yes, the GMAT is a timed test. But you dismay as they cant believe that they
shouldnt start using the stopwatch underperformed on their strength. Dont
until youve mastered core content and let those hard-earned skills atrophy and
strategy; otherwise youll just make the dont take your initial practice test prowess
same mistakesfaster, and more often. for granted. Devote a little bit of time each
Focusing on time also means that youll week to staying fresh overall so that your
learn more problems by reading the written gains on your weak areas are balanced with
solutions and not by forcing yourself to strong performances overall.
form connections and build skills; the latter

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 73

What do B-schools

Want to Know About You?

A look at some of the worlds most respected
schools admission essay requirements

BA admissions essays are
the part of your application
package about which
admissions committees are most
curious. Although essays have
strict topics and volume limits,
they are still your best opportunity
to be genuine, personal, creative
and unique. Thats clear enough.
But what do prestigious schools,
in particular, want to know about

What b-schools expect

Business schools usually give clear and
friendly instructions about what they
expect to read in your essays. Here is
what the Wharton MBA recommends:
The Admissions Committee wants to get
to know you on both a professional and
personal level. We encourage you to be Show that you have clear career goals essay questions, no matter how they are
introspective, candid, and succinct. Most Show that you are aware of how the actually worded, are:
importantly, we suggest you be yourself. chosen programme can help you achieve
those goals Career goals and programme fit
On average, b-schools require two or Illustrate your unique skills, experience These questions are very straightforward
three essays of about 500 words each. For and values that will contribute to the and are the essence of the application.
example, the EDHEC Global MBA has two learning environment of the MBA class They aim to reveal your motivation for
questions of 300 words each. However, and the mission of the b-school MBA studies and for choosing a particular
ESMT expects eight essays of between Stay coherent. Essays are just one programme.
150 and 800 words. The total number of element of the application package,
words in one schools essays can range but all documents, facts, figures and Here is an example: Please explain
between 600 and 2450. feedback should be linked, supporting why you are applying for an MBA at
and complementing each other to convey ESMT. What are your career plans upon
The value of admission what you can bring to the b-school and completion of your MBA? Please provide
essays how you will benefit. some insights into your short-term
The key advantage of the essay is that (immediately after your MBA) and long-
it allows you to present yourself and Types of essay questions term objectives. (800 words)
persuade the admissions committee that These key points are reflected in the
you are the right fit for your selected actual essay questions. So, it is best that Your contribution
programme. What you should aim to you look into some examples and get into Each business school evaluates
achieve when writing your essays is to: the shoes of MBA applicants. Typical your potential contribution to their

Fort supports women 35%
throughout the MBA process
from consideration to graduation.
Women make up 55% of the
population, but only 35% of
LETS GET STARTED business school enrollments.
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a nonprofit consortium of top business schools
and leading companies dedicated to the
advancement of women in business.
programme. Convey in your essay what and why? You may choose from any you to give a presentation of yourself.
you are good at, what your values are, field (arts, literature, politics, business, This is certainly not an easy task. It helps
what you are passionate about, what is etc.). Questions of this type give you to think about what makes you unique in
unique about you and how it can benefit the opportunity to elaborate on the comparison to others of your academic
your peers, professors and the learning difference you would like to make in the and professional background, gender,
environment. world, the leadership style you aspire to, nationality, etc.
the values you share.
LBS ask the question in this way: What Duke Fuqua says: Share with us 25
specific areas of London Business School Failure, achievement, values random things about yourself. Some
life are you most excited about getting Achievement seems easy to talk about, points may be only a few words, while
involved in and where will you add value? but failure not so much. However, others may be longer. IMD: Describe
(300 words). However, such questions do analysing mistakes and learning from yourself in two hundred words or fewer.
not limit your response to extracurricular failure is a valuable experience that
activities. admissions officers want to hear about. In the end, it all boils down to helping
admissions committees get to know you
Leadership aspirations IMD requests: Describe a time in your better as a person and a professional;
MBA programmes cultivate business life where you faced a significant failure. inspiring them to support you in whatever
leaders. You often come across essay How did it affect you and what were difference you would like to make in the
questions about a notable person or a your greatest lessons? (Maximum 300 world; convincing them that you are an
leader whom you would like to meet or words) and Describe a situation when indispensable asset for the next MBA
whom you admire. your personal values where challenged. class that they are putting together.
The admissions essays are your best
HEC Paris Full-time MBA application Present yourself opportunity to talk to the MBA admission
asks: What figure do you most admire Business schools often simply require decision makers. I.B.


Practical tips for great letters for recommendation

ome business school a potential reference seems less than
admissions committee enthusiastic in any way, keep looking. That
members have revealed persons ambivalence is likely to come
that they consider the letters through in the letter.
of recommendation in the MBA
application incredibly important In some cases, however, choosing your
to their decision-making process current supervisor is not possible. Go back
possibly the most important to the pool of options and select the next
aspect. This surprises many best person. You may choose someone
applicants who dont take the from a prior job, or someone with whom
recommendation letters seriously you have worked closely but do not report
because they do not personally to. If you select two references from the
complete them. These applicants same company, make sure that they can
fail to see one of the key provide different perspectives on you. For
reasons why recommendations example, one can be your manager, and
are extremely important. the other can be someone with whom
Recommendations can provide a you worked cross functionally.
glimpse into your management
skills. If you cannot ensure that I often hear questions regarding the
your letter of recommendation is benefit of selecting MBAs to write your
appropriate, professional and on letters or, even better, alumni of your
time, what does that say about target schools. All things being equal, it
your managerial potential? is helpful if your recommender has an
MBA. It means that they understand the
Selecting the right people to draft your process and it may also validate them in
letters of recommendation is essential. the eyes of your target school. Consider
The admissions committee can learn a this a nice to have but dont select an
lot about you just by observing who you MBA at the expense of the number-one
select to write a letter on your behalf. rule: selecting someone who knows you
When selecting someone to write your well.
letter, choose people with whom you
work closely and who know you well. The A note specifically for those applying
persons job title is not as important as directly from college: You may think that
how well they know you, and the single your former Economics professor is a
best person to ask for your initial letter of great person to write a letter because
recommendation is the manager to whom they think highly of your academic ability.
you report directly. However, a professor usually cannot
answer questions about interacting with
In fact, many schools actually require peers, leadership abilities, career goals,
you to ask your direct supervisor to write areas needing improvement, and more.
your primary letter of recommendation. Its truly essential that the people writing
Choose people who like you, and who your reference have clear insight into the
think you are good at what you do. If information that the business schools

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 77

seek. In these cases, it is better to find emphasise throughout the letter, such as
a recommender from an extra-curricular leadership, teamwork, creative thinking,
setting, such as one of your volunteer determination, focus, intelligence,
commitments. charisma, or integrity. Then, provide at
least one concrete anecdote that you feel
Once you have selected your illustrates each characteristic.
recommender, ask for their feedback
to get a feel for whether the person is For example: Initiative Last year, when
supportive of the MBA degree in general I learned that international sales were
before asking for his or her help. Begin declining, I took it upon myself to research
these discussions well in advance of the competitive landscape and learned
applying, so that there are no surprises. of two recent market entrants. I then
When you are ready to actually ask the offered to lead a team to analyse these
individual to write a letter on your behalf, new competitors and develop a strategy
request a brief meeting to discuss your for regaining our market share. Our team
own MBA plans privately. Ask if the referee of five analysts proposed a solution after
feels he or she could write a positive and one week of work. The solution was
supportive letter on your behalf. implemented and within six months, we
had regained 50% of lost market share. Do not prepare a common letter
Next, you should outline all logistics for all schools. Recommendations
and deadlines for your recommender. Once you hand over the package and should be school-specific, answering
Make sure that he or she is fully aware instructions to your recommender, you each individual question on the form
of the time commitment and schedule only need to stay on top of the process in detail.
required. You should give referees at and make sure that your referees do not
least 1-2 months notice. Supply your miss the deadline. Referees may be tempted to ask the
recommender with a two-page document candidate to write their own letters.
that contains only the most essential Finally, you will want to express your In addition to being unethical, this
information. Then let them know that thanks when someone does you a is not a good idea as schools can
recognise that the letters are in the
you can provide any other materials that favour. Once everything is settled, write
same style as the essays.
they might find helpful. Preparing your your referee a thank-you note, or send a
recommender document will also bottle of wine or other small gift. Nothing If there is a grid that asks the referee
help you with your own essays, so it is a elaborate is needed; just be sure to show to rank the candidate on a number
valuable exercise in and of itself. your appreciation that they found time of dimensions, it is not necessary
in their busy schedule to recommend to indicate that the candidate is in
Decide on four or five key characteristics you and support your plans to pursue an the top group in every category.
you would like your recommender to MBA. S.B. It is important that the ratings be

Most schools request some

background information about the
recommender in order to establish
a context. Information about the
recommender may build credibility.

An honest assessment of the

candidates weaknesses is as
important as a review of strengths.
Indicating where the candidate can
improve will build legitimacy for the
rest of the recommendation.

Unless claims are backed up by

specific examples, they are not
convincing. Give strong examples
that reinforce the traits you are

Recommendations should highlight

how the applicant is different from
others with similar CVs/rsums.

Recommendations should discuss

personal attributes that are not easily
described in essays, such as integrity,
respect, or sense of humour.



One-hour interactive information sessions

with representatives and alumni

vailable all year long on:


Programmes in Europe

Articles from experts - Alumni interviews

Videos - Audio discussions - Live chat with schools

Acing the
MBA Interview
Top tips from a top expert

Youve worked hard on your MBA into the best possible school that fits your
application, aced the GMAT, told profile and your career aspirations may
a great story through your CV mean the difference between living your
and essays, had your application dream career or getting stuck in the jobs
package reviewed by a professional you dont like for another 30-40 years of
MBA Admissions consultant, your professional life.
obtained glowing references, and
submitted your application on How do I prepare?
time. Now what?
Remember that the interview is the
The next crucial step in your application is culmination of your entire application. It
the MBA admission interview. If you have is a chance to clarify and elaborate on the
been invited for one congratulations! story you told through your application,
This means that the Admissions Committee and make a good impression that will likely
at your dream business school considers result in an offer of admission.
you an interesting candidate and would
like to meet you to further assess your For this reason, your interview prep should
qualifications and your personality. begin well before youre invited for one!
Sergey Kouk When youre putting together your story,
Some candidates believe, mistakenly, that Managing Director be sure to highlight three main areas:
the interview is just a formality. If you were Admit Master, Canada
applying for a job, would you think that an 1. Where you came from: your background,
interview was only a formality? Getting an Sergey Kouk has an MBA and a education, work experience, and
interview simply means youre still in the Masters in Applied Mathematics. community involvement.
game, so take the interview seriously! Having scored 750 on the GMAT, 2. Where youre going: your career
he has been preparing students for objectives, your dream job after the MBA,
Remember, there are many applicants vying the GMAT and assisting them with where you see yourself in the next two, five
for limited seats in the MBA programme, the MBA application process for a and ten years.
and your job is to sell yourself to the number of years. He is currently 3. How this business school can help you
Admissions Committee. Be sure to know the managing director at Admit get there: why the school is the perfect fit
what the school is looking for in candidates Master, a Canadian MBA Admissions for you, how you would benefit from the
and highlight your achievements that are Consultancy. MBA, and how you would contribute to
most relevant to that particular business the success of others.
school. programme, and you may simply not
know what you dont know. The easiest If getting professional help with your MBA
A common question that many candidates and most straightforward approach is to application is not practical, be sure to do
ask is: How do I know what the school is hire an MBA Admissions consultant with extensive research on your own: read the
looking for? Chances are, this is the first lots of experience in the industry. After comments and profiles of other candidates
time youll be applying to an MBA all, you only do your MBA once, so getting who were successfully admitted to the same

school; visit the school campus and talk like youre reading from a prompter. Most questions or makes comments. Start your
with current students; search your LinkedIn importantly, relax and be yourself. After all, answer by repeating the question; this will
network and connect with students and you want the business school to admit you help you stay focused. Avoid one-word
alumni from that school; ask for advice; and for who you really are! answers.
definitely have someone, ideally a friend
or a colleague who successfully applied Should I simply answer Most importantly, prepare two or three
to the same or a similar business school, questions? compelling questions, answers to which
run mock interviews with you and give you you cant easily find on the Internet. Asking
honest feedback. While its important to answer your interesting and unique questions will make
interviewers questions, your job is to tell you more memorable and could tip the
How should I present myself your story and further strengthen your scales in your favour even more!
at the interview? application. Be sure to tailor your answers
and highlight unique personal stories that Finally, remember to follow up no later
Make a good first impression from the make you different. than one day after the interview, and
moment you walk into the reception area. ideally the same day if your interview is in
Shake hands, maintain good eye contact Let the interviewer guide you through the the morning. Thank the interviewer(s) for
and keep a positive attitude. Be humble first steps, but then gently take control their time and reiterate your interest in the
but confident. Be well-rested and well- of the conversation. Be polite; never cut programme. Good luck!
dressed. Be prepared, but dont sound off the interviewer when he or she asks Sergey Kouk at

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 81

Old-Timers &
Golden Classics
Finance and consulting remain
the linchpins of an MBA career
f you have decided that you accounting, 21% in marketing and sales
need an MBA, you must have and 19% in general management.
asked yourself some of these
questions: Which sectors are most Sectors preferred by MBA
favourable to MBA graduates? students
How do their professional
prospects differ geographically? Before we dissect the most popular
Where do alumni debut in the industries among MBA graduates, lets
corporate hierarchy? These are take a brief look at internships, as the
some important unknowns for readiness to hire MBA interns denotes
candidates that we will try to the value of the programme to employers.
tackle. GMAC surveyed 179 employers from 31
regions/countries and found that 73% of
So, lets say a whole class of soon-to-be them offered internship opportunities to
MBAs will finish their degree in a couple MBA students. Why is this important? The future will show
of months. What are the prospects of Sometimes an internship may lead to a
landing a position in one of their preferred job within the company or tilt the balance how sustainable the
business sectors? The 2016 Alumni for being hired at another company later. technological boom is,
Perspectives Survey Report of the Graduate
Management Admission Council outlines An MBA degree increases the chances but the need for talented
the global industries that hire business of employment. The GMAC 2015 Global
school graduates. The first two sectors with Management Education Graduate Survey leaders indicates the
the highest need for employing MBAs are reveals that 68% of the part-time/flexible rapid pace of this areas
traditional - products and services, and MBA jobseekers from 2015 received job
finance and accounting (19% for each of offers before finishing their degrees, as did devolvement.
them). These are pretty broad areas that 63% of the two-year full-time and 36% of
may include very versatile firms. The third the one-year full-time students.
sector that comes close with 17% is more
concrete - technology. The top three favourite industries for full-
time MBA students vary slightly, depending
The future will show how sustainable the on the length of the programme. For the
technological boom is, but the need for one-year MBA, finance/accounting (26%)
talented leaders indicates the rapid pace is the most preferred field, followed by
of this areas devolvement. Both analysts products/services (23%) and consulting
and businessmen are talking about the (19%). The two-year full-time students
third industrial revolution (mechanical favourite spheres are finance/accounting
manufacturing and the moving assembly (24%), consulting (22%) and products/
line in the 18th and 20th century being the services (19%). The discrepancy is very
first two). It seems, at least for the moment, slim and may fall within the statistical
that the assumption that technology holds margin of error. The part-time/flexible MBA
the key to the future may hold true. students prefer products/services (26%),
consulting (17%), finance/accounting
The abovementioned GMAC survey sounds (14%), technology (14%) and health care
representative enough. It was conducted (13%).
in October and November 2015, and its
findings were derived from 14,279 alumni As we already said, the IT boom also
from 70 business schools worldwide. It increased the demand for employees
also shows that 63% of alumni work in with business education in the technology
three fields: 24% of them - in finance and sector - 93% of tech firms said they wanted

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 83

to hire MBA graduates. Many business way they are brought to market, the way international students. They were followed
schools realise that increasing technology they are managed, is changing. by 28% of employers in the US and 23%
within businesses is more than a temporary of recruiters in Europe. Behind the dry
phase the modern-day economy is going Energy and utilities, and the technology numbers, one must take into account the
through. On the contrary - it is a direct sectors show the highest preference for strength of the concrete national economy
reflection of what companies will look like hiring MBAs, followed by products/services and the overall entrepreneurial culture
and how business will be carried out in (86%) and finance and accounting (84%). and spirit that make the life and hiring
the future. Douglas M. Stayman, Associate Moreover, 81% of consulting companies, of expatriates easier. On a more micro
Dean for MBA programmes at Cornell 81% of manufacturing companies and level, the individual profile of companies
University, explains about the Johnson 75% of health care and pharmaceutical also matters - due to their workings
Cornell Tech MBA: Primarily, this is an MBA companies also say they need MBA alumni. with worldwide businesses, finance and
about the digital economy. The campus accounting (38%) and consulting (36%)
is about the digital economy and how Business education and firms were most welcoming to international
the digital technology and informational international careers candidates.
revolution is changing the way business
is being done. The traditional MBA, like One of the focal points in taking the decision Another interesting topic is relocation. In
the traditional engineering college, was to go to business school is the possibility principle, international education gives you
built for a certain kind of economy and a tof using the degree as a passport for an a chance to transfer your career - 69% of
certain kind of corporation and a certain international career. But which world region the candidates hired outside their home
way of doing business. And Cornell Tech is likely to be most open to expatriate country had an international graduate
was developed because the way products job candidates? In 2015, the Asia-Pacific business degree, the GMAC data shows.
are developed, the way they are tested, the companies were most inclined (43%) to hire But, at the same time, almost nine-tenths

Globally, most of the
graduates begin at mid-
level (46%) or senior-
level (31%) positions.
The exceptions are the
ones who skyrocket to
executives (13%), and
the C-suite (3%) - CEOs,
CFOs, etc.

(88%) of MBAs in the world remain in their of graduates with business degrees other
home country. This means that relocation than MBAs start work in entry-level posts
still remains an exception. in comparison to just 4% of MBA holders.

The US seems most conservative in this We now come to the subject of company
respect. Just 3% of Americans with an MBA size. It shouldnt really matter how big
work abroad. Of course, this may also mean a company is. Depending on personal
that the conditions for MBAs in the US preferences, one may feel better in a
are exceptional. In comparison, 29% of smaller start-up or a boutique firm, or in
Europeans go to a different country. Of a larger, more established organisation. The
course, given the specifics of the common highest proportion of alumni (30%) work for
European market, it is understandable - an large firms with 25,000 or more employees,
alumnus from Sweden may relocate to 20% for companies with between 100 and
Denmark, or one from France to the UK. 1,000 staff, 19% for firms with a workforce
The GMAC polls show that most alumni between 5,000 and 25,000, 16% for entities
from Central and South Asia (55%) prefer of between 1,000 and 4,999 people and the
to move, albeit within their own region. remaining 15% for companies with fewer
than 100 people.
Positions, size of companies
and entrepreneurship The self-employed are a very special group
among alumni. One in every ten graduates
It is common for MBA graduates to perceive is self-employed. These are entrepreneurs
their education as a career accelerator. with a high level of autonomy who also
Almost three quarters (73%) of them report high job satisfaction. While 65% of
believe that taking the degree led to employed MBAs say that they are satisfied
faster career advancement. In addition 8 with their work, 81% of those that are self-
out of 10 claim that it prepared them for employed say the same. Average working
leadership posts. An important question is hours for this group is 49 hours per week
where, on the corporate ladder, do MBAs and the average pay of entrepreneurs is
start after graduation? Globally, most of 145,000 USD per year. For those who want
the graduates begin at mid-level (46%) or to depend on themselves, an MBA with a
senior-level (31%) positions. The exceptions specialisation in entrepreneurship might be
are the ones who skyrocket to executives a suitable choice. Here, unsurprisingly, the
(13%), and the C-suite (3%) - CEOs, CFOs, greater extent of autonomy, self-reliance
etc. Fewest of all (7%) start work in entry- and freedom, also comes with greater
level positions. According to GMAC, 23% responsibilities. D.G.

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Start Your Engines!

Business schools embrace the startup hype

ver asked yourself why the advertising. These are totally different
road from a good idea to its things from the running and daily routine
realisation sometimes feels of a company. And this is where an MBA
so bumpy, long and exhausting? comes as a nexus. Business education
The reason is that these are two is useful for becoming an entrepreneur
completely different parts of a in many spheres, one of which is the
very important process. If one booming innovative technology sector.
neglects either of them, it may The development of Internet economics
all fall apart. recently aroused interest in the degree
among many players in the tech industry.
Facebook was not the first social network
in the world, but it is arguably the most When technology meets
successful. Mark Zuckerberg did not business education?
invent the idea itself; it had already
been out there for years. Classmates. The 2015 GMAC Global Management
com started almost 10 years earlier in Education Graduate Survey places
1995, then appeared, technology as the fourth most significant
then Friendster, the list goes on and on. industry (12%) in terms of job offers for
Zuckerberg and his team, however, seem the Class of 2015. The first three are
to have developed the concept most finance and accounting, consulting, and
thoroughly and effectively. And neither did products and services. Technology is also
Bill Gates pioneer software, or Steve Jobs the third sphere of preference of that
the tablet. All they and their teams ever valuable 5% of business school students
did was to perfect these things, making who have started or are about to start
them indispensable for millions of people. their own businesses. More concretely,
13% of b-school students that identify
The road to success is made out of many themselves as entrepreneurs recognise
different, sometimes small, steps. Making technology as their current or prospective
one or a few of them correctly does not area of choice.
guarantee you will ever get anywhere at
all. It takes talent, inspiration and original The available GMAC survey data suggests
thinking to give birth to a potentially excellent perspectives for tech profile
successful business concept. The skills students. The average boost in salary for
required for its successful creation are graduates with a job offer in technology
indeed very valuable. The idea could be in 2014 was 98%. This is second only to
adorable, people may get to love it one healthcare by 12 points. In 2015, however,
day, its potential may truly be outstanding. the tech industry was the leader in this
But if the realisation phase lacks courage, respect, with an impressive increase in
perseverance and knowledge of how to remuneration of 103%.
get through all the different business
processes, it may never be realised. The rapid development of Silicon Valley-
related businesses makes business
Coming up with an idea is one thing. This education of technological leaders a
might be quite different from the business topical subject. Combining computer-
plan itself, and a world away from the related and hi-tech competencies
actual financing (IPO, loan, etc.), which with good management abilities could
is a separate area from marketing and make a difference both for start-ups

and more established companies. are cautionary about the start-up fever acumen. The combination of technology
Employers recognise this - for example in recent years and suggest graduates and strategy will be key to how the deal
30% of UCLA Anderson School of should aim at finding jobs in stable landscape evolves in the next 10 years,
Managements Class of 2015 were hired companies. In December 2015, the Wall predicted John Dwyer, PwCs global
by technology companies, as reported Street Journal reported an interesting head of deals for
by the Financial Times (FT) in February aspect of use of statistics for start-ups by Buyers now expect to understand risks and
2016. This proportion was equal to that the Harvard Business School - it tracks the opportunities in far greater detail before
of graduates taking consultancy jobs - percentage of students who founded start- making significant investment decisions,
perhaps the all-time favourite sector for ups after graduation and uses it as a sign he added. The website also explains further
MBAs, together with finance. In that very of overheating. Prof. Thomas Eisenmann, that the consulting industry demonstrated
same year, around 20% of MBA alumni co-chair of the HBS Rock Center for demand for employers who are able to
from the London Business School also Entrepreneurship, calls this the canary- lead clients digital transformations.
took technology jobs. in-the-coal-mine number. He suggests
that if new companies start mushrooming With businesses becoming more
From engineers to managers too rapidly, as happened just before the technological and technology needing
dotcom bubble burst, from roughly 5% in more leadership talent in the classical
Even five or six years ago, newer tech firms 1999 to 11% in 2000, it may be signalling sense of the word, MBAs seem to fill a
felt that MBAs werent needed as much herd behaviour. He adds, however, that valuable niche. This is especially interesting
in the technology industry, because they with around 9% of the schools graduates given that nowadays exceptionally high
felt they needed engineers, Andersons having started their new ventures, there is hopes are being vested in the tech industry,
director of recruiting operations, Phil no immediate cause for concern. almost to the point of being unrealistic.
Han, explained to the FT. Many of these Technology has turned out to be something
companies are now growing so fast that Digital transformations of a mantra; a crossroad hub of all known
they need the strategic thinking and human activities and achievements so
leadership skills provided by an MBA. As a As tech start-ups professionalise and far, a linking chain between automation,
result they are coming to us more often. become more pervasive in spheres they creativity, entertainment and even the
have only recently penetrated, their modified, fluid and, at first glance, more
There is yet one more very strong historic structure becomes more sophisticated. democratised version of the media. Building
argument for the benefit of attracting The need for schooled and seasoned a sustainable future is what seems to be
technology and start-up leaders into good managers is no surprise. Whats relatively the challenge. And here, quality business
business schools. A deeper understanding new is the necessity for people with a dual education perhaps has something to offer.
of how the economy and business cycles profile combining tech and leadership D.G.
work could be important to the well-being
of the tech industry in the longer run. Just
like every other booming economic sphere,
technology is not immune to overheating.
In a world of volatile markets, high added-
value areas like these, which seem to be
safe havens, need an emphasis on hedging
against risks. And education could be an
excellent way of doing so.

Other industries may not have such a

fresh memory of how tides can turn, but
technology sure does. It was a little more
than 15 years ago when the so - called
dotcom bubble burst, and the tech index
NASDAQ peaked in March 2000. Despite
all the great technological developments
throughout these years, it was not until
April 2015 that the index reached the same
levels again. The recent tech boom may
or may not be sustainable. But cultivating
and refining management skills in a
quality business school is a good way of
understanding how to switch strategies
when the economy changes or is about
to change.

Business education could also provide

some personal hedging. Some experts

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 87

My Cosmic Journey

Through the MBA

A career outside business made me re-evaluate
the definition of MBA success

Why did you decide to unusual that you can immediately capitalise
pursue an MBA degree at on this type of studies for several reasons:
Frankfurt School of Finance & the complex socio-technical understanding
Management? required in leadership positions, the
It was a rather fortunate encounter, at the seniority culture (sometimes), and last but
right time and at the right place, when I not least the stability of the organisation.
realised I lacked the acumen to connect
technical solutions to the business context. How has the MBA degree
I needed to develop this ability, which had helped you succeed in this
become critical for all technical people highly technological field?
working at the edge of business. Much depends on your own definition of
success. For the time being, my definition
I was living in Frankfurt am Main and since falls between being effective in mobilising
I wanted to advance in my career, the first others towards an organisational goal,
step was to look at the solutions available which I possibly co-define and helping
in my immediate area. I found out that others to discover their talent and to grow
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management to achieve their potential. Achieving this
Daniele Gianni
was just starting its first edition of the MBA. definition of success requires many skills.
Frankfurt School of Finance
The idea (and privilege) of becoming a Coming from years of applied research,
& Management
student once more was rather exciting. I had already developed sharp technical
Full-time MBA Graduate,
From the schools ranking in the Financial problem-solving and analytical skills, which
Class of 2016
Times and a personal meeting with the can be key to reaching that definition of
director of the programme, I gained a good success. However, when you deal with
Daniele Gianni is a recent graduate
impression of the overall faculty quality. from the Frankfurt School of Finance people, the technical versions of these
Frankfurt itself is a nice area to live in and, & Management. Currently, he is skills need to be extended to include the
coupled with its importance as a financial working as a consultant at EUMETSAT, emotional and social sides of problem.
and industrial hub, the idea of settling down the European Organisation for
there became more and more appealing. the Exploitation of Meteorological The MBA has helped me broaden these
Satellites. Daniele first became skills to cover business and social aspects.
interested in the MBA after a life-
What did you end up doing changing experience in the US during
For example, now when I define a new
after you graduated? his PhD. At that time, he felt he was process, I also tend to assess its impact
For the time being, I am continuing in my destined to remain in academia. on the human resources to determine
pre-MBA role of Requirements Engineering With prestigious opportunities whether the best process in terms of
consultant at EUMETSAT, where I support materialising in the UK and the technical definition is also the best process
the requirements management activities Netherlands, he never doubted in terms of human implementation in the
of a range of European space programmes this direction. But in 2013, Daniele organisational context. I also consider
landed in Frankfurt am Main for his
with the definition of tools and processes. other aspects, including the need for the
consultancy job, and during this time
I am confident that that there will be new of close encounters with the world of implementation of change management
developments in the future, sometime, business, he crossed paths with the activities.
somewhere. Patience and perseverance can MBA again this time permanently
be virtues at times. In highly technological as one of the FSFM cohorts. In addition, the MBA offered me a unique
international organisations, it is rather social laboratory opportunity in which

experimenting and failing were relatively enrol in the MBA programme, I mainly As a consequence, traditional technical
safe a rare privilege that cannot generally considered the RiH. I looked at what I roles have often evolved towards
be afforded in normal circumstances. wanted to achieve, what I was missing in positions that require business acumen
This marked the continuation of a self- terms of knowledge and soft skills, and and managerial abilities to coordinate
discovery journey (i.e. understanding how pondered the options to fill this gap. One internal or external human resources or
you are perceived in your daily life) that option was to move to a different context, to guide the identification of solutions to
I had already started. However, it was such as in a private industrial organisation business problems. Having acquired formal
also the beginning of a self-regulation or in a consulting company. In my case, education in business and management,
journey (i.e. controlling how you react to that appeared to be a move that would I can offer tangible credentials about my
events) and a social awareness journey (i.e. have involved an average risk, uncertain hard managerial knowledge. However, I
understanding the organisational culture). development, and less comprehensive feel that staying on the path of the three
Experts say that your progress in these experience in terms of personal growth journeys will make me much more effective
journeys is a key condition for being an (the three journeys). As I mentioned earlier, in that role.
effective leader, and for me starting or social experimentation cannot always be
continuing them is the basis for reaching afforded in normal professional life. The What would your advice be to
success. other option was to enrol in an MBA. For candidates who aspire to work
me, that was a more encompassing growth in fields other than business?
Have you tried measuring experience, a better way to prepare for I would recommend not restricting the
the ROI given that you dont the future, and it involved less risk. There application of MBA lessons to business
necessarily deal with business was certainly a financial difference, but alone. There are many lessons that
now? considering that time is unredeemable and can be re-applied to oneself to gain an
This is a legitimate question, but I think that, to me, how you get there (in terms of advantage in a career outside business. In
it has its limits. As you learn in the MBA, career) matters as much as where youre my view, one important and relevant lesson
financial indicators are only one out heading to, I had few doubts about which concerns the awareness of the perceived
of the four (or five) dimensions used option I should pursue. risk of an unusual professional profile
in the performance management of an with respect to the risk appetite of the
organisation: as entrepreneur of yourself, Do you feel satisfied with organisation you wish to work for. Finding
why should you restrict yourself to financial your choice of postgraduate an alignment between these two risks may
indicators alone? I encourage people to education in light of your still be necessary, after the MBA, for your
look beyond the ROI and to consider current career path? way forward.
instead the Return on Investment in Overall, I am satisfied with what I have
Human Capital if you wish to stick to acquired and discovered during the MBA. One warning: if you have an unusual
numbers. Better yet, one should look at the And I know it is up to me to take it from professional profile, be aware that your
Return in Happiness (RiH), if you wish to be there and capitalise on this opportunity definition of success might be different
more qualitative and to see the MBA as a to steer my career from a technical role from that of more conventional MBA
personal transformation experience along to a role at the edge of business. Often, candidates and graduates. Be aware of
the three journeys I have mentioned above. large organisations tend to outsource that and, more importantly, be comfortable
Personally, when I made the decision to part of the implementation activities. with it. A.Z.

