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Wednesday 26th November, 2014

CXC IT November, 2014

Venue: Ministry of Education Conferences Room 3 rd floor

SBA Scenario Need to have 64


1. Data Entry- Do together in class

[ Given 32 records Add an additional 32 records]

Do table together on the Board with students

Give Electronic copy of 32 records- copy and paste

Change name, change dates of birth

Jan 97 Dec 2003
Use a directory for names
Header at the top of every page Name, School, Territory

Database Section

Insert all 64 records before you create primary key

Do A and B before C

d- Create an update query & use the data

- Use now date function
- Update query

Task B

Put a sheet before and after (instructions)

4 Task B-4

Screenshot- field size EVENT

Put cursor: Table screenshot, before and after.

Events table ID

Declare Athlete ID as Primary Key

Athlete ID As Primary Key

Task C

Take houses from Events Play around with it

Take house (points) Take from the Events Table


Task A

a. Keep table in black, white, shades of grey

IF function or

V Look up function (Use)

b. Use subtotal function

The postion
- Using office 2010 cause error
- Re enter position in Position Column
- Postion Number

Task B

Do not calculate VAT Create side table to reference data or on the bottom

Change column in pie chart

2 marks for Pie Chart, 1mark for column graph

1 to create pie 1 to create column graph

1 to label pie

Coaches ID Auto Number

Word Processing : Section

IF THEN ELSE for Letters of coaches of the winning house

Put whatever data for Friday 20th March 2015

3. Make a Brochure using column in Word

Paper landscape

[two tables] Put table with all events

- Make a table ; put in brochure

- Table of events ; Winning Houses; Points
- Print screen If statement in Mail Merge
2. (b).Print screen document from data base


c. Min Max
Use to calculate points
Use Arrays
For robustness house having negative points or points greater than 9

Use Repeat + Unit Loop at beginning of program or can use

The OR operator
Total points
Add condition for it the program do not calculate with points less than 0.