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90 281

Thread connection color RAL 9011

3/8BSP or 3/8NPT

1205 C

color RAL 7011


46 color RAL 9011

Net mass CD12 = 26kg

gekopieerd, gebruikt voor fabricatie of mededeling aan enig ander persoon of firma.

Dit document is onze eigendom en zal niet zonder toestemming worden gewijzigd,

copied, used for manufacturing or communicated to any other person or company.

This document is our property en shall not without our permission be altered,

Toleranties, indien niet aangegeven, zijn volgens:

Tolerances, if not indicated, according to:


Benaming Geheimh.klasse
Name DIMENSION DRWG CD12 Secrecy Class
Materiaal 1102 K /
Material SEE DRAWING 3

Treatment INV
Schaal Familie
All materials supplied are in compliance with the
Scale 1:10 Family A3 Vergelijk
Drawing owner
requirements of the List of Prohibited Substances
Getekend Ruw nr. Vervangt AII G
Drawn by AIR13086 Blank nr. Replaces
Version Drwg Ruw gew. Afg gew.
02 added extra sheet with inch dimensions 2008-02-29 9827715001-M1 01.00 .V22 STATUS 02.00 Blank wt. 0 kg Fini wt. 0.0 kg Identificatie/Designation Blad/Sheet 01 / 01

Ed Posi-
Gewijzigd van
Modified from
Parent 3D model Ed . Version 3D Approved
Des gez./chd. Prod gez/chd. Goedg./Appd. Datum/Date
2004-10-15 9827727600
Registration code
Collection: APC CD dryers/2003
Tab: 15


Pressure swing adsorption dryer: CD 7-32 50/60 Hz 9827 7244 00

Ed. 00
AML: Principal data
8 bar
Reference conditions 7 12 17 24 32
1. Compressed air effective
inlet pressure bar 8 8 8 8 8
2. Compressed air
inlet temperature C 35 35 35 35 35
3. Inlet relative humidity of compressed air 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
4. Pressure dewpoint C -40 -40 -40 -40 -40

Limitations for operations

1. Maximum compressed air effective
inlet pressure bar 9 9 9 9 9
2. Minimum compressed air effective
inlet pressure bar 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5
3. Maximum ambient air
temperature C 50 50 50 50 50
4. Minimum ambient air
temperature C 5 5 5 5 5
5. Maximum compressed air inlet
temperature C 50 50 50 50 50
6. Minimum compressed air inlet
temperature C 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5

Performance data (1)

1. Volume flow at dryer inlet 2) l/s 7.5 13.5 19 27 36
2. Pressure drop over dryer bar <0,120 <0,230 <0,330 <0,230 <0,330
3. Time of half a cycle sec 170 170 170 170 170
4. Regenerating
Purge time time sec 120 120 120 120 120
5. Presurisation time sec 50 50 50 50 50
6. Regeneration air consumption
average % 16% 16% 16% 16% 16%
7. Power consumption, average Wh 5.7 5.7 5.7 11.3 11.3

Design data
1. Desiccant type Molecular sieves
2. Total amount of desiccant kg 4 7 10 14 20
3. Recommended filter size DD/PD/DDp 9 17 17 32 32
4. Dimensions
- Connection G thread 3/8" 3/8" 1/2" 1/2" 1/2"
- Height mm 815 1205 1598 1205 1598
- Width mm 281 281 281 281 281
- Depth mm 92 92 92 184 184
5. Net mass kg 20 26 34 51 67

Application requirements and limits

1) A dust inlet filter and moisture inlet filter to the CD are advised to prevent dust and water/oil moisture to enter.
2) In corrosive environments (pH of condensate <5) it is advised to have the inlet parts of the CD dryer
in stainless steel.Requests should be directed through the special order departments.

Note: 1) All performance data stated at reference conditions.

Calculation of flow at other than reference conditions: see AHB 2933 5397 00
2) referred to absolute pressure of 1 bar and temperature of 20

9827 7244 00 Ed. 00 Page 1/1



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& !!# " '% ( )
$ %# "
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& !!# " ' ( )
$ %# "

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! $ #%
( !!# " ) *+ %
& '# "
Instruction manual


1 Introduction ........................................................1 11.8 Diaphragm replacement ............................ 27

11.9 Resetting the controller............................. 28

2 Scope of supply ..................................................2
12 Troubleshooting................................................ 28
3 Safety................................................................2
12.1 General troubleshooting ............................ 28
4 Description of main components............................4
12.2 Electrical troubleshooting (see display
4.1 Control unit, item ref. 2 on page 4/5.............6 panel diagram in 10, page 20) ................. 29
4.2 Multiport manifold, item ref. 11 on page
13 Dryer sizing table .............................................. 30
4/5 ...........................................................6
13.1 Specifications.......................................... 30
4.3 Desiccant cartridge c/w dust filter ................6
13.2 Correction factors .................................... 30
4.4 Pressure housing ........................................6
13.3 Purge plug identification ........................... 31
5 Connecting the pre-filter to the dryer......................7
14 Warranties and liability ...................................... 31
5.1 Filter with automatic drain (float valve)..........7

5.2 Filter without automatic drain.......................7 15 Environmental Conditions................................... 31

5.3 Recommendation........................................7

5.4 Reconfiguration of inlet and outlet ports ........7

5.5 Installing the dryer in a horizontal 1 Introduction

orientation .................................................9
The product to which this manual refers must not be
6 Installation requirements.....................................10 supplied, installed, used, operated or serviced until the
contents of the manual have been fully read and understood
7 Electrical supply ................................................11
by all relevant personnel.
7.1 Connection ..............................................11
This manual, and in particular the safety information, should
7.2 DIN plug drawings ....................................11 be kept at the place of installation of the product. All
relevant personnel must strictly follow instructions given in
8 Energy management and PC interfacing ................12
the manual.
8.1 Interfacing the controller with a PC .............12
When contacting Atlas Copco regarding this product or
8.2 Energy management feature (EM) ...............15 manual, please have the following information available:
8.3 Alarm connection details ...........................18
Serial Number:
8.4 Schematic wiring diagrams ........................19
Date of commissioning:
9 Operation .........................................................19
The serial number can be found on the identification plate
10 Start-up............................................................20 located at the upper right hand side of the unit and this
information should be copied into this manual for future
10.1 Procedure ................................................20 use.

11 Service and fault diagnosis .................................21 The CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32 dryers are delivered in
11.1 Chart ......................................................21 protective packaging. Take care when transporting, loading
and unloading the unit.
11.2 Service shutdown .....................................22
The CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32 dryers are delivered
11.3 Servicing and maintenance ........................22 configured for operation at 7 barg, the plugs for operation
11.4 Changing the desiccant cartridges ..............23 pressures of 8, 9.5, or 12.5 barg can be ordered separate,
(see page 31). It is important to ensure that the correct
11.5 Removing and replacing the front panel .......24 plug is fitted applicable to the operating pressure. See table
11.6 Purge plug removal and replacement ...........25 on page 31 and instructions on page 25 for further
11.7 Cleaning the silencer .................................26

2927 1622 01 1
CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32

2 Scope of supply 3 Safety

The CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32 package includes: Atlas Copco explicitly excludes all responsibility and liability
for damage and/or injury caused by failure to follow the
Preview Description instructions described in this manual, or by failing to pay
necessary attention when operating handling or servicing
this product, even if not specifically stated in individual

The unit must be used for its intended purpose. The CD 2-

3-5-7-12-17-24-32 (Heatless-Regenerating Adsorption
Dryer) is designed and manufactured exclusively for drying
of compressed air within conditions as described in 13.1
of this manual. Any other use of the unit will be considered
inappropriate and Atlas Copco shall not be liable, where this
is permitted under law, for any damage incurred as a result
of misuse.

The following symbols give indication of potential hazard.

Power DIN plug connector Appropriate measures must be taken to reduce risk to any
user or operator of the machine wherever such hazard

Connecting kit

Warning: Risk of danger

Caution: Risk of electric shock

Certificate of conformity

Caution: Risk of high pressure

Instruction manual

Energy management option The following safety guidelines must be strictly observed:
8231 1

Leave this manual at the place of installation of the

56 68232


8 535 8979 1


It is essential that only Atlas Copco or their appointed

agents carry out maintenance and servicing work.

Users, maintenance and servicing personnel must be

familiar with:

accident prevention regulations,

safety information (general and specific to the unit),

safety devices of the unit,

measures to be taken in case of emergency.

2 2927 1622 01
Instruction manual

Allow only suitably trained persons to be involved with

installation, start-up, operation, servicing and
maintenance of the product.

It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that the

pipe work to and from the dryer is suitable, in
accordance with applicable legislation and subject to
inspection and testing prior to being put into service. All
piping must be adequately supported.

Before carrying out any maintenance or servicing work

the unit must be taken out of operation. Users and
others will be exposed to risk if work is carried out
whilst the unit is running. This means electrical
disconnection plus isolation from the compressed air
supply and full depressurisation.

Only trained and competent persons familiar with the

electrical requirements of the unit as laid out in this
manual and electrical safety rules and regulations
should be allowed to carry out work on the electrical
components and power supply to the unit.

When carrying out any work on the unit, use only

correctly sized appropriate tools in good condition.