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Features 2016-2017

Gain an In-depth Insight Into the Features of Top Business Schools

Europe North America

Athens University of Economics and Business 92 Concordia - John Molson School Business 121
Cass Business School 93 Hult International Business School 122
CEU Business School 96 Fordham Gabelli School of Business 124
Cranfield School of Management 98 McGill University - Desautels 125
Danube University Krems 99 Queens-Smith School of Business 126
Esade Business School 100 Sacred Heart University 127
EU Business School 102 Simon Fraser University - Beedie School 128
Edhec Business School 104 of Business
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management 105 UBC Sauder School of Business 129
IE Business School 106 University of New Brunswick 130
HEC Paris 108 University of Toronto - Rotman School 131
Leeds University Business School 109 of Management
International University of Monaco 110 York University - Schulich School 132
IESEG 112 of Business
Loughborough University, School of Business 113
and Economics Asia
Manchester Business School| Alliance MBS 114 Asia School of Business 133
MIP Politecnico di Milano 115 GLOBIS University 134
Munich Business School 116 NUS Singapore University 135
NEOMA Business School 117
Nottingham University Business School 118 Australia
University of St. Gallen 120 Monash Business School 136

At the Forefront of Education and Research

Student Body

Ratio of Applicants to Places: 3/1

Male Female Ratio: 49/51%
Age Range: 24-44
Average Age: 30
Degree Background: Engineering,
Management, Economics, Social
Sciences, Information Systems,
Situated at the crossroads of three (AMBA), and was the recipient of the MBA International Students: 15%
continents, Athens University of Economics Innovation Award 2013 by the International Europe: 50%
and Business (AUEB) offers an exceptional Accreditation Organisation. Moreover,
exposure to the world, bringing together the programme occupies top positions in North America: 17%
issues and challenges from the European international rankings and is highly accepted Oceania and Asia: 33%
Union, the Balkan countries, and the Middle in the market internationally.
East. Established in 1920, it is the oldest Admission Requirements
and most prestigious university in Greece Focusing on the individual client rather than
in the areas of Economics and Business on what can be taught, the programme can
Administration. be personalised and tailored to meet the University Degree: Bachelors degree
specific needs and goals of each individual (minimum)
Being on the forefront of education and student. This is achieved through a wide GMAT (minimum): 550 (mandatory
research for more than 90 years, AUEB variety of learning opportunities: optional for Full-time students only)
has produced by far the largest number courses, personal skills development TOEFL (minimum): 79
of Greek industry leaders, entrepreneurs, exercises, a variety of immersion projects,
and managers, as well as faculty members career office talks, company days, etc. IELTS (minimum): 6.5, or Certificate of
and researchers. With excellent faculty who Proficiency in English
receive wide international academic and The International MBA programme is set References: Two
professional recognition, AUEB attracts to change your life. It will give you the Minimum Length of Work Experience:
the best pool of candidates in both its knowledge, skills and confidence to analyse Three years
undergraduate and graduate programmes. the challenges and opportunities that lie
ahead in the global business environment (for the Full-time programme)
Programme Presentation and to formulate and implement Five years
innovative and effective strategies in the (for the Part-time programme)
AUEBs International MBA is a vibrant and new era. It will help you cultivate your
innovative programme that aspires to offer entrepreneurial capabilities, gain an
high quality education in flexible forms. It is international perspective, and strengthen Costs
fully accredited by the Association of MBAs your interpersonal and managerial skills.
Application Fees: 50 EUR
Tuition Fees: 12,000 EUR
(13,500 EUR for non-EU students)
Scholarships: Nationality based
Programme Info: scholarships are offered to students
Accreditations: AMBA
from the Balkan region,
Rankings: Eduniversal, Asia and Africa.
Type of Programme: International MBA Further information at
Programme Format: Full-time, Part-time
Finance; Marketing and Strategy;
Content Strength or International Business; Innovation and Entrepreneurship;
Specialisation: Technology, Logistics and Operations
Languages Courses: Greek Name: Ms Afroditi Kompoliti
Application Deadlines: End January/End May Email:
Starting Dates: Early September Telephone: +30 2108203659
France, Spain, Sweden, China, India, Website:
Exchange Programme: Thailand, Colombia, USA


The Intellectual Heart of Business

united kingdom
Student Body

Full-time MBA 2015-16

Male Female Ratio: 70/30%
Average Age: 30
Programme Presentation Average work experience: 6 years
International Students:
Cass Business School is amongst the top Whether you are planning to transform United Kingdom: 21%
one percent of Business Schools worldwide. or accelerate your career, our range of Europe: 23%
Always aspiring to excellence, we constantly MBA programmes are designed to help
seek new ways to serve our students and you realise your potential. Taught by an North America: 10%
the global business community. With a international faculty in the heart of London, Africa and Middle East: 2%
considered and successful balance between our one-year intensive Full-time MBA is Oceania and Asia: 39%
theory and practice, our programmes are designed to develop your business skills Latin America: 5%
delivered in both London and Dubai and and experience, providing you with the
we have an extensive business and alumni confidence, knowledge and networks
network. We attract people from all over the to achieve your career ambitions. Were Admission Requirements
world and our global connections ensure ranked amongst the Top 20 by the Financial
that our students are immersed in a truly Times for one-year MBAs, and have been Admissions requirements differ
international environment. consistently ranked in the top three for depending on your programme of
career progression in the UK. choice. Please refer to our website for
Casss location is a clear advantage for your
study and career search. Situated between Throughout the course of the year you details.
the financial district and Tech City, no other will encounter challenges and learning
European business school has as many experiences that will prepare you for business Costs
Fortune 500 companies on its doorstep. leadership and enable you to become an
Our goal is to provide support to world-class effective decision maker. On this journey, Tuition Fees:
businesses with world-leading thinking. Our you will be studying and collaborating
research is ground-breaking and through alongside a talented international cohort Full-time MBA: 39,500 GBP
our partnerships with leading organisations of business professionals, each with their Scholarships: Various awards available
has a demonstrable impact on our students, own expertise. The Cass MBA is a journey of
business and society. exploration and professional transformation. mba/scholarships

Name: Cass MBA
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7040 0286

Programme Info:
Accreditations: AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB
Full-time MBA ranked 8th in the world for corporate strategy, best value
for money in London, Financial Times 2016
Full-time MBA ranked 6th in the UK, 13th in Europe and 37th in the
world, Financial Times 2016
Type of Programme: One-year Full-Time MBA
Programme Format: Full-Time (12 months)
Content Strength or General management with electives in Finance, Analytics, Strategy,
Specialisation: Consultancy, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Application Deadlines: The Full-time MBA has a rolling admissions process
Starting Dates: Full-Time MBA: September

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 93

The Cass MBA London All that you can be,
begins here.

Our MBA programmes are designed for ambitious working professionals and focuses on real-world business.
On both our Full-time and Executive study modes, you will encounter stimulating challenges and learning
experiences to prepare you for business leadership and enable you to achieve your potential.

Cass Business School is located between the financial district and Tech City, Londons thriving technology hub
and start-up scene. We are perfectly placed to provide you with a unique MBA experience, with opportunities
for creating connections, exploration and career transformation.

All that you can be, begins here. Visit or email us at for details on how to apply.

Be All That You Can Be

From Armed Forces Officer to Business Consultant

What were the most important several consulting projects e.g. a strategy
aspects you considered when project where we worked in teams of seven
choosing a course? dealing with strategic challenges for a real
client, and a consultancy week in Iceland
When I was considering an MBA, several where my team was working with one
aspects were important for choosing Cass of Icelands leading financial institutions.
Business School. First of all, I wanted an Additionally, the Cass MBA careers service
intensive one-year programme which provided me with excellent career coaching
ensured minimal time out of the workforce. and advice for the application and interview
I also required a programme with a holistic processes in order for me to achieve my
perspective to business that could provide career goal.
me with the necessary toolbox to achieve a
career change from the armed forces and Would you recommend your
into management consulting. Secondly, programme to others?
when looking at different schools and
geographies, the broad diversity of the I would most certainly recommend the
Cass MBA cohort was appealing in terms Cass MBA programme to others. It is
of nationalities and backgrounds. I also always important to find the school and
thoroughly considered location, reputation Mats Kallum the programme that fit your personal
and value for money. I wanted a school that Cass Business School aspirations and preferences. The Cass MBA
was located in a vibrant city, with plenty Full-time MBA Graduate, was a great experience and both time and
of exciting businesses and networking Class of 2015 money well spent for me.
opportunities and a strong reputation at
a reasonable price point. Mats Kallum is a recent graduate The Cass Full-time MBA is an intensive
from Cass Business Schools MBA 12-month programme delivered in the
What was your goal and how prograwmme and holds a BsC in heart of London. Were located in the
will the MBA/EMBA/Masters Business and Economics from BI business district and close to Tech City,
help you achieve it? Business School in Oslo. Prior to Londons thriving start-up hub, and have
entering the MBA, Mats had seven close links with both. So whether youre
In doing an MBA, my goal was to achieve a years of work experience with the are a promising business professional
career change. Early on, when considering Norwegian Armed Forces. Mats is or a budding entrepreneur the school is
my personal interests, qualities and previous currently working as an Associate perfectly placed to give you the best the
work experience, I had a strong feeling that with the Boston Consulting Group in city has to offer. If you would like to speak
strategy/management consulting was my Oslo, and enjoys cross-country skiing, to one of our Recruitment Managers about
preferred industry. The Cass MBA certainly mountain biking and tracking in his an application you can email us at cass-
helped reinforce this, and gave me good spare time. or visit
insight into life as a consultant through

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Where Ideas are Born

H ungary
Student Body
Male Female Ratio:
1-Year MBA programme: 62/38%
Katalyst EMBA (weekend): 73/27%
CEU Business School, founded by George Accelerated One-Year MBA: This 12-month IMM EMBA: 87/13%
Soros, offers students an unprecedented programme is comprehensive and intensive. Age Range: 24-52
opportunity to earn an American MBA degree Its curriculum is modern, emphasising Average Age:
in the heart of Europe. Its programmes entrepreneurship, innovation, action 1-Year MBA programme: 33
educate leaders and entrepreneurs who learning, leadership, ethics and finance
transform organisations into innovative, Katalyst EMBA (weekend): 34
responsible enterprises that bring value to Katalyst Executive MBA: This 22-month IMM EMBA: 37
the world, engines of prosperity, providing programme is designed for working Degree Background: Engineering: 20%;
opportunity and market growth in emerging executives, entrepreneurs and other Business/Commerce: 17%; Economics:
and established economies. The programme professionals who want to advance 16%; Management: 8%; Other: 29%
includes a New York City Field Trip. their careers without interrupting their (Law, Finance, Computer Science,
professional lives. Courses take place every Marketing & PR)
Education at CEU Business School represents third weekend
a dynamic balance between the latest International Students:
theory and practice, involving case studies, IMM Global Executive MBA: Students 1-Year MBA programme: 72%
application of the latest technology, study at partner institutions in 2-week Katalyst EMBA: 36%
boardroom simulations and action learning modular sessions. Participants have an
projects in the field. Students are part of 1-Year & Katalyst EMBA: 100%
average of 13 years of work experience IMM EMBA: 100%
a diverse, sophisticated and engaged
Admission Requirements:
Admission Requirements
CEU Business School prides itself on making
its MBA programmes available to any Online Application Form and Professional
Resume/CV University Degree: Yes
qualified candidates while adhering to the
highest standards of excellence. A copy of undergraduate diploma and GMAT: 603 (average), waived for EMBA
transcripts TOEFL: CBT 230, PBT 570, IBT 88
Programme Presentation A statement of purpose (essay) References: Two
GMAT or GRE score report (not required Minimum Length of Work Experience:
CEU Business School currently offers the for Katalyst EMBA and IMM)
following AMBA-accredited US degree English Language Proficiency/TOEFL or 1-Year MBA - 3 years, Katalyst EMBA - 5
programmes: equivalent exam score report years, IMM EMBA - 5 years

Programme Info: Costs

Accreditations: Association of MBAs (AMBA)
Application Fees: 40 USD for full-time
Consistently highly ranked in Europe by international and regional
Rankings: programmes
Accelerated One-Year MBA; Katalyst Executive MBA; IMM Global Tuition Fees:
Type of Programme:
Executive MBA (modular multi-campus) 1-Year MBA: 15,500 EUR
Programme Format:
Accelerated One-Year MBA -12 months; Katalyst Executive MBA (every Katalyst EMBA: 16,000 EUR
3rd weekend) - 22 months; IMM Global Executive MBA - 19 months IMM EMBA: 75,000 EUR
Content Strength or Scholarships: 15% tuition reduction for
Business and Sustainability; Entrepreneurship; Marketing; Finance
Alumni of all CEU Degree programmes;
Languages Courses: English
Accelerated One-Year MBA programme: Scholarship Application
Deadline: end of January, General Application Deadline: June 30 Contacts
Application Deadlines: Katalyst Executive MBA (every 3rd weekend): In general one month
before the October and March programme starts Name: Marketing, Recruitment &
IMM Global Executive MBA: February 28 Admission Office
Accelerated One-year MBA: September Email:
Starting Dates: Katalyst Executive MBA (weekend): October, March
IMM Executive MBA: March
Telephone: +36 1 887 5014
9 schools in Europe, 4 schools in North America, 2 in Latin America and Website:
Exchange Programme:
5 in Asia, with no additional tuition fees


Rethink the Way

Business is Conducted
How would you describe CEU open branch campuses in other locations.
Business School today? It will more likely mean partnering with
CEU Business School is a dynamic, supportive other institutions, using technology in
environment that challenges professionals smarter ways, and teaching and conducting
at all stages of their careers from recent curriculum development with academic and
graduates to senior executives to rethink corporate partners.
the way they conduct business. We provide
them with theory and ideas, engage them Who do you think should get
in debate, and give them examples and an MBA degree and why?
practical experiencesall of which help It is important to remember that there
them grow as leaders. And we do this is no single rigid MBA. The reason why
using a range of teaching approaches, the MBA is the most popular and sought-
including case studies, action learning in after degree on the planet is because of
firms, new courses on such avant garde its inherent capacity to adapt to changing
subjects as design thinking and financial times and conditions. Previously, the MBA
Mel Horwitch
strategy, our new NYC-based MBA module was for students who generally wanted to
and a special course in our incubator, CEU
Dean and Professor work in larger corporations, investment
InnovationLabs, that asks students to CEU Business School banking and management consulting,
develop an actual new venture. mostly in what was called the advanced
Mel Horwitch is Dean and University world. That is no longer the case today.
What do you think Professor at Central European MBA students in increasing numbers are
differentiates CEU Business University Business School, located working for SMEs. Others want to be
in Budapest, Hungary. Previously,
School from other schools? he was Professor of Technology
entrepreneurs, work in entrepreneurial
CEU Business School is a uniquely valuable Management, Director of the Institute enterprises or serve entrepreneurs as VCs,
institution. Created and operating as a for Technology and Enterprise, etc. Some MBA students will spend much
world-class business school with the very former Chair of the Department of their professional lives as independent
best in innovative teaching approaches and of Technology Management, free agents serving a number of clients
professional standards, the School is also Founding Director of the Othmer in some fashion, and this will certainly
rooted and deeply involved in a world that Institute for Interdisciplinary become increasingly common in an age
Studies, and Faculty Director of the
has undergone great change. Indeed, the of outsourcing, corporate de-massing and
CleantechExecs Executive Program
School is part of that change. Thus, we at the Polytechnic Institute of New networked ecosystems of various kinds.
blend global professionalism with a deep York University. Professor Horwitch
understanding of the emerging world. We is an acknowledged expert on On top of all this is the importance of
can serve -- perhaps better than almost entrepreneurship and innovation acting with integrity. In a world rife with
any institution in the world -- executives, management. questionable business practice and
entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinationals, rampant corruption in certain regions,
aiming to prosper in the fastest-growing Leveraging our CEE heritage, our success in the MBA holder must also understand and
part of the globe. And we have been doing bridging all of Europe, and our experience uphold the need in business to act within a
this for over 25 years. in bringing best practices to uncertain moral compass, thereby earning the trust
environments, we now are able to carry and respect of colleagues and external
Where do you want to see the out our mission on a much larger scale than stakeholders. All such new and essential
Business School 25 years from before. Moreover, we can serve regions of attributes make the MBA as valuable and
now? the world where quality business education as needed as ever. This is the kind of MBA
I believe the next 25 years will be even more has traditionally been out of reach either education that CEU Business School is
exciting and meaningful for CEU Business because of geographic or financial access. committed to providing for its students.
School than its first quarter century. That does not necessarily mean we will M.H.

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Transformational Management Education

U nited K ingdom
Student Body
Ratio of Applicants to Places: 4/1
Male Female Ratio: 3/1
Average Age: 32
Degree Background: Graduates GPA 3+
The Cranfield Full-time MBA help our students develop robust leadership International Students: 83%
skills and become proficient in a broad range Europe: 34%
Cranfield is an exclusively postgraduate of management techniques. This allows North America: 2%
university, a global leader for education and them to thrive in a world where relevant Oceania and Asia: 50%
transformational research in technology and management skills are at a premium and
management. where business practices evolve rapidly as Africa: 7%
the pace of business increases. Latin America: 7%
The School of Management grew out of
industrys need for management training. The programme will give you the opportunity Admission Requirements
We are known for our excellence in to immerse yourself fully in your studies. It
leadership development, for our powerful will allow you to: University Degree: 2:2 UK Equivalent or
industry links and our real-world focus. GPA 3+
Create and implement your own leadership GMAT: 600
In 2017, Cranfield School of Management development plan, setting a vision for where
celebrates 50 years. Five decades of making you want to be professionally and how you TOEFL: 100 or IELTS: 7
a difference, five decades of growing people are going to get there. References: Two
to become exceptional leaders. To mark this Minimum Length of Work Experience:
special year, we are delighted to announce Prepare for and find a professional role Three (Post-graduate)
our 50th Anniversary Scholarships for Full- that suits you based on your personality,
time and Executive MBA students. skills, experience and career aspirations.
You are invited to join our class of 2017 Develop a sophisticated understanding of
and enter a global community of alumni, the core aspects of business and finance, as Tuition Fees: 36,000 GBP
business partners, fellow students, friends well as enhance skills such as self-awareness, Scholarships: Various
and supporters, collectively striving to teamwork and resilience.
improve the practice of management.
Grow your confidence and competence Contacts
to take on new challenges.
Programme Presentation Name: Alice McCracken
Build relationships with and learn from Email:
Our Full-time MBA Programme is an experienced, like-minded professionals from Telephone: +44(0)1234758008
intensive one-year programme designed to all around the world. Website:

Programme Info:
Accreditations: AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB
13th in the world, 4th in the UK and 1st for student experience -
Bloomberg Businessweeks Best Business Schools Rankings 2015
Ranked 6th overall and 2nd in the UK in Forbes ranking of The Best
International MBAs: One-Year Programmes
Ranked 1st in the world for Organisational Behaviour and 3rd in the
world for Economics by the Financial Times
Type of Programme: 1-year MBA Programme
Programme Format: Full-time
Content Strength or
Leadership, Entrepreneurship, General Management
Languages Courses: English
30 October 2016*
29 January 2017*
Application Deadlines:
9 April 2017
25 June 2017
Starting Dates: September

f e s s i o n a l L i f e
oost y o u r P ro

[ #1 EMBA Ra nking
2014 & 2015
zin ]
Personal Innovation. State-of-the-art Education. Inspiring Campus.

Danube Business School Top Managers and Entrepreneurs Academics and Future Leaders

The competences of Danube Business > Executive MBA > International Business MSc
School mirror current issues in the interna- Innovative General Management program is designed to provide students with an in-
tional business world. We bundle specialist for executives and entrepreneurs. Leadership- depth understanding of the global practices
expertise and thus create high quality further experienced students will learn the latest across the spectrum of business fields with
education courses, tailor-made to the future management techniques, and at the same several attractive study programs abroad.
qualification requirements of our students. time, they will expand their professional and
personal capabilities to get a better under- > MSc Finance
All programs link theory and practice in a standing of modern management know-how. Advanced knowledge and skills for future
unique learning experience and teach selec- The program includes academic and corporate chief finance officers. Attractive study pro-
ted management instruments, as well as programs in Hongkong HKUST (# 1 in Asia) gram at UBC (Vancouver), Canada.
valuable personal skills. and Silicon Valley, Stanford University.
> Master in Business Administration
Accreditations: > Professional MBA is designed for university graduates holding
for managers in or on the way to leadership a degree min. 240 ECTS worth who want to
positions who would like to complete a state- enhance their employment and career pro-
of-the-art general management education with spects within one year.
specific functional or industrial specializations.

Danube University Krems. Danube Business School. Austria Europe.

A Top Tier Worldwide Academic Institution

Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 69/31%

Average Age: 29
International Students: 95%
(167 students in total)
Europe: 26%
North America (US & Canada): 11%
Middle East: 4%
Asia Pacific: 30%
Africa: 1%
ESADE Business School, established ever have. 95% international students in
in Barcelona in 1958 as a non-profit class, global exchanges, internships and Latin America: 28%
organisation, is internationally recognised study treks and over 50,000 alumni around
for the excellent standard of its programmes the world. Admission Requirements
in management and is accredited by the Tailor-make your MBA in 12, 15 or 18
worlds three most respected management months and with a huge variety of electives University Degree: In any field
education organisations: AACSB, EQUIS and and 5 specialised business labs to make your
the Association of MBAs. GMAT (average): 660
experience your own. Minimum Length of Work Experience:
Real world challenges, in an MBA where we
ESADE achieves consistently high positions learn by doing. Action Learning Consultancy Two years / Average: Five years
in global rankings. It has been ranked by Project, Challenge Based Innovation with
the Financial Times among the the top CERN, Case competitions and international Costs
five European business schools for four growth challenges with global business
consecutive years. The internationalisation schools.
of ESADE has been one of the factors most Application Fees: 135 EUR
MBA ranked 8th in Europe and 19th in Tuition Fees: 61,700 EUR
positively considered by this ranking as it is the world (Financial Times 2016). 1st Best
highly valued for the number of international
companies who recruit students from the Programme in Europe for Placement Success
(The Economist 2015), 2nd for Salary Contacts
school, as well as the number of foreign
participants in the classroom. Increase (Financial Times 2016) and 3rd for
Student Satisfaction (Financial Times 2016). Name: Admissions
Programme Presentation 68% average salary increase after Email:
graduation. Telephone: +34 934 952 088
Why the ESADE MBA? Experience Barcelona: ranked as one of Website:
The most international experience youll Europes top cities in which to live.

Programme Info:
Accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS and the Association of MBAs

Rankings: 8th in Europe, 23rd in the world (The Financial Times 2016)
Type of Programme: Full-time MBA
Programme Format: 12-15-18 months
Specialise in Entrepreneurship, Family Business, Finance, Innovation,
Content Strength or
or Marketing through our Business Labs, gaining certification in these
Languages Courses: English

Application Deadlines: Rolling admissions process, all year round

Starting Dates: September 2016

Exchange Programme: 40 top exchange schools around the world
Percentage of salary 68%
increase after graduation


Full Time MBA Why the Full Time MBA? More information

The Full Time MBA is a top-ranked 5th Best Business School in Europe
Financial Times 2015. Tel. +34 934 952 088
flexible programme that will increase your
management and business knowledge and Choose the length of study: 12-15-18 month tracks.
leadership skills in a multicultural, co-creative
environment combining the expertise of Global Experience through an Exchange Programme,
a prestigious Business School with the Global Study Tours, Career Treks, and Internships.
cosmopolitan business city of Barcelona.
You will create you own and unique MBA Diversity: 95% of international students and
experience that will prepare you for a 50 nationalities in class.
successful career.
Specialisation in one of our 5 Business Labs.

Real World Challenges with CERN, the ESADE

Creapolis ecosystem of companies and start- theESADEmba
ups and partner schools around the world.

EU Business School: Excellence

in Business Education
Student Body

Ratio of Applicants to Places: 10/7

Male Female Ratio: 46/54%
Kazakhstan, Canada and Russia among Age Range: 22-35
others. Average Age: 26
Degree Background:
Geneva, Montreux, Barcelona, Munich Programme Presentation Business,Engineering, Sciences
International Students: 99%
The EU Group is a network of professionally Graduate students across all of our
accredited, multicultural, high-ranking campuses benefit from maximum flexibility, Europe: 60%
business schools established in 1973. In with a number of study options that can North America: 5%
addition to small, dynamic classes offered suit their individual requirements and Central/South America: 14%
in English, EU students also enjoy a global needs. EU MBA options are offered in: Middle East: 5%
environment while getting the best of both International Business; Communication & Oceania and Asia: 10%
North American and European academic PR; International Marketing; Global Banking
curricula. & Finance; Leadership; and E-Business, Africa: 5%
among others. The programs last one year,
We offer various programs at masters full time, or two years, part time, and require Admission Requirements
(MSc/MBA) level, both onsite and online, students to complete a dissertation.
in majors such as Business Administration; University Degree: A bachelors degree
Communication & Public Relations; Leisure EU students also have the option of gaining from an accredited college or university
& Tourism Management; Business Finance; a U.K. state-accredited MSc in International
Sports Management; International Relations; Management or an MBA, awarded by the GMAT (average): Satisfactory
International Business; Entrepreneurship; University of Roehampton, in addition to TOEFL: 233 (computer-based), 89
and E-Business. their EU MBA; or completing a full graduate (internet-based), 577 (paper-based)
degree, awarded by the University of References: Two
The EU Group has a global network of Roehampton on EUs Barcelona and Munich Minimum Length of Work Experience:
campuses, and we encourage students campuses.
to participate in exchange opportunities Three years
within the EU Group in Barcelona, Geneva, Our Online MBA program, which mirrors the
Montreux and Munich, and with partner on-campus version, has now been ranked Costs
institutions in the U.S.A., China, the U.K., best online MBA in the world two years in
Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil, a row by CEO Magazine. Application Fees: 200 EUR
Tuition Fees:
Barcelona - 5,500 EUR per term + 3,000
Programme Info: EUR advanced tuition payment
Accreditations: ACBSP, IACBE, CEEMAN IQA, EDUQUA Switzerland - 11,200 CHF per term +
Online MBA number one in this years CEO Magazine global online 3,000 CHF advanced tuition payment
rankings Munich - 6,000 EUR per term (Terms I +
Rankings: MBA ranked top tier in Europe in this years CEO Magazine global II) 6,500 EUR per term (Term III) + 3,000
online rankings
Executive MBA ranked top tier globally
EUR advanced tuition payment
Full-time MBA, part-time MBA, Online MBA, Executive MBA Scholarships: Merit-based scholarships,
Type of Programme:
low-interest student loans or even
Programme Format: Full-time, part-time, and online
financial aid from employers
16 different graduate pathways to choose from
Content Strength or Language Courses: The English Foundation Program is provided to
Specialisation: students who want or need to improve their level of English before their Contacts
Masters studies
Rolling admissions Name: Admissions Department
Application Deadlines:
Starting Dates: October, January, March
Telephone: +34932018171
Transfer to any of the four main campuses after any completed term.
Exchange Programme: We also have exchange programs with a long list of other universities Website:
around the world Admissions/EU-Business-School-
Percentage of salary 138% Admissions.html
increase after graduation

EU Prepares You

for the Working World

Could you please describe Could you describe your
your MBA/EMBA/Masters programmes structure and
programmes? curriculum?

At EU, we believe in providing a EU MBAs are made up of three terms,

comprehensive business education that a dissertation and a variety of seminars
prepares our students to move straight and industrial visits which provide a solid
into the real world. To this end, we focus background to enter the working world.
on pragmatic teaching. The first two terms form a solid foundation
of business knowledge, covering many
Our case studies are a tried and tested different aspects of business to allow
method of giving students engaging students to adapt. During these terms,
material that they can use to apply the the online business simulation programme
theory they have learned in the classroom. Christine Clarke is introduced. This enables students to
Taking this one step further, we now enter Barcelona Academic Dean put what they have learned into practice.
students into a web-based competitive EU Business School
business simulation. This gives participants In the third term students choose from
business decision-making experience, as Clarkes relationship with EU dates 12 majors such as International Business,
close to real-life as possible, in a classroom back 19 years to 1995, when she Communication & Public Relations,
was invited to deliver a course:
environment. Global Banking & Finance and Sports
Professional Communications
Dynamics. Since then she has taught Management. The third term is when
What is your school doing to various subjects including sales and students develop a specialisation using
remain at the forefront of purchasing, management, strategy, the essential business concepts learned
business and management entrepreneurship and specialist in the first two terms.
thinking? English. She also coordinates course
development. Dean Clarke is an To finish the course, students complete
entrepreneur and self-starter, and
Many faculty members at EU are actively a challenging post-course dissertation,
has established her own language
involved with their own businesses, giving and communications businesses. which they must defend in front of a panel.
the school years of experience to draw on She keeps a keen eye on market and
and an active eye on shifting trends in the academic progress, and continually What types of organisations
market. With this valuable knowledge, we tweaks her teaching style to remain tend to employ your graduates
are able to continually review and adapt at the forefront of business education. the most?
course content to remain relevant in todays
business context. between students. Therefore, dedicated The organisations are as diverse as
and ambitious classmates provide more our students! From starting their own
Our wide use of industrial visits and varied and in-depth discussion. This is why businesses or being employed in growing
expert guest speakers allows our students we look for young-spirited, internationally start-ups to employment in medium-sized
to experience first-hand the business minded individuals who can both contribute businesses and MNOs.
practices that they have learned about in to and benefit from the dynamic, diverse
class. Students ask our guests personally environment of EU programmes. What advice would you give to
relevant questions, which not only gives potential candidates?
them a deeper understanding of common What makes your MBA/EMBA/
practices, but often opens up new avenues Masters special? To ensure they take care of their soft skills
of thought. development. Recruiters are increasingly
Diversity makes EU as a whole stand out. taking technical skills for granted and basing
What type of candidates are We have a notably even gender balance recruitment decisions on leadership, team
you looking for? and a truly multinational student body. and communication skills, along with an
Another aspect is our focus on applicable international mind set and adaptability,
At EU, we believe that an important theory EU prepares students not just for all of which we are looking to develop in
part of education is the sharing of ideas exams, but for the working world. our successful candidates.

