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Professional Numerologist

Personal Numerologist is a fun program when used with family and friends, providing
special insights into each person. But if you are a professional numerologist or
astrologer, want to sell reports to make money, or just desire a more thorough and
complete analysis, then consider upgrading to Professional Numerologista more
expanded and robust program then Personal Numerologist. And since Personal
Numerologist is based on Professional Numerologist, learning the new capabilities will
be quick and easy, as you already know how to use the basic components. Click on the
Catalog menu in Personal Numerologist and then Visual Tour to see screen shots
showing many of the important features that have been added. Sample reports from all
four modules of Professional Numerologist are also included in the Catalog menu. You
can also download a fully functional trial version from our website

Upgrading from Personal Numerologist to Professional Numerologist is easy. You just

pay the difference between the current price for Professional Numerologist and what
you paid for the same module(s) in Personal Numerologist. See Ordering Information
in the Help menu for prices and an order form. You can also use the Secure Order form
on our website to immediately get the Activation Codes for unlocking Professional
Numerologist, after you download the trial version. Just check the modules for
Professional Numerologist that you want (the current prices for these modules will be
shown). Then, on the screen where you type in your credit card and billing information,
enter Upgrade Order and either your invoice number or the name you purchased
Personal Numerologist under in the How did you find out about us box. The receipt
generated by our website will show the current prices for the modules you purchase.
However, when we actually charge your credit card, we will issue a credit at the same
time for the amount our records indicate you paid for the modules from Personal

Whats in Professional Numerologist

The additional features in Professional Numerologist include a greatly expanded user
interface with many new capabilities and longer, more complete reports. The License
Agreement included with Professional Numerologist also grants the right to sell the
reports produced by this program. (When you purchase the same report module in
Professional Numerologist as you already own in Personal Numerologist, the Personal
Numerologist License Agreement then grants you the right to sell this report as well.) A
complete listing of the new capabilities is given below.

User Interface Improvements

6 lines of text for your name and address can be entered that appear at the
bottom of each report cover page.
The letters Y or W can be made vowels or consonantseither automatically or
Data for up to 20 people (instead of 2) can be entered .
Reports have 3 options (instead of 1) that determine what is included in each
report and its length.
Reports also have a Chart option that allows you to print just a chart summary
page of all the numbers used in the report, in addition to the report itself. This is
real handy to have if you are doing a reading for a client.
Numerologist Chart has 2 options: Full Chart and Summary Chart. The
Summary Chart consists of just the first page of the 3 page chart.
Data Entry for New Reports dialog has a List button which displays the name
and birth date information for all the people you enter. This allows you to
quickly review and edit any typing errors you find.
Data Entry for New Reports dialog contains First and Last record buttons in
addition to the Next and Previous buttons, making it easier to review the
entered data.
The Forecast Data section of the Data Entry for New Reports dialog includes
the Month to Begin and Number of Months fields for the Yearly Report,
allowing this report to start on any month and year and to continue for 1 month
to almost 9 years.
Reports and Charts can be automatically or manually saved to a file for
attaching to emails or editing in Microsoft Word and any other word processor
that supports the widely used Rich Text Format (rtf). Automatically generated
long file names consist of the report title and the clients name. File names can
also be manually entered.
Complete control of font and paragraph formatting for the 8 different sections
of the report are supported. These 8 sections consist of: Cover Title, Cover
Subtitle, Cover Text, Heading, Subheading, Body Text, Report Chart Text and
Font name, size, bold and italic attributes and color are supported for each of
the above 8 format styles. Left, right, center and justified paragraphs are
supported as well for the Heading, Subheading and Body Text styles.
Control of the font size, bold and italic attributes and color are support for the
text in Numerologist Chart.
Reports and charts can be edited directly within Professional Numerologist.
Format styles, which you define, can easily be applied to make any typed or
inserted text match the rest of the report.
Complete editing capabilities are includedone level of undo, cut, copy, paste,
inserting files, find and replace functions, and inserting of page breaks.
Toolbar contains additional useful buttons.

All Reports
A professional looking cover page is included showing your name and address
at the bottom of the page.
A chart summary page follows the cover page, showing all the numbers used in
the report.
The footer on each page contains the name of the report, as well as the full
name of the person it is for, in addition to the page number.

Numerology Report
Reports run 12 16 pages, instead of 5 8 pages in length.
Maturity Number is included which describes an important lesson learned
later in life that will bring increased understanding of ones purpose.
Challenge is included which describes an obstacle encountered early in life that
once overcome can add new dimension to ones life.
Current Name Energies are included which describes new or increased
influences from a name change and how it impacts the life.
Personal Year is included which describes strong influences and opportunities
that affect a person each year.
Life Path Period is included, a long term cycle that describes the general
influences affecting a person.
Pinnacle is included which describes a second cycle that describes additional
general influences affecting a person.
Introduction section is expanded.

Relationship Report
Reports run 14 18 pages, instead of 6 8 pages in length.
First Impressions is included which gives an overview of your general
personality characteristics; who you each are at a glance.
Your Relations With Parents, Children and Other Relatives is included
which describes how you express yourselves and manage when it comes to your
children, parents and relatives; how to best share these important
responsibilities within the relationship.
Your Ability To Communicate is included which describes the characteristic
way you discuss important matters with each other and how to make your
communications clearer and more mutually beneficial.
Your Approach To Material Affairs is included which describes how
pragmatic and adaptable you each are when it comes to dealing with everyday
A special section that shows the influences of the current year and how this
affects both peopleas individuals and as a couple is included. This section
shows what each person needs and how each can be most supportive of the
other throughout the year.
What You Can Both Expect From This Relationship section is expanded.

Yearly Report
Reports run 11 16 pages, instead of 5 6 pages in length, for a one year
Starting month and year for the forecast can be entered, and the period covered
can be as short as 1 month and as long as almost 9 years.
Personal Months are included which is a short term cycle that describes the
approach to events likely to produce the most growth and development for each
month. By using the described approach, the individual can be in a better
position to take advantage of the events and opportunities presented and can
avoid or minimize the difficulties likely to be encountered.
Personal Days, a daily cycle that is most useful in determining the best time to
take action, are included. Knowing when to act can help one to take best
advantage of the opportunities presented, as well as to avoid the difficulties that
can result by poor timing. Personal Days are used to provide the key dates in
the Personal Month sections.
An End of the Year section is included providing a re-cap of the most
important influences to keep in mind as the year draws to a close.

Numerologist Chart
Systems of numerology supported include Juno Jordan and a Universal
approach, in addition to Matthew Goodwin.
Chaldean numbering system is supported, in addition to the Pythagorean
system. The numbers 1 9 can also be individually assigned to each of the 26
letters of the alphabet to create a custom numbering system.
The names used for the six core elements of the chart can be changed to
reflect the numerological system you currently work with.
The number of pinnacles used can be set to either 4, or 5 or more.
The progressions can be set to start at either age 0 or 1.