Only use original spare parts and accessories from the

manufacturer. There is no guarantee that non-original
parts have been designed and manufactured to meeting
the safety and operational requirements of the unit.
Atlas Copco assume no liability for any equipment
malfunction resulting from the use of non-approved

If carrying out installation work above head height, use

suitable and safe working platforms or other means of
working access.

Do not make any constructional changes to the

product. Any changes or modifications may only be
carried out by the manufacturer, Atlas Copco.

Any faults or defects that could affect safety must be

put right fully before using the unit.

Used items and materials must be disposed of in the

correct manner, complying with local laws and
regulations, in particular the desiccant cartridge.

2927 1622 01 3
CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32

4 Description of main components

The figure below shows the main elements of a typical CD2-3-5-7-12-17 unit with the pre-filter removed for clarity of view.



Located on rear
14 panel of dryer



9 8 18


1 .........Top valve assembly 11....... Multiport manifold

2 .........Control unit 12....... Top cover
3 .........Bottom valve assembly 13....... Top cover fixing screw
4 .........Bottom mounting block 14....... Rear panel
5 .........Bottom valve fixing bolt 15....... DIN connector
6 .........Front panel 16....... Banjo fixing bolt
7 .........Front panel fixing screw 17....... Pressure seal
8 .........Pressure housing 18....... Exhaust silencer
9 .........Pressure housing retaining bolt 19....... Purge plug
10 .......Desiccant cartridge c/w dust filter

4 2927 1622 01
Instruction manual

The figure below shows the main elements of a typical CD24-32 unit with the pre-filter removed for clarity of view.


11 13 15


14 Located on rear
panel of dryer




8 18

4 3

1 .........Top valve assembly 12 ....... Top cover

2 .........Control unit 13 ....... Top cover fixing screw
3 .........Bottom valve assembly 14 ....... Rear panel
4 .........Bottom mounting block 15 ....... DIN connector
5 .........Bottom valve fixing bolt 16 ....... Banjo fixing bolt
6 .........Front panel 17 ....... Pressure seal
7 .........Front panel fixing screw 18 ....... Exhaust silencer
8 .........Pressure housing 19 ....... Purge plug
9 .........Pressure housing retaining bolt
10........Desiccant cartridge c/w dust filter
11........Multiport manifold

2927 1622 01 5
CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32

4.1 Control unit, item ref. 2 on page 4/5 4.3 Desiccant cartridge c/w dust filter

The top and bottom valve blocks use solenoid valves to The cartridges contain the agent (desiccant) that has been
control the pressure and direction of flow into the desiccant developed for the drying of compressed air. The desiccant
cartridges. Electrical signals (timing and logic) to operate is housed in a clear tube that has a holder permeable to air
the solenoid valves are provided by the control unit. at both ends. Located in the top of each cartridge is a 1-
micron filter for removal of residual dust from the desiccant.
4.2 Multiport manifold, item ref. 11 on page
The length of the cartridge varies with the flow capacity of
the dryer.
CD2-3-5-7-12-17 is supplied as standard with inlet and 4.4 Pressure housing
outlet ports configured left to right as viewed from the front
of the unit. There are several optional porting arrangements The cartridges are contained within an extruded aluminium
available by repositioning of port plugs. See also section pressure housing and pressure retaining end plates. Process
5.4. pressure and flow through each desiccant cartridge is
controlled by means of top and bottom valve blocks located
CD24 and CD32 are supplied as standard with inlet & between the two pressure housings. The regenerating air
outlet ports configured left to right as viewed from the front flow (purge) is controlled by means of a small orifice plug
of the unit. This is the front manifold. Other porting located externally (front, central) on the top valve block and
arrangements are available by repositioning of port plugs as is accessible with the front panel removed.
per simplex units.

1 1
1 1
2 2

1 1
2 2 2 2
2 2


4 4

1 .........Outlets 3 ......... For inlet side of dryer follow arrow orientations

2 .........Inlets 4 ......... Corner orientation

6 2927 1622 01
Instruction manual

5 Connecting the pre-filter to the dryer 5.3 Recommendation

5.1 Filter with automatic drain (float valve) It is recommended that a bypass line including filter is
installed. It is obliged to install a water separation device in
front of the dryer.

C 0 0

0 0 0 0

1. Pipe away condensate with 4mm (5/32) tubing from

filter drain. Ensure condensate is drained into an
5.4 Reconfiguration of inlet and outlet ports
oil/water separator.
1. Port configuration as delivered: 3 inlet options left hand
2. Fit any further filtration or ancillary equipment.
side of dryer as viewed from front.

All tubing should be secured up to the point of

drain to prevent whipping.
Note: It is possible to remove the float out of the filter and
make the connection as described under 5.2.

5.2 Filter without automatic drain

2. Remove top cover by means of 2 fixing screws

1. Fit nipple between multiport manifold and filter.

2. Fit 4mm (5/32) black tubing to filter and drain valve


3. Pipe away condensate with 4mm (5/32) tubing from

drain outlet. Ensure condensate is drained into an
oil/water separator.

4. Fit any further filtration or ancillary equipment.

All tubing should be secured up to the point of

drain to prevent whipping.

2927 1622 01 7
CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32

Dryer with top cover removed. 5. Replace top cover by means of 2 fixing screws.

3. Remove multiport manifold by means of 4 fixing bolts. 6. Port configuration following procedure above.


Dryer with multiport manifold removed.

4. Rotate multiport manifold through 180 and replace by

means of 4 fixing bolts.
Ensure 2 0 rings in valve block are properly seated.

8 2927 1622 01
Instruction manual

5.5 Installing the dryer in a horizontal

1. Inlet filter as fitted to dryer in vertical orientation. 3. Inlet filter must be fitted vertically and coupled as
Mounting kit allows filter to couple directly to multiport closely as possible to inlet port on multiport manifold.

4. Dryer in horizontal plane. Consideration must be given

2. For horizontal orientation, dryer must be suitably to supporting and to clearance for removal of inlet filter
supported in flat plane only as shown. bowl.

2927 1622 01 9
CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32

6 Installation requirements

Correct Wrong Correct Wrong

< 35C > 35C
< 16 barg < 4 barg
> 12 V < 12 V

10 2927 1622 01
Instruction manual

7 Electrical supply 7.2 DIN plug drawings

7.1 Connection Voltages: 100 to 240 VAC

1. The dryer is designed to operate on either an AC or DC

supply voltages.

Ensure only one power source is connected at

any one time, and it is connected to the correct
socket. Cover supplied must be fitted to the
power connection not in use.

2. The power supply is to the DIN plug.

No connection must be made to the earth terminal.
Voltages: 12 to 24 VDC

(1) .......(+) Live

(2) .......(-) Neutral
(3) .......Gasket

3. The dryer is double insulated therefore no earth is


4. Suitable external fuse connection must be provided.

5. The cable selection must suit local installation

regulations and be appropriate to power consumption.

Supply Voltage Power A Typical Cable Size Typical Fuse Size

12 VDC 0.8 1.0 mm 1A

24 VDC 0.4 1.0 mm 1A

100 VDC 0.16 1.0 mm 1A

115 VAC 0.14 1.0 mm 1A

230 VAC 0.07 1.0 mm 1A

240 VAC 0.067 1.0 mm 1A

2927 1622 01 11
CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32

8 Energy management and PC interfacing

8.1 Interfacing the controller with a PC

8.1.1 Introduction to the software

The dryer controller has the ability to interface with a PC.

This gives the user or the service engineer the opportunity
to interrogate the dryer to check the following:

operating stage times,

service warnings,

operating history,

alarm settings,

fault history,

fault and service history, Connecting the PC to the controller

real Time displays,

setting Energy Management Parameters contact Atlas
Copco for details.

8.1.2 PC requirements
Controller Application software: Windows 95, Windows 98,
Windows 2000, Windows ME & Windows XP.

8.1.3 Installing the application software

Simply load the CD into the PC and the software will 5

automatically load-up and complete installation.

The Atlas Copco CD icon will be visible on the desktop.

8.1.4 Connecting the PC to the controller

1 ....Condensate solenoid valve
Access to the controller is by removing the screw on the
front panel, and removing the panel. 2 ....Tower 1 solenoid pilot valve
3 ....Tower 2 solenoid pilot valve
Using the lead supplied with 8092 2608 20 connect the
serial port connector to the PC. 4 ....AC&DC Supply DIN connections

The RS232 connector is located on the underside of the 5 ....Energy management DIN connection
controller. 6 ....Controller clear LED cover

Remove the blanking plug taking care not to lose it and 7 ....RS232 Software connection
connect the RS232 connector with the latch to the front of 8 ....Alarm DIN connection
the dryer.
Controller shown in the inverted position for reasons of

12 2927 1622 01
Instruction manual

8.1.5 Starting the program

If not already connected, connect the RS232 serial link With the power to the dryer switched on the lead
cable between the controller and the host PC. connecting the controller to the PC, double click the Atlas
Copco CD icon on the screen.
Switch the power to the controller on. Launch the CD
application software by either double clicking the Atlas This will display the screen below, if the language is not as
Copco icon found on the PC desktop or by clicking: you require it then click the appropriate national flag and
the next time the application software starts the language
Start > Programs > Atlas Copco > CD > CD Application will be in the requested language.
Atlas Copco

The first time the software is used the following window 6 9 11

will appear.
1 12

Atlas Copco 2
7 10

5 13

Choose your preferred language by clicking the appropriate

1. Establish communication

Click the Establish Communication switch on the screen

this will look for the link between the PC and the dryer

The serial number (13) on the software must match the

serial number on the controller to allow communications to
be established.