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 103



Change Yourself, Change the World
Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 56/44%

Age Range: 27-47
Average Age: 33
Professional Experience: 8 years
International Students: 96%
Programme Presentation International students, 32 Nationalities

EDHEC Business School has been providing A 10-month, Full-time MBA, entirely in Admission Requirements
first-class management education for more English in Nice in the South of France EDHEC
than 100 years and is constantly ranked GLOBAL MBA is the ideal programme, for: University Degree: Bachelors
among the Top 5 Business Schools in professionals who wish to give a stagnating
France. EDHEC aims to be recognised for career a boost GMAT: Compulsory
its high-quality research and education those with a specialised background English Test(s): English tested at
and for innovative ideas and tools that wanting to develop general management Interview
impact business. This EDHEC for Business know-how References: Two
strategy is underpinned by excellent professionals moving to another field
those thinking of starting their own Minimum Length of Work Experience:
academic research, the results of which
are systematically disseminated through company Three years
EDHECs academic programmes, and to the
Ranked in the Financial Times 2016: N3 in
business world and society at large.
France, N84 in the World, N3 Worldwide Costs
for Value For Money.
EDHEC holds the Triple Crown of The Economist 2015: N10 in Europe, N34 in Application Fees: 100 EUR
international accreditations (AACSB, AMBA, the World, N2 Worldwide for Educational
and EQUIS). Tuition Fees: 41,000 EUR September
Experience. 2016 and January 2017 intakes
Key facts : Our guaranteed scholarships offer including the two Business Trips (plane
5 campuses: Lille, Nice, Paris, London reductions of up to 50% through GMAT/ tickets, accommodation and most of
and Singapore GRE, Nationality, or others. the food)
7,000 students and 10,000 participants
in Executive Education, conferences and EDHEC GLOBAL MBA offers two Global
seminars organised in 28 global economic Business Trips to South Africa and to London, Scholarships:
capitals Singapore or San Francisco, depending on
20 degree programmes: Undergraduates, track choice. (included in the fees) Excellence: 50% reduction for
Masters in Management, Masters of candidates with a GMAT score of 720
Science, MBAs, PhD EDHECs exclusive CareerSMART is integrated or over
Over 30,000 graduates in 120 countries into the curriculum and is designed to give
142 permanent faculty participants an intensive look at their career Premium: 40% reduction for candidates
13 research and teaching chairs aspirations from the beginning of their MBA. with a GMAT score of 650-710
Merit: 30% reduction based on GMAT
and academic potential
1st Nationality: 20% reduction for
the first three candidates of each
Programme Info: nationality to enrol
Accreditations: AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Type of Programme: General MBA Contacts
Programme Format: 10-month Full-time MBA
The ability to choose between three tracks: Global Finance (Trip to Name: Franoise Evangelisti, Nikki Harle
Content Strength or
London), Entrepreneurship (Trip to San Francisco) and Leadership (Trip and Lucas Malki
to Singapore) Email:
Languages Courses: English Telephone: +33 4 93 18 78 56
Application Deadlines: 30 June and 30 November Website:
Starting Dates: September or January
Percentage of salary Increase on pre-MBA salary 77% (Economist Ranking 2015)
increase after graduation


Bringing Business to the Classroom

and the Class to Business!
Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 53/47%

Age Range: 24-36
Average Age: 29
Degree Background: Diverse. First
degree mandatory
International Students: 80%,
23 Nationalities
Frankfurt School offers a suite of years of teaching and research at Frankfurt
internationally accredited and ranked School, one of Germanys top-ranked Admission Requirements
MBA and EMBA programmes catering to business schools.
the needs of professionals at every level University Degree: Yes
of management. Our programmes are Our value proposition for you: GMAT (minimum): no minimum,
offered both full and part-time and follow alternatively Frankfurt School
the participant-centred learning approach Transformational learning experiences Admission Test
developed by Harvard Business School. Comprehensive career development
German excellence, global relevance TOEFL: min 90 or IELTS 6,5
During our career and personal References: Two
development oriented MBAs you will gain We prepare you for your further career Minimum Length of Work Experience:
a transformational learning experience with hands-on and up-to-date case studies, Two years
which will prepare you for the next level industry networking and company visits.
of leadership. We bring business to the
classroom and offer valuable networking Highlights of The Frankfurt MBA: Costs
opportunities, company visits and executive
talks to learn from the best. Europes economic capital is the ideal Application Fees: none
location for your MBA Tuition Fees FT: 31,900 EUR
Earn your MBA with specialisations like Global perspectives and international Tuition Fees PT: 34,900 EUR
general management & leadership or student community
international healthcare management in Two international study trips to FT top- Scholarships: partial scholarships
the economic heart of Europe! ranked business schools available
Intensive German lessons to maximise
Programme Presentation your job chances Contacts
Outstanding faculty and executive talks:
The Frankfurt MBA; available as a full-time In the Boardroom Email:
and part-time programme, builds on 60 Strong career and personal development
Telephone: +49 (0)69154008-809

Programme Info:
Type of Programme: MBA
Available as full-time (12 + 3 months) and part-time (16 weekends + 2
Programme Format:
block weeks)
Content Strength or General Management & Leadership. Strong focus on career develop-
Specialisation: ment FT and personal development PT
Languages Courses: Lectures in English, Full-time MBA offers free German classes
30 Nov: 5,000 EUR Early Bird Deadline
28 Feb: 2,500 EUR Early Bird Deadline
Application Deadlines: 31 May: Scholarship Deadline
31 July: Final Application Deadline
Starting Dates: October
Full-time: 2 modules abroad in Bocconi/Milan and Norwegian BS/Oslo
Exchange Programme: Part-time: 1 module abroad at top ranked BS in USA or Asia

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 105


Educating Tomorrows Business Leaders

Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 70/30%

(programmes vary)
Age Range:
International MBA: 29
Global MBA: 30+
Executive MBA: 35+
Global Executive MBA: 37
IE Brown Executive MBA: 37
IE Business School is one of the worlds top The Global MBA programme, considered
international business schools. A pioneer in the #1 Online MBA Worldwide (Financial Degree Background: Varies
business education, IE shapes tomorrows Times, 2016), is aimed at professionals International Students: 90%
business leaders with an innovative with an average of 10 years of experience.
approach and acts as a catalyst for the The programme is designed especially Admission Requirements
creation of new businesses. for professionals who wish to polish their
strategic business vision, leadership and International MBA: Bachelors degree
IE Business Schools MBA programmes have team management skills to meet the
been met with worldwide acclaim. Featuring requirements of a modern leader. and GMAT or IE Admissions test and
highly in Financial Times, The Economist and professional experience
Business Week business school rankings, The Global Executive MBA is a programme Global MBA: Bachelors degree and
these programmes elevate IE to the position tailored for senior executives with GMAT or IE Admissions test and
of a global leader in business education transnational responsabilities and a need professional experience
and cement an already proven reputation. to grow from an international perspective.
Catering to the real needs of the corporate Global Executive MBA: Bachelors
world, IE Business School offers a number The IE Brown Executive MBA is a programme degree and managerial experience
of formats to ensure utmost flexibility in its taught in collaboration with Brown IE Brown Executive MBA: Bachelors
programmes. University, which combines management degree and managerial experience
with liberal arts in Spain, US and South
Programme Presentation Africa.
The one-year Full-time International MBA The IE-SMU MBA is an intensive 13-month
minimises time away from your professional MBA programme designed by IE Business Application Fees: 125 EUR
career while offering students far more School and Singapore Management Tuition Fees:
than just the average MBA degree. The University to mould top leadership talent International MBA: 65,000 EUR
programme is held at our urban Madrid in Asia.
campus, giving participants the chance to Global Executive MBA: 75,000 EUR
earn their MBA degree in one of the greatest These two programmes combine face-to- Global MBA: 44,700 EUR
capitals of Europe. face studying with online learning. Executive MBA: 55,200 EUR
IE Brown Executive MBA: 130,000 USD
IE-SMU MBA: 74,900 SGD

Programme Info:
Accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA Name: Admissions Department
#5 European Business School; Ranked among the top 3 in three consec- Email:
utive years; #1 Worldwide Online MBA programme
Telephone: +34 91 568 96 00
Type of Programme: MBA
Full-time, Part-time and Blended (online and face-to-face periods
Programme Format:
around the world)
Languages Courses: MBAs are in both English and Spanish
Application Deadlines: Rolling admissions process
Percentage of Salary Please check the websites of specific programmes
Increase after Graduation:


HEC Paris MBA: A Leading Global MBA
Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 70/30%

Age Range: 25-35
Average Age: 30
International Students: 92%
Programme Presentation Africa: 4%
East and South Asia: 24%
HEC Paris is Europes premier business At HEC Paris, we offer two different MBA Central Asia: 16%
school. With more alumni in CEO positions options to our students: Full-time (16 Eastern and Central Europe: 5%
than any other continental business school, months) or Part-time (18 to 24 months).
it is the alma mater of CEOs in Europe, with Our curriculum, redesigned in partnership France: 8%
those of BestBuy, LOreal, Kering, Lafarge, with Bain & Company, has two phases. The Latin America: 14%
AXA and the Executive Vice President of Fundamental phase provides our students Middle East: 4 %
Havas Worldwide hailing from HEC Paris, with advanced knowledge in essential North America: 13%
to name but a few. business disciplines. Students thus acquire Oceania: 1%
the key skills that are essential in carving Western Europe: 11%
As well as gaining access to our alumni out a career in business. The Customised
network of 52,000 worldwide, our phase is more flexible in nature, giving
students benefit from HEC Paris proximity participants the opportunity to tailor their Admission Requirements
to La Dfense, the epicentre of European
business with the highest concentration of MBA by choosing from a range of electives
multinational corporation headquarters on and fieldwork projects or by taking part in University Degree: Yes
the continent. an international exchange. GMAT (Minimum): Average 690
GRE (Minimum): Quantitative
Our students constantly come into contact Our ability to create business leaders
has been proven: 90% of our graduating Reasoning 65th percentile, Verbal
with different backgrounds throughout the
MBA programme: our 200-strong student class find work within three months of Reasoning 65th percentile
body is made up of 90% international graduation, with Amazon, Google, Goldman TOEFL (Minimum): 100 (IBT); 260 (CBT);
students, with a wide range of academic Sachs, McKinsey and LOral amongst our 600 (PBT)
and professional experience. top MBA recruiters. IELTS (Minimum): 6.5 Min PTE: 72
TOEIC (Minimum): 340 (speaking &
References: Two online forms to
Minimum Length of Work Experience:
Between 2 and 10 years of professional
working experience


Programme Info: Application Fees: 200 EUR

Accreditations: AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB Tuition Fees: 56,000 EUR
The Economist: #1 MBA in Europe (2015), #5 Worldwide (2015), the
Scholarships: Available after admission
Financial Times Global MBA Ranking: #15 Worldwide (2016), America
Economia: #4 Worldwide (2015). HEC Paris has been consistently ranked Contacts
#1 Business School in Europe by the Financial Times since 2006.
Type of Programme: Generalist MBA Name: Admissions Office
Strategy, Marketing, Advanced Management in Global Enterprises, Email:
Course Specialisations:
Entrepreneurship, Finance Telephone: + 33 1 39 67 95 46
Application Deadlines: Rolling + 33 1 39 67 73 83
Starting Dates: September and January Website:

Exchange Programme: 12 Double Degrees, over 40 academic partnerships worldwide


Making Connections, Accelerating Careers

U nited K ingdom
Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 43/54%

Age Range: 25-40
Average Age: 30
Degree Background: Students will be
Programme Presentation accepted with any degree discipline,
the degree discipline of our students
The Leeds MBA combines academic rigour varies every year however common
with practical leadership development degree backgrounds include business,
LEEDS UNIVERSITY BUSINESS SCHOOL challenges that mean youre ready for
boasts a growing number of international senior management-level positions as engineering, computing, health care,
accolades reflecting the excellent teaching soon as you graduate. Our core programme maths and communications studies.
and learning experience we offer and our covers the broad fundamentals of business International Students:
commitment to your future career. We are management. You gain an understanding of Europe: 16%
a triple accredited, world ranked and award the key components of business marketing, Central/South America: 3%
winning business school. Our MBA is 98th accounting, finance, operations and human Middle East: 10 %
in the world (Financial Times Global MBA resource management. Alongside these
subjects you will explore how to manage Oceania and Asia: 66 %
Rankings 2016) and two of our Masters
MSc Accounting and Finance and MSc and lead people in organisations. Africa: 3%
International Business feature in the
prestigious Financial Times Global Rankings. A key aspect of The Leeds MBA is the live Admission Requirements
challenges that will stretch your thinking
The School is part of the University of Leeds, and your abilities. We encourage you to University Degree: Equivalent to a UK
a leading institution in enterprise, having develop your knowledge and links with upper second (2.1)
been awarded Entrepreneurial University the corporate world through our business
speaker events and international study GMAT: not required
of the Year (Times Higher Education
Awards 2015) and the Duke of York Award tours. The MBA culminates in your Individual IELTS: 6.5 with no less than 6 in each
for University Entrepreneurship (National Project this can be a consultancy project, component is preferred
Business Awards 2015). We are located an entrepreneurial project relating to a new TOEFL IBT: minimum overall score of
in the City of Leeds, a hub for financial business venture or a research dissertation. 92 in the Internet-based test with at
services and home to many national and least 21 in listening, 21 in reading, 23 in
international companies, such as Ernst & Drawing on the strengths of a vibrant city,
a highly ranked University and contacts speaking and 22 in writing
Young, Asda-Walmart and KPMG. Meaning
that Leeds is the ideal place for those looking with companies in various sectors, our full- References: Two references; one
to develop their career or expand their own time MBA offers a top-quality learning and academic and one employer
business. development experience. Minimum Length of Work Experience:
At least three years postgraduate
work experience is required before you
Programme Info: apply. This should include appropriate
AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB supervisory or management experience
The Leeds MBA is ranked 98th in the world (Financial Times Global MBA
Rankings 2016) Costs
Type of Programme: Full-time
Tuition Fees: 25,000 GBP
A 12-month programme including a combination of lectures, tutorials,
Programme Format: Scholarships: Available and worth up to
workshops and challenges
Content Strength or Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Leadership, Market- 50% of the tuition fee
Specialisation: ing and Strategy
Programme specific pre-sessional courses available at the University of Contacts
Languages Courses: Leeds Language Centre
Application Deadlines: 30 June 2016/30 June 2017 Name: MBA admissions
Starting Dates: September each year
Telephone: +44 (0)113 343 4908
Percentage of salary 79% Website:
increase after graduation:

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 109


A Unique Learning and Networking Experience

Student Body

Ratio of Applicants to Places: 1 place

for 3 applications
Male Female Ratio: 40%/60%
Age Range: 28 -52
Average Age: 32
Degree Background: Bachelors or
Masters degree
Programme Presentation International Students: 100%
Europe: 56%
The International University of Monaco is The IUMs AMBA accredited MBA is ranked North America: 12%
a private business school recognised and among the top 100 programmes in the world
certified by the Government of Monaco. (The Economist). In addition to its strong Central/South America: 8%
IUM offers students a thorough Business international environment, IUM offers small Middle East: 4%
education in English in a highly diverse class sizes and individualised attention in Oceania and Asia: 20%
cultural environment. IUM proposes one of the safest states in the world. IUMs Latin America: see Central/South
graduate degrees in Business Administration, graduates occupy leading management America
Finance, Luxury Management, Marketing, positions all around the world, and a degree
Sport Business Management and from IUM is a passport to valuable contacts
International Management. worldwide. Admission Requirements
University Degree: Bachelors or
Masters degree
GMAT: 550 recommended
TOEFL: 79 minimum
References: One reference letter
Minimum Length of Work Experience:
Three years

Application Fees: 100 EUR
Tuition Fees: 32,500 EUR
Scholarships: Merit-based scholarship
available - up to 5,000 EUR


Programme Info: Name: Mrs Diana Nyerges

Accreditations: AMBA accredited
Telephone: +377.97.986.996
Rankings: Ranked number 83 by the Economist
Type of Programme: Full-time and online
Programme Format: Full-time: 10 months Online: from 1 to 3 years (flexible)
Content Strength or Luxury Management, Applied Finance, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Languages Courses: Programme taught entirely in English
Application Deadlines: 31st August
Starting Dates: September 2016 for full-time October 2016 for online
Percentage of salary 60%
increase after graduation:


Live in Paris, Study in English

and Advance Your Career!
Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 45/55%

Age Range: 30
Degree Background: Accounting &
Audit, Social Sciences & Humanities,
Engineering & IT, Business
Administration & Management,
Marketing & Communication,
ISEG School of Management is a Top Programme Presentation International Students: 14 nationalities
10 French Business School recognised Europe: 20%
for the excellence of its programmes, its The International MBA is a one-year full- North America: 8%
internationalisation and the quality of its time programme taught in English. Its
research. It has been accredited by both Central/South America: 16%
location in Paris La Dfense is at the heart
EQUIS and AACSB and ranked 21st in the of the largest business district in Europe. Oceania and Asia: 52%
Financial Times 2015 Rankings for its The curriculum lays a strong foundation of Africa: 4%
Masters in Management. ISEG has over theoretical knowledge, which participants
80% international permanent professors, learn to apply in various practical contexts Admission Requirements
with 44% of its close to 4,300-strong student through a combination of case studies and
body having an international background, real-life examples. The iMBA programme
representing 98 nationalities. focuses on the development of the skills, University Degree: Bachelors degree in
knowledge and expertise necessary for any field
ISEG has a strong international mindset, candidates next professional challenge. GMAT: Recommended, not mandatory
notably seen in its partnerships with more IMBA students receive guidance through TOEFL IBT: min 85
than 235 universities in more than 60 small-group workshops and interactions IELTS: min 6.5
countries, and the fact that over 80% of its with corporate professionals. In order
permanent professors have multicultural to complete the iMBA, candidates can TOEIC: min 800
backgrounds and experience. The School create a business plan in collaboration References: Online application with 2
is made up of around 4,300 students, with a practitioner-instructor through named referees
nearly 1,900 of whom come from outside a placement, a consulting project or a Minimum Length of Work Experience:
of France. French classes are provided to thesis. On a personal level, the Talent Three years of full-time and post-
foreign students at all levels, from beginner Career Support programme is carried out
to advanced. by accredited coaches and tutors and aims graduate work experience
to meet each candidates specific needs.
The School has built close relationships with Trainers within the programme use proven Costs
over 2,500 companies. All students, from tools and techniques to prepare students
Bachelors to Masters level, gain experience individually, not only for their next position, Application Fees: 80 EUR
through placements. but for their entire career.
Tuition Fees: 20,000 EUR
Scholarships: from 10% up to 50% in
the form of a tuition waiver

Programme Info:
Name: International Recruitment Office
Accreditations: EQUIS and AACSB
Rankings: 21st in the Financial Times (Masters in Management)
Telephone: +33 3 20 54 58 92
Type of Programme: Full-time International MBA / part-time Executive MBA
Programme Format: 12 months International MBA / 18 months Executive MBA
Content Strength or General Management
Languages Courses: English + French courses for non-French speakers
Rolling admission process to 27th May for non-European candidates +
Application Deadlines:
24th June for European candidates
Starting Dates: 29th August 2016


Transform your Career and Become

an Elite Performer in Business
U nited K ingdom
Student Body
Programme Presentation Ratio of Applicants to Places: 11/1
Transform your career, and become an Inspiring winners Male/Female Ratio: 55/45%
elite performer in business with The At Loughborough we develop winners. Age Range: 24-45
Loughborough MBA, based just 90 If you want to be an elite performer in Average Range: 29.8
mins. from London. Study alongside business, accelerate your career and learn Number of nationalities: 17
an international cohort of experienced how to maximise business performance, International Students: 89%
managers at a Top-10 UK business school, the Loughborough MBA is internationally
among just 1% of business schools in the respected and will help you achieve your North America: 10%
world to hold AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA career ambitions. Latin America: 2.5%
accreditation, with the option to extend Europe: 10.5%
your studies to include a 45 to 52-week As part of a small, international cohort of Asia: 75%
professional internship. professionals with a minimum of 3 years,
management experience you will learn how
As a first-class university, Loughborough to adapt management theory into powerful, Admission Requirements
is proud to be ranked 4th in the Guardian innovative and practical business solutions,
University League table 2017. Loughborough and build lasting business networks with University degree: Bachelors (or
is also the only university to have been your fellow students. significant work experience)
voted Englands Best Student Experience GMAT: Not required
for six consecutive years in the Times Higher You will learn new ways to approach IELTS: 6.5 overall average, with at least
Education league table. As a Loughborough problems, grow in confidence as a decision
MBA delegate, the time you will spend at maker, benefit from other students 6.0 in each component. Applicants
the School of Business and Economics will experience, and adapt management theory without the required IELTS result may
shape who you will become in the most into powerful, practical strategies to improve be receive a conditional offer subject to
positive way. your business. reaching the Universitys standard IELTS
requirement as above
At Loughborough we believe competition Internship opportunities
can be rewarding. In order to attract the The Loughborough MBA is a one-year TOEFL: iBT Overall score of 92, with not
very best applicants, the School of Business programme. However, there is also the less than 22 in each test. Other English
and Economics offers a range of competitive option to extend your studies to two years language qualifications:
scholarships and bursaries, worth up to by including a 45 to 52-week internship,
40% of fees. Deadlines apply (applicants giving you a fantastic opportunity to impress applicants/english
should be self-funded and include a personal potential employers and apply what you
statement with their application). Applicants have learned.See References: Covering at least 3 years
may be eligible for other University awards. programme/options for more details. management experience and an
academic reference
Minimum Length of Work Experience:
Average 5.8 years, min 3 years
management/professional experience
plus degree see

Tuition Fees: 25,000 GBP (2017 entry)
Programme Info: for all MBA programmes
Accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA Scholarships: Up to 40% of fees
Top-10 UK business school, 7th for Business Studies in The Times and
Sunday Times Complete University Guide 2016, 7th for Finance and Contacts
Rankings: Accounting in The Times and Sunday Times Complete University Guide
2016, Loughborough University 4th in the 2017 Guardian University Name: Frances Capps, (Postgraduate
League Table Programmes Administrator)
Type of Programme: Full-time MBA (1 year or 2 years with optional internship) Email:
Starting Dates: September Telephone: +44(0)1509 228842
Length of Course:
Full-time MBA: 12 months Website:
Full-time MBA with Internship pathway: 24 months

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 113


The Manchester MBA - Who Will You Become?

U nited K ingdom
Student Body

Ratio of Applicants to Places: 5/1

Male Female Ratio: 65/35%
Age Range: 2535 (middle 80%)
Average Range: 29
Degree Background: Diverse
International Students:
Europe: 23%
Established in 1965 as one of the UKs first put it into practice from day one with live North America: 5%
two business schools, Alliance Manchester consultancy project work and internships
Business School, The University of with high profile multinational corporations. Central/South America: 8%
Manchester is the UKs largest campus-based Middle East: 6%
business and management school. Located Our unique, hands-on programme gives you Oceania and Asia: 41%
in Manchester, the home of original thinkers, more client-facing hours than almost any Africa: 3%
Original Thinking Applied is at the heart other MBA programme nearly six months Latin America: 14%
of everything we do. We provide industry- worth so you can test theories immediately
focused education to undergraduates, in real world situations and wont feel
postgraduates and executives, and our completely removed from the commercial Admission Requirements
influential research impacts business locally, environment. You will gain international
nationally and internationally. experience through project work, the University degree: Bachelors (or
international exchange programme, and significant work experience)
We are ranked 2nd in the UK for research the chance to take an elective course or
power, and 4th for depth and breadth of study tour at one of our global centres in GMAT: 550 / GRE / Manchester
research (REF 2014), and we are one of Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Admissions Test
few institutions to have achieved triple So Paulo. English qualification: TOEFL 90 / IELTS
accreditation from AACSB International, 6.5 / PTE 59-65
AMBA and EQUIS. Plus, with centres in The Manchester MBA will take you out References: Two professional
Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Miami, of your comfort zone from day one and
Shanghai and So Paulo, our reach is truly encourage you to think, question and Minimum Length of Work Experience:
global. find solutions to complex, global business Three years, full-time post-graduation
problems. We offer personalised careers work experience
Programme Presentation support starting before you arrive in
Manchester and, in 2015, 87% of graduates Costs
The Manchester Full-time MBA not only looking for work had accepted an MBA level
gives you a thorough grounding in business offer of employment within three months
theory, it also gives you the opportunity to of graduating. Tuition Fees: 42,000 GBP
Scholarships: Up to full fees for UK
applicants (3 awards) 5,000 GBP, 10,000
GBP, 15,000 GBP and 20,000 GBP for
Programme Info: UK/EU/Rest of world applicants (up to
Alliance MBS is part of a small and select group of institutions world- 30 awards)
Accreditations: wide that is accredited by all three major bodies - AACSB International,
Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2016: We are positioned 7th in Contacts
Rankings: the UK, 14th in Europe and 38th in the world. We are ranked 6th in the
world, outside the US, by business title Forbes. Name: Alliance Manchester Business
Type of Programme: Full-time MBA School
18 months including a 3-month optional internship and a 3-month Email:
Programme Format: optional international exchange. The programme can also be completed Telephone: +44 (0) 161 275 6414
in 12 or 15 months. Website:
Beginning of June for International non-European applicants and
Application Deadlines:
beginning of July for UK and European Union applicants.
Starting Dates: September 2017
Exchange programme: Yes
Percentage salary
96% within three years (FT Global MBA Ranking 2016)
increase after graduation:


Smart Learning Applied

to MBA Programmes
MIP is at the forefront of education and designed
to take you to the next professional level
What are the characteristics of The small classes allow for personalised
your MBA programme? attention. In particular, Career Service
representatives offer a unique service,
Our MBA programmes are characterised by working with candidates and key
a close relationship with partner companies, stakeholders within important companies
which actively take part in the design of the (Ferrari, Gucci, Pirelli, Whirlpool, Luxottica,
MBA programmes. The smart learning of P&G, Amazon, to name just a few), to
all our MBAs is also an important element: understand both parties requirements
the digital approach is a strong component. and find the most suitable matches for
Our MBAs inherited the tradition of the in-company projects and placement
engineering mind-set, applying an analytical opportunities.
approach and practical experience.
More than 30 companies actively
What types of people are drawn participate in the MBA bootcamps during
to your MBA? the programme.

Ambition, independence and humility MIP Politecnico di Milano What advice do you have for
are highly desirable characteristics. We Headquarters Building our readers who are thinking
are looking for people who are highly about getting an MBA?
motivated to bring their own personal Based in Milan and founded in 1979 as
contribution to the class and to promote a Consortium between the Politecnico We tend to suggest an MBA to those
diversity. di Milano several leading public and candidates who feel they still have some
private companies, today MIP is a skills missing if they want to become
Our International MBA programmes not-for-profit consortium limited competent managers in a globalised world.
company. MIP and the Department
are designed to suit the needs of every
of Management, Economics and
prospective student, with a Full-time, Industrial Engineering together make What is your school doing to
Part-time and Digital version available. The up Politecnico di Milanos School of remain at the forefront of
new International Executive MBA (i-Flex), Management, which is involved in all business and management
developed in Smart Learning in partnership aspects surrounding research and thinking?
with WOBI, the World of Business Ideas, education in the fields of management,
is entirely taught in English. In addition economics and industrial engineering. MIP is part of Politecnico di Milanos
to the Smart Learning experience School of Management, together with the
and Politecnicos didactic approach, the six most innovative MBAs world-wide Department of Management, Economics
participants benefit from content quality by a commission of experts from AMBA. and Industrial Engineering (DIG).
and the experts international outlook
in each of the management disciplines What is the philosophy of your Through its two constituent bodies DIG
addressed. MBA programme? and MIP the School of Management
delivers an end-to-end portfolio of
Experts include Martin Lindstrom, Joseph The Programme is designed for talented services in research, education and
Stiglitz, Nouriel Roubini and inspiring professionals who want to grow in their high-level consultancy within the field of
celebrities such as Chris Gardner and Andre career and apply the newly acquired skills management, economics, and industrial
Agassi. The i-Flex has been chosen as one of back in the workplace. engineering.

