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Date: _____________________________



1. Put each verb given into the present simple or continuous, or the past simple
or continuous. (14 points)

0 Ugh, dont show me that picture! I (hate) hate mice!

1 Where (you go) ______________________ for your holidays last year?
2 At the moment Helen (read) ______________________ a book written by a
Brazilian author.
3 I left school around 5.00, (play) ______________________ football for a while,
then went home.
4 Mary (listen) ______________________ to the radio when her friend Barbara
5 Mary (turn off) ______________________ the radio when her friend Barbara
6 In her free time Helen (read) ______________________ a lot.
7 Where (you spend) ______________________ your holidays next year? In
8 What (you do) ______________________ when the rain started? We went
9 When they arrived in the park a lot of people (play) ______________________
10 People (become) ______________________ more and more interested in solar
11 Where (you spend) ______________________ your holidays? Usually in
12 She (become) ______________________ rich in the fashion industry and retired to
13 What (you do) ______________________ when the rain started? We were
playing tennis.
14 At the moment I (stay) ______________________ at a friends house.

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Name: ____________________________
Date: _____________________________

2. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first
sentence. (8 points)

0 Steve left before my arrival.

When I arrived, Steve had already left .
1 This is my first visit to Italy.
Ive ___________________________________________________________ .
2 Your taxi arrived a moment ago.
Your taxi has ____________________________________________________ .
3 The film started before my arrival.
When I arrived, the film ___________________________________________ .
4 Would you like me to call back later?
Shall ___________________________________________________________.
5 Simone has been learning English for two years.
Simone started ___________________________________________________ .
6 I last went to Spain in 1998.
I havent ________________________________________________________ .
7 After the exam well go for a pizza.
When the exam __________________________________________________ .
8 I intend to speak to my boss tomorrow.
Im ____________________________________________________________ .

3. Put each verb given into the past simple or the present perfect. (8 points)

0 A: Whats the matter?

B: I (cut) have cut myself.
1 A: What did you do on your holiday?
B: We (go) ______________________ to the disco most nights.
2 A: How is the holiday going?
B: Great! We (go) ______________________ to the disco most nights.
3 A: Did you carry on working at the shop after your argument with the manager?
B: No, I (leave) ______________________ .
4 A: Are you still working at the shop?
B: No, I (leave) ______________________ .

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Name: ____________________________
Date: _____________________________

5 A: Why are the police here?

B: There (is) ______________________ an accident.
6 A: Why did the metro stop running yesterday evening?
B: There (is) ______________________ an accident.
7 A: How are the unemployment figures this year?
B: They (rise) ______________________ by 2%.
8 A: How were the unemployment figures last year?
B: They (rise) ______________________ by 2%.

4. Underline the correct word or phrase in each sentence. (14 points)

0 If wed be/were late for class, our teacher will be angry.

1 The teacher told/asked me if Id finished the test.
2 My mobile phone needs recharging! I wish the battery wasnt/isnt flat.
3 Peter must have left/cant have left the flowers for me. Hes been away.
4 If I won/win the lottery, Id travel round the world.
5 Your shoes are too small. You could/Youd better take them back immediately.
6 Rita left a message to say that she would join/had joined you in the pub tonight.
7 I think I must left/must have left my bag on the bus.
8 If youd done/you did more revision, you wouldnt have failed the exam.
9 I said/told to Steve that Id meet him at the swimming baths later.
10 I was giving/was given the necklace by my aunt.
11 I asked her if she would be/was from Switzerland, and she said no.
12 I havent got an umbrella! If it rains, Id get/Ill get wet.
13 I didnt know/wouldnt have known if you hadnt told me.
14 We showed round/were shown round the art gallery by our teacher.

5. Put one of the words or phrases from the box in each space. (10 points)

could have to had to dont have to didnt have to might have

must mustnt must have ought to should
0 You ought to see a dentist if youve got toothache.

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Name: ____________________________
Date: _____________________________

1 Hes looking terrible. He ______________________ see a doctor immediately!

2 Hes not looking too good. I think he ______________________ see a doctor.
3 I ___________________ get my hair cut. Im having a job interview next week.
4 If you need to make a call, you ______________________ use my phone.
5 It ________________ been a disappointment when you failed your driving test.
6 Sorry I couldnt come with you, I ______________________ go to the dentist.
7 Theres no rush. We ______________________ be there until 9.00.
8 These oysters taste strange. It ______________________ been a mistake to order
9 We were lucky! We ______________________ pay!
10 You ______________________ park your car here. Its not allowed.

6. Decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits the space. (10 points)

Going to the movies

I promised my friend Lucy that I (0) B her out to the movies for a treat if she
(1) _____ her driving test. I found out yesterday that she (2) _____ the day before, so I
called her last night and (3) _____ whether she wanted to see the new film with Matt
Dillon. She (4) _____ that she (5) _____ it, but that she (6) _____ to see the Julia Roberts
film instead. It (7) _____ very good reviews by the critics in the newspaper last week, so
we decided to go. It was showing at the Scala cinema on the other side of town. So I (8)
_____ if she (9) _____ give me a lift in her car because I cant drive. She didnt sound
very happy but said she (10) _____ to my house and collect me.

0 A had taken B would take C take D will take

1 A would pass B had passed C will pass D passed
2 A would pass B had passed C was passing D has passed
3 A asked her B told her C said her D spoke her
4 A asked me B told me C said me D spoke me
5 A would already see B was already seeing C had already seen D already seen
6 A loved B loves C will love D would love
7 A was given B has been given C gave D gives
8 A told B said her C asked her D spoke
9 A would B should C must D will

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Name: ____________________________
Date: _____________________________

10 A had already come B comes C would come D will come

7. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. (6

0 Are you staying here all summer? the little girl asked me.
The little girl asked me if/whether I was staying there all summer .
1 I havent got a dog but I want one.
I wish __________________________________________________________ .
2 I think you should leave your job. Thats what Id do.
If I ____________________________________________________________ .
3 Somebody has stolen my wallet!
My wallet _______________________________________________________ .
4 Istanbul is my place of birth.
I was __________________________________________________________ .
5 Its not necessary for me to wear a tie at work.
I dont _________________________________________________________ .
6 It was possible for Marcus to get lost.
Marcus could ____________________________________________________

8. Rewrite each sentence so that it contains the word in bold, and so that the
meaning stays the same. (8 points)

0 I felt really tired, so I stayed at home and had a rest.

I stayed at home and had a rest because I felt really tired .
1 A new student joined our class. She is called Joanna.
The ____________________________________________________________ .
2 I have a friend. This persons father comes from Sweden.
I have __________________________________________________________ .

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Name: ____________________________
Date: _____________________________

3 Jim gave me a book. It is really good.

The ____________________________________________________________ .
4 Jim gave me a book. It is really good
Jim ___________________________________________________________
5 This is as fast as I can go.
I cant __________________________________________________________ .
6 The restaurants were both expensive.
Neither _________________________________________________________
7 Sue is better at History than Silvia.
Silvia is not _____________________________________________________
8 Nobody is better at History than Melanie.
Melanie is the ___________________________________________________

On the house: 22 points

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