If communication cannot be made, a warning will appear at

the bottom of the screen.

This may be due to the following:

poor connections to the controller,

controller switched off,

application software/controller serial number mismatch.

Once communication has been established, click the Read

CD button on the screen this will then display the default
setting from the works or the last setting the Service
Engineer made.

It is possible to change some of the controller settings from

the factory default settings on the screen. This should only
be done by a qualified Atlas Copco service engineer.

2927 1622 01 13
CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32

8.1.6 Programming CD 6. Stage times

Once it has been decided to change the default settings, Tower 1 & Tower 2 Indicates the time that a tower is
and communications have been established and the CD depressurised.
existing valves read the procedure for change is:
Re-pressurization Indicates the re-pressurization time
Click into the box you wish to change. set on the controller.

Over write with the items you require (note stage times Link Enables or disables the tower 1 & tower 2
are in 10 second intervals). settings to be linked.

Click Program CD (a warning will appear asking to 7. Drain valve

confirm the change).
Operate drain operation toggle Allows the drain to
Click to confirm and this will change operating operation to be toggled to function after both towers or
parameter. only one tower.
Click in real time to check set up. Operate operation time Sets the drain operation time.

2. Read CD 8. Alarm settings

Reads the current settings of the controller. Allows the service Engineer to Toggle and adjust the remote
alarm activation values from the default values.
3. Program CD

Programs the controller with the new settings. 9. Energy management

Allows the user to set application parameters to save

4. Real Time view energy during periods of low demand when kit 8092 2608
This screen can be opened by clicking the real time screen. 20 is purchased.
In addition to the main display panel shown previously there
is also a real time view, which illustrates the operation of 10. Service information
the dryer valves as it happens. It also counts down the Indicates the default settings at which the cartridge and
remaining time to run on the valve operation. This is useful valve service indicators will illuminate. The service history
in confirming faults, which are displayed with the LEDs on of the machine is logged, giving total hours run and hours
the front display panel. run since the last service. Service re-sets provides an
To view the status of the controller in real time, click the alternative method of resetting service hours than using the
real time view switch. A new window will appear re-set disc after a service has been carried out.
animating the CD controller status in real time.
11. Address
The following information is shown:
Indicates the network address networked dryers (protocol
The stage the controller is in through its cycle, including 8092 2608 46).
remaining time on the particular stage.
12. Faults
Valve conditions.
The first column indicates the number of faults up to 50
Power condition. every 30 minutes. The second column indicates the type of
Cartridge and valve service conditions. fault and the hour it occurred from new.

Energy management condition. 13. Serial number

Alarm condition. Indicates software & dryer serial number to ensure they
5. Load settings

Allow previously stored settings to be loaded into the


14 2927 1622 01
Instruction manual

8.1.7 Remote fault alarm 8.2.2 Energy management connection

A remote alarm relay is built into the controller to facilitate

an alarm connection remote from the dryer. This can
activate at the service due period or with a pre-defined
number of electrical faults or both.

This can be enabled or disabled using the software

interface. The alarm requires a power source to be brought
to the controller and on activation the controller will switch
on in an alarm condition. This in turn can be used to
activate a remote audible or visual indicator.

8.2 Energy management feature (EM)

8.2.1 Description
1......... Compressor
The purpose of the energy management feature is to save 2......... Hygrometer
energy by reducing compressed air consumption during
periods of low demand by interrupting the normal purge 3......... Pressure Switch
cycle. This can be activated with a link from the receiver 4......... External power source
upper and lower pressure switches normally fitted to
5......... Audible or visible alarm
1. Remove DIN plug from EM connection on controller.
In the case where the compressor is a continually running
type or the dryer is remote from the receiver then a dew 2. Remove blanking plug from cable entry nut on DIN
point dependent switch can be used to activate the energy plug.
management feature.
3. Remove fixing screw and gasket from DIN plug body.
As standard, the energy management feature is supplied
activated on all controllers. When connected to an external 4. Separate DIN plug body internal from cover.
switching system, the energy management process will
5. Remove jumper wire from pins 1 & 2 on DIN plug body
become operational. For systems where energy
internal (as shown on the above diagram).
management will not be required, a jumper link is fitted to
the supplied DIN plug. 6. Connect external switching device cable to pins 1 & 2
on DIN plug body internal, ensuring that cable entry
nut, washer and seal are in place.
Control Logic User interface
7. Assemble DIN plug body internal into cover and
Compressor Compressor loaded = air Connection of EM reconnect DIN plug to EM connection on controller,
unload switch demand = normal dryer contacts to the ensuring that screw and gasket are fitted.
cycle compressor

Compressor unloaded = Unload switch contacts

8. The EM function will operate as determined by the
no air demand = EM
function of the compressor, hygrometer or pressure
dryer cycle
switch, depending upon the chosen method. No
external power supply is required, only connection to
Dewpoint Specified dewpoint = Hygrometer or dewpoint
the voltfree switch included in one of the above.
Switching normal loading = normal switch connected to EM
dryer cycle contacts

Dry dewpoint = low

loading = EM dryer cycle

System Normal system pressure Pressure switch on

Pressure = normal demand = system and EM contacts
Switch normal dryer cycle connected
9. Opening the circuit with an appropriate external relay or
High system pressure =
switch will activate the EM feature.
low demand = EM dryer
The user must ensure that the EM DIN plug as
supplied with jumper wire, or an external
switching arrangement is in place before the dryer
becomes operational.

2927 1622 01 15
CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32

The flow diagram below illustrates the correct selection:

Ensure the energy management switching
arrangement is in place before activating the EM 2 3 4
facility and flowing air through the dryer.

5 6

8.2.3 CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32 energy management 15

application selection 1
For correct energy management operation it is important to
select the correct mode of operation for the application.

For applications where the compressor, receiver and the 9 10

dryer are in the same location linking the controller energy
management into the compressor pressure limit switch, an 7 8

effective method of energy saving is offered.

11 12 13

For applications where the compressor is a continual

operating type or the dryer is point of use or is remote from
the receiver, then a dew point dependant method of 16
switching should be employed.
This links the operation of the energy management to the
outlet dew point from the dryer.
1 ........ Energy management required
2 ........ Point of use dryer application (remote from
3 ........ Dewpoint dependant energy management
4 ........ Dewpoint monitoring
5 ........ Continuous running compressor
6 ........ Dewpoint dependant energy management
7 ........ Dryer directly connected to local compressor and
8 ........ Compressor load energy management switching
9 ........ Dry receiver application
10....... 15 second default EM delay
11....... Wet receiver application
12....... Input compressor/receiver operating parameters
13....... Calculated EM delay
14....... Compressor
15....... Dry air receiver
16....... Wet air receiver

16 2927 1622 01
Instruction manual

8.2.4 Connecting the PC to the controller 8.2.5 Energy management memory retention

See 8.1 for connection of the PC to the controller. The Energy savings are made in the dryer by interrupting the
energy management active box will be ticked and a default normal purge operation during periods of low demand.
delay of 15 seconds operational. If this figure is considered
suitable for the application, no further set up is necessary. To maintain the equilibrium of the dryer towers the dryer
If the application requires dedicated settings to be entered, has a memory retention feature. This allows the dryer to
follow the rest of the instructions in this section. remember the point in the operating cycle when the energy
management feature was activated and return to it to
The energy management feature can be deactivated by complete the cycle.
unticking the box if necessary. Alternatively, the DIN plug
with jumper link will override the energy management 8.2.6 From new or service delay
feature providing it is left in place.
To allow conditioning of the dryer desiccant beds to the
optimum condition, a 6-hour delay has been programmed
into the controller to delay Energy Management operation
CD from new or from a service.

Once this time has elapsed and the energy management

facility can then be operated.

Select dry or wet receiver from the illustration given in the

set-up screen by toggling in the appropriate box.

Note: for point of use dryers or constant running dryers

utilizing dewpoint monitoring the dry receiver system should
be activated regardless of installation.

By switching dryer receiver this will operate the energy

management facility after a 15 seconds delay.

For wet receiver applications switch the wet receiver box.

To calculate the necessary delay it is necessary for the
installer to input the high and low pressure set points for
the compressor switch, the internal volume of the receiver
and the flow rate of the dryer. The purpose of the delay is
to prevent dryer saturation when using a large receiver with
large range of set pressures.

Once the application conditions have been input click OK

this will return the screen to main application software click
Program CD will set and fix the previously defined

The RS232 connection can be removed by using a small

screw driver to depress the retaining tang on the connector
and withdrawn.

Replace the push-in cover and replace the front panel.

2927 1622 01 17
CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32

8.3 Alarm connection details

To enable the alarm facility it is recommended that a
suitable cable is brought into the controller via the rear
panel with a grommet. An external power source is

1. Connect the switching pole of an externally powered

alarm device to terminals 1 and 2 of alarm DIN

2. With the power removed from the dryer and the alarm
lead wired as described in 1 above, remove the cover
from the DIN connection marked Alarm and connect
the wired DIN connector ensuring the seal and screw
are fitted.

3. Types of alarm: Visual


4. Connection to the alarm supply is made with a din

connection on the controller body.