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 115


Hands-on International Management

Student Body

Ratio of Applicants to Places: 3/1

Male Female Ratio: 30/70%
Age Range: 2540
Average Range: 29
Degree Background:
25% Engineering/IT
At our private university, students are Programme Presentation 25% Business
educated to become senior managers. After 50% other
its founding in 1991, Munich Business School The 15-month Full-time MBA in International International Students: 75-100%
was able to set benchmarks in the German Management at MBS prepares graduates
landscape of higher education particularly to work in a complex multicultural world.
in two areas: the international focus and It is focused on international candidates Admission Requirements
the hands-on approach of the studies have with a non-business degree, but offers
become a distinctive feature of the training enough depth for business degree holders University degree: Bachelors
at Munich Business School long before seeking to further refine and strengthen GMAT: 550
these features were defined as objectives their education. TOEFL: 90
at other universities. References: Two
The Munich MBA is designed to cement
business foundations, solidifying the basis Minimum Length of Work Experience:
Munich Business School creates an
for international and multicultural work. At least two years
environment in which learning, research Selection of two out of four elective courses,
and personal development, as well as public- an international focus and individual
spirited actions, are encouraged in many immersion in a study period abroad, Costs
different contexts. The active participants in internship, or a global consulting project
this procedure are the students, professors, combine to allow students to enhance Application Fees: 45 EUR
lecturers, companies, international partner their knowledge of a specific country or Tuition Fees: 26,850 EUR
universities, alumni and the universitys organisation. This process improves the Scholarships: MBS offers a limited
administration. Top quality training and skill application and reinforces students number of partial scholarships to
research is assured through this close and adaptation to new businesses and cultural
personal contact between all participants. environments throughout their career. outstanding candidates

Name: Juliane Groe
Telephone: +49 (0) 89 547678-254

Programme Info:
Accreditations: State Accreditation, German Council of Science, FIBAA
Type of Programme: Full-time MBA
Programme format: 12-15 months full-time, on-campus instruction
Content Strength or International Management
Languages Courses: English
Application Deadlines: 3 July
Starting Dates: 1 September
Option for one international week at Corvinus School of Management
Exchange Programme: (Budapest) or one semester at another university; agreements with
over 45 institutions worldwide


The Only Triple-Accredited

One-Year MBA in Central Paris
Student Body

Ratio of Applicants to Places: 3/1

Male Female Ratio: 60/40%
Age Range: 26-40
Average Range: 33
Degree Background: Business &
Economics 29%, Sciences & Engineering
Resulting from the merger of two prestigious the NEOMA BS One-Year MBA emphasises
Grandes Ecoles, Rouen Business School developing high-level personal skills along 54%, Social Sciences & Law 13%, Others
(1871) in Normandy and Reims Management with modern business knowledge through 4%
School (1928) in Champagne-Ardenne, hands-on educational experience. International Students: 80%
NEOMA Business School is ranked among Europe: 30%
the best Management Schools in Europe An intensive format in the heart of Paris North America: 10%
and in the Top 10 in France according to with strong international exposure; 100%
the Financial Times. in English, 80% foreign participants; world Central/South America: 15%
class international faculty Middle East: 10%
NEOMA BS offers more than 20 programmes An MBA with international recognition, Oceania and Asia: 15%
in French and in English from MBA, EMBA, ranked one of the five best French MBAs by Africa: 10%
and Bachelors to PhD, along with highly the Financial Times Latin America: 10%
selective Specialised Masters and Masters An innovative programme structure
of Science. There are three campuses organised over 5 Key Phases to provide a
located in ROUEN, REIMS and central PARIS. 360 strategic vision of modern business Admission Requirements
Action-based Learning: participants
NEOMA BS is one of under 1% of business engineer a real companys globalisation University degree: Bachelors or
schools in the world to have achieved strategy through the International Masters degree
accreditation from all three major Consulting Project or launch a business
international accrediting bodies (AACSB, through the Entrepreneurial Development TOEFL: 550 /667 (PBT) 220/330 (CBT)
AMBA, and EQUIS). Project 79/120 (IBT)
Emphasis on career services and personal References: Two
Studying an MBA at our campus in the heart development, featuring an Integration Minimum Length of Work Experience:
of Paris, you will join one of the largest Seminar in the French Alps, and a Leadership Three years, professional experience
business school alumni networks in France seminar with the French Air Force
(55,000+ alumni).
NEOMA BS also offers the Executive MBA as Costs
Programme Presentation a part-time course, three days per month
for 18 months, to develop the competencies Application Fees: 150 EUR
Following its inaugural class in 1972, today expected from top management. Tuition Fees: 36,000 EUR
Scholarships: A wide range of
scholarships based on merit, diversity
and other criteria
Programme Info:
Accreditations: EQUIS, AMBA, AACSB, RNCP registered Cadre Dirigeant Contacts
#5 Ranked MBA Programme in France by The Financial Times 2015
European Business School Ranking Name: Will TOUSSAINT
Rankings: Email:
#5 Ranked MBA Programme in France by SMBG/Eduniversal 2016
Ranking Telephone: +33 01 73 06 98 06
MBA with a 360 vision of managerial practices and a totally unique Website:
Type of Programme:
approach to Strategy strongly linked to Business
Programme format: Full-time starting in September and ending in mid-July
Content Strength or Content specialisation is possible in the fifth and final phase of the MBA
Up to 90 hours of French Language and Cultural Instruction for begin-
Languages Courses:
ners and intermediate students
Application Deadlines: August
Starting Dates: Beginning of September

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 117


Exploring Practice
on the Nottingham MBA
Jeti-Oluwai Olafimihan, Full-time MBA student in
Entrepreneurship shares with us about Business Practice Week

Each year Full-time Nottingham journey and how he had managed to find
MBA students take a one week the holy grail of balancing passion and
experiential tour to get a first- business. We spent the rest of the day
hand taste of different types of visiting businesses that opened our minds
organisation, examining their to the intricacies, struggles and tricks of
business models and approach growing, building and managing strategy.
to problems. This year students
were treated to talks by a record Day two focused on Operations
breaking polar explorer (and fellow Management, Sustainability and Business
Nottingham MBA alumnus) Adrian Economics. We visited operations at Rolls
Hayes, and renowned business Royce, saw logistics in action at Cooperative
leader and CEO of International Distribution Centre and watched cosmetics
Airlines Group, Willie Walsh. production at Boots. Day twos take-always
focused on efficient business models, and
They also visited workplaces as diverse as key operational issues and their solutions.
global aerospace company Rolls Royce, a Nottingham University
contemporary art gallery, financial services Business School Next, we were off to Birmingham and
giant Bloomberg, Experian, Boots, and South Building, Jubilee Luton. Tarmac was a great example of how
easyJet. Business Practice Week is part Campus a constantly changing company could be
of a wider programme of opportunities managed effectively and easyJet was an
for Nottingham MBA students to engage excellent example of diversity, company
directly with a variety of organisations and
The Nottingham MBA is an ad- culture and strategy. After a short walk to
understand how key business concepts are vanced management course the hotel, we all ended our day with some
most effectively applied. Business Practice for ambitious people who aim dinner and a relaxing drink!
Week allows students to anchor their to develop informed perspec-
learning in contemporary issues. Students tives on business functions in Already the last day of our packed week
on the Nottingham MBA may also choose a rapidly changing global en- and we were off to London! After a hearty
to undertake an International Study Tour breakfast at around 6am, we loaded up
vironment. Choose between
to China, the USA and Malaysia, offering the coach and headed to the tube station
invaluable insight into global business. Full-time or Executive MBA,
to catch our train to London. Our first stop,
with the opportunity to study
The Trampery, was an amazing visit for
Business Practice Week, or what is some modules in Singapore, budding entrepreneurs like myself. We were
fondly known as BPW was an insightful Malaysia, China or the US. fortunate to listen to three inspiring people
experience for a budding MBA like myself; With a wide range of pathways speak about their experiences with start-
a week of early mornings, late nights, lots to focus your MBA on your ca- ups. Shortly after lunch, we made our way
of reflection, listening and writing.
reer objectives (such as entre- to our final visit for the week, Bloomberg.
Day one focused on Strategy and preneurship, CSR, finance, &
healthcare) the Nottingham Overall, BPW was inspiring and a great
Leadership. We started off BPW with the
MBA enables you to discover complement to studying and lectures. I
most motivating and inspiring speaker,
think I can speak for most students in our
Adrian Hayes, an adventurer, speaker and and grow your leadership po-
cohort when I say this was a nice break
business coach who really set the tone for tential.
our week. He spoke about his inspiring from our linear lifestyles.

Ten reasons to do a
Nottingham MBA
1. Global Top 100 ranked Business School 6. Excellent career opportunities with higher than
average salaries
2. Equipping you with the skills and knowledge to
succeed in todays complex business environments 7. Beautiful green award winning sustainable
campuses with superb facilities in the UK, China,
3. Taught by world leading academics with research
Malaysia, and Singapore
expertise in leadership, entrepreneurship, risk
management and sustainability 8. Flexible study options for the Executive MBA
programme e.g. 2-4 years to complete with
4. Specialisms in CSR, Entrepreneurship, Finance
and Healthcare (Executive MBA only) various start times, modules to suit your needs,
and Pay As You Go payment
5. Strong links with industry and unrivalled
networking opportunities such as Business 9. Generous discounts for Nottingham alumni
Practice Week, International Study Tours (e.g. 10. Range of scholarships available
USA and China), Business School events and high
profile business speakers

Meet us at one of our MBA Breakfast or Taster events. For more information on how to apply, details of discounts and
scholarships, and general enquiries about our range of MBA programmes, please contact the MBA team at

Telephone: +44 (0) 115 951 5501 E-mail: Web:

From Insight to Impact

S wit z erland
Student Body

Ratio of Applicants to Places: 5/1

Male Female Ratio: 80/20%
Age Range: 26-35
Average Range: 30
Degree Background: Mixed
International Students: 85%
Founded in 1898, the University of St. or opt to write an academic research paper.
Gallen has become a centre of excellence Europe: 71%
through our practice-oriented approach, Roughly 20% of our MBA curriculum is North America: 6%
international flair and integrative view of dedicated to careers and corporates. This Middle East: 2%
studies. Today, we are one of Europes includes external experts who train the MBAs Oceania and Asia: 12%
leading business schools. The University in public speaking, external coaches who Africa: 5%
has a particularly strong reputation in the challenge the MBAs in career development
German-speaking European countries of strategies and corporate executives who run Latin America: 4%
Germany, Switzerland and Austria. At an the MBAs through a series of Leadership
institution level, we are #4 in the Financial Trainings. Admission Requirements
Times European Business Schools 2015
ranking. Additionally, all MBAs have a comprehensive University degree: Bachelors
career services experience. We enable GMAT: No minimum
Programme Presentation students to have over 100 corporate TOEFL: No minimum
handshakes throughout their MBA
The Full-time MBA programme spans Core through initiatives such as weekly company References: Two
Courses, Integration Courses, electives presentations on campus, a Munich career Minimum Length of Work Experience:
and a 10 to 12-week MBA Project solving trek and our annual recruitment event Take Two years (Four recommended)
a strategic issue at a company. The MBAs Off Day at which students are interviewed
may alternatively work on a business plan by corporates for post-MBA jobs.
Application Fees: 100 CHF
Tuition Fees FT: 56,500 CHF
Scholarships: Please contact
Admissions for more information

Name: Jonas Revensburg
Telephone: +41 (0)71 224 73 55

Programme Info:
Accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS
Type of Programme: MBA
Programme format: Full-time
Content Strength or Integrative learning
Languages Courses: German (for non-German speakers)
Application Deadlines: Rolling Admissions
Starting Dates: September 2016, September 2017
Copenhagen Business School, Imperial College London, Nanyang Tech-
Exchange Programme:
nological University (Singapore)
Percentage of salary 39% (base salary)
increase after graduation:


Educating Next-generation
Leaders in Montreal & Toronto
Student Body

Male Female Ratio: MBA: 69/31 MBA/

CFA: 75/25
Average Age: MBA: 29 MBA/CFA: 26
Degree Background: Varies
Programme Presentation International Students: MBA: 21%
MBA/CFA: 36%
John Molson MBA in Montreal
The John Molson MBA addresses the
Concordia Universitys John Molson School issues of a global economy through an Admission Requirements
of Business (JMSB) is one of the leading interdisciplinary general management
business schools in Canada, offering perspective. The programme is diverse, University Degree: Bachelors degree
programmes at the undergraduate, graduate multicultural and aimed at preparing students with GPA 3.0 or equivalent
and doctoral levels. JMSBs internationally for managerial success in an increasingly
renowned faculty members are constantly GMAT: MBA: 580 MBA/CFA: 550
globalised and competitive business
pushing the boundaries of business research environment. One of the programmes TOEFL: 90 IELTS 7.0
and many of them have been recognised for great strengths is its flexibilitywe are References: : MBA: three MBA/CFA:
their exceptional teaching and scholarship. truly focused on our students needs. Our two
experiential learning model is proven to give Minimum Length of Work Experience:
The schools state-of-the-art Montreal students a competitive edge.
facilities are housed in the LEED silver- MBA: two years MBA/CFA: n/a
certified John Molson School of Business MBA with Complete CFA Integration in
building, the dynamic green centre of Montreal & Toronto Costs
Concordia Universitys city centre campus. This is the worlds only MBA programme
The MBA with Complete CFA Integration that fully integrates the Chartered Financial Application Fees: 100 CAD
programmes Toronto facilities are located Analyst (CFA) Body of Knowledge into its Tuition Fees: MBA: 42,000 CAD approx.
in the heart of the city on Bay Street the curriculum, enabling our students to study
centre of Canadas main financial district. towards two world-recognised designations MBA/CFA: 54,000 CAD
simultaneously. Offered in Toronto and Scholarships: : Competitive entrance
JMSBs mission is to provide an engaging Montreal, our programme prepares and in-course scholarships available
learning and research environment that students to take all three levels of the CFA
inspires us to go beyond the commonplace exams while completing an MBA degree.
for the development of business and society. Since the programmes establishment in
Its flagship programme, the John Molson 2001, our students CFA Level 1 pass rates
MBA is consistently recognised by some of have consistently doubled the worldwide Name: Graduate Student Recruitment
the top international rankings bodies. rates. Advisor
Telephone: + 1-514-848-2424, ext 2727
Website: &
Programme Info:
Accreditations: AACSB
The Economist: #88
Bloomberg Businessweek: #24 among international programmes
Corporate Knights: #12 at integrating sustainability into the MBA
Type of Programme: MBA: 2 years full time, 3.5 years part-time MBA/CFA: 3 years
MBA: Flexible schedule MBA/CFA: Classes held on Wednesday evenings
Programme Format:
and Saturdays to accommodate students work schedules
MBA: General management, experiential learning, Coop, diverse and
Content Strength or
flexible specialisations MBA/CFA: Investment Management, Chartered
Financial Analyst (CFA) Body of Knowledge
Application Deadlines: MBA: 15 February, 15 June MBA/CFA: Rolling admission
Starting Dates: MBA: September, January MBA/CFA: September
Percentage of graduate
students employed 3 85%
months after graduation:

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 121


The Global Business School

united states
Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 62/38%

Average Age: 31
Degree Background: Diverse
International Students:
Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, concepts to life through real-world practice
Shanghai, New York and Ashridge Estate is the cornerstone of all our programmes. Europe: 25%
(UK) We believe people learn better by doing, North America: 20%
so we have developed academic curricula Central/South America: 23%
Hult is The Global Business School, located that reflect this. We have won awards for Middle East and Africa: 9%
in San Francisco, Boston, London, Dubai, our cutting-edge approach and are ranked in Oceania and Asia: 23%
Shanghai, New York and Ashridge Estate the top 1% of business schools worldwide.
(UK). Our programmes enable you to study
in multiple locations as you learn from Admission Requirements
internationally renowned faculty alongside Programme Presentation
students from over 120 countries, and join University Degree: Bachelors degree or
a network of more than 16,000 alumni Global One-year MBA Full-time equivalent
working across the globe. programme
Hults Full-time Global One-year MBA GMAT (minimum): Contact us to see if
Global is a highly customisable and practical you qualify for a GMAT waiver
Hult is not just a business school. Its a programme designed for experienced TOEFL: Evidence of English proficiency
global network that educates, inspires and professionals who want to build a global (GMAT, GRE, TOEFL or Hult Business
connects some of the most forward-thinking career. Assessment Test)
business talent from around the world. The
Hult experience is about becoming part of Study in any three of our seven locations, References: Two
an international academic and professional specialise in your chosen area, and learn Minimum Length of Work Experience:
community that fosters the boldness, to lead in a global environment with this Three years
curiosity and resilience needed to become award-winning programme.
a global business leader.
All MBA students compete in our seven- Costs
Innovative month Business Challenge, solving a real
Our innovative programmes are designed challenge set by a major corporation, or Application Fees: 150 USD
to give students a global perspective on the getting a startup ready to bring to market. Tuition Fees:
issues shaping todays business world, and 73,000 USD (Boston Campus)
enable them to move seamlessly between Global Executive MBA Part-time 75,000 USD (San Francisco Campus)
our campus locations to gain first-hand programme
experience in some of the worlds most Our Part-time Global Executive MBA is a 49,900 GBP (London Campus)
influential markets. highly flexible programme designed for 265,000 AED (Dubai Campus)
experienced professionals who want to Scholarships: Scholarships, financial
Practical expand their global career without taking assistance and educational loans
Bringing fundamental global business time out from work. available

Programme Info: Contacts

Accreditations: AMBA, NEASC, BAC

We are ranked in the top 1% of business schools worldwide by The Email:
Economist and Bloomberg Business Europe:
Type of Programme: Global One-year MBA, Global Executive MBA North America:
MBA: 1 year of full-time study Latin America:
Programme Format:
EMBA: 2 to 4 years of part-time study
Middle East Africa:
Content Strength or General Management, Finance, Marketing, Sustainability, Entrepreneur-
Specialisation: ship, Project Management Asia:
Application Deadlines: Rolling South Asia:
Starting Dates: September
Exchange Programme: Study at any three of our seven campus locations
Percentage of salary 130%
increase after graduation:

The Global
Business School
Our global seven-campus network allows you to study in
multiple locations in some of the worlds most influential
markets. Learn from internationally renowned faculty
alongside students from over 120 countries and join an
alumni network that spans the globe.

Global campus network:

San Francisco | Boston | London | Dubai
Shanghai | New York | Ashridge EstateU.K.

Business with a Purpose in

the Heart of New York City
united states
Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 62/38%

Programme Presentation
Average Age: 28
The mission of the Gabelli School of Business Degree Background: Various
is to develop business leaders who are International Students: 59%
equipped for continuous growth in the
The Gabelli School of Business at Fordham changing global environment. Located in Admission Requirements
University educates students who have the the commercial capital of the world, the
knowledge, creativity, and skills to make a Gabelli School is uniquely positioned to offer
defining and lasting impact. Gabelli students students the opportunity to participate in University Degree: Bachelors
share a business with a purpose approach regional and global economies. Its reputation GMAT (minimum): 610
that balances the demands of profit with is built upon scholarship and excellence in TOEFL: (100)/IELTS: (8)
the interests of their communities and the teaching. The faculty includes distinguished References: Two
world. They refine their business philosophy, scholars, as well as senior business leaders Minimum Length of Work Experience:
along with industry and function specific from Fortune 500 firms.
knowledge, using a mix of practical and Three years
theoretical learning experiences. Community is a hallmark of the Gabelli
School, where an open, supportive Costs
Top firms seek out Gabelli graduates for environment proves that it is possible to
their analytical and strategic thinking, strong be both competitive and collaborative. MBA Application Fees: 130 USD (as of 1st
communication and interpersonal skills, students receive special attention in their
principled leadership, sense of humility, internship and job searches from a dedicated May 2016; the application fee for the
and commitment to collaboration and team of career services professionals and, 2016-2017 academic year has not
community. Fordham produces graduates at the conclusion of their programme, been set. Please visit:
whom people will hear about and admire, join a global network of 175,000 Fordham
not in 15 or 20 years, but in one or two. University alumni. and_fees for updated information on

Tuition Fees FT: 81,120 USD (as of 1st

May 2016; tuition for the 2016-2017
academic year has not been set.
Please visit:
tuition_and_fees for updated tuition

Scholarships: For specific information

related to merit-based scholarships and
Programme Info: financial awards, please visit
Accreditations: AACSB, Middle States
Bloomberg Businessweek 2015 (#72) financial_assistance
U.S. News and World Report 2017 (#83)
Type of Programme: Full-time MBA Programme Contacts
Programme Format: 20 months
Accounting, Communications and Media Management, Finance, Infor- Name: Gabelli School of Business Graduate
Content Strength or
mation Systems, Management, Marketing, Public Accounting (CPA-Li- Admissions Office
censure Track) Email:
Application Deadlines:
For more information regarding the application deadlines, please visit Telephone: + 1 (212) 636-6200 Website:
Starting Dates: September
SDA Bocconi (Italy), ESADE (Spain), Koc University (Turkey), Peking
Exchange Programme: University (China), Skema Business School (France), Xavier Institute of
Management (India)


Beyond Business as Usual

Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 30/70%

Age Range: 28
Degree Background: Business /
Commerce: 29%, Engineering: 38%,
Programme Presentation Law: 4%
Science: 13%, Social Science: 16%
About McGill Universitys Desautels Faculty Many great business minds choose to International Students: 30 Countries
of Management: pursue their MBA at Desautels.
Since 1821 McGill University in Montreal Want to be a mover, shaker or impact
has been one of Canadas leading and most maker? Then join an MBA programme Admission Requirements
international post-secondary institutions. known internationally for developing
It is consistently ranked among the worlds worldly leaders with a global perspective University Degree: Undergraduate
top 20 research-intensive universities, with and a holistic approach to problem-solving. degree
two campuses, 11 faculties, 11 professional A unique combination of curriculum and
schools, 300 programmes of study and some practical experience; celebrated professors TOEFL IBT: Yes (minimum 100, with 20
38,000 students from over 150 countries and leading industry experts; a diverse in each category)
around the world. For over 100 years, the student body; first-hand global experience References: Two
Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill through our international study trip this is Minimum Length of Work Experience:
has been recognised as one of the top the winning formula for producing graduates Two years
international business schools in the world. who display strong analytical ability, creativity,
teamwork and responsible leadership.
The Desautels Faculty of Management Costs
emphasises an integrated and holistic With 39,500 students, 250,000 alumni
approach to the teaching, research and and a reputation for excellence, McGill Application Fees: 105.80 CAD (2016
practice of management. Desautels has carved out a spot among the worlds Entering Class)
exacting standards, innovative approach greatest universities. Our diverse group of
accomplished students have journeyed from Tuition Fees: 79,500 CAD (2016
and historic reputation for excellence
continue to attract the finest students, all over the world to study here in Montreal, Entering Class)
the most prominent professors and the a city where Europe meets North America. Scholarships: Variable
most demanding recruiters from around McGills Desautels Faculty of Management
the globe. Education choices at Desautels is located right in the heart of the city, with Contacts
include all management disciplines, Montreal ranked number 1 in Canada and
with programmes at the undergraduate, Top 10 in the world as a student-friendly city.
Masters, Doctorate, and Executive levels. Join us. Become a leader. Name: Marie-Eve Roy
Telephone: + 1 (514) 398-4066

Programme Info:
Accreditations: EQUIS
Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2016: 85th / BusinessWeek MBA
Ranking 2015: 16th
Type of Programme: Full-time, Part-time, MBA/Law, MBA/MD
Programme Format: 2-year programme Part-time 3-year programme
Content Strength or Global Strategy & Leadership / Finance / Marketing / Business Analytics
Specialisation: (scheduled for autumn 2016)
Languages Courses: English
1st November, 15th January, 15th March (Final deadline for Internation-
Application Deadlines: al Students), 1st May (Final deadline for Canadian Citizens and Perma-
nent Residents)
Starting Dates: Beginning of August
Exchange Programme: Available

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 125


A Flexible and Highly Personalised

Approach to Management Education
Student Body

Ratio of Applicants to Places: 350/75

Male Female Ratio: 45/36%
Age Range: 22-38
Average Age: 28
Degree Background: : Business 23%,
Arts 21%, Science 19%, Engineering
academic excellence, career progression 16%, Technology 11%, Economics 5%,
(i.e. increased responsibility with each Healthcare 5%
successive position), leadership or International Students: 35 (43%)
leadership potential, integrity and a strong Europe: 2%
A 12-month programme starting in sense of ethics, superior communication
and interpersonal skills, ability to work well North America: 55%
January which offers a flexible and highly Central/South America: 10%
personalised approach to management in a team environment.
education, built around your career goals. Middle East: 3%
Programme Presentation Oceania and Asia: 15%
We believe strongly in our team-based Africa: 3%
approach because it mirrors todays The curriculum for Queens MBA is very
flexible and can be built to meet your Latin America: 10%
progressive workplace. You will leave the
programme with a thorough understanding career goals. There are two modules
of the best practices for successful team- the Foundations Level, which provides an Admission Requirements
building and teamwork, well-prepared to be overview of business fundamentals, and
a valuable member of a high-performance Mastery, which enables you to choose an University Degree: 4 Year U/G degree
team. area of specialisation. Upon completion of GMAT (minimum): 600
the MBA, you may then choose to advance TOEFL: 100 min.
We are seeking exceptionally motivated to the Expert level by pursuing a second
candidates who have demonstrated: Masters degree in this area of specialisation. References: Three professional
Minimum Length of Work Experience:
Two years

Application Fees: No fee
Tuition Fees: 89,000 CAD International,
79,000 CAD Domestic
Scholarships: Merit Based (range
15,000 - 60,000 CAD)
Programme Info:
Accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS
#1 Value for Money - Financial Times, #1 Highest Salary Increase
Name: Teresa Pires
Rankings: Financial Times, #4 Overall Financial Times. #2 BusinessWeek, #2
Canadian Business Email:
Type of Programme: Full-time MBA programme (residential) 12 months Telephone: + 1 (844) 533-1651
Programme Format: 12 month, modules Website:
Content Strength or Finance, Consulting, Marketing & Sales, Entrepreneurship & Innovation,
Specialisation: Healthcare Management, General Management
Language Courses: English
14 March, 2016, 13 June, 2016, 12 September, 2016, 14 November,
Application Deadlines:
2016 Rolling Admissions
Starting Dates: 16th January, 2017
Exchange Programme: Yes, 30 partnering schools in 19 countries
Percentage of salary 25-35%
increase after graduation:

your career starts in luxembourg!

16 month program
Paid internship of 6-9 months at a top international company such as
PwC, ArcelorMittal, BBH, DuPont, Lombard, SES, UBS, Vodafone...
Individual coaching
International faculty & student body
American MBA, all courses taught in English
Optional: complete final courses in the US on main SHU campus
2 year work permit for non-EU students after graduation

+352 22 76 13 1 | |

Personalised Experience
in the Heart of Vancouver
Student Body

Ratio of Applicants to Places: 300/55

Male Female Ratio: 55/45%
Age Range: 23-45
Since the creation of Canadas first Programme Presentation Average Age: 29
Executive MBA in 1968, the Beedie School
of Business has championed lifelong Based in central Vancouver, the SFU MBA Degree Background: Arts, Kinesiology,
learning, productive change and the need is a collaborative and connected MBA. Our Economics, Biology, Physics, Psychology,
to be innovative as we deliver research and maximum class size of 55 students isnt a Engineering, Education, Mathematics,
teaching that makes an impact. That we random figure. Weve tested it and know Communication, Political Science,
have achieved some measure of success that a more personal, collegial approach lets Music, Biochemistry, Geography,
is confirmed by our accreditation by the you build stronger connections and get more
AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate from your MBA. Youll learn with and from a Medicine, Business, Philosophy
Schools of Business), and by receiving diverse group of classmates from different International Students: 45%
the EQUIS Quality award from the EFMD countries and educational backgrounds. And
(European Federation for Management smaller classes let your professors get to know Admission Requirements
Development), globally recognised you better and provide more personalised
accrediting agencies for business schools. guidance.
Less than 1% of business schools worldwide University Degree: Bachelors Degree
have earned both of these international Our comprehensive and challenging GMAT (minimum): 550, average 612
accreditations. curriculum incorporates real-world business TOEFL: 93+/IELTS 7+ if student studied
challenges and explores relevant topics such as outside of Canada/US
Undergraduate, graduate and PhD. sustainability, new ventures and international References: Required to submit three
programmes demonstrate a spirit of business. Youll graduate with a business
innovation, flexibility and relevance. management toolkit that applies across reference letters
Supported by extensive partnerships industries, providing you with more career Minimum Length of Work Experience:
with public, private and not-for-profit options and mobility. Two years
organisations, our goal is to produce
broadly educated, enterprising and socially The programme consists of a 12-month Costs
responsible managers capable of making academic component followed by a 4-month
lasting contributions to their communities. paid internship.
Application Fees: 90 CAD (students
with Canadian transcripts) or 125 CAD
(students with international transcripts)
Tuition Fees: 37,000 CAD Domestic;
46,500 CAD International
Scholarships: Available from 3,000 CAD
to full

Programme Info:
Name: Shane Moore
Accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB, PRME
Type of Programme: 12-month Full-time MBA programme followed by a 4-month internship
Telephone: + 1 778-782-5259
18-20 hours each week, at least four days out of five; additional 30
Programme Format: Website:
Our comprehensive and challenging curriculum incorporates real-world
Content Strength or
business challenges and explores relevant topics such as sustainability,
new ventures and international business
Language Courses: n/a
Application Deadlines: 4 deadlines (Nov 2016, Jan 2017, March 2017 and May 2017)
Starting Dates: 5 September 2017
International cross-cultural trip (China, Japan, Argentina, Chile in-
cludes site visits, cultural events, meetings with business leaders in
Exchange Programme:
different industries) OR local (first nations Barkley and Clayoquoit
Sound site visits, meetings etc.)


Make an Impact
C anada
Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 65/35%

Age Range: 23-45
Degree Background: Business 35%,
Engineering 29%, Social Sciences 9%,
Humanities 8%, Science 7%, Economics
The Sauder School of Business is one of the also ranked the UBC MBA #1 in Canada 6%, Computer Science 5%, Law 2%
worlds leading academic business schools, for International Faculty, #1 in Canada for International Students: 59%
recognised globally for its contributions to Female Students, and #1 in Canada for
the transformation of business practices Placement Success, recognising the UBC
through innovative research and teaching. MBA for its strength as a preferred source of Admission Requirements
Sauder offers a wide range of Graduate top talent for employers around the world.
Programmes, including full-time MBA, part- University Degree: A Bachelors degree
time MBA, International MBA and Master The 16-month, full-time UBC MBA at with a B average, or recognised
of Management. The school has more than Sauders Robert H. Lee Graduate School equivalent from an accredited institution
37,000 alumni in 77 countries around the
world. offers a uniquely integrated vision. With GMAT or GRE: min 550 GMAT or 300
three career tracks or the choice to GRE score
Programme Presentation develop a custom career track tailored to TOEFL, IELTS, MELAB or PTE: when
your interests, and a focus on experiential applicable (for all candidates whose
The UBC MBA programme ranks among the learning, global immersion and personalised
degrees are from a university outside
top 100 programmes in the world by the leadership development, youll gain
confidence to innovate on the world stage. Canada or the U.S.A. in which English
Financial Times Global MBA Rankings and
places among the top five Canadian schools Learn more: was not the official language of
to make the top 100. The Financial Times instruction)
References: Resume and professional
letters of reference
Minimum Length of Work Experience:
Two years of full-time work experience

Application Fees: 125 CAD
Tuition Fees: Canadian Citizens and
Permanent Residents: 46,569 CAD*
International Students: 71,278 CAD*
*Subject to UBC Board of Governors approval.
Programme Info: The university may adjust fees at any time with
limited notice
Accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB
Financial Times 2016 Global MBA Ranking Scholarships: For more information,
#96 in the world and Top 5 in Canada please visit:
#1 in Canada for female students
#1 in North America for international faculty
#3 in North America for international students Contacts
#4 in North America for international mobility
Type of Programme: 16-Month Full-time MBA Robert H. Lee Graduate School,
Content Strength or Finance, Product and Service Management, Innovation and
Sauder School of Business, UBC
Specialisation: Entrepreneurship, Custom
2 November, 2016
11 January, 2017 Telephone: + 1 604-822-8422
Application Deadlines:
1 March, 2017 Website:
3 May, 2017
Starting Dates: August/September
Percentage of salary 72% salary increase by Financial Times 2016 MBA Ranking
increase after graduation:

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 129


Leading Discovery and Innovation since 1785

Student Body

Ratio of Applicants to Places: 3/1

Male Female Ratio: 1.5/1
Programme Presentation Age Range: 27-53
Average Age: 30
The University of New Brunswick Saint Johns
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree Background: Various areas
programme provides world-class education. International Students: 79%
Established in 1785, the University of New Among the top ten in Canada, we were Europe: 4%
Brunswick is the oldest English speaking also ranked the top MBA school in Atlantic North America: 21%
university in Canada. We are #1 at fostering Canada by the Business Canada Review. Central/South America: 2%
innovation and entrepreneurial thinking,
which is why Startup Canada named us Our MBA is an investment in your future. We Middle East: 7%
Canadas most entrepreneurial university have one of the shortest payback periods Oceania and Asia: 52%
in 2014. Do you have an innovative mind? in North America for a one-year full-time Africa: 14%
Then we are the right fit for you! programme.

