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Haunted (Poe album)

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Studio album by Poe

Released October 31, 2000

Recorded 1999 & 2000

Alternative rock
trip hop


pop rock

experimental rock

Length 68:47

Label Atlantic

Producer Poe

Olle Romo

Matt Wilder

Matt Wallace
Mike Urban

Poe chronology

Hello Haunted
(1995) (2000)

Haunted is the second album by American singer/songwriter Poe, released in 2000 (see 2000
in music) after a five-year hiatus from her debut album Hello in 1995. The self-produced album
was created as a tribute to her father, and counterpart to her brother Mark Z. Danielewski's
novel House of Leaves.


3Track listing

Haunted found Poe combining traditional pop notions with electronic, dance and hard
rock music. A critical success[1] and largely adored by her existing fanbase [citation needed], it
nonetheless flopped commercially, largely due to the manner in which it was marketed. [citation
The song "Hey Pretty" was released as a promo single, but Poe's vocals had been
replaced with a chapter reading from her brother, as alternative radio of 2001 was not very
willing to play female artists.[2] It reached #13 on Billboard's US Modern Rock chart. The music
video for the song was deemed too racy for MTV[citation needed] showing a scantily clad Poe writhing
around in mud. A follow-up promo single, "Walk the Walk", was released because it had been
chosen as the theme song to a new TV drama called Girls Club. However, the show was
canceled after two episodes. "Wild" was released as a third single, garnering some radio play
in the Chicago area. The single was never released commercially, but featured a shorter radio
mix in addition to an acoustic/rock version of the song. The title track was used as the theme
song to the film Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. The commercial failure of Poe's second album
contributed to the loss of her distribution contract with Atlantic Records.
Haunted was also referenced in the 2002 film Panic Room. In a conversation between Jodie
Foster's character and the agent selling the home containing the Panic Room, Sarah Altman
asks "Ever read any Poe?", to which the response given is "No, but I loved her last album!".
The song "Haunted" was also featured at the end of the second episode of the video
game Alan Wake for Xbox 360, as well as the Tai Chi Warmup in the Les Mills
BodyBalance/BodyFlow program release number 54.
The album also featured samples of audio recordings made by Poe's father, film director Tad
Danielewski. The cassettes were found by Poe and Mark after their father had died and were
literally audio-letters to the two of them that spanned back as far as their birth. Thus, the album
is usually interpreted as a real woman (Poe) singing tributes to her deceased father (who sings
back) even while telling the story of a group of fictional characters (from House of Leaves).

Professional ratings

Review scores

Source Rating

Allmusic [3]

Entertainment Weekly B[4]

LA Weekly Positive[5]

Popmatters Positive[6]

Q [7]

Rolling Stone [8]

Haunted received generally positive reviews. On Metacritic, the album has a score of 76 out of
100, indicating "generally favorable reviews". [9]
MacKenzie Wilson of AllMusic gave the album a positive review, writing "Haunted is in its own
class of twisted intelligence and beauty." [3] In another positive review, PopMatters's Eden Miller
wrote "Few musicians are on the same level as Poe in terms of her bravery exposing and
expressing her own personal fears. While it's a bit obvious to say it, Haunted will haunt
you."[6] In another positive review, Jason Mandell of LA Weekly wrote "Those without patience
for such abstractions (brief though they may be) may find Haunted tiresome. The rest of us can
rejoice in its originality and thank our lucky stars that Poe had the confidence and imagination
to make it."[5]
In a mixed review, Rolling Stone's Neva Chonin wrote "Unfortunately, Haunted reverberates
with tired samples, rehashed echo effects and beats so plodding they could stop a
metronome."[8] Q also gave the album a mixed review, writing "The mood is too heavy for far
too long, but some good songs and more cohesive, melodic structures augur well for this
damaged daughter's future."[7]

Track listing[edit]
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Exploration B" Poe 1:10
2. "Haunted" Mike Elizondo, John O'Brien, Poe 5:20
3. "Control" Daris Adkins, Poe, Toby Skard 6:03
4. "Terrible Thought" Elizondo, O'Brien, Poe 4:41
5. "Walk the Walk" O'Brien, Poe 4:50
6. "Terrified Heart" Poe 0:52
7. "Wild" Elizondo, O'Brien, Poe 9:00
8. "5& Minute Hallway" Josh Clayton-Felt, Poe 3:33
9. "Not a Virgin" Elizondo, Poe, Matt Wilder 3:42
10. "Hey Pretty" Kenneth Burgomaster, Poe 3:45
11. "Dear Johnny" Poe 0:50
12. "Could've Gone Mad" Adkins, Poe 5:21
13. "Lemon Meringue" O'Brien, Poe, Wilder 3:22
14. "Spanish Doll" Adkins, Poe 4:52
15. "House of Leaves" Poe 1:48
16. "Amazed" O'Brien, Poe 6:23
17. "If You Were Here" Heitor Periera 3:15
Total length: 68:47

Poe vocals
Daris Adkins guitar
Charlie Bisharat violin
Kenneth Burgomaster keyboards
David Campbell viola
Larry Corbett cello
Mark Z. Danielewski vocals
Mike "La Bomba" Elizondo bass
Brandon Fields saxophone
Josh Freese drums
Gary Grant trumpet
Jerry Hey trumpet
Trevor Lawrence, Jr. drums
Priscilla Loeb vocals
Jamie Muhoberac keyboards
John O'Brien fiddle
Melissa Rogers vocals
Samantha Rogers vocals
Madison Rubel vocals
Bill Reichenbach trombone
Michael Urbano drums
Joey Waronker drums