Alarm relay rating 3 Amp Max 28 VDC

Alarm connection type Atlas Copco part no.

1624 0149 00

18 2927 1622 01
Instruction manual

8.4 Schematic wiring diagrams

8.4.1 General wiring diagram

8.4.2 Remote alarm wiring diagram 9 Operation

CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32 operation is designed to give
smooth, uninterrupted delivery of compressed air to the
designated specification.

The dryer consists of two dessicant chambers. While one

chamber is drying the compressed air (adsorbing) the other
chamber is simultaneously undergoing regeneration
(purging). After 120 seconds of operation, repressuration
begins and after a further 50 seconds the chamber
previously on drying duty rapidly exhausts to atmosphere to
begin regenerating. The cycle of operation continues
switching alternately between drying and regeneration.

2927 1622 01 19
CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32

10 Start-up
10.1 Procedure
Important: please ensure that the purge plug fitted to the dryer is correct for duty. See table on page 31 for details and page
25 for instructions on removal and replacement.

1. Close valves A, B, C and D.

C 0 0

0 0
A 0 0

2. Switch on compressor.

3. Open valve A slowly.

4. Check there are no leaks from the dryer.

5. Switch on electric power. All four display panel LEDs will flash simultaneously green four times then simultaneously red
four times to acknowledge application of power and readiness to function. Observe display panel for one complete cycle.
Note: cycle described is factory setting.

a. Power LED D illuminates green and tower LED A illuminates green.

b. After 120 seconds, tower LED A switches off and drain LED C illuminates green.

c. After a further 50 seconds drain LED C switches off and tower LED B illuminates green.

d. After a 120 seconds, tower LED B switches off.

e. After a further 50 seconds, tower LED A illuminates green this is (a) in the cyle described above.

f. The above cycle (a-d) repeats.

g. Run the dryer for a minimum of 6 hours to ensure dewpoint is adequate.

h. Open valve B slowly.

20 2927 1622 01
Instruction manual

11 Service and fault diagnosis

11.1 Chart

1 .........OK
2 .........Warning
3 .........Action
4 .........Power off
5 .........Left hand tower
purge cycle
6 .........Repressurisation
7 .........Right hand tower
purge cycle
8 .........Repressurisation
including second
9 .........Service warning
every 11,500 hours
10 .......Service due every
12,000 hours
11 .......Repressurisation
including second
12 .......Right/Left hand
solenoid fault
13 .......Drain valve fault
14 .......Controller fault
15 .......Low power fault

2927 1622 01 21
CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32

11.2 Service shutdown

Kit B: 24,000 hour service kit contains
0 0

CD2: 2901 1321 00 CD12: 2901 1476 00

CD3: 2901 1322 00 CD17: 2901 1477 00
CD5: 2901 1329 00 CD24: 2901 1478 00
CD7: 2901 1475 00 CD32: 2901 1479 00
Desiccant cartridges
0 0 0 0

Pre-filter element
Hex wrench
O-rings and seals
Re-set disc
Exhaust valve diaphragms
Exhaust valve solenoids
Shuttle valves
1. Close valve B
O-rings and seals
2. Close valve A
Instruction leaflet
3. Leave dryer running for 15 minutes to fully de-
pressurise 4. The service intervals and the kits required are detailed
4. Switch off all electrical power to the dryer below.

2 years or 12,000 hours Kit A

Under no circumstances must compressed air be
allowed to flow through the dryer following 4 years or 24,000 hours Kit B
switch off of electrical power. This will result in
6 years or 36,000 hours Kit A
terminal failure of the desiccant cartridges and
regeneration will not be possible. 8 years or 48,000 hours Kit B

10 years or 60,000 hours Overhaul.

Contact Atlas Copco.
11.3 Servicing and maintenance
1. Service intervals are every 12,000 operational hours.
See chart below.

2. The shutdown procedure (above) must be carried out

before a service is carried out.

3. The following kits are available.

Kit A: 12,000 hour service kit

CD2: 2901 1318 00 CD12: 2901 1471 00

CD3: 2901 1319 00 CD17: 2901 1472 00
CD5: 2901 1320 00 CD24: 2901 1473 00
CD7: 2901 1470 00 CD32: 2901 1474 00
Desiccant cartridges
Pre-filter element
Hex wrench
O-rings and seals
Re-set disc
Instruction leaflet

22 2927 1622 01
Instruction manual

11.4 Changing the desiccant cartridges

1. Follow the instructions as indicated below. Changing desiccant cartridges utilises the same method for both simplex and
duplex units.

2. Ensure desiccant label is completed. 3. Repeat the procedure as shown in diagram on both
towers. Important: do not fully tighten retaining bolts
until all towers have been serviced. When complete
tighten up all bolts to torque 5 Nm.

4. Dispose of desiccant cartridges in accordance with

local waste regulations.

5. Follow the start-up procedure as detailed in 10.

2927 1622 01 23
CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32

11.5 Removing and replacing the front panel

1. Dryer with front facial panel fitted. 4. Dryer with front facial panel removed.

2. Remove single retaining screw. 5. Re-fit front facial panel by insertion of tongue into
groove and pushing upwards and inwards.

3. Remove front facial panel by tilting outwards and

downwards. 6. Replace single retaining screw.

24 2927 1622 01
Instruction manual

11.6 Purge plug removal and replacement

Note: Duplex units utilise 2 purge plugs. The plugs must be changed together. Removal of the front and rear panels is necessary for this

1. Remove front panel of dryer as described in 11.5 and 4. Orifice in purge plug can be identified by reference
locate purge plug in upper valve block. number on the front face.

2. Remove purge plug fixing screw from upper valve 5. Re-fit purge plug after ensuring suitability and correct
block. size for operating conditions. O rings must be in good
condition and slightly lubricated with the silicone free
agent before fitting.

3. Remove purge plug from port in upper valve block

6. Replace and tighten purge plug fixing screw in upper
valve block.

2927 1622 01 25
CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32

11.7 Cleaning the silencer

1. Silencer removal is best carried out during diaphragm 4. Clean threads on silencer.
replacement. See 11.8.

5. Silencer can be thoroughly cleaned in warm soapy

2. Disconnect silencer from valve block. water. Do not use sharp instruments or tools.

3. Remove silencer from dryer. 6. Ensure silencer is thoroughly clean and dry then replace
by following the above procedure in reverse.

26 2927 1622 01
Instruction manual

11.8 Diaphragm replacement

1. Remove front panel as described in 11.5 and locate 5. Disconnect tubing from fitting on bonnet.
position of upper and lower bonnets.

6. Locate diaphragm assembly to be changed.

2. Lower bonnets.

7. Remove diaphragm assembly.

3. Remove bonnets by means of four fixing screws.

8. Diaphragm and bonnet components.

4. Separate bonnet from valve block.

9. Replace diaphragm and bonnet by following above

procedure in reverse. Repeat above procedure for all
diaphragms on dryer.

10. Replace front panel as described in 11.5.

2927 1622 01 27
CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32

11.9 Resetting the controller

1. After following the start up procedure it is necessary to 12 Troubleshooting
reset the controller. This is done by using the re-set
12.1 General troubleshooting
disc (supplied with 12,000 hour service kit) then.

2. Hold the disc against the blue pad on the front display Before specific identification of any
of the dryer panel for 5 seconds. fault is looked for, the following general
points must be verified.
3. During the five second period the power indicator D
will flash green. When the reset has been successful
Has the unit been damaged externally or are any parts
indicator B will flash red once to confirm that it has
been completed successfully.
Is power being supplied to the unit?

Was startup carried out in accordance with the

instructions in this manual?

Are all external valves correctly set for operation?

Do the operational conditions meet those specified at

time of ordering and used for product selection?

Is the fuse OK?

The table below gives possible causes and corrective

actions to faults that may occur on the dryer:

Problem Possible cause Action

Poor Liquid water at dryer Check pre-filtration
dewpoint inlet and drains.
Fit extra water
separator if required.
Excessive flow Check actual flow
against maximum
Low inlet pressure Check against
High inlet Check against
temperature specification
Silencer blocked or Replace silencer
Air leaks Tighten joints or fit
new seals
Dirty purge plug Clean purge plug
Wrong size purge
Incorrect Solenoid or valve See electrical
dryer failure operation trouble
operation shooting section

28 2927 1622 01
Instruction manual

12.2 Electrical troubleshooting (see display panel diagram in 10, page 20)

Problem Possible cause Display Location Action

No dryer function No power supply None Check supply

Check power is fitted to
correct connector
Check fuse
Incorrect dryer operation Left solenoid fault Flashing red A LED Replace solenoid valve

Right solenoid fault Flashing red B LED Replace solenoid valve

Controller fault Flashing red D LED Replace controller

Lower power fault Continuous red D LED Check supply

Drain not operating Energy management active None Check installation

Drain solenoid fault Flashing red C LED Replace solenoid valve

Controller fault Flashing red D LED Replace controller

2927 1622 01 29
CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32

13 Dryer sizing table

13.1 Specifications

Dryer model Pipe size Inlet flow rate Dryer Dimension (mm) Weight

L/s CFM A B C kg

CD2 3/8" 2 4 Simplex 445 281 92 13

CD3 3/8" 3 6 Simplex 504 281 92 14

CD5 3/8" 5 11 Simplex 635 281 92 17

CD7 3/8" 7 14 Simplex 815 281 92 20

CD12 3/8" 12 25 Simplex 1205 281 92 26

CD17 1/2" 17 36 Simplex 1598 281 92 34

CD24 1/2" 24 51 Duplex 1205 281 184 51

CD32 1/2" 32 68 Duplex 1598 281 184 67

Note: The temperature and pressure correction factors (below) should be applied to the above flow rates to suit the
application and ensure dryer performance. All flow rates are based on 7.0 barg (100 psig) and 35C (95F) at the dryer inlet
and an outlet pressure dewpoint of -40C (-40F).

