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Read the invitation for a birthday party below and answer the
questions. Read the following conversation and complete the shopping list.
Todd : OK, so what do we need?
19 June 2007 Olivia : Lets look at the vegetables. We need some potatoes.
Hi, Dara! Todd : How about tomatoes? Do we need any tomatoes?
The 29th of June will be my birthday. Will you come to my birthday
Olivia : Yes we do. Theyre on the list.
party on the 29th of June, at 6 pm at my home?
Todd : Lets go over there to the dairy section. We need some butter.
Olivia : Do we have any milk?
Todd : Yes, we have some at home.
Questions: Olivia : We also need steaks for dinner tonight.
1. Who sends the invitation? Todd : Yeah, some chickens for Saturday night. But there is no chicken
2. Who is invited to come to the birthday party? in our list. We still have in the fridge.
3. When will be the birthday party?
4. Where will be the birthday party? DAILY ACTIVITIES
5. What does she write in the beginning?
6. How does she greet Dara?
Give the correct form of the present tense for the verbs in brackets.
Birthday invitation 1. She (read) the newspaper every day.
You will have a birthday party on Tuesday, 3 August 2008. The party 2. We (come) to work by bus.
will be at 6:00 p.m. at your house, Jalan. Papua 19, Makasar. Write an 3. I always (walk) to the office.
invitation for a birthday party to your close friend, Joko. 4. You (attend) class twice a week.
5. I (have) lunch in the cafeteria every day.
(Date)________________ 6. Helen (work) very hard.
Hi, _____________ 7. I (like) sunbathing.
Next_________will be my birthday.___ _________ 8. The dog (chase) the cat all around the house.
Could you ___________________? 9. Mr Smith (work) for a small airline.
__________ 10. Gene usually (sit) at this desk.

Change these sentences into marks given.

1. I go to school everyday. (-?)
2. Diana washes her clothes every Sunday. (-?)
3. Nita and Mia always do their home works together. (-?) DESCRIPTIVE TEXT
4. Marco does not always play badminton. (+?)
5. Does your sister take a course once a week? (+-) Read the following text and complete the sentences below the text.
My Diva
Fill in the blanks with do, does, dont or doesnt.
Agnes Monica is a famous pop singer. Most people in Indonesia
1. . . . they like sport? Yes, they . . . . know her.
2. . . . he get up at 5? No, he . . . . She certainly looks like an angel. She is tall, slim and beautiful. Her hair
3. . . . Nina like oranges? Yes, she . . . . is black. She always wears fashionable clothes.
4. . . . Sonia and Adi have a bike? No, they . . . . Her personality is as good as her voice. She is confident. She is also
5. . . . you usually go picnic on Sunday? generous. She gives a lot of money to charity.
6. She . . . need a pen. She needs a pencil. Her hobby is unique. She keeps a dog as a pet. She does not like cooking
7. Dian and Aris . . . like apples. They like oranges.
8. Andi . . . want ice cream. He wants mango juice. Sentences to complete.
9. We . . . buy coffee. We buy sugar. 1. The text is about
10. I . . . like chocolate. I like candies. 2. She is a famous
3. Her bobbies are
Read aloud the following text. 4. Paragraph .introduces her.
Mr Syailendras family has a regular habits. Everyday, his family 5. Paragraph . describes her appearance.
getting up at 4.30 a.m. Then, they have breakfast at 6.30 a.m. After that, 6. Paragraph . describes her personality.
Mr Syailendra goes to work at 7.00 a.m. with his daughter, Meska that
goes to school. If Sunday comes, they have lunch together at 11.30 a.m. Describe your classroom condition with your friend.Choose the words
that really describe your classroom.
Work in pairs. Ask your friends about the time when they do certain 1. The floor is ___________________. (wide/narrow)
things. Then, tell the findings to the class. 2. The blackboard is _________________. (clean/dirty)
Daily Activities 3. Your friend is ________________. (fat/thin)
Morning Afternoon 4. Your bag is _________________. (full/empty)
Time Activities Time Activities 5. The ceiling is _________________. (high/low)
6. The clock on the wall is _______________. (big/small)
7. The windows are _______________. (open/closed)
8. The light on the ceiling is _______________. (on/off)

