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Lesson Plan Template

Subject / Course: ELA 8 TC Name: Shayla

Grade Level: 8 Date: March 1st
Topic: The Outsiders S.E. Hinton Time of Class:
Cooperating Teacher Name: Mr. Johnston Room # / Location:

1. Broad Areas of Learning and Cross Curricular Competencies

a) Outcomes:
View, listen to, read, comprehend, and respond to a variety of texts that address identity (e.g., The Search
for Self), social responsibility (e.g., Our Shared Narratives), and efficacy (e.g., Doing the Right Thing)..
Listen purposefully to understand, analyze, and evaluate oral information and ideas from a range of texts
including conversations, discussions, interviews, and speeches.

b) Indicators:
CR 9.1
b. View, listen to, and read a variety of texts related to the theme or topic of study and show comprehension
and demonstrate response by:

understanding the ideas:Effectively summarize and explain the ideas in texts; cite details that support
the main ideas; make logical inferences; interpret obvious themes or authors message logically.

understanding, using, and evaluating the text structures and (language) features to construct
meaning:Evaluate key text features (e.g., headings, diagrams, paragraphs, plot); evaluate organization
and structural cues (e.g., problem/solution, compare/contrast, cause/effect, order of importance, time
order) within texts; evaluate techniques in texts (e.g., symbolism, personification, irony, hyperbole,
parallelism, colour, repetition); make thoughtful and critical response to craft in a variety of texts;
identify how texts were constructed, shaped, and produced.

responding to and Interpreting texts:Offer reactions and opinions about texts; make, explain, and justify
reactions and personal connections to texts; make explicit and deliberate connections with previous
knowledge and experiences; give opinions and make judgements supported by reasons, explanations, and
evidence; make judgements and draw conclusions about ideas on the basis of evidence; make logical
interpretations of the authors message; make and support inferences about characters feelings,
motivations, and point of view; organize response and interpretation around several clear ideas or

c. View, listen to, read, and respond to a variety of engaging, age-appropriate texts related to the theme or
topic of study that support the development of critical and creative thinking and analysis skills and enrich
classroom discussion.

d. Paraphrase texts content, purpose, and point of view.

a. Demonstrate effective, active listening behaviours including listening with clearly identified purpose in
mind; adapting listening and focus to purpose and situation; keeping an open mind and considering ideas
that differ from own; making notes to assist recall and inquiry; recognizing overall organization, transition
cues, and key ideas and issues; interacting appropriately for clarification; recalling and summarizing main
ideas and conclusions.

c) Cross Curricular Competencies: (approx. 2+ other learning expectations not assessed, eg. learning that
happens as a result of the lesson, organization, group work, listening, co-operation, reading, writing skills etc.)

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Developing Thinking In this lesson students will develop thinking skills as they interact with the
characters and themes in chapter one of the novel The Outsiders.

d) Professional Growth Portfolio Goal(s):

3.1 Demonstrates the ability to utilize meaningful, equitable and holistic approaches to
assessment and evaluation I will accomplish this by - Clearly outlining essential
understanding of the lesson so that the students had a roadmap of what they would
need to know by the end of the lesson/unit and by planning assessment to meet the
outcomes of the lesson.
4.3 the capacity to engage in program planning to shape lived curriculum that brings
learner needs, subject matter, and contextual variables together in developmentally
appropriate, culturally responsive and meaningful way. I will do this by asking questions and
eliciting answers from students by having them draw connections from the novel to the
students lives and experiences.

2. Assessment and Evaluation:

(What assessment and/or evaluation strategies do you need to have to ensure you are accountable for students
learning and addressing curriculum outcomes? What formative and summative assessment should you include?
e.g., sample questions, activities or attach tests, homework, rubrics, evaluation schemes, answer keys etc.)
Chapter questions
Direct Questioning as we go through the chapter.
o What do we notice about these characters?
o What impression do we get from the greasers?
o What impression do we get from the socials?
Prediction assignment Movie poster ad. Based on what we read, draw what you think is going to happen in
the novel. On the back of the poster, explain your prediction.

