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Marie: Merging equitable title with legal title. Why do we want to do that?
Caller: You've gotta claim the equitable title from the state.
Absolutely right. Now who has the authority to do that?
The Executor?
The Beneficiary.
Yes. But why does the beneficiary have the authority to do that? What can the public servant's pieces of paper not do?
They're civilly dead. They can't move, talk, mark a paper. It cannot make an assertion [ ]. Why does the human being with
blood in his veins get to do that?
Caller: Because we created the whole program.
Right. So what are the people? Donors, grantors, settlors. Why is that important when you make a stand to take away from
the state what the state wrongfully took from the people when your mother informed the state of the property of the
marriage? What can living people take back from the state...
Caller: the birth certificate.
...when the state took the corpus of the marriage trust away from mom and dad?
Caller: Well one it was done under an adhesion contract which is null and void so they can go in and counteract it. There
was no disclosure.
That's right. So what can the people do?
Take back the birth certificate. The instrument that originated it.
And what's contained in that BC?
A bond.
The title! The equitable title. So what can the people do? Under the Doctrine of Merger, the people can merger the equitable
title with the legal title of what?
Well if you did it that way wouldn't that put you under the de facto because now you're merged with their instrument?
No, they're merged with me. They hold the equitable title in the all capital letter name. If we merge that
with our private name as DBA (Doing Business As) what happens when that occurs? You create a new ownership of that
equitable title. When both the equitable and the legal titles are merged under the Doctrine of Merger, it states that the
presumptive constructive trust is then abolished and dissolved.
Caller: You use an SS4, and get an EIN number.
What happens when a judge signs an order using the all capital letter name?
Caller: Its kaching, kaching. Its commerce.
And where does that kaching, kaching have to go after the 2 titles are merged? Into my back pocket. Into the people's back
pocket. Now when you do this merger and you bond it, what happens then?
Caller: They can't dissolve it.
That's right. They cannot dissolve it but most of those documents coming out of the court have no less than 12 zeros on
them by the time they go from point A to point Z. Is that not true?
Twelve zeros?
At least. Where does that go if you own the all capital letter name?
Caller: Back to the individual who owns the name.
Absolutely right. This is what we learned on Saturday night and the webinar students will get a recording and Jean goes into
the definition of merger. What is merger? What is the Doctrine of Merger? That will be coming out in the webinar this
week. So what's the ramifications of all this? What do you think?
Caller: The little black robed [ ] are gonna run?
I believe they will. Why are they gonna run?
Caller: The liability.
They have the liability that if they sign an order and they don't give the title holder the relief the title holder is due then they
become tax liable for the 12 zeros that's going to be added on the document that gets in any court case. It starts out at 5
numbers. For every court hearing a zero is added. Then the federal court buys those judgments. They add their zeros on their
federal bonding paper and then it goes on...by the time you get done, somebody told me on a typical mortgage there's
something like 32 times a bonding [run?] even on a mortgage. What you do when you take control of the ownership of the
name, not the item, its like putting a patent/trademark on a name. Everyone who touches that name has to pay a royalty. And
what is that royalty but the zeros the court system puts on the item, the name. So how do you go about merging the titles.
How do you go about bonding that merging? A Public notice.
Caller: If I take ownership of the corpus of the trust there's no trust.
You're absolutely right.
Caller: And there goes all my funny money.
Caller: No you can collect it cause you are the beneficiary and you are the executor of that... If you own that item and you
have the right to the royalty of that item does everything that pertained to that item have to come back to you? 14:16 So now
we have stopped killing trees with one page and when you bond it and get your bonding number on there, that bonding
number goes on everything that is connected to that royalty and what does that do? Whether its a drivers license, or a
marriage license, a birth certificate. You bond it with your bond, what happens to it?
Caller: If they trespass on it they owe you.
Absolutely right. Every time you get anything from anybody... we have put our conditional acceptances on everything, but
now you can take every paper you get in a court setting and what do you need to do to it? If you have taken proper merging
ownership of that all capital letter name, what can you do with every piece of paper from every agent, agency, sub-agency?
Put the bond number on it. And what does that do?
Caller: They become liable every time they trespass on it.
Absolutely and no this is not a Tim Turner process from 10 years ago.
Caller: When you go into court and ask them for their fidelity bond to cover that taxable event, now when you take
ownership of it don't you have to take responsibility and cover the tax on it? And the bond would do that?
Caller: Not if they're your fiduciary. Its their responsibility.
They're still the trustees if you have appointed them as trustees they still have to pay the bill but where does the bill get sent
to? Me. You're absolutely right. Anything connected to that all capital letter name is what? Mine! 17:08
Caller: When they're dealing with that upper case name all that property is yours.
