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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

7:15-8:30 Tabletop activities:

Arrival and manipulatives, journals, books
8:30-9:00 (LG3) (LG1 and LG2) (LG1 and LG2) (LG1 and LG2) (LG3)
Morning What is What do you Where are some Discuss plot What are some
Meeting performing need to tell a different places different
arts? story? a story can take techniques
place? used to tell a
Please see board in front hallway.
9:20-10:45 Blank booklets to begin writing stories (LG2 and LG3)
Indoor Puppet Theater (LG 2 and LG3)
Investigations Small group: Felt board to explore character, setting, and plot (LG1, LG2, and LG3)
Reflection Did anyone do something interesting during investigations that they want to share?

11:00-11:45 Story Stones with paint (LG 1, LG2, and LG3)

Outdoor Create stories using dramatic play materials with stage for performing (LG2 and LG3)
Investigations Yarn Painting
11:45-12:10 Three Little Pigs Action! Writing Lilys Purple Flotsam The Jungle Book
Literacy Your Own Play Plastic Purse

Please see board in front hallway.
Half Day
Please see board in front hallway.
2:45-3:10 I Got the Mouse Magic Shadow Too Tall Houses
Literacy Rhythm Chasers

3:10-4:00 Dancing with Texture Light and Tinfoil Read with Mr.
Enrichment Emotion Drawing/Paintin Shadow Studio Sculptures Guy
g with puppets
4:00-4:45 Story Stones with paint
Outdoor Create stories using dramatic play materials with stage for performing
Investigations Yarn Painting
Full Day

Teaching Strategies GOLD Objectives for Development and Learning met:

Social-Emotional: Establishes and sustains positive relationships

Physical: Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills

Physical: Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination

Language: Listens to and understands increasingly complex language

Language: Uses language to express thoughts and needs

Cognitive: Remembers and connects experiences

Cognitive: Uses symbols and images to represent something not present

Literacy: Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses

Literacy: Comprehends and responds to books and other texts

Science and Technology: Uses tools and other technology to perform tasks

The Arts: Explores the visual arts

The Arts: Explores drama through actions and language