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A Case Study on Branding Strategies Implemented by Godrej

Table of Contents

1 Introduction ...2
2 Brand Audit ...2
2.1 Customer Based Brand Equity (CBBE) Model ..........................................5
Brand Equity Pyramid ......................................................................................5
2.1.1 Brand Salience ........................................................................................5
2.1.2 Brand Performance & Brand Imagery .................................................6
2.1.3 Judgement and Feeling ...........................................................................6
2.1.4 Brand Resonance .....................................................................................7
3 Brand Development & Strategy ........................................................................8
3.1 Brand Product Matrix ....................................................................................8
3.2 Global branding .............................................................................................10

4 Branding Performance and Metrics.

5 Conclusion

A Case Study on Branding Strategies Implemented by Godrej

1. Introduction
Established in 1897, Godrej is still young even after 116 years of existence. The
brand has come a long way from manufacturing its first safe in 1902 till creating
Gojiyo, a free browser-based 3D virtual world in 2010.
The brand has 7 major companies with significance in real estate, FMCG (Fast
Moving Consumer Goods), industrial engineering, appliances, furniture, security and
agriculture with turnover crossing 4.1 billion dollars. The brand is present in 60
countries and overall overseas business is around 26%. (The Godrej Group, 2013)

2. Brand Audit
This helps in measuring the health of the brand and revealing the sources of brand
equity. It is conducted in two parts, first the brand inventory, which is companys
perspective to understand how their products and services are sold and marketed.
Godrej rebranded them with the theme called brighter living for the
strength to dazzle consumer with their wide range of products and unparalleled
services. Through brighter living the company is targeting to bring their brand to life.
In past lustrum Godrej focuses on building value pillars of progression, expression,
empathy and experience, which results in creating more contemporary entity from
their perspective. (Issue, 2014).

Figure 1. Value pillars of 'Godrej'

By Progression they mean taking steps forward with customers. It means challenging
prejudice and confronting convention. The company projects themselves as constant

A Case Study on Branding Strategies Implemented by Godrej

innovator to race for the future, with the tagline tomorrow is ours, own it today.
(Issue, 2014).
Expression is giving customers the products and services to express
themselves. An initiative called Bedhadak bolo was implemented where the
thoughts (expressions) from the customers and the employees from the company are
welcomed. This enables internal marketing by word of mouth which they believe is
more reliable than any TV commercial. The company thinks that in open speaking of
the mind lays the power of all transformation. (Issue, 2014).
Empathy means taking time to connect with their customers and thanking
them. The agenda is to know the customers thought and understanding how their
product is part of the world.
And finally experience denotes looking at the bigger picture by going beyond
the basic needs. Godrej tries to deliver excellent products and services that
customers cant forget and they believe this will make them hunger for more and they
will come back. (Issue, 2014).
The value pillars mentioned above has forged a stronger connect with the 500
million Indians whose lives are touched by Godrej group of companies every day.
(Issue, 2014).
To market the master brand Godrej took the initiatives like Khelo Jito Jiyo-
an exclusive TV game show where contestants comprising 3 family pairs contend to
be the one worthy pair who can win a home and everything in it.
Godrej Power play- a consumer connect initiative which allows its
consumers to participate in the very reputed cricket league called IPL (Indian premier
league) by making their teams and win prizes while creating a lifestyle of their own
using the products in the process.
And finally, Gojiyo- an online 3-dimensional world. (The Economic Times, 2014).

A Case Study on Branding Strategies Implemented by Godrej

Godrej is well aware that they have a strong and unique association in
consumers mind. People prefer their products because they are convinced of the
advantages over other brands. The PODs are created due to functionality of their
products and services which delivers good performance. Further Brand Godrej is
difficult to attack; their marketing strategy is defensible hence competitive POPs are
established due to eliminated disadvantages.
The second part is brand exploratory, which is consumers perspective to
understand their perceptions and beliefs to discover the true meaning of Godrej and
its products to them.
The consumers respect the brand Godrej and prefer buying its products. In
order to understand the reasoning behind the influence, 20 primary surveys were
carried out using certain brand related questionnaires with diverse respondents. Also,
to gather more inside information, 2 interviews were also carried out with existing
employees of the company. Data was analysed by comparing responses in percentage
The outcome of the survey helped in getting a coherent picture of the brand as
the collected information relate very well to the outcomes of brand inventory. Some of
the analysed data is shown below.

A Case Study on Branding Strategies Implemented by Godrej

Figure 2. Godrej's current performance outcomes by consumers.

Because of the century long history and still on, Godrej has strong
association with its consumers. In words of Keller, Customer-based brand equity
occurs when the consumer has a high level of awareness and familiarity with the
brand and holds strong, favorable, and unique brand associations in memory.
(Lupisella, April 2014) Hence CBBE is used to further understand the customers
actual perspective for the brand Godrej.

2.1 Customer Based Brand Equity (CBBE) Model

The pyramid (shown in Fig1) is segregated into four levels: Salience,
Performance and Imagery, Judgment and Feeling, and Resonance. It helps in
understanding how the foundation involves achieving brand salience with the ultimate
goal to reach at the summit of accomplishing brand resonance.