Specification Value
Standard pressure dewpoint -40C (-40F)
-70C (-100F) with application of
flow correction factor
Min working pressure 4 barg (58 psig)
Max working pressure 16 barg (232 psig)
Electric controls 12VDC to 24VDC, 100VAC to
Min inlet temperature 1.5C (35F)
Max inlet temperature 50C (122F)
Min ambient temperature 5C (41F)

13.2 Correction factors

Note: Always use the pressure correction factor (PCF) closest to the actual inlet pressure condition.

Operating pressure barg (psig) 4 (58) 5 (72) 6 (87) 7 (100) 8 (116) 9 (130) 10 (145) 11 (160) 12 (174) 13 (189) 14 (203) 15 (218) 16 (232)

Pressure correction factor (PCF) 0.62 0.75 0.87 1.00 1.12 1.25 1.37 1.5 1.62 1.75 1.87 2.0 2.12

Temperature C (F) 20 (68) 25 (77) 30 (86) 35 (95) 40 (104) 45 (113) 50 (122)

Temperature Correction Factor (TCF) 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 0.84 0.67 0.55

Dewpoint C (F) -40 (-40) -70 (-100)

Dewpoint correction factor (DCF) 1.0 0.7

30 2927 1622 01
Instruction manual

13.3 Purge plug identification

The purge plug fitted to the dryer is specifid to the operating conditions specified at the time of ordering. Any change to
these conditions may require a different purge plug to be fitted. Please refer to table for details. For operating pressures
other than those shown, please refer to Atlas Copco.

The table below shows the purge plug fitted to all CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32 models across the range of operating pressures.

Type Operating pressure Atlas Copco purge plug kit no.

Fitted Purge Plug Packs

7 bar 8 bar 9.5 bar 12.5 bar

CD2 07 065 065 06 1624 0128 00
CD3 08 075 075 06 1624 0129 00
CD5 11 10 09 085 1624 0130 00
CD7 13 12 12 10 1624 0236 00
CD12 17 15 14 13 1624 0237 00
CD17 20 18 17 15 1624 0238 00
CD24 2 x 17 2 x 15 2 x 14 2 x 13 1624 0239 00
CD32 2 x 20 2 x 18 2 x 17 2 x 15 1624 0240 00

14 Warranties and liability

Claims for warranty and liability concerning personal injury or material damage are excluded if they resulted due to one or
more of the following factors:
Inappropriate use or application of the dryer.
Technically incorrect installation, startup operation or maintenance of the dryer.
Operation of a known damaged dryer.
Failure to observe the information given in this manual concerning all life phases of the dryer.
Undertaking constructional or operational modifications to the dryer without prior agreement with Atlas Copco.
Inadequate monitoring and replacement of components of the dryer that are subject to wear or consumable.
Improper completion of repairs.
Use of non-original or non-approved parts for service or maintenance.

15 Environmental Conditions

CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32 dryers are designed to be safe under the following conditions:

Indoor use.
Altitude up to 2000m.
Ambient temperature 5C to 40C.
Maximum RH 80% for temperatures up to 31C, decreasing linearly to 50% RH at 40C.
Mains supply voltage fluctuations not to exceed 10% of nominal.
Transient over voltage IEC 664 Class II.
Pollution degree 2, IEC 664.

For operation extended from the above conditions, please contact Atlas Copco.

2927 1622 01 31
CD 2-3-5-7-12-17-24-32

32 2927 1622 01
Replaces Reg. code Registration code
APC CD Dryers/2003 Collection: APC CD dryers
2933 7815 00 2933 7815 01

Dryers: CD 2-32 5009 0204 00

Ed. 02
AHB: Certificate Of Conformity (5009 0204 00 ed. 02)

Atlas Copco Airpower n.v.

Wilrijk - Belgium



2 We, Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., declare under our sole responsibility, that the product


4 Machine type :

5 Serial number :

6 which falls under the provisions of article 8.2a of the EC-Directive 98/37/CE, is in
conformity with the relevant Essential Health and Safety Requirements of the above
Council Directive on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to
Machinery. The machinery complies also with the requirements of the directives (if
applicable): 87/404/EC (simple pressure vessels), 89/336/EC (electromagnetic
compatibility), 97/23/EC (pressure equipment), 73/23/EC (low voltage) and 2000/14/EC
(Noise emission outdoors) and their amendments.


8 Conformity of the specification 9 Conformity of the machine

to the directives to the specification and by
implication to the directives

10 Issuers 11 Product Engineering 12 Manufacturing

13 Name Y. Goister T. Monart

14 Signature

15 Date and signature final check:

Name :

Page 1/6

5009 0204 00 Ed. 02 Page 1/6 2933 7815 01

Atlas Copco Airpower n.v.
Wilrijk - Belgium

NL 1.EG VERKLARING VAN OVEREENSTEMMING 2.Wij, Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., verklaren onder onze exclusieve verantwoordelijkheid dat het product
3.Naam van machine: Compressed Air dryer 4.Type van machine 5.Serienummer 6.dat onder de voorzieningen valt van artikel 8.2.a van Richtlijn 98/37/EC van de EG,
in overeenstemming is met de betreffende Vereisten inzake Gezondheid en Veiligheid van bovengenoemde Richtlijn van de Raad en zijn herzieningen aangaande de
onderlinge overeenstemming van de wetgeving van de Lidstaten betreffende Machines. De machine voldoet ook aan de vereisten van de richtlijnen (indien van
toepassing): 87/404/EC (eenvoudige drukvaten), 89/336/EC (electromagnetische verenigbaarheid), 97/23/EC (druktoestellen), 73/23/EC (laagspanning) en 2000/14/EC
(geluidsemissie buiten) en hun herzieningen. 7.Divisie 8.Overeenstemming van de specificatie met de richtlijnen 9.Overeenstemming van de machine met de specificatie
en, bij implicatie, met de richtlijnen 10.Uitgevers 11.Productontwerp 12. Productie 13.Naam 14.Handtekening 15.Datum

DE 1.EU-KONFORMITTSERKLRUNG 2.Wir, Atlas Copco Airpower A.G., erklren hiermit in alleiniger Verantwortung, dass das Produkt
3.Maschinenbezeichnung: Compressed Air Dryer 4.Maschinentyp 5.Seriennummer 6.das unter die Bestimmungen des Artikels 8.2.a der EU-Richtlinie 98/37/CE fllt, in
bereinstimmung ist mit den Gesundheits- und Sicherheitsanforderungen der obengenannten Richtlinie des Rates zur Angleichung der Rechtsvorschriften der
Mitgliedsstaaten fr Maschinen entspricht ebenfells den Anforderungen der Richtlinien (sofern zutreffend): 87/404/EC (einfache Druckbehlter), 89/336/CE
(elektromagnetische Vertrglichkeit), 97/23/CE (Druckluftgerte), 73/23/CE (Niederspannung) und 2000/14/CE, und deren Abnderungsvorschlge. 7.Abteilung
8.Konformitt der Spezifikation mit den Richtlinien 9.Konformitt der Maschine mit der Spezifikation und als Folgerung mit den Richtlinine10.Herausgeber
11.Fertigungstechnik 12.Produktion 13.Name 14.Unterschrift 15.Datum

FR 1.DCLARATION DE CONFORMIT CE 2.Nous, Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., dclarons sous notre responsabilit exclusive que ce produit 3.Dsignation:
Compressed Air Dryer 4.Type 5.Numro de srie 6.qui rentre dans les clauses de l'article 8.2.a des Directives CE 98/37/CE, est en conformit avec les directives capitales
sur les exigences de sant et scurit de la directive du conseil prcite et ses amendements concernant le rapprochement des lgislations des tats membres relatives aux
machines. Lorsque concerne, cette machine rpond galement aux exigences des Directives: 87/404 (rservoirs sous pression simples), 89/336/CE (Compatibilit
lectromagntique), 97/23/CE (quipment de pression), 73/23/CE (Basse tension) et 2000/14/CE (mission de bruit extrieure), ainsi qu leurs amendements.7.Division
8.Conformit de la spcification aux Directives 9.Conformit de la machine la spcification et, par induction, aux Directives 10.Emetteurs 11.Ingnierie du produit
12.Fabrication 13.Nom 14.Signature 15.Date

