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In that case, I would have Nuisance means an obnoxious or Bothersome

to hurry up and reel in the something or annoying person, thing, Rats are such a nuisance. irritating
slack and pull and steer the someone that I condition, practice, etc. annoying
kite back into the winds find irritating. (
until, just to get rid of the
nuisance, the winds would
take my kite where I
wanted it to go.

Embody Embodiment means to provide with a body; My mother is my exhibit

In my own mind, Father a physical incarnate; make embodiment of honor. demonstrate
was the embodiment of representation of a corporeal symbolize
Uncle's superior man. feeling.

In his exuberance, he Exuberant means to effusively and almost In his exuberance, Tom zest
swelled up to his former be happy or uninhibitedly accidently spilled his high spirits
gigantic size. enthusiastic. enthusiastic; lavishly drink. exhilaration
He had a round face, with Protrude is to thrust forward After the car accident buldge
broad cheeks and a weak something that juts there was a shard of jut out
chin that made his thick out. glass protruding from project
lips seem to protrude even his hand.

Now as a soft-skin you can Remnant is a fragment or scrap. The baby has remnants remainder
only make the things called something that is of chocolate all over his residue
kitesthat skill is only a leftover after the face. fragment
remnant of your old larger portion is
powers gone.