UNB has among the lowest student-to- An intensive programme blending classroom Admission Requirements
faculty ratios of Canadas comprehensive and experiential learning with internships
universities. We offer world-class in business and community organisations, University Degree: Bachelors degree
programmes with a small-university the programme is designed to develop with CGPA 3.0/4.3 or higher
experience. Accomplished academics innovative entrepreneurial leaders. Our GMAT (minimum): 550
and industry professionals provide an students enjoy small class sizes, a diverse TOEFL: 580, IBT 93, IELTS 7
engaging learning experience and personal international student body, accessible
mentorship support. faculty and a dedicated staff. References: Three from both academic
and professional sources
UNB - 230 years of history, 16 Students for Join us! We will work together to develop Minimum Length of Work Experience:
every faculty member, 75+ Programmes to the skills you need to compete and succeed Two years
choose from. The choice is clear! in the global marketplace.
Application Fees: 100 CAD
Tuition Fees: International Students:
24,500 CAD, Domestic Students: 18,000
Scholarships: Merit Awards up to
10,000 CAD


Programme Info: Name: MBA recruitment team

Accreditations: AACSB member Email:
Rankings: Top 10 Canada, 2014 Telephone: + 1 506-648-5973
Type of Programme: 1-year Full-time MBA Website:
Programme Format: In class business/mba/
Content Strength or Project management, entrepreneurship and technology management,
Specialisation: international business and general management
Language Courses: English
Application Deadlines: International Applications: 15 June, Domestic Applications: 15 July
Starting Dates: Late September
Exchange Programme: Yes, France and China
Percentage of salary 25-50%
increase after graduation:


#1 MBA Programme in Canada

Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 68/32%

Age Range: 21-37
Average Age: 27
Degree Background: : Business/
Commerce, economics, life sciences,
humanities, physical science, law,
The Rotman School of Management at Programme Presentation engineering, social sciences, maths and
the University of Toronto has been ranked
the number 1 business school in Canada The Rotman Full-Time MBA programme computer science, other
for the past 10 years by the Financial is the largest and most internationally International Students: 53%
Times. Students also leverage the global diverse class in Canada with 350 students
reputation of the University of Toronto itself, from 47 birth countries. Our large class Admission Requirements
consistently ranked in the global Top 20 and size and two-year format mean students
currently number 4 in the world outside of can triple their personal network to over University Degree: 4 year Bachelors
the United States. Over the past 15 years, 1,000+ Rotman MBAs upon graduation GMAT (minimum): There is no minimum
Rotman has quadrupled its endowment, (350 + 350 + 350). Rotman is located in
the heart of Toronto, a distinct advantage GMAT requirement. The range for the
expanded its faculty to include some of class of 2017 is 500-780. Average GMAT
in meeting with corporate recruiters, alumni
the worlds most cited academics and top and executives headquartered minutes away is 663
business thinkers, and opened a new state- from campus for coffee chats and interviews. TOEFL: TOEFL iBT (internet based test)
of-the-art $93-million building that more Our Flexible Internship Programme helps
than doubles the schools research, teaching score of 100 overall, with a minimum of
students access organisations year-round 22 on speaking and writing
and study space. This year, Rotman has to convert to full-time roles - the preferred
received a generous $45 million donation method of recruiting for many Canadian References: Two reference forms,
from the estate of Joseph L. Rotman to employers. All international graduates are preferably from workplace supervisors,
establish the Rotman Catalyst Fund, ensuring eligible for a 3-year post grad work permit must be completed online by your
the Schools continuing commitment to in Canada (versus only 1 year for one-year referees
innovation, entrepreneurship and global programmes in Canada, and no work permit Minimum Length of Work Experience:
impact. for US-based schools). We recommend candidates have at least
two years of work experience but there is
no minimum requirement.

Application Fees: 175 CAD
Tuition Fees*: 98,424 CAD Canadian,
107,800 CAD international
*Please note that Tuition Fees, University
incidental fees and the Rotman ancillary fees
are set annually and are subject to change
Scholarships: 4,000,000 CAD in
scholarships and financial aid awarded
Programme Info: each year. Scholarships range from 5,000
Accreditations: AACSB CAD to 50% of tuition
Rankings: # 1 in Canada, 60 in the world (2016 Financial Times Ranking)
Type of Programme: Full-time MBA
Programme Format: 16 months of study, four-month flexible internship
Content Strength or Finance and consulting
Specialisation: Email:
Starting Dates: September of each year Telephone: + 1 416-946-8463
Exchange Programme: Yes Website:
Percentage of salary NA
increase after graduation:

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 131


Canadas Preeminent Business School

Student Body

Ratio of Applicants to Places: 4/1

Male Female Ratio: 65/35%
Age Range: 25-38 (MBA and IMBA
Ranked number 1 in Canada, Schulich is Programme Presentation Average Age: 28
Canadas pre-eminent MBA Programme
according to The Economist, Forbes and Degree Background: Business 28%, Arts
CNN Expansion. At Schulich its not just The Economist - #1 in Canada and top 50 40%, Engineering 32%
about the answers its about learning how in the world in the 2015 global MBA ranking International Students: 55%
to ask the right question and then framing and #1 in Canada and 5th in the world in the Europe: 3%
the answer in the right context. 2015 global Executive MBA ranking North America: 59%
Forbes- #1 in Canada and 9th in the world
The Schulich MBA combines classroom Central/South America: 1%
among two-year MBA programmes outside
learning of fundamental and advanced the US in the 20152016 Best Business Middle East: 3%
management concepts with real world Schools ranking Oceania and Asia: 33%
experience, including a six-month strategic CNN Expansion - #1 in Canada and 24th Africa: 1%
consulting project where students will work in the world in 2016 global MBA ranking Latin America: 1%
with real clients on real business problems Corporate Knights- #1 in Canada and in the
and solutions. 2015 ranking of the top MBA programmes
integrating social, ethical and environmental Admission Requirements
Throughout the programme, students will impact management issues into the
have the opportunity to build expertise in curriculum University Degree: 4-year Bachelors
up to 2 of the 20 areas of specialisation. eFinancial Careers- #1 in Canada and 23rd degree (honours)
The programme offers flexible study options in the world in the 2015 Top MBAs to Get a
including full-time, part-time and weekend Job in Investment Banking survey GMAT (minimum): 550
or evening courses. For individuals who are TOEFL: 100 (iBT)
interested in international immersion, there Content Strength or Specialisation: References: Two professional
is also an option to complete a 4-month 20 areas of specialisation Minimum Length of Work Experience:
exchange with a partner school. Two full years
Accounting, Arts and Media*, Business
The Schulich MBA will equip you with the and Sustainability*, Business Consulting,
specialised knowledge and leadership Economics, Entrepreneurial Studies, Finance, Costs
skills you will need to gain a competitive Financial Engineering*, Financial Services,
advantage. You will learn to manage Global Mining Management, Health Industry Application Fees: 150 USD
complexity, ambiguity and change as Management*, International Business, Tuition Fees:
you examine business issues in a global Marketing, Operations Management
environment. and Information Systems, Organisation Domestic students 74,000 CAD (FT)
Studies, Public Management*, Real 79,000 CAD (PT)
If you seek a highly rewarding and stimulating Estate and Infrastructure*, Social Sector International students 94,000 CAD
programme in a learning environment that is Management*, Strategic Management, Scholarships: Various (ranging from
truly diverse then you will want to consider Global Retail Management. 2,000 CAD to 76,000 CAD)
Canadas Global Business School - the
Schulich School of Business. *graduate diploma available

Programme Info: Name: Imran Kanga

Accreditations: AMBA, EQUIS, AICTE Email:
Type of Programme: MBA, International MBA, MBA in India Telephone: +1 416-736-2100 x22062
Programme Format:
MBA: Full-time or Part-time 16 months (FT) or ~40 months (PT) Website:
IMBA: Full-time only 20 months (including 4-month work term)
Full-time: January or September
Starting Dates: Part-time: January, May or September
Full-time, September start only
Exchange Programme: 54 schools (in 31 countries)


Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University

Student Body

Male/Female Ratio: 46/54%

Age Range: 25-40
Average Age: 30
Professional Experience: 8 years
International Students: 92%
Located in the heart of Tokyo, GLOBIS Entrepreneurship is more than a buzzword
Universitys fresh look at business education at GLOBIS. As a former start-up that grew Europe: 23%
has driven it to become Japans largest MBA into one of Japans top-ranked business North America: 8%
in a short space of time. Combining a highly schools, GLOBIS aims to develop the next Oceania and Asia: 65%
practical and interactive methodology with generation of entrepreneurs by offering a Africa: 4%
the uniqueness of time-tested Japanese space for students to share innovative ideas
management concepts, GLOBIS equips and experiences, and learn essential start-up
students to take on tomorrows challenges skills through courses taught by successful
Admission Requirements
in a global context, and become visionary entrepreneurs.
leaders who create and innovate societies. University Degree: Bachelors Degree
All courses at GLOBIS are taught by top GMAT: Optional
As Japans largest business school, GLOBIS business professionals, allowing students References: One (work related)
offers a door to an expansive network to tap into real-world insights in small, Minimum Length of Work Experience:
of business professionals and executives discussion-based classes.
throughout Japan and around the world. Two years
Our graduates apply their skills in all arenas, Beyond this, GLOBIS MBA students must
from start-up ventures to the largest blue- think deeply about their ultimate goal in life, Costs
chip global companies. and how they can leverage their new-found
skills and network to achieve this mission. Full Time
Programme Presentation This kokorozashi, or sense of mission, is a Application Fees:11,000 JPY (outside
unique cornerstone of the GLOBIS MBA that Japan)
sets it apart from other business schools.
Beyond developing practical business skills, Tuition Fees: 3,771,000 JPY + Enrolment
GLOBIS MBA students are pushed to find Interested students can take real MBA fees: 210,000 JPY = Total fees:
their place in society and think practically classes online before applying, through the 3,981,000 JPY
about the enduring and unique value that Pre-MBA Programme, with new courses Scholarships: Up to 50% of the total
they can add. offered every three months. tuition
Part Time
Application Fees: 11,000 JPY (outside
Programme Info: Japan)
Accreditations: Accredited by the Japan University Accreditation Association Tuition Fees: 2,961,000 JPY +
Rankings: Ranked second by Nikkei and Nikkei HR in 2014 Enrolment fees: 23,000 JPY = Total
Full-time, Part-time fees: 2,984,000 JPY
Type of Programme:
Scholarships: Up to 50% of the total
Full-time: 12-month programme, classes held during day time,
tuition (for non-Japanese students)
Programme Format:
Part-time: 24-month programme, classes on weekday nights &
weekends, on-campus and online Contacts
Content Strength or Entrepreneurship, General Management, Japanese Management, Cross
Specialisation: Cultural Management Name: Mr Jake Pratley
Languages Courses: English Email:
Full-time: November 2016, January 2017 and March 2017 Telephone: +81 3 5275 3850
Application Deadlines: Part-time: September 2016, February 2017 and June 2017
Full-time: September 2017
Part-time: October 2017
Starting Dates:
Exchange Programme (not necessary for EMBA): Overseas Module
with China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)
Exchange Programme Overseas Module with China Europe International Business School
(not necessary for EMBA): (CEIBS)


Leading From Asia

Student Body
Male Female Ratio: 57/43%
Age Range: 24-42
Average Age: 30
Degree Background: From any
undergraduate faculty
International Students: 90%
Europe: 4%
National University of Singapore (NUS) Programme Presentation North America: 2%
Business School is known for providing Oceania and Asia: 90%
management thought leadership from an The NUS MBA programme aims to ensure
Asian perspective, enabling its students Latin America: 4%
that our graduates acquire the knowledge
and corporate partners to leverage global and skills to bridge theories with hands-
knowledge and Asian insights. on practical experience. Insightful Asian Admission Requirements
content and experiential learning offerings,
The school has consistently received top such as the Management Practicum and
rankings in the Asia-Pacific region and is University Degree: A recognised
accredited by organisations of high repute Management Communication modules Bachelors Degree
in the education circle, endorsements that are imperative to offering an immersive GMAT: Good GMAT score
the school has met the highest standards for and authentic experience in the world English Proficiency: TOEFL/IELTS/
business education. The NUS MBA is 32nd in of business. The programme also offers
internship opportunities and student PTE (if undergraduate degree was not
the Financial Times Global Rankings 2016. conducted in English) ** minimum
In 2015, Forbes also ranked the NUS MBA exchange options, as well as specialisations
as the #3 MBA programme in Asia in the in Strategy & Organisation, Finance, TOEFL score is 100, minimum IELTS score
two-year International MBA programmes Marketing, Healthcare Management and is 6.5 and minimum PTE score is 68
category. Real Estate Management. References: Two professional
Minimum Length of Work Experience:
Two years of post-university full-time
work experience

Application Fees: 100 SGD
Tuition Fees: 62,000 SGD
The NUS MBA Study Awards
The NUS MBA ASEAN Scholarship
The NUS MBA Women-in-Business
Programme Info:
The NUS MBA Diversity Scholarship
Accreditations: AACSB and EQUIS accredited
Asian Development Bank Japan
Ranked 32nd MBA Globally Financial Times Global Rankings 2016. Scholarship
Rankings: Ranked #3 in Asia for two-year International MBA Programmes
Forbes 2015
Lam See Chiew Memorial Scholarship in
Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy
Type of Programme: MBA Programme
NUS-APEC Scholarship
Programme Format: 17 Months Full Time
Experiential Learning Modules (Management Practicum and Manage-
Content Strength or ment Communication) and Specialisations in Strategy & Organisation,
Specialisation: Marketing, Finance, Healthcare Management and Real Estate
Management Name: Teo Su Ann
1st Oct 2016 - 31st January 2017 (Round 1/Scholarship Qualifying Email:
Application Deadlines:
Round) and 1st February 2017 - 31st March 2017 (Round 2) Telephone: +65-65167363
Starting Dates: July/Aug 2017 (one intake per year) Website:
Exchange Programme: Yes

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Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders

Student Body

Ratio of Applicants to Places: 5/1

Male Female Ratio: 60/40%
Average Age: 33
Degree Background: Science
Business/Commerce, Engineering, Arts,
Monash Business School is a progressive opportunities for the completion of an Applied Science, IT, Law
academy delivering the highest quality international business project and an International Students: 30%
teaching, learning and research. As one of advanced and integrated leadership and Europe: 3%
the worlds leaders in business education, professional development programme. North America: 3%
our ambition is to transform business by We constantly strive for the right balance Central/South America: 2%
advancing knowledge and addressing global between intellectual rigour and experiential Middle East: 4%
challenges. We do this by educating the learning. This is a powerful way to add
immediate impact to the learning, skills Oceania: 69%
worlds future business and societal leaders
and by contributing to the development, and experiences of our students. Asia: 15%
growth and transformation of local, national Latin America: 4%
and international economies. The Leadership and Personal Development
Programme is an integral part of the MBA,
and includes critical and reflective work Admission Requirements
In our increasingly complex world, the
ability to make sense of what is happening on personal style, networking and career
management. This focal aspect of the University Degree: An Australian
around us and to prioritise strategically will
be the hallmarks of executive capability. We Monash MBA supports the development Bachelors degree or equivalent
are continually developing programmes, of transformational leaders with a global GMAT: not required
courses and materials that empower the perspective, agility and integrity. TOEFL: minimum test score of 550 with
next generation of leaders. a Test of Written English score of at
Monash MBA candidates can demonstrate
authority and responsibility in their current least 4.5. Internet based TOEFL overall
Programme Presentation roles, career progression, project, staff and 79, Writing 21, Listening 12, Reading 13
budget management capabilities and desire and Speaking 18
to share their unique experiences with like- References: Two
The Monash MBA is a two-year programme minded individuals.
designed for professionals with 3-7 years Minimum Length of Work Experience:
experience. The programme combines The Monash Executive MBA Programme is Three years, including 1 year of
cutting-edge business skills development also available for experienced professionals professional/managerial experience
with extensive practical project experience, with at least 10 years work experience.
Application Fees: 100 AUD
Tuition Fees: 65,400 AUD (2016
indicative fees for two-year
Scholarships: Scholarships and study
support grants up to 50%

Programme Info:
Accreditations: AMBA, AACSB, EQUIS Name: Monash MBA Office
Type of Programme: MBA Email:
Programme Format: Combination of block, evening and intensive modes Telephone: + 61 3 9903 4355
Leadership and Personal Development Programme, experiential Website:
Content Strength or
learning, international module, global, addressing next generation
challenges and cohort approach
Application Deadlines: Application rounds 31 May, 31 July, 30 September
Starting Dates: March


The Monash MBA

Develops Entrepreneurial Insights
and Skills for the 21st Century
Monash Business School is based Could you describe the
in Melbourne, Australia. Monash structure of your programme?
University also has campuses in The two-year model commences with MBA
Malaysia, South Africa, China, Orientation and then moves through a
India and Italy. It is ranked in series of broad-based strategic issues and
the worldstop one per cent of functional and operational disciplines. At all
universities by the Times Higher stages of the programme students engage
Education World University directly with businesses and organisations
Rankings, and the Business on consulting project work. Projects on
School has achieved triple crown strategy, technology and entrepreneurship
accreditation from the AACSB, are designed into the programme, and an
EQUIS and AMBA. Featuring international business project and strategy
a commitment to leadership capstone complete the journey. Study is
undertaken in a combination of daytime,
development and true global
evening, occasional weekend and intensive
orientation, the Monash MBA
study modes.
and Executive MBA suite prepare
next-generation leaders for the Prof Patrick Butler
Director What business areas do your
21st century.
students generally enter after
MBA Programmes
Could you give us a brief Monash Business School Monash MBA graduates take up positions
overview of your MBA in a wide range of sectors and roles. In
programme? many cases, students return to their original
The Monash MBA is a two-year programme class. All of the major business sectors employers to move into more senior
that incorporates class-based learning, are represented, and the professional managerial positions. Students who are
experiential modules, supervised consulting backgrounds include engineering, science, seeking a change of career deliberately seek
projects and an overseas international the arts, medicine, healthcare and opportunities in new sectors and often in
business module. Designed for ambitious commerce. Such diversity in the classroom new countries. Undertaking MBA projects
young professionals with a minimum of engenders a respect for different social and in different and challenging areas provides
three years, work experience, it combines cultural backgrounds and helps participants a terrific opportunity to experience new
academic, practical and reflective to embrace new and enlightening contexts and sectors.
dimensions. The Monash Leadership and perspectives.
Professional Development modules develop What advice would you give to
critical executive capabilities and personal What makes your MBA special? potential candidates?
leadership style. The programme brings In the Monash MBA programmes we Applicants for the MBA programme
together international and local students constantly strive for the right balance should be able to communicate clearly
with a wide range of professional and of the intellectual rigour of a graduate their expectations of the programme.
cultural backgrounds, and is committed university programme and the application Demonstrating a sound knowledge of the
to a global orientation in all of its activities. capabilities necessary for management purpose and role of an MBA is important
practice. This requires us to combine at a general level; being informed about
What is the profile of your the leading insights of our research- the particular details and content of a
students? oriented academic staff with the hard- specific programme is critical for a formal
won experience of reflective executives application. Connecting their personal
The profile of students on the Monash
and leaders. So, for example, in our MBA career plans with the programme they
MBA programme is truly diverse. For consulting projects we work directly are applying for is the key. And applicants
example, in the 2016 class of 70 students, with firms in cutting-edge technologies should always remember to outline what
the international cohort represents one and develop the entrepreneurial insights they can contribute to their classmates
third of the student body, from 22 different and skills that are increasingly sought by learning, and show how they can add real
countries. Women make up 40% of the progressive organisations and employers. value to the experience.

ACCESS MBA GUIDE 2016-2017 137

2016-2017 LISTING

Table of Some of the Top Full-time

MBA Programmes in the World
Course Weighted Salary percent- Value for Aims achieved Employed at three International Women stu-
Rankings Accreditation(s)
Length salary (USD) age increase money rank rank months (%) students (%) dents (%)
School name Country Costs
Financial The Business
Times Economist Week
ALBA Graduate Business School Greece 19,750 EUR 12 40 42 AMBA, NEASC
Arizona State University: W. P. Carey School of Business US 43,886 USD 47 49 22 4 62 >100 AACSB
Ashridge Business School (see Hult Internatrional Business School) UK 69,800 USD 12 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Aston Business School UK 25,250 GBP 12 88 50 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Athens University of Economics and Business Greece 12,000 EUR 11 15 51 AMBA
Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) Australia 72,960 AUD 66 16 109,273 61 49 83 85 (86) 92 67 22 30 AACSB
Babson College: Olin Graduate School of Business US 77,459 USD 90 56 21 118,458 86 66 81 86 (97) 67 32 AACSB, EQUIS, NEASC

Bentley University US 70,000 USD 11 / 21 70 30 AACSB, EQUIS, NEASC
Boston College: Carroll School of Management US 90,540 USD 69 22 119,538 94 71 86 88 (97) 32 35 AACSB
Boston University School of Management US 92,844 USD 78 73 57 22 109,775 97 40 64 82 90 (89) 64 38 39 AACSB
Brandeis International Business School US 47,578 USD 24 50 AACSB
Brigham Young University: Marriott US 23,240 USD 80 27 24 123,655 120 16 82 92 (100) 22 19 AACSB
Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business US 60,000 USD 33 30 18 21 136,996 108 18 79 84 89 (100) 54 41 69 26 AACSB
Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of
US 75,000 USD 86 84 21 13 96 92 AACSB
CEU Business School Hungary 15,500 EUR 12 72 38 AMBA
China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) China 63,994 USD 17 18 147,716 157 41 81 93 (99) 32 37 AACSB, ADCSC, EQUIS
CUHK Business School China 64,427 USD 26 100 16 124,268 120 90 34 79 91 (99) 77 41 55 49 AACSB
City University: Cass UK 65,757 USD 37 54 12 121,402 82 58 28 84 70 (96) >100 81 8 32 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Columbia Business School US 63,148 USD 6 12 6 20 169,866 99 62 92 84 92 (92) 5 47 22 36 AACSB
Concordia University John Molson School of Business Canada 37,622 USD 88 16 91 >100 77 AACSB
Cornell University: Johnson US 59,500 USD 31 23 16 21 142,764 102 39 78 83 88 (97) 46 46 58 26 AACSB
Cranfield School of Management UK 59,930 USD 57 52 13 13 116,604 64 49 22 81 90 (100) 63 84 30 29 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Dartmouth College: Tuck School of Business US 64,200 USD 22 3 14 21 156,652 95 57 91 85 95 (100) 6 39 55 42 AACSB
Duke University: Fuqua School of Business US 66,056 USD 21 20 8 22 144,455 94 44 97 84 94 (98) 40 44 17 34 AACSB, SACS
Durham University Business School UK 41,618 USD 66 68 12 98,029 77 71 14 77 86 (97) 92 95 37 49 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
EADA Business School Spain 35,800 EUR 11 92 39 AMBA, EQUIS
EDHEC Business School France 54,481 USD 84 34 10 106,761 66 51 3 79 80 (87) 48 96 25 28 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Edinburgh Business School - Heriot-Watt Scotland/ UAE 17,085 GBP 12 35 Royal Charter United Kingdom
EMLyon Business School France 50,495 USD 75 12 78 12 43 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Emory University: Goizueta US 49,600 USD 55 25 15 12 127,938 90 24 76 85 94 (99) 21 38 54 34 AACSB
Erasmus University: Rotterdam School of Management Netherlands 59,132 USD 42 76 26 12 107,998 81 48 20 82 83 (96) 95 98 33 37 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Esade Business School Spain 79,330 USD 23 21 11 12 132,119 117 6 60 86 83 (95) 9 95 42 31 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
ESMT - European School of Management and Technology Germany 50,495 USD 64 49 15 12 107,234 62 22 1 84 84 (97) 82 88 12 29 AACSB, AMBA, FIBAA
Spain/ Germany/
EU Business School 15,900 EUR 12 71 99 57 ACBSP, IACBE, CEEMAN
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Germany 31,900 EUR 15 80 47 AACSB, EQUIS
Fudan University School of Management China 33,000 USD 47 24 96,884 170 40 80 97 (100) 15 51 AACSB, EQUIS
George Washington University US 46,890 USD 78 81 61 21 112,291 98 100 93 81 93 (91) 84 56 51 56 AACSB
Georgetown University: Robert Emmett McDonough School of
US 53,850 USD 44 40 26 21 130,950 95 37 99 85 86 (96) 53 42 29 31 AACSB
Georgia Institute of Technology: Scheller US 59,756 USD 71 23 21 118,900 92 46 84 96 (100) 30 17 AACSB
By the Japanese Ministry of
Globis University Japan 3,981,000 JPY 12 92 54
Grenoble Graduate School of Business France 41,592 USD 94 84 12 93,680 80 47 51 79 88 (68) 52 100 71 34 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Harvard Business School US 61,225 USD 2 4 1 24 172,501 94 85 82 85 91 (100) 30 34 11 42 AACSB
HEC Montral Canada 28,062 USD 94 29 12 >100 >100 79 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
HEC Paris France 58,500 USD 15 5 10 12 134,299 108 5 26 84 91 (87) 59 90 3 28 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
HHL - Leipzig Graduate School of Management Germany 29,000 EUR 15/21 64 30 AACSB, ACQUIN
Hong Kong UST Business School China 70,295 USD 14 78 16 144,303 114 77 13 84 88 (94) 87 70 61 34 AACSB
Hult International Business School US / UK / UAE / China 69,800 USD 65 12 16 5 AMBA, BAC, NEASC
IE Business School Spain 82,253 USD 12 17 4 13 159,266 104 61 23 83 92 (90) 42 90 13 29 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Iese Business School Spain 100,192 USD 16 14 7 19 140,185 121 11 81 85 91 (93) 33 80 20 28 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS


IESEG School of Management France 20,000 EUR 12 55 AACSB, EQUIS
IMD Switzerland 93,366 USD 13 32 5 11 157,439 83 82 5 88 87 (100) 66 100 21 30 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS


