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Translating Word Problems into Equations

Do you know that you can translate a simple statement into a mathematical
expression? For example, if I tell you to think of a number, double that number and
increase it by 6. How will you represent this by numbers and mathematical
operations? Today we will take many everyday situations or problems, and express
them in terms of letters and numbers, and finally find the missing quantities
through mathematical calculations?

Focus Question
How can we use one or two variables to represent a relationship between two or
more quantities?

Web Resources
For Fun
This website has interactive math and science activities. It is recommended for
elementary and middle schoolers. It has activities for students as well as lesson
planning help for teachers.

All About Writing Equations

Khan academy is a very famous and widely used site for learning. It is an online
learning school with videos and practice problems for all ages and levels in almost
every subject. One can also change the language of instruction at this site.

Something to Solve
IXL is a practice and drill program that is an excellent resource for developing speed
and fluency in different skills taught in mathematics class.

So Lets Get Busy!

Open the first resource and click on the play video icon. Watch the video The
video explains how to write a word problem in mathematical format. After the first
resource, students will use the 2nd resource which explains the process of writing
word problem and solving for missing variables. Students will go through all the
videos and practice problems. Finally, students will use the third resource to
practice some problems. They must give right answers to 10 problems in a row to
move ahead. After using all three resources students will create their own project.
Students have two options. Either to create a booklet using construction paper, or
they can create a Power Point on writing and solving equations. Students must
follow the following format.

I. Booklet or Power Point must have a title page with the name of student.
II. Booklet or Power Point must have at-least three-word problems.
III. Each word problem must be written in word form and in equation form.
IV. Your word problem should have no more than two missing variables.
V. Each problem should be followed by a step by step solution.
VI. You can make the work creative through graphics, drawings or videos.

The project is due a week from the day it is assigned. Have fun!!!