ADVERTISEMENT 10. The doctor advises the child to drink . . . . cough syrup three times a
End of Season Sale!
Fashion up to 70% of LIKES AND DISLIKES
Shoes 30% - 50%
Bags 40% Practise the following dialogue.
Being diferent at Soho Speech Act
Department Store Baim : Where are you going, Febi?
10 A.M. to 10 P.M. Febi : Oh, Im going to the canteen.
Baim : Can I join?
Febi : Sure. Lets go.
Complete the following paragraph based on the advertisement. Baim : Anyway, whats your favourite food?
Raina wants to buy her sister a new shoes and dress. She heard that at the Febi : I love fried noodle so much, but I cant stand with fried prawn,
. . . , there is an . . . . sale. So, she is going to use this opportunity. Im allergy. What about you, Baim?
Furthermore, she heard that the discount is big. Fashion up . . . . , Baim : I see. Well, I enjoy vegetables soup and I hate nuts.
shoes . . . bags . She plans to go there at 4 p.m. She takes easy because
the place is not too far and it opens from . . . to . . . . ASKING FOR OPINION
Practise the following dialogue.
Complete the sentences with the phrases taken from the box.
Chica : Damar, what do you think of Indonesian horror movies in the
a loaf of a bottle of a sack of a jar of cinemas recently? I mean, do you like them?
a cup of a cone of a bowl of a ream of Damar : Well, Id say I dont really like them. Id prefer comedy.
a teaspoonful of a can of Chica : Why? Horror movie is very entertaining.
Damar : In my opinion, why do we pay just to be frightened?
1. Ill buy . . . bread. Chica : And why do we pay just to laugh? Ha ha hha. . . .
2. Do you want to buy . . . butter?
3. She has got . . . jam.
4. He has . . . porridge for breakfast. Classify the sentences below into the correct column.
5. There is . . . syrup on the table. 1. I really love my love.
6. Do you need . . . tea? 2. I personally think your idea is awful.
7. The students like to buy . . . ice-cream during the lunch break. 3. What do you think of our new teacher?
8. My uncle is going to buy . . . paper. 4. The students like Mr. Haryadi very much.
9. He is carrying . . . rice. 5. I hate if someone breaks his/her promise.
6. In think you should tell your parent about it. Dialogue 2
7. Whats your opinion on Delias performance. Amel : May I have . . . 5 , please?
8. The girls dont like Sandra because she is arrogant. Assistant : I am sorry. We serve . . . 6 but no coffee
9. My little brother dislikes eating spinach and carrot. here.
10. I must say that the students should join camping activity.
11. Answer the questions.
Expressing Expressing Asking for Giving 1. What does Dimas want to buy?
likes dislikes opinion opinion 2. What does Dimas say?
...... ...... ...... ....... 3. What does the assistant say?
...... ...... ...... ....... 4. What does the assistant offer?
5. What does Amel want to buy?
...... ...... ...... .......
6. Does the assistant serve it?
...... ...... ...... ....... 7. What does the assistant say?

Practise the following dialogue.

Uncle Ferdi : Hello, Risa. Where have you been?

Risa : Oh, hello Uncle Ferdi. Im very busy with my school
Uncle Ferdi : Oh, I see. Err, Risa, by the way, Can you give me that
ASKING AND GIVING SOMETHING newspaper? I havent read it yet.
Risa : Sure, uncle. Here you are.
Listen to the dialogues from your teacher. Fill in the Uncle Ferdi : Hows your school anyway?
blanks with the words in the box. Risa : Doing good Uncle. I must face final exam next week. By
Tea bun ice cream the way, would you please pass me the syrup, Uncle?
Cofee drink bread Uncle Ferdi :Yes, of course. Ok, just study hard for your fi nal exam.
Risa : Yes, Uncle. Thank you very much.
Dialogue 1
Dimas : May I have a . . . 1 and two slices of . . .2 ? Read the text carefully.
Assistant : Yes of course. Do you want a . . . 3 or a . . . 4 ? Mr Kartolo is very happy. The rainy season of this year makes the
Dimas : I want a cup of tea please farm beautiful. It is planting time! Rice fields become fresh and green

during this season and by the
end of this season Mr Kartolo
is ready to harvest his crops.
Mr Kartolo ploughs the
land at the beginning of the 1. A person who flies an aeroplane is a . . . .
rainy season. Then, he usually 2. A person who sets electric systems is an . . . .
works early and finishes at 3. A person who takes pictures is a . . . .
noon. Milking the cows, 4. A person who drives for someone else is a . . . .
feeding the livestock, and 5. A person who answers the phone and receives guests in a hotel or in an
cleaning the barns are among Mr Kartolos duties before breakfast. He office is a . . . .
does most of the hard outdoor work by himself. 6. A person who serves passengers on a flight is . . . .
7. A person who makes furniture is a . . . .
Answer the following questions. 8. A person who makes our clothes is a . . . .
1. What is a farm like during the rainy season?
2. What is the colour of the rice field in the rainy season? Match the professions in column A with their correct duties in column B.
3. When does Mr Kartolos workday end? A B
4. When does Mr Kartolo plough the land? 1. a doctor a. to keep or inspect financial accounts
2. a pilot b. to catch fishes for living
Decide whether the statements are true or false. 3. a fisherman c. to examine sick people in a hospital
1. Farmers work on the farm. 4. a manager d. to serve guests in a restaurant
2. A pilot flies a plane. 5. a police officer e. to make mens clothes
3. Doctors find jobs at schools. 6. an accountant f. to take care of sick people
4. Teachers teach at schools. 7. a chef g. to cook in a restaurant
5. Engine drivers drive buses. 8. a nurse h. to prevent and investigate crimes
6. Pearl-divers cannot swim. 9. a tailor i. to manage staff or an organization
7. Sailors work on land. 10. a waiter j. to fly an airplane
8. Miners must have good stamina.
9. Taxi drivers usually own their taxis. ASKING AND GIVING FACTS
10. Chefs work in an office.
Practise the following dialogue.
Complete these sentences by using the words in the box. Write them Ryan : Did you hear that Rara got 1 billion rupiahs?
down in your exercise book. Deasy : Youre kidding. How? Tell me the story.
Carpenter receptionist electrician tailor
fl ight attendant photographer pilot 5
Ryan : Heres the story. Her sister, Riri, entered a lottery using Raras 5. In the rainy season, rain will fall long.
name. One month later, a letter came and telling that Rara got 1 6. Be careful when you go camping in the woods, snakes are coming . . .
billion rupiahs. You wont hear them moving.
Deasy : Wow, what a nice surprise! 7. . . . do you go, Hanum?
8. I dont know what happened with Gugun. The headmaster is talking . .
. with him now.


