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Project: BOC SME Cross-Border Matchmaking Services Event

Client: Bank of China Limited Manila Branch

Duration: 5 minutes
Audience: BOC internal, DTI, ICC, PCCI and stakeholders
Date: April 3, 2017

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The Bank of China Limited Manila Branch in

the Philippines held its very first conference on
the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)
Cross-border Matchmaking Trade and
Investment Services at the Manila Hotel last
March 18 of this year 2017.

Established in February 1912 in mainland

China, the Bank of China has grown as the
countrys most internationalized and
diversified bank, providing an array of
financial services in 51 countries and regions
across 6 continents and is the only global bank
with the presence in 10 ASEAN countries.


The Bank of China has been doing the cross-

border matchmaking activities as the banks
corporate and social responsibility to uplift and
support the SMEs around the globe since 2013
and as an answer to state of Chinas belt and
road strategy.
Following the banks strategic goal of Serving
Society, Delivering Excellence the event, for
the past three years, has attracted thousands of
Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs and
businessmen in promoting and connecting
bigger and wider possibilities of trade and
cooperation between countries with the main
objective of globalizing the small and medium

Here in the Philippines, Bank of Chinas desire

to reach the local Filipino SMEss materialized
when the bank, together with the Department
of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Philippine
Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI)
and the International Chamber of Commerce,
Philippines (ICCP) signed the Strategic
Cooperation Agreement in Beijing, China on
October 21 of last year as witnessed by
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.


The services set aside the difficult and

traditional way of investment invitation and
innovates a one-to-one or one-to-more
negotiation and connection. It is also composed
of a six-step process including establishing
database for the enterprises by gathering
information with the local stakeholders,
followed by BOC and partners exchange of
information on SME for customer matching,
assisting the SMEs to communicate with their
foreign business match via online meeting.
Organizing a face-to-face communication for
both parties to set and to help verify the results
and intentions of companies, a field study and
avail of the financial services offered by BOC.


The services set aside the traditional and

difficult way of investment invitation and
innovates a one-to-one or one-to-more
negotiation and connection. It is also composed
of a six-step process including establishing a
database, customer matching, online meeting,
face-to-face communication, field study and
financial service.


The SME cross-border matchmaking service in
the Philippines gathered almost 1,000
participants from different local SME sectors
and Chinese businessmen and state officials
from the Philippines and China. The event in
particular, aimed at promoting and
strengthening the economic ties between China
and Philippines and bridge between the
Chinese-Philippine trade.

Small and Medium enterprises in the

Philippines contribute to about 35 % of the
Gross Domestic Product and 65% to local
employment making them a vital contributor to
the countrys drive for inclusive growth.
Through this BOC initiative and with the
renewed friendship between the two countries,
local SMEs will now have the opportunity to
expand their market and services and will also
boost good understanding among the regional
and global community.

The Bank of China addresses the challenges of

the various SMEs in the Philippines through
cross-border matchmaking services by
supporting their local growth and productivity.
The services can also aid in lowering the
poverty rate in the country by fostering job
creations and ensuring their vital role in the
society and in the economic growth.

(Important sound bites from key speakers
during the plenary)
1 min.
The event ended with a remarkable 70% of the
local SMEs and their Chinese counterparts
sealing a business partnership.

Truly, the fundamental steps towards a

progressive and prosperous society is achieved
by creating strong and lasting partnerships that
nurture trade and investment beyond the