Course Weighted Salary percentage Value for Aims achieved Employed at three International Women
Rankings Accreditation(s)
Length salary (USD) increase money rank rank months (%) students (%) students (%)
School name Country Costs
Financial The Business
Times Economist Week
Imperial College Business School UK 39,000 GBP 35 20 12 112,301 83 31 82 91 (94) 88 45 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad India 37,160 USD 24 60 22 174,274 96 3 36 80 84 (100) 1 4 84 19 EQUIS
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore India 26,600 USD 62 24 137,294 84 61 74 100 (100) 0 26 EQUIS
Indian School of Business India 40,000 USD 29 11 138,454 142 45 80 96 (94) 1 29 AACSB
Indiana University: Kelley School of Business US 44,460 USD 54 29 28 21 119,970 103 15 68 84 89 (100) 17 36 18 29 AACSB
Insead France / Singapore 87,436 USD 1 8 3 10 166,510 94 75 10 84 83 (98) 39 95 1 30 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
International University of Japan Graduate School of International
Japan 35,883 USD 90 24 72 31 23 Ministry of Education
International University of Monaco Monaco 40,861 USD 83 10 >100 89 84 AMBA
Lancaster University Management School UK 44,948 USD 35 85 12 106,638 111 46 6 85 82 (94) 76 98 66 43 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Leeds University Business School UK 25,000 GBP 98 12 89,202 79 17 78 100 (74) 90 90 57 54 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
London Business School UK 112,785 USD 3 24 2 15 154,150 100 84 72 87 93 (99) 25 93 9 37 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Maastricht School of Management Netherlands 14,900 EUR 12 54 41 AMBA, IACBE, ACBSP, NVAO
Macquarie Graduate School of Management Australia 65,600 AUD 56 28 24 126,736 58 >100 21 80 91 (100) 31 93 55 34 AACSB
Manchester Business School/ Alliance MBS UK 42,000 GBP 38 19 18 117,918 96 53 82 72 (95) 89 31 35 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Mannheim Business School Germany 33,000EUR 49 38 12 109,622 79 80 9 83 93 (88) 47 89 52 40 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
McGill University: Desautels Canada 79,500 CAD 85 16 16 88,345 76 70 83 84 (92) 77 35 70 EQUIS
Melbourne Business School Australia 71,949 USD 87 43 23 12 95,356 72 34 37 81 93 (94) 56 84 44 25 AACSB, EQUIS
Michigan State University: Broad US 44,860 USD 65 35 30 24 103,672 120 2 50 84 91 (100) 3 39 >100 40 AACSB
MIP Politecnico di Milano Italy 31,000 EUR 12 70 65 AMBA, EQUIS
MIT: Sloan US 65,750 USD 9 15 4 24 159,909 90 76 96 83 92 (98) 22 48 88 41 AACSB
Munich Business School Germany 26,850 EUR 15 75 70 FIBAA
Nanyang Business School Singapore 46,485 USD 29 59 12 119,032 105 73 38 79 92 (97) 67 87 32 33 AACSB, EQUIS
National University of Singapore Business School Singapore 58,000 SGD 32 87 22 17 115,148 121 97 39 80 90 (96) 16 92 84 90 40 43 AACSB, EQUIS
NEOMA Business School France 36,000 EUR 12 80 40 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Newcastle University Business School UK 21,000 GBP 12 29 AMBA
New York University: Stern US 60,744 USD 19 11 49 22 150,510 97 66 98 84 89 (96) 15 36 7 35 AACSB
North Carolina State University: Jenkins Graduate School of Management US 39,954 USD 29 21 AACSB
Northeastern University D'Amore-McKim School of Business US 88,602 USD 61 24 AACSB
Northwestern University: Kellogg School of Management US 64,059 USD 11 7 3 24 162,923 93 83 89 85 94 (100) 14 44 10 43 AACSB
Nottingham University Business School UK 39,953 USD 74 12 68 91 AMBA, EQUIS
Ohio State University: Fisher US 49,099 USD 75 31 39 21 110,129 100 35 52 83 96 (91) 25 37 >100 23 AACSB
Pennsylvania State University: Smeal College of Business US 36,962 USD 89 62 43 21 104,612 105 30 48 80 86 (100) 80 43 >100 27 AACSB
Purdue University: Krannert US 44,816 USD 53 21 AACSB
Queen's School of Business Canada 87,000 CAD 93 80 9 12 93,761 85 59 35 82 84 (97) 59 48 95 31 AACSB, EQUIS
Rice University: Jones US 51,400 USD 53 45 19 22 126,207 100 31 65 83 91 (99) 29 29 >100 35 AACSB
SDA Bocconi Italy 62,454 USD 25 50 12 12 122,955 116 12 32 84 85 (86) 50 76 26 30 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Antai China 178,000 RMB 39 24 113,340 168 33 76 100 (99) 19 45 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Southern Methodist University: Cox School of Business US 44,200 USD 82 32 21 89 88 40 AACSB
SP Jain School of Global Management Dubai/Singapore/
19,500 USD 12 20 ABEST21, TEQSA
Stanford Graduate School of Business US 64,050 USD 5 13 7 24 185,939 87 95 83 85 86 (100) 27 36 27 40 AACSB
Sungkyunkwan University GSB South Korea 44,500 KRW 69 16 107,362 80 43 82 92 (97) 27 24 AACSB
Syracuse University: Whitman School of Management US 74,762 USD 67 21 AACSB
Temple University Fox School of Business US 58,158 USD 53 24 87 61 AACSB
Texas A & M University: Mays US 35,122 USD 22 16 AACSB
Texas Christian University: Neeley School of Business US 44,605 USD 63 38 12 29 57 AACSB
The Lisbon MBA Portugal 35,000 EUR 40 12 123,584 100 2 82 82 (100) 30 36 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management Belgium/France 32,000 EUR 12 to 15 90 40 AMBA
Tilburg University: TiasNimbas Netherlands 37,500 EUR 12 92,289 16 75 100 29 AACSB, AMBA
UCLA: Anderson School of Management US 102,318 USD 34 9 11 24 140,067 89 53 88 83 87 (98) 69 32 52 30 AACSB
University at Buffalo School of Management US 33,848 USD 66 21 AACSB
University College Dublin: Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business Ireland 45,844 USD 79 56 12 107,185 73 45 12 78 91 (100) 35 67 48 31 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Course Weighted Salary percentage Value for Aims achieved Employed at three International Women
Rankings Accreditation(s)
Length salary (USD) increase money rank rank months (%) students (%) students (%)
School name Country Costs
Financial The Business
Times Economist Week
University of Aberdeen Scotland 15,700 GBP 12 30 AMBA
University of Alberta Canada 50,113 CND 16 to 20 63 40 AACSB
University of Arizona Eller College of Management US 40,220 USD 93 21 17 68 30 AACSB
University of Bath School of Management UK 46,612 USD 98 64 12 97,908 55 93 47 78 98 (83) 35 83 33 41 AMBA, EQUIS
University of Birmingham Birmingham Business School UK 35,808 USD 92 89 12 103,344 71 63 15 77 94 (84) 81 100 65 32 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
University of British Columbia: Sauder Canada 71,278 CAD 96 16 90,413 72 59 77 77 (100) 67 59 35 35 AACSB, EQUIS
University of California at Berkeley: Haas US 54,066 USD 7 6 9 21 169,395 93 65 69 85 94 (99) 23 43 2 41 AACSB
University of California at Irvine: Merage US 77,863 USD 57 54 21 113,098 110 67 80 89 (100) 53 33 AACSB
University of California, Davis US 72,977 USD 21 35 39 AACSB
University of California, San Diego: Rady US 88,000 USD 65 21 AACSB
University of Cambridge: Judge UK 74,846 USD 10 61 12 156,323 95 >100 4 86 89 (89) 44 92 39 38 AMBA, EQUIS
University of Cape Town GSB South Africa 308,000 ZAR 76 11 138,466 68 8 78 69 (97) 31 40 EQUIS
University of Chicago: Booth US 63,980 USD 8 1 2 21 158,259 107 14 84 85 95 (99) 8 42 15 42 AACSB
University of Edinburgh Business School Scotland 45,114 USD 98 79 12 99,144 66 86 30 77 81 (86) 45 84 45 47 28 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
University of Florida Hough Graduate School of Business US 60,150 USD 58 41 24 42 79 AACSB
University of Georgia Terry College of Business US 33,768 USD 72 51 22 27 65 >100 AACSB
University of Hong Kong China 64,427 USD 44 100 14 112,518 106 90 54 83 72 (87) 77 70 55 36 AACSB, EQUIS
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign US 52,420 USD 91 57 21 107,052 97 57 82 94 (79) 39 27 AACSB
University of Iowa Tippie School of Management US 38,225 USD 94 73 52 21 103,058 113 20 25 83 98 (100) 58 32 97 26 AACSB
University of Maryland: Smith US 54,409 USD 51 42 33 21 109,982 97 38 90 82 81 (99) 71 37 95 37 AACSB
University of Michigan: Ann Arbor Ross School of Business US 59,450 USD 20 27 10 16 144,961 107 40 74 85 92 (89) 64 35 50 32 AACSB
University of Minnesota: Carlson School of Management US 45,000 USD 71 55 45 22 114,404 85 9 85 87 96 (95) 55 21 91 29 AACSB
University of Missouri, Columbia Trulaske College of Business US 26,950 USD 66 18 AACSB
University of North Carolina: Kenan-Flagler US 57,510 USD 41 33 17 21 128,240 97 23 87 83 94 (97) 43 34 60 30 AACSB
University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business US 48,530 USD 76 44 31 21 120,721 97 10 62 84 93 (98) 51 37 14 30 AACSB
University of Oxford: Sad Business School UK 78,325 USD 28 77 6 12 136,959 81 >100 19 85 82 (89) 83 96 59 31 AMBA, EQUIS
University of Pennsylvania: Wharton US 68,210 USD 4 10 5 21 177,877 84 >100 95 84 94 (94) 4 32 24 43 AACSB
University of Pittsburgh: Katz Graduate School of Business US 31,816 USD 98 69 44 12 97897 105 8 58 79 91 (100) 18 50 73 33 AACSB
University of Queensland Business School Australia 60,240 USD 16 12 >100 40 74 AACSB, EQUIS
University of Rochester: Simon Graduate School of Business US 46,000 USD 86 51 36 22 109,756 102 14 86 79 96 (90) 24 61 74 44 AACSB
University of San Diego School of Business Administration US 74,760 USD 59 13 22 108,834 119 56 86 64 (100) 73 48 AACSB
University of South Carolina: Moore US 71,580 USD 96 12 55 >100 AACSB
University of Southern California: Marshall US 109,944 USD 52 71 25 20 128,782 87 81 101 82 81 (9W9) 94 27 46 30 AACSB
University of St Gallen Switzerland 62,061 USD 60 70 14 12 112,940 60 79 18 84 79 (85) 99 90 90 20 20 AACSB, EQUIS
University of Strathclyde Business School UK 46,612 USD 63 48 12 99,450 91 60 7 82 97 (88) 18 87 77 29 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
University of Texas at Austin: McCombs US 48,832 USD 47 39 15 21 134,317 92 74 75 81 87 (97) 13 29 72 32 AACSB
University of Toronto: Joseph L Rotman School of Management Canada 105,690 CAD 20 53 32 AACSB
University of Virginia: Darden Graduate School of Business Administration US 61,250 USD 27 2 12 21 147,104 109 54 73 85 95 (100) 38 38 19 35 AACSB
University of Washington: Foster School of Business US 44,175 USD 49 37 20 21 120,279 87 43 63 84 96 (100) 10 34 76 33 AACSB
University of Wisconsin, Madison School of Business US 27,815 USD 57 21 67 59 >100 AACSB
Vanderbilt University: Owen Graduate School of Management US 49,950 USD 71 36 34 21 121,231 95 32 77 84 92 (99) 32 21 >100 26 AACSB
Vlerick Business School Belgium 36,000 EUR 12 90 35 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Wake Forest University: Babcock US 83,984 USD 30 21 AACSB
Warwick Business School UK 57,267 USD 46 18 12 112,287 70 19 24 79 97 (98) 93 85 8 32 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Washington University: Olin Business School US 53,500 USD 80 41 35 22 114,130 80 25 94 82 97 (95) 6 35 80 40 AACSB
Western University: Ivey Canada 80,113 USD 88 66 1 12 100,209 71 >100 42 82 89 (98) 72 31 81 31 EQUIS
WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management Germany 49,033 USD 99 15 96 >100 49 AACSB, EQUIS, FIBAA
Wisconsin School of Business US 53,514 USD 68 46 21 110,745 111 27 84 90 (100) 21 32 AACSB
Yale School of Management US 61,500 USD 18 19 11 22 152,232 108 56 80 87 92 (99) 49 48 36 40 AACSB


York University: Schulich Canada 78,488 USD 46 16 7 74 4 AMBA, EQUIS

1. FT - Financial Times 5. Value for Money: Calculated by considering the salary earned by alumni today, course length, fees, other 8. Weighted salary in US $: States the average salary today, includes salaries for current year and one or two preceding years.
2. TE - The Economist costs, and opportunity cost of not working for the programme duration. 9. %age of salary increase: Displays the percentage increase in salary pre and post MBA.

3. BW - Business Week 6. Aims achieved rank: The level at which alumni fulfilled their purpose of doing the MBA. 10. International students: Shows mix of international students.
4. SD - School Data 7. Career progress rank: Indicates the progress in career levels that alumni made pre and post MBA.
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2016-2017 EDITION


Global Publication for EMBA Students

Kings and Queens

Switching Gears with a GEMBA
A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
Executive Examination
Kings and Queens
The Executive MBA nurtures the leaders
of tomorrow
he Executive Master of who, after just four months of studying
Business Administration the EMBA at Oxford University, left his job
(EMBA) is widely regarded to pursue a previously subdued ambition
as a valuable addition to any of founding his very own company. He
senior managers CV. The resulting claims that the skills he learnt in the EMBA
portrait is one of an experienced programme gave him the courage that
professional but not without the he needed to make the final step and go
ability to display these qualities out into the business world alone. His
in the first place, as experience is company, Divido, is an online payments
a prerequisite to undertaking the business which is gradually growing
degree itself. As the executive in size and power due to the immense
part of the degree would suggest, funding that Holloman and his company
the EMBA requires a more senior are receiving from Seedcamp, amongst
attitude towards business and other interested investors. The prestige of
administration. Potential students the EMBA is undoubtedly a factor in the 1
will normally be required to have million GBP funding he is receiving from
several years of experience benefactors. It does however usually cost
in managerial roles due to the anywhere from 50,000 USD to 150,000
extensive and advanced subject USD to enroll in the EMBA programme
matter of the EMBA. depending on the university which,
judging by the return that Holloman and
The EMBA student other EMBA students are getting on their The average age of EMBA
investment, could turn out to be peanuts students is markedly higher
The EMBA is not generally as long as a in the long run. Holloman also has sponsors
graduate degree, and includes 16 modules inside the university, from fellow students than most other degrees.
to be taken over a span of 20-21 months, to teachers. The combined force of venture
for the part-time degree. Most universities capitalists and equity partners means that The average age of students
only offer the course as part-time because the staggeringly high enrolment fee could enrolled in EMBA courses
most students will have organisations to be paid back in good time if adequate
run or other business to manage. The action is taken, during the course of study, worldwide is 36.3 years old.
entrance criteria are usually centered to network and build business.
around such experience as this, with
prospective students on average holding The EMBA class
12.7 years of working experience.
The exclusive cohort of proven leaders,
For example, Massachusetts Institute selected by MIT and other top universities
of Technology (MIT) wont even accept providing the best EMBA courses like the
candidates without 10 years of business London Business School, is a good reason
related experience under normal to enroll, as it brings like-minded, driven
circumstances, and the median age of individuals together to share their wealth
EMBA students at MIT is 40. As you might of experience. The average class size is
expect, this means that the average age 120, so there is plenty of networking to
of EMBA students is markedly higher be done amongst elite professionals.
than most other degrees. The average There is also the database of alumni that
age of students enrolled in EMBA courses enables them to stay in touch even after
worldwide is 36.3 years old, according to the programme has finished and build
financial expert Dave Ross. The age of the on what they have learnt and started
students is not as important as experience, together. The widely clichd phrase its
but there are certain things that develop not what you know, but who you know
with age, such as flexibility and vision. to some extent rings true in this instance,
but the beauty of venturing into business
This is illustrated nicely by Christer with people who you know and who
Holloman, the former senior business share the same wisdom as you, relieves
development manager at Glassdoor a lot of the stress and pressure that can

ACCESS EMBA GUIDE 2016-2017 145

to Oxford Universitys EMBA programme
director Kathy Harvey. They do this in a
fairly balanced framework which aims to
limit static online learning and involve more
dynamic experiences for students. This
model includes some classroom activities
involving small groups of students, some
lectures where students can meet and take
notes on EMBA theory, and experiential
practical use of the concepts learnt. The
University of Edinburgh EMBA programme
consists of core modules including strategic
marketing, leadership and responsibility,
creative strategy and modelling business.
Apart from that, there is also a strong
focus on economics and business theory.
The optional modules are limited and are
all based on similar subjects, so it is not
for those looking for a broad perspective
on any one particular subject, but for
those aiming to learn and practise only
the vitally important skill-sets, and who
have a detailed understanding of how
certain business or financial models
work. Those taking C-level management
(the highest level of management) are
tasked with coordinating their business
and their workers whilst also maintaining
overwhelm newbie entrepreneurs. The private equity endorsements. CEOs need
mix of professions that can be found in a to be taught how to balance these aspects
lecture theatre of an EMBA is second to and many more so that their companies
none, heterogeneously speaking, resulting can thrive. If not, they are likely to lose
in cross-functional perspectives and control of their workforce and shareholders
productive collaborations as Ivyexec leading to the collapse of the company.
correctly observe. Embezzlement and pyramid schemes are
not uncommon in situations such as this,
The EMBA curriculum which is why it is a good idea to research
the financial framework theory so one can
The resources that can be taken advantage avoid being subjected to illegal practices.
of in an EMBA programme include a The set modules of the EMBA deal with
huge library full of statistical information these prominent issues and give advice
and other useful resources. This allows on how to cope as a leading authoritative
thousands to access it without going figure.
through university, and even if you did
want to do that, there is no guarantee Whilst the EMBA requires serious
that you would know how to use that dedication, time and resources, it can
information. Students learn various be rewarding for those looking to boost
soft skills as well as the bigger picture their Mid-level career to reach the top
outlook according to Clifford Brown, of their field. It is an asset to those who
EMBA alumnus at Oxford University are already in high positions as they can
and Partner at Rockworth Management immediately turn theory into practice in
Partners. The soft skills are integrated their workplace. Equally, for those looking
into the management framework and to branch out and try something new, it
later become part of working lifestyles gives a safety net in the form of advice,
through practice. The EMBA degree resources, and connections. As Janet
enhances not only managerial skills, but Dawson, currently studying an EMBA at
leadership qualities that can be taken Oxford University observes, the EMBA gets
anywhere in the world. It embellishes you to ask better questions as much as
this valuable skill-set leading to efficient, it gets you to come up with the answers
proficient, and energetic workers according yourself.

The EMBA degree
enhances not only
managerial skills, but
leadership qualities that
can be taken anywhere
in the world.

ACCESS EMBA GUIDE 2016-2017 147

Fortune Favours

the Prepared
The Value and ROI of the EMBA benefit the
professionally and intellectually mature

ew options in business period. The data also shows that 41% of
education are more suitable students in 2014 were promoted during
for a certain type of highly their studies. There were 2,323 EMBAs
accomplished professional from 79 programmes who took part in
than the Executive MBA. Sure, the survey of EMBAC.
there are the part-time MBA,
the Global MBA and also some Money and value
other interesting options. Rarely,
however, could they offer a more The gigantic boost in pay of MBA students
aptly tailored curriculum for those of course cannot be matched, as most
with management experience or EMBAs are already excellently paid at
for the ambitious ladder-climbers the time of admission. Perhaps this is
just about to break into the one of the reasons why 75% of them
executive world. plan to keep their current employment,
compared to just 15% of the Full-time
This is reflected in satisfaction levels MBAs, according to GMAC. Only Online
which are remarkably high among EMBA MBAs and Part-time/flexible MBAs report
students, research data shows. The higher satisfaction with their companies
average grade for the degree is 4.1 out of - respectively 88% and 77% of them say
5, according to the Executive MBA Council, they would not switch employers.
an academic organisation representing
the executive education industry. Another Overall, mainly due to the possibility of
survey, carried out by GMAC, suggests that working while studying, the ROI of the
EMBA students are the most satisfied with EMBA is excellent. And that goes not
their degree among all MBA programmes. just for the more reputable schools, but
Of those interviewed, 95% report that they also for some lesser-known places that
are happy with it and 95% of them say that offer executive degrees. In recent years
they would recommend it. many renowned universities, although
geographically distant, formed joint
Unsurprisingly, the payroll is also excellent. programmes, enabling students to feel
The package comprising salary and bonus the truly global flair of modern-day
at the start of the programme of EMBA business. In the 2015 Financial Times
students in a 2014 survey was 155,848 EMBA ranking, for example, the leader
USD over 15,000 USD more than that is Tsinghua University/INSEAD and the
reported in 2013. The degree itself next 5 places are occupied by schools in
definitely impacts the paycheck of alumni. partnership too.
By the programme end, the average
salary and bonus package of EMBAs rose Tsinghua University/INSEAD EMBA alumni
to 181,965 USD, which is an increase of report a salary of 324,115 USD three
over 20,000 USD in comparison to the years after graduation. This is a growth
2013 figures. This represents an average of 80% vis-a-vis prior to graduation a
increase of 16.8% from programme start huge increase for an EMBA degree. The
to programme end for the 2014 -2015 not-so-famous Rice University: Jones

programme stands at 40th place but still changes contribute to a desire to develop The state of the economy, however, shifted
provides superb opportunities: a salary of and bring to market new products, services, the weight onto the shoulders of students.
223,307 USD representing a rise of 49%, and ideas more quickly than ever. In 2008, when the crisis started taking its
compared to that before graduation. And toll, 33% or one third of students enjoyed
there are many similar other examples. The content of EMBAs programmes does full sponsorship.
ACCESS MBA Guide believes it would be a not differ that much from the MBAs.
good idea not to disregard suitable EMBA Some of it includes Finance, Accounting, Keeping the balance
opportunities just because it is a more Marketing, Leadership, Strategy, Operations
boutique EMBA or simply doesnt come Management, International Business, With a median price of 74,883 USD for
from a top 50 school. Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, the degree it certainly does not come
and so on. The combination of studying cheap. However, it is worthwhile, as long
Why exactly EMBA? executive education and a continuing as it is adequately picked and suitable for
career, breaks down the barrier between the overall individual profile, professional
Most often EMBA allows students to finish theory and practice in the most useful way. experience, and career plans of the
their degree in 2-3 years, or sometimes The familiar network-making potential of candidate. Since it is mostly mature
even less, without putting their career on MBA could even be stronger for EMBAs, people that choose to follow the EMBA
hold. But theres more. Beyond the theme as students know the worth of networking road, it would be wise for the ones with
of money and the more flexible work-study from first-hand experience. spouses and children to make sure they
rhythm, are candidates also interested if make enough time for their personal lives.
there is an idea behind the EMBA, one that In 2014 close to 95% of executive This is essential for happiness, even when
differentiates it from the classical MBA? programmes had an alumni networking ones career is a priority.
Ever since 1943, when Chicago Booth event, says EMBAC. Despite the high level
started the first executive education degree, of company satisfaction of EMBA students, Some schools recognise this need and pay
the goal was not just to form global leaders, more than 92% of programmes offered special attention to students partners.
but to provide businesses with talented career services and over 72 % had executive One way of doing this is by organising
people that would develop them into truly coaching. events at the programmes expense
global institutions. The pace of globalisation during which the presence of spouses is
today accelerates and intensifies the need But who is the average Joe of executive encouraged - trips, dinners, orientation
for the sort of managers who understand education? According to the last available tours. It is a valuable investment because
the importance of worldwide expansion. Executive MBA Council survey, he or its important for the students and
she is 37.5 years old with 13.7 years of significant others to know that the school
Perhaps Michael Desiderio, Executive experience. And out of those 13.7 years, cares about their families, said Gonzalo
Director of EMBAC put it best: EMBA participants clocked an average of 8.7 Freixes, the associate dean of the EMBA
was born from a need to accelerate the years of managerial experience. EMBA has at the Anderson School of Management in
development of business leaders and long been considered a joint employer- 2008 for an interview for the Wall Street
prepare them for greater leadership employee endeavour, the former often Journal. And not much has changed ever
responsibilities(...) Business are now agreeing to pick up some part of the bill, since. Study/work/life balance is crucial
spans the world even local businesses sometimes all of it. This still holds true, for feeling good in ones personal time
now more than ever looking to the global with 35.6% of students having partial and being productive at work. Nowadays
marketplace, and advances in technology sponsorship, 24.6% - full sponsorship and maintaining this equilibrium seems even
are opening new opportunities. All these 39.8% being self-funded. more valuable. D.G.

ACCESS EMBA GUIDE 2016-2017 149

Switching Gears

with a GEMBA
The Global EMBA programme moulds three types of business
executives the trekker, the leader and the investor

n todays fast-paced business
environment, it is executives
top priority to keep their
competitive edge. It is one thing
being a manager in a familiar
environment, but a completely
different story when it comes to
developing into a global leader.
This is where a Global Executive
MBA could prove useful.

Over the years, EMBA programmes have

been quick to evolve and very successful
in adapting to the business climate and
requirements. Business education has
long stopped being local. Indeed, the
move by US schools into Europe, and
later on the other way round, has been
considered one of the major events
marking business education evolution
over the past 20 years, according to set out on a path for uncanny knowledge learning and networking opportunities.
reputable sources such as the Financial that can lead to business growth on a truly One such programme, KelloggWHU,
Times (FT). international scale. The GEMBAs focus named after the partnership between
is on creating global leaders with cross- Americas Kellogg School of Management
The first decade of this century saw a border and cross-functional leadership at Northwestern University and
growing confidence at European schools and practical skills to manage their Germanys WHU - Otto Beisheim School
as they looked overseas to develop businesses in the international arena. of Management, was established nearly
relationships rather than competing GEMBA programmes offer the opportunity twenty years ago, with seven campuses
with their peers at home. Campuses to receive first-hand experience of around North America, Asia, the Middle
in the Middle East and Asia sprang up, global business and obtain sophisticated East and Europe.
the most significant being INSEADs in knowledge about key world economies,
Singapore. Joint degrees, particularly with all the while receiving and experiencing The programmes are also optimised in
Chinese universities, flourished, reads practical insights into local policies. such a way as to offer maximum flexibility,
FTs overview of programmes expansion. mixing classroom training in Europe, the
Global EMBA programmes are indeed Americas and Asia with distance learning,
The global business global. While the main part of the making sure that executives are able to
trekker programme is carried out at a single place, fit the programme into their busy daily
certain modules are conducted at partner schedule. The length of the programme
The Global EMBA (GEMBA) is the schools abroad. That way students can take varies from school to school the Global
heavyweight incarnation of this trend. advantage of the best those schools have EMBA offered by SDA Bocconi, for
There, executives with global aspirations to offer in terms of faculty, campus and example, takes twenty months, with eight

concentrated one-week modules and two GEMBA participants to local alumni, as programmes occupy the top five spots in
nine-day modules, carried out every other well as local business executives and the rankings. Yet, salary comes only third in
month. Bocconi is also one of the schools officials. The schools do not simply offer importance as a criterion for enrolling in a
offering the most diverse locations, going a joint degree, but allow access to their GEMBA. Alumni have cited learning about
from Milan to Los Angeles, Copenhagen, full alumni networks, which often span management as their top motivator, rated
Shanghai and Sao Paulo, channelling various all the continents. In the case of Kellogg- 9.1 out of 10, followed by the networking
industries through each of these locations. WHU, the alumni network includes almost opportunities. More than a quarter of the
The INSEAD programme is one of the most 60,000 highly skilled professionals, and in alumni started their own company during
intensive, requiring 51-60 days away from Georgetown-ESADE the number is over or post-graduation, and over 75% confirm
the office in 14-17 months, while IESE lasts 200,000, including noted leaders such as having fulfilled the goals and justified the
for up to 14 weeks, or 70 business days of former US president Bill Clinton, King Felipe reasons they had for enrolling in an GEMBA
modules in the span of 16 months. VI of Spain and former CIA director George programme.
The immersive leader Leadership development and career
The Global EMBA provides more than just coaching have also been major takeaways
The first year of a Global EMBA is focused general management knowledge. It offers and critical success factors for GEMBA
on providing a strong foundation of a good understanding of cultural specifics alumni. INSEAD students, for example,
essential business skills, and then building in international business and helps explain benefit from academic teaching, live fora
on these with advanced topics, usually how geopolitics affects business decisions. and peer exchanges, 360-degree feedback
electives, which can be selected based on However, this knowledge does not come and group coaching, while London Business
the students specific interests. solely from taught material and professors. School alumni work with a dedicated
Global EMBAs do a great job of capitalising Career Centre coach to align career plans
One of the top benefits of any EMBA on the skillsets, experience and background and receive advice on CVs, networking,
programme is its multicultural nature, of their students, and use these actively in interviewing and more.
providing students with the opportunity the classroom. Some programmes, such
to benefit from each others different as Georgetown-ESADE, go a step further, Joining a Global EMBA allows an entry
perspectives and build knowledge on aligning the assigned projects with the skills into a world-class network of leaders.
cultural and business specifics. Global and interests of the entire project team. The GEMBA provides its participants with
EMBAs go one step further, allowing outstanding resources for leadership and
unparalleled and complete immersion This increases the value of the experience personal development training. Executives
in global markets and access to global and brings greater confidence in solving will learn how to be entrepreneurs and
study opportunities, all through local complex organisational challenges across how to build and develop a business on a
partnerships. Courses are taught in different different functions. Participants are also global scale. In fact, career advancement,
locations, by distinguished local experts able to extend their learning and utilise networking and cross-cultural exposure are
or faculty members, establishing a strong their professional experience through just the tip of the iceberg. The Global EMBA
foundation of business concepts. The live consulting projects for companies programme challenges its participants
modules provide core business knowledge operating in different markets. to re-evaluate their career and create a
as well as valuable insights into the regional story for themselves by providing a rich
markets and geopolitical specifics. The The shrewd investor environment for personal and professional
Georgetown-ESADE programme, an alliance growth.
between Georgetown University and ESADE The Financial Times 2015 EMBA survey
Business School, for example takes place shows an average salary increase of But be aware of the fact that in order
in the business and government centres 41% in three years after graduation. to reach new heights and reconsider a
of Spain, Brazil, the United States, China, Unsurprisingly, the two best-ranked persons value to business and society,
Qatar and India, and mirrors the complexity programmes are global EMBAs: those they have to be prepared to switch the
of the global business environment. offered by INSEAD and Tsinghua University gear that has brought them this far. And
(Tiemba), marking a massive 80% salary that is exactly what the GEMBA excels
Global immersion does not stop at the growth in a revenue segment that many at catapulting executives out of their
classroom door: the networking events already consider the top one percent comfort zone in order to awaken the leader
organised at each location introduce earners in the world. Indeed, Global EMBA in them. E.V.

ACCESS EMBA GUIDE 2016-2017 151


A Friend in Need is
a Friend Indeed
Convincing your employer to back your EMBA studies in
a tangible way will take effort and preparation

xecutive MBA programmes of contributing to the classroom interest in applying for the programme;
are generally part-time, learning environment and actively provide assurance that he or she will be
conducted in a modular participating. able to take the time away from work to
format spanning 16 to 24 months. attend classes and handle approximately
As most EMBA class members Begin with a simple letter 20-25 hours of study during the week; and
dont give up their jobs while indicate the level of financial support the
studying, business schools need Employers endorsements can be anything organisation intends to provide. The letter
to be sure that professional from an official formal letter by the of endorsement is separate from the two
duties wont hinder personal students supervisor on company headed professional recommendations required
contributions to the class. Thats stationery, or a signed-and-stamped as part of the application. However, it can
why EMBA students are required document indicating agreement between further support the applicants candidacy
to have their employers support the employer and the employee. Or, it by providing an endorsement of the
for their regular absences from could simply be the employers consent for employees qualifications and leadership
work. Because of this, business the student to attend the programme. It potential.
schools have included employer could also include a financial commitment
endorsement as part of the by the employer. Answer the question
admission process. It is of key
importance as in this way schools For example, at Wharton, all EMBA Getting an employers support, especially
ensure that EMBA students are applicants employed by an organisation when seeking sponsorship, might not be
able to commit the time, attention must have a formal letter of endorsement that easy. It definitely should be considered
and energy needed to be successful from their employer, signed by a supervisor a serious step in the application process.
in their studies. On the other hand, and submitted on the companys headed INSEAD advises its executive MBA aspirants
employers endorsements ensure stationery. The letter should acknowledge to consider efforts to seek their employers
that EMBA students are capable that the company is aware of the employees support as a business proposal. They should

be ready to answer a lot of questions when financial sponsorship is at the discretion being retrospectively sponsored, with a
seeking this support. Would-be participants of the students organisation. It can range percentage of the fees being offered as
in the programme definitely need to from covering tuition costs, to providing the company sees the additional benefits
know three things; themselves, i.e. their full financial support for the programme you are able to bring to the organisation,
motivation in applying for the programme; and travel expenses, or simply paying for Cambridge advises.
their organisations and corporate policies some of the extra costs that attending the
with regard to supporting employees course entails. Another option to explore is a form of
in their postgraduate studies; and the retrospective sponsorship, whereby
executive MBA programme, well enough to In recent years, financial support for the company pays a percentage of the
answer any question that may arise during executive MBA programmes has varied total fees when the employee delivers
the conversation with their employer. considerably from company to company certain pre-arranged conditions. For
and even within a company. Not so long example, if workloads and deadlines
Answering the main question: What kind ago, nearly all executive MBA students are not compromised after attending
of support do you need? is of crucial were fully sponsored financially, but that the first couple of programme modules,
importance. Offer your employer a full is becoming rarer. Now, most students pay the employer reimburses a pre-agreed
and realistic picture of the time investment for their studies themselves. Research amount to its employee.
, says INSEAD in its guide to seeking an from Poets and Quants shows that 41%
employers support for executive MBAs. of executive MBA students were fully self- With retrospective sponsorship, an
When talking to an employer be ready to funded in 2013, up from 34% in 2009. Only employer takes into consideration the
negotiate a variety of types of leave. It could 24% of MBA students received full financial real benefits you are likely to bring to
consist of unpaid leave; additional paid sponsorship. For example, at INSEAD, your organisation through your EMBA.
leave; advance holiday leave; a sabbatical around 27% of the schools executive MBA It might be the development of future
year; parental leave; or combining study participants receive some level of financial corporate projects that you will be able
with business trips. support but typically only 19% of the class to manage thanks to the degree, and so
are fully sponsored. At the University of the arrangements need to be very clearly
Negotiate the terms Cambridge Judge Business School, 46% of communicated between you and your
all executive MBA students have some level employer.
The main question that employers ask of financial support from their employer.
when negotiating endorsements for EMBAs Some students take a wait-and-see
is What will I get in return? Employers see Know your options approach. They are motivated to pursue
giving their endorsement as an investment an MBA and self-fund their education; and
and as such they need to know how this When asking for financial support you then, once they can demonstrate their
will pay off, how you getting an EMBA will should be realistic about the amount value to their organisations, they seek
contribute to the development of the you ask for []. The level of financial reimbursement or compensation from
organisation. sponsorship you are offered may be in direct their employer.
correlation to the return on investment that
Through your EMBA, you may obtain your employer feels they will receive from Being flexible when negotiating
new managerial skills and improve your you attending the programme, or it may be your employers support is highly
performance or you may learn the skills attached to a retention clause stipulating recommended. Considering it as a
to develop new projects, or bring new that you must stay with the organisation business proposal, particularly when it
networking opportunities, or get a fresh for a set number of years post qualification. comes with financial support, is a good
perspective on global issues. But how will You may wish to explore the possibility of start. I.D-S.
this be reflected in the work you do directly
for your organisation and, in general, how
will you and your EMBA add value to the
business in the long run?