Brand Equity Pyramid

Figure III Brand Equity Pyramid

2.1.1 Brand Salience

A Case Study on Branding Strategies Implemented by Godrej

People are well aware and relate sincerely with the brand Godrej as its
products are considered to be iconic. Their products are the first that comes to the
consumers mind. when considering a commodity in that category. E.g. Godrej locks
and safes are considered as first option. (Insights Godrej, 2014) (Survey data- Fig II,)

2.1.2 Brand Performance & Brand Imagery

The company is in operation since past a century certainly because it is
performing and satisfying customer needs through the products offered. Their
products are Reliable due to the consistency maintained till date; and durable which
was proved when only Godrej safes survived the devastating blast at SS Fort Stikine
in 1944. (The Godrej Group, 2013), but the shortcomings lie with effectiveness of the
serviceability as company do not provide delivery and installation option in all the
places. (Insights Godrej, 2014) (Survey data- Fig II)
The consumers have a robust love and passion for the brand Godrej due to its
quality, and hence they buy its products despite of knowing the fact that its prices are
higher compared to its competitors. They also have nostalgic attachment with the
brand as it its products generates a symbolic connection with the preceding
Based on the above-mentioned facts the consumers have formed positive
judgements and feelings about Godrej which is the subsequent level up on the

2.1.3 Judgement and Feeling

They consider it to be more superior to its rivals. Brand credibility is
extremely high. At present Godrej is the market leader in almost all the sectors they
Trustworthiness of the brand is reflected as the company priorities the old
suppliers more than the new, despite of the fact that they give less business to the
company but yet former were there when company was working on its foundations.
(Insights Godrej, 2014)

A Case Study on Branding Strategies Implemented by Godrej

Finally, the likeability is due to the new wash of colors in the iconic logo. The
change-hungry, tech reliant youths are now able to recollect brand easily. (Business
line, 2013)
Brand feeling and emotion
From the survey and the interviews conducted (Insights Godrej, 2014), it was
concluded that Godrej generates a positively outward feeling in the hearts of their
consumers. Positive feeling is due to the sentimental attachment, warm heartedness
and love with the brand. This is because the brand was used by consumers parent
which makes them nostalgic. This builds the right emotion. Godrej commodities were
used as gifts and was considered as a token of love
Further Outward feeling is due to the excitement generated by the brighter
living that has pervaded the brand identity with high energy level.

Figure IV Feeling and emotion for Godrej

2.1.4 Brand Resonance

To an extent Godrej have achieved brand nirvana in customers mind. This is
because of the strong relationship that results in loyalty by the users and stronger
ability to defy competitive actions taken by rivals.
Godrej fulfil almost all the categories for brand resonance. For instance, the
behavioral loyalty is extremely high in FMCG sector. E.g. four of companys brands
(Good Knight, Cinthol, Godrej No.1 and Godrej Expert Hair Colour) were ranked
among the 100 Most Trusted Brands in

A Case Study on Branding Strategies Implemented by Godrej

India. (Times, 2012); the attitudinal attachment is high for Godrej properties;
the active engagement with the Godrej Industries is high because of growing share
value which promises good returns to the investors.
The current position still not makes them complacent as they keep on
innovating and upgrading themselves because constant vigilance is indispensable to
sustain the present position in the minds of the users.
Hence from the CBBE model, it is concluded that Godrej has two
shortcomings which they need to tackle through their branding strategy. First is
serviceability in brand performance and the second is creating sense of community
through brand resonance. Further the strategy should also target to cater different
market segments and also to explore the possible opportunities such as penetrating
market of different countries. (Survey data)

3. Brand Development & Strategy

Brand development is a determined endeavor entrenched with the combination of
strategic thinking and tangential creativity which drives the business ahead. Out of the
seven main companies of Godrej group FMCG sector has most number of brands
and maximum potential, hence for brand development focus is done on this sector
only. Also, as mentioned above Godrejs FMCG products were ranked among Top
100 brands of India.
The shortcomings observed from the CBBE model has to be targeted while
developing strategy for the company. Considering FMCG, serviceability doesnt play
any role and not even require for creating brand community. But do have a immense
scope for extension and going global.

3.1Brand Product Matrix

A Case Study on Branding Strategies Implemented by Godrej

Table 1 Brand Product Matrix

The branding strategy adopted by the company has both breadth and depth as
they have many brands across different product categories. Godrej has a huge brand
line and brand mix in various categories. They leveraged on their existing brand
equity by using Brand Extension Strategy. The company launched brand Cinthol
through just soaps but then ventured into powder, deo spray, gel etc. The outcomes
were very fruitful and now the company excels in the all the fields they operate. The
company keeps on extending the range of varied products in their list but capping
them under the same brand name.
Further the company extended their product line by launching a sub-brand
called Godrej No.1 (Ref Tab 1) in the soap category. The product mix was increased
by soaps Jasmine, Lavender, Lime, aloevera & sandal. This was done to pursue
numerous market segments who desired for a cheaper alternative. (Aperia, Keller, &
Georgson, 2012) Similarly in the hair dye category Colour soft brand was launched in
a cheaper segment of Godrej expert. Both of these steps were taken because the
company wants to increase their shelf presence. The retailers can be persuaded easily
to stock and promote the products because of parent brands image. The strategy
behind this is that they dont want consumers to shift to other brands and hence
provide variety. This also helps them in achieving economies of scale in brand
development, advertisement, merchandising and obviously, sales.
The company is sagacious about market conditions and their brand extension
strategies doesnt cannibalize their sales.