Congratulations [ ] kaching, kaching kaching. And who bears the taxable termination and penalties and fees when they don't
pay the taxes?
The fiduciary trustee because they've got the liability. Now copyrighting the name and trademarking it, wouldn't that grab
ahold of it?
No, you didn't bond it.

But if you did bond it too?

I can guarantee that you didn't sign it correctly and you didn't bond it correctly and that's why its had no force and effect on
anything. We've bonded with 21 silver dollars, but if you bond it with their bonding procedures, now they, the entity piece
of papers, can recognize that bonding. Remember, they can't see you, they can't deal with you because you are a living
spirit. And most of these agencies' agents, sub-agencies and sub-agents are now being controlled and run by things that don't
have souls. And if you pay attention to how you feel when you get around one of these things your body and your spirit will
recognize, and you will be able to see the subtle differences in the physiology to confirm what your soul and your spirit is
feeling. But aside from that, if all the people would take control and merge that equitable title with the legal title then the
presumptive constructive trust that was created when you were born, with your mom, the state and your dad is all of a
sudden liquidated. 20:42
You have a right to make a stand and put out a notice and have it [ ], is that true? Do you have that right as one of the
people? What do you think? [I think the state is not going to turn over the original birth certificate] Okay one piece of paper:
Know all ye men/assignees, by these presents, nunc pro tunc (now as then... What have we been learning the last 3 months
with Jean? Haven't we been learning that the state took this presumptive death certificate and filed it when you were seven
years old because that's what it says. After 7 years because you are presumed dead, and how much time do you have to
correct that error?
Age of 18.
Do they not give you 7 more years because at 7 years of age you [ ] and you didn't know what was going around? They give
you a time frame between 18 and 25. And if you [ ] up by the time you're 25, what does the state do? At 25 do they not [ ]
somewhere, in never never land, a presumptive death certificate? [I'd like to see one]
Caller: Where do you tell em and how do you tell em you're alive?
Okay. Know all ye men/assignee, by these presents, nunc pro tunc... after your 25TH birthday. Bond number as :maria-
janet: donor, grantor, settlor, Doing Business As the all capital letter name, and for us ladies, and all derivatives past and
present thereof unto eternity, cause some of us have changed our names more than once.., under bond number so and so
merges all equitable title with all legal title of all capital letter name and all derivatives past and present pursuant to the
Doctrine of Merger thereof unto eternity nunc pro tunc back to your 25TH birthday. One paragraph. Record it at the county
clerks office.
Caller: Then you can take it out of the county clerk's office and stick it in your court case.
You don't put it in the court case. What are we taught to do? We don't file anything. People serve. They do not file. So what
are the requirements of this merger? You gotta have 3 more living human beings with souls validate that you are the Donor,
Grantor and Settlor. So they put their private markings on your notice to validate, out of the mouth of three, what happens?
Becomes a fact. Becomes a truth. So then when you sign as Donor, Grantor and Settlor, because you are the source of the
funds. You are the source of everything. Now you take that bond number which is what number? 27:19 Where do you get
the bond number?
Do we buy a standard bond from a bonding agent?
What happens when you send a security to anybody? How do you send it?
Caller: You're registered mail number.
Is that registered mail number a bond? Certified numbers are not bonds. A registered number is a bond. If you have children
under 18 what can you do with that bonding number? You get to stake your claim to that all capital letter name until that
individual comes of age...If you take a bond that you have and bond to a minor children's name to your bond what
effectively happens to everything concerning them?
Caller: You have bonded them with your name.
That's right. So now you as Donor, Grantor and settlor take over that name, school records, doctor records, any kind of
records of that all capital letter name of your minor child, now is attached to you. Does this effect your relationship to
agents, agencies, sub agents and sub agencies? Child Protective Services can't take the child unless there is a claim of failure
to protect. Remember there's also responsibility that comes along with [ ] status. 32:34
Caller: Can Granny in Michigan, can she do that with her daughter and then her granddaughter and get her back?
I believe so if she learns to do the complex trust [breaking up badly due to a heavy breather on line]...
34:50 So you have to learn these concepts and you have to know your capacity and standing to discern it. But this is where
we have just now figure out how we can stop killing trees. Jean goes into a lot more depth than I can do here other than to
tell you that once you have your bonding number and let the post office be your third party witness on that bonding number
and activating that bonding number I believe that a lot of difficulties will be alleviated. 35:57
38:20 Caller: Has Jean done this?
We are doing it now and we're waiting for the ramifications and the results. But, knowing the trust law, know how it
fits together and seeing the whole puzzle piece makes a big difference.
Caller: They say that they own the social security number and the birth certificate and you're taking those away from them.
