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Unit 15 Vocabulary Worksheet

Your Vocabulary Log
Make a vocabulary log. Write words or draw pictures to help you remember.


barbecue golf tournament

baseball game hike
basketball game movie
beach party musical
bicycle race opera
birthday party party
bowling picnic
card game play
circus rock concert
comedy act singing contest
dance performance soccer match
dinner party swimming competition
dog show tennis match
fashion show volleyball tournament
(italics = new word)

A Write two possible leisure activities for each person below. Use words
from your vocabulary log.

1. 12-year-old child
2. serious person in early thirties
3. teenager who likes sports and rock music
4. athletic 55-year-old person
5. 25-year-old musician

B PAIR WORK Which leisure activities do you like to do? Tell a partner
when you plan to do them next.

A: I like to go to the movies. I am going to see a movie this weekend.

B: Really? I like to go to rock concerts. I am going to see my favorite band next week.
A: I also like to play tennis. I am going to play a tennis match tomorrow.
B: I prefer to play basketball. I have a basketball game tonight.

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