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GPD2806A User's Manual

V0.1 - Apr. 17, 2013

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GPD2806A User's Manua l

1. Overview
GPD2806A is designed for non-screen card MP3 player applications designed for the chip. For different content storage devices
Provides a read SD card and T-flash card playback MP3 function, but also through the USB connection to the PC as a card reader, you can also
Automatically determine whether the external FM receiver chip to determine the function of open radio or not.
For external key planning, GPD2806A through the three IO port to operate 3 to 5 button operation, to facilitate a variety of machines
Type with different application planning. The biggest feature is the GPD2806A to SOP16 package, you can push the headset,
To crystal way to achieve a very cost-effective solution.

2. Key Features
SD / T-flash card interface, no IO port hardware detection, the software can directly detect SD / T-flash card plug.
Play MP3 songs in the SD / T-flash card.
Received PC can be used as a card reader, that is, USB device mass-storage.
do not need plug-in crystal, saving materials and production costs.
no screen program.
through the I2C control external 5 FM receiver chip, or external EEPROM.
The master will automatically determine whether there is an external EEPROM on the PCBA; if so, the settings are saved to
EEPROM, if not, then save to the T-flash card.
Supports 5 FM radio ICs. The master will automatically determine whether the FM function, with / no FM function can be a total of
With the same piece of PCB.
3 keys, 3-key, 4-key, 5-key.
DAC output without string DC blocking capacitor, you can push the stereo headphones.
Master only requires a single power input = lithium battery.
An LED, in addition to showing the playback status, but also as a low battery warning, when the power is less than 3.1V will flash
Package Type: SOP16 package.

3. Applications
No screen Apple clip, sports headphones, no screen mini speakers


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GPD2806A User's Manua l

4. Pin Definition

number name Functional description

1 V33_REG V3.3V Master internal 3.0V power supply, please plug the 0.1uF and 10uF capacitor voltage regulator.
2 V50_REG Vbat Main control power input, directly connected to the lithium battery (3.6 ~ 4.2V) or DC5V.
3 VSS DGND Master ground, digital ground.
4 VCMO VCMO Header output reference level.
5 DACOL DACL Headset left channel analog output.
6 VCOM Vref Master the internal analog circuit reference level; please hang 1uF capacitor regulator.
7 DACOR DACR Headset right channel analog output.
8 VSS_DA16 AGND Main control of the internal analog circuit ground.
9 DM USB_DM USB data lines.
10 DP USB_DP USB data lines.
11 IOA0 LED / IOKEY is mainly to control the LED display, but also a key control.
12 IOB1 SD_CLK SD / T-flash card clock output.
SD_DET In the case of external FM, will be at the same time and SD_DET input.
13 IOB0 SD_CMD (1) SD / T-flash card command.
I2C_CLK (2) I2C clock, connect EEPROM or FM receiver chip.
14 IOB4 IOKEY Button control two.
15 IOB2 SD_D0 (1) SD / T-flash card data - D0.
I2C_DAT (2) I2C data, connect EEPROM or FM receiver chip.
16 IOB3 IOKEY Key control three.


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GPD2806A User's Manua l

The key operation functions

button MP3 mode FM mode (when there is an external FM radio IC)

dog Press dog Press
KEY1 Previous Rewind If you have saved: skip to the last saved station Search for one
If the station: the current frequency of -0.1MHz
KEY2 Next Fast forward If you have saved, skip to the next saved station Search down one
If not: current frequency + 0.1MHz
KEY3 V- V-- V- V--
KEY4 V + V ++ V+ V ++
KEY5 / 6 Play / Pause Switch to FM to search for all stations and store stations with signals
Switch to MP3
KEY7 Previous V-- If you have saved: skip to the last saved station V--
If you do not survive: search for one
KEY8 Next V ++ If you have saved: skip to the next saved station V ++
If you do not survive: search down one

(6-1) FM mode, the so-called "search up one", refers to the current channel to 87.5MHz direction search the most effective
Radio station, and then stop to play the radio; "search down one" is to 108.0MHz direction to search for the nearest effective radio.
(6-2) FM radio can store up to 50 units.
(6-3) Press [Play / Pause] in FM mode to search and store all received signals at 87.5MHz ~ 108MHz.
station. If you have stored stations, short press [Previous] and [Next] to jump to the saved stations. Otherwise, short press
[Previous] or [Next] will only immediately go up / down search for a, or only jump 0.1MHz.
(6-4) "V-" means that the volume is reduced after one level stops until the button is pressed again; "V--" means that as long as the key is pressed
And the volume continues to decrement until the button is pressed or the volume changes. "V +" "V ++" is a similar definition.
(6-5) Press the [Play / Pause] button only to skip the FM playback mode when there is an FM radio IC on the PCB. In the absence of
Plug the FM, long press [Play / Pause] is no effect.
(6-6) All settings and search results are saved to the T / SD card.