A Case Study on Branding Strategies Implemented by Godrej

Presently the company has adopted the brand extension strategy and is following it
safely but they can also opt for product flanking for certain brands. This may cover
many market segments by offering same product in different size and prices to tap the
infinite market opportunities. E.g. launching Cinthol shower gel or Colour soft hair
colour in small sachets. This will make the product more affordable to lower segment
of consumers. Further the regular customer can use them as a trial or for travel which
might build more market in long run.

3.2Global branding
As mentioned above presently, Godrej operates in 60 countries but yet
generates only 26% of the revenue overseas. (The Godrej Group, 2013) The group
must try to cater international opportunities by expanding their global reach.
One of the reasons to go global is the increased competitors in the domestic
market. Companies such as Emami, Marico Ltd, Dabur India ltd, Hindustan Unilever
ltd, and ITC ltd. etc. have restricted the market size and hence push to explore new
market overseas. Further due to globalization MNCs like P&G, Nestle, Colgate
Palmolive etc. have also ventured in India and are giving them tough competition.
Although Godrej is still at No. 4 (Top 10 FMCG Companies in India 2013, 2014).
The company can diversify their risk by targeting the less developed and developing
nations because of their affordable prices compared to their rivals, on which they can
Another reason for Godrej to go global is that their products are advanced,
useful, reliable and most important low priced which is the requirement of the target
nations. To venture into such market, Godrej needs to adapt the locally followed
requirements for optimizing their brand effectiveness. E.g. Amendments in the
packing and names to fit local populace and market needs. Godrej should
specifically notice that the product with an Indian name doesnt imply some bizarre
meaning in the local market of different country.
The company should understand the similarity and differences between Indian
and foreign market. They should retain their thematic consistency but upgrade their

A Case Study on Branding Strategies Implemented by Godrej

presentation for developing countries and alter them for other less developed
countries. To go global, Godrej needs to build strong brand equity. It involves a lot
of considerations and risks. Customized marketing campaigns are required to satisfy
the local market segment. These marketing campaigns involve identification of
consumers behavior and making corresponding adjustments to the brand which can
be different even in neighboring countries.
Creating a marketing infrastructure in a new country is time consuming and
involves lots of complications. Godrej can do geographic extension as their existing
brand is competent for less developed nations. They can cultivate further brand
relationship by creating alliance with companies in developed nations as their product
might require up gradation for these markets. The company should adapt to capitalize
on existing marketing infrastructure which can be done by joint ventures or acquiring
certain stakes in others holdings. In fact the Godrej already approached this global
branding but in a developed country by acquiring Keyline brands of UK. (The Godrej
Group, 2013). This was a poor decision as huge investment was involved and is not
successful (Insights Godrej, 2014) hence not a recommended option for global

Speed Control Investment
Geographic extension Developing Slow High Medium
Brand Acquisition Not recommended
Brand Alliance Developed Moderate Low Low
Table 2 Brand relationship
factors for Godrej

The above table shows impact of recommended branding strategy for Godrej on
speed, control and investment when done in different types of nations.

A Case Study on Branding Strategies Implemented by Godrej


These brand development strategies are evaluated on the basis of market

performance. The brand value will be created by building profitable sales. To identify
the brands future performance through brand flanking and global branding is as

It will be more, due to product flanking,
people will

prefer buying 'Godrej' products even when
Price Premium the prices

Market Share
would be on a higher side

It will be more because of competition.

Customers might
shift to other brand due to price increase but
on the
Price Elasticity contrary sales would be augmented on
decreasing price

It will increase in developing nations due to

A Case Study on Branding Strategies Implemented by Godrej

geographic extension strategy

Presently 'Godrej' follows line and Category

and is very successful. This adds revenue to
Brand Expansion the
Initially this would be high because of
advertising. Once
'Godrej' establishes itself in target customers
Cost Structure mind, cost
can be cut due to economies of scale.
Initially it will be low but once the brand
awareness and
its products are established in the target
Profitability global market,
profits would start flowing.

Table 3 Future Market performance for 'Godrej'


Godrej is currently following brand extension strategy with huge brand line and
brand mix in various categories. They have also increased the product line but for
further development they should opt for product flanking for Indian market by
offering their product in small sachets/ packs in order to cater lower segment of

Another recommended strategy for Godrej is to target the opportunities of

their international market using global branding. This is due to the shrinking domestic
market because of competition and competency of their products to compete globally.
Building global brand equity and understanding consumer behavior is important
before venturing into a different country. The returns from the global branding
strategy would be low initially but would be beneficial for the company in long run.

A Case Study on Branding Strategies Implemented by Godrej