IT 1.DICHIARAZIONE DI CONFORMITA' CE 2.Noi, Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., dichiariamo sotto la nostra esclusiva responsabilit che il prodotto
3.Denominazione della macchina: Compressed Air Dryer 4.Tipo della macchina 5.Numero di serie 6.che soggetto alle disposizioni dell'articolo 8.2.a della Direttiva
98/37/CE, conforme ai relativi Requisiti Essenziali ai fini della Sicurezza e della tutela salute della suddetta Direttiva del Consiglio sul riavvicinamento delle
legislazioni degli stati membri relativa alle macchine. Inoltre la macchina conforme ai requisiti delle direttive (se applicabili): 87/404/CE (serbatoi semplici
pressurizzati), 89/336/CE (compatibilit elettromagnetica), 97/23/CE (equipaggiamento pressurizzato), 73/23/CE (bassa tensione) e 2000/14/CE, e loro emendamenti.
7.Divisione 8.Conformit della specifica alle direttive 9.Conformit della macchina alla specifica ed implicitamente alle direttive 10.Compilato da 11.Progettazione del
prodotto 12.Fabbricazone 13.Nome ecognome 14.Firma 15.Data

PT 1.DECLARAO DE CONFORMIDADE DA CE 2.Ns, Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., declaramos, sob nossa responsabilidade exclusiva, que o produto 3.Nome da
mquina: Compressed Air Dryer 4.Tipo da mquina 5.Nmero de srie 6.abrangido pelas disposies do artigo 8.2.a da Directiva 98/37/CE, se encontra em
conformidade com os Requisitos Bsicos de Saude e Segurana da referida Directiva do Conselho respeitante uniformizao da legislao dos Estados Membros sobre
Maquinaria. A mquina obedece tambm aos requesitos das directivas (se aplicveis): 87/404/CE (recipientes simples sob presso), 97/23/CE (equipamento de presso),
73/23/CE (baixa tenso) e 2000/14/CE, e seus aditamentos. 7.Diviso 8.Conformidade da especificao com a directiva 9.Conformidade da mquina com a especificao
10.Entidade emissora 11.Engenharia de Produtos 12.Produo 13.Nome 14.Assinatura 15.Data

EL 1. TH 2. Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., 3.

: 4. : 5. 6. 8.2
.. 98/37/CE
- .
( ): 87/404 ( ), 89/336 ( ), 97/23
( ), 73/23 ( ) 2000/14, . 7.
8. 9.
11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

DA 1.EC-OVERENSSTEMMELSESERKLRING 2.Vi, Atlas Copco Airpower, erklrer under eget ansvar,at produktet 3.Maskine, navn: Kompressed Air Dryer
4.Maskine, type 5.Serienummer 6.som relaterer til bestemmelserne i artikel 8.2.a i EC-Direktivet 98/37/EC, er i overensstemmelse med relevante Vsentlige Sikkerheds-
og Sundhedskrav i ovennvnte Direktiv fra Rdet vedr. tilnrmelse mellem medlemslandenes love for maskiner. Maskinen opfylder ligeledes kravene i Direktiverne
(hvis anvendt): 87/404 (enkeltpladede trykbeholdere), 89/336 (elektromagnetisk kompatibilitet), 97/23 (trykrende udstyr), 73/23 (lavspnding) og 2000/14, og disses
dringer. 7.Division 8.Specifikationens overensstemmelse med direktivet 9.Maskinens overensstemmelse med specifikationen og flgende direktiverne 10.Udstedere
11.Produktkonstruktion 12.Fabrikation 13.Navn 14.Underskrift 15.Dato

ES 1.DECLARACIN DE CONFORMIDAD CE 2.Nosotros, Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., declaramos bajo nuestra sola responsabilidad que el producto 3.Designacin
de la mquina: Compressed Air Dryer 4.Tipo de mquina 5.Nmero de serie 6.como se prev en las disposiciones del artculo 8.2.a de la Directiva de la CE 98/37/CE, es
conforme a los Requisitos Esenciales de Salud y Seguridad de dicha Directiva del Consejo sobre la concordancia de las leyes de los Estados Miembros con relacin a la
Maquinaria. La mquina cumple tambin con los requistos de las siguientes directivas (si son aplicables): 87/404/CE (depsitos a presin simple), 89/336/CE
(compatibilidad electromagntica), 97/23/CE (equipo de presin), 73/23/CE (baja tensin) y 2000/14/CE, y sus enmiendas. 7.Divisin 8.Conformidad de la
especificacin a las directivas 9.Conformidad de la mquina a la especificacin y, por implicacin, a las directivas 10.Emisores 11.Ingeniera de Producto 12.Manufactura
13.Nombre 14.Firma 15.Fecha

SV 1.EG-DEKLARATION OM VERENSSTMMELSE 2.Vi, Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., frklarar p vrt fulla ansvar att maskinen 3.Maskinens namn:
Kompressed Air Dryer 4.Maskintyp 5.Serienummer 6.som r freml fr bestmmelserna i artikel 8.2.a av EG-direktiv 98/37/CE, verensstmmer med "Vsentliga
Hlsovrds- och Skerhetskraven" i Ministerrdets ovannmnda direktiv om harmonisering av Medlemsstaternas lagar rrande maskiner. Maskinen verensstmmer
ocks med direktivens krav (om s r tillmpligt): 87/404/CE (enkla tryckkrl), 89/336/CE (elektromagnetisk verensstmmelse), 97/23/CE (tryckutrustning), 73/23/CE
(lgspnning) och 2000/14/CE, och deras tillgg. 7.Avdelning 8.verensstmmelse av specifikationen med direktiven 9.verensstmmelse av maskinen med
specifikationen och indirekt med direktiven 10.Utfrdare 11.Produktteknik 12.Tillverkning 13.Namn 14.Namnteckning 15.Datum

Page 2/6
Atlas Copco Airpower n.v.
Wilrijk - Belgium
NO 1.EF SAMSVARSERKLRING 2.Vi, Atlas Copco Airpower, erklrer p eget ansvar at produktet 3.Maskinens navn: Compressed Air Dryer 4.Maskintype
5.Serienummer 6.som hrer inn under bestelmmelsene i artikkel 8.2.a i EF-direktiv 98/37/EF, er i samsvar med gjeldende grunnleggende helse- og sikkerhetskrav i
ovennevnte rdsdirektiv om tilnrming av medlemsstatenes lover vedrrende maskiner. Maskinen oppfyller ogs kravene i direktivene (hvis de kommer til anvendelse):
87/404 (enkle trykkbeholdere), 89/336 (elektromagnetisk kompatibilitet), 97/23 (trykkbrende utstyr), 73/23 (lavspenning) og 2000/14, og samt tillegg og endringer i
disse. 7.Divisjon 8.Spesifikasjonens samsvar med direktivene 9.Maskinens samsvar med spesifikasjonen og flgelig direktivene 10.Utstedere 11.Produktutvikling
12.Fabrikasjon 13.Navn 14.Signatur 15.Dato

FI 1. EY-VAATIMUSTENMUKAISUUSVAKUUTUS 2. Me, Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., vakuutamme, ett tuote 3. Koneen nimi: Compressed Air Dryer 4. Koneen
tyypi: 5. Sarjanumero : 6. joka kuuluu EY Direktiivin 98/37/CE artiklan 8.2.a alaisuuteen, tytt mainitun direktiivin asianmukaiset terveys-ja
tyturvallisuusmrykset, sek kyseisi koneita koskevat vastaavat kansalliset sdkset Laitteisto tytt mys seuraavien direktiivien vaatimukset (soveltuvilta osin):
87/404 (yksinkertaiset paineastiat), 89/336 (shkmagneettiset hirit), 97/23 (painelaitteet), 73/23 (matalajnnitteet) ja 2000/14, sekj niiden tydennyket. 7. Yksikk 8.
Direktiivin mrystenmukaisuus
9. Koneen spesifikaation- ja direktiivien mrysten mukaisuus 10. Vakuutuksen antajat 11. Tuotteen suunnittelu 12. Valmistus 13. Nimi 14. Allekirjoitus 15.

CS 1. PROHLEN O SHOD ES 2. My, Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., prohlaujeme na svou vhradn odpovdnost, e vrobek 3. Nzev stroje:
Compressed Air Dryer 4. Typ stroje 5. Vrobn slo 6. kter spad do rmce ustanoven lnku 8.2.a smrnice EC 98/37/ES, je ve shod s
odpovdajcmi zkladnmi poadavky na zdrav a bezpenost uvedenmi ve ve zmnn smrnici Evropsk rady, jak je definovno aproximanmi
zkony lenskch stt, kter se tkaj strojnho zazen. Strojn zazen rovn spluje poadavky nsledujcch smrnic (pokud lze aplikovat):
87/404/ES (jednoduch tlakov ndoby), 89/336/ES (elektromagnetick kompatibilita), 97/23/ES (tlakov zazen), 73/23/ES (zazen pro nzk
napt) a 2000/14/ES (venkovn hlukov emise) a pslunch dodatk. 7. Divize 8. Shoda technick specifikace se smrnicemi 9. Shoda vrobku s
technickmi specifikacemi a nsledn se smrnicemi 10. Vystavitel 11. Vrobn konstrukce 12. Vroba 13. Nzev 14. Podpis
15. Datum

