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JAPAN TRIP JUNE 7-11, 2017

Date Destination What to Do

June 7 Arrive Tokyo
1. Leave things at hotel

2. Sensoji Temple Tokyos largest Buddhist

temple; PHP 50

3. Nakamise Old shopping center,

decorated with paper

4. Visit power plant

5. Imperial Palace and Castle of Japanese

Gardens Emperor and Landscaped

5. Shinagawa Shopping and Food

June 8 1. Fuji Motosuko Reosrt View Mt. Fuji and 800,000

moss phlox planys / pink
flowers; Admission: Y 600
(the full bloom of the
flowers however is only
until May 28, 2017)

A shrine in the middle of a

2. Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine forest set off from the road
with stone lanterns and
cedar trees

3. Shibuya Shopping and food district;

Hachiko statue and
Shibuya crossing (busiest
crossing in the world)
June 9 Kyoto
1. Fushimi Inari Taisha Religious site - Shinto

2.Arashiyama Bamboo Lush and green bamboo

Grove forest

3. Gion District Geisha District

4. Leave things at hotel

5. Osaka Castle Historical Site - Old Castle

+ Landscaped Garden
PHP 300

Shopping and Dining

6. Dotonburi

June 10 1. Universal Studios ( with Theme Park

Harry Potter World) Ticket with Express Pass
PHP 6000

June 11 Leave Japan