Every day, very healthy, finally are adverbs. Adverbs are closely
connected with
verbs in a sentence. An adverb adds information about such things as the Read aloud the following text.
manner Keeping Fit
(ways to do something), place, time and view of the things or action. Wati Safitri cares about keeping fit. First of all, she joins health club
Adverb has the following forms : where she usually exercises after work. Next, she is always careful about
a. A single word (called an adverb) her diet. She never eats fast food with lot of fat and sugar. Then, she never
e.g. often, soon, out, slowly, probably, very. smokes cigarettes. Finally, Wati sometimes consumes multivitamins to
b. A prepositional phrase (having the pattern preposition + noun). supply energy because she is a very busy woman. She does a lot of
e.g. by chance, during the rainy season, across the road, by car. activities all day long. Thats Wati, she tries to keep in shape
c. Time expressions (a phrase without a preposition) and stay healthy.
e.g. one afternoon, all day, every morning, tomorrow, a week, on
Friday. Answer the following questions with your friend.
d. A clause (a longer group of words). 1. What are three things that Wati does to stay healthy?
e.g. when they met in the shelter. 2. Why does she do all these things?
3. Give your opinion about Watis life style.
Complete the following sentences with some adverbs below.
soon by car where seriously one afternoon Read the text aloud.
very silently all day How to Make Cheese Omelette
Ingredients :
1. They will leave this house . . . . 1 egg, 50 g cheese, 1 cup milk, 3 table spoons cooking oil,
2. Calista is a . . . beautiful girl. a pinch of salt and pepper.
3. We go to Jakarta . . . .
4. Andra will meet Aurora . . . . at 2 p.m. Utensils you need :
Frying pan, fork, spatula, cheese grater, bowl, plate. a. Then, pour the eggs and green peas.
b. After that, pour the ground garlic, pepper and salt, adds a spoonful of
How to make it : oyster sauce. Put the leeks into the mixture and a plate of rice.
1. Crack an egg into a bowl. c. First of all, fry the chicken fillet and meatballs. Stir the mixture well.
2. Whisk the egg with a fork until it is smooth. d. Finally, serve oriental fried rice on a plate with hot sauce, if you like.
3. Add milk and whisk well.
4. Grate the cheese into the bowl and stir.
5. Heat the oil in a frying pan. Answer the following questions based on the text in Practice 3.
6. Pour the mixture into the frying pan. 1. What do we do first?
7. Turn the omelette with a spatula when it browns. 2. What ingredients must we prepare?
8. Cook both sides. 3. Why must we grind garlic, pepper and salt together?
9. Place on a plate, spread salt and pepper. 4. What do you do with frozen green peas?
10. Eat while warm. 5. How do you chop up the onion leaf?

Arrange the sentences into good procedure text. ASK FOR CLARIFICATION
How to Make Oriental Fried Rice
Marni and Mey Ling are neighbours. They are talking in the kitchen.
Preparations: Marni : Did you call me last night?
1. Cut up meatballs and chicken fillet into small pieces. Mey Ling : No. I didnt.
2. Grind together garlic, pepper and salt. Marni : Are you sure?
3. Break in and stir in one or two eggs. Mey Ling : Yes, Im sure. Maybe it was someone else. By the way,
4. To make oriental fried rice, you will need a plate of rice, meatballs, Sari borrowed my new novel.
eggs, leeks, chicken fillet, frozen green peas soaked in hot water, Marni : No, she didnt.
garlic, pepper and salt, and a spoonful of oyster sauce. Mey Ling : Really?
5. Chop up the leeks into very small pieces. Marni : Yes. It was me.

How to make it:

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