Producers: Poe, Olle Romo, Matt Wilder, Matt Wallace, Mike Urban
Engineers: Kirk Fyvie, Phil Kaffel, Chad Bamford
Mixing: Paul Leary, Olle Romo, David Thoener
Programming: Poe, John O'Brien, Olle Romo
Arranger: David Campbell

Album Billboard (US)

Year Chart Peak position

2000 The Billboard 200 115

Singles Billboard (US)

Year Single Chart Peak position

2001 "Hey Pretty" Adult Top 40 30

2001 "Hey Pretty" Modern Rock Tracks 13

Hello (Poe album)

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Studio album by Poe

Released October 10, 1995

Recorded 1994-1995

Alternative rock
trip hop


Length 41:24

Label Modern


Producer RJ Rice

Jeffrey Connor

Dave Jerden


Poe chronology

Hello Haunted
(1995) (2000)

Professional ratings

Review scores

Source Rating

Allmusic [1]

Hello is the debut album by American singer/songwriter Poe, released in 1995 on Modern
Records. The album was called "innovative" by critics due to its incorporation of R&B samples
into an electronic soundscape, something that was fairly unheard of at the time.


2Track listing
5Chart positions

The first music video for the album was for the single "Angry Johnny"; it featured Poe on the
skeletal frame of a bed looking forlorn whilst destroying a variety of effects one might associate
with romance (like roses or a box of chocolates). The song's rage-filled lyrics quickly found her
being lumped into the "angry female rocker" category, and the video was heavily played on
MTV's Alternative Nation. The second single, "Hello", did not fare as well, until a remix version
was released two years after the album's initial release.
Hello was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America on November 20,

Track listing[edit]
All songs are written by Poe.

No. Title Length

1. "Hello" 4:31
2. "Trigger Happy Jack (Drive By a Go-Go)" 3:36
3. "Choking the Cherry" 3:34
4. "That Day" 2:41
5. "Angry Johnny" 4:18
6. "Dolphin" 3:47
7. "Another World" 3:20
8. "Fingertips" 4:21
9. "Beautiful Girl" 3:42
10. "Junkie" 3:00
11. "Fly Away" 4:34
Sample credits

"Fingertips" contains a vocal sample from "Like a Lover" as performed by Srgio
Mendes and Brasil '66.[3]

Poe vocals
Richard Barrow flute
Alex Blanc guitar
Jon Brooks drums
Jeffrey Connor bass, guitar
Amp Fiddler keyboard
Eric Garcia guitar, keyboard
Dean Pleasants guitar
RJ Rice keyboard
Matt Sorum drums (2)
Cameron Stone cello
Tony Wilson guitar
Jay Dee - drum programming

Producers: RJ Rice, Jeffrey Connor, Dave Jerden, Poe
Executive producer: Dave Jerden
Engineers: Richard Barrow. Alex Blanc, Bryan Carlstrom, Eric Garcia, Dave Jerden,
Steve Klein
Assistant engineers: Amanda Cruz, Eddie Miller
Mixing: Eric Garcia, Dave Jerden, Steve Klein, Poe
Mastering: Eddy Schreyer
Editing: Alex Blanc, Eric Garcia, Poe
Production coordination: Amanda Cruz
Programming: Lionel Cole, Poe, Rice, Jay Dee (J Dilla)
Bass programming: Jeffrey Connor
Art direction: Stuart Beau Barton & Thomas Bricker
Design: Stuart Beau Barton & Thomas Bricker
Album Cover Photography: Stuart Beau Barton
Photography: Thomas Bricker, Amanda Cruz

Chart positions[edit]
Album Billboard (US)

Year Chart Peak position

1996 Heatseekers 4

1996 The Billboard 200 71

Singles Billboard (US)

Year Single Chart Peak position

1995 Trigger Happy Jack (Drive by a Go-Go) Modern Rock Tracks 27

1996 Angry Johnny Modern Rock Tracks 7

1996 Hello Modern Rock Tracks 13

1997 Hello (Remixes) Hot Dance Music/Club Play 1

Hello (Poe song)
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Single by Poe

from the album Hello

Released October 1996

Format CD

Pop rock
trip hop

alternative rock

Label Modern

Writer(s) Poe, Ronald L Estill

Producer(s) RJ Rice

Poe (co-producer)

Poe singles chronology

"Angry Johnny" "Hello" "Trigger Happy

(1995) (1996) Jack (Drive By a

"Hello" is the second single released by singer-songwriter Poe. When first released, the single
was a moderate success but fared much better on the charts when a remix of the song was
introduced. The music video, which featured a The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari theme was co-
directed by her brother, Mark Z. Danielewski.


1Track listing
o 1.1Original release
o 1.2Remix release
3See also
4External links

Track listing[edit]
Original release[edit]

1. "Hello" (Band Version) 4:13

2. "Hello" (Radio Edit) 4:00
3. "Hello" (Album Version) 4:30

Remix release[edit]

1. "Hello" (E-Smoove Funk Mix) 6:24

2. "Hello" (Modern Mix) 5:17
3. "Hello" (Generator Mix) 8:54
4. "Hello" (Generator Beat Down) 5:39
5. "Hello" (Edge Factor Mix) 7:58
6. "Hello" (Edge Factor Dub) 7:45
7. "Hello" (Nevins' Electronica Mix) 5:13
8. "Hello" (Tribal Dub) 8:46


Chart (1996)

U.S. Modern Rock Tracks 13

U.S. Hot Dance Club Play [1] 1

See also[edit]
List of number-one dance singles of 1997 (U.S.)