Employers need to be persuaded that

this investment in you will turn into a real
business investment with real benefits.
Thats why you should be very precise and
talk clearly about how the organisations
investment in your degree will enrich their
overall business.

Try to get financial

Apart from time commitment, an
employers support may also come
in a financial form. While employer
endorsement is required for admission,

ACCESS EMBA GUIDE 2016-2017 153

The Executive Assessment test
may replace the GMAT in
EMBA admissions
n March 2016 GMAC launched a Another feature is the test duration. Unlike
new test to evaluate Executive the three and a half exhausting hours of
MBA (EMBA) applicants. So far, the GMAT, the Executive Assessment is
leading international business over in 90 minutes.
schools have required that
EMBA applicants sit the GMAT Here is a closer look at the similarities
or a school-specific test. Some and differences between the two exams:
waived the GMAT requirement
for applicants with considerable Test structure
managerial experience. However,
the issue of standardised testing The GMAC Executive Assessment contains
for EMBA admission has been three sections: Integrated Reasoning,
around for quite a while. Verbal and Quantitative. Each section is just
30 minutes long, and the exam is delivered
Challenges for testing on demand at existing test centres around
executives the globe. Scores are valid for five years,
unofficial scores are provided at the test
Executive candidates typically have centre upon completion. Candidates are
considerably more work experience than required to register at least 24 hours in
full-time or part-time applicants. On the advance.
one hand this means they must have
developed better analytical and critical In terms of test structure, there are 40 This new type of test gives
reasoning skills. On the other, they have questions: 12 Integrated Reasoning, 14 Executive MBA applicants
been removed from the classroom for Verbal, and 14 Quantitative. The order of
much longer and are not in the best sections is slightly different from the GMAT, another testing option that
position to take a standardised test. with Integrated Reasoning leading off,
followed by Verbal and then Quantitative. looks a lot like the GMAT,
Another issue is that EMBA applicants, Once you start the test, there will be no but may prove to be an
normally being in positions of higher breaks between the different sections.
responsibility, have less time to prepare easier path to success.
for a test. GMAT preparation usually takes Test content and scoring
at least 100 hours and can span three to
six months. From a content perspective, the test
seems to be consistent with current GMAT
It would seem that the Graduate questions, but with a slightly more skewed
Management Admission Council - creator focus towards business. Some of the
and owner of the GMAT has risen to the practice questions appeared in previous
challenge and decided to develop a test versions of the GMAT Official Guide. This
tailored exclusively to EMBA students the suggests content that is consistent with
Executive Assessment (EA). This new type current GMAT questions.
of test gives Executive MBA applicants
another testing option that looks a lot like The score scale is different total scores
the GMAT, but may prove to be an easier will be reported on a scale of 100-200
path to success. (200-800 for the GMAT), and individual
sections on scales of 0-20.
Executive Assessment (EA)
vs. GMAT Is it computer adaptive?
The key change comes with the different This test is not computer adaptive in the
structure of the new exam. The EA puts way that the GMAT is. Your answer to a
a greater emphasis on critical thinking, single question does not determine the
analysis and problem solving and much level of difficulty of the next question.
less focus on pure mathematics and Rather, questions are released in groups
grammatical structures. (based on your performance on the

ACCESS EMBA GUIDE 2016-2017 155

previous group). This type of testing is once. Compared to the 16 days to retake the University of Chicago (Illinois, US). Some
called multi-stage adaptive design. the GMAT, the EA waiting period is only of these schools have already expressed a
24 hours. preference for the Executive Assessment,
Price and retake policy while others still accept the EA and the
How business schools are GMAT equally.
The Executive Assessment, although welcoming the Executive
shorter, will actually cost you more (350 While it will be some time before the
USD, compared to 250 USD for the GMAT). Assessment new exam is well established, executive
However, there is no fee for rescheduling GMAT has worked with business schools MBA applicants now appear to have a
unless you are less than 24 hours from to develop the new exam. Currently, six choice between the GMAT and Executive
your appointment or for additional score schools have signed on to use the EA as Assessment. However, before you opt for
reports. part of their admissions processes: INSEAD one or the other, check out the admission
(France), CEIBS (China), London Business requirements of your selected business
If you are not happy with your score, you School (UK), the University of Hong Kong, schools for any preference they may have
can retake the test, but you can only do so Columbia University (New York, US), and between the two exams. I.B.

Marketing in education & recognition of International Talent

barCelona 2017
18-19 January

Connecting global companies,

executive talent and top
business schools
by advent Group

Its About Confidence

One womans escape from her comfort zone and how that
made her a stronger manager

Has the EMBA degree helped The EMBA is a life-changing experience

you achieve your career goals, and can certainly open career doors.
if so, how? Yet, embarking on such a programme
Definitely yes! The EMBA has taken me is a decision that must be viewed from
on an entirely different professional path. different angles: the impact it will have
I initially joined the programme with the on your family life, on your teams and
ambition to further advance my career in a colleagues at work, and on your social
global corporation. The EMBA introduced circles. Being able to keep those three
me to abilities and interests, which environments stable and oneself healthy
were neither used nor developed in the can prove to be a test of your capacity
corporate roles that Ive held previously. to handle a C-suite role. An EMBA is a
It made me appreciate the wealth of delightfully disruptive journey, which takes
opportunities available to me if I were to us far beyond acquiring new technical
tap into them. Leveraging all the technical skills.
skills I learned throughout the programme Sandy Beky
and the inner strength and confidence I HEC Paris EMBA Graduate, Tell us about a situation
gained, I felt ready to step up my game, Class of 2014 where skills acquired during
start my own business and write a new your studies have helped
Sandy Beky, a native of Madagascar,
chapter in my professional life. you make a vital managerial
is the president and founder of
the managerial innovation start- or strategic decision in your
What has the EMBA given you up KyoSei Leadership, a partner current company?
career-wise? for leadership consultancy IMV There are so many opportunities to learn
The EMBA gave me an opportunity to thrive Management Partners, and a director throughout the programmes duration
in a unique environment where I was able of the adaptive software company that it is difficult to identify one in
to meet and engage with extraordinary JCLIP. Sandy has studied in the US, particular. And every lesson is of utmost
the UK and France, and has worked
people from diverse backgrounds. The value. The EMBA made me revisit my
in various sectors throughout her
experience was instrumental in providing career. She is also president of assumptions and reconsider the impact
me with the confidence that I needed to the Paris branch of PWN Global, a I want to have in life for myself and on
try new things. leadership development network for others. I was particularly impressed by the
businesswomen. brilliant and very talented individuals I met
What particular soft skills did during the programme and I am extremely
you acquire during your EMBA and the courage to speak the truth, to grateful for the strong connections I
education and how have they behave according to ones values. I saw managed to keep with many of them
made you a better manager? myself grow as a person, and I think that since then. Some of these connections
The EMBA was an incredible self- allowed me to become a better manager. have led to strategic decisions in my
confidence booster. It enabled me to The EMBA took me on a creative personal professional life. In 2014, I set up my own
push the boundaries of my comfort zone, and professional journey that did not end business in Circular Economy applied to
to go out there and dare. I learned to when I graduated. Human Resources (KyoSei Leadership)
face challenges in new ways, but most and became a partner in two different
importantly, I was able to realise that What is your personal advice to companies (IMV Management Partners
leadership is not tied to a position, but managers seeking to advance and JCLIP Partners) founded by two HEC
rather it is about the actions that we take to C-level? Paris EMBA alumni. A.Z.


Features 2016-2017

Gain an In-depth Insight Through Features of Top Business Schools

Ashridge Business School Hult 160 Kedge Business School 168

Cass Business School 161 Kellogg-WHU 170
Danube University Krems 162 Manchester Business School|Alliance MBS 172
Edhec Business School 163 MCI Management Center Innsbruck 173
ESCP Europe 164 SKEMA Business School 174
ETH Zurich 165 TELECOM Ecole de Management 175
ESSEC Mannheim EMBA 166 University of St. Gallen 176
HEC Paris EMBA 167

Ashridge Executive Education

Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 45/55%

Age Range: 23-51
Average Age: 36
International Students:
Europe: 55%
North America: 5%
Programme Presentation
Central/South America: 12.5%
Ashridge has been a place of executive This Executive MBA is for those looking to Latin America: 2.5%
learning and development for over 50 years, gain the strategic skills and vision required Oceania and Asia: 15%
having been founded in 1959 by visionary to respond to global and digital markets. Africa: 10%
leaders from organisations including Shell, This programme is for people working in
Guinness and Unilever. the creative industries, such as film, TV,
advertising, music, radio, games, fashion,
Admission Requirements
A World Class Business Reputation digital, marketing, theatre, architecture,
Each year, Ashridge works with two thirds PR, publishing. Students will learn a range University Degree: Bachelors degree
of the FTSE 100 companies, over 850 of skills through 12 subjects including or equivalent (however experienced
corporate clients and 6500 executives innovation, operations management, applicants with professional experience
across the globe. Ashridge holds triple creating strategic value, developing
accreditation of EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB will also be considered)
sustainable business practice, leadership, GMAT: None, however participants may
highly regarded hallmarks of quality and finance and managing globally.
standards in education worldwide. have to sit an Ashridge Admissions Test
The course features a series of talks TOEFL: If English is not your first
Practical Approach language, you must provide evidence of
Ashridge adopts an interactive and practical by leading creative industry managers,
learning approach by having smaller classes. practitioners and commentators to provide strong English skills via either IELTS or
There is a strong emphasis on group work students with further insight into leading other recognised proficiency tests
and discussions as opposed to traditional in the creative sector. Students will benefit References: Two
lecture-style classes. from working with and networking amongst Minimum Length of Work Experience:
their own peers, allowing them to gain
transferable skills across the whole sector. Three years with first degree, or 5 years
Learn from Real Business Leaders with no degree
Ashridge faculty include high-achieving
business and academic professionals who Due to the flexibility of the combination
have a passion for developing leaders. We of online learning and residential weeks Costs
are not traditional academics. Most of us at Ashridge, creative professionals can
have extensive international experience, immediately begin to apply their learning Tuition Fees: 32,500 GBP + VAT
meaning we are fully immersed in the to the workplace, without waiting until the
Scholarships: Scholarships, financial
everyday issues and challenges you face. end of the qualification.
assistance and educational loans

Programme Info: Contacts

Accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA

We are ranked in the top 1% of business schools worldwide by the Name: Admissions Office
Financial Times Email:
Type of Programme: Executive MBA Telephone: +44 (0)1442 841120
Programme Format: Two years part-time study (blended learning, online and residential) Website:
Content Strength or Management, Leadership, Finance, Marketing, Sustainability,
Specialisation: Entrepreneurship
Language Courses: English
Application Deadlines: Rolling
Starting Dates: October2016
Exchange Programme: International Study Trip


A Leading EMBA to Develop Your Career

united kingdom
Student Body

Modular Executive MBA 2016-18

Male Female Ratio: 48/52%
Programme Presentation Average Age: 37
Average work experience: 14 years
Cass Business School is amongst the top The Cass Executive MBA is one of the top International Students:
one percent of Business Schools worldwide. ranked part-time MBAs in the UK and United Kingdom: 48%
Always aspiring to excellence, we constantly Europe. It offers academic excellence and
seek new ways to serve our students and outstanding connections with international Europe: 24%
the global business community. With a businesses. North America: 2%
considered and successful balance between Africa and Middle East: 7%
theory and practice, our programmes are Taught by leading faculty, the Executive Oceania and Asia: 14%
delivered in both London and Dubai and MBA is offered over two years in a range of Latin America: 5%
we have an extensive business and alumni formats- modular and evening in London or
network. We attract people from all over the block format in Dubai. The structure delivers
world and our global connections ensure core business skills with flexibility to focus Modular Executive MBA 2015-17
that our students are immersed in a truly on areas of personal interest. Male Female Ratio: 77/23%
international environment. Average Age: 34
Designed for ambitious working Average work experience: 10 years
Casss location is a clear advantage for your professionals, the Cass Executive MBA International Students:
study and career search. Situated between focuses on real-world business. You know
the financial district and Tech City, no other that what you learn in the classroom can United Kingdom: 61%
European business school has as many be applied to your work environment Europe: 25%
Fortune 500 companies on its doorstep. almost immediately. From day one, you North America: 5%
Our goal is to provide support to world-class will encounter stimulating challenges and Africa and Middle East: 7%
businesses with world-leading thinking. Our unique learning experiences. This is your Oceania and Asia: 2%
research is ground-breaking and, through opportunity to join a diverse community
our partnerships with leading organisations, of equally enthusiastic and focused
has a demonstrable impact on our students, professionals, taught by an international Admission Requirements
business and society. faculty in the heart of London.
Admission requirements differ
depending on your programme of
choice. Please refer to our website for


Tuition Fees:
Executive MBA: 44,000 GBP
Modular Executive MBA: 44,000 GBP
Programme Info: Executive MBA in Dubai: 36,500 GBP
Accreditations: AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB Scholarships: Various awards available
Executive MBA ranked 5th in the UK, 14th in Europe and 32nd in the
world, Financial Times 2015 executive-mba/scholarships
Type of Programme: Two-year Executive MBA
Executive MBA
Programme Format: Modular Executive MBA
Executive MBA in Dubai
Content Strength or General management with electives in Finance, Analytics, Strategy, Name: Cass MBA
Specialisation: Consultancy, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Email:
Application Deadlines: Our Executive MBA programmes have rolling admissions Telephone: +44 (0)20 7040 0286
Modular Executive MBA: March
Starting Dates: Evening Executive MBA: September
Executive MBA in Dubai: September

ACCESS EMBA GUIDE 2016-2017 161


The University for Continuing Education

Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 60/40%

Age Range: 30-45
Average Age: 39
International Students: 30%
Europe: 100%

Admission Requirements
As the only public university for continuing with a new understanding of their leadership
education in the German-speaking countries, role in a dynamic and complex global University Degree: University degree or
the Danube University Krems (DUK) sets business environment. equivalent qualification
international standards for lifelong learning.
Students of DUK are managers and experts Our special focus on leadership, strategy, GMAT: DUK internal management test
who have already completed an academic innovation and entrepreneurship ensures TOEFL: Fluency in English
degree and/or have already gained a wealth that our participants gain state-of-the-art Minimum Length of Work Experience:
of experience in their professional lives. They business knowledge and leadership skills. Five years of professional experience
want to expand or update their expertise This is also represented by the EMBA Three years of leadership experience
and competences, building upon their programmes motto: Lead innovatively.
existing knowledge and experience. They Learn globally. Act strategically. Convincing personal and professional
aspire to successfully face the challenges goals
of a rapidly changing, complex, networked EMBA participants study in small learning
and globalised society. groups to reflect their knowledge and their Costs
professional experiences profoundly. They
When DUK first opened its doors to students are educated and supported intensively
in 1995, a competence centre for scientific by our internationally renowned faculty, Tuition Fees: 29,200 EUR
specialisation was created that focused on providing our participants with a solid Scholarships: Available for selected
the pressing challenges of our times, with business and management knowledge groups of applicants. Please visit Web
continuously evolving study courses. Today, foundation with high practical orientation. page for information
three faculties are successfully engaged
in teaching and research; approximately Two academic and corporate study
18,000 people have already graduated from programmes are included: Contacts
the University of Continuing Education.
Follow us on this site through over 25 Hong Kong, China (Hong Kong University Name: Dr Doris Burger
successful, exciting years. of Science and Technology HKUST) and Email:
Telephone: +43 (0) 2732 893 2113
Programme Presentation Silicon Valley (Stanford University). Website:
The Executive MBA programme (EMBA) The 3 Dimensional Learning Model executive-mba
offers a modular and executive-friendly considers the individual, organisational
format. Its part-time curriculum provides and environmental perspective of the
experienced managers and entrepreneurs executives fields of learning.

Programme Info:
Accreditations: FIBAA, AQ, ACBSP-Candidate
# 1 EMBA Programme in Austria Industry Magazine Ranking 2014,
2015 and 2016
Type of Programme: EMBA
Part-time, on-site, 10 six-day modules every two months
Programme Format:
(2 study programmes: Hong Kong + Silicon Valley)
Content Strength or Leadership LAB, Strategy and Innovation Management, Global Business
Specialisation: Dynamics, Complexity Management and Business Ethics
Language Courses: English
Application Deadlines: Rolling Admission


EDHEC Executive MBA

a Transformational Experience
Student Body
Male Female Ratio: 66/34%
Average Age: 39
International Students: 14 nationalities,
22% international students
EDHEC Business School has been providing Science, MBAs, PhD
first-class management education for more Over 30,000 graduates in 120 countries
than 100 years and is constantly ranked 142 permanent faculty Admission Requirements
among the Top 5 Business Schools in 13 research and teaching chairs
France. EDHEC aims to be recognised for University degree: Bachelors degree or
its high-quality research and education Programme Presentation equivalent
and for innovative ideas and tools that Minimum Length of Work Experience:
impact business. This EDHEC for Business The EDHEC Executive MBA programme
strategy is underpinned by excellent 8 years
is designed for experienced managers,
academic research, the results of which entrepreneurs and senior executives seeking
are systematically disseminated through to experience a professional transformation. Costs
EDHECs academic programmes, and to the It enables you to polish your leadership
business world and society at large. Application fees: 100 EUR excl. V.A.T
skills and gives you a fresh perspective on
EDHEC holds the Triple Crown of global business. Tuition fees: 39,500 EUR excl. V.A.T
international accreditations (AACSB, AMBA, (including Global Business Trips)
and EQUIS). WEEKEND FORMAT Lille Campus Scholarships: A variety of financial aids
Friday & Saturday, twice a month are available for this programme
Key facts : Length: 16 months
5 campuses: Lille, Nice, Paris, London Lille Campus: located at the heart of the
and Singapore Euroregion. Contacts
7,000 students and 10,000 participants
in Executive Education, conferences and WEEKDAY FORMAT Paris Campus Name: Julie LE GOUZ
seminars organised in 28 global economic Wednesday-Saturday, once a month Email:
capitals Length: 16 months Telephone: +33(0)1 53 32 76 30
20 degree programmes: Undergraduates, Paris Campus: An exceptional business Website: http://emba.edhec-executive.
Masters in Management, Masters of environment, in Central Paris, near Opra.

We also offer...
EDHEC Family Business GEMBA:
The first Executive MBA specifically
created for the future leaders of Family
Find out more: www.edhec-family-

Programme Info:
Accreditations: AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Type of Programme: Executive MBA
16 months, Part Time: Paris (weekday format) and Lille (weekday
Programme Format:
Core courses
Content Strength or A large choice of cutting-edge Electives
Specialisation: Individual Consulting Project
5 Coaching sessions
Language Courses: English
Application Deadlines: 30 June and 30 December
Starting Dates: September or February

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The only Executive

MBA to offer classes
in five European countries
Could you please describe experience who strive to take their career
your EMBA programme? to the next level. We welcome those with
The Executive MBA at ESCP Europe is top- high potentials who are ready to share
ranked, international, highly customisable their insights with their peers and are
and based on close and supportive willing to learn in return.
The current class brings together 103
Singled out by the Financial Times 2015 participants from 31 different nationalities
Ranking, our Executive MBA ranks #13 (all continents represented) and diverse
worldwide, as well as #3 for International business sectors. They have, on average,
Course Experience and for Career 13 years of experience and 24% of the
Progression, with a 72% average increase group are women.
in salary.
Could you describe the
ESCP Europe is the only business school structure and curriculum of
to provide its Executive MBA participants your programme?
with the opportunity to study at five The Executive MBA is organised as a part-
campuses across Europe: Berlin, London, Valrie Madon time programme lasting 18 to 30 months,
Madrid, Paris and Turin, as well as in Beirut Director of the Executive based on 4 pillars:
at its sister school, ESA. This international MBA Programme
positioning is what makes the programme ESCP Europe 9 core courses: to become proficient in the
unique: participants plan their curriculum fundamentals of effective management;
in various countries, enjoying the Valrie Madon has been the Director
benefits of both academic and personal of the Executive MBA programme 10 elective courses: chosen from a
at ESCP Europe since January 2011.
experiences, and taking advantage of the portfolio of more than 50 specialised
She is the former Director of the
wide ESCP Europe network. pre-experience Master in European courses across Europe;
Business (MEB) programme and also
Our Executive MBA is a customisable, part- a Professor in Financial Accounting. 5 international seminars: to focus on
time programme: the length, locations and She has taught at ESCP Europe and leadership, innovation management,
large choice of electives are all designed other institutions. strategy and regional developed and
to meet the specific needs and schedules emerging market environments in Europe
of busy executives. personal resources that transform them (Paris, Brussels, Madrid), Asia (Shanghai,
and take their careers to the next level. New Delhi and Ahmedabad) and the
Last but not least, the Executive MBA Americas (New York City, So Paolo and
team prides itself on providing a high- What kind of candidates are Rio de Janeiro);
quality personal development service to you looking for?
all participants. Our programme leads The Executive MBA is geared towards 1 International Consulting Project: to
them to reflect upon themselves and talented and ambitious professionals perform a real-case executive analysis
to discover as-yet-untapped skills and with at least five years of managerial within a multicultural team.


Manage Global Operations and Supply Chains

S wit z erland
Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 72.5/27.5%

Average Age: 35
Average Work Experience: 9 years
Degree Background: All disciplines
International Students: 35 nationalities

Admission Requirements
ETH Zurich is one of the leading international cutting-edge research. The classes take
universities for technology and the natural place from Thursday to Sunday, starting in University Degree: Masters or
sciences. It is well known for its excellent September every year. Bachelors degree with excellent grades
education, ground-breaking fundamental and additional qualifications
research and for implementing its results Benefits of joining the executive MBA at GMAT or TOEFL: Are not required
directly into practice. Twenty-one Nobel ETH Zrich: Minimum Length of Work Experience:
Laureates have studied, taught or conducted
research at ETH Zurich, underlining the Acquiring up-to-date general management Five years
excellent reputation of the university. The skills, combined with in-depth knowledge
latest international rankings place ETH in top of international supply chain management Costs
positions. Both the Times Higher Education Becoming familiar with process based
Ranking and QS World University Rankings oriented management thinking Application Fees: 150 CHF
rank ETH 9th in the world, the highest overall Gaining a truly global perspective with
rating for the past years. practical on-the-spot experience through Tuition Fees: 65,000 CHF (60,000 CHF if
10 VIP Talks of CEOs and Board members early application)
Programme Presentation of large companies in the area, numerous
company visits, and study trips to the USA, Contacts
Offered by ETH Zurich, the executive MBA Russia, China, and Japan
in Supply Chain Management creates apt Carrying out a Masters Thesis of high Name: Ramona Montalto and Patricia
business leaders, capable of managing relevance and immediate value for the
global operations and supply chains. Our employer: 71% of thesis projects have been Roth, Recruiting Managers
students gain cutting-edge insights from our already put into practice six months after Email:
faculty and are able to put those ideas into graduation Telephone: +41-44-632 28 53
practice in important markets. They acquire Joining an exclusive class of managers Website:
the practical tools and methodologies, and specialists, chosen based on the
enrich their leadership personalities, and highest standards regarding educational
build relationships required to make their background, job experience, and intellectual
companies more competitive. capacity
Learning in a small class, characterised by
The 18-month part-time programme, personalised teaching, as well as by intensive
enables students to continue to work in interactions between students and lecturers
their organisation while gaining valuable Obtaining an MBA degree from ETH Zurich,
insight into industry, the latest tools, and one of the worlds leading universities

Programme Info:
Type of Programme: Executive MBA
Programme Format: Part time
Content Strength or General Management with in-depth knowledge of Supply Chain
Specialisation: Management

Application Deadlines: 30 April (28 February for early application)

Starting Dates: September every year

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Believe, Lead, Succeed

With the inception of the ESSEC & the programme. Leadership development
Mannheim Executive MBA in 2004, elements and a strategic project span the
two of Europes leading business entire programme.
schools - ESSEC and Mannheim
Business School - joined forces
What are the types of
to create an 18-month part-time
organisations that tend to
generalist MBA that is European
employ your graduates the
in tradition and international
in outlook. Since then, the
partner schools have widened Our participants come from a variety
the programmes international of backgrounds and sectors and their
scope by integrating an Asia- motivations for attending the programme
Pacific track, delivered from differ, as do their post-programme goals
ESSECs Singapore campus. and paths. However, most graduates
The programme now boasts continue working for companies, many
over 1,500 alumni around the of them large and international. A number
globe, successfully leading top of them also go on to create and run their
international companies. Natalie Kettner own companies.
Director of Executive
Could you give us a brief Programmes What advice would you offer
overview of your EMBA ESSEC Executive to a person who is thinking
programme? Education about getting an EMBA?
The ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA The decision to do an EMBA programme
offers senior executives a fast-track also concerns your family and colleagues.
solution to career advancement through Development Tracks are two unique Its thus important to discuss this project
an international programme designed to components of this EMBA. Through extensively with your close network so
expose them to both core management coaching, workshops and networking that everyones expectations and roles
basics and evolving cutting-edge business events and leadership courses (including are clear. Contacting programme alumni
topics and includes an integrated experiential military training) and the to discuss how to balance professional,
leadership track that prepares them to writing of a Leadership Journal, these family and academic life during the
take on top business roles. tracks provide participants with the programme is also recommended.
confidence and skills necessary to take
What are the characteristics on their next career challenge. This How global is the programme,
you are looking for in programme also allows you to design and what is your school doing
applicants? your own learning experience through to reinforce this position?
Ideal applicants believe in their potential Advanced Immersion Modules (AIMS), We recruit from our campuses in three
to become global leaders. They are driven in-depth electives on cutting-edge topics, different countries (France, Germany and
and believe in working with others. All in Paris, Mannheim and Singapore. Singapore), resulting in culturally diverse
are executives with at least a Bachelors classes. An Asia-Pacific track was added
degree and a minimum of eight years, work Could you describe the to the programme in 2014 and ESSEC
experience, part of which is international. structure of your programme? inaugurated its state-ofthe art campus in
Top applicants usually possess several Our EMBA programme offers an executive- Singapore last year, providing for elective
years of leadership experience, and all friendly format with courses from Tuesday options in this city-state. Participants
speak fluent English. or Wednesday to Sunday every six weeks additionally develop a cross-cultural
and few out-of-office days. Participants business perspective through study trips
What makes your EMBA alternate taking core courses such as to the United States and Asia. In 2016,
unique amongst business strategy and finance with electives on ESSEC opened a campus in Morocco,
schools? cutting-edge topics. Two international a potential future EMBA programme
The Career Advancement and Leadership residencies occur towards the middle of destination.


