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Electrical Engineering and Technology SBA.

1. Integrated circuits or IC are an electronic circuit formed on a
small piece of semiconducting material, which performs the same
function as a larger circuit made from discrete components.
2. You look at the notch at the top and identify pin to the left,
this pin is 1
3. And GATE
5. An operational amplifier is considered an IC because it has
many small component which does the functions of larger


When the Input A and Input B werent grounded the LED lit, but
when input a or b were grounded there was no output. In the case
when both Input A and B were grounded there was no output.

Switches S1 and S2 were connected in series. When S11 was

closed there was no output, the results were the same when S1
was closed. When both switches were closed.
Relevant Theory
AND gate a circuit which produces an output signal only when
signals are received simultaneously through all input connections.
Principles of working AND gates are often seen when a two
components are connected in series e.g. switches if both switches
arent closed at the same time the circuit wouldnt be operational.
Electrical Engineering and Technology SBA. 8
1. When load current decreases load resistance increases
2. As Il increases I1 increases
3. As Il increases Vac increases Vab decreases
4. The voltage would have inceases in Rl of R2

Two voltage values Vab and Vac equal same voltage. The load
current decreases as load resistance increases. The voltage
increases across Rl if R2is closed but, the current decreases.
Relevant Theory:
A voltage divider circuit uses resistor to reduce voltage.
Voltage dividers work on he principle of OHMS laws. Voltage
dividers work with both AC and DC circuits. Voltage dividers
are used to get a desire voltage output, this can be obtained
by rearrange the resistor. Voltage dividers are used in
amplifiers and calculators. Voltage dividers are ineffective for
a current value 10ma an greater.