3. Preassessment and Accommodations/Modifications

a) Students
(consider the students you will be teaching and anything that will affect their learning or your teaching strategies (e.g.,
include cognitive, social/emotional, physical and diversity needs,+ provide accommodations/modifications - how you will
differentiate learning for each student and/or type of need N.B. use initials of students rather than full names)

Preassessment: Accommodation/Modification:

EAL Students - Represent all experiences in discussion

Low income families/ middle-class students from - Give students roles
more affluent experiences - give students time to write notes as we go through
Attention issues/ disruption/ negative attitude the novel
towards activities

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b) Learning Environment:
(describe the learning environment such as the set up/location of desks, where audio-visual equipment will
be, where the teacher stands, where the students are working etc. you may wish to include a map/layout of
the classroom on a separate sheet and reference it with modifications if lesson changes)
The classroom is set up in rows with tables and chairs, but the students can move around to different
tables. Teacher stands/sits on a stool at the front of the classroom. There is a small sitting corner with four
lounge chairs where they could sit as well.

4. Required Resources
(list ALL resources required to conduct this lesson with detailed specifics such as textbook titles, chapters, page
numbers, author/publishers, website URLs, resources like paper, pencils, protractors, chalk, rulers, paint, specimens,
books, maps, videos, posters, lab materials, handouts include name of handout and number of copies, etc.)

Novel- The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton (25)

Whiteboard marker to write on the white board
Chapter One Questions (25)
Poster Paper (25)

5. Content and Teaching Strategies of Lesson

a) Overview/Agenda/Review
(consider a quick overview of the lesson and/or list key elements in lesson which may be written on white/blackboard
as an agenda for students and you to follow, you may also choose to consider a review of previous days work)

Introduction to the time period

Read novel
Discuss/ Chart characters as they arise in the novel
Hand out Chapter Quesetions
Hand out Assignment for the Movie Ad Poster
Exit slip: What do you think is going to happen next in the novel?

b) Introduction (motivational start, minds-on, hook, etc.)

(describe how you will motivate students, get their attention, relate the lesson to their lives, such as a minds-on activity,
a hook or something that will pull learners into lesson)

YouTube video Lifesytle of the 1960s in America to set the stage for the setting of the novel -
Have students take note of the fashion
The cars
The lifestyle

Subject Content and Teaching Strategies

(include the subject content - what you are teaching; detail the instructional strategies / teaching strategies for
teaching the subject content - how you are teaching it; write some guiding questions - actual questions (variety of
thinking levels) and suggested and anticipated answers; possibly include time approximations/timelines such as 10:00
10:30 a.m. or 25 minutes; and include application activities/components - how the content will be applied such as an
activity, problems to solve, worksheets etc.).

(~5 mins) 1960s video

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YouTube video Lifesytle of the 1960s in America to set the stage for the setting of the novel -
o Have students take note of the fashion
o The cars
o The lifestyle
(~35 mins) Read Novel as a class/ Hand out Questions
Do you know who Paul Newman is?
o An American actor form the 1960s a movie star. He played a roles in a films called The
Hustler (1961) and Hud (1963) his characters were about a disconnected, rebellious young
o Why do you think that Ponyboy would think of him? Why do you think Ponyboy would
admire with Paul Newman?
Perhaps some attributes that Ponyboy would admire. He has handsome looks,
popularity with women, and a tough exterior maybe these are some
characteristics that Ponyboy would like to have, or think he has But he does like
his greaser looks
What do we learn about the attitude towards the West side vs. the East side? Do we have that
same kind of attitude in Saskatoon towards the west side/ east side?
Who is Pip from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens?
o Pip has low self-esteem. He is not valued and does not value himself. He feels guilty for
his very existence, thanks to his sister who constantly reminds him how she has suffered
because of him
*taken from cliffnotes -
What do we notice about these characters?
What impression do we get from the greasers?
What impression do we get from the socials?
(~7 mins) hand out Assignment sheet answer questions and explain expectations for the assignment. Due
next Tuesday.
(~3 mins) Exit slip What do you think is going to happen in the novel?

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c) Consolidation
(indicate how you will review concepts taught, wrap up lesson, confirm students know what next tasks are e.g.,
having class to give you feedback on what was taught, review key application of concepts this is important in
terms of assessing the effectiveness of the lesson)

Exit slip: What do you think is going to happen in the novel?

