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Lesson Plan

Subject: English
Form: 3rd form
Teacher: Caraman Doina
Topic: Module Six, Lesson Five, Angela wrote a letter
Type of the lesson: lesson of fixation of knowledge and of developing skills and abilities
Date: 28.03.2017

Specific Competences:
Communicative and Pragmatic Competence - Producing oral messages and interactions (Spoken Interaction).
Communicative Competence - Receiving written messages (Reading).
Communicative Competence - Receiving oral messages (Listening).
Communicative and Pragmatic Competence - Producing written messages and interactions (Writing).

2.4. Producing simple questions and answers about the past on the basis of spoken models.
3.4. Understanding the general meaning of a simple short text.
3.7. Reading a simple short familiar text and demonstrating comprehension by appropriate fluency, stress, intonation, sense groups etc.
4.6. Writing list of words.

Operational Objectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
O1- develop reading, translating and writing skills;
O2- acquire and use the new words in certain sentences;
O3- identify the grammatical structure.

Teaching materials: pupils book Magic English 3rd form, flashcards, worksheets, ball, vocabulary, copybooks.
Stages Learning activity Resources Strategies Evaluation Time

Evocation The teacher greets the pupils and the pupils greet the
teacher: The ability to use the 1 min.
-Good morning, dear teacher, everyday
Good morning, how are you? conversational
I am very happy formulas.
To say hello to you!
-Good morning, pupils! Glad to see you. Today we are
going to continue learning Past Simple. Please, be
active during the lesson and be friendly to each other.
Activity 1: Discussing. Discussions 3 min.
- What day is it today? Brainstorming
- Today is the 28th of March.
- What season is it now?
- Its spring now.
- Good! What was the previous season?
- The previous season was winter.
- Correct! How many seasons do we have?
- We have 4 seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn.
- Good! And which is your favorite season and why?
The pupils speak about their favorite season.

Activity 2: Working with the homework. Books Reading The ability to speak, 7 min.
The teacher asks the homework: Copybooks Repeating read and translate.
-Lets check your homework. Read, please, the Vocabulary Translating
sentences from the exercise 5. Ball
The pupils read the sentences. The ability to use the
-Now, we are going to check the vocabulary, and our new vocabulary and
Magic Ball will help us to do that. I will throw the ball the new structures.
at someone, while saying the word in English. The
person has to catch the ball, translate the word into
romanian and throw the ball back at me. Be attentive
and ready to catch the ball! All the pupils will be
Realization of Activity 3: Grammar/Translation. Books Understanding the
meaning The teacher introduces the new set of irregular verbs Vocabulary Reading meaning of the 10 min.
with their translation (take-took, sit-sat, write-wrote, Flashcards Translating vocabulary and the
hear-heard, get-got, tell-told). Discussion structures.
The pupils write the new words from the flashcards in Explanation
their vocabulary. The ability to use the
The teacher reads the new structures, then the pupils new vocabulary and
repeat after the teacher. the new structures
After that, they make easy sentences using the new
Activity 4: Practical exercises. Reading The ability to use the
-Now, lets make exercise 2 page 80. Writing structures they have
The pupils write in their copybooks what the children learned. 7 min.
did and what they didnt yesterday, according to the
exercise. Then, they write about their past activities on

Activity 5: Working with the text. Reading The ability to speak, 7 min.
The teacher reads the letter Dear Granny, page 81. Translating read and translate.
Then, the pupils read it with intonation and translate it.

Reflection Activity 6: Independent work. Explanation The ability to use the 6 min.
Each pupil receives a worksheet with 2 exercises based Writing structures they have
on Past Simple. They complete them independently and learned.
then return the worksheets to their teacher.

2 min.
Extension The teacher reads the pupils some Irregular verbs Listening

Homework The teacher explains the homework and announces the

marks, motivating them. - Ex. 4 page 81 to read and translate. 2 min.
- Ex. 5 page 81 to identify which sentences are true and which of
-Thank you, good bye! them are false.