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1. Choose the correct form

1. He do/does/is doing his homework every day.
2. We are cleaning/clean/is cleaning our rooms now.
3. They met/meet/will meet an old friend last week.
4. Matthews havent come/hasnt come/didnt come yet.
5. Sarah left/will leave/has left tomorrow.
6. I will call/am calling/call my friend if I remember/will remember/remembered her
7. You told me that he has forgotten/had forgotten/had forget to invite you to his birthday
8. Your children have been playing/have playing/played in the garden since 9 a.m.
9. If he left/has left/would leave, he told/would tell/has told me.
10. They would have come/had come/came if you had ask/had asked/would ask them.
2. Complete the sentences with who , which or where
1. The street. I live is very noisy.
2. This is Alison, .works in the same company as my sister.
3. Theres a shop near here .. I buy magazines.
4. People . smoke can get a lot of disease.
5. I live in Cleja, ..is a beautiful village in the east of Romania.
3. Find the Past Tense and Past Participle forms of these verbs
a) begin_________________________ f) see _
b) go ___________________________ g) eat _
c) write__________________________ h)come
d) do ___________________________ i) make _
e) buy___________________________ j) drink -
4. Complete with: must/have to; mustnt; do not have to; should/shouldnt :
1. When you enter the building you..show the guard your pass.
2. You reallystop smoking.
3. You.wear a uniform at this school, its not necessary.
4. You..drink and drive.
5. Wecheck the gas before we leave.
6. Its really a good film. You..go and see it.
7. You..take pictures here. Its forbidden.
8. Ifinish this work today.
9. Youcross now. The light is red.
10. You still have plenty of time. You.finish this paper today.
5. Complete the sentences with the correct form (infinitive or gerund) of the verb in brackets
1. I prefer (read )books in my own language, but last year, at school, we started
(read).books in English, which I really liked.
2. I would like (become).a critic one day because I enjoy (write)__________.
3. He doesnt mind (wait for).his brother.
6.Write a letter to a friend of yours telling him/her about your summer holiday.
You should include information about the places you visited, the weather, the activities,
location, food and people you met. Do not use more than 100 words.