6. Reflections
a) Effectiveness of Lesson
What was effective / ineffective in your lesson? include at least 3 lesson elements that were ineffective /
effective? or What went well in your lesson? Or What did not go so well? Or What did the students enjoy? How
did your planning or delivery turn out? Did your teaching / learning strategies work effectively or not for subject
content and class? Consider the entire lesson and the reaction of students.
How do you know? Provide evidence from student work, student questions asked and informal assessment.
Think about examples of how the lesson progressed, engagement of students, flow of delivery, time management.
Next steps? Indicate what steps you are going to take to continue to work on your three elements identified.

What was effective / How do you know? Next steps for improvement?
ineffective in your lesson?

Creating a road map for the The first thing we went over Continue to share the schedule
lesson so students could see when we arrived in the with the students to keep them in
what to expect classroom was the agenda for the know about what is
the day. Students were asking happening with learning. Maybe

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what we would do and when I co-construct some expectations
shared this with them they were for the classroom that we can all
ready to get to work to read the be aware of as we are of the
novel. agenda for the class.
Students were making a lot of Start to ask the kids why more?
Connections to the novel connections to the novel from Rather than having them just
their personal experiences. We create the connections this will
stopped and had group activate higher order thinking as
discussions about these topics they critique the connections
often they make to the book.
Students responded well to my Continue to bring a strong
Teacher presence prompts and instruction. They teacher presence with me, and
listened when I asked them to be teacher withitness to the
quiet and did not speak out of classroom. Make sure that I am
turn as often engaging all students, not just
the ones that I am more
comfortable or more familiar
b) Effectiveness as a Teacher
What was effective / ineffective about you as a teacher? include at least 3 teacher elements that you did that
were effective or ineffective. Did you ask good questions? Did you motivate students? What did YOU do well?
This would be a section describing your strengths and areas for improvement volume, eye contact, body
language, questioning skills, responding to questions, comfort with material, confidence, delivery, use of
technology, vocabulary.
How do you know? What evidence do you have that you, as a teacher, were or were not effective? Think about
examples of what you said, did, reacted to, felt as examples of your three elements.

Next steps? Indicate what steps you are going to take to continue to work on your three elements identified.

What was effective / How do you know? Next steps for improvement?
ineffective about you as a

Pacing (ineffective) We did not get through the - stop less frequently with
chapter and there was not time connections and make them at
to clearly explain the the end of the chapter.
expectations for homework. - dictate what is important that
students make note of/ write
- develop methods of reading the
novel aloud more effectively
- give more time for the lessons.
Because we ran out of time I was - Organize the lesson better
Explaining expectations for not able to tell the students what - Be more cognizant of the time
homework. my expectations were for the - maybe present the homework
homework. We ran out of time at the beginning of the lesson?
and the bell rang and the
students left before I could
explain to them what to do.
It took a long time for the - students need to be taking
Note taking. students to take notes, and I felt notes so maybe I need to give
like I was traveling a lot. more time for them to copy
Students were writing what was things down from the board.
on the board while others were - Maybe the writing needs to be
reading on in the chapter. adjusted for the students if it is
Students would get lost and not difficult for them to read.

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be able to find their place when it
came time to have them read.

The Outsiders Chapter One

1. Describe each of the characters and their relationship to Ponyboy.
-Steve Randle
-Two Bit Matthews
-Dally Winston
-Johnny Cade
2. Who are the Socs? What kind of people are they?
3. Who are the greasers? What kind of people are they?
4. How do Ponyboys relationships with Darry and Sodapop differ? Explain.
5. Why is the gang so important to Johnny?
6. Do you think Darry loves Ponyboy? Why does he treat Ponyboy the way he does?
7. What does Ponyboy mean on page 18 (page 19) when he says, I lie to myself all the
time? Do you ever lie to yourself? Why?

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The Outsiders S.E. Hinton
Movie Poster Prediction Activity
In chapter one we meet Ponyboy as he is coming out of the movie theatre. He
talks about how special movies are for him, they are an escape for him from his
reality. At the end of the chapter we are left wondering what will happen next. For
this activity, you will create a movie poster that shows what you think will happen
next in the novel.
You must include:
At least 3 of the characters we were introduced to in Ch. 1
The title of the book and the authors name
Creativity Be creative with the way that you represent your
A neatly hand written explanation of your prediction on the back of
your poster.
Some examples of movie posters:

If you have any questions make sure you ask! This is an opportunity for you to show
your creativity and to do grade 8 quality work.

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