Yes. They have the equitable title. We figured this out when we took a look at the Unlawful Detainers. What happens when
you go into court on an Unlawful Detainer?
Caller: What is an Unlawful Detainer?
Where they go to kick you off the land. The mortgage company says they sold your house. They walk into court what is the
first thing the judge says? The issue is who holds equitable title? If you have never taken equitable title away from the judge
or the state, the judge consistently signs the Unlawful Detainers.
Caller: I believe when you record the deed that is an equitable title.
Yes. So how do you get it back and why do you have the capacity and standing to take it back?
Caller: Cause it was taken under fraud?
The people, those of us with souls and our spirits and our being, we have the Power of Appointment and we have the
right to merge anything we want connected to us.
Caller: That's true. That comes under the 10TH Amendment? The 10TH article of the...
So if you make a stance and you make a claim and that claim is not objected to, what happens? And can the piece of
paper object. 41:55
Caller: Well the opposition would write some piece of paper saying no you can't do that.
Are you really sure?
Or the judge might stand there and say no you can't do that.
Are you really sure after its bonded and they've received a claim of a complex trust? They could do a lot of things but I don't
know of any one individual, mob connected, judicial connected, green tree connected that will not try to protect their back
pocket first. If you're in that judges position and he knows that by signing a paper with that all capital letter name that has
now been patented and bonded, is not the penalties pretty high just in the realm of commerce?
Caller: How would you use this in court to get rid of a speeding ticket?
Again its all based on the all capital letter name. Take your speeding ticket, put your bond number on it and give it right
Caller: They got me for 7 over and they didn't have me sign it.
They don't have to have you sign it anymore. But, if you bond that ticket with your bond on your DBA, you're it, is the
judge gonna sign the order? Because whatever he penalty or price he assigns, where does it have to go?
Caller: Back to the individual that owns the bond and has the name.
Absolutely right. So its a futile exercise of that judge to assign any kind of fine or penalty. 44:32
Caller: Now when he does that does he not also have to give the money off of that CRIS number?
Absolutely. Remember, that ticket has 10, 12, 14 how ever many zeros on it from the minute that it was put into the court
record. Where do all those zeros go? Where do all those taxes go? Who has the title to the name? So does it really matter
how many federal reserve notes they asked you to take out of your pocket? They're going to know that its futile. It all has to
come back to you anyway.
You're going to hand anybody a copy of your bonding. A copy of that merging. And you can sit right there on the side of the
road and say, think you better have the presiding judge come out here at 3 o'clock in the morning to hold court. 46:55
Because we both know that only I can hold court. Are those cops going to make the decision, that when they come across
a 'people' properly bonded, properly has merged that DBA name, can leave you alone.
Caller: Do you have to wait so many days after you have got that recorded?
I don't know. I'm not sure yet. We're gonna find out in the next 2 or 3 days. There probably will not be a call on Wednesday.
So we are coming right down to the wire and we're getting the validation with the bonding. Its my understanding the minute
the bond bonds anything you do not have to wait. Its done. 48:46
Caller: So just the registered mail number attached to it, no money or anything does the bonding?
Caller: You mail this in to the county recorder with a registered letter?
I would take it to get it recorded. What you're going to activate the bond with is a very distinct mailing back to yourself
much like we did with the Executor letter.
Caller: My county does not record anything miscellaneous.
Go to another county.
Does it matter what state?
Keep it in the state you're in. They have to record a notice. You're letting the public know that you have taken the patent on
your business, DBA all capital letter name, something they cannot do and your recorder of deeds will record it under notice
and that's where you want it recorded.
Caller: Now can you also go after all the money that they put on your birth certificate bond?
I don't know about that. I just know that when you take equitable title and legal title and merge them together, the all capital
letter name that used to be a liability in a constructive trust, now becomes ownership of the living breathing human with a
soul. So therefore anything done connected to that DBA, your business, they gotta pay you the royalty. 51:50 That royalty is
what they make, or what they claim to make, after the use of that all capital letter name.
Caller: So you can take this to those court cases and settle those cases where they want to foreclose on you. You can settle
those in a heartbeat then.
If you take and bond your deed of trust. And how do you bond your Deed of Trust? Once you have your bond in place, once
you have activated your bond number, yes, you take and bond that equitable title. You're bonding that equitable title to that
legal title and when you take both positions that effectively dissolves the Trust.
Caller: But there's one thing about that upper case filing. They created it. Its their creation supposedly for our benefit.
But as Grantor, Settlor and Donor to that name we have the right to merge it with our legal title. Only the people can merge
with the legal title. The people have always had the bazooka pen. 54:10
Caller: Equitable title, legal title. Is there such a thing as lawful title? You're merging 2 fictions...
