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Name:______________________ The 5th of December 2015


1. Formulati propozitii scurte cu urmatoarele cuvinte la plural: oaie, cutit, portocala, copil, perie, cireasa:
(2 pct.)

2. Puneti la pluralul corespunzator urmatoarele cuvinte: (1 pct.)

A glass of chocolate
A slice of Coke
A bar of bread
A tin of soup
A carton of lemonade
A piece of peach juice
A bottle of beans
A cup of tea
A bowl of orange juice
A jug of cake
A kilo of spaghetti
A packet of soap
Atentie! Unele cuvinte pot avea mai multi corespondenti in coloana paralela sau niciunul.

3. Puneti la plural urmatoarele cuvinte: (3 pct.)

a. Some water- two ________________________________________________________________

b. Some milk- three_________________________________________________________________
c. Some soup - four _________________________________________________________________
d. Some chocolate - five _____________________________________________________________
e. Some meat six __________________________________________________________________
f. Some cheese - two ________________________________________________________________
g. Some bread - two ________________________________________________________________
h. Some salmon - two _______________________________________________________________
i. Some apples - three _______________________________________________________________

4. Completati spatiile libere corespunzator cu a/ an sau /: (3 pct.)

1. bed 11. very sad story

2. chair 12. web site

3. egg 13. Internet conference

4. fish 14. extremely large dog

5. answer 15. light meal

6. song 16. fantastic answer

7. vacation 17. unusually small head

8. investigation 18. funny joke

9. computers 19. expensive purse

10. old letter 20. hard lessons

1. I have two sisters and brother. My brother has son. That makes me


2. Would you like orange? Or would you prefer banana? We also have

3. Does anyone have cell phone? I need to make emergency phone call.

4. Larry doesn't own car. He rides motorcycle to work.

5. Today, you ate ice cream cone, piece of pizza, burrito and

doughnuts. That's not exactly healthy diet.

6. Let's go see movie. There's adventure film that I have really been wanting to

7. Is there Internet cafe around here? I need to send important email.

8. Instead of making traditional turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, she baked

enormous chicken.
9. It looks like it is going to be rainy day. You should take umbrella.
10. Phil and Debbie took amazing vacation to Switzerland last year. They even climbed

mountain near Lucerne.

Total: 1. ________ + 2. ________ + 3. ________ + 4. _________ + 1p (oficiu) = ______________

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