ET 1. EL VASTAVUSAVALDUS 2. Meie, Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., teatame oma tielikul vastutusel, et toode 3. Masina nimi: Compressed Air Dryer
4.Masina tp
5. Seerianumber 6. mis langeb EL direktiivi 98/37/EC artikli 8.2.a mruste alla, vastab asjakohastele lalmainitud Nukogu liikmesriikide masinate
kohta kehtivate seaduste htlustamise direktiivi Olulistele tervise- ja ohutusnuetele. Masin vastab ka direktiivide (kui kohaldatavad) 87/404/EC
(lihtsad tornid), 89/336/EC (elektromagnetiline hilduvus), 97/23/EC (rhuvarustus), 73/23/EC (madalpinge), 2000/14/EC (mratase vljas) ning
nende lisade nudmistele. 7. Osakond
8. Spetsifikatsiooni vastavus direktiividele 9. Masina vastavus spetsifikatsioonidele ning kaudselt direktiividele 10. Vljaandjad 11. Toote tehnika 12.
Tootmine 13. Nimi 14. Allkiri 15. Kuupev

HU 1. EK MEGFELELSGI NYILATKOZAT 2. Az alulrott Atlas Copco Airpower n.v. vllalat kizrlagos felelssge tudatban kijelenti, hogy az
albbi termk
3. Kszlk neve: Compressed Air Dryer 4. Kszlk tpusa 5. Sorozatszm 6. amely a 98/73/EK irnyelv 8. cikknek (2) bekezds a) pontja hatlya al
tartozik, megfelel a fenti, a gpekrl szl tagllami jogszablyok kzeltsrl szl tancsi irnyelv vonatkoz alapvet egszsggyi s biztonsgi
kvetelmnyeinek. A kszlk ezen kvl megfelel az albbi irnyelvek (ha alkalmazhat) s azok mdostsai kvetelmnyeinek is: 87/404/EK
(egyszer nyomstart ednyek), 89/336/EK (elektromgneses kompatibilits), 97/23/EK (nyomstart berendezsek), 73/23/EK (gyengeram) s
2000/14/EK (kltri zajkibocsts). 7. Rszleg 8. Megfelelsg az irnyelvek specifikciinak 9. A kszlk megfelelsge a specifikcinak s
kvetkezskppen az irnyelveknek is. 10. Kiadta 11. Termktervezs 12. Gyrts 13. Nv 14. Alrs 15. Dtum

LV 1. EC ATBILSTBAS DEKLARCIJA 2. Ms, Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., paziojam ar pilnu atbildbu, ka raojums 3. Iekrtas nosaukums:
Compressed Air Dryer 4. Iekrtas tips 5. Srijas numurs 6. kas ievro ES 98/37/EC direktvas 8.2. panta noteikumus un atbilst iepriek mints
Padomes direktvas galvenajm prasbm attiecb uz veselbu un drobu dalbvalstu likumu saskaoan tehnikas jom. Iekrta atbilst ar du
direktvu (ja ir piemrojamas) prasbm un to grozjumiem: 87/404/EC (vienkrie spiedtrauki), 89/336/EC (elektromagntisk atbilstba), 97/23/EC
(spiediena aprkojums), 73/23/EC (zemspriegums) and 2000/14/EC (troka izvade rpus telpm). 7. Sadaljums 8. Specifikcijas atbilstba
direktvm 9. Iekrtas atbilstba specifikcijai un direktvu netieajm nordm 10. Izdevji
11. Izstrdjuma tehnoloija 12. Raoana 13. Vrds 14. Paraksts 15. Datums

LT 1. EB ATITIKTIES DEKLARACIJA 2. Mes, Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., prisiimdami vis atsakomyb, pareikiame, jog gaminys 3. Mainos
pavadinimas: Compressed Air Dryer 4. Mainos tipas 5. Serijinis numeris 6. kuriam taikomos EB direktyvos 98/37/EC 8.2a straipsnio nuostatos, atitinka
susijusius mintos Tarybos direktyvos svarbiausius poveikio sveikatai ir saugos reikalavimus, suderintus su ali nari statymais, susijusiais su
mainomis ir mechanizmais. rengimai taip pat atitinka reikalavimus direktyv (jei jos taikytinos): 87/404/EC (paprasti slginiai indai), 89/336/EC
(elektromagnetinis suderinamumas), 97/23/EC (slgin ranga), 73/23/EC (emos tampos) ir 2000/14/EC (lauke skleidiamas triukmas) bei j
pakeitimus. 7. Skyrius 8. Specifikacijos atitikimas direktyvoms 9. Mainos atitikimas specifikacijai, taigi, ir direktyvoms 10. Leidjai 11. Gamini
konstravimas 12. Gamyba 13. Pavard 14. Paraas 15. Data

MT 1. DIKJARAZZJONI TA KONFORMIT KE 2. Ana, Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., niddikjaraw bresponsabbilt unika tagna, li l-prodott 3. Isem tal-
magna: Compressed Air Dryer 4. Tip tal-magna 5. Numru tas-serje 6. li jaqa tat id-dispoizzjonijiet ta Artikolu 8.2.a tad-Direttiva tal-KE 98/37/KE, hu
konformi mal-tiijiet dwar is-Saa u s-Sigurt relevanti tad-Direttiva tal-Kunsill hawn fuq imsemmija dwar l-approssimazzjoni tal-liijiet marbuta
mal-Makkinarju. Il-makkinarju hu konformi wkoll mal-tiijiet (jekk applikabbli): 87/404/KE (strumenti semplii ta pressjoni), 89/336/KE
(kompatibilit elettromanjetika), 97/23/KE (tagmir ta pressjoni), 73/23/KE (vulta baxx) u 2000/14/KE (emissjoni ta sejja fuq barra) u l-emendi
taghom. 7. Divijoni 8. Konformit ta l-ispeifikazzjoni mad-direttivi
9. Konformit tal-prodott ma l-ispeifikazzjoni u bimplikazzjoni, mad-direttivi 10. Maru minn 11. Ininerija tal-Prodott 12. Manifattura 13. Isem 14.
Firma 15. Data

PL 1. DEKLARACJA ZGODNOCI WE 2. My, Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., owiadczamy z pen odpowiedzialnoci, e produkt 3. Nazwa maszyny:
Compressed Air Dryer 4. Typ maszyny 5. Numer seryjny 6. objty przepisami artykuu 8.2.a dyrektywy 98/37/WE, jest zgodny z zasadniczymi
wymaganiami ochrony zdrowia i bezpieczestwa powyszej Dyrektywy Rady w sprawie zblienia ustawodawstw Pastw Czonkowskich odnoszcych
si do maszyn. Maszyna spenia wymagania nastpujcych dyrektyw (w stosownych przypadkach): 87/404/WE (proste zbiorniki cinieniowe),
89/336/WE (kompatybilno elektromagnetyczna), 97/23/WE (urzdzenia cinieniowe), 73/23/WE (wyposaenie elektryczne niskiego napicia) oraz
2000/14/WE (emisja haasu przez urzdzenia uywane na zewntrz) wraz z pniejszymi zmianami. 7. Dzia 8. Zgodno specyfikacji z dyrektywami
9. Zgodno produktu ze specyfikacj, a tym samym z dyrektywami 10. Wystawcy 11. Inynier produktu 12. Producent 13. Nazwisko 14. Podpis 15.

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Atlas Copco Airpower n.v.
Wilrijk - Belgium
SK 1. Vyhlsenie o zhode ES 2. My, spolonos Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., vyhlasujeme na nau vhradn zodpovednos, e tento produkt 3.
Nzov stroja: Compressed Air Dryer 4. Typ stroja 5. Vrobn slo 6. ktor spad pod ustanovenia lnku 8.2.a Smernice Eurpskych spoloenstiev
98/37/ES je v slade s prslunmi zkladnmi bezpenostnmi a zdravotnmi poiadavkami horeuvedenej Smernice Rady o aproximcii prva
lenskch ttov v svislosti so strojnmi zariadeniami. Toto strojn zariadenie takisto vyhovuje poiadavkm nasledovnch smernc (ak s
pouiten): 87/404/ES (jednoduch tlakov ndoby), 89/336/ES (elektromagnetick kompatibilita), 97/23/ES (tlakov zariadenia), 73/23/ES (nzke
naptie) a 2000/14/ES (vonkajie zvukov vyarovanie) a ich dodatkov. 7. Oddelenie 8. Zhoda pecifikcie s uvedenmi smernicami 9. Zhoda stroja
so pecifikciou a tm aj s uvedenmi smernicami 10. Vydavatelia 11. Nvrh produktu 12. Vroba 13. Nzov 14. Podpis
15. Dtum

SL 1. IZJAVA ES O SKLADNOSTI 2. Mi, Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., s polno odgovornostjo izjavljamo, da je izdelek, 3. Ime stroja: Compressed Air
Dryer 4. Tip stroja 5. Serijska tevilka 6. ki spada pod dolobe lena 8.2.a Direktive ES 98/37/ES, v skladu z ustreznimi bistvenimi zdravstvenimi in
varnostnimi zahtevami zgoraj omenjene Direktive Sveta o priblievanju zakonodaj drav lanic v zvezi s stroji. Stroj je skladen z zahtevami direktiv
(e se uporabljajo): 87/404/ES (enostavne tlane posode), 89/336/ES (elektromagnetna zdruljivost), 97/23/ES (tlana oprema), 73/23/ES (nizka
napetost) in 2000/14/ES (emisija hrupa na prostem) in njihovimi dopolnili. 7. Obmoje 8. Skladnost specifikacije z direktivami 9. Skladnost stroja s
specifikacijo in z direktivami 10. Izdajatelji 11. Ineniring izdelka 12. Predelava 13. Ime 14. Podpis 15. Datum