They're claiming we have the legal right to enter into any contract, but none of us even signed anything in capital letters. I'm
just saying; State, I have the right to merge it to me. When I merge it to me I merge it to my lower case identity.
Caller: But is your lower case identity legal or lawful?
My lower case identity...The lower case name is a private name as the individual is the soul. Is the Donor, Grantor, Settlor
and Beneficiary. So when you bind those 2 together with the merging, you wipe out their trust. So they have no standing.
Caller: So where do all our funds go if there's no place to put them?
What funds? ...We're working on how to access those. But right now I just want to make sure that they use my capital letter
name and they gotta give me a royalty.
57:00 My lower case letter name, as Grantor, Settlor and Donor, the all capital letter DBA to me.
1:01 you can look up Doctrine of Merger on something law dot com. It simply says when equitable title is merged with
legal title the Trust is dissolved. One of the things they say is that when the person holding equitable title sells to the person
holding legal title the equitable title [and?] the trust is dissolved. But what do you do when you pay the funny money for the
registered mail sticker? Are you not effectively purchasing that equitable title? [good question]
Caller: you don't purchase those registered mail number.
Of course, you have to put the postage on it. When you pay the postage are you not buying the equitable title? [still a good
And there's more to the process here dealing with the UCC and other aspects. I still have one more step to do to finalize hat
I've done here.
1:07 When you take that activated bond number and apply it to whatever it breaks the constructive trust and dissolves it
under the Doctrine of Merger. Instead of reams of paper you have one page, one paragraph and then whatever you attach
that bond number to, whatever exhibit you want, attached to that first notice you can attach whatever you want. In this case
we attach certified birth certificates, certified copies of marriage license, certified copies of minor children's birth
certificates. All of those items got bonded and stuck to the bond that was activated through the action of mailing to activate
that bond number. 1:08:55 [the state says they own the birth certificate and will not give up the original. So now they have
to give you the original? That'd make a good test eh?]
1:11 I'm going to be bonding my Trustee's Deed and my Deed of Trust to my bond number. I'm gonna be merging that all
capital letter name and bonding it to my bond number. We don't know exactly what's gonna happen over that, yet.
Caller: But then you should be able to take that and get all the money they made off of it because it was yours.
But when you get rid of the money issue and for me I go in and say Okay, which I've already done to the individual holding
the property hostage, that took that land subject to my defenses of set off and recoupement. Now I can do an Unlawful
Detainer and when that individual figures out that they have a very large tax liability when they fail to return the property to
me. 1:12 There's been a lot of people talk about these concepts over the years but Jean is the only one that has put the puzzle
together on all four fronts. In the tax codes, probate codes, in the code codes [UCC, CFR, USC], and accounting codes. And
when you put this together you see the whole picture, then you can adequately defend.
Caller: years ago we took our birth certificates and tried to send them in to Paulson and on the letter that accompanied it was
the registered number of the registered mail which was part of the cover letter to Paulson. So I see various uses of this
registered mail number being used as a bond number. But I don't think back at that point we knew essentially that's what
purpose it was serving.
Right, but we still did not claim the equitable title. Now when we claim that equitable title and we bond that equitable title
to our private lower case soul spirit so to speak, so that now we have trumped everything that they think they could try to
Because actual trumps virtual.
Correct. And when you effectively put a patent on something like this is doing [is it?], you know in theory, bonding it to
yourself, now they have to pay a royalty. Now what is that royalty each and every time?
Caller: I don't know but is it a lot of money?
Whatever they claim in a fee, in a fine, in a direction, in an order, in anything. In whatever that value they put on that all
capital letter name has to come back to you as a royalty because you own that equitable title with the legal title.
Caller: And it could probably work for bills.
Eventually I think it can. 1:15:54
Its true that it will take up to 21 days before your subconscious mind coagulates with your conscious mind.
1:19 Why do you say you get a free house? You pay for the house when you sign the promissory note. They deposited it.
That's money. That house was paid for. Because it went into default at the closing table. Because they did not transfer into
the REMIC and the REMIC did not pay the taxes on the transfer that it is supposed to pay, the REMIC became a tax evaded
and committed tax evasion. That doesn't mean that the house was not paid for.
The warrant on the Power of Attorney is all done with a capital letter name. You take effective title over that capital letter
name it destroys the warrant on the Power of Attorney.
1:23:24 yes I believe the banks would then be exposed to the taxable event. If you have a bank that you're dealing with set
them up with a complex trust. Give them 3 days to straighten out their mess, and ledger them in the billions (2500 gold
pieces per hour). I don't think they would be in a position to say or do anything.
[music comes on at some point and plays till 1:27 then interference till 1:38, then chit chat till end at 1:46]