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International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) - Tinang, Tarlac

It was already 9am when we reached Concepcion Tarlac where International

Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) is located. This is surrounded by sugar cane fields and rice
paddies. IBB is formerly known as Voice of America.

As we look around the place, it is extensive. It occupies nearly 2,300 acres of land. No
doubt it has a transmitting station inside it. This transmitter plant has 31 large, high-gain
curtain antennas suspended between towers 400 to 500 feet high. It has 16 transmitters
which provides service to China, Vietnam, South and Southeast Asia, the Pacic
Ocean, and the Russian Far East. The station converted from satellite reception of
transmissions to a Trans-Pacic ber optic link. The link provides faster, cheaper, and
more reliable transmission that is immune to the atmospheric interference that is
endemic with use of satellites. Commercial power is used to run all equipment and is
obtained from a 230,000-volt highline through our own 20-megawatt power substation.

Our tourist guide, immediately communicate with the IBBs personnel. We lineup outside
the main building. We first visit the Mechanical shop where different machines and
mechanical tools, equipments etc. are placed. They demonstrated to us some uses of
those machines. The exciting part here is the electrifying effect of megger. It is a
resistance meter that will help to verify the condition of electrical insulation.
Unfortunately, we are not able to look around Electronics shop due to urgent matters.
We then proceed to the second plant where large generators and other facilities are

We left IBB at 12pm and proceed to a buffet restaurant in Subic, Zambales.

One Subic Power Generation Corporation - Subic, Zambales

Right after Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), also in Zambales, we then
proceed to One Subic Power Generation Corporation which is approximately 8km away.

We were entertained by the companys personnel and we moved to their conference

room. Their company nurse prepared a short presentation about safety. She explained
well the different unsafe working conditions. Since this is a power generation company,
it is important to follow each safety rules. Every employee are not allowed to smoke.

This company has large and efficient facilities and is committed to provide a safe and
secured working environment for the employees and visitors. One Subic Power
Generation Corporation operates a 116-megawatt diesel power plant in Subic Bay
Freeport Zone. Moving forward, Trans-Asia intends to double its power capacity to 400
MW in the next few years.

As we look around the company, we saw large sized PLCs. They used these devices to
control and monitor their systems.

After our knowledgeable trip in One Subic Power Generation Corporation we then
headed to BUMA Hotel to check-in.
Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) - Subic Bay International Airport
(SBIA), Zambales

After our knowledgeable and entertaining trip in International Broadcasting Bureau in

Tarlac, we then proceed to Zambales to visit two plants, the CAAP and One Subic
Power Generation Corporation.

IBB in Tarlac is approximately 90km away from CAAP in Subic. It was actually a long
trip so some of us decided to take a nap. After 1 and a half hour, we reached our
second destination, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) - Subic Bay
International Airport (SBIA).

This is located at the former site of the US Naval Air Station Cubi Point. Subic Bay
International Airport is equipped with state-of-the-art navigational aids and gears such
as the airport surveillance radar and instrument landing systems. SBIA terminals has 2
gates. It has 2 stearn jetways, 10000-square meter passenger terminal, CCTVs are
installed in different areas. The runway is approximately 9000ft.

Apron is their term for the parking lot of airplanes and hangar is a closed building
where aircrafts/airplanes are placed.

Only 10% of the airport is used, it is only used by the privates who want to use the
airport for shooting, car racing, and practice flying planes.

This informative trip lasts for about two hours. From CAAP to One Subic Power
Generation Corporation, our next destination, is only 9km away.
Bataan Nuclear Power Plant - Morong, Bataan

The last but definitely not the least in our itinerary is the well-known Bataan Nuclear
Power Plant in Morong, Bataan.

From BUMA Hotel in Subic, we moved to Bataan which is approximately 45km away.

The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant sits on a 389-hectare property off the coast of the
West Philippine Sea. The coastline make for a stunning background to the plant. Only
few lights illumine the floors and network of steel pipes that crawl throughout the walls
and ceilings. Personnel roam around to ensure the area was secured.

The heart of the plant is the massive nuclear reactor. Protected by a domed structure
made of 1-meter thick concrete and 1.5 meters of steel.

Machinery and equipment are unused and obscured by the superior technology that
now exists. There are still tags/preservation labels on the knobs and handles.

An estimate of $1 billion is needed to rehabilitate the plant. The nuclear reactor was
supposed to provide 625 megawatts of clean energy. The reactor has since been
dismantled, inoperable without the fuel, which has been sold to Siemens in 1997.
The nuclear power plant, which stands 18 meters above sea level. It is said that the
structure can withstand up to an intensity 8 earthquake. It was shut down by President
Corazon Aquino, following the panic triggered by the Chernobyl meltdown in 1986.