1 Degree, 8 Majors, 14 Locations

Student Body

Male/Female Ratio: 80/20%

Age Range: 31-49
Average Age: 39
Number of Accepted Participants
Enrolled in 2015: 243 participants
International Students:
Created in 1881 by the Paris Chamber of offer participants the opportunity to study Europe: 66%
Commerce and Industry, HEC Paris aims in different countries with classmates from Asia and Middle East: 22%
to train high potential individuals, capable very diverse backgrounds. Average Professional Experience: 15
of becoming architects of a responsible years
world. What makes HEC Paris unique is its Our special focus on strategy, leadership and
conviction shared by the HEC Community: the global business environment ensures
knowledge determines the freedom and that our participants gain comprehensive, Admission Requirements
entrepreneurship required for a better innovative and applicable knowledge and
world. skills. University degree: University Degree or
equivalent (official diplomas)
HEC Paris mission is twofold: training the In keeping with HECs motto: The more GMAT (minimum): Required or HEC
global leaders of tomorrow and taking an you know, the more you dare, our goal
active part in the production of knowledge of is not only to strengthen the technical internal management test
management, thanks to our internationally expertise and leadership skills of future TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS for non-native
renowned faculty who are at the forefront global leaders, but also to enable you to English speakers
of their respective fields. dare to implement innovative ideas and References: Two persuasive letters of
solutions in complex professional situations. recommendation
Programme Presentation
Our internationally renowned faculty Minimum Length of Work Experience:
The HEC Paris Executive MBA offers modular, members draw on extensive real world 8 years of professional experience
executive-friendly formats to suit a variety experience to provide participants with (International exposure, Management
of work schedules. Delivered around a solid foundation in management experience, Convincing personal and
the world and offering a range of majors fundamentals and exposure to cutting-edge professional goals)
(specialisations), it is uniquely positioned to business knowledge.
Languages of Instruction:
English, English/French or English/
Chinese (translation)

Paris, France intakes:
English Modular: January
End-of-week: March
One-day-a-week: September
Paris Modular: October
Doha, Qatar intake (in partnership
with the Qatar Foundation): February

Programme Info:
Accreditations: AMBA, AACBS, EQUIS Name: Sara Drews
Ranked #2 worldwide by the Financial Times for Executive Education Email:
in 2015 Telephone: +33(0) 1 39 67 75 18
Type of Programme: Executive MBA
One-day-a-week; Six-day modules every month; 2 nine-day modules
Programme Format:
and 4 six-day modules; End-of-week
Application Deadlines: Rolling admissions
Starting Dates: January, February, March, September,October

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Global EMBA #1 Worldwide

Salary Increase (FT)
F R A N C E & C hina
Student Body
Ratio of Applicants to Places: 57%
Male Female Ratio: 30-35% women
Programme Presentation Age Range: 31-49
Average Age: 39
KEDGE Part-time Global Executive MBA: A Degree Background: University Degree
Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Shanghai World-Class Degree
or equivalent
Kedge Business School is the largest The Kedge MBA is globally diverse and International Students: 30-35%
Business School in France and belongs to comprehensive, delivered across one or Europe: 80%
the close circle of the top 1% of Business several of your choices of campuses in a North America: 6%
Schools worldwide with triple accreditation modular format that offers enormous Central/South America: 2%
(AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA). With campuses flexibility for busy and mobile executive
in Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulon, participants. Personal development, creativity Oceania and Asia: 5%
Dakar and Shanghai, Kedge is strategically and responsibility remain our core values. Africa: 7%
positioned to meet the needs of both 14-24 month flexible & modular programme
aspiring professionals and confirmed -3 days per month Admission Requirements
Executives. KEDGE offers a wide range of 100% in English
undergraduate and graduate degrees, as 13 Business fundamental modules University degree: University Degree or
well as an extensive portfolio of Executive 10 Online modules
Education programmes. 2 International business seminars (USA, equivalent (official diplomas)
India, China, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, UAE, GMAT (minimum): 650 or our in-house
The internationally-focused KEDGE Business Australia...) test (Global MBA Business Admissions
School comprises: Business development project Test) + admission interview
- More than 12,000 students on 4 continents, Personal & leadership development path TOEFL: 110, TOEIC: 750, IELTS 7.5 for
- A network of 50,000 graduates, through personalised Exec. Coaching
- 196 permanent research professors, 600 Contact hours minimum non-native English speakers
- 300 international academic partners. 4 Campuses (Marseille, Bordeaux, Paris References: Two professional letters of
and Shanghai) reference (our form)
Our three strategic axes to drive chang: 12 Global academic partners (Europe, Minimum Length of Work Experience:
CREATE: pedagogical innovations of Canada, US, Asia, Latin America, Australia, A minimum of five years, managerial
traditional approaches to higher education Africa)
to strengthen creative skills 1,200 International Alumni experience (CV)
SHARE: ideas and resources to find 9 Specialisations: Entrepreneurship,
answers to our worlds challenges. Kedge Aligning Global Strategy and Supply Chain Costs
encourages all talent: 1 million EUR awarded Strategy, Driving Ecosystemic Innovation,
in internal scholarships every year Global Management, Finance, Talent Application fees: 120 EUR (includes the
CARE: about all students because the Management, Branding Strategy for Business
future is in their hands. CSR is embedded Development, Wine & Spirits Management, Business Admission Test)
into the DNA of Kedge Driving Sustainable Change Tuition fees: 35,000 EUR

Programme Info: Scholarships

Accreditations: AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB
#1 Worldwide for Salary Iincrease, Scholarships available to promote
23rd Exec MBA worldwide in 2015 Financial Times diversity (international, women, unique
Type of Programme: Part-time Modular Executive MBA achievement/experience), excellence
Programme Format: Can be completed in 14-24 months - you set your own pace and entrepreneurship/professional
A strong framework of courses, electives, specialisations and conversion
Content Strength or
international seminars delivered in a flexible format, plus a 2-year
individual accompaniment programme
Language Courses: English Contacts
Application Deadlines: All year long
Marseille: Nov. 2016; Bordeaux: Jan. 2017; Paris: Oct. 2016 & Feb. Name: Kirt WOOD
Starting Dates:
2017; Shanghai: Jan. 2017 Email:
Exchange Programme:
12 EMBA partnerships with major international business schools on Telephone: +33 (0)6 03 34 32 94
4 continents Website:
Percentage of salary increase: 114% (FT 15)

Executive MBA
Ranking 2015



Local Knowledge. Global Expertise
G ermany
Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 80/20%

Age Range: 31-55
Average Age: 37
International Students (entering class
of 2015): 77%
Europe/Non-EU-Member States: 16%
Programme Presentation
Europe/EU-Member States excl.
WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management The Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Germany: 30%
is a privately funded business school based programme, based in Germany, is a joint Germany: 24%, North America: 4%,
in Vallendar/Koblenz and in Dsseldorf. It is EMBA between Americas Kellogg School Central/South America: 4%, Asia: 20%,
a leading business school in Germany and is of Management at Northwestern University Africa & Middle East: 2%
continuously ranked among the top business in Chicago and Germanys WHU - Otto Seniority (entering class of 2015):
schools in Europe. Beisheim School of Management Vallendar
/Dsseldorf. The programme combines Manager: 34%, Senior Manager: 22%
WHU was founded in 1984 and has become the expertise of American and European Director: 28%, Owner/Partner: 6%
a model for future-oriented research and management and offers students the CXO: 6%, VP: 4%
teaching in the field of business economics. opportunity to gain new perspectives from
The university has placed highly in national major world regions. Admission Requirements
and international rankings, coming in at
number 8 in the 2015 Financial Times Our top-ranked EMBA programme combines University degree: Or international
required core and advanced courses with
Masters in Management Ranking (best equivalent with satisfactory grades,
global electives at one of the Kellogg School
German university), number 6 in the 2015 of Managements international hubs: fluency in English, minimum 8 years
Economist Which MBA? Executive Education Chicago, Miami, Hong Kong, Beijing, Toronto of professional experience (with
Ranking (best German university), and taking and Tel Aviv. The faculty is composed of
4th place in the 2014 Wirtschaftswoche HR substantial managerial experience), be
business experts from Kellogg, WHU and in full-time employment.
University Ranking (best private university). partner schools, whose innovative ideas and
extensive research are constantly shaping GMAT: No
WHUs academic degree programmes and global business education. TOEFL: Minimum 100 points IBT
executive education programmes provide References: Two
excellent educational opportunities for The programme aims at developing Essays/interviews: Participation in one
every career stage. We are dedicated to our managers into cross-border and cross- Interview Day is required, short essay
motto Local Knowledge. Global Expertise., functional leaders. Therefore, leadership questions within application form
which can be seen in our graduates and personal development activities are fully
professional success, our facultys research integrated into the programmes curriculum
results and our profitable collaborations through our Advanced Leadership Costs
with international business partners. Development Programme.
Application fees: 200 EUR
Tuition fees: 79,000 EUR (early bird
tuition reduction of 3,000 EUR if
Programme Info: complete application submitted by 31st
Accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS, FIBAA Premium May, every year)
Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Programme was ranked by the Financial Scholarships: Please visit website for
Times (2015): more information
Rankings: Top 20 EMBA programme worldwide
Top 10 EMBA programme in Europe
# 1 EMBA programme in Germany Contacts
Type of Programme: Global Executive MBA
Programme Format: Modular, 21 months + master thesis Name: Beate Allar
Language Courses: English Email:
Application Deadlines: Rolling admissions, latest by 31st July every year Telephone: + 49 261 6509 186
Starting Dates: Mid-September, every year Website:
Global elective modules in Chicago, Miami, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong,
Exchange Programme:
Beijing, Toronto


My Class Is Much More

Diverse than I Expected
Interaction with EMBA classmates is as important as
what the faculty teaches us

Amaka, why did you decide to a business. Through my Kellogg-WHU

pursue an EMBA with Kellogg- network I am surrounded by people with
WHU? this knowledge, so I can learn from them.

Im already very technically sound; Im a How would you describe

qualified accountant and I possess a lot the learning environment
of work experience. I always wanted to go in the Kellogg-WHU EMBA
further with my professional studies but Programme?
the timing was just never right. When I
eventually decided to do an MBA, it was My class is much more diverse than I
because I wanted to start my own business. expected. I thought people would come
I already have a lot of entrepreneurial mainly from the EMEA region and that
ideas that I want to develop. But how do I would only meet people from other
you evaluate and choose the best one? continents during the Global Electives.
Thats when I realised I needed an MBA. But my classmates come from all over
the world and from various industries
What is your goal and how will Amaka Ezike and academic backgrounds. That was a
Kellogg-WHU Executive
the EMBA help you achieve it? pleasant surprise as we are learning a lot
MBA Student
from each others experiences on top of
Class of 2017
As mentioned above, I am hoping to start what the faculty teaches.
my own business. The Kellogg-WHU EMBA Amaka Ezike, a current student of the
has a strong focus on entrepreneurship, Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Class of Learning here is fun but very intense. The
which is one of the reasons I chose 2017, is a fully qualified accountant (ACCA, programme focuses a lot on personal and
this programme. I believe the diverse ICAN) with over 13 years of experience leadership development, which allows you
entrepreneurship classes will help me cutting across treasury and investments, to take a step back and thoroughly analyse
structure the various business ideas I financial and management accounting a situation instead of automatically
as well as risk management. Amaka also
already have in mind and provide me with completing a task. It makes you see the
holds a BA (Hons) in Computing and
the tools to realise my plans successfully. Accounting & Finance from the University bigger picture.
For instance, I am planning on writing a of Kent. She is currently a finance and
business plan as my Masters thesis in strategy consultant at Think Capital Ltd How do you fund your studies?
order to have something concrete or in Nigeria.
in the right direction by the end of the The funding was definitely the biggest
programme. The discussions with my and will be able to better evaluate them. challenge. Even though I had help from
classmates and other EMBA students I know that making a good decision is a family and friends back home, it was not
within the Kellogg EMBA Global Network lot about your gut feeling, but you need enough to cover all costs. I applied for
also help me to evaluate and further to have some means of analysing as well. one of the Kellogg-WHU scholarships
develop a lot of my entrepreneurial ideas. for women awarded by both the MBA
Another expectation concerns my work for Women Foundation and the WHU
What do you expect the EMBA style. Right now I might be doing things Scholarship Fund. These types of
to give you? the wrong way, since I am a financially scholarships are really helpful. I also chose
technical person. I have never dealt with to do an EMBA because it allowed me
I hope that once I finish the EMBA I will sales or marketing, for example. But to keep my full-time job and continue
have more confidence in my decisions these skills are also essential for running earning money.

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Advance Your Global Business Career

Whilst Continuing to Work Full-time
U nited K ingdom
Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 71/29%

Age Range: 2655
Average Range: 36
International Students:
Europe: 19%
Alliance Manchester Business School has Management Practice, Marketing, Projects North America: 4%
nearly 25 years experience in transnational and Technology. There is international Central/South America: 7%
education and our global reach now spans flexibility within the programme; you can
four continents. Our centres in Dubai, Hong attend workshops at any of our global Middle East: 16%
Kong, Manchester, Sao Paulo, Shanghai centres. Oceania and Asia: 49%
and Singapore boast strong links with the Africa: 5%
local business communities, opening up a Kelley-Manchester MBA Global Centres:
wealth of contacts and opportunities for Our joint MBA with Kelley School of Business Manchester
our students and alumni. The Manchester in the United States also allows candidates
MBA can help transform your career and Dubai
to study and work at the same time. The
change your life. programme brings together two of the Singapore
worlds leading business schools with a Hong Kong
Programme Presentation combined legacy of nearly 150 years of Shanghai
innovation in business and management Sao Paulo
Global MB education. This pioneering new programme
The two-year Manchester Global Part- will be taught using a blended format of Admission Requirements
time MBA is designed to fit around work
and personal commitments. World class online study and face-to-face classes, at
teaching is delivered in blocks at residential both the Kelley School in Indiana, USA At least four years, professional
workshops, with online activity to enrich the and at Alliance Manchester Business
School campuses across the globe. Youll experience with strong career
learning experience. You can tailor your MBA progression and a recognised degree,
to suit your personal goals and interests experience British and US style business
by selecting electives from the following and management education, earning you or eight to ten years, managerial
themes; Entrepreneurship and innovation, two degrees from two top ranked schools experience instead of a recognised
Finance, HR Management, Leadership and in two years. degree. Kelley-Manchester MBA
requires a minimum of three years,
professional experience.

Application Fees: None
Tuition Fees: Global MBA - 27,300 GBP
Kelley-Manchester MBA 65,000 USD

Programme Info:
Accreditations: AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS Name: Jane Dowson
We are positioned 7th in the UK, 14th in Europe and 38th in the World Email:
(Financial Times Global MBA ranking 2016) Telephone: +44 (0) 161 275 7212
Programme Format: Part-time/ Distance Learning/ Executive
Content Strength or Specialist learning themes available for the Global MBA in part-time
Specialisation: Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Technology, Marketing, HR, Leadership,
Finance and Project Management
Languages Courses: English
Global MBA: December 2016
Application Deadlines:
Kelley-Manchester MBA: May 2017
Global MBA: January and July 2017
Starting Dates:
Kelley-Manchester MBA: July 2017


The Entrepreneurial School:

Mentoring the Motivated
A ustria
Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 70/30%

Age Range: 25-50
Average Age: 33
Degree Background: Medicine/Pharma,
Engineering, Management, Economics,
Science, Art
International Students: 85%
(8 nationalities)
With 3,000 students, 1,000 lecturers, Programme Presentation
200 partner universities and innumerable Admission Requirements
graduates and employers worldwide, along With the MBA programme in International
with an unbroken record of top places in Business, the Entrepreneurial School offers
polls and rankings, the MCI Management University degree: Undergraduate
an attractive programme that puts students
Center Innsbruck is in demand as an around the globe on the cutting edge of degree from a recognised university
international benchmark and partner modern academic education. GMAT (minimum): score of 610
for research, teaching and management for applicants with extensive work
training. Embedded in a truly modern blended experience but no first degree
learning environment, the MBA programme TOEFL: (min. 92) or IELTS (min. 6.5)
Admission requirements of an international is designed to effectively support the
standard, consistently outstanding results personal development and career of References: Motivational letter
in polls and rankings, MCIs special motivated business professionals. The two- Minimum Length of Work Experience:
position as the Entrepreneurial School year part-time MBA programme comprises Three years
in the framework of the Comprehensive three five-day residence phases. The rest
University Innsbruck concept, and a of the programme will be conducted in
network of prestigious partner universities MCIs highly interactive and sophisticated Costs
are powerful and convincing arguments for online environment that allows students to
the motivated in a key decision for their meet, discuss and learn with and from their Tuition fees: 18,900 EUR
professional and personal development. peers and professors wherever they are and Scholarships: Various (merit-based
whenever they want to. The combination scholarships)
At the Entrepreneurial School, an MBA of interactive online learning phases with
degree stands for an entrepreneurial equally interactive face-to-face periods
orientation, an international mindset, provides the perfect environment for a executive-master/mba-in-international-
new and modern ways of teaching and programme of the highest standards. business/scholarships-grants
interaction, motivation, decisiveness, a sense
of responsibility, immediate applicability of Students also combine MCIs International
newly acquired knowledge, intercultural Business courses with graduate courses
competence, robust networks and a credible from Royal Roads University, Canada. A dual
brand with a high level of acceptance in the degree option in collaboration with Royal Name: Vanessa Walzl
business world and society. Road University is available. Email:
Telephone: +43 512 2070 2101
Programme Info:
Type of Programme: Executive MBA

Programme Format: Two-year part-time MBA in a blended learning format

International Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance & Accounting,
Content Strength or Marketing, HR Management, Organisational Behaviour, Operations
Specialisation: Management

Language Courses: Wide range of optional language courses available

23 May 2016
Application Deadlines: 22 August 2016
Starting Dates: 17 October 2016

Exchange Programme: Dual degree option with Royal Roads University, Canada

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Knowledge Makes The Difference

Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 72/28%

Age Range: 36-45
Average Age: 42
Programme Presentation Degree Background: International
SKEMA is one of the truly global business The SKEMA Executive MBA is a high level Bachelors, Masters Degree or
schools. We train and educate the talented continuing education programme for equivalent
individuals businesses require in the current experienced executives wishing to increase International Students:
competitive environment. their managerial and strategic skills. The Europe: 59%
Executive MBA programme offers general North America: 2%
SKEMA has AACSB and EQUIS accreditations modules and a unique specialisation in
project & programme management. This Middle East: 34%
and has been consistently ranked as one of
the worlds very best business schools in the intensive programme allows managers to Oceania and Asia: 5%
Financial Times rankings. understand new organisational models
suited to constantly changing complex Admission Requirements
Our graduates expand the boundaries of environments. It also aims to foster
knowledge and innovation. They are at ease participants overall strategic vision.
University degree: International
working in environments that are multi- The Skema Executive MBA is particularly Bachelors, Masters Degree or
cultural and socially diverse. As graduates of well suited to managers who have pressing
the school, they will go on to work towards equivalent
professional commitments. It adopts a IELTS: 7(ENG)
a collective goal with a common vision: to blended learning format. The pedagogy
create the right conditions for a sustainable thus combines e-learning modules with TOEIC: 875 (ENG)
knowledge economy. interactive seminars led by renowned CECR: C1 (FR)
professors in their fields. The programme References: Recommendation forms
Our international structure, with campuses is designed to optimise face-to-face
in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the US, Minimum Length of Work Experience:
sessions by distance mode preparation
enables us to remain in tune with the global through highly structured modules that Five years
business environment and the world of participants can adapt to their personal and
international higher education. professional schedule. Seminars take place Costs
in Lille (France) and in four other locations:
With 7,200 students and 160 professors, Oslo (Norway), Dallas (Texas, USA), Belo
SKEMA Business School ranks as a leading Horizonte (Brazil) and Shanghai (China) Application fees: 120 EUR
global business school. during study trips. Tuition fees: 32,000 EUR
Scholarships: up to 30%

Name: Olivier Lefaivre
Telephone: 01 41 16 76 94

Programme Info:
Accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB, ISO
Rankings: Financial Times 84th Executive Education (customised programme)
Type of Programme: Blended learning (Online, face-to-face and webinar modules)
Programme Format: Executive MBA
Content Strength or
Project & Programme Management
Language Courses: English
Application Deadlines: July and December
Starting Dates: August and January
Percentage of salary increase: 67% obtain a raise in pay after an EMBA


Leading Innovation in a Digital World

Student Body

Ratio of Applicants to Places: 50%

Programme Presentation
Male Female Ratio: 75/25%
The EMBA Leading Innovation in a Digital Age Range: 30-50
World will develop your managerial Average Age: 42
and strategic skills and your leadership, Degree Background: : Business
while giving you the ability to seize the Administration, IT, Electronics, Computer
opportunities of the digital economy.
Taught part-time in Paris, the programme Networks, MIS, Chemistry Management,
will also take you to the heart of the major Engineering
technological clusters in the USA, Europe International Students: 37%
and Asia. Length of Work Experience:
Average 15 years
During the programme, you will have the
unique opportunity to develop your own Minimum 5 years
From its creation in 1979, Telecom Ecole digital project, join one of our business
de Management has integrated new incubators in France and benefit from the Admission Requirements
technologies and information systems in full support of our faculty.
all its programmes. Our school has built University degree: Bachelors or
its reputation on this unique learning Because we emphasise innovation, you will
experience and expertise which its corporate meet with start-ups and entrepreneurs in equivalent
partners readily recognise. France and abroad, work with them on their TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, CAE or BULATS
own strategy and share their experience. References: Two recommendation
Accredited by AACSB and AMBA, TEM is the Becoming a participant of our programme forms,
Business School of Institut Mines-Telecom, will give you the unique opportunity to Interview + Case study for preselected
the leading group of engineering schools in join the alumni network of Institut Mines-
France, under the supervision of the French Telecom, one of the largest of the French candidates
Ministry of Economics, Industry and Finance. Grandes Ecoles (60,000+). Minimum Length of Work Experience:
Five years


Tuition fees: 40,000 EUR

Scholarships: several merit-based and
needs-based scholarships available
(upon application)
Negotiated interest rates with partner

Programme Info:
Accreditations: AMBA / AACSB
Type of Programme: Executive MBA (Part-Time)
Telephone: +33 1 60 76 43 56
18 months, comprising 1 kick-off seminar, 12 academic weeks in Paris
Programme Format: (from Monday morning to Saturday evening, every 5 weeks) and 3 +33 6 74 40 93 81
international study tours Website:
Content Strength or Digital Innovation, Innovation Management, Digital Strategy, Digital
Specialisation: Transformation, Leadership, New Business Models
Language Courses: Entirely taught in English
Application Deadlines: Rolling
18 April 2016
Starting Dates:
24 October 2016
October 2016 USA (Silicon Valley)
Exchange Programme: March 2017 Finland
October 2017 India

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The Worlds Most Exciting

Executive MBA Programme
S wit z erland
Student Body

Male Female Ratio: 70/30%

Average Age: 38

Admission Requirements
University Degree: recognised
The University of St. Gallen is a leading Euro- for the study trip, take place at the Executive Bachelors degree
pean business school located in Switzerland. Campus in St. Gallen, Switzerland. GMAT/TOEFL: not necessary, but
Founded in 1898, it became a fully-fledged fluency in English required for IEMBA
business school in 1911 and today has the International Executive MBA HSG:
largest management faculty in the Ger- The International Executive MBA HSG is an HSG and GEMBA HSG
man-speaking area and more than 8,000 18-month part-time programme combining References: References: At least two
students. St. Gallen offers a full range of general management skills with an addition- (one professional, one personal)
undergraduate, postgraduate, executive al focus on international business, personal Minimum Length of Work Experience:
and PhD programmes and is accredited by development and sustainability. Courses are Five years with three years of
both EQUIS and AACSB. taught in English and take place in Switzer-
land, the UK, Turkey and South Africa. leadership experience
Programme Presentation
Global Executive MBA HSG: Costs
Executive MBA HSG: The Global Executive MBA HSG is an
The Executive MBA HSG is designed as a 18-month part-time programme, taught EMBA: 67,000 CHF
part-time general management programme, in English in St. Gallen (CH), Rio de Janeiro
consisting of 90 days structured in 5-day (BR), Cape Town (SA), Shanghai (CN), Los IEMBA: 76,000 CHF
modules (Monday to Friday). This includes Angeles (US) and Istanbul (TR). It is one of GEMBA: 89,000 CHF
a study trip, 5 elective courses, a personal the first truly global programmes, providing Scholarships: available in the following
development programme and a Masters the participants with the skills to lead in an categories:
thesis. The Executive MBA HSG is taught increasingly globalised environment and Sustainability
entirely in German and all modules, except establishing a worldwide network.
Women in Leadership
Excellence in Leadership
Non-profit Management

Early booking incentives:

Up to 9,000 CHF depending on the

Name: Edna Bacopulos
Programme Info: Telephone: +41 71 224 27 02
Accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB Website:
4th in the European Business School Ranking 2015 (Financial Times)
Rankings: 8th in the most international universities in the world 2016 (Times
Higher Education)
Type of Programme: Executive MBA (part-time)
EMBA HSG: 90 days on campus
Programme Format:
IEMBA/GEMBA HSG: 70 on campus + 20 days off campus
Application Deadlines: One month prior to the start of the programme
EMBA: 19.09.2016 and 06.03.2017
Starting Dates: IEMBA: 08.08.2016
GEMBA: 08.08.2016

2016-2017 LISTING

Table of Some of the Top

EMBA Programmes in the World

Career Aims Average work
Salary today Salary percent- Women students International
Rankings progress achieved experience Accreditation(s)
(US$) age increase (%) students (%)
School name Country Costs Programme Name rank rank rank
Financial The
Times Economist
Finland, Singapore,
Aalto University South Korea, Poland, 43,800 EUR Aalto EMBA 76 134,477 48 85 73 29 78 53 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Antwerp Management School Belgium, Russia 33,500 EUR EMBA 59 149,590 42 77 78 34 73 52 AACSB

Arizona State University: Carey China 78,500 USD Carey / SNAI EMBA 35 39 200,144 74 84 75 25 21 97 10 40 AACSB
BI Norwegian Business School/ Fudan University School of
China 390,000 NOK BI-Fudan MBA 48 172,984 83 38 72 53 95 81 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Boston University School of Management US 97,500 USD Boston University EMBA 49 31 7 AACSB

Ceibs China 608,000 RMB Ceibs Global EMBA 16 313,442 37 9 77 36 52 18 AACSB, EQUIS

Centrum Catlica Peru / Colombia 116,800 USD Global MBA 52 211,812 36 50 71 29 40 25 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

City University: Cass UK / UAE 44,000 GBP EMBA 32 156,631 68 26 76 30 23 15 68 10 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
EMBA-Global Americas and
Columbia / London Business School UK / US 172,815 USD 4 231,836 72 30 83 23 18 42 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Columbia Business School US 189,600 USD EMBA 28 15 209,988 55 27 75 23 26 41 21 89 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

Copenhagen Business School Denmark 390,000 DKK CBS EMBA 62 60 121,752 35 13 74 23 40 48 38 4 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

Cornell University: Johnson US 169,740 USD Cornell EMBA 55 20 208,058 41 94 72 26 24 54 21 47 AACSB

Cornell University: Johnson/Queen's School of Business US / Canada 133,516 USD EMBA Americas 53 164,027 53 40 75 19 37 61 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

Cranfield School of Management UK 36,000 GBP Cranfield EMBA 86 31 128,048 44 73 72 17 64 48 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

CUHK Business School China 520,000 HKD EMBA 31 263,132 52 91 68 38 33 24 AACSB

Duke University: Fuqua US 166,000 USD Duke MBA - Global Executive 17 251,645 32 56 75 21 14 29 33 12 AACSB, SACS

EMLyon Business School France 45,000 EUR EMBA 96 105,123 23 17 74 24 35 66 31 7 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

Emory University: Goizueta US 101,700 USD Weekend EMBA 63 32 164,676 40 33 74 37 20 58 11 74 AACSB

ESA Business School Lebanon 35,000 USD Executive MBA 50 15 AMBA

France, UK, Germany,
ESCP Europe 56,000 EUR ESCP Europe EMBA 13 184,730 72 3 83 25 31 29 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Spain, Italy
ESMT - European School of Management and Technology Germany 57,500 EUR ESMT EMBA 30 8 168,636 56 1 83 33 22 19 AACSB, AMBA
France, Germany,
Essec / Mannheim 49,500 EUR Essec & Mannheim EMBA 45 26 131,037 45 25 77 35 50 23 90 22 6 AACSB, EQUIS
Fordham University Graduate School of Business US 95,000 USD Fordham EMBA 79 162,877 51 72 70 33 40 51 30 97 AACSB

Georgetown University / Esade Business School US, Spain 155,718 USD Global EMBA 28 22 200,170 50 53 77 37 30 28 75 10 4 AACSB

Georgetown University: McDonough US 134,460 USD EMBA 37 27 190,675 54 36 76 42 24 59 12 60 AACSB

Georgia Institute of Technology: Scheller College of Business US 79,000 USD EMBA 89 144,762 40 59 73 20 21 79 17 64 AACSB

Georgia State University: Robinson US 69,500 USD EMBA 89 156,963 33 92 66 37 55 51 AACSB

Grenoble Graduate School of Business France 31,300 EUR Part-Time MBA 87 54 106,568 61 95 66 37 65 98 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

HEC Lausanne Switzerland 34,500 CHF EMBA 83 113,604 18 75 78 19 21 16 AMBA, EQUIS

Henley Business School UK 37,750 GBP Henley EMBA 49 36 142,037 60 24 78 37 39 50 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management Germany 45,000 EUR Part-Time MBA 81 52 116,043 62 29 76 35 57 100 AACSB, ACQUIN

Hult International Business School UK 25,500 GBP Executive MBA 50 6 AMBA

IE Business School Spain 55,200 EUR Global EMBA 8 1 225,033 56 56 83 26 5 8 14 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

Iese Business School Spain, US 99,000 EUR GEMBA 15 25 214,049 63 55 77 20 27 3 77 13 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

IMD Switzerland 105,000 CHF IMD EMBA 18 261,397 40 31 74 23 2 3 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
Career Aims Average work
Salary percent- Women students International
Rankings Salary today (US$) progress achieved experience Accreditation(s)
age increase (%) students (%)
School name Country Costs Programme Name rank rank rank
Financial The
Times Economist
Imperial College Business School UK 55,000 GBP EMBA 38 130,104 64 18 78 24 20 90 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
10,400 EUR
Insead France, Singapore, UAE Insead Global EMBA 7 212,019 56 39 78 25 23 4 9 13 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
/125,000 USD
Kedge Business School France, China 35,000 EUR Kedge-SJTU Global MBA 23 196,998 114 22 73 35 35 60 99 14 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

Kellogg / York University: Schulich Canada 120,000 CDN Kellogg-Schulich EMBA 25 5 167,343 51 45 80 33 6 39 AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA
Kellogg / HKUST Business School China 1269,000 HKD Kellogg-HKUST EMBA 2 11 408,431 39 14 78 28 30 11 93 2 5
Kellogg / WHU Beisheim Germany 79,000 EUR Kellogg-WHU EMBA 20 6 182,078 55 5 82 12 16 75 32 8 AACSB, EQUIS

Ko University Graduate School of Business Turkey 71,000 TL EMBA 59 157,096 58 46 72 23 77 72 AMBA, EQUIS

Korea University Business School South Korea 100,000 KRW EMBA 27 246,492 92 69 79 6 97 58 AACSB, EQUIS

Kozminski University Poland 14,400 USD EMBA 61 144,509 70 49 73 39 67 80 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

London Business School UK, UAE 72,795 GBP EMBA 19 181,083 41 23 77 20 1 30 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

Michigan State University: Broad US 69,000 USD EMBA 72 46 144,484 48 41 70 30 68 91 AACSB

Nanyang Business School Singapore 95,000 SGD Nanyang EMBA 10 242,328 65 12 75 17 24 41 AACSB, EQUIS

National Sun Yat-sen University Taiwan 540,000 NT EMBA 64 161,504 61 71 77 30 90 93 AACSB, AMBA

National University of Singapore Business School Singapore 95,000 SGD NUS Asia-Pacific EMBA 25 29 233,946 51 51 75 27 35 12 17 5 AACSB

New York University: Stern US 177,800 USD NYU Stern EMBA 33 17 208,765 39 52 69 35 36 67 AACSB

Northwestern University: Kellogg US 187,290 USD Kellogg EMBA 22 3 239,190 53 48 78 23 92 33 AACSB

Ohio State University: Fisher US 115,000 USD Fisher EMBA 30 25 9 AACSB

China, Netherlands, US, OneMBA: Xiamen / RSM / UNC AACSB
OneMBA 112,270 USD 34 185,718 64 62 77 23 42 28
Brazil, Mexico / FGV So Paulo / Egade
Queen's University: Smith Canada 98,000 CDN Queen's EMBA 67 130,543 45 70 72 36 53 78 AACSB, EQUIS

Rice University: Jones US 115,000 USD Rice MBA for Executives 40 28 223,307 49 64 81 15 25 43 AACSB

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Netherlands 49,000 EUR EMBA 60 121,885 45 60 71 28 30 66 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

Rutgers Business School US 23,010 USD Rutgers EMBA 80 160,492 43 32 73 32 72 85 AACSB

Sabanci University School of Management Turkey 69,000 TRY Sabanci EMBA 92 132,781 34 76 69 19 83 92 AACSB

SDA Bocconi Italy 60,000 EUR EMBA 64 141,858 51 79 70 23 93 62 10 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Antai China 1,500 RMB Antai EMBA 10 292,525 92 63 75 25 94 71 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

Skema Business School Europe 32,000 EUR Executive MBA 25 5 AACSB, EQUIS

SMU: Cox US 115,575 USD SMU Cox EMBA 71 13 172,140 36 11 76 23 62 55 AACSB

Stockholm School of Economics Sweden 465,000 SEK SSE MBA 78 127,340 45 67 75 34 35 36 EQUIS

Tlcom cole de Management France 40,000 EUR Executive MBA 24 37 15 AACSB, AMBA

Temple University: Fox US 94,992 USD Fox EMBA 45 AACSB

Texas A & M University: Mays US 86,000 USD Texas A&M EMBA 64 183,076 36 35 75 16 69 23 AACSB

Thunderbird School of Global Management US 125,000 USD EMBA 7 31 31 AACSB

Tias Business School Netherlands 42,500 EUR EMBA 73 62 111,017 45 44 74 32 50 83 AACSB, AMBA

Tongji University/ENPC China 128,000 RMB Shanghai International MBA 57 149,743 86 80 71 42 82 76 AMBA


Toulouse Business School France 25,000 EUR TBS EMBA 97 128,963 46 98 64 22 81 27 AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS


Career Aims Average work
Salary percent- Women students International
Rankings Salary today (US$) progress achieved experience Accreditation(s)
age increase (%) students (%)
School name Country Costs Programme Name rank rank rank
Financial The
Times Economist
Trinity College Dublin Ireland 15,000 EUR Part-Time MBA Programme 59 43 7 AACSB,AMBA

Trium: HEC Paris / LSE / New York University: Stern France, UK, US 169,500 USD Trium Global EMBA 3 283,830 49 42 82 27