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GPD2806A User's Manua l

6. FM module
(7-1) currently supports RDA5807M, BK1080, QN8035, KT0830, RTC6215.
(7-2) The FM volume is controlled via I2C.
(7-3) The Left + Right output of the FM receiver chip must be connected in parallel with the L + R of the master chip via the capacitor (C13, C15) + resistor
Connected together; C13 / C15 used to block the two sides of the DC level, the resistance used to control the maximum FM volume.
(7-4) I2C data (DATA) / CLOCK The line can be connected in series 1K resistor (R10, R11) to reduce high frequency interference.

Card 7. T / SD card connection

T card 3V power supply, be sure to and the main control GPD2806A output 3V power supply to resist (R12 = 4.7) separated;
Card 3V power supply plus a 10uF regulator capacitor C12; this is to prevent the instantaneous flow of large T card in turn affect the
System power supply stability.

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GPD2806A User's Manua l

8. headphone output
The master DAC output can push the 32 headphone directly.
Regardless of the left channel or right channel, phone jack can be directly connected to the master output.

[Connection 1] When there is no plug-in FM radio IC:

In order to save the components, please DACL and R two output directly connected to the headset, no need to connect in series C and R.
To pay special attention to is
At this point must be the phone jack shell reference to the master of the VCMO feet.

[Connection 2] When there is an external FM radio IC:

Please DACL and R two output, must be re-connected in series C (optional plus R), and then with the FM radio L and R
The outputs are connected together. To pay special attention to this time must be the phone jack shell reference to the earth (rather than the master
VCMO feet).

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GPD2806A User's Manua l

9. LED lights
Output Please push a 510 resistor in series

The lights are displayed Normal voltage state Low voltage state
Play mode
Flashing ON OFF Flashing ON OFF
Search the process of the radio
1 time per second
0.5 seconds 0.5 seconds per second 4 times 0.1250.125
FM mode
Play radio channel Long bright 4 times per second 0.125 seconds
0.125 seconds
Play the song during the process
Two times a time1 second 1 second 4 times per second 0.125 seconds
0.125 seconds
SD mode
Pause the song Long bright 4 times per second 0.125 seconds
0.125 seconds


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GPD2806A User's Manua l

10. The electric properties of
(10-1) Absolute maximum rating
Rating Symbol Value Unit
Supply Voltage 1 V33_REG 0 to 3.6 V
Supply Voltage 2 V33_DA16 0 to 3.6 V
Supply Voltage 3 V12_REG 0 to 1.32 V
Supply Voltage 4 V50_REG 0 to 4.2 V
Input Voltage V IN 0 to 3.6 V
Operating Temperature TA 0 to 85
Storage Temperature T STG -40 to +150
(10-2) DC characteristics
Characteristic Symbol Unit Condition
Min. Typ Max.
V33_REG 3.0 3.1 3.6 V-
V33_DA16 3.0 3.1 3.6 V-
Voltage 2
V12_REG 1.08 1.2 1.32 V-
Operating V50_REG
3.0 4.2 4.5 V
Voltage 4
Operating @ 48MHz, 3.3V, all
I OP - 13 - MA
Current Clocks on
Power Down Halt Mode
I PD - TBD - A
High Input
V IH 0.7VCC_33 - VCC_33 V -
Low Input
V IL VSS - 0.8 V-
(10-3) DAC characteristics
Characteristic Unit Condition
Min. Typ Max.
Resolution - 16 - Bit -
Full Scale Output Voltage - 2 - Vp-p -
Noise at No Signal -85 90 - DBv -
(9-4) Regulators
Characteristics Symbol Unit
Min. Typ Max.
Input Voltage V50_REG 3.0 4.2 5 V
Input Voltage V33_REG 3.0 3.1 3.6 V
Output Voltage V33_REGO 3.1 V
Output Voltage V12_REGO 1.2 V


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GPD2806A User's Manua l

11. Referring to FIG design principle a (not FM radio)

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GPD2806A User's Manua l

12. Referring to FIG design principle bis (an FM radio IC)


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GPD2806A User's Manua l

13. Version revision

Version page to modify the content
V0.1 First edition