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Atlas Copco Airpower n.v.
Wilrijk - Belgium
1 COMPONENTS SUBJECT TO 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment Directive (as applicable):
2 Vessel
3 Piping
4 Safety Accessories
5 Pressure Accessories
7 MODULE :A,A1,B,B1,C1,D,D1,E,E1,F,G,H,H1
8 This assembly has undergone the following conformity assessment procedures
(Annex III) according to Directive 97/23/EC (if applicable) :
EC Type-examination ( Module B) Certificate No. :
Production Quality Assurance ( Module D) Certificate No. : ANT 9901641/1
Full Quality Assurance (Module H) Certificate No. :ANT 9901641/1
9 The Pressure Equipment Directive Notified Body : The Certification Body CE0038
10 Name: Lloyds Register of Shipping
11 Address: 71 Fenchurch Street
London UK

NL 1. ONDERDELEN ONDERWORPEN AAN Richtlijn 97/23/EG aangaande druktoestellen (indien van toepassing): 2. Ketel
3. Buizennet 4. Veiligheidsuitrusting 5. Uitrusting onder druk 6. GEVOLGDE PROCEDURES m.b.t. EVALUATIE VAN
OVEREENSTEMMING (indien van toepassing): 7. MODULE : 8. Assembly modules: 9. IN KENNIS GESTELDE ENTITEIT:
10. Naam: 11. Adres:

DE 1. KOMPONENTEN DIE FALLEN UNTER RICHTLINIE 97/23/EU fr Druckluftgerte (sofern zutreffend): 2. Behlter
3. Rohrleitungen 4. Sicherheitszubehr 5. Druckzubehr 6. GEFOLGTE KONFORMITTSVERFAHREN (sofern zuttreffend):
7. MODULE: 8. Assembly modules : 9. NOTIFIZIERTE GESELLSCHAFT: 10. Name: 11. Adresse:


2. Rservoir 3. Tuyauterie 4. Accessoires de scurit 5. Accessoires de pression 6. PROCEDURES DEVALUATION DE CONFORMITE
SUIVIES (comme applicable) : 7. MODULE : 8. Assembly modules : 9.CORPS NOTIFIE : 10. Nom : 11. Adresse :

IT 1. COMPONENTI SOGGETTI ALLA Direttiva 97/23/EC sugli equipaggiamenti pressurizzati (in quanto applicabili):
2. Serbatoio 3. ubazioni 4. Accessori antifortunistici 5. Accessori pressurizzati 6. PROCEDURE DI ACCERTAMENTO DELLA
CONFORMITA SEGUITE (in quanto applicabile): 7. MODULO : 8. Assembly modules: 9. ENTE A CUI E STAT FATTA LA
NOTIFICA: 10. Nome: 11. Indirizzo:


2. Recipiente 3. Tubagem 4. Acessrios de Segurana 5. Acessrios de Presso 6. PROCEDIMENTOS DE COMPROVAO DE
CONFORMIDADE SEGUIDOS (conforme aplivel) 7. MDULO: 8. Assembly modules: 9. ENTIDADE NOTIFICADA: 10.
Nome: 11. Endereo:

EL 1. 97/23/EC (
2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
( ): 7. : 8. Assembly modules 9.
: 10.: 11. :


Beholder 3. Rrsystem 4. Sikkerhedsudstyr 5. Trykbrende udstyr 6. PROCEDURER TIL VURDERING AF
OVERENSSTEMMELSE (som anvendelige): 7. MODULE : 8. Assembly modules : 9. NOTIFICERET ORGAN: 10.
Navn: 11. Adresse:

ES 1. COMPONENTES SUJETOS A LA DIRECTIVA 97/23/CE sobre EQUIPO de PRESIN(si es aplicable): 2. Depsito

3. Tubera 4. Accesorios de seguridad 5. Accesorios a presin 6. PROCEDIMIENTOS DE CONFORMIDAD SEGUIDOS (si son
aplicables) 7. MDULO: 8. Assembly modules: 9. ENTIDAD NOTIFICADA: 10. Nombre: 11. Direccin:


3. Rr 4. Skerhetstillbehr 5. Trycktillbehr 6. FLJDA PROCEDURER FR VERENSSTMMELSENS BEDMNING (som
det r tillmpligt): 7. MODUL: 8. Assembly modules: 9. UNDERRTTAT ORGAN: 10. Namn: 11. Adress:

NO 1. DELER UNDERLAGT DIREKTIVET 97/23/EF OM TRYKKBRENDE UTSTYR (alt etter hva som er aktuelt):
2. Beholder 3. Rrsystem 4. Sikkerhetstilbehr 5. Trykkbrende tilbehr 6. SAMSVARSVURDERINGSPROSEDYRENE ER FULGT
(iht. Den aktuelle modulen): 7. MODUL: 8. Assembly modules: 9. MELDT ORGAN: 10. Navn: 11. Adresse:

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Atlas Copco Airpower n.v.
Wilrijk - Belgium
FI 1. 97/23/EY PAINELAITEDIREKTIIVIN (soveltuvilta osin): 2. Sili 3. Putkisto 4. Turvalaitteet 5. Painelaitteet 6. NOUDATETUT
MRITTELYMENETELMT (soveltuvilta osin): 7. MODUULI: 8. Assembly modules: 9. ILMOIUKSEN SAAJA: 10. Nimi:
11. Osoite:

CS 1. SOUSTI PODLHAJ SMRNICI 97/23/ES o tlakovch zazen (pokud lze aplikovat): 2. Ndoba 3.
4. Bezpenostn psluenstv 5. Tlakov psluenstv 6. DODROVAN POSTUPY VYHODNOCOVN SHODY
(pokud lze aplikovat): 7. MODUL: 8. Assembly modules: 9. VYROZUMN ORGN 10. Nzev 11. Adresa

ET 1. OSAD VASTAVAD 97/23/EC Rhuvarustuse direktiivile (kui kohandatav): 2. Torn 3. Torustik 4.

5. Rhuvarustus 6. JRGNEVAD VASTAVUSE KINNITAMISE PROTSEDUURID (kui kohandatavad): 7.
8. Assembly modules: 9. TEAVITATUD ORGAN 10. Nimi 11. Aadress

HU 1. A 97/23/EK Nyomstart berendezs irnyelv (ha alkalmazhat) HATLYA AL ES

3. Csvezetk 4. Biztonsgi kiegsztk 5. Nyomstart kiegsztk 6. A KVETETT MEGFELELSG-
RTKELSI ELJRSOK (ha alkalmazhat): 7. MODUL: 8. Assembly modules: 9. BEJELENTETT
SZERVEZET 10. Nv 11. Cm

LV 1. KOMPONENTI, KURI IR PAKAUTI 97/23/EC direktvai par spiediena aprkojumu (ja ir

piemrojams): 2. Trauks
3. Cauruu sistma 4. Drobas piederumi 5. Spiediena piederumi 6. TURPMKS ATBILSTBAS NOVRTJUMA
PROCEDRAS (ja ir piemrojamas): 7. MODULIS: 8. Assembly modules: 9. INFORMT INSTITCIJA 10.
11. Adrese

LT 1. KOMPONENTAI, KURIEMS TAIKOMA 97/23/EC Slgins rangos direktyva (jei taikytina): 2. Indas
3. Vamzdynai
4. Saugos priedai 5. Slginiai priedai 6. ATLIKTOS ATITIKTIES VERTINIMO PROCEDROS (jei taikytina):
7. MODULIS: 8. Assembly modules: 9. INFORMUOTA INSTITUCIJA 10. Pavard 11. Adresas

MT 1. KOMPONENTI SUETTI GAD-Direttiva 97/23/KE Tagmir ta Pressjoni (kif applikabbli): 2.

Strumenti 3. Pajpijiet 4. Aessorji ta Sigurt 5. Aessorji ta Pressjoni 6. PROEDURI TA ANALII DWAR IL-
KONFORMIT EW SEGWITI (kif applikabbli): 7. MODULU 8. Assembly modules: 9. ORGANU NOTIFIKAT
10. Isem 11. Indirizz

PL 1. ELEMENTY PODLEGAJCE dyrektywie 97/23/WE dotyczcej urzdze cinieniowych (w stosownych

2. Zbiornik 3. Instalacja rurowa 4. Wyposaenie bezpieczestwa 5. Osprzt cinieniowy 6. PROCEDURY OCENY
ZGODNOCI MAJCE ZASTOSOWANIE (w stosownych przypadkach): 7. MODU: 8. Assembly modules: 9.

SK 1. KOMPONENTY PODLIEHAJCE Smernici 97/23/ES o tlakovch zariadeniach (ak je pouiten): 2.

Ndoba 3. Potrubie
4. Bezpenostn prsluenstvo 5. Tlakov prsluenstvo 6. POUIT POSTUPY POSDENIA ZHODY (ak s
7. MODUL: 8. Assembly modules: 9. INFORMOVAN ORGN 10. Nzov 11. Adresa

SL 1. SESTAVINE, ZA KATERE VELJA Direktiva 97/23/ES v zvezi s tlano opremo (kot se uporabljajo): 2.
Plovilo 3. Cevi
4. Varnostna armatura 5. Tlana armatura 6. UPORABLJENI POSTOPKI ZA PRESOJO SKLADNOSTI (kot se
7. MODUL: 8. Assembly modules: 9. PRIGLAENI ORGAN 10. Ime 11. Naslov

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